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Register of the Robert F. Turner Papers, 1958-1975
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Box: 1


Scope and Contents note

Manuscript of a projected book on Vietnamese communism, by R. F. Turner as well as published and unpublished articles, speeches, and reports.
Box: 2. - 32.

Subject File, 1963-1972.

Scope and Contents note

Reports, memoranda, articles transcripts of interviews, notes, pamphlets, clippings, and printed matter relating to Vietnam; collected by R. F. Turner, and arranged alphabetically.
Box: 32


Scope and Contents note

Box: Envelopes A-U


Box: 33. - 39.

Increment, December 1977.



Box: 1

Manuscript to a projected book on Vietnamese communism, by R. F. Turner.


Subject File, 1963-1972.

Box: 2

Agriculture in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV) (North Vietnam)


Agriculture in South Vietnam (SVN)




Alliance of National Democratic and Peace Forces


American Friends of Vietnam


Anti-Americanism in Vietnam


Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN)


Regional and Popular Forces in South Vietnam (RF & PF).




Viet Cong (VC), infiltration of


Art and architecture


Asian opinion on United States involvement in Cambodia




Attitudes, Vietnam

Box: 3

Background information on South Vietnam


Black market in North Vietnam


Bloodbath argument




Buddhism in Vietnam





Box: 4









Captured documents (VC/NVA) (U.S. Mission Press Releases)


Casualties, Vietnam


Cease fires


Cease fires in Vietnam War

Box: 5

Center for Vietnamese Studies (Southern Illinois University)


Chemical warfare in Vietnam


Children, use of by VC


Chieu Hoi


Chieu Hoi Program



Box: 6



China and North Vietnam


Chinese advisors (VC)


Chronology, Vietnam

Box: 7

Chronology, Vietnam


Citizens Committee for Peace With Freedom in Vietnam


Civic Action


Coalition government


Coalition government, VC position



Box: 8



Constitution, Republic of Vietnam (RVN)


Corruption in South Vietnam


Cost of Vietnam War to U.S.


Counter-insurgency operations


Coup d'Etat




Culture, Vietnam




Dalat, Vietnam, general information


Dien Bien Phu (1954)


Defectors and returnees

Box: 9

East Germany


Economic conditions, Vietnam


Economy of South Vietnam



Box: 10

Education in South Vietnam


Elections in South Vietnam


General information










VC position on and response to


Elections in North Vietnam


Ethnic minorities


External aid (DRV)

Box: 11

Floods in North Vietnam


Foreign relations


Free World Aid


Geneva Agreements of 1954




Government of South Vietnam


Government (GVN) speeches


Government structure


Government administration

Box: 12

Government administration


Government policy statements

Box: 13

Haiphong, general




Hanoi, general data


Hanoi on peace terms


Health and medicine


Health in DRV


Heavy industry (DRV)


Highways in South Vietnam


History of Vietnam since 1954


History of Vietnam, general


History, heroes of Vietnam


Ho Chi Minh


General file


Former President (DRV)


Myth of

Box: 14



Ho Van Bun, letter from


Honey, P. J., miscellaneous articles on DRV


Hue City, general information


Hue massacre ( Tet 1968)



Box: 15

Index on North Vietnam (Intelligence Subject Code Extract)


India and Vietnam


Indochinese People's Summit Conference (April 24-25 1970)


Industrialization in South Vietnam


Industry, labor


Infrastructure, Viet Cong


Intelligence, Viet Cong (Military Intelligence)


International Association of Democratic Lawyers


International Commission for Supervision and Control in Vietnam (I.C.C.) Report, June 2, 1962


International Opinion and Vietnam




Col. Dac


Dang Tan (MD)




Hoang Minh Tan and Nguyen Duy Hung


Hoang Van Thanh


Huynh Bon


Lai Van Cu


Le Vinh Can


Le Xuan Chuyen


Ngo Dinh Nhu (Mme.)


Nguyen Huu Tho


Nguyen Duy Hung, see Hoang Minh Tan


Nguyen Luong Nhon (aka Viet Hung; aka Tu Tung)

Box: 16

Nguyen Ngoc Mai


Nguyen Thanh Binh


Nguyen Trong Xuan


Nguyen Van An


Nguyen Van Ba


Nguyen Thi Ngoc Bong (Mrs.)


Nguyen Van Chan


Nguyen Van Phe


Pham Thanh Tai


Phan Van Xuong


Phan Viet Dung


Tran Thi Ho Le

Box: 17

Tran Van Dac (1-3)


Tran Van Dung


Trieu Van Nghia




Vu Van Bay


Interviews and conversations in Tan An, miscellaneous Joint U.S. Public Affairs Office, Saigon (JUSPAO)


Wireless Bulletin


Planning Office and Staff Studies

Box: 18

Labor movement in South Vietnam


Land reform, DRV, Bloodbath Controversy (Porter, Chi, etc.)


Land reform in South Vietnam






Laos operation, 1971

Box: 19

Law in South Vietnam, legal system, constitution, etc.


Leadership in South Vietnam


Leadership of South Vietnam


Legality of U.S. involvement in Cambodia


Letters (selected) written by defected Vietnamese soldiers, 1968


Literature, drama, music


Living conditions in DRV


Lodge, Henry Cabot


Logistics, NVN File (and Ho Chi Minh Trail)


Luce, Donald

Box: 20

Magazine and academic articles


Martial Law


Military aid to South Vietnam


Military, electronic warfare in Vietnam


Military, Pre-1961


Military, 1962-1972


Military, Offensive April 1972

Box: 21

Ministry of Information, Vietnam


Mission in Charge of Liaison (ML)




Moral case for U.S. involvement in Cambodia


My Lai massacre

Box: 22

National Assembly (SVN)


National Front for Liberation (NLF)


Congresses (1968)




Policy statements


Budget and fiscal


Population controls and security


Relationship with Hanoi


Standing and Central Committee meetings




National Student Committee for Victory in Vietnam



Box: 23

Neutralism, Vietnam


Newspaper correspondents' reports


Ngo Dinh Diem


General information


Opposition to




Ngo Dinh Nhu, Madam


Nguyen Cao Ky


North Korea

Box: 24

North Vietnam


North Vietnamese Army, role in South Vietnam


Opium growing in North Vietnam


Outer Mongolia




Pacification in South Vietnam


Peace proposals, DRV




People's Revolutionary Party (PRP), general description


PRP Youth League/Youth Vanguard




Phoenix Program against Viet Cong Infrastructure (VCI)


Pike, Douglas, miscellaneous articles


Photographs, captured VC



Box: 25



Political parties, SVN (Dai Viet)


Postal system in North Vietnam


Prisoners of war




Hanoi, 1972


Hanoi claims War Criminals


NVA (DRV File)


Viet Cong


VN war file


POW-MIA (Missing in Action) organization in U.S.

Box: 26

Prisons, South Vietnam


Proselyting (Binh Ven)


Public health in South Vietnam


Refugees in South Vietnam




Regional Conference


Religion in South Vietnam


Revolutionary development


Revolutionary development in South Vietnam


Rice production in South Vietnam



Box: 27

Saigon, general information


SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization)




Security in South Vietnam


Security, Viet Cong




Sino-Soviet confrontation


Sino-Soviet Relations


Border clashes and talks


Current military situation

Box: 28

War preparations


Possible military strategy in case of war


Solgans (May Day)


South Vietnam, Miscellaneous


Strategic hamlets


Struggle Movement (Dich Van)


Students, martyrs


Tactics of VC


Tax collection, VC

Box: 29





VC incidents (Saigon Press Releases)


Viet Cong (Incident Reports)


Viet Cong/North Vietnamese Army (NVA)


Tet Offensive, 1968


Thailand, insurgency


Thompson, Sir Robert, TV interview with


Thompson, Sir Robert (Miscellaneous)

Box: 30

Tourism in Vietnam


Transportation, SVN


United Nations and related agencies


U.S. Government, 1969 assessment of Vietnam


U.S. Information Agency (U.S.I.A.), Vietnam Roundup


U.S. Mission in Vietnam, press playbacks and releases


U.S. Forces. Psychological Operations (U.S. PSYOPS), Interrogation Report. Source Nguyen-Viet.

Box: 31

U.S.S.R. (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)


Veterans in Vietnam


Viet Cong, miscellaneous data


Viet Cong tunnels


Vietnam Alliance of National, Democratic, and Peace Forces


Vietnam Veterans for a Just Peace


Vietnamese communist leadership


Vietnamese scouting program



Box: 32

Village (South Vietnamese)


VIVA (Victory in Vietnam Association)


Wars of National Liberation


Women in South Vietnam


Women cadres


Women organizations


Workers/Liberation Laborers' Association


Young Americans for Freedom


Youth, Vietnamese students in U.S.


Youth in South Vietnam


Youth organizations, South Vietnam





Box: 32


Box: 33

Increment, December 1977


Speeches and Writings, 1968-1972

Box: 33

Myths of The Vietnam War, The Pentagon Papers Reconsidered,photocopy of typewritten draft of article for Southeast Asian Perspectives. 1972,


Vietnam, A Corrective Essay,copy of published article. 1970,


Vietnam, A Documented Analysis of The Backgrounds, Issues, and Alternatives,typewritten draft of unpublished book. 1968,


Subject File, 1966-1972

Box: 34

Agicultural Cooperatives, 1969


Central Office For South Vietnam, 1969


Do, Tran, General, 1966-67


Joint United States Public Affairs Office, Saigon, Viet-Nam, Documents and Research Notes; Nos. 1-76, October 1967-April, 1970

Box: 35

Joint United States Public Affairs Office, Saigon, Viet-Nam, Documents and Research Notes; Nos. 77-95, June, 1970-March, 1971

Box: 36

Joint United States Public Affairs Office, Saigon, Viet-Nam, Documents and Research Notes; Nos. 96-98, 101, 103, 106, July, 1971-June, 1972


Long An Province Survey, 1966


Pike, Douglas, Viet Cong Strategy of Terror, n.d.


Political Alignment of Vietnamese Nationalists, 1949

Box: 37

Viet-Cong Infrastructure, The, 1970


Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975




Diplomatic History


Military Operations


Who's Who In Vietnam, Vietnam Press, 1967

Box: 38

Miscellaneous note cards prepared for research and publication.



Box: 39


Box: Envelopes A-U


Note: (235 photos / 74 negatives (on 10 filmstrips) (17 envelopes, 1 album)
Envelope: A

10 photos pertaining to the Vietnamese Scouting Program. undated

Envelope: B

13 photos relating to higher education in Vietnam. undated

Envelope: C

10 photos pertaining to agriculture (Five Year Plan) in South Vietnam. undated

Envelope: D

14 photos of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam, depicting training activities, boats, etc. undated

Envelope: E

21 photos pertaining to public health in Vietnam, depicting training of nurses and health services at hospitals, at the recuperation center of the "Save the Children Fund," dispensaries, etc. undated

Envelope: F

34 very small prints (on 5 filmstrips) of a South Vietnamese village. (17 different photos). undated

Envelope: G

11 photos pertaining to South Vietnam Supreme Court elections. undated

Envelope: H-L

74 photos (27 in album), 40 negatives (on 5 filmstrips) depicting scenes in "Hue" after the Viet Cong "Tet" - offensive in 1968; also 1 tape cassette with interviews taken near the graveyard in "Hue" on a field trip in 1971.

Envelope: M

2 photos of Nguyen-Ngoc-Tho. undated

Envelope: N

1 photo depicting a Catholic procession in the liberated area of Ben Tre province (Nam Bo). undated

Envelope: O

1 photo of two youngsters of the communist Dong Nai Regiment (K-3) who defected to the government side. undated

Envelope: P

11 photos of refugees in South Vietnam. undated

Envelope: Q

1 photo of R.F. Turner with Vietnamese Children. undated

Envelope: R

6 photos of a farewell party at the joint U.S. Public Affairs Office, Saigon (JUSPAO), depicting Major Joseph J. Heinlein, Deputy Chief for operations, and others. undated

Envelope: S

4 miscellaneous unidentified photos. undated

Envelope: T

6 photos of civilian prisoners in North Vietnam and 1 flier published by the National Student Coordinating Committee for Freedom in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. undated

Envelope: U

47 photographs showing various scenes of the National Liberation Front training with automatic weapons, undergoing indoctrination, preparing booby-traps, and posing with personalities. Plus three unidentified photographs of life in South Vietnam. undated

Box: 33. - 39.

Increment, December 1977.

Box: 40-54

Additional increment


Sound recordings

Cassette cabinet

Interviews taken near the graveyard in 'Hue' on a field trip in 1971 12-14 April 1971

Physical Description: 1 sound cassette


Use copy reference number: 74040_a_0010360

Scope and Contents note

Part 1: 12 April 1971 Part 2: 14 April 1971