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John and Mary Harrell Collection

Collection number: GTU 90-3-01

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Descriptive Summary

Title: John and Mary Harrell Collection
Dates: 1865-1995
Bulk Dates: (Bulk dates 1920-1990)
Collection number: GTU 90-3-01
Creator: Harrell, John
Collector: Church Divinity School of the Pacific
Collection Size: 31 boxes, 6 folios

20 linear ft.
Repository: The Graduate Theological Union. Library.
Berkeley, CA 94709
Abstract: This collection includes personal papers, working production files, photographs, slides, audio tapes, tapestries, drawings, oil paintings, watercolor paintings
Shelf locations: 1/A/3; 2/D/1-2/D/4; 4/A/1; 4/B/5-6; 4/C/1; Range 2/3
Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English


Collection is open for research.

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Preferred Citation

John and Mary Harrell Collection, GTU 90-3-01. Graduate Theological Union Archives, Berkeley, CA.

Acquisition Information

Gift of John Harrell, 1990. Additional material given by Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley, CA. in 1997


John Harrell (1922-1996) was born May 24, 1922 in Hollywood, CA. He graduated from Church Divinity School of the Pacific and was ordained into the Episcopal diaconate in 1947. Ordination as a priest followed in February 1948. John served as the curate at St. Luke's, Monrovia, CA 1947-48, then as Director of Religious Education, St. James, Los Angeles, 1948-52. From 1952-54, he was on the staff of Rampart Productions, then from 1954-57 was a consultant for Cathedral Films. John was, 1957-62, the Executive Director of the Division of Audio/Visual Education, Department of Christian Education, for the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church in New York. He and Mary Pyburn were married June 6, 1959 at St. Francis' Church, Stamford, CT.
Mary Jane Pyburn (1913 - 1985) was born September 21, 1913 in Salem, MA. Having begun a business course at Burdett College, she had to stop when a sister contracted polio. She went to work at a Woolworth Store to help with the medical expenses. She was always active in the Episcopal church in Sunday School and youth activities. When her sisters were older, Mary returned to school. After a year's course at St. Faith's School, St. John the Divine Cathedral in New York, she transferred to and completed the course at Philadelphia Divinity School in Pennsylvania. She then served as Director of Religious Education at the Church of the Ascension in Cleveland, OH for ten years. In 1956, she became editor of pre-school materials for the Department of Christian Education, National Council of the Episcopal Church.
John and Mary Harrell moved to Berkeley, CA in 1962 to begin independent production of audiovisual materials. Their production company was named York House since they lived at 148 York in Kensington, California. In an interview with Church Resource Systems Update, Summer 1982, the Harrells spoke of their work: "Christian education resources should contain 'theological guts, strong education value, and artistic integrity,' states Episcopalian John Harrell, producer of films, film-strips, and written resources. He and his wife Mary started producing resources for parish use in 1962 because 'we were dissatisfied with the quality of audiovisuals available in the market then.' The Harrells controlled every step in their productions. 'We are the writers, the producers; I even compose some of the music. . . . We are fortunate as a small organization to have our hands at every level and to maintain quality control.' . . . Harrell also believes an independent publisher can be more daringly creative, . . . tackling subjects . . . 'that involve a risk, a gamble -- and creativity.'"

(see biographies, Box 1 ff 1)
John Harrell was a creative person. He was active throughout his life and career not only as a producer and publisher of audio-visual materials, but also as a poet, composer, musician, storyteller, and artist, particularly in drawing and sculpture. His creative projects were used both for the work of his York House publications, and for his private use either in his home or for his friends.

Scope and Content of Collection

This collection came to the GTU Archives in two sections. The first section came in 1990 from John Harrell. It consisted of production files and materials concerning Harrell productions and publications. These are contained in Boxes 1-20. The second section came in 1997 from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley, CA, John Harrell's beneficiary. This section consisted of personal papers, photographs, music, and art. These are contained in Boxes 21-31 and Folios 1-6.
There are eight Series in the collection: Production Files, Personal Papers, Ministry Files, Art, Photographs: Personal and Ministry, Music by John Harrell, Slides, Negatives.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Religious education--Audio-visual aids
Filmstrips in religious education
Storytelling--Religious aspects
Art and religion--California
Music--Religious aspects
Poetry--20th Century
Lambert, J. K.
Geritz, Franz
Caswell, Edward C.
Crite, Allan Rohan
Remick, Doris
Saroyan, William
Summitt, Kathleen
Wah, Yeo Hock
Wilhelm, Robert Bela
Ruffner, Howard E.
Burrows, Larry
Sherman, Rowland
Hayama, Hiroshi
Mydans, Carl

Materials Cataloged Separately

  • Christ is Risen: A Resurrection Celebration for Children; BT481 .C4 Size 9
  • Communicating the Gospel Today; BV1534 .H3 Size 2
  • Daybreak: A Performance Piece for Reader and Musician; PS3515 .A76 D3 1977 Size 2
  • Definition of Passion; BT431 .D4 Size 9
  • The Fire and the Wind; BT121.2 .H35 Size 9
  • Hello in Exile: A Poem; PS3515 .A76 H44 Size 3
  • Hello in Exile: A Poem; PS3515 .A76 H44 1965b Size 3
  • The Joseph Saga; BS580 .J6 H3
  • Living the Christian Year; PS3515 .A76 L58
  • Lord, Come; BT202 .H283 Size 9
  • The Man on a Dolphin: The Storyteller and His Tales: GR74 .H368 1983
  • Origins and Early Traditions of Storytelling; GR74 .H37 1983
  • Showings; PS3515 .A76 S46
  • A Storyteller's Omnibus; GR76 .H37 1985
  • A Storyteller's Treasury; GR76 .S76
  • Teaching is Communicating: An Audio-Visual Handbook for Church Use; BV1535 .H3
  • To Tell of Gideon: The Art of Storytelling in the Church; LB1042 .H37
  • Ways of the Spirit; PS3515 .A76 W38

Collection Contents

Box 1-20

Series 1  Production Files ca. 1940-1990

Physical Description: 20 boxes
Physical Location: 2/D/1-4; Range 2/3

Series Scope and Content Summary

Boxes 1-20 contain the original collection donation given by John Harrell in 1990. This Series contains production files for the Harrells' independent work beginning 1962 after their move to Berkeley. A few items pre-date the move. The collection is arranged chronologically by project. For final publications, see Box 27 and Separation Note at the end of the Container Listing. These publications are found in the Graduate Theological Union Library Rare Book Room. See also Series 3: Ministry Files for further information on Harrell productions and publications.
box-folder 1:1

Biographies of John and Mary Harrell 1986 1990

box-folder 1:2

A Cock to Asclepius ca. 1950-1959

box-folder 1:3-7

Let Us Pray and Jazz Evensong 1961-62

box-folder 1:8-16

Teaching Tools 1963-82

box-folder 1:17-22

Teaching is Communicating 1964-72

box-folder 1:23-28, 2:1-8

Fire and the Wind 1964-77


See also: Boxes 9, 10, 11
box-folder 2:9-19

Lord Come! 1965-74


See also: Boxes 12, 13
box-folder 2:20-36

Hello in Exile 1962-80


See also: Boxes 8, 9, 26, 30
box-folder 2:36-43

Communicating the Gospel Today 1968-76

box-folder 3:1-5

In Touch 1968-72

box-folder 3:6-18

Time Being 1969-74

box-folder 3:19-37

Definition of Passion 1971-79


See also: Box 8, GTU Slides Box 3
box-folder 3:38

Butterfly Liturgy 1974-1979

box-folder 3:39; 4:1-8

Christ is Risen 1973-1982

box-folder 4:9-20

Basic Media in Education 1966-1974

box-folder 4:21-49

To Tell of Gideon 1975-1976


Includes photographs of John and Mary Harrell
box-folder 5:1

The Joseph Saga 1976-82

box-folder 5:2-12

Storyteller's Treasury 1976-81

box-folder 5:13-20

Daybreak 1977-83

box-folder 5:21-28

Ways of the Spirit 1979-82


See also: Boxes 15, 16, 17
box-folder 5:29-32

Living the Christian Year 1979-82


See also: Boxes 8, 18
box-folder 5:33-35

Showings 1981-82


See also: Box 19
box-folder 5:36-38

Calendar 1982-84

box-folder 5:39

Origins, York House 1982-83

box-folder 5:40

XXth Anniversary 1982-83

box-folder 5:41-42

Time Out of Mind 1984

box-folder 5:42a

A Storyteller's Omnibus

box-folder 5:43-45

Gilgamesh 1986

box-folder 5:46

Man on a Dolphin 1987

box-folder 5:47-55; 6:1-9

Presentations/Workshops 1959-70 1970-73


(See also: Box 8 and GTU Slides Boxes 3, 4)
box-folder 6:10-15

Courses 1977-81

box-folder 7:1-2

Poetry: Original MSS and Early Versions n.d.

box-folder 7:3-9

Articles Published by John Harrell 1959-79

box-folder 7:10

Music, Children's Galloping Song 1960

box-folder 7:10

A Shepherd's Carol 1988

box-folder 7:11

General Feedback and Promotion 1972-82

box-folder 7:12-13

Publications by Mary Harrell 1958 1961

box-folder 8:1

Disc sound recordings: "O come, O come"; "Hello in Exile"

box-folder 8:2

Definition of Passion, original exhibit c. 1959

box-folder 8:3

You Are More, exhibit c. 1959

box-folder 8:4

So Here We Are, exhibit c. 1959

box-folder 8:5

Living the Christian Year, mechanicals of hymns c. 1980

box-folder 8:6

Reel to reel tape of Bernstein's "The House" c. 1959

box-folder 8:7

Reel to reel tape of Audio Visual Worship Service 1959

box-folder 9:1

Hello in Exile, Artwork - J.K. Lambert, Artist c. 1965

box-folder 9:1:1

Published book, Copy 33 signed by John Harrell and J.K. Lambert 1965

box-folder 9:1:2

NY Television Production 1971

box-folder 9:1:3

Mock-up, corrected proof c. 1965

box-folder 9:1:4

Music 1976

Box 9:2; 10-11

Fire and the Wind, artwork, J.K. Lambert, Artist c. 1965

box-folder 9:2

Preliminary sketches c. 1965

box-folder 10-11

Music Mss c. 1965

Box 12-13

Lord, Come!, artwork - Music Mss. , J. K. Lambert, artist c. 1965

Box 14

Christ is Risen, artwork: Doris Remick, artist c. 1973

Box 15-17

Ways of the Spirit, artwork: John and Mary Harell, artists c. 1979

Box 18

Living the Christian Year, artwork: Yeo Hock Wah, Artist c. 1979

Box 19

Showings, artwork: Yeo Hock Wah, Artist c. 1981

Box 20

Time Being, The Tube, c. 1969

box 21:1-56; 29:10-14

Series 2  Personal Papers 1862-1996

Physical Description: 61 folders
Physical Location: 4/B/6, 4/C/1

Series Scope and Content Summary

This Series begins the collection addition given by the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley, CA, in 1997. Arranged alphabetically. Oversized items are continued in Box 29.
box-folder 21:1-2

Agoraphobia: TERRAP (Territorial Apprehensiveness Corporation) ca. 1975 1983-1990

box-folder 21:3

My Art 1974-1979

box-folder 21:4

Birth Certificate, J.H. undated

box-folder 21:5

Book gift to Occidental College 1975

box-folder 21:6

"Cinema", Lakewood High School Year Book, Ohio, Mary Pyburn 1947

box-folder 21:7

Class paper, "A History of the Doctrine of the Atonement", J.H. n.d. ca. 1945-1946

box-folder 21:8-9

Christmas cards designed by J.H. ca. 1930s 1960s-1970s

Scope and Content Note

(Some printing plates are found in Box 32)
box-folder 21:10

Commencement, J.H. from Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP), Berkeley, CA 1947

box-folder 21:11

Consecration of Bishop Eric Bloy, Los Angeles 1948

box-folder 21:12

Death of Orville J. Harrell (Hal), J.H.'s father 1970

box-folder 21:13

Diplomas, J.H.

box-folder 21:13

Occidental College 1944

box-folder 21:13

CDSP 1947

box-folder 21:14

Driver's License, California, Mary Harrell 1978

box-folder 21:15

Mr. Edison's Final Speech from MGM Pictures, "Edison: The Man" 1940

box-folder 21:16

"La Encina", Occidental College Yearbook. J.H. was the editor. 1944

box-folder 21:17

Godparents, Harrells to Cynthia Mary Crowell 1959

box-folder 21:18

House plan, drawings n.d.

box-folder 21:19

Immanuel Presbyterian Church: Renovation, Los Angeles, Pg. 15, memorial windows to Emma Charlotte Harrell (J.H.'s mother) 1959

box-folder 21:20

Life Insurance, J.H. 1934-1941

box-folder 21:21

Lodger at 148 York, legal issues 1/1988

box-folder 21:22

Luncheon for the Archbishop of Canterbury, Geoffrey F. Fisher, New York 1946

box-folder 21:23-24

Marriage License and Certificate, O.J. Harrell and Emma Charlotte (Grinnell) Harrell 1921

box-folder 21:25

Miles D. McAlister, 3 U.S. Army Commissions:

box-folder 21:25

Major (Brevat) 1862

box-folder 21:25

Brigader General (Brevat) 1865

box-folder 21:25

Major 1867

box-folder 21:26

Mary Pyburn Harrell Memorial Fund, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Berkeley ca. 1985

box-folder 21:27

List of Nieces and Nephews of John and Mary Harrell ca. 1964

box-folder 21:28

Ordination, J.H.:

box-folder 21:28

Order of Deacons 1947

box-folder 21:28

Priesthood 1948

box-folder 21:28

License 1967-1968

box-folder 21:29

Poetry, J.H 1939 1942

box-folder 21:30

Postcards, New England Episcopal sites n.d.

box-folder 21:31

Reading, J.H. books read n.d.

box-folder 21:32

Resignation, J.H., from Episcopal Church Christian Education Dept. 1962

box-folder 21:33

St. Catherine's Society (Oxford University) Application, J.H. Includes college and seminary transcripts 1949-1950

box-folder 21:34

Sculpture diary/notebook, J.H. 1971-1980

box-folder 21:35

"The Shad", Shattuck School yearbook. J.H. did the illustrations for the book 1941

box-folder 21:36

"Three Plays" playbill, Shattuck School 11/30/1940

box-folder 21:37

25th Wedding Anniversary, J. and Mary H., Guest Book 6/1984

box-folder 21:38

Visiting cards, Mary J. Pyburn n.d.

box-folder 21:39

Vocational Interest Test for Men, J.H. 1941

box-folder 21:40

Wedding invitation, Emma Charlotte and O.J. (Hal) Harrell ca. 1959

box-folder 21:41-48

Wedding, J. and Mary H., planning, correspondence, service book, newsclippings 6/1959

box-folder 21:49

Writings, personal notes, J.H. various dates

box-folder 21:50

148 York, Kensington, CA, description of house for pictures (but there are no pictures) n.d.

box-folder 21:51-53

Correspondence 1944-1996

Physical Location: 4/B/6
box-folder 21:51

From Orville J. and Rowena (stepmother) Harrell to J.H. 1944 1956 1963-1970

box-folder 21:52

From Jorge Maldonado (refugee from El Salvador), to J.H. 1986

box-folder 21:53

From Rob to J.H. 7/28/1996

box-folder 21:54-56

Newsclippings 1947-1955

Physical Location: 4/B/6
box-folder 21:54

Death of Bishop William B. Stevens ca. 1947

box-folder 21:55

On J.H. 1947-1955

box-folder 21:56

Rampart Films, Newport Beach, CA 1953

box-folder 29:10-14

Oversized items


Continued from Box 21
box-folder 29:10

Scrapbook, John Harrell, Shattuck School. Occidental College 1939-1944

box-folder 29:11

J.H., Initiation certificate, Alpha Tau Omega fraternity 4/19/1942

box-folder 29:12

J.H., Diploma, Shattuck School 1941

box-folder 29:13

J.H., Ordination certificates:

box-folder 29:13

Deacon 7/5/1947

box-folder 29:13

Priest 2/21/1948

box-folder 29:14

Benita Cahn, school records (in German), Deutsche Schule in Florenz, Italy 1934-1938

Box 21:57-64; 22:1-44; 23:1-33; 24:1-7

Series 3  Ministry Files 1948-1996, n.d.

Physical Description: 92 folders
Physical Location: 4/B/5-6

Series Scope and Content Summary

This Series contains material received in the 1997 addition to the Harrell Collection. Included are Harrell files created while producing and advertising their work, articles written by or about them and their work, and background information on storytelling. Arranged alphabetically. Sub-Series 3-A contains Manuscripts of Harrell publications. See also Series 1: Production Files for further information on Harrell productions and publications.
box-folder 21:57

"10 Pointers on Storytelling", by J.H. n.d.

box-folder 21:58

Advent Panels at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Berkeley, CA 1988

box-folder 21:59

Advertisements for Harrell publications 1986-1987

box-folder 21:60

American Storytelling Resource Center 1981-1984

box-folder 21:61

Article from Aware about J. and Mary H. n.d.

box-folder 21:62

"Be - Mused: Nine Sculptural Dedications to the Classical Muses", by J.H., Exhibit at the Graduate Theological Union Library, Berkeley, CA ca. 1996

box-folder 21:63

Bibliography of Devotional Readings (for Clergy only) 1948

box-folder 21:64

Bowker, "Forthcoming Books", "Books in Print", includes ISBN information 1985-1987

box-folder 22:1-3

Brochures and Promotional materials for Harrell publications ca. 1940-1996

box-folder 22:4

Business tax information 1964 1986 1993

box-folder 22:5

California State Seller's Permit (Business license) 1964

box-folder 22:6

Center for Worship Reformation, Contemporary Worship Packet 1971

box-folder 22:7

Copyright information and forms 1980-1984

box-folder 22:8

Copyright correspondence for "Definition of Passion" 1968 1973

box-folder 22:9

Cosmic Circus - Strange News from Another World 1976

box-folder 22:10

"A Course in Religion for Parish Day Schools, Grades I and II", A Working Draft 1953

box-folder 22:11

Creative Activities 1981 1983

box-folder 22:12

"Daybreak: A Performance Piece for Reader and Musicians" 1977


(Musical score is found in Box 26, ff 4)
box-folder 22:13

"Definition of Passion", copyright permissions for images use 1971-1972

box-folder 22:14

"Education as Discovery" in Continuing Christian Development, includes MSS 1969-1973

box-folder 22:15

"Evensong - A Jazz Liturgy" contract 1963

box-folder 22:16

"Experience" in Essays in Christian Awareness 2 1969

box-folder 22:17

Notes for a film seminar n.d.

box-folder 22:18

"The Fire and the Wind: Materials for Study and Celebration of Pentecost" 1965

box-folder 22:19

Good Friday Resources and Liturgies 1968-1978

box-folder 22:20

"How Jesus Taught Us to Pray" by J.H. ca. 1949

box-folder 22:21

International (Canada) Permit to distribute materials: "Teaching Tools", and "The Fire and the Wind" 1965

box-folder 22:22

"Joseph" by J.H., Presentation at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Berkeley, CA 1989

box-folder 22:23

Mailing lists for promoting first Harrell publication 1964

box-folder 22:24

Alternative Marriage Service, unpublished n.d.

box-folder 23:19

"Media: The State of the Art" by J.H. in Religious Education May-June/1975

box-folder 23:20

Music, Children's songs in a notebook n.d.

Scope and Content Note

Note: for more musical scores by J.H., see Box 26
box-folder 23:21

Music, "Daphne" n.d.

box-folder 23:22

Music, "Hypotheses" 1939 1946 1980

box-folder 23:23-26

Poetry by J.H. Published in Motive. 960-61

Scope and Content Note

Note: Several titled and untitled poems written ca. 1960-7?. "Let Us Pray" and other jazz poems, 1961-63. "Welcome", anthology, n.d.
box-folder 23:27

Production and Article ideas n.d.

box-folder 23:28

Publishers. Includes various correspondence, and a contract for "Odyssey of a Storyteller" 1976-1981

box-folder 23:29

Sunday Bulletin, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Monrovia, CA., J.H., Curate 1/25/1948

box-folder 23:30

St. Mark's, Berkeley, Art Festival 1966

box-folder 23:31

"Something New Under the Sun" by Louise Geham Baly in The Bulletin of Bexly Hall. Article about the Harrells and their work. 1968

box-folder 23:32

Special Church School Courses, by J.H. 1949-1957

box-folder 23:33

"A Storyteller's Gilgamesh", written and illus. by J.H., in Noh Quarter 1987-88

box-folder 24:1

Storytelling articles by J.H. 1975-1984

box-folder 24:2

Storytelling articles, general 1978-1982

box-folder 24:3-4

Storytelling Conference: Storytelling and the Religious Message 1982

box-folder 24:5

Storytelling Workshops 1977-1984

box-folder 24:6

"Stylos, a Puzzle Game", design and Instructions 1981


Note: Puzzle pieces are found in Box 31.
box-folder 24:7

"We Say the Creed" by J.H. ca. 1949

Box 22:25-44, 23:1-18

Manuscripts of Harrell publications ca. 1950-1995

Scope and Content Note

Note: Some files can include correspondence. Arranged alphabetically by title
box-folder 22:25-44

The English Works of Richard Rolle ca. 1953

box-folder 22:25-44

Gilgamesh 1987-1991

box-folder 22:25-44

God Always Surprizes n.d.

box-folder 22:25-44

Here Comes Maurice: A Musical for One Puppet 1987

box-folder 22:25-44

In Touch with Life/In Touch with Greatness 1969

box-folder 22:25-44

Jason 1989-94

Scope and Content Note

Note: Also variously titled: Agon, Autobiographical, Looking and Not Looking, Morgan
box-folder 22:25-44; 23:1-18

Man on a Dolphin 1979-80 1980-1983

box-folder 23:1-18

Origins and Early Traditions of Storytelling 1983

box-folder 23:1-18

Quest of the Storyteller. Later titled Odyssey of the Storyteller 1976-1981

box-folder 23:1-18

The Scythian is Beautiful: The Brygos Painter in His Times 1986-1994

box-folder 23:1-18

A Storyteller's Omnibus ca. 1982-1983

box 24:8-25; 30:1-26; Folios:1-6; 27

Series 4  Art Undated

Physical Description: 50 folders, 1 box
Physical Location: 4/B/5

Series Scope and Content Summary

File Folders 8-19 contain art produced by John Harrell. File Folders 20-25 contain art produced by other artists. Oversized items continue in Box 30 and Folios
box-folder 24:8

Human figures, untitled, pencil drawings n.d.

box-folder 24:9

Religious figures (Madonna, St. Francis), untitled, pencil drawings n.d.

box-folder 24:10

Abstract, Surreal, Art Deco pencil drawings (and 1 print), untitled n.d.

box-folder 24:11

Poem with illustrations, untitled, first line "The whole world in tormenting frustration", pen and ink drawings n.d.

box-folder 24:12

Abstracts of ribbon images, untitled, pen and ink drawings n.d.

box-folder 24:13

Untitled, probably Balboa Island, California, pen and pastel drawings, 1 watercolor ca. 1953-54

box-folder 24:14

Cut out of partial male face, watercolor on cardboard, untitled n.d.

box-folder 24:15

Male heads, untitled, watercolors n.d.

box-folder 24:16

Black poodle dog, watercolors, untitled n.d.

box-folder 24:17

Untitled, watercolors, n.d. Probably illustrations for "Jason" ca. 1988-90

box-folder 24:18

Pictures Mounted on Boxes, transparencies n.d.

box-folder 24:19

Slide Show list of art works by J.H. ca. 1974


Note: Slides are found in Slide Box 3/B, Slides #2701 - 2755. (Some slides duplicate sculpture slides found in Slides #2602 - 2625m and 2655 - 2700.)
box-folder 24:20

Franz Geritz, woodcut, signed, untitled (mountain and forst in light and dark green), mounted in a note card, 4.5" X 5.5", printed caption "Greetings from Josephine and Franz Geritz" n.d.

box-folder 24:21

Franz Geritz, woodcut, signed, untitled (Light and dark green mountain with 3 silver trees), mounted, 6" X 4.5" n.d.

box-folder 24:22

Franz Geritz, woodcut, signed, "Lilly Pond", light and dark green, mounted, 5.5" X 4 n.d.

box-folder 24:23

Franz Geritz, 2 woodcuts, untitled: 1. Madonna and Child, unsigned, mounted in a note card, dark red and gold, 5" X 3.75"; 2. Madonna and Child, signed, unmounted, blue and gold, 8.25" X 6", print caption "Christmas Greetings, Mildred and Harvey Mudd" n.d.

box-folder 24:24

Virginia Peabody, signed, untitled watercolor (lighthouse and boats) n.d.

box-folder 24:25

R.J. Schraman (?), "John Harrell: A Happening in Heaven?", pencil drawing, Portland, OR 11/1969

box 30

Oversized items


Note: Continued from Box 24. Continues in Folio 1-6
box-folder 30:1-4

"Gilgamesh" 1986

box-folder 30:1

Set of prints in signed folder with list of print titles, all prints signed. Black. ca. 1986

box-folder 30:2-3

Sets of prints, loose and not in order, unsigned. Black. ca. 1986

box-folder 30:4

4 copies of 1 print, "They embraced each other" in Blue, unsigned. ca. 1986

box-folder 30:5-6

"Hello in Exile", paperback copy #8, signed by Harrell and Lambert; and hard bound copy, title in gold lettering, Copy #40, signed by Harrell and Lambert 1965


Note: See also Boxes 2, 8, 9, and 26
box-folder 30:7

Poetry by J.H., "The Three/the four of us" 8/22/1968

box-folder 30:8-9

Untitled, signed John Harrell, head of a young man - one on oil on oilcloth, one on canvas n.d.

box-folder 30:10

Untitled, unsigned (J.H.?), ink and watercolor, head of Christ with crown of thorns n.d.

box-folder 30:11

Untitled, signed Allan R. Crite, linocut (?) with handpainted watercolor and gold, Christ being nailed to the cross. n.d.

box-folder 30:12

Untitled, unsigned (J.H.?), cartoon-like drawings of a fairytale: 2 watercolors, 7 pencil drawings n.d.

box-folder 30:13

Menu, "Chez John", handwritten n.d.

box-folder 30:14

2 untitled charcoal drawings, signed C.H. Pletcher: 1, interior of a church, 2, road, hills, trees on a snowy night n.d.

box-folder 30:15

Print from Vanity Fair, "High Church", with biographical paper: "Men of the Day, No. 95: The Rev. Edward Bouerie Pusey, D.D.", London 1/2/1875

box-folder 30:16

"Jacket drawing for Flowering Valley by Orville J. Harrell", signed, Edward C. Caswell n.d.

box-folder 30:17

Series depicting St. Francis and the nativity. 11 pencil drawings (numbered as though for a filmstrip?), 8 watercolors: Untitled, unsigned (J.H.?) n.d.

box-folder 30:18

Pastel drawing, pine tree, flowering bush, redwood tree: Untitled, n.d., unsigned (J.H.?) n.d.

box-folder 30:19

Pencil drawing, 3 ballerinas: Untitled, unsigned (J.H.?) 1936

box-folder 30:20

Pencil drawing, 2 women's heads and flowers: untitled, unsigned (J.H.?) n.d.

box-folder 30:21

3 pastel abstracts: Untitled, unsigned (J.H.?) n.d.

box-folder 30:22

Pencil drawing, sleeping child in adult's arms: untitled, unsigned (J.H.?) n.d.

box-folder 30:23

Pencil drawing, a knight: untitled, unsigned (J.H.?) n.d.

box-folder 30:24

Self Portrait, John Harrell, signed, pencil and pastels n.d.

Folio 30:25

Pencil and pastel drawings by John Harrell, signed n.d.

box-folder 30:25

Sunflower Series (3 drawings)

box-folder 30:25


box-folder 30:25

Temple of the Spirit

box-folder 30:25

Truth in Advertising

box-folder 30:25

Bird in the Hand

box-folder 30:25


box-folder 30:25


box-folder 30:25

Rock 'N Roll

box-folder 30:25

Big Bud

box-folder 30:25


box-folder 30:25

Blue-Eyed Spud

box-folder 30:25


box-folder 30:25

Portrait of the Artist as a Puzzlement

box-folder 30:26

"Lascaux Xeries II", pencil and pastel drawings by John Harrell, signed n.d.

Folio 1

John Harrell, "Birdscapes: Themes and Variations", 18 pencil and pastel drawings n.d.


In brown leather folio, 18" X 15.5"
Folio 2-6

5 pastel on paper drawings, 13.5" X 10.5", framed. 4 drawings depict a single young man, 1 drawing (Folio 6) depicts three young men: untitled, unsigned (J.H.?) undated


(Folio 1: 4/A/1. Folio 2: 4/B/5. Folios 3-4: 4/B/6)
box 27

Woodblock Plates - 7 plates n.d.


This box contains various sized items from various series woodblock plates. 7 plates. No order. These plates were used to print some of J.H.'s Christmas cards. (See printed cards in Box 21 ff 8-9)
box 27

"Noel", Madonna standing

box 27

"Noel", Madonna, head and shoulders, with stars

box 27

Christ Child surrounded by nativity story scenes in form of a cross

box 27

"Glory to God in the Highest, and to Earth Peace Goodwill", Angel

box 27

Male saint (?) with Christ Child

box 27

2 plates: one Chi Rho; one halo for the Chi Rho

Box 25:1-180; 28-29

Series 5  Photographs ca. 1890-1999

Physical Description: 210 photographs
Physical Location: 4/C/1

Series Scope and Content Summary

There are three sub-series: A. Personal, B. Ministry, c. Oversize. If there are negatives for the print photographs, the Negatives Box and file folder location will be indicated. See also Series 8: Negatives. Oversize photographs are continued in Boxes 28-29.
Box 25

Subseries A: Personal ca. 1890-1999

Physical Description: 129 photographs
Physical Location: 4/C/1

Scope and Content Summary

Arranged chronologically.
box-folder 25:1

The Grinnells (grandparents), Tacoma, WA. ca. late 1890s

box-folder 25:2

Unidentified school children ca. 1890s-1900s

box-folder 25:3

Grandparents: Charles Herbert Grinnell, 1861-1915; Emma Briggs Grinnell, 1863-1935 n.d.

box-folder 25:4

Emma Charlotte Grinnell Harrell (mother), 4 photos. ca. 1863-1935

box-folder 25:5

Pearl Harrell (aunt), graduation Jackson High School, Ohio 19096

box-folder 25:6

Rev. Dee Harrell (uncle) and Jessie ca. 1908

box-folder 25:7

Orville J.(Hal) Harrell (father), Negative Debating Team, Miami University, Ohio 1908

box-folder 25:8

O.J. Harrell on football and basketball teams, Miami Univ. 1910

box-folder 25:9

O.J. Harrell, 2nd Light Field Artillery 11/1918

box-folder 25:10

Unidentified young woman ca. 1910-1919

box-folder 25:11

Unidentified Harrell family members and events? ca. 1917-1949

box-folder 25:12

Unidentified young women on an outing ca. 1910-1919

box-folder 25:13-14

Unidentified Harrell family members and events? ca. 1920s-1940s

box-folder 25:15

J.H. as a baby ca. 1922-1923

box-folder 25:16

Mr. and Mrs. D.B. Harrell (grandparents) 1923

box-folder 25:16

Harrell homestead, log cabin, Jackson, Ohio ca. 1931 1946 1951

box-folder 25:17

J.H. and family ca. 1920s

box-folder 25:18

Unidentified young woman ca. 1920-1929

box-folder 25:19

Unidentified young man (Grinnell family?) ca. 1920-1929

box-folder 25:20

J.H. as a small child, photo on ceramic tiles (1 is hand-tinted) ca. 1925

box-folder 25:21

O.J. Harrell Real Estate Office, Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA (Harrell and E.E. Webster) 1926 1943

box-folder 25:22

Unidentified places ca. 1930-1939

box-folder 25:23

J.H., Los Angeles, CA 7/1937

box-folder 25:24

Mary Pyburn (Harrell) in Nursing uniform, ca. late-1930s ca. late-1930s

box-folder 25:25

J.H. as a child ca. 1922-1942

box-folder 25:26-27

J.H., Shattuck School, MN ca. 1940

box-folder 25:28

Rancheros Visitadores (riding group in Southern California). O.J. Harrell, Frank McCulloch, John Mitchel, Monty Montana, Walt Disney 1941 1943 1949

box-folder 25:29

Harrell family? Includes Shattuck School and St. Paul's church, Washington, D.C. ca. 1941

box-folder 25:30

J.H. at shrine on oak tree and unidentified church ca. 1940-1949

box-folder 25:31-33

Unidentified skits and fairytale play ca. 1940-1959

box-folder 25:34

Asilomar, CA. J.H. and other partially identified people. 1941-42

box-folder 25:35-37

Unidentified people (students?) at an unidentified institution (school?), and building being torn down

box-folder 25:38

Emma Charlotte Grinnell Harrell ca. 1940-1949

box-folder 25:39

Harrell family gathering? 9/1943

box-folder 25:40

J.H. at Occidental College? ca. 1944

box-folder 25:41

J.H. Occidental College graduation 1944

box-folder 25:42

Unidentified woman ca. 1940-1949

box-folder 25:43-44

Mary Pyburn (Harrell) with friends and family ca. 1930s-1949

box-folder 25:45

Unidentified youth group activities, J.H. ca. 1940-1949

box-folder 25:46

Orville J. Harrell 1945 1954

box-folder 25:47

Chinese Booth, Friday Morning Club, Emma Charlotte Grinnell 11/13/1946

box-folder 25:48

O.J. (Hal) Harrell at unidentified function with Chinese guests ca. 1946-47

box-folder 25:49-50

J.H. at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, unidentified people ca. 1947


(Negatives in NB 6:4)
box-folder 25:51

J.H. Ordination 1947-1948


(Negatives in NB 6:5. Slides in Slide Box 3/B, 2636 - 2651)
box-folder 25:52

J.H. ca. 1948

box-folder 25:53

Home of O.J. Harrell, Los Angeles, CA 1948

box-folder 25:54

Emma Charlotte Harrell with family? 1948

box-folder 25:55

O.J. Harrell at Robinwood 1949

box-folder 25:56

Balboa Island, CA n.d., J.H. ca. 1949

box-folder 25:57

J.H. at unidentified party with O.J. and Emma Charlotte ca. 1949-50

box-folder 25:58

J.H. with Molly 1950

box-folder 25:59

Mary Pyburn (Harrell) ca. 1950-1959

box-folder 25:60

Unidentified woman ca. 1950-1959

box-folder 25:61

Unidentified play or skit ca. 1950-1959

box-folder 25:62-64

O.J. and Emma Charlotte Harrell 1953 1955

box-folder 25:65

The Old Mill (House), Busch Sunken Gardens, Pasadena, CA 1955

box-folder 25:66

Mary Pyburn (Harrell) at unidentified event 1956

box-folder 25:67

Coupe, a poodle. Includes signed 'Thank you' letter from Joan Crawford 1956


(Coupe was her poodle's daughter)
box-folder 25:68

Halloween 1957

box-folder 25:69-72

Old Mill House, Pasadena, CA. This was J.H.'s home. 1957


(Negatives in NB 6:6)
box-folder 25:73-74

Unidentified house. Ultra-modern. Southern California? 1957 1960

box-folder 25:75

Greenwich, CT. Mary Pyburn (Harrell) 1958

box-folder 25:76

J.H. ca. 1958-59

box-folder 25:77

J. and M. Harrell with woman in hospital ca. 1959

box-folder 25:78

J. and M. Harrell wedding 6/1959


(Negatives in NB 5:37. Slide Box 3/A: Slides 2481 - 2509)
box-folder 25:79

J. and M.H. at the Duke's house. Josephine Geritz, Effie Dukes, Katy and Glenn Lewis, Maude Visscher. 8/1959

box-folder 25:80

Unidentified young women (senior pictures?) 1959-1961

box-folder 25:81

J. and M.H. ca. 1959-60

box-folder 25:82

Unidentified mother and 2 children at Christmas 1960

box-folder 25:83-84

Harrell's black poodle. M.H. 1960


(Negatives in NB 6:7)
box-folder 25:85

John Harrell ca. 1962-1963

box-folder 25:86

Mary Harrell ca. 1962-1963

box-folder 25:87

J. and M.H. at an A-frame house 1963

box-folder 25:88-89

148 York (York House), Kensington, CA ca. 1920-1990

box-folder 25:90-91

California coast parcel of land (near Carmel?) 1966 1973

box-folder 25:92

John and Mary Harrell ca. 1967

box-folder 25:93

Snow in Berkeley and Kensington at 148 York 1968

box-folder 25:94-95

John and Mary Harrell ca. 1969

box-folder 25:96-97

Sculptures by J.H., brass figures (boys?), 148 York, leaping a pond; in a tree 1969

box-folder 25:98

J.H. receiving the D.D. degree, Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley, CA. J.H., M.H., Rowena Harrell (stepmother) 1971

box-folder 25:99-101

Trip to Ireland ca. 1970-1979

box-folder 25:102

Birthday celebration, J.H., M.H., Barbara (Bobbie) Arnold undated

box-folder 25:103

J. and M.H. with women guests at their home, Barbara Arnold ca. 1980-1985

box-folder 25:104

J. and M.H. ca. 1980-1985

box-folder 25:105

J.H. with black dog, 148 York ca. 19980-1985

box-folder 25:106-108

J. and M. Harrell's 25th wedding anniversary, at 148 York June 1984

box-folder 25:109

Last picture of Jorge (dog) 1984

box-folder 25:110

Barbara (Bobbi) Arnold ca. 1985

box-folder 25:111

John and Mary Harrell ca. 1984

box-folder 25:112

Mary Harrell, "In Memoriam" 1984

box-folder 25:113

Roger Anderson 1986

box-folder 25:114

John Harrell 1991

box-folder 25:115

Matthew Vaughn ca. 1990-1995

box-folder 25:116

Greg Torre 1993-1994

box-folder 25:117

White poodle at 148 York 1994

box-folder 25:118

Sian Sprague 1994

box-folder 25:119

J.H. with Asian group/family? ca. 1993-1997

box-folder 25:120

Charleston, SC undated

box-folder 25:121

Children, some identified, most not ca. 1920-1997

box-folder 25:122

Unidentified water-skiing outing, a mountain lake? undated

box-folder 25:123

Unidentified young people at the beach and sailing (Balboa Island, CA?) - Probably not all the same day, event, or place undated

box-folder 25:124-128

Unidentified people ca. 1920-1997

box-folder 25:129

Unidentified churches ca. 1920-1997

Box 25

Subseries B: Ministry ca. 1890-1999

Physical Description: 50 photographs

Scope and Content Summary

Arranged alphabetically.
box-folder 25:130

American Sculpture of the Sixties, L.A. County Art Museum 1967

box-folder 25:131

Audio-Visual Conference Planning Committee. All are identified. 1958

box-folder 25:132-133

Audio-Visual Conferences, Canada, J. and M.H., all are identified. 1963

box-folder 25:134

Sculpture, the Black Knight (at the University of California, Berkeley Art Museum) undated

box-folder 25:135

Cathedral Films. J.H. with Nicholas Rozsa 1956

box-folder 25:136

Chagall Exhibit ca. 1969

box-folder 25:137

Photos for "Communicating the Gospel Today" 1969

box-folder 25:138-139

Creative Activities Filmstrip - transparencies ca. 1960-1961

box-folder 25:140

Flowers of St. Francis, film by Roberto Rossellini ca. 1950-1959

box-folder 25:141

John Harrell, preparing a mailing ca. 1960-1969

box-folder 25:142

John Harrell 1983

box-folder 25:143

Man on a Dolphin ca. 1980

box-folder 25:144-147

Mary Harrell, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Berkeley, CA, Sunday School 1976-1980

box-folder 25:148

Japan Exhibit ca. 1969

box-folder 25:149

Stan Kenton undated

box-folder 25:149a

Lab Exhibit, transparencies Feb. 15, 1960

box-folder 25:150

From the filmstrip, "Lord, Come!" 1967


(Negatives in NB 6:12)
box-folder 25:151

Photos for "Media for Christian Formation, Vol. 2" undated

box-folder 25:152

Neighbors, a film undated

box-folder 25:153-154

Photographs from a file marked "Original Photographs: Exceedingly Valuable" undated


Larry Burrows: Vietnam soldier crying, B/W 1971


World Wide Photos: Vietnam soldiers firing in battle, B/W undated


Howard E. Ruffner: Kent Atate, Ohio, shooting of a student, B/W 1970


Unidentified: Vietnamese civilians (women and children) in terror and sorrow, Color undated


Rowland Scherman: African Americans on a protest march, B/W undated


Hiroshi Hayama: Japanese students on a protest march, B/W undated


Carl Mydans: N. Kruschev in a Russian crowd, B/W 1959


Christian Hirou: "Otages a zarica. Jordanie", B/W undated


Konrad Giehr: Berlin, police and students clash at a protest (includes printed caption from United Press International), B/W 1968


Ian Berry: A scuffle among African men, B/W undated


Edward Wallowitch: "Teenagers", seated in balcony of an auditorium, B/W undated


Alinari, 1936: Michelangelo's Pieta in the Palazzo Rondamini, Rome, B/W 1936

box-folder 25:155-157

Rampart Films, Newport Beach, Orange County, CA. J.H. ca. 1953

box-folder 25:158

J.H. with children's choir, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Monrovia, CA? ca. 1947-1948

box-folder 25:159

St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Berkeley, CA, panel hangings by J.H.? ca. 1980-1989

box-folder 25:160-162

Storytelling at St. Mark's, ca. 1975 for the book "To Tell of Gideon", contact sheets. Kathleen Summit ca. 1975


(Negatives in NB 5:39-44)
box-folder 25:163-167

Mary Harrell teaching Sunday Schools, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Berkeley, CA, J.H. ca. 1962-1979

box-folder 25:168

Kathleen Summit 1984

box-folder 25:169

Time Being, an Actualization of The Happening, Holy Spirit Parish, Berkeley, CA. J.H., M.H., Barbara Oliver ca. 1969

box-folder 25:170

Unidentified luncheon/dinner. Cast of a film? J.H. holding a sign, "shooting script" ca. 1950-1959

box-folder 25:171

Unidentified, Harold Harawitz photographer, 4 prints 1965

box-folder 25:172

Photos for unidentified project, Plates 1-5 1965

box-folder 25:173

Unidentified drawings, transparencies, J.K. Lambert, artist? undated

box-folder 25:174

Unidentified drawing, family grace at a meal undated

box-folder 25:175

Unidentified stone sculpture, transparency, pieta or Madonna and child? undated

box-folder 25:176

Unidentified abstracts from a film? undated

box-folder 25:177

J.H. with unidentified group ca. 1960

box-folder 25:178

Unidentified project ca. 1990-1999

box-folder 25:179

Unidentified men on a movie set ca. 1950-1959

box-folder 25:180

J.H. in unidentified performance undated

Box 28-29

Subseries C: Oversize ca. 1890-1999

Physical Description: 30 photographs
Physical Location: 4/A/1

Scope and Content Summary

This subseries contains oversized photographs & albums continued from Box 25.
box-folder 28:1-3

Photo Album, Emma Charlotte Grinnell (Includes J.H. as a baby and child) ca. 1910-1937

box-folder 28:4

John Harrell's baby book 1922

box-folder 28:5

John Harrell's flipbook, from Hollywood Miniature Movies. A series of photos of John, when flipped looks like a moving picture 1931

box-folder 28:6

Grinnell family, Tacoma, WA ca. 1900-1950

box-folder 28:7

Mr. Loper's class, 1st Baptist Sunday School, Tacoma, WA, (Emma Charlotte Grinell) May 1908

box-folder 28:8

Unidentified man, Grinnell family? undated

box-folder 28:9

Unidentified woman ca. 1920-1929

box-folder 28:10

Children's tea party ca. 1911-1919

box-folder 28:11

Helen Elizabeth Robbins, age 2 undated

box-folder 28:12

Katherine (young woman) 1941

box-folder 28:13

Paul Moore to O.J. Harrell, Hollywood ca. 1940-1949

box-folder 28:14

Unidentified man and woman ca. 1930-1935

box-folder 28:15

Unidentified 4 girls (maybe 3 girls and 1 boy), Emma Charlotte with a baby? ca. 1890-1899

box-folder 28:16

Unidentified young woman undated

box-folder 28:17

Unidentified children's party ca. 1910-1919

box-folder 28:18

Emma Charlotte Grinnell with Charles Herbert Grinnell 1899

box-folder 28:19

Unidentified young man, Tacoma, WA undated

box-folder 28:20

Unidentified mountain and glacier in Washington? ca. 1901


Handtinted, signed Norman Edson
box-folder 28:21

Unidentified young woman ca. 1910-1919

box-folder 29:1

Mary Harrell, "St. Mark's Church School 4-Year Olds" 1967

box-folder 29:2

Photo Album

box-folder 29:2

John Harrell 1939-49

box-folder 29:2

Shattuck School, MN 1939

box-folder 29:2

Occidental College, CA 1944

box-folder 29:2

Virginia Theological Seminary 1944-46

box-folder 29:2

Church Divinity School of the Pacific. Includes (among other photos): Gibbs Hall, Lincoln Library, Chapel, Dean & Mrs. Shires, Ordination of Samuel Garrett 1946-47

box-folder 29:2

St. Luke's, Monrovia, CA 1948

box-folder 29:2

Balboa Island, CA 1949

box-folder 29:3

Unidentified family photo album, Germany 1924-1932

box-folder 29:4-9

John Harrell at various ages 1928-1941

Box 26

Series 6  Music by John Harell 1938-1986 n.d.

Physical Description: 31 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

Arranged alphabetically by title. Some music can be found in other Series
box-folder 26:1

Adagio 1958

box-folder 26:2

Aunt Augusta's Wedding Day undated

box-folder 26:3

Christmas songs, various dates ca. 1938-1986

box-folder 26:4

Daybreak 1977


Published script is found in Box 22:12
box-folder 26:5

Dialogue for Violin and Viola 1956


Copied in 1977
box-folder 26:7

Five Poems with Melodic Lines undated

box-folder 27:8-10

Hello in Exile, Incidental Music 1966 1976


See also Boxes 2, 8, 9, and 30
box-folder 26:11

Here Comes Maurice 1986

box-folder 26:12

A Hymn for Whitsunday, 1959; Whitsunday, Greenwich, CT 1961

box-folder 26:13

Listen, Listen Sufi song arranged by J.H. undated

box-folder 26:14

Little Pieces for Saxophone, Alto Clarinet, and Piano undated

box-folder 26:15

Mark, Oh Lord: From Lamentations undated

box-folder 26:16

Matt's Tune (Matthew Vaughn) August 1989

box-folder 26:17

Men Who Watch - Advent II (new version) 1966

box-folder 26:18

Module 120 degrees - 60 degrees: Variation in 126 or CDA 1956

box-folder 26:19

Prelude undated

box-folder 26:20

Riots of 1950, Tick-Tock undated

box-folder 26:21

Showings undated

box-folder 26:22

The Shropshire Lad 1938-1939

box-folder 26:23

Sonata for Violin and Viola "for Connie and Johnnie" 1948

box-folder 26:24

Sonatina V undated

box-folder 26:25

Sonatina IV 1939

box-folder 26:26

Songs 1945

box-folder 26:27

Theme and Variations for Violin and Viola, "for Connie and Johnnie" October 9, 1947

box-folder 26:28

Two Part Invention undated

box-folder 26:29-30

Various unidentified scores ca. 1938-1986

box-folder 26:31

Violin Sonata undated

Slide Box 3/A, 3/B, 3/C

Series 7  Slides ca. 1938-1986

Physical Description: 3 boxes
box 3/A

#2481-2509: Harrell Wedding June 1959


Print photos in Box 25:78
Box 3/A

#2510 - 2539: Untitled slide show undated


Numbered and marked R (right) and L (left) perhaps for showing on two screens. Some are missing.
Box 3/A

#2540 - 2601: Unidentified 1959-1960


May be "Art through Communication" or "Communication through Art"?
Box-folder 3/B

#2602 - 2625m: "David", sculpture by John Harrell 1972


Includes M.H., at 148 York
Box-folder 3/B

#2626 - 2635: Harrell's 25th Wedding Anniversary June 1984

Box-folder 3/B

#2636 - 2651: J.H. Ordination, 1948 1948


Print photos in Box 25:51
Box-folder 3/B

#2652 - 2654: J.H. receiving Doctor of Divinity, 1971. With M.H. and Rowena Harrell, stepmother. "Perfect Slide! The day I received the D.D. with Mary and Rowena." 1971

Box-folder 3/B

#2655 - 2659: Bronze sculptures by J.H.(?), unidentified, group of 5 figures 1972

Box-folder 3/B

#2660 - 2678: Bronze sculptures by J.H., with J.H. at 148 York. 5 separate figures: standing/reaching figure, 2 figures holding hands, figure in tree, figure lying down 1972

Box-folder 3/B

#2679 - 2686: Unidentified sculptures at 148 York by J.H., 3 poseable figures in various poses 1972

Box-folder 3/B

#2687 - 2694: Unidentified sculptures at 148 York by J.H., 4 white male figures in box frame. With J. and M.H. 1972

Box-folder 3/B

#2695 - 2700: Unidentified sculptures at 148 York by J.H., 5 human figures mounted on a painted background. With J.H. 1972

Box-folder 3/B

#2701 - 2755: Slide Presentation of J.H. drawings and sculptures. ca. 1974


Listing of the slides is in Box 24:19. Some slides duplicate sculpture slides 2602-2625m and 2655-2700.
Box-folder 3/C

#2756 - 2771: Prehistoric, Ancient Middle Eastern, Ancient Greek Art, and Matisse. 1982


Note:Included: "Sorcerer", Les Trois Freres Cave, Lascaux, Las Chimeneas, Niaux, Salon Noir, "Gilgamesh", Mari - Gilgamesh grappling with a Buffalo, The Standard of Ur, Detail, Lyre Ornament, Iraq, Tholos at Delphi, Temple of Hera at Olympia, Arhapsode with his rhabdos, "Muse playing kithara on Mt. Helicon", Greek vase, Matisse, "The Parakeet and the Siren"
Negative Box 5, 6

Series 8  Negatives ca. 1938-1986

Physical Description: 2 boxes

Series Scope and Content Summary

If there are print photographs of negatives, the Box and file folder numbers will be indicated. Not all negatives have print photographs.
box-folder 5:37

Harrell Wedding June 1959


(Print photos in Box 25:78)
box-folder 5:38

J.H. - With and without make-up for an unidentified performance? ca. 1970-1979


(There are no prints)
box-folder 5:39-44

Storytelling at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Berkeley, CA, for "To Tell of Gideon". J.H., M.H., Kathleen Summit, unidentified man. ca. 1975


(Print contact sheets in Box 25:160-162)
box-folder 6:1

J.H. as a child ca. 1938-1948


(Print photos in Box 25:25)
box-folder 6:2

J.H. with parents ca. 1935-36

box-folder 6:3

Trip to Yosemite? ca. 1930-1939

box-folder 6:4

J.H. at Church Divinity School of the Pacific, with unidentified man 1947


(Print photos in Box 25:49-50)
box-folder 6:5

J.H. Ordination undated


(Print photos in Box 25:51)
box-folder 6:6

Old Mill House, Pasadena, CA 1957


(Print photos in Box 25:70-71)
box-folder 6:7

Mary Harrell with black poodle 1960


(Print photos in Box 25:83)
box-folder 6:8

Unidentified outing with children undated

box-folder 6:9

3 drawings by J.H. undated

box-folder 6:10

Rampart Films ca. 1953-54


(Print photos in Box 25:157)
box-folder 6:11

Unidentified mosaics ca. 1960

box-folder 6:12

"Lord, Come!" undated


(Print photos in Box 25:150)
Box 27, 31

Separated Materials ca. 1938-1986

Physical Description: 2 boxes

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains books, filmstrips, sound recordings, and education packets by the Harrells and located in the GTU Rare Book Room. These materials are the final products of above production files. For further information on these items, consult the record on the GTU Library on-line catalog.
Box 27 contains various sized items from various Series.
box 27



Selected Writings of Richard Rolle, trans. by J.H. (London: S.P.C.K.) 1963

Box 27

A Storyteller's Omnibus, J.H. (Kensington, CA: York House) 1985

Box 27

"Education as Discovery" J.H., in Continuing Christian Development: Teaching Religion Pre-school to Post-school (West Mystic, CT: Twenty-Third Publications) 1973

Box 27

To Tell of Gideon: The Art of Storytelling in the Church, created by J. and Mary H. with Kathleen Summitt, Giles Asbury, Thom Tyson 1975

Box 27

Origins and Early Traditions of Storytelling, J.H. (Kensington, CA: York House) 1983

Box 27

The Man on a Dolphin: The Storyteller and His Tales, J.H. (Kensington, CA: York House) 1983

Box 27

Teaching is Communicating: An Audio-Visual Handbook for Church Use, J.H. (New York: The Seabury Press) 1965

Box 27

"Experience", J. and Mary H., in Essays in Christian Awareness 2, ed. Sheila Moriarty (Winona, MN: St. Mary's College Press) 1969

Box 27

The Brothers of the Common Life: An Historical Account of Their Origin, Growth, and Decline, and an Evaluation in Relation to the Renaissance and Reformation , J.H., B.D. Thesis, Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley, CA 1947

Box 27

Discovery Series: Rhythms, Filmstrip and Script, Mary Pyburn Sept. 30, 1957

box 27

Promotional Display showing various Harrell publications, hand made - photos, book covers, and photodisc covers on poster board undated

box 27

Film - Unititled, found in box containing materials for the Harrells' wedding June 1959

box 27

Audiocassettes - arranged alphabetically by title

box 27

Daybreak undated


4 cassettes: 2 published copies, 2 unpublished
box 27

Here Comes Maurice: A Puppet Musical Sound Track 1987

box 27

Time Out of Mind, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Berkeley Feb. 26, 1984

box 27

Ways of the Spirit, 2 cassettes: Ways of Mission, Ways of Ministry, Ways of Stewardship. 1979

box 27


box 27

Communicating the Gospel Today, phonodisc and 2 published kits

box 27

Trio No. 1, by J.H. "my very first recording" undated

box 27

"A Ring with a String", and "Who Voted for Suffrage!" Feb. 1951

box 27

The Fire and Wind

box 27

Cathedral Filmstrips, written by J.H.: 2 discs, Series, "Symbols of the Church" - Lost Symbols, The House of God, The Cross, The Faith undated


(There are no filmstrips)
box 31

"Stylos, a Puzzle Game", puzzle pieces 1981


Microform box 4/C/1
Design and Instructions are found in Box 24:6.