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Register of the Case (Leland D.) Small Business Collection, 1941-1955
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a)-Entry for Leland D. Case in Who's Who in America, vol. 1, 1976-1977.






a)-Memo Re Group Life Insurance, May 25, 1948 [2 pp.]


b)-Legality of Loans by Licensed Lenders conditioned on purchase of life insurance, May 10, 1949 [16 pp.]


c)-Prohibition or regulation of insurance required or sold in connection with consumer loans, August 18, 1949 [15 pp. and appendices]


d)-H.J. Dower, Past Secretary, National Assoc. of State Small Loan Supervisors, re annual meeting of National Association of State Small Loan supervisors, December 22, 1949


e)-W.T. Christian to M.E. Lerch, Eastern Headquarters on Insurance April 28, 1950 and Lerch to Christian, May 8, 1950.




a)-W.M. Helms, Director of Research. to Thomas D. Griffin Local Loan Co., Chicago, Feb. 26, 1951 [2 pp.]


b)-Analysis of Insurance company Operating Data Relative to Creditor-Debtor Insurance, May 7, 1951 2 pp.


c)-B.E. Henderson, Household Finance Corporation, Chicago, Ill. to W.W. Hamilton, Manager, Chicago Board of Underwriters, May 24, 1951 8 pp. [copy; 2 copies]


d)-A.J. Gavey, Fire and Cas. Dept, Alfred M. Best Co., N.Y., October 25, 1951 [2 copies]


e)-Study re the Amount of Commissions paid for the sale of insurance in connection with Small Loans, October 31, 1951 [7 pp.]


f)-Companies Selling Credit Life Insurance and Credit Health and Accident Insurance, November 9, 1951 [7 pp.]


g)-Types of Credit Insurance, November 17, 1951 [9 pp.]


h)-Credit Line and Health and Accident Insurance--States where sale of same by small loan licensees is tolerated by Small Loan Law Commissioner, November 17, 1941 [8 pp.]


i)-Recent Developments in Credit Insurance, November 17, 1951 [10 pp.]


j)-Consumer Credit Letter, Chicago, February 16, 1952


k)-National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Special Subcommittee on Credit Life Insurance, Public Hearing, NYC. Partial Statement by Household Finance Corporation,December 7, 1952


l)-Association of Better Business Bureaus., Inc. N.Y. to the Subcommittee of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners on Rules and Regulations governing the Sale of Credit Life and Credit Accident and Health Insurance,December 9, 1952


m)-Extract from Bankers Research, NY, Bulletin No. 14-52. Life Insured Installment Loans,July 30, 1952


n)-Payment form from Household Finance Corporation, Tucson, Arizona. [2 copies]




a)-Arkansas Supreme Court of Arkansas, No. 9791. Love Strickler, Appellant, vs. State Auto Finance Co., Appellee. Opinion Delivered May 19, 1952, Appeal from Pulaski Chancery Court, Reversed. A suit by Strickler to cancel on the grounds of usury a note of mortgage


b)-Colorado, Oct. 17 1952. To Frank E. Goldy, State Bank Commissioner, Denver, Colorado from Duke W. Dunbar, Attorney General, regarding his query on the 1913 Money Lenders Act and decisions because of it


c)-Colorado, March 7, 1947. To Mr. W.L. Hazlett, State Bank Commissioner from H. Lawrence Hinkley. Regarding when a loan company can sell health and accident insurance to borrower and include the cost of such insurance in the loan


d)-Illinois, August 7, 1950. Opinion of Illinois Attorney General dated July 21, 1950 Against Credit Life Insurance. Illegal for a small loan licensee to charge the borrower for credit life insurance [2 copies]


e)-Kentucky, Court of Appeals of Kentucky, March 13, 1951. Paul Mills Vs. E. H. Parrott, a Kentucky Loan Company. Opinion of the Court of Judge Hein


f)-Michigan, State of Michigan Department of Insurance, Eugene P. Berry Commissioner, July 7, 1941 to the Company addressed


g)-Missouri, March 26, 1948. Division of Insurance, Department of Business and Administration, State of Missouri, Jefferson City, Owen G. Jackson, Superintendent, to all agents and companies writing credit life insurance


h)-Missouri Missouri Insurance Regulations, October 1951


i)-New Mexico Extracts from Annual Reports of the New Mexico State Bank Examiner for the Years 1948, 1949, and 1950 relating to sale of insurance by small loan licensees


j)-North Carolina, September 16, 1952. Special License Plan for Agents Endorsed; action taken by North Carolina Association of Life Underwriters


k)-Oregon State of Oregon Banking Department. Thirty second Annual Report


l)-Texas M.B. Johnston vs. General Finance Company in the district court, Dallas Co., Texas, August 23, 1951 [48 pp.]


m)-Texas Validity of 1949 Texas Law providing that commissions received by lenders from the sale of credit insurance are not interest [9 pp.]


n)-Texas From article entitled Harassing the Texas Loan Shark


o)-Virginia Life Insurance, the Weekly Underwriter. Life Insurance may not be required of borrower


p)-Wisconsin Statements re insurance in final report of Wisconsin Joint Interim Committee on interest rates and loan charges, 1945




a)-F.B. Hubachek. "The Development of Regulatory Small Loan Laws." Reprinted from the Symposium on Combatting the Loan Shark, Pub., as the Winter 1941 issue of Law and Contemporary Problems, Duke University Law School, Durham, N. Carolina, pp. 108-145


b)-George G. Bogert. "The Future of Small Loan Legislation" reprinted from The University of Chicago Law Review, 12:1 (December 1944), pp. 1-25


c)-National Consumer Finance Association. The Model Consumer Finance Act Washington D.C., 1948 [19 pp.; 2 copies]


d)-Hubachek, F. B. "The Drift Toward a Consumer Credit Code." Reprint from The University of Chicago Law Review, 16:4 (Summer 1949), pp. 609-634


e)-Pollak Foundation for Economic Research. Small Loan Laws of the United States, 8th ed., Nov 1, 1949


f)-Joe B. Birkhead, et al. "Illegal Lending in Missouri" Reprinted from the Missouri Law Review (June 1951), pp. 1-23


g)-Consumer Credit, Facts for You. Education Pamphlet No. 1, Western Reserve University. Bureau of Business Research, 1952 Small Loan Laws No.2


h)-Consumer Education Department, Household Finance Corporation. Consumer Education Program. ca. 1952


i)-Let's Look at Credit Life Insurance Des Moines, Iowa: Consumer Credit Insurance Association


j)-How Consumer Credit Insurance Protects You and Your Family. Chicago: Consumer Credit Insurance Association




a)-"Installment into Debt, August 17, 1955


b)-"Small Loan Companies Earnings Hold At Peak" in Financial World (December 31, 1952), pp. 7-8, 27


c)-"Drive Begun in City to Curb Loan Sharks" The Denver Post (November 12, 1952)


d)-"Insurance, Billion-Dollar Baby," Time (July 21, 1952)


e)-"Reforms are Pushed in Credit Insurance" reprinted from Journal of Commerce (January 9, 1953)


f)-"Loan Firms Bilk Many, Quiz Shows" and "Loan Practices Face Probe," Denver Post (Nov. 20, 1952)


g)-"Suit Attacks Practices of Loan Firm" in Dallas Morning News (August 25, 1951) [2 copies]


h)-William J. Parish "New Mexico's Small Loan Problem" in New Mexico Business (January 1951) [2 copies]


i)-"The Small-Loan Business Never Had it So Good.! Editorial, Saturday Evening Post (Sept-Oct 25, 1952)


j)-Eugene Kelly, "Why People Borrow Money" in American Legion Magazine (February 1953)


k)-News of Insurance Companies: Repeaters Help Boom Credit Life Volume.


l)-Richard M. Morehead, "Small Loan Insurance is Debated" in Dallas Morning News (Sept. 25, 1952)


m)-"The Lobby Writes a Law," St. Louis Post-Dispatch (April 12, 1951)




a)-Annual Report on the operations of Small Loan Companies, Discount Loan Compaineis, Foreign Exchange Companies, and Collection Agencies, December 30, 1950. Madison, Wis. [2 pp.]


b)-Prospectus 100,000 shares Household Finance Corporation, Lee Higginson, Corporation; Kidder, Peabody & Co., ; William Blair & Co., Nov 18, 1952


c)-Columbia Auto Loan V. District of Columbia No. 995. Argued January 7, 1951


d)-Public Hearing on Credit Insurance held in the Hearing Room of the State Highway Department Building, austin, Texas, September 4, 1951 Before Hon. George B. Butler, Chairman Life Insurance Commissioner, Hon. Paul H. Brown, Fire Insurance Commissioner, Transcript of Proceedings




a)-Statement by Leon Henderson, Economic Advisor to the Nation Committee for Fair Emergency Excise Taxation, March 7, 1951


b)-Statement by the Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association of Kentucky...opposing an increase in the Excise Tax on Small Cigarettes, by John M. Berry, Vice President, March 9, 1951


c)-Liquor, Wine and Beer, Schedule of Witnesses, March 12, 1951


d)-Statement of Clinton M. Hester Washington Counsel, United States Brewers Foundation, before the House Ways and Means Committee... on the proposed increase in the excise tax on beer, March 12, 1951


e)-Statement of John E O'Neill, General Counsel of the Small Brewers Association..., March 12, 1951 [2 copies]


f)-Flavoring Extract Manufacturers' Association of the U.S. National Fruit and Syrup Manufacturers Association, National Manufacturers of Soda Water Flavors, March 12, 1951


g)-Statement by S.G. Tipton, General Counsel, Air Transport Association of America with respect to the proposed increase in gasoline taxation, March 13, 1951 [9 pp.]


h)-Statement of C.G. Frantz, Cleveland Ohio on behalf of the American Home Laundry Manufacturers' Association, March 14, 1951 [6 pp.]


i)-Electric Gas and Oil Appliances. Schedule of Witnesses, March 14, 1951 [1 p.]


j)-Subject: Excise Tax on Food Freezers... Testimony of Walter Wendler, Assistant Sales Manager, Amana Refrigeration, Inc., Amana, Iowa, March 14, 1951 [10 pp.]


k)-Statement of Mary Brooke Picken ... on Electric Sewing Machines, March 14, 1951 [2pp.]


l)-Statement of Mr. Cornelius C. Bond, President and Treasurer of the Knox Stove Works of Knoxville, Tennessee, March 14, 1951 [4 pp.]


m)-Statement by Walter F. Muhlback, President of the Institute of Cooking and Heating Appliance Manufacturers...Florence Stove Company, Gardner, Massachusetts, March 14, 1951 [6 pp.]


n)-Statement of J.A. Osherman and Thomas B. Roberts appearing on behalf of the National Ballroom Operators Association, March 15, 1951 [25 pp.]


o)-Statement of Robert C. Sprague, President, Radio-Television Manufacturers Association Before House Ways and Means Committee, approx, March 15, 1951 [30 pp.]


p)-Statement of Mort Farr President, National appliance and Radio Dealers Association, March 15, 1951 [4 pp.]


q)-Mutual Fire and Casualty Insurance Companies... American Mutual Alliance, March 15, 1951 [25 pp.]


r)-Statement of James B. Conkling ... on Phonograph Record Excise Tax, (attachments), March 15, 1951 [12 pp.]




a)-Statement Presented by Earl E. Raymond, Chairman, War Activities Committee Trailer Coach Manufacturing Association and Trailers Coach Association, March 16, 1951 [5 pp.]


b)-Miles B. Robertson, President and General Manager, Oneida Ltd., Oneida, New York, March 16, 1951 [8 pp.]


c)-Statement by Charles C. Collins, General Counsel, American Automobile Association, March 16, 1951 [8 pp.]


d)-Statement of Karl F. Feller, President International Union of United Brewery, Flour, Cereal, Soft Drink and Distillery Workers of America, CIO, March 16, 1951 [6 pp. ]


e)-Statement on behalf of Clock Manufacturers Association of America Inc., March 16, 1951 [10 pp.]


f)-Isadore Gottlieb, Counsel, Philadelphia Beauty Supply Distributors Assoc, March 16, 1951 [5 pp.]


g)-Statement of W.P. Thomas, President Diamond Power Specialty Corporation, Lancaster, Ohio, n.d. [4 pp.]


h)-The League of New York Theatres, n.d. [5 pp.]


i)-Statement of Oral S. Swift of Amana Society, Iowa, n.d. [8 pp.]


j)-Statement of Edward J. Breck.. on Shampoos, n.d. [6 pp.]


k)-National Bowling Council, n.d. [5 pp.]