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I. Newspaper clippings, primarily from Tanganyika Standard 1959-1964

box 11

Trade unions 1959-1960

box 1

Cooperatives 1962-1964.


Crime 1959-1963.


Economics & miscellaneous 1959-1962.


Economics 1959-1963.


Education 1960-1964.


Foreign affairs 1961-1963.


Independence Day (Dec. 9, 1961).


Miscellaneous 1960-1964.


OAU (Organization for African Unity) 1967.


African socialism 1962-64.

box 2

Political news (TANU) Sept. 1959 - Aug. 1960.


Political news (TANU) Aug. 1960 - Apr. 1961.


Political news (TANU) Apr. 1961 - Aug. 1961.


Political news (TANU) Aug. 1961 - Nov. 1961.


Political news (TANU) Jan. 1962 - June 1962.


Political news (TANU) July 1962.

box 3

Political news (TANU) Aug. - Dec. 1962.


Political news (TANU) Jan 1963.


Political news (TANU) Feb. - Apr. 1964.


Political news (TANU) May - Aug. 1964.


Postal Union (TAPU) 1960 - 1963.


Self-help and Cooperation


Uganda (from Uganda Argus 1967);


Kenya (East African Standard 1967).


TANU Youth League 1962-1964.


Trade Unions Jan. - June 1962.


Trade Unions July - Dec. 1962.


Trade Unions Jan. - June 1963.


Trade Unions July - Dec. 1963.

box 12

"Week's Personality," 1960-1963.

box 12

Zanzibar 1961-1963.

box 4

"Summary of Vernacular Press," prep. by Tanganyika Information Service July 26, 1960 - June 18, 1962.


II. Minutes of General Council and of Annual Conferences of Tanganyika Federation of Labor 1950-1960

box 5

TFL General Council meeting, Moshi Mar. 28-31, 1956.


TFL Annual Conference, Hindu Mandal Dar-es-Salaam Oct. 5-7, 1956.


TFL General Council meeting, Tanga July 4-6, 1957.


TFL Summary of resolutions passed at General Conference Nov. 27-28, 1957.


TFL General Council meeting June 25-26, 1958.


TFL Annual Conference, Dar-es-Salaam Nov. 23-26, 1958.


TFL General Council meeting, Dodoma Apr. 18-20, 1959.


TFL Conference working session Dec. 5, 1959.


TFL General Council meeting Aug. 27-28, 1960

box 6

TFL Minutes of Emergency Executive Committee Meetings 1958-1960.


TFL Trade Councils general reports 1960, 1961, 1962.


Tanganyika Standard summaries, a partial chronology of major trade union events in Tanganyika 1929 to mid-1959

General Physical Description note: (handwritten notes with typed copy).

Chronological outline of TFL meetings Aug. 1960 - Dec. 1964

General Physical Description note: (handwritten).

Extract from Diary, re Morogero branch of Postal Workers Union. July 27, 1960,


"A Description of Minimum Wages," and "Trade Unions and Their Meaning," booklets in Swahili by TFL president Rashidi M. Kawawa, in English translations.


III. Various Files - Subjects designated

box 7

Notes and outlines on Tanganyika Trade Union History.


"The History of the Founding of TFL, 1955-1962," and "The Formation of NUTA, 1964," by A.C.A. Tandau.

General Physical Description note: (Original handwritten copy & process. copy)

Report on Ministry of Labour's proposal to integrate with TFL.


TFL Leadership schedules.


ICFTU African Labour College: information, outlines and examinations.


Lists and reports of "Early interviews 1959-1960."


Questionnaire outline, Ibadan, Nigeria, with answers Sept. 23, 1960.


IV. Reports and Minutes of various Trade Unions in Tanganyika (with some correspondence)

box 8

Commercial and Industrial Workers' Union, MS copy/copies of Rules (Constitution) of Tanganyika.


Transcript of DMT Negotiations (no date).


Local Government Workers' Union.


Plantation Workers' Union.


Postal Workers' Union.


Public Employees' Union.


Railway Workers' Union.


Transportation General Workers' Union.


Various other unions.


Brief sketch of TANU (political party).


"The Recognition of African Trade Unions," by Julius Lewin, from Race Relations, v. 9:4, (039) 1942

General Physical Description note: (reprint).

"Trade Unions and Industrial Relations in Australian New Guinea," by J. R. Kerr, from Journal of Industrial Relations, v. 3:1, (098) Apr. 1961

General Physical Description note: (photo copy).

"Memoranda of agreements between Tanganyika Breweries Ltd. and Transport and General Workers' Union, Aug. 16, 1962" (098)

General Physical Description note: (photo copy).

"Counterproposal by Tanganyika Plantation Workers' Union, e.g., Tanganyika Sisal Growers' Association" (098)

General Physical Description note: (photo copy).

"Memorandum of Agreement between the Tanganyika Sisal Growers' Association and Tanganyika Plantation Workers' Union." (098)

General Physical Description note: (photo copy).

"Constitution of the Tanganyika Plantation Workers' Union" (1963) (098)

General Physical Description note: (photo copy).

3 reprints from newspapers on TFL and party politics dated Aug. 16 and Aug. 20, 1959.


"Labour Songs," pamphlet, Ibadan (Nigeria) (036).


"In the heart of Mother Africa" (pamphlet) ICFTU (059).


TFL posters in Swahili (English translation noted) (016).


German Trade Union Federation Organizational Chart (034).


V. Various Files - Subjects Designated

box 9

L&SCo.EA (Landing & Shipping Co. of East Africa), terms of employment. (001)


EAR&H (East African Railways & Harbors), staff consultation. (002)


EAR&H, opportunities for employment. (003)


Agreement between Tea Growers' Association & Plantation Workers Union. (004)


Collective bargaining in plantation industries in T.T. (005)


Jack Report on methods of determining wages. (006)


Comments by Tanganyika Federation of Labor on Jack Report. (007)


Materials from Plantation Workers' Conference [in Swahili], (008) October 17, 1959.


cc. of Guillebaud memo to TSGA (Tanganyika Sisal Growers Association) in preparations for meeting union. (009)


Constitution of Sisal & Plantation Workers' Union. (010)


Materials from TACTU (Tanganyika African Catholic Teachers Union) Conference. Agenda. Report of General Secretary. (011A, 011B)


Minutes of meetings of CJC (Central Joint Council) of sisal industry. (012A, 012G)


Materials from 5th Conference of TFL [in Swahili and English] (A-1) (013) 1959 (Dec.)


"Trade Union News" of TFL. (014)


Constitutions of various trade unions in T.T. (015)


Two organization posters of TFL. (016)


Bulletin of the ICFTU Area Committee [removed Apr. 1964]. (017)


Collective Agreements (018)


T&GWU (Transport & General Workers' Union) & Tanna Brothers, Tabora.


Mine Workers & Williamson's.


[no heading]


TSGA (Tanganyika Sisal Growers Association) and PWU (Plantation Workers' Union).


Constitution of the CJC of the sisal industry.


Wage agreement of April 1960 in sisal industry.


Jerraud, "Hints on the Care and Management of African Labour," (019) 1937.


Arnautoglu Community Centre, Annual Report 1958.


Materials prepared by Public Relations Dept., Tanganyika Gov't. (021)


Constitution of Tanganyika Workers' Education Association. (022)


TALGWU (Tanganyika African Local Government Workers' Union) Annual Conference - Dodoma, - Materials. June 1960


A - Agenda - original.


B - Agenda - second agenda - in translation.


C - List of branches.


D - President's speech.


E - General Secretary's Report.


F - Short history of the Union.


G - General Treasurer's Report.


H - Monthly remittances from branches to HQ in 1959.


I - Membership of union, paid up, unpaid, etc., by branches 1959.


Materials from TAPU (Tanganyika African Postal Union) Conference.




Presidential Address.


General Secretary's Address.


Standing Orders of the Conference.


Report of the General Secretary.


Report of the General Treasurer.


Report on the dispute with the Postal Administration.


Summary in strike income and expenditure.


Provisional financial estimates for 1960.


Materials relating to TRAU (Tanganyika Railroad African Union) Conference.


Invitation of opening session.


Program of




Presidential Address.


General Secretary's Report.


General Treasurer's Report.


Income and expenditures 1959.


Letter to the Governor.

box 10

T & GWU Annual Conference materials. (026)


TUPE Conference materials. (027)


Expenditure and consumption of African labour in Dar-es-Salaam (Ohanga Report). (028)


Instructors Handbook for Trade Union Leadership Training. (028A) Aug. - Sep. 1960.


Zanzibar & Pemba Federation of Labor Draft Constitution. (031)


Public Services International Report on Africa (077) (Mar. 19-20, 1959).


Report on plantations situation in the British Cameroons, (Tom Bavin report). (087) Dec. 29, 1957-1958


ICFTU (International Confederation of Free Trade Unions), Bibliography. (88)


ICFTU (International Confederation of Free Trade Unions), Bibliography. African Regional Conference, Accra, (089) Jan. 1957


ICFTU Agenda of African Regional Conference, (090) Jan. 14-19, 1957.


ICFTU, preparatory committee for African Regional Conference, Geneva, (091) June 7, 1956.


Report on Mauritius Plantations Survey, (092) Dec. 5-8, 1957.


Julius Lewin, "The Struggle for Law in South Africa," reprint from Political Quarterly (London), (093) April 1956.


Ghana Trades Union Congress, General Statement outlining Congress' stand on behalf of workers - press communiqué. (094)


Ghana Trades Union Congress, educational classes curriculum, (095) Sept. - Dec. 1960.


National Union of Tanganyika workers, list of officers.


Sample "agreement" form for Tanganyika Plantation Workers' Union.


TFL Institute programme Feb. 1962.


TFL Seminar programme July 7-13, 1962.


TFL Seminar programme Aug. 10-24, 1963.


TFL Education & Publicity Department, "Namna bora ya kuendesha Mikutano ya vyama." (Swahili).


Two form letters from C. P. Kapungu re formation of "Peoples Educational Movement," dated March 12 and April 5, 1962.


Tanganyika Plantation Workers Union, "Enquiry for Mass Dismissals of Workers in the Sisal Industry," (in Swahili). May 17, 1963

General Physical Description note: Memo

TFL Educational Programme June - August, 1962.


Three miscellaneous publications in Swahili.


Rules of National Union on Tanganyika Workers (Constitutions).


National Union of Tanganyika Workers


Speech by M. M. Kamaliza, General Secretary, National Union of Tanganyika Workers.


NUTA's Annual Congress, Dar-es-Salaam. March 24-31, 1965,

General Physical Description note: (orig. handwritten copy & process-copy)

N.U.T.W. Hq. Taarifa ya Mwandishi Mkuu. 24th - 31st March, 1965.


Resolutions of First Annual Congress of NUTA, Dar-es-Salaam. March 24-31, 1965,


TFL Analytical Deck. Minutes of various meetings.


Codes for special TFL index deck.


TFL Trade Union badges (2).

reel 1

Tanganyika Standard November 1, 1956 - August 10, 1959


Sunday News January - May 1959


USIS Swahili Press Translations August 1959 - July 1960


Mirembe Hospital Annual Report 1959

reel 2

Tanganyika Federation of Labour (TFL)


Minutes of meetings


General council


Annual conferences


Emergency Committee



reel 3

East Africa August 1963

reel 4

East Africa August 1963

reel 5