Guide to the California Railroad Notes, [ca. 1850-1932]

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Guide to the California Railroad Notes, [ca. 1850-1932]

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: California Railroad Notes,
Date (inclusive): [ca. 1850-1932]
Collection Number: BANC MSS C-R 11
Creator: Daggett, Stuart, 1881-
Extent: Number of containers: 3 cartons
Repository: The Bancroft Library
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Physical Location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Library's online catalog.
Abstract: Chiefly material gathered for his book, Chapters on the history of the Southern Pacific (N.Y. 1922) Approx. 7,500 pieces; roughly sorted.

In folder no. 80 : typed excerpts of letters from Collis P. Huntington to David D. Colton (familiarly known as the "Colton Letters") prepared for Daggett's use.
Languages Represented: English

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Scope and Content

This material was gathered by Stuart Daggett and some of it was used in his Chapters on the History of the Southern Pacific, 1922. The original arrangement was lost but it is now arranged as nearly as possible to parallel the chapters in the history. Where the chapter's number was shown on the original folders, it is included in this list.

Carton 1, folder 1.

Physical Description: Population and settlement of California
folder 2.

California economic history I

folder 3.

California economic history II

folder 4.

California economic history and geology

folder 5.

Stage routes and summary of early railroads

folder 6.

Early railroads north of San Francisco bay

folder 7.

Railroads- Northern California

folder 8.

Railroads south of San Francisco bay

folder 9.

Pacific railroads. Chap. 1

folder 10.

Inception of the project I, Chap. 1

folder 11.

Inception of the project II

folder 12.

Surveys, estimates, Chap. 1

folder 13.

Surveys and alternate routes

folder 14.

Sacramento Union attitude toward the Pacific railroad project

folder 15.

Pacific railroads

folder 16.

Pacific railroads-General

folder 17.

Pacific railroads-32nd parallel route

folder 18.

Sacramento Valley railroad

folder 19.

Biographies of the associates

folder 20.

Biographies-Southern Pacific I

folder 21.

Biographies-Southern Pacific II

folder 22.


folder 23.

Resources for construction, Chap. 2

folder 24.

Local aid

folder 25.

Local and State aid, Chap. 2

folder 26.

Central California railroad-San Francisco and Marysville

folder 27.

Federal land grants

folder 28.

Southern Pacific Land grants, Chap. 3

folder 29.

Pacific railroad convention

folder 30.

Incorporation of the C. P.

folder 31.

Acts of 1862 and 1864

folder 32.

Crocker and company, Chap. 4

folder 33.

Contract and finance company

folder 34.

Progress of construction

folder 35.

Mussel Slough, Chap. 4

folder 36.

Elements of high cost in construction

folder 37.

Branch lines. C.P. railroad. Wells Fargo, Chap. 4

folder 38.

Condition of the Central Pacific in 1869, Chap. 5

folder 39.

Govt. Island, Chap. 5

folder 40.

California railroads. Oakland terminal

folder 41.

Western Pacific, Chap. 5

Carton 2, folder 42.

San Francisco, Oakland and Alameda railroads, Chap. 5

folder 43.

Relations between C.P. and California Pacific after the purchase in 1871, Chap. 6

folder 44.

California Pacific-Relations with C.P. after 1871, Chap. 6.

folder 45.

California Pacific-Competition with the C.P., Chap. 6

folder 46.

San Joaquin Valley Railroad, Chap. 6

folder 47.

Condition of the California Pacific in 1871, Chap. 6

folder 48.

California Pacific. Progress of construction, Chap. 6

folder 49.

San Francisco and San Jose Railroad-Early History, Chap. 7

folder 50.

Construction of the San Francisco and San Jose railroad.-Local aid, Chap. 7

folder 51.

Value of the estates of S.H.H. and C. at the time of their deaths, Chap. 7

folder 52.

Los Angeles and vicinity

folder 53.

San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake

folder 54.

Southern Pacific construction companies, Chap. 7

folder 55.

Western Development Company, Chap. 7

folder 56.

Pacific improvement company, Chap. 7

folder 57.

Financing of the W.D. Company and P.J. Company, Chap. 7

folder 58.

Southern Pacific I, Chap. 7

folder 59.

Southern Pacific II, Chap. 7

folder 60.

League of Progress, Chap. 7

folder 61.

C.P. - S.P. system, leases. Chap. 8

folder 62.

Leases C.P. - S.P. Chap. 8

folder 63.

Attemps of the associates to sell out

folder 64.

Northern railway—San Pablo and Tulare. Chap. 8

folder 65.

Colton. Chap. 9

folder 66.

Colton-Charges of embezzlement. Chap. 9

folder 67.

David D. Colton. Chap. 9

folder 68.

Mrs. Colton, Negotiation of companies agreement. Chap. 9

folder 69.

Coal lands-Iron. Chap. 9

folder 70.

Western development company-Dividends

folder 71.

Finances of the C.P. and S.P. 1870-1879. Chap. 10

folder 72.

Attempts to sell C.P. and S.P. securities 1870-79. Chap. 10

folder 73.

Statistics to 1886. Chap. 10

folder 74.

Chapter 11

folder 75.

Constitutional convention of 1879. Chap. 11

folder 76.

Railroad commission 1880-1883. Chap 11

folder 77.

State of California 1860-1890. Chap. 12

folder 78.

Politics. Chap. 12

folder 79.

S.P. and politics. Chap. 12

folder 80.

Newspapers; Huntington and the Press

folder 81.

Bassett letters. Chap. 12

folder 82.

Pacific Mail. Chap. 13

folder 83.

Interest of the Pacific coast in subsidy legislation. Chap. 13

folder 84.

The influence of water competition. Chap. 13

folder 85.

The influence of water competition. Chap. 13

folder 86.

Occidental and oriental

folder 87.

Rate system, C.P. Chap. 14

folder 88.

Special contracts. Chap. 14

folder 89.

California railroads-Laws and resolutions.

folder 90.

Miscellaneous California statutes concerning California railroads, lands, etc.

Carton 3, folder 91.

State legislation-California

folder 92.

California legislation.-General 1850-1870. Chap. 14

folder 93.

Regulations 1850. Chap. 14

folder 94.

Rates and personal discrimination. Chap. 14

folder 95.

Archer Bell 1876. Chap. 14

folder 96.

Board of transportation commissioners 1876. Transportation commissioners 1878. Chap. 14

folder 97.

Freeman bell. Chap. 14

folder 98.

Railroad commission 1880-1883. Chap. 14

folder 99.

Railroad commission 1884-1909

folder 100.

Railroad commission 1892

folder 101.

Railroad commission 1895-1896

folder 102.

Railroad commission

folder 104.

Local rates. Chap. 15

folder 105.

Local rates. Chap. 15

folder 106.

Methods of influencing legislation. Chap. 15

folder 107.

Transcontinental rates. Chap. 16

folder 108.

Administration of transcontinental rates. Chap. 16

folder 109.

Chapter 17

folder 110.

Railroad commission 1889-1892. Chap. 17

folder 111.

Railroad commission 1893-1894. Chap. 17

folder 112.

Traffic association I. Chap. 17

folder 113.

Traffic association II. Chap. 17

folder 114.

Traffic association III. Chap. 17

folder 115.

Clipper ships. Chap. 17

folder 116.

North American navigation company. Chap. 17

folder 117.

Statistics. Chap. 17

folder 118.

Competing railroads in and to California. Chap. 18

folder 119.

S.F. and San Joaquin Valley railroad, 1893-1894- Traffic association

folder 120.

S.F. and San Joaquin Valley-subscription and construction 1895

folder 121.

S.F. and San Joaquin Valley- 1895-1897

folder 122.

S.F. and San Joaquin Valley-Trust agreement

folder 123.

S.F. and San Joaquin Valley-Rates and competition

folder 124.

S.F. and San Joaquin Valley-local aid in San Joaquin Valley

folder 125.

San Francisco and Great Salt Lake railroad

folder 126.

S.F. and San Joaquin Valley-China basin base

folder 127.

Operating character. Chap. 19

folder 128.

Operating characteristics. Chap. 19

folder 129.

Federal subsidy

folder 130.

S.P. mergers. Chap. 22

folder 131.

Bills pending 1919

folder 132.


folder 133.

Oil and Lumber litigation Chap. 23

folder 134.


folder 135.

Estimated receipts

folder 136.

Salton Sea

folder 137.

National statistics-Trucking industry based on N.R.A. code registration, 1934

folder 138.

Los Angeles public library

folder 139.


folder 140.

Miscellaneous notes

folder 141.

Miscellaneous references