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Guide to the Anne Loftis Papers, 1953-1978
Special Collections M0306  
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Box 1, Folder 1

Incoming, arranged alphabetically.


Bliven, Bruce 12/23/69 - 9/16/75


Chambers, Pat 7/22/74


Donofrio, John 10/14/74


East, H. Clay 12/12/75


Fodell, Beverly 6/4/74


Foster, James nd


Fugita, Stephen 10/18/77


Gardiner, Polly 11/1/?


Graulich, Melody 6/5/74


Hart, James 6/3/77


Higgins, George 6/4/74


Hirasuna, Fred 3/28/74, 6/9/74


Honda, Harry 4/19/74


Land, Robert 6/10/74


McWilliams, Carey 7/26/78


Meier, Matt 4/4/74, 2/3/77


Miller, Sally 5/19/77


Mink, Patsy 11/21/74


Mitchell, H.L. (see folder 2, directly following)


Phillips, Hubert 3/29/75


Pillard, Vicky 1/27/78


Schacter, Leon 5/23/75, 6/6/75

Box 1, Folder 2

Mitchell, H.L. 1/18/76 - 6/28/78

Box 1, Folder 3

Simpson, Jean 12/19/73 - 5/16/74?

Box 1, Folder 4

Vizzard, Rev. James 5/30/74 - 2/6/78

Box 1, Folder 5

Outgoing correspondence - 3/19/74 - 12/16/74

Box 1, Folder 6

Outgoing correspondence - 3/18/75 - 11/18/76

Box 1, Folder 7

Outgoing correspondence - 11/26/76 - 7/30/78


INTERVIEWS AND ORAL HISTORIES - used as sources in writing A Long Time Coming, arranged alphabetically.

Box 1, Folder 8

Anderson, Henry, former staff official of AWOC, interview 5/12/75

Box 1, Folder 8

Chavez, Cesar, speaking at Portola Valley 5/6/73,and at a gathering for financial support 5/6/73.

Box 1, Folder 9

De La Cruz, Jessie, oral history, 12/14/73Folder 18)

Box 1, Folder 10

Galarza, Dr. Ernesto, interview, 5/7/74.(See also Box 1, Folder 18)

Box 1, Folder 11

Hasiwar, Hank, former organizer for the NFLU. Interview 6/30/75.Also included is xerox of TL to Hasiwar from Loftis.


Hirasuma, Fred, active in Nisei League. Interview 6/13/74.


Jackson, Gardner (See Box 4, Folders 5,6,7)


McCullough, Rev. Thomas. Interview 5/29/75.


Phillips, Dr. Hubert. Interview 6/14/74.Also included: TL from Loftis to Phillips, 10/7/75,and clippings of Phillips' death, 7/76.


Smith, Chris and Dave, workers for UFW. Interview 1/28/74.


Toledo, Manuel, interpreted by Inez Mariner, 1/19/77.


Vera Cruz, Philip, Filipino vice president of UFW-AFL-CIO. Interview 9/11/74.


Vizzard, James L. Interview 6/23/75.

Box 1, Folder 12

Wallace, Henry. Notes only from Henry Wallace, 1933-35,Vol. II.

Box 1, Folder 13

Yoneda, Karl and Elaine. Interview 4/8/74.Also included is TL from Loftis to Karl Yoneda, 10/7/75.



Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, notes, excerpts, and miscellaneous (other than direct interviews) concerning people from whom Loftis received information for A Long Time Coming.
Box 1, Folder 14

DiGiorgio, Joseph. DiGiorgio Farm Strike. Congressional records (xerox) of strike in general and of accounts given by Galarza (81st Congress) and notes taken from Galarza Collection (MS224).

Box 1, Folder 15

DiGiorgio Strike (continued). Notes re Wendell reports and DiGiorgio libel suits (also taken from MS 224)

Box 1, Folder 16

Galarza, Ernesto. TLS from Galarza to Loftis with photograph of Galarza, 2/23/76;questions for Dr. Galarza; AFL-CIO news release, 3/4/57;pp. 260-65 (xerox) of Barrio Boy; Univ. of Notre Dame press release of Farm Workers and Agri-business in California, 1947-1960;notes taken from Galarza Collection.

Box 1, Folder 17

Gannaway, David Molloy, president of Farmers Educational and Cooperative Union of Virginia. Brief biographical sketch and information regarding his papers. (See also Box 2, Folder 5)

Box 1, Folder 18

Lubin Simon J. From the Bancroft Library, notes taken mainly from letters, telegrams to and from Lubin, 1914-34

Box 1, Folder 19

Mitchell, H.L., co-founder, historian STFU.


1) Writings of Mitchell:


A Message from a Friend; How I Became a Socialist; Little Known Farm Labor History; Recollections of a Southern Radical; Red Emma Passes at Toronto; Terror in Arkansas (incomplete)

Box 1, Folder 20

2) Correspondence of Mitchell to others, 7/22/76 - 7/21/78


3) Miscellaneous

Box 1, Folder 21

a) Lists of his schedules and appearances, 1975-76; The California Democratic Socialist. 4/18/75

Box 1, Folder 22

b) Publicity for his books and appearances

Box 1, Folder 23

c) Personal: biographical sketch; questions for HLM by Anne Loftis; photograph of him and Hubert Humphrey; release for micro publication signed by Loftis; legal agreement from publisher

Box 1, Folder 24

d) Publications not by Mitchell: The Green Rising, 1910-1977; What Socialism Is and What It is Not; excerpt (xerox) from Documentary Expression in Thirties America by William Scott; Presentation of the Clandening Award to H.L. Mitchell, 1949;Labor Studies Conference Opportunities, pamphlets


Yoneda, Karl (See under Japanese Farm Workers, Box 2, Folders 31-33)



Box 1, Folder 25

book jacket; xerox of the Introduction of the book; announcements of newly published A Long Time Coming; synopsis of the book from Washington Post, 6/12/77.

Box 1, Folder 26

Cartoon portraying American dislike of Chinese immigrants; map of California with its farm areas cited; three photographs, including ones with H.L. Mitchell and Ernesto Galarza



Box 2, Folder 1

Big Farms Concept. FCL newsletter, 11/22, 5/73;testimony of the National Coalition for Land Reform to Senate Revenue and Taxation Commission on SB 1290, 7/26/72; Agriculture in California, 1966:Statement of the Directors of the Catholic Rural Life Conference, article on worsening conditions for farmers, 1970;interview with Gus Stamenson 9/6/72;testimony of Stamenson, 1/12/72;California Farmers Consumer Reporter, 12/68;pages from In Definite Battle: Steinbeck and California's Land Monopolists, statement of aims of the NCLR; clippings, 1970-75;notes

Box 2, Folder 2

California Agriculture. The Beginning of Agriculture in California: Innovation vs. Continuity, by Rodman W. Paul, from California Historical Quarterly, Spring 1973(xerox)

Box 2, Folder 3

Economic Studies. Seasonal Labor in California Agriculture, 1973,by John W. Mamer and Kuo-Shung Huang; Farm Labor in the U.S., by C. G. Bishop; Newsweek clipping, 11/15/75

Box 2, Folder 4

Economic Studies of the University of California. Oral History Center Proposed River Delta Project, with attached TLS to Loftis from A. I. Hickman; notes

Box 2, Folder 5

Farmers and Issues. History of the Sun-Maid Organization and Its Antecedents, booklet; The Condition of Farm Workers and Small Farmers in 1965,report to the National Sharecropper directors; FCL newsletter, 11/72;FCL Reporter Apr - May 1972;miscellaneous untitled pages

Box 2, Folder 6

Farmers and Issues (continued). clippings re hoof and mouth disease, 9/74;water pollution; misc. 1974-76

Box 2, Folder 7

Health and Welfare. Directory of Migrant Health Projects, bulletin.

Box 2, Folder 8

Health and Welfare - Child Labor. NFWM newsletter, 6/77;clippings, 1972-74;list of statistics; TF from Rosemary Cooperider with small note to Anne Loftis.

Box 2, Folder 9

Health and Welfare - Health and Work. Bulletin, Health of Farm Workers; notes; clippings 1969-74.

Box 2, Folder 10

Health and Welfare - Housing. Self-help Enterprise, Inc. booklet; What Is the Story Behind the Napa Valley Wine Boycott? bulletin from UFW; interview with Feliciano Urrutia, 2/23/70; Self-help Enterprises, report No. 5, 12/15/65 - 2/15/66;clippings 1972-75.

Box 2, Folder 11

Health and Welfare - Pesticides. Clippings, 1969-73; The Poisons We Eat, bulletin; notes

Box 2, Folder 12

Health and Welfare - Self-Help. Clippings. 1967-73.

Box 2, Folder 13

Mechanization. Notes on California Agricultural Mechanization Conference, 2/4/78;notes/clippings, 1977-78.See TLS from Vicky Pillard, Box 1, Folder 3.

Box 2, Folder 14

Scabrook Farms. Articles, reference notes; The Scabrook Farms Story, booklet; The Condition of Farm Workers and Small Farms in 1963,report to the National Sharecroppers directors; FCL newsletter, 11/72;FCL Reporter, 4-5/72;miscellaneous untitled pages.

Box 2, Folder 15

Statistics Today. California Manpower Indicator from the 1970Census, 2/72booklet; A Statistical Picture of California's Agriculture, booklet; notes; clippings, 1974-75.

Box 2, Folder 16

Wages. Official California Dept. of Employment Division of Farm Labor Services - Chart of Statistics; Sharecroppers, Washington news report, 5/74;notes; clippings, 1974

Box 2, Folder 17 - 21

World Food Problems. Magazine articles, 1974-75;report from Alan Cranston, U.S. Senator, 12/74



Box 3, Folder 1

Introduction: Strangers to Our Fields - The National Farm Labor Union Fights the Bracero Program, by Anne Loftis; comments on Strangers, by U.N. Secretary (notes only); TFL re Southwest Labor History Conference, 1/27/75.

Box 3, Folder 2

Braceros - Chronology. The Bracero Program in California: Political Development, Support and Expiration, by Sheldon Wylie, 5/20/67;employment tables and maps of foreign farm workers; notes.

Box 3, Folder 3

Braceros - Depressing Wages and Replacing Domestic Workers - Notes.

Box 3, Folder 4

Bracero Grievances - notes.

Box 3, Folder 5

Bracero - Growers Violations - notes.

Box 3, Folder 6

Bracero - Strikebreakers - notes.

Box 3, Folder 7

Demand for Braceros from Growers - notes.

Box 3, Folder 8

Demand for Braceros in other states (than California)- Arkansas, Minnesota, Texas - Notes.

Box 3, Folder 9

Demand for Braceros - Union vs. USES (U.S. Employment Services), xerox of questions for Dr. Galarza.

Box 3, Folder 10

Demand for Other Foreign Workers. Questionnaire from Progrssive Growers Association of Santa Clara.

Box 3, Folder 11

End of Bracero era. Congressional Record (xerox); notes clippings, 1966-1967.

Box 3, Folder 12

Legislative Hearings on Bracero Program - Agricultural Labor in the San Joaquin Valley, final reports and recommendations, 3/15/31(xerox).

Box 3, Folder 13,14,15

Legislative hearings (continued) - Congressional bills and articles pertaining to farm labor and migrating labor laws (xerox).

Box 3, Folder 16

Legislative hearings (continued) - notes in spiral notebook.



Box 3, Folder 17

Unions against Braceros - notes.

Box 3, Folder 18

Unions and Braceros - notes.

Box 3, Folder 19

Union organization of Braceros - notes.

Box 3, Folder 20

Union organization - attitudes of Big Labor; notes.

Box 3, Folder 21

Union organization - CIO; notes.

Box 3, Folder 22

Union organization - Cuban union; notes.

Box 3, Folder 23

Union organization - Getting farm workers to join; notes.

Box 3, Folder 24

Union organization - Growers vs. Unions; notes.

Box 3, Folder 25

Union organization - Mexican attitudes; notes.

Box 3, Folder 26

Union organization - NFLU; notes.

Box 3, Folder 27

Unions vs. Labor Department.



Box 3, Folder 28

Domestic Workers - notes and clippings

Box 3, Folder 29

Domestic Workers - interstate recruitment; notes

Box 3, Folder 30

Later Migrants - Invisible Migrant Workers, by Dorothy Neiten, with photographs of The Lonely Migrant, by Richard Bellak, 4/77; The Migrant Worker, booklet from the League of Women Voters of California; Travel Patterns of Seasonal Farm Workers, 1961;miscellaneous notes; clippings, 1974

Box 3, Folder 31

Migrants (general) - notes

Box 3, Folder 32

Migrants - President Truman Commission - notes

Box 3, Folder 33

Illegals - Green Carders. Xerox, clippings, 1968-73

Box 3, Folder 34

Illegals Today. Misc. articles and clippings; notes 1972-75;See also correspondence from Alan Cranston and John Tunney

Box 3, Folder 35

Wetbacks. Notes

Box 3, Folder 36

Wetbacks - Abuses. Notes

Box 3, Folder 37

Wetbacks - Cultural Continuity. Songs of the Mexican Migration, by Paul S. Taylor; notes

Box 3, Folder 38

Wetbacks - Legalizing the Illegals; notes

Box 3, Folder 39

Wetbacks as strikebreakers; notes

Box 3, Folder 40

Wetbacks - Miscellaneous Articles. Evolution of Mexican Farm Labor Agreement of 1942; Interest Groups and Foreign Policy; Group Processes and the Era of Stabilization, the Bracero Program 1952-59; The State of the Unions, by Paul Jacobs.



Box 4, Folder 1

General Introduction. Farm Workers to Farmers; clippings, reports from the Center for Rural Studies (San Francisco); interview with David Brewer, 12/13/74;clippings

Box 4, Folder 2

Newspaper clippings, 1967-74;California farmer-consumer Reporter, 4-5/73; Rural Advance, winter /77

Box 4, Folder 3

Associated; notes from Galarza collection; clippings

Box 4, Folder 4

Farmers, Californian. Newspaper clippings, 1973-74;CFC Reporter clipping, 10-11/73;agricultural business - farmers in California (statistics) 1968; Agricultural Business, lecture by Charles Wollenburg, 10/1/74.

Box 4, Folder 5

Farmers Union. Principles and Purposes of the Farmers Union, by L.M. Rhodes; A Few Facts for Farmers, by C.W. Brooks; The Revolt of the Farmers, by Charles E. Russel; notes taken from correspondence. (See also Box 1, Folder 19, for information on D.M. Gannavas)



Box 4, Folder 6

Misc. notes; El Malcriado, 3/23/73;xerox from Los Angeles Times, 3/20/73


FARM WORKERS: Collection of various information re farm workers in general.

Box 4, Folder 7

Comments on Farm Labor: interview with David Brewer, 12/15/74;clippings, 1974-75;notes

Box 4, Folder 8

Farm Worker Legislation: notes on farm labor legislation, such as the Farm Labor Contractor Registration Act, Migrant Health Act, Food and Nutrition Programs; OEO, Rural Legal Assistance, Office of Education

Box 4, Folder 9

Miscellaneous papers on farm worker legislation; their position on the legislation; news letters; written notes

Box 4, Folder 10

Xerox of various bills on public health, migrant labor camps, effective use of agricultural workers, privileges, payments

Box 4, Folder 11

Farm Worker Publications and Clippings: One Quarter Century of Farmer-Labor-Consumer Action, 1941-65;FCL newsletter, 4/73;church bulletin; California Farmer Consumer Reports, 10/68; Labor Contractor Law, 5/65;La Lucha, 5/75

Box 4, Folder 12

Miscellaneous clippings on farm workers, boycotts, etc., 1969-75

Box 4, Folder 13

Historical Perspective: notes on early strikes, current status of agricultural labor, farm labor, and the wars

Box 4, Folder 14

Packinghouse Workers: miscellaneous notes from magazines, papers, 1958-67

Box 4, Folder 15

Sharecroppers: Rural Advance, Summer/74bulletin and pamphlets; Organic Training Farm Leads to Rural Renaissance, by Paul Good


EARLY FARM WORKERS - (Nisei farm workers)

Box 4, Folder 16

General, newspaper clippings, 1977

Box 4, Folder 17

Bindlestiffs - notes

Box 4, Folder 18

Chinese Early Farm Workers - clipping, 5/15/72;notes

Box 4, Folder 19

Hindu Early Farm Workers - notes

Box 4, Folder 20

Japanese Early Farm Workers - (See also Box 1, Folder 13); notes and Box 4, Folders 32, 33, 34.

Box 4, Folder 21

Labor Contractor Early Farm Workers - article from El Maleriado notes



Box 4, Folder 22

Alabama: (sharecropper peonage) notes; clippings 1974

Box 4, Folder 23

Arizona, New Mexico: The Yardstick, by George Higgins, 7/72;Arizona Quarterly, Autumn/78;miscellaneous clippings, articles

Box 4, Folder 24

Arkansas: clippings, 1971, 1974, 1975

Box 4, Folder 25

Colorado: notes

Box 4, Folder 26

Florida: The Florida Christian Migrant Ministry, 3/73 and 9/72;testimony of Herbert Hill, Labor Secretary, NAACP, 11/5/63;record of suit by Florida workers against Florida agencies; miscellaneous clippings, 1974-75

Box 4, Folder 27

Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, New England, Ohio, Wisconsin: reference notes

Box 4, Folder 28

New Jersey, New York: interview with David Pratt, Project Director, Migrant Health Services, 7/18/74;Suffolk County Relation Commission Report, 11/3/67; Migrant Protection Sought, news release, 1/31/68;miscellaneous clippings and articles, 1972

Box 4, Folder 29

Oregon, Texas, Utah: notes; clippings, 1975

Box 4, Folder 30

Washington: notes



Box 4, Folder 31

Jamaicans, Puerto Ricans: Puerto Rican newsletter, vol. 1, no. 1 (English and Spanish editions); statements of Clarence Senior and Alan Perl, Puerto Rican Department of Labor; notes. (See also ALS from Polly Gardner to Loftis, Box 1, Folder 3)

Box 4, Folder 32

Japan (and Karl Yoneda): Yoneda, Personal: biographical sketches; xerox of I.D. and miscellaneous membership cards; We Salute the 45th Anniversary of Elaine Black and Karl Yoneda

Box 4, Folder 33

Works of Yoneda: History of Japanese Farm Labor in California, Heritage of Senator Katayama, poem Angel Island Detention Station

Box 4, Folder 34

Works of Yoneda (continued): 100 Years of Japanese Labor History in the USA; A Brief History of U.S. Asian Labor A Partial History of California Japanese Farm Workers; Rain, Rain, and Rain; Youth Never Dies

Box 4, Folder 35

Mexico: notes



Box 5, Folder 1

Governor Edmund G. Brown's Laws: Proposition 14-A Background Paper, 9/14/76;various letters, flyers, etc., commenting on Proposition 14; FL from Brown; misc. FLs from Cesar Chavez and others of AFL-CIO to Friends of the Farm Workers, 2/12/76;Alan Cranston (California Senator) to Anne Loftis; quotes from Rose Bird (Ca. Sec. of Agr.) speaking at Calif. History Society, 9/18/75;FCL newsletter, 11/75;flyers about boycotting of non-UFW grapes; The Teamster Raid: Stalled in the Vineyards, by George Baker; misc. mimeographs

Box 5, Folder 2

Brown's Laws (continued): clippings, 1975-77

Box 5, Folder 3

Brown's Laws (continued): Boycott Non UFW Grapes bumper sticker; articles, 1975-77

Box 5, Folder 4

Changes After Brown: misc. notes, xeroxed articles; TNA from Maia Krahl to Loftis, 2/27/77

Box 5, Folder 5,6

Wheatland Rift - 7/8/76,Loftis to Dick (?) re traveling through area of Wheatland field riot, with photographs, notes; misc. articles

Box 5, Folder 7

Tolan Committee (ca. 1940):notebook #6 with the following: Wheatland (continued); IWW; court decision on Charlotte Whitney; Ford-Subr trial, investigation of Lop-field conditions; Douglas' memoirs of Yakima Farm Workers; hearings on Interstate Migration, 1940;H.L. Mitchell

Box 5, Folder 8

Tolan (continued): notebook #7, congressional records interdispersed; Tolan Commission on Interstate Migration, 1940(Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Oklahoma Tenant Farmers Union); California - The Dust Bowl Migrants, AFC opposition to FSA camps, Epworth League attempt to organize workers in camps

Box 5, Folder 9

Senator Williams Commission: notebook #3 - end of Washington hearings; hearing in Rio Grande, Texas; beginning of hearings in Monroe County (Rochester, NY). Notebook #4 - hearing with Robert Kennedy in Rochester; statistics on imports and exports; statement by Charles Gubson on CLRA and reply from AFSC; agricultural labor in Hawaii; report by William Friedland of Cornell on NY labor camp organization; hearings on H.R. 4769; misc.

Box 5, Folder 10

Williams (continued): notebook #5 - H.R. 4769 (con'd), addition to Cesar Chavez' testimony; special arrangement for Puerto Rican farm workers; state right-to-work laws; summary of Arvin Dinuba Study; 1965-66Senate hearings

Box 5, Folder 11

Williams (continued): notebook #6 - continuation of hearings of Senate Subcommittee on Migratory Labor, 1965-66in Delano, CA; continuation of 1965-66hearings in San Antonio, TX; statement by Paul S. Taylor on CA agriculture; 1967report of the Commission on Labor and Public Welfare; article on Grapes of Wrath and criticism of In Dubious Battle; article by John Steinbeck in Nation; Mexican farm labor agreement of 1942.Notebook #2 - summary of Senate hearings on 5.8 (Migratory Labor Legislation)

Box 5, Folder 12

Williams (continued): misc. articles: The Farmers Arise, reprint 6-9/66re Starr Co. strike and Senate hearings and analysis of strike; injunction against picketing by UFW, Congressional Record, 1967;Congressional Record-Senate (including testimony by Cesar Chavez)

Box 5, Folder 13

Miscellaneous Court Action: U.S. Supreme Court report - petition for a writ of certiorari, 10/73;plaintiff- appellant brief; record of UFW organizing committee vs. Texas ranges and sheriffs (specific ones listed); report at the Immigration and Naturalization Service, 1955;notes; clippings, 1974



Box 6, Folder 1

AWOC reference notes

Box 6, Folder 2

Inter Union Strife and misc. strikes notes

Box 6, Folder 3

IWW (Industrial Workers of the World): notes for We Shall Be All, a history of the IWW by Melvin Dubofsky; The Industrial Union in Agriculture, by Tom Connors; Arizona Labor Journal for 1917(xerox); xeroxed pages from So Shall Ye Reap, the story of Cesar Chavez and the farm workers movement by Joan London and Henry Anerson; xeroxed pages from The Wobblies, by Patrick Renshaw; notes from A History of American Labor, by Joseph Raybock; The California Casual and His Revolt, by Carlton Parker; Tales of the IWW, by Paul Shinoff; Songs for Rebel Workers; The Story of the Ford Case, by the ACLU; misc. notes and clippings.

Box 6, Folder 4

STFU (Southern Tenant Farmers Union): chronology and ideology; Introduction; The Founding and Early History of the STFU, by H.L. Mitchell; Constitution of the Arkansas Tenant Farmers Union.

Box 6, Folder 5,6,7

STFU (continued): ideology - oral history with Gardner Jackson, typed and written notes intermingled.

Box 6, Folder 8

STFU (continued): La Follette Committee - Farm Holiday Association Memoirs; interview with John Bosel, 11/4/61;interview with Richard Bosch, 11/4/61;notes.

Box 6, Folder 9

STFU (continued): movements; notes.

Box 6, Folder 10

STFU (continued): movements (continued) - 1975newsletter; xerox of pages from Man on the Move, by Nels Anderson; pages from Three Years of the AAA; misc. reference notes.

Box 6, Folder 11

STFU (continued) and other unions - The STFU and the CIO, by Mark Nelson; notes.

Box 6, Folder 12

STFU (continued): conclusions -Mob Attacks in Arkansas 4/13/75; The Southern Tenant Farmer Union, booklet of excerpts from interviews conducted by the Institute for Southern Studies.

Box 6, Folder 13

UFW - Chronology. 1973-76;conference at UFW headquarters; Cesar Chavez speaking at a gathering; interview with Philip Vera Cruz; interview with Chris and Dave Smith; Selected Bibliography, UFW, 1973-76;misc. flyers, articles.

Box 6, Folder 14

UFW - Chronology (continued): misc. notes.

Box 6, Folder 15

UFW - Convention: summary of the Third Constitutional Convention, UFW, AFL-CIO, 9/26-28/77;folders and materials for convention; UFW newsclippings (See Box 8, Folder 2).

Box 6, Folder 16

Union W.A.G.E. (Union Women's Alliance to Gain Equality): notes on Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and Mary Harris Jones from Women, Their Changing Roles; biographical sketch of Mary Harris Jones and Emma Goldman; clipping, Tribute to Women Union Organizers, 10/22/76;Union WAGE newsletters, 3-5/75;map to WAGE meeting. (See also correspondence from Anne Loftis to Lynn Donovan, 12/10/76;to Pat Palmer, 4/27/76;and to Jean Simpson, 4/30/75).(See Box 8, Folders 4, 5 for Union WAGE clippings)

Box 6, Folder 17

Other Women's Labor Unions: syllabus for women's labor history: 19th and 20th century America; Matilda Lindsey and the NWTUL: Labor in the Southeast, by Josephine F. Pacheco.

Box 6, Folder 18

Unions - Miscellaneous: Syndicalism - Law and Trials (concerning unions; written notes on The Silent Defenders, Courts and Capitalism in California, by Harvey Duff; To the Beasts, by Calif. General Defense Committee; The IWW's First Fifty Years (1905-1955)by Fred Thompson; The Wobblies by Patrick Renshaw; Go East, Young Man by William Douglass; notes also on Charlotte Anita Whitney, Supreme Court Reporter; misc. reference (see also Appendix, Box 8, Folder 11).



Box 6, Folder 19

AAA Background and Policy: pages (xerox) from Economic Resources and Policies in the South; reference notes.

Box 6, Folder 20

California Committee on Immigration and Housing - reference notes.

Box 6, Folder 21

Farm Security Administration - reference notes.

Box 6, Folder 22

USDA-Policy and People: interviews, 1/53 - 10/66with Dean Albertson about Jesse Tapp and Rexford Tugwell; with Willa Bava about Cully Cobb.



Box 7, Folder 1

Catholic Worker newspaper: 1/72 - 6/74

Box 7, Folder 2

Catholic Worker newspaper: 7/74 - 5/75

Box 7, Folder 3

Catholic Worker newspaper: 6/75 - 12/76

Box 7, Folder 4

Catholic Worker newspaper: 1/77 - 5/78

Box 7, Folder 5

El Malcriado (UFW, AFL - CIO newspaper): 1/66 - 1/74

Box 7, Folder 6

El Malcriado (UFW, AFL - CIO newspaper): 2/74 - 10/74

Box 7, Folder 7

El Malcriado (UFW, AFL - CIO newspaper): 11/74 - 1/75

Box 7, Folder 8

Land Worker magazine: 8/74 - 2/75

Box 7, Folder 9

Land Worker magazine: 3/75 - 6/75

Box 7, Folder 10

Land Worker magazine: 7/75 - 10/75

Box 7, Folder 11

NACL pamphlets, 1977-78

Box 8, Folder 1

National Farm Workers Ministry. NFWM newsletter, seven editions summer/75 to spring/78;NFWM to Action Mailing List, 5/30/75 and 3/23/77;NFWM bulletin for upcoming events

Box 8, Folder 2

UFW: newsclippings, press releases

Box 8, Folder 3

Misc. clippings re Mexican and Cuban immigrants, other farm workers

Box 8, Folder 4

Misc. clippings, 9/76 - 6/77

Box 8, Folder 5

Misc. clippings, 7/77 - 4/78

Folder Oversized folder

Photostats of the Visalia Times-Delta, 10/9/33 - 11/21/33concerning farm workers' strike

Box 8, Folder 6-9



Bibliography of some of the materials used in this collection and/or to be used for future research; written notes, xeroxes, etc.



Box 8, Folder 10

Collective Bargaining Agreement, 4/16/73;chart and tables; percent farm population in Calif. and U.S.; Mexican Nationals employed and unemployed

Box 8, Folder 11

The Condition of Farm Workers and Small Farmers, six issues, yearly 1971-75;farm labor organizing bibliography; Outsiders in the System, by Friedland and Dorothy Nelkin; chart of official Calif. State Dept. of Employment, Division of Farm Labor Service; agricultural agreement between employers and Puerto Rican Agricultural workers; Appendix - Criminal syndicalism: A Prospectus for a History of Farm Labor Organizing