Inventory of Marine Photographs from the James Porter Shaw Collection [graphic], ca. 1880-1901, circa 1880-1901

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Inventory of Marine Photographs from the James Porter Shaw Collection [graphic], ca. 1880-1901, circa 1880-1901

Collection number: BANC PIC 1905.16899--PIC

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Marine photographs from the James Porter Shaw collection [graphic]
Date (inclusive): circa 1880-1901
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1905.16899--PIC
Photographer: Shaw, James Porter, 1884-
Extent: 132 photographic prints, 1 digital object (1 image)
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
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Abstract: Primarily marine photographs showing vessels in and about San Francisco Bay.
Languages Represented: Collection materials are in English
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[Identification of item], [Identification of item], Marine photographs from the James Porter Shaw collection [graphic], BANC PIC 1905.16899--PIC, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley., BANC PIC 1905.16899--PIC, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley

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Indexing Terms

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Lowden, W. H.
Online Archive of California.
San Francisco Maritime Museum.
Ships -- California -- San Francisco Bay -- Photographs.
Marines (Visual works) -- California -- San Francisco Bay.

Scope and Content

Copied in 1962-1963 from originals in the San Francisco Maritime Museum. Reference copies must be ordered from the San Francisco Maritime Museum.
This collection was previously attributed to Lowden (photographer).


John the Cook, "Emerald" BANC PIC 1905.16899:001--PIC


Lake Merritt BANC PIC 1905.16899:002--PIC


"Chispa" BANC PIC 1905.16899:003--PIC


"Emerald", Sausalito BANC PIC 1905.16899:004--PIC


"Gracie" BANC PIC 1905.16899:005--PIC


Crab fisherman BANC PIC 1905.16899:006--PIC


"Aggie" on Lake Merritt BANC PIC 1905.16899:007--PIC


"Emerald", getting up the Anchor BANC PIC 1905.16899:008--PIC


Sappho BANC PIC 1905.16899:009--PIC


"Comanche" at Mare Island BANC PIC 1905.16899:010--PIC


"Ramona", Admission Day BANC PIC 1905.16899:011--PIC


"Emerald" at Mare Island BANC PIC 1905.16899:012--PIC


"Frolic" BANC PIC 1905.16899:013--PIC


"Emerald" BANC PIC 1905.16899:014--PIC


"Aggie" (left), and "Fleur de Lis" at Vallejo BANC PIC 1905.16899:015--PIC


"2nd gun at Martinez", [Emerald, center] BANC PIC 1905.16899:016--PIC


"Annie" going good BANC PIC 1905.16899:017--PIC


Schooner, "White Wings" BANC PIC 1905.16899:018--PIC


"Chispa" (Gutte at wheel) BANC PIC 1905.16899:019--PIC


Gutte on "Chispa" BANC PIC 1905.16899:020--PIC


"Annie" BANC PIC 1905.16899:021--PIC


"Frolic" BANC PIC 1905.16899:022--PIC


Fort Scott BANC PIC 1905.16899:023--PIC


"Truant" BANC PIC 1905.16899:024--PIC


"Elia" BANC PIC 1905.16899:025--PIC


[Appears to be racing] BANC PIC 1905.16899:026--PIC


Junk 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:027--PIC


"Aggie" in the Straits-Moonlight [!?] BANC PIC 1905.16899:028--PIC


"Annie" and tug "Sea Queen" October 24, 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:029--PIC


"Emerald", Sausalito BANC PIC 1905.16899:030--PIC


Lumber wagon and horses BANC PIC 1905.16899:031--PIC


Racing at Martinez BANC PIC 1905.16899:032--PIC


"Whitewings" in the Straits-Moonlight [?] BANC PIC 1905.16899:033--PIC


Fisherman's Wharf, crab fisherman BANC PIC 1905.16899:034--PIC


Junk BANC PIC 1905.16899:035--PIC


"Emerald", John Patterson, small BANC PIC 1905.16899:036--PIC


"Aggie" (?) at Mare Island BANC PIC 1905.16899:037--PIC


"Gazelle" BANC PIC 1905.16899:038--PIC


"Rambler", opening day 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:039--PIC


"Rambler" BANC PIC 1905.16899:040--PIC


"Fleetwing" BANC PIC 1905.16899:041--PIC


"Frolic", opening day 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:042--PIC


"Annie" BANC PIC 1905.16899:043--PIC


"Ripple" BANC PIC 1905.16899:044--PIC


"Elia" BANC PIC 1905.16899:045--PIC


Opening Day 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:046--PIC


On "Thetis" trip BANC PIC 1905.16899:047--PIC


Fort Point, S.F. from hill to south BANC PIC 1905.16899:048--PIC


"Emerald" at Mare Island BANC PIC 1905.16899:049--PIC


Landing the "Admiral" BANC PIC 1905.16899:050--PIC


"Lolita", opening day 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:051--PIC


"Emerald" BANC PIC 1905.16899:052--PIC


Opening Day, 1885 [l. to r.] "Thetis", "Chispa"?, "Rambler" 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:053--PIC


"Chittenden" BANC PIC 1905.16899:054--PIC


"Emerald" at Mission Rock BANC PIC 1905.16899:055--PIC


From Fort Point BANC PIC 1905.16899:056--PIC


"Emerald" BANC PIC 1905.16899:057--PIC


"Thetis" trip BANC PIC 1905.16899:058--PIC


"Whirlwind" October 1, 1893 BANC PIC 1905.16899:059--PIC


"Whirlwind" October 1, 1893 BANC PIC 1905.16899:060--PIC


"Truant" BANC PIC 1905.16899:061--PIC


"Emerald", Mission Rock BANC PIC 1905.16899:062--PIC


Whaleboat at Oakland October 1, 1893 BANC PIC 1905.16899:063--PIC


"The Stranger" October 1, 1893 BANC PIC 1905.16899:064--PIC


1 October 1893 October 1, 1893 BANC PIC 1905.16899:065--PIC


Mosquito Race BANC PIC 1905.16899:066--PIC


Mosquito Race BANC PIC 1905.16899:067--PIC


"Whitehall, small-Mosquito Race" BANC PIC 1905.16899:068--PIC


Sloop "Sun", Mosquito Race BANC PIC 1905.16899:069--PIC


Mosquito Race BANC PIC 1905.16899:070--PIC


Mosquito Race, "Rambler" BANC PIC 1905.16899:071--PIC


Mosquito Race, "Thetis" BANC PIC 1905.16899:072--PIC


Mosquito Race BANC PIC 1905.16899:073--PIC


"Hoisting the Mainsail" - Emerald BANC PIC 1905.16899:074--PIC


"Chispa" in Mare Island Straits BANC PIC 1905.16899:075--PIC


"Chispa" (Gutte second from right, Oliver second from left) BANC PIC 1905.16899:076--PIC


"Chispa" - Sponge Act ["Ike" at right] BANC PIC 1905.16899:077--PIC


"Chispa" - Ike at the wheel BANC PIC 1905.16899:078--PIC


Gutte on "Chispa" BANC PIC 1905.16899:079--PIC


"The Parting Cup" [l. to r., 1.--, 2. William L. Oliver, 3. Commodore Gutte, 4.-- off San Francisco Yacht Club, San Francisco.] BANC PIC 1905.16899:080--PIC


"Emerald" [l. to r., 1. William L. Oliver, 2.--, 3.--, 4.--] BANC PIC 1905.16899:081--PIC


California Yacht Club-Opening Day April 14, 1901 BANC PIC 1905.16899:082--PIC


California Yacht Club April 14, 1901 BANC PIC 1905.16899:083--PIC


California Yacht Club April 14, 1901 BANC PIC 1905.16899:084--PIC


California Yacht Club April 14, 1901 BANC PIC 1905.16899:085--PIC


California Yacht Club April 14, 1901 BANC PIC 1905.16899:086--PIC


California Yacht Club - Opening Day, 14 April 1901, [Yawl "Gypsy", Cruiser "Victor", Sloop "Secret"] April 14, 1901 BANC PIC 1905.16899:087--PIC


California Yacht Club April 14, 1901 BANC PIC 1905.16899:088--PIC


California Yacht Club, Opening Day April 14, 1901 BANC PIC 1905.16899:089--PIC


Fisherman's Wharf, Crab Boat BANC PIC 1905.16899:090--PIC


McCulloch October 30, 1900 BANC PIC 1905.16899:091--PIC


Schooner General Banning July 4, 1884 BANC PIC 1905.16899:092--PIC


Schooner off Hunter's Point July 4, 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:093--PIC


"Solferino" BANC PIC 1905.16899:094--PIC


Chinese Junk 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:095--PIC


Chinese Junk, S.F. Bay 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:096--PIC


Chinese Junk (Oakland Pier in background) BANC PIC 1905.16899:097--PIC


Schooners "Granger" and "Garibaldi", 4 July 1885 (Off Hunter's Point, heading for Oakland Bar) July 4, 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:098--PIC


Scow schooner "James Byrnes" July 4, 1884 BANC PIC 1905.16899:099--PIC


Staysail schooner, off Hunter's Point July 4, 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:100--PIC


Master Mariners Regatta, 4 July 1884, Schooner "Broadgauge" July 4, 1884 BANC PIC 1905.16899:101--PIC


"Mabel Gray", 4 July 1885 [Off Hunter's Point] July 4, 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:102--PIC


Fishing boat with lateen sail BANC PIC 1905.16899:103--PIC


Schooner "Lurline" BANC PIC 1905.16899:104--PIC


"Mariposa" BANC PIC 1905.16899:105--PIC


"Duster", Catamaran BANC PIC 1905.16899:106--PIC


[Schooner "Occidental" and two scow schooners] July 4, 1884 BANC PIC 1905.16899:107--PIC


Hartford BANC PIC 1905.16899:108--PIC


California Yacht Club, probably March 1901, just prior to 14 April opening March 1901 BANC PIC 1905.16899:109--PIC


Point Arena BANC PIC 1905.16899:110--PIC


Pacific Navigation Co. ships, at Ainsworth and Dunn's Wharf. "St. Paul", "America", and "Harvester". BANC PIC 1905.16899:111--PIC


Timber Chute, Redwood Coast BANC PIC 1905.16899:112--PIC


California Yacht Club, Oakland Cree September 4, 1898 BANC PIC 1905.16899:113--PIC


San Leandro Bay BANC PIC 1905.16899:114--PIC


Oakland Creek BANC PIC 1905.16899:115--PIC


Oakland Creek BANC PIC 1905.16899:116--PIC


Alaska Packer Ships, Oakland Creek BANC PIC 1905.16899:117--PIC


Ships loading lumber. Oakland Pier (Mole) BANC PIC 1905.16899:118--PIC


Scow schooner "Wonder" BANC PIC 1905.16899:119--PIC


Scow in Carquinez Straits BANC PIC 1905.16899:120--PIC


BANC PIC 1905.16899:121--PIC


Schooner under sail, bow on. S.F. Bay BANC PIC 1905.16899:122--PIC


Young Phenix (?) BANC PIC 1905.16899:123--PIC


"Chispa", Gutte, second from left; Oliver, second from right BANC PIC 1905.16899:124--PIC


On Suisun Bay BANC PIC 1905.16899:125--PIC


"Aggie" BANC PIC 1905.16899:126--PIC


"Chispa", off Meiggs Wharf BANC PIC 1905.16899:127--PIC


"The Golden Gate" BANC PIC 1905.16899:128--PIC


Schooner "Adeline" at Bolinas BANC PIC 1905.16899:129--PIC


Gualala BANC PIC 1905.16899:130--PIC


Wood team in the Sierras BANC PIC 1905.16899:131--PIC


Wood wagon and team BANC PIC 1905.16899:132--PIC


Schooner "Casco" BANC PIC 1905.16899:133--PIC