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Guide to the Louis Graydon Sullivan Papers, 1755-1991 (bulk 1961-1991)

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Louis Graydon Sullivan Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1755-1991 (bulk 1961-1991)
Collection Identifier: 91-7
Creator: Sullivan, Louis Graydon
Extent: 8.4 cubic feet
Contributing Institution: Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Historical Society
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Language: English.

Administrative Information


The material in this collection was donated to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society on April 15, 1991 by Maryellen Sullivan Hanley, executor of the Louis Sullivan estate. The material was collected by Sullivan over the course of his life, and, as an active member of the GLHS, it was his expressed wish that his papers be turned over to the Society upon his death.


Collection is open for research.

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Copyright to unpublished manuscript materials has been transferred to the GLBT Historical Society.

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[Identification of item], Louis Graydon Sullivan Papers, 91-7, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society.

Biographical Sketch

Louis Graydon Sullivan, a female-to-male transsexual gay man, was born Sheila Jean Sullivan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 16, 1951, the daughter of John Eugene Sullivan, who owned a small hauling and moving company, and Nancy Louise Sullivan, a homemaker and sales clerk in a stationary store. Sullivan was the third child of six: Kathleen Marie (1948), John Eugene, Jr. (1949), Bridgit Therese (1953), Maryellen (1955), and Patrick Rory (1957). Sullivan grew up in an emotionally close-knit Catholic family in suburban Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, in modest economic circumstances. Extremely religious as a child, Sullivan attended Catholic primary and secondary schools, where he compiled an above-average academic record. Following high school graduation in 1970, Sullivan began working as a secretary in the Slavic Languages Department of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
Sullivan's intense, life-long, but rather unfocussed concern with male gender identity and male same-sex relationships began to take on greater definition in the early 1970s. Sullivan recalled that as a child he had always enjoyed "playing boys" and realized even then that it "meant more to me than it did to the other kids." By his early teens, Sullivan's diaries, poems and short stories reflected an interest in male homosexuality and questions about gender identity. At age seventeen, Sullivan began a long-term relationship with a self-described "feminine" male lover, and play with gender roles figured in the relationship from the beginning. Both Sullivan and his companion were attracted to the gay liberation movement, and to the gender-bending aesthetic then evident in much of popular culture.
By 1973, Sullivan identified as a "female transvestite" and began a career of transgender community activism with the publication of "A Transvestite Answers a Feminist," an article which appeared in the Gay People's Union [GPU] News. Another article, "Looking Towards Transvestite Liberation," published the next year in the same periodical and widely reprinted in the gay and lesbian press, remains a landmark article for its early investigation of the question of gender identity in homosexual culture. Sullivan continued to contribute articles and reviews to the GPU News through 1980, and donated valuable type setting and copy editing services as well.
Sullivan identified as a female-to-male transsexual by 1975, when he moved to San Francisco and found work as a secretary for the Wilson Sporting Goods Company. Although still employed as a female, Sullivan spent approximately 75% of his time cross-dressed and living as a gay man. In 1976 Sullivan began seeking sex-reassignment surgery, which was routinely denied him on the basis of his openly declared homosexual orientation. Female-to-gay male transsexuality was not recognized by the medical/psychotherapeutic establishment as a legitimate form of gender dysphoria at that time. As a result of his own frustrations, Sullivan became involved in an eventually successful campaign to remove homosexual orientation from the list of contraindications for sex-reassignment. He pioneered methods of obtaining peer-support, professional counselling, endocrinological services and reconstructive surgery outside the institution of the gender dysphoria clinics, and disseminated this information at the grass-roots level through his booklet Information for the Female to Male Cross-Dresser and Transsexual, which is now in its third edition and is still the only practical guide for FTMs. As a consequence of his efforts, Sullivan became one of the founders of the female-to-male transsexual community, and is responsible to a significant degree for the rapid growth of the FTM population during the late 1980s.
Sullivan began taking testosterone in 1979, at which time he also became a volunteer at the Janus Information Facility (now J2CP), a gender dysphoria clearinghouse and referral service in San Francisco. He also became involved in Golden Gate Girls/Guys, one of the first social/educational transgender organizations to offer support to FTM transsexuals. In 1980 he underwent a double mastectomy and began living full time as a gay man. Sullivan also changed jobs at this time, becoming an associate engineering technician at the Atlantic-Ritchfield Company, so that coworkers would have no knowledge of his previous female life history. That same year he published the first edition of his Information for the FTM. Throughout the decade, Sullivan continued to write about female-to-male issues in the gay and transgender press, and became a popular public speaker on the topic in the San Francisco Bay area. He became involved in the Gay and Lesbian Historical Society, whose newsletter he helped edit and publish. In 1984 Sullivan started his own typesetting and word-processing business. He also began work on a biography of Jack B. Garland, a female who lived as a man for forty years at the turn of the century. The book was published to favorable reviews by Alyson Press in 1990.
In 1986, Sullivan finally obtained genital reconstruction surgery; he also organized FTM, the first peer-support group devoted entirely to female-to-male individuals. Later that year Sullivan was diagnosed with AIDS. In his last years Sullivan devoted himself to work on behalf of FTMs, as well as the broader transgender and homosexual communities. He died of an AIDS-related illness on March 6, 1991, at the age of 39.

Scope and Content

Sullivan's papers include photographs as well as extensive diaries, short stories, poems, essays, and correspondence that fully document--at an extraordinarily intimate level--his transition from heterosexual female to gay man during the period 1961-1991. These writings and the records of his other activities between 1973 and 1991 are invaluable foundational documents for any history of the FTM community, and are important primary sources for any study of transsexuality, but particularly of homosexually identified transsexuals. The collection includes versions of all of his published works, including notes, drafts, and related correspondence. The collection also includes research files on gender, transsexuality, cross-dressing, and sex-reassignment techniques. Sullivan compiled extensive clippings files from newspapers and magazines during the 1970s and 1980s, which are roughly organized by subject matter and date. He also collected photostatic copies of rare and obscure historical accounts of transgender practices, as well as scientific and academic works on transvestism, transsexuality, and gender dysphoria, dating from the 1950s through 1989. Some of this material was indexed by Sullivan in a card file. The research files also contain print-outs of exhaustive on-line bibliographic database subject searches on transgender-related topics through 1986. This portion of the collection also contains other miscellaneous material gathered by Sullivan that would be of interest to archival users concerned primarily with transgender history.
Biographical Material. Contains curriculum vitae, obituaries, tributes, testimonials, memorial service emphemera, as well as three lengthier documents notable for their biographical content: "Sullivan's Travels," an autobiographical article that appeared in The Advocate; a social-scientific case study of Sullivan published by a gender-dysphoria specialist, and an intake questionnaire completed by Sullivan for the Stanford Gender Dysphoria Progam in 1976.
Photographs (c.1960-1990). Mostly candid snapshots of Sheila/Lou, c. 1965-1990. The series also includes school portraits of childhood friends, Sullivan family portraits, snapshots of Sullivan's friends and lovers in Milwaukee and San Francisco, and some historical photographs of female-to-male cross-dressers. Of particular interest is the photo-documentation of Sullivan's physical transition through hormonal therapy, mastectomy, and genitoplasty.
A framed, hand-tinted photograph of three women dressed as men was removed and stored with other works of graphic art in the GLHS Archives.
Childhood Memorabilia (1951-1970). Birth certificate, YMCA swimming class certificates of completion, Beatles' fan club card, Catholic youth organization membership cards, school report cards.
Diaries and Journals (1961-1991). Ten-yer-old Sheila began keeping a fairly regular diary in 1961, a practice that Lou continued until shortly before his death in 1991. These diaries present a detailed personal record of gender identity formation, transsexual transition, coming out as homosexual, the gay liberation movement in the upper Midwest, late-1960s and early 1970s counterculture, life in the gay male and transgender communites of the San Francisco Bay area between 1975 and 1991, the establishment of an international FTM transsexual community, and coping with AIDS. Material from 1961-1974 has been transcribed in typescript form. This series also contains typescript excerpts from the diaries c. 1966-67, pertaining to the "Velvet Whip," and photostatic reproductions of newspaper clippings inserted into Sullivan's diaries c. 1967. Sullivan kept a separate journal of his experiences with genitoplasty, 1986-87.
Personal Writings (1964-c.1974). Several pieces of short fiction, poetry, and essays, much of which documents Sullivan's early preoccupation with gender identity, gay male sexuality, and sadomasochistic fantasy. The series contains material related to an adolescent infatuation with the Beatles, especially Paul McCartney. Some of the other material was apparently written as high school composition assignments, and is notable for its well developed social and political views. Of particular interest is a folder of sex fantasies.
AIDS-Related Materials (1986-1991). Sullivan's medication schedules, hospitalization records, and material related to his participation as a human subject in scientific studies of AIDS.
Medical Correspondence Regarding Sex-Reassignment (1976-1990). Of particular interest is the correspondence with the Stanford Gender Dysphoria Clinic. The other material in this series provides good documentation of the state of FTM sex-reassignment in the 1980s, as well as Sullivan's personal quest to achieve his anatomical sex of choice.
FTM Correspondence (1979-1990) [RESTRICTED]. Sullivan apparantly came in contact with many of the early correspondents (c. 1979-1981) through his work at the Janus Information Facility. Although in some instances a personal relationship developed through the correspondence, most of the exchanges were rather business-like. Still, the documents offer revealing glimpses of FTM lives across the United States and Canada. Most of the later correspondence is related to Sullivan's association with FTM, the peer-support group he founded in 1986. Consult GLHS Archivist for access.
General Correspondence, (1973-1991). The series is arranged alphabetically by correspondent's last name, with two exceptions which are arranged according to subject matter, and follow the alphabetically arranged material in the physical organization of the papers. One is a folder of responses and replies to personal ads Sullivan placed in Coming Up! in 1984-85; the other is correspondence with various medical/psychotherapeutic professionals Sullivan met while attending the annual Harry Benjamin Gender Dysphoria Symposia, 1986-1989. For a description of Sullivan's principal correspondents, see Appendix A.
Information for the Female-to-Male Transsexual and Cross-Dresser (1980-1990). Copies of all three editions of Sullivan's path-breaking guide for females who chose to live as men. Some manuscript notes and revisions of first edition.
From Female to Male: The Life of Jack Bee Garland (1984-1990). Various drafts of the manuscript, working notes, some research material, graphic images, publisher's correspondence, publicity material, reviews, and advertisements.
Short Published Works (1973-1990). The series contains copies of Sullivan's early articles and reviews in GPU News, Metamorphosis, and other gay or transsexual publications. Manuscript drafts, notes, and related correspondence exist for some of the published works. One particularly rich folder pertains to Sullivan's negative review of Leslie Lothstein's Female-to-Male Transsexualism, the first major clinical investigation of the topic. The series also contains material related to a preliminary article on Jack Garland written by Sullivan for the San Joachin Historian, a local history newsletter; the article is notable for its straight-forward presentation of minority sexuality in a publication not oriented toward the homosexual or transgender communities. Other material in the series relates to "Sullivan's Travels," an autobiographical article published in The Advocate, and to "Passing Fancy II," an article on the history of cross-dressing written for the same publication. For a bibliography of Sullivan's publications, see Appendix B.
Activities and Interests (1979-1990). This record group contains documents related to Sullivan's participation in various groups and organizations, ranging in seriousness from the Jack and Jill sex parties to the ACLU Transsexual Rights Commission. It includes records of his association with the Small Club--a group for men who consider themselves to have small penises--and C.I.P. (Cruising Impaired Persons); participation in both groups is indicative of how Sullivan successfully dealt with issues of his physical differences from other gay men. The series contains minutes of the GLHS Archives Committee and copies of the GLHS newsletter which Sullivan helped edit and publish. Three folders of material relate to Sullivan's FTM peer-support group. One contains flyers announcing FTM Get-togethers and other social events; another contains correspondence and membership questionnaires concerning a medical study of the effects of testosterone on the cardiovascular health of FTMs; a third contains material related to the club's video library. The richest material in this series pertains to Golden Gate Girls/Guys, the transgender organization in which Sullivan participated, c. 1979-1981; it includes membership surveys, TV/TS networking directories, transgender resource guides, officers' correspondence, orientation materials, bylaws, and some business papers. Issues of Gateways, the GGG/G newsletter, have been removed to the GLHS periodicals collection.
Clippings Files, (1886-1991). Sullivan kept clippings files on a variety of topics, arranged by subject in rough chronological order. The series contains clippings of FTM cross-dressers and "passing women" from the late 19th century through 1990. Other files, drawn largely from sources in the 1980s, pertain to graphic images of FTMs, male-to-female cross-dressing and transsexuality, and miscellaneous material about gender and sexuality.
Books, Pamphlets, and Articles (1755-1989). Sullivan collected a wide range of published works on gender dysphoria, transsexuality, cross-dressing, and genital reconstruction surgery. The material contained in this series constitutes a relatively complete collection of the major academic and scientific works on these topics through 1990, as well as several rare biographies of female-to-male cross-dressers. A few folders contain correspondence and other materials related the published work. For a bibliography of published works contained in the Sullivan Collection, see Appendix C.
Several books and periodicals have been removed from the Sullivan's papers to other collections in the Archives of the Gay and Lesbian Historical Society; consult Appendices D and E for futher information about these works.
Miscellaneous Gender-Related Material (1980-1990). Included in this series are flyers and other ephemera, transcripts of television talk shows about transsexuality, testosterone package inserts, the Benjamin Standards of Care, a subject file pertaining to Les Nichols and Annie Sprinkle, the script for a movie about gender ambiguity for which Sullivan was a reader, and other difficult-to-classify materials.
Bibliographies and Indexes (1967-1986). Print-outs of exhaustive on-line bibliographic database subject searches on transgender-related topics through 1986. Sullivan also indexed many of the clippings and articles in his research files.
Audio Tapes (1988-1990). Recordings of radio programs on transsexuality and cross-dressing, interview with Lou Sullivan about his biography of Jack Garland, recordings of presentations at FTM Get-Togethers and ETVC meetings. For a list of tapes, see Appendix F.
Video Tapes (1935-1990). Most of the twenty video tapes in this series are recordings of televison talk shows that treat the topics of transsexuality and cross-dressing. Some of the video tapes are theatrical motion pictures that treat the topics of transsexuality and cross-dressing, or in which female actors play male roles. For a list of titles, see Appendix G.
Computer-Readable Documents. Currently unusable, due to an inability to locate the software in which they were written. Most of the disks merely contain back-up files for the Jack B. Garland biography and for transcripts of Sullivan's diaries, but there is some evidence that the computer files also contain correspondence for which no hard copy exists. Hopefully, this information can be retrieved before it deteriorates.

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Appendix D: List of Titles Removed from the Sullivan Collection to the Book Collection of the Gay and Lesbian Historical Society

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Appendix E: List of Titles Removed from the Sullivan Collection to the Periodicals Collection of the Gay and Lesbian Historical Society

  • Claremont Counseling Center Newsletter
  • Cross Currents
  • ETVC Newsletter
  • Femme Mirror
  • FTM Newsletter
  • Gateways
  • Gender Expressions
  • Gender Identity Center Newsletter
  • Gender Networker
  • Gender Review
  • Golden Gate Girls/Guys Newsletter
  • Metamorphosis
  • Metamorphosis Magazine
  • Metamorphosis Monthly
  • Moonshadow
  • NAC Journal
  • NNTN Bulletin
  • Nova Nebulae
  • Our Sorority
  • Outreach Beacon
  • Phoenix
  • Pinnacle
  • Primrose
  • Renaissance
  • Rites of Passage
  • Rosebuds
  • Satin and Lace
  • TV Guy
  • TV/TS Journal
  • TV/TS Tapestry
  • Trans-Scribe
  • Transcare
  • Transgender Views
  • Transition
  • Transsexual Voice
  • Transvestian
  • Twenty Minutes
  • We Are

Appendix F: Audiotapes in the Sullivan Collection

Tape 1:
FTM Get-Together #10, April 9, 1989

Side A--Dr. Walter Bockting, Psychologist, Free University, Amsterdam. Topic: Female-to-Gay Male Transsexuality
Tape 1:
FTM Get-Together #10, April 9, 1989

Side B--Ari Kane, Director, Human Outreach and Achievement Institute, Boston. Midi Onodera, Filmmaker, Toronto, Ontario
Tapes 2-3:
FTM Get-Together # 11, September 24, 1989

Lin Fraser, Psychotherapist, San Francisco

Topic: Report on the 1989 Harry Benjamin Gender Dysphoria Symposium
Tape 4:
FTM Get-Together # 12, January 7, 1990

Steven Kessler, MFCC

Topic: Rites of Manhood and Myths of Masculinity
Tape 5:
FTM Get-Together # 13, March 17, 1990

Sterling Winterhalter, San Francisco AIDS Foundation, and Lou Sullivan

Topic: AIDS in the FTM Community
Tape 6:
FTM Get-Together # 14, June 10, 1990

George Fulmer, MD

Topic: Endocrinology
Tape 7:
E.T.V.C. Meeting, July 20, 1988

Paul Walker, Ph.D., "The Current Psychiatric View of Cross- Dressing."
Tape 8:
E.T.V.C. Meeting, March 17, 1990

Paul Walker, Ph.D., "Gender Dysphoria."
Tape 9:
Tom Leykis Show,

KFI Los Angeles, December 9, 1988. "Transsexualism," w/ Dr. Jane Thomas (MTF) and "Larry" (FTM).
Tape 10:
The Coming Out Show, CSRO Vancouver, B.C., June 21, 1990.

Lou Sullivan being interviewed about his biography of Jack Garland.
Tape 11:
B-D Woman, by Bessie Jackson

Audio Information, Female-to-Male
Tape 12:
The Sound of Your Voice
Tapes 13-14:
Gender Conflict in the Female

Tomye Kelly, M.A. Institute for Gender Study and Treatment, Arvada, Colorado.

Appendix G: Videotapes in the Sullivan Collection

Tape 1:
The Sergeant (1968)
Tape 2:
Something Special (1985)

Just One of the Guys (1985)

Victor/Victoria (1982)
Tape 3:
The Mystery of Alexina (1985)

Shelly Mars, male impersonation; includes excerpt from Burlezu II (1986), exerpt from Virgin Machine (1988), and review of The Man Dance, by "Electric City" (1990).

Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, (8/17/90); woman arrested in men's room.
Tape 4:
Second Serve (1986)
Tape 5:
A.M. San Francisco, (1982); w/ Steve Dain, Paul Walker, and MTF Cathryn LaFaux

What Sex Am I? (1984)
Tape 6:
Billy Tipton

A Current Affair, (7/7/89)

Sally Jesse Raphael, (3/15/89)

People Are Talking, (11/2/90)
Tape 7:
Her Life as a Man (1984)
Tape 8:
What Sex Am I (1984)

Phil Donahue Show, (1982); w/ Paul Walker and Mike and Marc Vittiow, FTM twins from Illinois.

Geraldo, (1989), "Transsexual Regrets," with former FTM Jerri Sousa.
Tape 9:
ETVC Gender Panel Discussion with Lou Sullivan (Nov., 1987)
Tape 10:
Geraldo, "Hermaphrodite," (Winter, 1989); FTMs w/ John Money
Tape 11:
Linda/Les and Annie: The First Female-to-Male Transsexual Love Story(1989)
Tape 12:
Sally Jesse Raphael (1988); FTMs

Geraldo (1988); MTFs in Prison

Sally Jesse Raphael (1990); FTMs

k.d. lang on Saturday Night Live

Joan Rivers; MTF w/ imaginary pregnancy
Tape 13:
The Mystery of Alexina (1985)

Calamity Jane's Diary (1981)
Tape 14:
Sonja Live in L.A. (7/31/89); w/ FTM David, MTF Robin, Dr. Richard Green

My Life as a Dog (1985)
Tape 15:
Second Serve (1986)

Sylvia Scarlett (1935)
Tape 16:
FTM Collection
Tape 17:
undated broadcasts of Sally Jesse Raphael and Geraldo
Tape 18:
Yentl (1984)
Tape 19:
Larry King Live (8/23/88); w/ Dr. David Gilbert and FTM Steve Roczeg

A Man Like Eva (1983)

Fun with a Sausage
Tape 20:
SHARP (Nov., 1989)

"TV/TS and AIDS," Panel Discussion, Institute for the Advanced Study of Sexuality, San Francisco

Organization of the Collection


Record Group 1: Biographical and Personal Writings


Series 1. Biographical Materials


Series 2. Photographs


Series 3. Childhood Memorabilia Series 4. Diaries and Journals


Series 5. Miscellaneous Personal Writings


Series 6. AIDS-related Materials


Record Group 2: Correspondence


Series 1. Medical Correspondence


Series 2. FTM Correspondence [RESTRICTED]


Series 3. General Correspondence


Record Group 3: Publications and Related Materials


Series 1. Information for the Female-to-Male Cross-Dresser and Transsexual


Series 2. From Female to Male: The Life of Jack B. Garland


Series 3. Short Published Works


Record Group 4: Interests and Activities


Series 1: Interests and Activites


Record Group 5: Research Files on Gender, Cross-Dressing, and Transsexuality


Series 1. Clippings Files


Series 2. Pamphlets, Articles, and Books


Series 3. Miscellaneous Gender-Related Materials


Series 4. Bibliographies and Indexes


Series 5. Audio Tapes


Series 6. Video Tapes


Record Group 6: Computer-Readable Documents


Series 1: Computer-Readable Documents

File Folder List

Box 1, Folder 1

1:1 Louis Sullivan Biographical File

Folder 2

1:2 Photographs

Folder 3

1:3 Childhood Memorabilia

Folder 4

1:4 Journals, 1961-64

Folder 5

1:4 Journals, 1965-66

Folder 6

1:4 Journals, 1967

Folder 7

1:4 Clippings from Journal, 1967

Folder 8

1:4 Journals, 1968-69

Folder 9

1:4 Journals, 1970-71

Folder 10

1:4 Journals, 1972-74

Folder 11

1:4 Journals, 1975-79

Folder 12

1:4 Journals, 1979-81

Folder 13

1:4 Journals, 1981-84

Folder 14

1:4 Journals, 1984-87

Folder 15

1:4 Journals, 1987-89

Folder 16

1:4 Journals, 1990-91

Folder 17

1:4 Genitoplasty Journal, 1986-87

Folder 18

1:4 Journal Excerpts, Feb., 1966; typed transcripts

Folder 19

1:4 Journals, 1961-71; typed transcripts

Folder 20

1:4 Journals, 1972-74; typed transcripts

Box 2, Folder 21

1:5 Somewhere There is Comfort, 1964

Folder 22

1:5 Not Only Mortally, 1965

Folder 23

1:5 The Ordeal, c. 1965

Folder 24

1:5 Patience, c. 1965

Folder 25

1:5 Misc. Unfinished Stories, c. 1965

Folder 26

1:5 Is a Policeman My Friend?, c. 1965

Folder 27

1:5  Beatles(1 of 2)

Folder 28

1:5  Beatles (2 of 2)

Folder 29

1:5 Misc. Poetry, 1965-70

Folder 30

1:5 Misc. Prose, 1964-68

Folder 31

1:5 Misc. Fiction, c. 1967

Folder 32

1:5  Misc. Personal Writings, c. 1967-72 (1 of 2)

Folder 33

1:5  Misc. Personal Writings, c. 1967-72 (2 of 2)

Folder 34

1:5 Misc. Personal Writings, c. early 1970s

Folder 35

1:5 Misc. Personal Papers, c. early 1970s

Folder 36

1:5 Sex Fantasies

Folder 37

1:5 Draft of Letter, c. early 1970s.

Folder 38

1:5 Poems/Lyrics

Folder 39

2:1 Correspondence, Stanley Bieber, 1986

Folder 40

2:1 Correspondence, Brownstien and Falces, 1980-90

Folder 41

2:1 Correspondence, David Foerster, 1981-89

Folder 42

2:1 Correspondence, Gender Identity Assoc., 1986-89

Folder 43

2:1 Correspondence, David Gilbert, 1989

Folder 44

2:1 Correspondence, Angelo Tornabene (Mario Martino), 1979-89

Folder 45

2:1 Correspondence, Stanford Gender Dysphoria Program, 1976-89

Folder 46

2:1 Correspondence, University of Virginia, 1986-89

Folder 47

2:1 Correspondence, Misc. Surgeons, Clinics, Programs

Folder 48-80

2:2 FTM Correspondence [RESTRICTED]

Folder 81

2:3 Correspondence, John Armstrong, 1989-90

Folder 82

2:3 Correspondence, Howard Beck, 1983-90

Folder 83

2:3 Correspondence, Berdache Society, 1979

Folder 84

2:3 Correspondence, Allan Bérubé, 1979-1986

Folder 85

2:3 Correspondence, Dr. Ray Blanchard, 1987-89

Folder 86

2:3 Correspondence, Robert Blumberg, 1990

Folder 87

2:3 Correspondence, Vern Bullough, 1988-89

Folder 88

2:3 Correspondence, Eli Coleman and Walter Bockting, 1987-91

Folder 89

2:3 Correspondence, Confide Counseling Service, 1979

Folder 90

2:3 Correspondence, Charles Creegan, 1981-90

Folder 91

2:3 Correspondence, Susan Duehlmeir, 1972-73

Folder 92

2:3 Correspondence, F.A.C.T., 1979-81

Folder 93

2:3 Correspondence, Lin Fraser, 1986-89

Folder 94

2:3 Correspondence, G.P.U., 1975-78

Box 3, Folder 95

2:3 Correspondence, William Henkin, 1989-91

Folder 96

2:3 Correspondence, Alyn Hess, 1983-89

Folder 97

2:3 Correspondence, Dan Hutchinson, 1984-85

Folder 98

2:3 Correspondence, Lane Jannsen, 1979

Folder 99

2:3 Correspondence, Pam Johnson, 1979-80

Folder 100

2:3 Correspondence, Paul Johnson, 1988

Folder 101

2:3 Correspondence, Ari Kane, 1988-90

Folder 102

2:3 Correspondence, Charles Kiley, 1988-90

Folder 103

2:3  Correspondence, Jim Koetting, 1973 (1 of 5)

Folder 104

2:3  Correspondence, Jim Koetting, 1973; typed transcripts(2 of 5)

Folder 105

2:3  Correspondence, Jim Koetting, 1974 (3 of 5)

Folder 106

2:3  Correspondence, Jim Koetting, 1980-84 (4 of 5)

Folder 107

2:3  Correspondence, Jim Koeeting, 1985-90 (5 of 5)

Folder 108

2:3  Correspondence, Elizabeth Marshall, 1975-76 (1 of 3)

Folder 109

2:3  Correspondence, Elizabeth Marshall, 1977-90 (2 of 3)

Folder 110

2:3  Correspondence, Elizabeth Marshall, typed transcripts (3 of 3)

Folder 111

2:3 Correspondence, David Maxwell, 1984

Folder 112

2:3 Correspondence, Eldon Murray, 1982-1990

Folder 113

2:3 Correspondence, Jude Patterson, Sr. Mary Elizabeth, 1985-89

Folder 114

2:3 Correspondence, Dr. Ira Pauly, 1987-89

Folder 115

2:3 Correspondence, Virginia Prince, 1979-86

Folder 116

2:3 Correspondence, Rupert Raj, 1982-90

Folder 117

2:3 Correspondence, Rennaisance Gender Identity Service, 1979

Folder 118

2:3 Correspondence, Kim Stuart, 1981-86

Folder 119

2:3 Correspondence, Jean Van Aarle, 1989-91

Folder 120

2:3 Correspondence, We Are, 1980

Folder 121

2:3 Correspondence, Paul Walker, 1982-88

Folder 122

2:3 Correspondence, Alice Webb, 1986-90

Folder 123

2:3 Correspondence, Tom Zamont

Folder 124

2:3  Correspondence, Misc., 1979-83 (1 of 3)

Folder 125

2:3  Correspondence, Misc., 1984-88 (2 of 3)

Folder 126

2:3  Correspondence, Misc., 1989-91 (3 of 3)

Folder 127

2:3 Correspondence, Coming Up! Personal Ads, Replies, Responses

Folder 128

2:3 Correspondence, re: Gender Dysphoria Symposia, 1986-90

Folder 129

3:1 Information for the Female-to-Male, 1st ed. 1980

Folder 130

3:1 Information for the Female-to-Male, 2nd and 3rd eds., 1984-90

Folder 131

3:2 Jack B. Garland, Original Manuscript

Folder 132

3:2 Jack B. Garland, 2nd Revised Draft

Folder 133-A

3:2  Jack B. Garland, 3rd Revised Draft

Folder 133-B

3:2  Jack B. Garland, Final Draft

Folder 134

3:2  Jack B. Garland, Notes (1 of 3)

Box 4, Folder 135

3:2  Jack B. Garland, Notes 2 of 3

Folder 136

3:2  Jack B. Garland, Notes 3 of 3

Folder 137

3:2  Jack B. Garland, Notes and Letters

Folder 138

3:2 Jack B. Garland, Misc. Notes

Folder 139

3:2 Jack B. Garland, Misc.

Folder 140

3:2 Jack B. Garland, Graphics

Folder 141

3:2 Correspondence re: Garland; Lou Sullivan with Alyson Press

Folder 142

3:2 Correspondence re: Garland; Misc. Publishers

Folder 143

3:2 Reviews of Garland Biography

Folder 144

3:2 Advertisements for Garland Biography

Folder 145

3:3 Articles Written By Lou Sullivan (w/ Drafts, Correspondence)

Folder 146

3:3 "Looking Towards Transvestite Liberation," 1973

Folder 147

3:3 GPU News (Milwuakee): Issues with Articles by Sheila Sullivan

Folder 148

3:3 Review, Lothstein, FTM Transsexualism; Notes, Drafts, Corres.

Folder 149

3:3 Article, material on Jack B. Garland for San Joachin Historian

Folder 150

3:3 Presentation, "A Transsexual's View of Masculinity," 1988, 1989

Folder 151

3:3 "Sullivan's Travels," The Advocate # 526, June, 1989

Folder 152

3:3  "Passing Fancy II," Correspondence (1 of 3)

Folder 153

3:3  "Passing Fancy II," Drafts and Notes (2 of 3)

Folder 154

3:3  "Passing Fancy II," Misc. Material (3 of 3)

Folder 155

4:1 ACLU Transsexual Rights Commission, 1984-1991

Folder 156

4:1 C.I.P. (Cruising Impaired Persons)

Folder 157

4:1 F.O.G. (Fraternal Order of Gays)

Folder 158

4:1 E.T.V.C. (Educational TV Channel)

Folder 159

4:1  FTM Get-Together Flyers (1 of 3)

Folder 160

4:1  FTM Membership Survery, Cardiovascular Health (2 of 3)

Folder 161

4:1  FTM Video Collection, Related Materials (3 of 3)

Folder 162

4:1  GLHS Archives Committee (1986-89) (1 of 2)

Folder 163

4:1  GLHS Newsletters (2 of 2)

Folder 164

4:1  GGG/G (Golden Gate Girls/Guys) Organizational Documents, Orientation and Membership Material, 1978-79 (1 of 4)

Folder 165

4:1  GGG/G, Misc. Papers, 1977-86 (2 of 4)

Folder 166

4:1  GGG/G, Membership Questionnaire, July, 1979 (3 of 4)

Folder 167

4:1  GGG/G, Directories and Resource Lists, 1979-82 (4 of 4)

Folder 168

4:1 Jack and Jill Club

Folder 169

4:1 Metamorphosis Medical Research Foundation, 1982-88

Folder 170


Folder 171

4:1 SF Forum

Folder 172

4:1 The Small Club

Folder 173

4:1 TV/TS Tapestry

Box 5, Folder 174

5:1 Clippings, Graphic Images, FTMs

Folder 175

5:1  Clippings, Passing Women (1 of 4)

Folder 176

5:1  Clippings, Passing Women (2 of 4)

Folder 177

5:1  Clippings, Passing Women (3 of 4)

Folder 178

5:1  Clippings, Passing Women (4 of 4)

Folder 179

5:1 Clippings and Note about Passing Women

Folder 180

5:1  Clippings, Female-to-Male, 1886-1985 (1 of 2)

Folder 181

5:1  Clippings, Female-to-Male, 1886-1985 (2 of 2)

Folder 182

5:1 Clippings, Female-to-Male, 1986-88

Folder 183

5:1 Clippings, Female-to-Male, 1989-91

Folder 184

5:1 Clippings, Transsexuality and Gender-Bending, 1990-91

Folder 185

5:1 Clippings, Misc., Mostly MTF Transsexuality and Cross-Dressing

Folder 186

5:1 Clippings, Misc. Transsexuality, Undated

Folder 187

5:1  Clippings, Misc., Gender (1 of 3)

Folder 188

5:1  Clippings, Misc., Gender (2 of 3)

Folder 189

5:1 r  Clippings, Misc., Gende(3 of 3)

Folder 190

5:1  Clippings and Notes, Misc. Sexuality

Folder 191

5:2 Rosa Bonheur

Folder 192

5:2 Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Charlotte Charke

Folder 193

5:2 The Female Marine

Folder 194

5:2 Cecil Dreeme

Folder 195

5:2 The Female Review: Life of Deborah Sampson

Box 6, Folder 196

5:2 A  rticles, Anon. (1 of 8)

Folder 197

5:2  Articles, Baucom--Clare (2 of 8)

Folder 198

5:2  Articles, Clark, Joanna (3 of 8)

Folder 199

5:2  Articles, Clinton--Gunthiel (4 of 8)

Folder 200

5:2  Articles, Hirschfeld--Parker(5 of 8)

Folder 201

5:2  Articles, Pauley, Ira (6 of 8)

Folder 202

5:2  Articles, Prince--Strassberg (7 of 8)

Folder 203

5:2  Articles, Stuart--Wise (8 of 8)

Folder 204

5:3 Gender, Misc. Ephemera

Folder 205

5:3 Les Nichols/Annie Sprinkle Subject File

Folder 206

5:3 Testosterone Package Inserts


[Folder # 207 Omitted]

Folder 208

5:3 HBIGDA Standards of Care

Folder 209

5:3  Midi Onodera, Project XXY: ID I Am (1 of 2)

Folder 210

5:3  Midi Onodera, Project XXY: ID I Am (2 of 2)

Folder 211

5:3 Sally Jesse Raphael Transcripts #5, #51, #169

Folder 212

5:3 Proceedings of the 2nd Interdisciplinary Symposium on Gender Dysphoria

Folder 213

5:3 She Even Chewed Tobacco

Folder 214

5:4 Bibliography: Genital Reconstruction

Folder 215

5:4 Bibliography: Biographies of Passing Women

Folder 216

5:4  Bibliography: J. Terry, "Locating Ourselves in the History of Sexuality"

Folder 217

5:4  Bibliography: Transsexuality, 1967-70, 1969-74, 1972-76(1 of 5)

Folder 218

5:4  Bibliography: Transsexuality, 1977-79, 1980-82 (2 of 5)

Folder 219

5:4  Bibliography: Transsexuality, 1983, 1984-86 (3 of 5)

Folder 220

5:4  Bibliography: Transsexuality, MEDLINE Database (4 of 5)

Folder 221

5:4  Bibliography: Transsexuality, Misc. (5 of 5)

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Appendix A: Principal Correspondents of Lou Sullivan


John Armstrong (1989-1990)


organizer of F2M, a peer-support group for female-to-males based in Tenafly, New Jersey.


Howard Beck (1983-1990)


gay male friend of Sullivan's from Milwaukee; contains much information on day-to-day activities and interests.


Allan Bérubé (1979-1986)


gay male historian in San Francisco; regards activities in GLHS and public presentations Bérubé made on the history of FTM cross-dressers in San Francisco.


Dr. Ray Blanchard (1987-1989)


regarding the recognition of female-to-gay male transsexuality by gender dysphoria professionals.


Dr. Walter Bockting (1987-1991)


regarding using Sullivan as a case study for an article in a scientific journal on female-to-gay male transsexuality.


Charles Creegan (1981-1990)


gay male friend from GPU News; contains family and personal news, accounts of day-to-day activities.


Susan Duehlmeier (1972-1973)


worked as a secretary with Sullivan in the Slavic Languages Department at UWM; contains interesting discussions of feminism, the sexual revolution, and gender identity.


F.A.C.T. [Foundation for the Advancement of Canadian Transsexuals] (1979-1981)


primarily with Nickolas Ghosh; a good account of Sullivan's life at the time he began taking hormones, had the mastectomy, and began living full time as a gay man.


Lin Fraser (1986-1989)


prominent San Francisco psychotherapist specializing in gender dysphoria, regarding activities on behalf of the transgender community, as well as professional reference for Sullivan's attempts to obtain sex-reassignment surgery.


Alyn Hess (1983-1989)


landscape architect and gay community activist in Milwaukee, one of the founders of the GPU. Much of the later correspondence deals with how Sullivan and Hess each coped with AIDS.


Jim Koetting (1973-1974, 1980-1990)


Sullivan's first important lover; the correspondence offers a fascinating account of shifting sexual tensions during Sullivan's early transsexual coming out, as well as an intimate portrait of a complex, troubled friendship stretching over two decades.


Elizabeth Marshall (1975-1990)


childhood friend of Sullivan's who maintained contact throughout transition; notable for its documentation of how Marshall came to accept her old girlfriend becoming a gay man.


Eldon Murray (1982-1990)


guiding force of the GPU News, correspondence contains information of gay/lesbian activism in the upper Midwest, as well as personal news and information.


Rupert Raj (1982-1990)


publisher of Metamorphosis, a journal for FTM transsexuals, to which Sullivan regularly contributed; excellent source of information on the growth of the FTM community.


Kim Stuart (1981-1986)


male-to-female transsexual author and transgender community activist; regards events in the San Francisco TV/TS subculture.