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Guide to the Thomas Hunt Morgan Papers, 1916-1946
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Box Boxes 1-2


Additional Note

[Four folders, 2.1-4, are not listed in Mrs. Sturtevant's original guide.]
Box-folder 1.1

American Philosophical Society 1935


Re: appointment to nominating committee, reply on back [1 item]

Box-folder 1.2

Beadle, George W. 1935-1937


Sponsoring letter from THM for Rockefeller Fellowship; also acceptance of appointment at Caltech [4 items]

See also: Minnesota, University of

Box-folder 1.3

Bonner, James 1934-1935


His stay in Holland; one-year position offered by THM for physiological work [5 items]

Box-folder 1.4

B misc.


Baker, W. L. 1934


Re: her son Leon's death; he is the man who saved THM's life after an auto accident [1 item]


Banta, A. M. 1935 (with honors)


Bartsch, Paul (Smithsonian Institution) 1935 [1 item]


Bateson, W. 1924-1925


Congratulatory note to THM upon receiving the Darwin Medal; discussing the pending purchase of Darwin's house [2 items]


Belling, John L. 1932 (to L. Morgan) [1 item]


Blakeslee, A. F. 1935 [3 items]


Borsook, Henry 1933 [1 item]


re: Gaddern, Matthews and Brown


Campbell, W. W.

See: National Academy of Sciences

Box-folder 1.5

Carnegie Institution 1920-1935 (includes Merriam, Woodward, Wirtz, Gilbert)


Re: research grants, budget proposal, salaries, estimates [55 items]

Box-folder 1.6

Carnegie Institution, Drosophila exhibit 1934-1935

Box-folder 1.7

Columbia University (President Butler) 1927


THM's resignation from Columbia to accept the organization of the Department of Biology at Caltech [3 items]

Box-folder 1.8

Columbia University Press (Proffitt, Rostand) 1934


Re: publication and French translation of Embryology and Genetics [7 items]

Box-folder 1.9

Conklin, Edwin G. 1904-1946


Re: THM's marriage plans, birth of his son in 1906; Conklin to L. Morgan expression of sympathy and his recollections of THM [23 items]

Box-folder 1.10

C misc.


Cleveland, L. R.(Harvard Medical School) 1934 [1 item]


Crane, M. B. 1934 [1 item]

Box-folder 1.11

Darwin Medal of the Royal Society (W. B. Hardy) 1924-1925


Announcement of the award; also letter of gratitude from A. Shipley of Christ's College Marine Biology Lab for £100 THM turned over to them [4 items]

Box-folder 1.12

Darwin Memorial (W. B. Hardy, A. Flexner) 1925-1928


Re: purchase of Down (Darwin's house) and turning it into a historical monument; also THM to H. Osborn of American Museum of Natural History to raise funds for the Darwin Memorial [7 items]

Box-folder 1.13

DeVries, Hugo 1918


[This photocopied letter and accompanying documents were added to the collection in 1987.]

Box-folder 1.14

D misc.


Dahlgren, K. V. C. (Uppsala University) 1934 [1 item]

Box-folder 1.15

Fleming, Arthur H. 1927-1928


Re: THM's coming to Caltech and building of Kerckhoff, equipment and plans [39 items]

Box-folder 1.16

Flexner, Abraham 1943


Re: Dr. Gilman and his influence on THM and Johns Hopkins University [4 items]

Box-folder 1.17

F misc.


Fischer, W. K. (Hopkins Marine Station) 1934 [1 item]


Fowler, H. G. 1935 [1 item, reply on back]

Box-folder 1.18

Gager, C. Stuart 1935


Re: G. H. Shull and publication of Genetics magazine [5 items]

Box-folder 1.19

Goodrich, H. B. (Wesleyan University) 1935


Re: spending his sabbatical at Caltech [2 items]

Box-folder 1.20

G misc.


Germantown Trust Co. 1934

See: Section II, Financial matters


Granick, Sam (Michigan University) 1935 [2 items]


Gustafson, F. G. (Michigan University) 1935 [2 items]

Box-folder 1.21

Hale, George Ellery 1927-1928


Re: Rockefeller grant to establish Biology Division at Caltech with THM as head; building of Kerckhoff, salaries, etc. [52 items]

Box-folder 1.22

H misc.


Hardy, W. B. 1924-1925

See: Darwin Medal


Harrison, Ross G. (Yale University) 1934 [2 items]


Haselden, Reginald B. (Huntington Library) 1935 [2 items]


Hoagland, Hudson (Clark University) 1934 [2 items]


Holmgren, Gustav (Karolinska Inst.) 1934

See: Section II, Nobel Prize


Hopkins County Assessor 1929

See: Section II, Financial matters


Huettner, A. F. (New York University) 1934 [3 items]


Hugentobler, Louise 1935


THM's secretary at Columbia, her death and settling of her estate [5 items]


Hurst, C. C. 1925 [1 item]

Box-folder 1.23

J misc.


Jaffe, Bernard (from THM) 1934 [2 items]


Re: biography to be published in Outposts of Science


Jones, D. F. (Genetics magazine) 1934-1935 [7 items]


Re: Bridges' manuscript of salivary chromosome and Painter's letter of outburst regarding editorial practices

Box-folder 1.24

Knoefl, D. K. (Vanderbilt University) 1935


Re: his coming to Caltech, correspondence with Hal Davis of Harvard Medical School regarding Knoefl's abilities [4 items]

Box-folder 1.25

K misc.


Kernof [sp?], J. 1937

Box-folder 1.26

L misc.


Lambert, W. V. (Iowa State College) 1935


Invitation to THM to lecture [1 item]


Lawton, G. L. (Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology) 1934 re: publication of article by THM [2 items]


Li, J. C. (Yenching University) 1934-1935


Re: Li's visit to Caltech, fellowship from the China Foundation [3 items]


Liljestrand, C. 1934

See: Section II, Nobel Prize


Luck, J. M. (American Association for the Advancement of Science) 1935, invitation to address the meeting of the Pacific Division [1 item, reply on back]

Box-folder 1.27

Millikan, Robert A. 1927-1930


Invitation to come to Caltech, salary, capital to start Biology library; letter to Max Mason asking the General Education Board to raise $4 million [14 items]

Box-folder 1.28

Minnesota, University of (Dean Johnston) 1934


Re: the abilities of Beadle and Rhoades [3 items]

Box-folder 1.29

M misc.


Mason, Max 1930

See: Millikan and Rockefeller files


Merriam, J. C. 1927

See: Carnegie Institution


Myers, Earl (Scripps Institute) 1935 [1 item]

Box-folder 1.30

National Academy of Sciences (W. W. Campbell, president) 1934-1935


Declining to become chairman to Committee of Nominations; nominations of new members [8 items]

Box-folder 1.31

National Research Council 1935 [1 item]

Box-folder 1.32

Nobel Nominating Committee 1934-1935


Nobel Prize

See: Section II

Box-folder 1.33

Noyes, Arthur A. 1927-1928


Re: THM's coming to Caltech, car for Morgan, etc. [17 items]

Box-folder 1.34

N misc.


Nachtsheim, H. 1935 [1 item, reply on Back] re: translation of Scientific Basis of Evolution


Norton, W. W.

See: Nachtsheim, H


Osborn, H. F. 1928

See: Darwin Medal

Box-folder 1.35

O misc.


Osterhout, W. J. 1934 (Rockefeller Foundation) [2 items]

Box-folder 1.36

Pincus, G. (Harvard University) 1934 [4 items]

Box-folder 1.37

P misc.


Peter, A. M. (Kentucky Academy of Science) 1934 [2 items]


Proffitt, Charles G.

See: Columbia University Press


Protti, G. (International Society of Radiobiology, Venice) [7 items] re: formation of national groups and sections of radiobiology


Box-folder 1.38

Recommendation letters, misc.

Box-folder 1.39

Rhodes Scholarship Trust (Frank Aydelotte) 1934


G. Eastman visiting professorship at Oxford for THM, 1935-1936 [9 items]

Box-folder 1.40

Rockefeller Foundation (Max Mason, Warren Weaver) 1933-1936


Re: funds for development of Division of Biology at Caltech [54 items]

Box-folder 1.41

Rowan, William (University of Alberta) 1934-1935


Re: the homing instinct of pigeons and his visit to Caltech [9 items]

Box-folder 1.42

Royal Society Publications (A. V. Hill) 1935


Re: papers by Borsook and Keighley [1 item]

Box-folder 1.43

R misc.


Rasmussen, J. (Mendelska Sallskapet) 1934


Invitation to lecture at the Mendelian Society of Lund [1 item]


Redfield, Alfred C. (editor of Biological Bulletin) 1935 re: publication of some papers of THM [2 items]

(See also: Thimann, Kenneth)


Robinson, Victor (Encyclopedia sexualis) 1934


Re: article on Mendelism and genetics [5 items]


Rostand, J.

See: Columbia University Press


Roth, H. D. de


Re: Morgan's visit to Stockholm [1 item]

Box-folder 1.44

S misc.


Shipley, A. S.

See: Darwin Medal


Skinker, C. F.

See: American Philosophical Society


Strong, Leonell 1934-1935


Re: job possibilities [4 items]


Summer, F. B. 1935 [2 items]

Box-folder 1.45

T misc.


Taliaferro, W. H. (University of Chicago) 1935


Re: Dr. Lillie's portrait [2 items]


Tan, C. C. 1934 re: Rockefeller Fellowship


Thimann, Kenneth (Caltech) 1935


Invitation to lecture at Harvard from A. C. Redfield [1 item]

Box-folder 2.1

V misc.


Van Harreveld, A. 1934


Van Overbeek, J. 1934


Vaughan, T. Wayland 1935


Vavilov, N. 1935

Box-folder 2.2

Went, F. A. F. C. and F. W. 1931-1934

Box-folder 2.3

Wiersma, C. A. G. 1934

Box-folder 2.4

W misc.


Wodsedalek, J. E. 1935


Wilson, E. B. 1927

Box-folder 2.5

Yale University Press 1928


Agreement for the publication of The Theory of the Gene [1 item]

Box Box 2


Box-folder 2.6


Box-folder 2.7

Biographical notes and material

Box-folder 2.8

Family correspondence and miscellaneous

Box-folder 2.9

Financial matters 1928-1934

Box-folder 2.10

Honors, misc.

Box-folder 2.11

Nobel Prize 1933-1934

Box-folder 2.12

Obituary notice, French Academy of Science 1946

Box-folder 2.13


Box-folder 2.14

Reviews of books and articles by THM

Box-folder 2.15

Talks and speeches 1886-1938

Box Box 2



General material

Box-folder 2.16

Auditor's report on Caltech 1934

Box-folder 2.17

Executive Council meetings 1928-1935


Division of Biology

Box-folder 2.18

Kerckhoff Biology Laboratory, building of (Mayers, Murray, Philip, Architects), sketches and correspondence 1927

Box-folder 2.19

Proposed budgets, expenses, balance sheets 1930-1935

Box-folder 2.20

Correspondence, memos re: salaries, travel expenses, appointments, positions (E. C. Barrett) 1933-1943

Box-folder 2.21

Equipment, furnishings 1934-1935

Box-folder 2.22

Project reports 1934-1935

Box-folder 2.23

Research proposals ca 1930s

Box-folder 2.24

Expense Day Book 1932-1935

Box-folder 2.25

Biology I laboratory texts. n.d.

Box Boxes 3-10



Notebooks 1886-1941

Box-folder 3.1

Chemistry lab manual, Johns Hopkins 1886

Box-folder 3.2

Notebook 1920

Box-folder 3.3

"Heat on Spermatozoa," Woods Hole, 1925

Box-folder 3.4

"References, Chromosomes, Inheritance acquired characters, Darwinism, Genetics" 1925

Box-folder 3.5

Drosophila experiments and drawings by Miss Wallace 1925

Box-folder 3.6

Mariposa Lilies 1928-1929

Box-folder 3.7

Drosophila 1929

Box-folder 3.8

Drosophila under different conditions 1930, 1932, 1934

Box-folder 3.9

"Flies in CO 2," 1933, and misc.


Lecture notes

Box-folder 4.1

Experimental Zoology 1913-1914; printed "Critique of The Theory of Evolution" 1916

Box-folder 4.2

Experimental Zoology 1916-1917, 1918

Box-folder 4.3

Experimental Embryology 1920-1921; 1921 class list

Box-folder 4.4

Tropism 1922

Box-folder 4.5

Genetics and misc. 1922-1928

Box-folder 4.6

Genetics 1923, 1924, 1926

Box-folder 4.7

Instincts 1925

Box-folder 4.8

Experimental Embryology 1927, with notes in another hand, possibly one of THM's daughters; offprint from Science by Frank Lillie, 1927

Box-folder 4.9

Notes on Drosophila mutant 1930-1934

Box-folder 4.10

Lecture notes and notes on C. Darwin, n.d.



Box-folder 4.11

Commentaries on papers by Conklin, by THM's students Plunkett, Linton, Schultz 1924

Box Box 5

Photocopies of lecture and lab notes 1916-1926 [8 folders]

Box Box 6

Photocopies of Morgan manuscripts from the E. G. Conklin papers, Princeton University Library; photocopies of Morgan papers from the American Philosophical Society Library

Box Boxes 7-10

Experimental data and manuscripts on Ciona, Styela, Chaetoperus, Cuningia and Drosophila 1930-1945 [4 boxes]