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Inventory of Marine Photographs from the James Porter Shaw Collection [graphic], ca. 1880-1901, circa 1880-1901
BANC PIC 1905.16899--PIC  
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John the Cook, "Emerald" BANC PIC 1905.16899:001--PIC


Lake Merritt BANC PIC 1905.16899:002--PIC


"Chispa" BANC PIC 1905.16899:003--PIC


"Emerald", Sausalito BANC PIC 1905.16899:004--PIC


"Gracie" BANC PIC 1905.16899:005--PIC


Crab fisherman BANC PIC 1905.16899:006--PIC


"Aggie" on Lake Merritt BANC PIC 1905.16899:007--PIC


"Emerald", getting up the Anchor BANC PIC 1905.16899:008--PIC


Sappho BANC PIC 1905.16899:009--PIC


"Comanche" at Mare Island BANC PIC 1905.16899:010--PIC


"Ramona", Admission Day BANC PIC 1905.16899:011--PIC


"Emerald" at Mare Island BANC PIC 1905.16899:012--PIC


"Frolic" BANC PIC 1905.16899:013--PIC


"Emerald" BANC PIC 1905.16899:014--PIC


"Aggie" (left), and "Fleur de Lis" at Vallejo BANC PIC 1905.16899:015--PIC


"2nd gun at Martinez", [Emerald, center] BANC PIC 1905.16899:016--PIC


"Annie" going good BANC PIC 1905.16899:017--PIC


Schooner, "White Wings" BANC PIC 1905.16899:018--PIC


"Chispa" (Gutte at wheel) BANC PIC 1905.16899:019--PIC


Gutte on "Chispa" BANC PIC 1905.16899:020--PIC


"Annie" BANC PIC 1905.16899:021--PIC


"Frolic" BANC PIC 1905.16899:022--PIC


Fort Scott BANC PIC 1905.16899:023--PIC


"Truant" BANC PIC 1905.16899:024--PIC


"Elia" BANC PIC 1905.16899:025--PIC


[Appears to be racing] BANC PIC 1905.16899:026--PIC


Junk 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:027--PIC


"Aggie" in the Straits-Moonlight [!?] BANC PIC 1905.16899:028--PIC


"Annie" and tug "Sea Queen" October 24, 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:029--PIC


"Emerald", Sausalito BANC PIC 1905.16899:030--PIC


Lumber wagon and horses BANC PIC 1905.16899:031--PIC


Racing at Martinez BANC PIC 1905.16899:032--PIC


"Whitewings" in the Straits-Moonlight [?] BANC PIC 1905.16899:033--PIC


Fisherman's Wharf, crab fisherman BANC PIC 1905.16899:034--PIC


Junk BANC PIC 1905.16899:035--PIC


"Emerald", John Patterson, small BANC PIC 1905.16899:036--PIC


"Aggie" (?) at Mare Island BANC PIC 1905.16899:037--PIC


"Gazelle" BANC PIC 1905.16899:038--PIC


"Rambler", opening day 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:039--PIC


"Rambler" BANC PIC 1905.16899:040--PIC


"Fleetwing" BANC PIC 1905.16899:041--PIC


"Frolic", opening day 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:042--PIC


"Annie" BANC PIC 1905.16899:043--PIC


"Ripple" BANC PIC 1905.16899:044--PIC


"Elia" BANC PIC 1905.16899:045--PIC


Opening Day 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:046--PIC


On "Thetis" trip BANC PIC 1905.16899:047--PIC


Fort Point, S.F. from hill to south BANC PIC 1905.16899:048--PIC


"Emerald" at Mare Island BANC PIC 1905.16899:049--PIC


Landing the "Admiral" BANC PIC 1905.16899:050--PIC


"Lolita", opening day 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:051--PIC


"Emerald" BANC PIC 1905.16899:052--PIC


Opening Day, 1885 [l. to r.] "Thetis", "Chispa"?, "Rambler" 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:053--PIC


"Chittenden" BANC PIC 1905.16899:054--PIC


"Emerald" at Mission Rock BANC PIC 1905.16899:055--PIC


From Fort Point BANC PIC 1905.16899:056--PIC


"Emerald" BANC PIC 1905.16899:057--PIC


"Thetis" trip BANC PIC 1905.16899:058--PIC


"Whirlwind" October 1, 1893 BANC PIC 1905.16899:059--PIC


"Whirlwind" October 1, 1893 BANC PIC 1905.16899:060--PIC


"Truant" BANC PIC 1905.16899:061--PIC


"Emerald", Mission Rock BANC PIC 1905.16899:062--PIC


Whaleboat at Oakland October 1, 1893 BANC PIC 1905.16899:063--PIC


"The Stranger" October 1, 1893 BANC PIC 1905.16899:064--PIC


1 October 1893 October 1, 1893 BANC PIC 1905.16899:065--PIC


Mosquito Race BANC PIC 1905.16899:066--PIC


Mosquito Race BANC PIC 1905.16899:067--PIC


"Whitehall, small-Mosquito Race" BANC PIC 1905.16899:068--PIC


Sloop "Sun", Mosquito Race BANC PIC 1905.16899:069--PIC


Mosquito Race BANC PIC 1905.16899:070--PIC


Mosquito Race, "Rambler" BANC PIC 1905.16899:071--PIC


Mosquito Race, "Thetis" BANC PIC 1905.16899:072--PIC


Mosquito Race BANC PIC 1905.16899:073--PIC


"Hoisting the Mainsail" - Emerald BANC PIC 1905.16899:074--PIC


"Chispa" in Mare Island Straits BANC PIC 1905.16899:075--PIC


"Chispa" (Gutte second from right, Oliver second from left) BANC PIC 1905.16899:076--PIC


"Chispa" - Sponge Act ["Ike" at right] BANC PIC 1905.16899:077--PIC


"Chispa" - Ike at the wheel BANC PIC 1905.16899:078--PIC


Gutte on "Chispa" BANC PIC 1905.16899:079--PIC


"The Parting Cup" [l. to r., 1.--, 2. William L. Oliver, 3. Commodore Gutte, 4.-- off San Francisco Yacht Club, San Francisco.] BANC PIC 1905.16899:080--PIC


"Emerald" [l. to r., 1. William L. Oliver, 2.--, 3.--, 4.--] BANC PIC 1905.16899:081--PIC


California Yacht Club-Opening Day April 14, 1901 BANC PIC 1905.16899:082--PIC


California Yacht Club April 14, 1901 BANC PIC 1905.16899:083--PIC


California Yacht Club April 14, 1901 BANC PIC 1905.16899:084--PIC


California Yacht Club April 14, 1901 BANC PIC 1905.16899:085--PIC


California Yacht Club April 14, 1901 BANC PIC 1905.16899:086--PIC


California Yacht Club - Opening Day, 14 April 1901, [Yawl "Gypsy", Cruiser "Victor", Sloop "Secret"] April 14, 1901 BANC PIC 1905.16899:087--PIC


California Yacht Club April 14, 1901 BANC PIC 1905.16899:088--PIC


California Yacht Club, Opening Day April 14, 1901 BANC PIC 1905.16899:089--PIC


Fisherman's Wharf, Crab Boat BANC PIC 1905.16899:090--PIC


McCulloch October 30, 1900 BANC PIC 1905.16899:091--PIC


Schooner General Banning July 4, 1884 BANC PIC 1905.16899:092--PIC


Schooner off Hunter's Point July 4, 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:093--PIC


"Solferino" BANC PIC 1905.16899:094--PIC


Chinese Junk 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:095--PIC


Chinese Junk, S.F. Bay 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:096--PIC


Chinese Junk (Oakland Pier in background) BANC PIC 1905.16899:097--PIC


Schooners "Granger" and "Garibaldi", 4 July 1885 (Off Hunter's Point, heading for Oakland Bar) July 4, 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:098--PIC


Scow schooner "James Byrnes" July 4, 1884 BANC PIC 1905.16899:099--PIC


Staysail schooner, off Hunter's Point July 4, 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:100--PIC


Master Mariners Regatta, 4 July 1884, Schooner "Broadgauge" July 4, 1884 BANC PIC 1905.16899:101--PIC


"Mabel Gray", 4 July 1885 [Off Hunter's Point] July 4, 1885 BANC PIC 1905.16899:102--PIC


Fishing boat with lateen sail BANC PIC 1905.16899:103--PIC


Schooner "Lurline" BANC PIC 1905.16899:104--PIC


"Mariposa" BANC PIC 1905.16899:105--PIC


"Duster", Catamaran BANC PIC 1905.16899:106--PIC


[Schooner "Occidental" and two scow schooners] July 4, 1884 BANC PIC 1905.16899:107--PIC


Hartford BANC PIC 1905.16899:108--PIC


California Yacht Club, probably March 1901, just prior to 14 April opening March 1901 BANC PIC 1905.16899:109--PIC


Point Arena BANC PIC 1905.16899:110--PIC


Pacific Navigation Co. ships, at Ainsworth and Dunn's Wharf. "St. Paul", "America", and "Harvester". BANC PIC 1905.16899:111--PIC


Timber Chute, Redwood Coast BANC PIC 1905.16899:112--PIC


California Yacht Club, Oakland Cree September 4, 1898 BANC PIC 1905.16899:113--PIC


San Leandro Bay BANC PIC 1905.16899:114--PIC


Oakland Creek BANC PIC 1905.16899:115--PIC


Oakland Creek BANC PIC 1905.16899:116--PIC


Alaska Packer Ships, Oakland Creek BANC PIC 1905.16899:117--PIC


Ships loading lumber. Oakland Pier (Mole) BANC PIC 1905.16899:118--PIC


Scow schooner "Wonder" BANC PIC 1905.16899:119--PIC


Scow in Carquinez Straits BANC PIC 1905.16899:120--PIC


BANC PIC 1905.16899:121--PIC


Schooner under sail, bow on. S.F. Bay BANC PIC 1905.16899:122--PIC


Young Phenix (?) BANC PIC 1905.16899:123--PIC


"Chispa", Gutte, second from left; Oliver, second from right BANC PIC 1905.16899:124--PIC


On Suisun Bay BANC PIC 1905.16899:125--PIC


"Aggie" BANC PIC 1905.16899:126--PIC


"Chispa", off Meiggs Wharf BANC PIC 1905.16899:127--PIC


"The Golden Gate" BANC PIC 1905.16899:128--PIC


Schooner "Adeline" at Bolinas BANC PIC 1905.16899:129--PIC


Gualala BANC PIC 1905.16899:130--PIC


Wood team in the Sierras BANC PIC 1905.16899:131--PIC


Wood wagon and team BANC PIC 1905.16899:132--PIC


Schooner "Casco" BANC PIC 1905.16899:133--PIC