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Register of the John Waldo Thompson Scrapbook, 1889-1928
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J.W. Thompson Scrapbook, 1889-1928


pp. 1-3----"Do you remember when?" early views SF bldgs.


pg. 4------Views of historic scenes at La Honda


pp. 5-6----[missing]


pp. 7-12---"Do you remember when?" chiefly early views SF bldgs.


pp. 13-14--[missing]


pp. 15-20--"Do you remember when?" chiefly early views SF bldgs.


pp. 21-22--[missing]


pp. 23-28--"Do you remember when?" chiefly early views SF bldgs.


pp. 29-30--[missing]


pp. 31-32--SF Daily News 20th anniversary articles & photos (1923)


pg. 33-----Lake Tahoe region views


pp. 34-36--"Do you remember when?" chiefly early views of SF


pp. 37-38--[missing]


pp. 39-44--"Do you remember when?" chiefly early views of SF; also photos: Marysville [pp. 39, 41]; Crater Lake [pg. 43]; Henry, Calif. [pg. 44]


pp. 45-46--[missing]


pp. 47-54--"Do you remember when?" chiefly early views of SF; also early view Oakland[pg. 54]


pp. 55-56--[missing]


pp. 57-60--"Do you remember when?" chiefly early views of SF; also early view Oakland [Pg. 57]


pp. 61-62--[missing]


pp. 63-68--"Do you remember when?" chiefly early views of SF; early view University of California, Berkeley [pg. 67]; steam engine Collis P. Huntington [pg. 68]


pp. 69-70--[missing]


pp. 71-78--"Do you remember when?" chiefly early views of SF


pp. 79-80--[missing]


pp. 81-90--"Do you remember when?" chiefly early views of SF; photo of RR personnel w/ lanterns (c1900)[pg. 84]


pp. 91-92--[missing]


pp. 93-100--"Do you remember when?" chiefly early views of SF


pp. 101-102--[missing]


pp. 103-108--"Do you remember when?" chiefly early views of SF; article about John McLaren, Supt. Golden Gate Park [pg. 108]


pp. 109-110--[missing]


pp. 111-113--"Burbank's Better Garden Tips"


pp. 114-118--"Do you remember when?" San Diego Union (1922) chiefly early views of San Diego


pp. 119-120--[missing]


pp. 121-124--"Do you remember when?" San Diego Union chiefly early views of San Diego


pp. 125-126--[missing]


pp. 127-128--"Do you remember when?" San Diego Union chiefly early views of San Diego


pg. 129------"Development of Telegraphy in West told," SF Chronicle (9-8-21)


pp. 130-131--Eleanor Hinman. "Peter A. Sarpy, the Warhorse of the Sandbar, most important link between the old Nebraska & the new" (n.d.)


pg. 132------article on Castro adobe, El Cerrito


pp. 133-134--[missing]


pg. 135------article on Alameda County pioneers


pg. 136------article on J.W. Thompson visit to San Diego Shriners meeting (1928)


pg. 137------"Pioneer telegraph operator tells story of early-day real estate success," San Diego Union (9-2-28)


pg. 138------misc. articles incl. one on J.W. Thompson from San Diego Union (6-10-20)


pp. 139-142--[missing]


pg. 143------Pacific Fleet visits SF (n.d.)


pp. 144-145--"James J. Corbett...," SF Chronicle (4-1-22); photo of Meek's Bay Camp, Lake Tahoe (n.d.); picture postcard of Twin Lakes, Mono Co.


pg. 146------articles about J.W. Thompson moving from San Diego to SF (June 1909)


pp. 147-148--[missing]


pg. 149------article about J.W. Thompson as oldest telegrapher in US (August 1922)


pg. 150------"Siskiyou County fifty years ago," Siskiyou News (4-19-23)


pp. 151-152--[missing]


pp. 153-154---conclusion of article on Siskiyou County; articles on song writer/poet Maj. S.H. M. Byers


pp. 155-156--[missing]


pg. 157------telegrams regarding birth of Thompson grandchild (1901); article re illness of daughter (1896)


pp. 158-159---misc. articles about San Diego & "oldest butter in the world"


pg. 160------"Block system was out of order; jury exonerates Engineer Thompson..." (1-12-10); "Miss Emma Thompson returns for the summer," & other articles about Miss Thompson (1902-1905)


pp. 161-162--[missing]


pp. 163-165--articles & concert program re Emma Thompson (1903- 1905) & her husband's suicide (1913)


pg. 166------misc. obits.: James Spiers, shipbuilder; Thos. B. Merry, steamboat capt.; article about Nebraska cousin, Wm. M. Thompson


pp. 167-168--[missing]


pg. 169------misc. obits.: Mrs. W.S Little, pioneer San Diegan; F.W. Bradley, pioneer San Diegan; "$42,600 dug up in basement of Lehrke home" (Sonoma)


pp. 170-172--misc. obits.: W. Harris Campbell, Marion IL; Wm. Harris (1915); Benj. F. Eubanks (1889); J. C. Eubanks (1911); Hannah Eubanks (1911); Capt. Wm. G. Sloan;articles on First Natl. Bank, Marion IL; Gore- Campbell & Kern-Eubanks weddings [pg. 172], Marion IL; Morse Code [pg. 171]


pp. 173-174--[missing]


pg. 175------misc. articles: Mrs. John Eubanks; Anna Paulimne Rea; T.S. Cunningham, telegrapher


pp. 176-177--misc. articles about Maj. S.H. M. Byers


pg. 178------obits.: Robert J. Lounsbury, Oakland Co. MI (1917)


pg. 179------obits.: Rufus R. Haines, telegrapher (1908)


pp. 180-181--Portland's lst telegrapher, Dr. O.P.S. Plummer The Oregonian (12-01)


pg. 182------articles on early telegraphers: Robt. C. Clowry; Frank Lamb; Mrs. Hallie Obert


pp. 183-184--[missing]


pp. 185------O.P.S. Plummer obit.; J. Waldo Thompson 50th anniv. as telegrapher (1911)


pg. 186------misc. articles about J.W.T. & wife


pp. 187-188--[missing]


pg. 189------misc. articles


pp. 190-192--Thos. Edison banquet tribute from telegraphers (10-20-15)


pp. 193-194--[missing]


pg. 195------Directors of San Diego Exposition visit SF (1915)


pp. 196-197--events at San Diego Exposition (9-9-16)


pg. 198------misc.


pp. 199-200--[missing]


pg. 201------misc. US history articles


pg. 202-203--Jesse Benton Fremont obits. (1902)


pg. 204------article on Thomas B. Cuming [sic], Secty. of Nebraska Terr., 1854-1858


pp. 205-206--[missing]


pg. 207------cont. article on Thomas B. Cuming


pg. 208------article on Logan Fontenelle, Nebraska


pg. 209------cont. article on Logan Fontenelle; obit. of Mrs. J.W. Thompson; article on Hank Monk, Carson City stage driver


pp. 210-211--article on J.W. Thompson visit to San Diego (1928); article on Sikiyou County in 1873; srticle on opening of De Young Museum in SF (incl. passing mention of J. W. Thompson donation)


pg. 212------article on Yerba Buena [SF before Gold Rush]


pg. 213-214--[missing]


pp. 215-216--cont. article on Yerba Buena


pp. 217-218--misc. obits.: William Gilmour, Michigan pioneer; Perle M. Johnson, San Diego undertaker; S.L. Bird, Michigan clothier; Mrs. Magoffey, Siskiyou pioneer; Mrs. J.W. Thompson; Albert E. Hammond, Oregon RR; Mrs. J.M. Campbell (relative of Mrs. Thompson); article on lst telephone in Portland OR


pp. 219-220--[missing]


pg. 221------articles about J. W. Thompson visit to San Diego; article about Indian Mission, Bellevue NB; article about telegram announcing intercontinental telegraph service


pg. 222------obit.: Mrs. Beatrice Adella Story, San Diego; article on Waldo Bldg., Pontiac MI


pp. 223-224--[missing]


pg. 225------article on Wells Fargo banquet for surviving Pony Express riders: Wm. Pridham; J.M. Seibert; John James O'Neill (1922); obit.: Wesley Smith


pg. 226------misc.


pp. 227-228--[missing]


pg. 229------Wm. Campbell, Pony Express rider honored (n.d.)


pp. 230-231--articles on Maj. S.H.M. Byers


pp. 232-233--article on Pres. Warren G. Harding


pg. 234------article on lst telephones in Portland OR; article on Don Juan Temple, San Diego Anglo pioneer


pg. 235------article on Elmore E. Thompson (JWT's son)


pg. 236------misc.


pg. 237------article on telegraphers' strike (1907)


pp. 238-240--article on William Pridham, Pony Express rider


pp. 241-242--[missing]


pg. 243------"How Mark Twain came West"


pp. 244-245--article on the Pony Express; obit.: Perle M. Johnson, San Diego


pg.246-------"First newspaper carried by Pony Express found in state"


pg. 247------Banquet for J.H. Thatcher, Oregon telephone pioneer


pp. 248------"Former Mono County resident tells of crossing plains in 1859" [W.T. Whitney]


pp. 249-250--[missing]


pp. 251-252--cont. "Former Mono County resident..."


pg. 253------"Seven charter members of San Diego Elks Lodge..."


pg. 254------"Picture brings back memories of pioneer..." [Capt. Omar J. Humphrey, SF]


pg. 255------Obit.: William Pridham, Pony Express rider


pg. 256------"Banker, Pony Express rider in early days" [C.C. Beekman, Jacksonville OR]


pg. 257------"Governors of Oregon from 1823 to 1910"


pg. 258------"First things in Oregon..."


pp. 259-260--[missing]


pg. 261------cont. "First things in Oregon..."; article on Freemasonry


pp. 262-263--"True story of discovery of gold in California"; article on Freemasonry


pp. 264-265--misc.


pg. 266------obit.: Dr. Peter C. Remondino, pioneer physician of San Diego


pg. 267------misc. telegrams bearing Thompson family news


pp. 268-269--[missing]


pp. 270-271--obits.: James M. Campbell; article on Freemasonry


pp. 272-273--article on diabetes & insulin; article on William Pridham, Pony Express rider


pp. 274-275--[missing]


pp. 276-279--Susan E. Hayes. "A homespun ballad of the Oregon Trail"; historical notes about life on Platte River


pg. 280------article about Winema, Princess of the Modocs


pp. 281-282--[missing]


pp. 283-284--cont. article about Winema


pg. 285-286--"Old Waldo homestead in the hills" [Marion County OR]


pp. 287-288--[missing]


pg. 289-292--article about U. of Washington crew race vs. UC (1926)


pp. 293-294--[missing]


pg. 295-297--article about early journalism in Oregon; article about telegrapher's award won by T.S. Brickhouse


pp. 298-299--article about H.M. Kutchin, early publisher in San Diego; letter from Dr. at St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago re illness of Emma Thompson (1902)


pg. 300------pictures of early San Diego


pg. 301------misc.


pg. 302------letters from William Pridham to J.W. Thompson (1918)