Preliminary Inventory to the Sam Tanenhaus Papers, 1901-1998.

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Preliminary Inventory to the Sam Tanenhaus Papers, 1901-1998.

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Sam Tanenhaus Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1901-1998
Collection number: 97029
Creator: Tanenhaus, Sam.
Collection Size: 69 manuscript boxes, 4 oversize boxes 32.4 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Writings, correspondence, trial transcripts, memoranda, notes, and printed matter, relating to the life of Whittaker Chambers and to the Alger Hiss espionage case. Used as research material for the book by Sam Tanenhaus, Whittaker Chambers: A Biography (New York, 1997). Includes letters by Chambers.
Language: English.

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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 1997.


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Access Points

Chambers, Whittaker.
Hiss, Alger.
Espionage, Russian--United States.
Communism--United States.
United States--Politics and government.
Soviet Union.
Russia (Federation)

Container List

Box 1-13.

Sam Tanenhaus, Whittaker Chambers



Box 14.



Sam Tanenhaus, draft articles

Box 15.

Sam Tanenhaus, draft articles

Box 16.

Sam Tanenhaus, draft articles



Box 17.

United States vs. Hiss trial transcript, 1949 November


Volumes 1-6

Box 18.

Volumes 7-10


Box 19.

United States vs. Hiss trial transcript, 1949 June. Microfilm (4 reels)


Whittaker Chambers deposition transcripts



Box 20.


Box 21-22.

Whittaker Chambers correspondence

Box 23.

Whittaker Chambers-Ralph de Toledano correspondence

Box 24.

Whittaker Chambers chronological file



Box 25.


Box 26.


Box 27.


Box 28.

1948-1949 (including trial coverage)

Box 29.

1949 (including trial coverage)

Box 30.

1950-1952 (including trial coverage)

Box 31.

1952 (including trial coverage and Witness)

Box 32.

1952-1961 (including Witness)

Box 33.

1962-1991 (including Cold Friday, Odyssey of a Friend, and Ghosts on the Roof)


Whittaker Chambers subject file




Biographical miscellany






Naval intelligence involvement, Alleged




Psychopathic personality, Alleged

Box 34.



Russian knowledge


Soviet Union visit, Alleged


Time articles


Time salary



Box 35.

General subject file


Aaron, Daniel


Abt, John


Acheson, Dean


Adams, Jeff


Adler, Mortimer J.


Adler, Nathan


Adler, Solomon


Agee, James


Alsop, Joseph




American Committee for Cultural Freedom


Ames, Aldrich


Andrews, Bert


Appell, Donald


Archival repositories


Arendt, Hannah


Arts Student League of New York


Asimow, Morris


Auden, W. H.


Aurthur, Robert Alan


Bachrach, Marion


Bakunin, Mikhail


Baltimore (Md.)


Baltimore documents. See also Pumpkin papers

Box 36.

Bang, Frank and Henry


Bannerman, R. L.


Barkham, John M.


Barmine, Alexander


Barnes, Joseph


Barzun, Jacques


Bedacht, Max


Beer, Thomas


Beichman, Arnold


Bell, Daniel


Bell, James A.


Bellow, Saul


Bentley, Elizabeth


Beriia, Lavrentii


Berle, Adolf A.


Bernard, Viola


Bernstein, Leonard


Bill [pseud.]


Billikopf, J.


Billings, J. S.


Billington, James H.


Binger, Carl

Box 37.

Black [pseud.]


Blankenhorn, Heber


Bloor, Ella Reeve


Blount, Bob


Boerger, Ruth. See also Ikal, Arnold


Bohlen, Charles E.


Book and Magazine Guild


Book jackets


Brecht, Bertolt


Brenner, Anita


Brinkley, Alan


Brooks, John


Brooks, Win


Browder, Earl


Buckley, William F., Jr.


Budenz, Louis Francis


Bullitt, William C.


Bullock, Alan


Burck, Jacob


Burnham, James


Buttenwieser, Helen


Bykov, Boris


Byrnes, James F.


Cairncross, John


Cantwell, Robert

Box 38.

Carmon, Walt


Caro, Robert A.


Carpenter, David


Carr, Robert K.


"Castle," Fort Lee, N.J.


Catlett family


Catling, Patrick Skene


Cerf, Bennett


Chamberlain, John


Chambers, Ellen and John


Chambers, Esther Shemitz


Chambers, James S.


Chambers, Jay


Chambers, Laha Whittaker


Chambers, Richard


Cheney, Lynne


Cherniss, Ruth M.




Christ Church (Lynbrook, N.Y.)


Clark, Eleanor


Clay, Lucius D.


Cleveland, Richard


Clubb, O. Edmund


Coe, Frank


Coe, Robert


Cold War


Collins, Henry H., Jr.


Columbia University


Box 39.

Commager, Henry Steele


Communism and anti-communism


Communist International archives


Conant, James B.


Concealed Enemies (Television program)


Condon, Edward U.


Congress of Industrial Organizations


Conquest, Robert


Cook, Fred J.


Cooke, Alistair


Coolidge, Calvin


Coplon, Judith


Corson, William R. and Robert T. Crowley


Cort, David


Costello, John




Cowley, Malcolm


Craig, Bruce


Crichton, Robert


Cronin, John F.


Crosley, George [pseud.]


Cross, Claude B.


Crouch, Paul


Cullison, Alan


Currie, Lauchlin

Box 40.

Dailes, Ida


Daily Worker


Danahy, Jack


Darling, Maus V.


Darrach, Brad


Davidow, Larry


Davidson, Ben


Davis, Hope Hale


Davis, Richard Harding


Dawnkaski, Rodney J.


De Toledano, Ralph


Detzer, Dorothy


Dewey, John


Diamond, Sigmund


Dies, Martin


Diggins, John P.


Djilas, Milovan


Doherty, Maura S.


Doriss, Robert


Dos Passos, John


Dostoyevsky, Fyodor


Draper, Theodore


Drexel Institute of Art, Science and Industry


Duggan, Laurence


Dulles, Allen


Dulles, John Foster

Box 41.

Eagleton, Clyde


East Hampton [N.Y.] Star


Eastman, Max


Edith and Evelyn (maids)


Edman, Irwin


Eisenhower, Dwight D.


Elistratova, A.


Ellen, Dorothea


Elson, Robert T.


Emery, Andree


Endore, Guy


Erskine, John


Fadiman, Clifton


Fairbank, John King


Fansler, Thomas


Farago, Ladislas


Farrell, James T.


Ferry, Elinor


Fiedler, Leslie


Field, Frederick V.


Field, Noel


Field, Richard H.


Film and Photo League


Fischer, Louis


Fischer, Ruth


Fitzgerald, Robert


Fixx, Calvin


Flanagan, Hallie


Fones, John Scott


Forster, Clifford


Foster, William Z.


Fountain, Plum


Box 42.

Fox, John


Frank, Jerome


Frankfurter, Felix


Freeman, Joseph


Fried, Richard M.


Friedberg, Judith


Fromkin, David


Garlin, Sender


Gassner, John


Gay Street (New York, N.Y.)


Gitlow, Benjamin


Glasser, Harold


Glazer, Nathan


Gold, Mike


Goldman, Emma


Goldwater, Walter


Gordievsky, Oleg


Gottfried, Manfred


Gouzenko, Igor


Great Britain. Foreign Office


Gregory [pseud.]


Griffith, Thomas


Gross, Babette


Gruin, Frederick


Grunwald, Henry Anatole


Gumpert, Martin


Gunther, Gerald

Box 43.

Hadden, Briton


Halberstam, David


Halper, Albert


Halperin, Maurice


Hamilton, James W.


Harry S. Truman Library


Hartz, Louis


Harvard Progressive


Havel, Vaclav


Haywood, William D.


Hebert, F. Edward


Henderson, Loy


Henry [pseud.]


Herald, Leon


Herbert [pseud.]


Herbst, Josephine


Hersey, John


Hicks, Granville


Hindus, Milton


Hiss, Alger



Box 44.





Department of State records


Federal Bureau of Investigation records

Box 45.

Trial defense records




Hiss, Bosley


Hiss, Donald


Hiss, Priscilla


Hiss, Tony


Hobson, Thayer


Hobson, Timothy


Hofstadter, Richard


Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Jr.


Home School (Racine, Wis.)


Hook, Sidney


Hoover, J. Edgar


Horowitz, Helen Lefkowitz


Howe, Irving


Huffard, J. Hudson


Hughes, Emmet


Hughes, Langston


Hunt, John


Hutchins, Grace


Hutchinson, Gertrude


Hyde, Douglas


Hyland, Thomas


Ickes, Harold L.

Box 46.

Ikal, Arnold. See also Boerger, Ruth


Ingersoll, Ralph


Inslerman, Felix A.


Intrator, Michael


Isaacson, Walter and Evan Thomas


Isserman, Maurice


Jackson, Gardner


Jacobson, Arvid


Jacoby, Russell


James, Sidney


Jessup, John K.


Jessup, Philip C.


John Reed Clubs


Johns Hopkins News-Letter


Josephson, Matthew


Jowitt, William Jowitt, Earl


Judd, Walter H.


Judis, John B.


Judt, Tony


Kahn, David


Kalodny, Hyman


Kaplan, Irving


Kasenkina, Oksana


Kastner, Joseph


Katz, Otto


Kaufman, Samuel H.


Kees, Weldon


Kempton, Murray


Kennan, George F.


Kenner, Hugh


Box 47.

Kerr, Barbara


Kilpak, Gilbert


Kimball, Penn


King, Carol


King, William Lyon Mackenzie


Kirk, Russell


Kirstein, Elinor


Klaus, Samuel


Klehr, Harvey


Klingsberg, Ethan


Knapp, Mrs.


Knightley, Phillip


Koch, Stephen


Koestler, Arthur


Kohlberg, Alfred


Kramer, Charles


Krieger, Sam


Krivitsky, Walter


Kronenberger, Louis


Ku Klux Klan


Labor Fact Book


Lamb, Dean Ivan


Lamont, Corliss


Lamphere, Robert J.


Langer, Elinor


Lardner, Ring, Jr.


Lasch, Christopher


Lasky, Victor


Lattimore, Owen


Lauterbach, Richard E.


Box 48.

Leahy, William D.


Le Carré, John


Lee, Essie and Alwyn


Left Book Club


Levin, David


Levine, Isaac Don


Levine, Nathan


Levitt, Morton and Michael


Lewis, Edward E.


Lewis, Richard F.


Lieber, Maxim


Liebling, A. J.


Lipman, Samuel


Lippmann, Walter. See also Reed, John


Lock, Owen A.


Long Island Railroad


Loomis, Robert D.


Lore, Ludwig


Lovestone, Jay


Lowenthal, John


Lozowick, Louis


Luce, Clare Boothe


Luce, Henry


Luce, Henry R.


Lukacs, John


Lumpkin, Grace


Lynbrook (N.Y.)

Box 49.

Lyons, Eugene


McCarran, Patrick A.


McCarthy, Joseph R.


McCarthy, Mary


Macdonald, Dwight


McDonald, John


McDermott, Walsh


McGohey, John F. X.


McLean, E. C.


MacLeish, Archibald


Macleod, Norman


McManus, Robert Cruise


McNaughton, Frank


Maddox, Robert James


Magil, A. B.


Malia, Martin


Malraux, André


Mann, Thomas


Mar Cantabrico (Steamship)


Marbury, William L.


Marder, Murrey


Marsh, Reginald


Marshall, Thomas


Martin, David


Martin, Mary

Box 50.

Massing, Hede


Matthews, J. B.


Matthews, T. S.


May, Geoffrey


May, Henry F.


Medina, Harold R., Jr.


Meet the Press (Radio program)


Merton, Thomas


Meyer, Frank S.


Miller, Isidore


Miller, Merle


Milosz, Czeslaw


Milwaukee (Wis.)


Milwaukee Sentinel


Minster, Leon


Moren, Mark




Morris, Richard


Morris, Robert


Morrow, Felix


Morton, Robinson


Mosher, Steven W.


Moss, Howard


Mullady, Frances


Mundt, Karl E.


Murphy, Frank


Murphy, Raymond E.


Murphy, Thomas F.


Murray, Henry A.


Murrow, Edward R.


Musmanno, Michael A.


Mussey, Barrows


Nash, George


Box 51.

National Review


Navasky, Victor


Nearing, Scott


Neils, Patricia


Nelson, Eleanor


Newberry Library


New Deal


New London (Conn.)


New Masses


New York Times


Nicholson, Margaret Mary


Nicolaevsky, Boris


Niebuhr, Reinhold


Nisbet, Robert


Nitze, Paul H.


Nixon, Richard M.


Nobile, Philip


Nock, Albert Jay


Noda, Hideo


Norton, Robert C.


Norton-Taylor, Duncan


Nye, Gerald P.


Box 52.

Oak, Liston


O'Brien, Conor Cruise


O'Neill, William L.


Osborne, John


Osman, Ralph


Palmer, A. Mitchell


Parmet, Herbert S.


Partisan Review


Patterson, Henry C.


Pearson, Drew


Pegler, Westbrook


Pells, Richard H.


Pennoyer, Robert




Perlo, Victor


Peterborough (N.H.)


Peters, J.


Peters, Paul


Petran, Tabitha


Philby, Kim


Phillips, William


Pigman, William Ward


Pilat, Oliver


Popular Front


Pornographic comics


Port Huron Statement


Post, Richard


Powell, Webster


Powers, Thomas

Box 53.

Poyntz, Juliet Stuart


Prange, Gordon W.


Pressman, Lee


Proletarian literature


Publications in legal history


Pulitzer, Joseph


Pumpkin papers. See also Baltimore documents


Pumpkin Papers Irregulars




Racine (Wis.)


Racusin, Mr.


Rae, Nicol C.


Rahv, Philip


Rand School of Social Science


Box 54.

Reed, John and Walter Lippmann


Regler, Gustav


Regnery, Henry


Reno, Franklin Victor


Reno, Philip


Reston, James


Reuben, William A.


Richler, Mordecai


Riesel, Victor


Rilke, Rainer Maria


Rochester, Anna


Roesch, Patricia Divver


Rolfe, Edwin


Romerstein, Herbert

Box 55.

Roose, Roz


Rorty, James


Rosenberg, Julius and Ethel


Rosenbliett, Philip


Ross, J. C.


Ross, Nathaniel


Rossiter, Clinton


Roth, Henry


Roth, Samuel


Round Robin group


Rukeyser, Muriel


Rumrich, Guenther Gustave


Rush, Jacob


Russian famine relief


Sacco, Nicola and Bartolomeo Vanzetti


Sandino, Augusto


Saperstein, Harold I.


Sayre, Francis B.


Scammell, Michael


Schapiro, Meyer


Schlamm, William S.


Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr.


Schmahl, Horace


Schmidt, Maria


Schrecker, Ellen W.


Shachtman, Max


Shemitz, Reuben B.


Shils, Edward


Shotwell, James T.


Shoyet, Samuel


Silverman, Abraham George


Silvermaster, Nathan Gregory


Box 56.

Singer, Kurt D.


Smedley, Agnes


Smith, Jessica


Smith, John Chabot


Smith, Mardi


Smith, W. Marvin


Solow, Herbert


Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr


Sorel, Georges


Sorge, Richard


Soule, Edmund F.


South Side Observer (Rockville Centre, N.Y.)


Soviet archives


Box 57.

Soviet Union


Sperber, Manès


Spier, Franklin




Standley, William H.


Starobin, Joseph R.


State of the Union messages


Statute of limitations


Stearns, Harold E.


Steffens, Lincoln


Sterling, Dorothy


Stettinius, Edward R., Jr.


Stevenson, Adlai E.


Stoessel, Fredric


Stone, I. F.


Stone, William


Strachey, John


Straight, Michael


Stripling, Robert


Strout, Richard L.


Stryker, Lloyd


Sudoplatov, Pavel


Sulzberger, C. L.


Sversky, Leon


Sveshnikov, Vladimir


Swan, Patrick


Syracuse University


Szanto, Bela


Taft, Robert A.


Tamer, Paul


Tamiment Institute


Tanner, Louise


Taylor, Telford

Box 58.

Teachout, Terry




Theoharis, Athan G.


Tilghman, James Donnell


Time Foreign News Department


Toynbee, Arnold J.


Tresca, Carlo


Trilling, Diana


Trilling, Lionel


Truman, Harry S.


Tuchman, Barbara


Two Worlds


Tytell, Martin


Ulanovskaia, Nadezhda


Ulanovskii, Aleksandr




United Nations


United States. Agricultural Adjustment Administration

Box 63.

United States. Central Intelligence Agency


United States. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Activities


United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws


United States. Dept. of State


United States. Federal Bureau of Investigation


University of Texas


Valtin, Jan


Vandenberg, Arthur H.


Van Doren, Mark


Vega, Marylois Purdy


Box 64.

Venona documents


Vezzana, Nicholas S.


Viereck, Peter


Volkogonov, Dmitrii


Volkov, Isaac


Volta Place (Washington, D.C.)


Von Mehren, Robert B.


Wadleigh, Henry Julian


Wagner, Charles A.


Wald, Alan


Waldman, Louis


Waldorf Conference


Walton, William


Ware, Harold


Ware, Susan


Ware group


Warshow, Robert


Weaver, Richard M.


Wechsler, James A.


Weinberger, Eliot


Box 65.

Weinstein, Allen


Welles, Sam


Welles, Sumner


Werfel, Franz


Wertenbaker, Charles


West, Rebecca


Westminster (Md.)


Weyl, Nathaniel


White, Harry Dexter

Box 66.

Whittaker, Charles


Whittaker, David


Whittaker, Mary


Wiedersum, Roy


Wilde, Oscar


Wilhelm, Warren


Willert, Paul


Wills, Garry


Wilson, Edmund


Wilson, H. Hubert


Winchell, Walter


Winslow, Anne


Winter, Ella


Witt, Nathan


Wolfe, Bertram D.


Woodley Estate (Washington, D.C.)


Woodstock typewriter


Workers School


Wright, Peter


Yale University Press


Younger, Irving


Zablodowsky, David

Box 67.

Zeligs, Meyer A.


Zolan, Henry


Zukofsky, Louis


Zysman, Dale



Box 68-69.


Box 59-62.

Oversize copyflow from Soviet archives microfilm