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Guide to the Thomas Raymond McConnell Papers, 1934-1988

Collection number: BANC MSS 89/3 c

The Bancroft Library

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Thomas Raymond McConnell Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1934-1988
Collection Number: BANC MSS 89/3 c
Creator: McConnell, Thomas Raymond, 1901-
Extent: Number of containers: 4 boxes, 5 cartons Linear feet: ca. 8
Repository: The Bancroft Library
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Physical Location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Library's online catalog.
Abstract: Papers reflect McConnell's career, containing correspondence, manuscript drafts, and published papers, as well as his notes and working files. His work after coming to U.C. Berkeley in 1954 is well represented while coverage is weakest in his early years in Iowa and Minnesota. Of note are files on "The Restudy of California's Needs in Higher Education," which provided the basis for California's Master Plan for Higher Education. Contains records on development of the Center for the Study of Higher Education, which later became affiliated with U.C Berkeley as the Center for Research and Development in Higher Education. In addition to working drafts of books and articles, there are transcripts of interviews relating to higher education in Britain, and with California administrators. Clippings files cover Berkeley social and academic politics, and include clippings on Angela Davis' case against the Regents, People's Park, the School of Criminology, and experimental programs at Berkeley. Material on the careers of David Gardner and Clark Kerr, and autobiographical essays and other biographical material also included.
Languages Represented: English

Information for Researchers


Collection is open for research, with one exception:

In Carton 4, folder 49: pages 20-24 of McConnell's notes from interview have been sealed at the request of Dr. Clark Kerr, until his death.

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Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

The Thomas Raymond McConnell papers were given to The Bancroft Library by Dr. McConnell via Dr. Ann Heiss in July 1988. They were an addition to Dr. McConnell's earlier gift of materials relating to California's Master Plan for Higher Education, which was received in 1969.


Born in Mediapolis, Iowa in 1901, Thomas Raymond McConnell received his B.A. in English in 1924 from Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa and his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology in 1933 from the University of Iowa. He taught at Cornell College from 1925 to 1932 and served as a Dean from 1932 to 1936. McConnell was a Professor of Educational Psychology and Higher Education at the University of Minnesota from 1936 to 1950, receiving the L.L.D. in 1949. He served as Chancellor at the University of Buffalo from 1950 to 1954, receiving a D.H.L. from Syracuse University in 1952. During this period, Dr. McConnell established guidelines and articulated a philosophy for general education requirements and the value of a "liberal arts" education.
Dr. McConnell came to California in 1954 to serve as chief consultant for the Restudy of the Needs of California in Higher Education, many parts of which formed the basis of the 1960 Master Plan for Higher Education in California. In 1956, he founded the University's Center for the Study of Higher Education, which in 1965 under his chairmanship, became a national resource for research and information as the Center for Research and Development in Higher Education.
Thomas R. McConnell served on presidential commissions under Presidents Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson. Among other appointments, he was a member of the Advisory Committee of the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education, the Subcommittee on Master Planning of the American Association of University Professors, the Subcommittee on Management and Financing of Colleges of the Committee for Economic Development, and the International Council for Educational Development.
Throughout his long career as an educator, researcher, author, and university administrator, Dr. McConnell was concerned with many issues in education, ranging from problems of academic leadership and the degree of faculty and student participation in the governance of higher education to the question of access to higher education and the concept of the "elite" university.

Scope and Content

The Papers of Thomas R. McConnell provide an overview of the greater part of his career as a professor, researcher, author, and administrator. The collection dates from 1934 to 1988 and contains correspondence, manuscript drafts, and published papers, as well as his notes and working files. The work Dr. McConnell did after coming to U.C. Berkeley in 1954 is the strength of the collection, while coverage is weakest in material from his early years in Iowa and Minnesota. Original folder divisions and titles have been retained for most of the collection, although some regrouping of the folders was done to create more logical divisions of subject matter.
McConnell's extensive correspondence files, along with his publications and speeches, provide a solid overview of his scholarly work. Of particular note are his files on The Restudy of California's Needs in Higher Education, which provided the basis for the development of California's "Master Plan" for Higher Education. The collection also contains records on the institutional and financial development of the Center for the Study of Higher Education founded by McConnell, which later became affiliated with U.C Berkeley as the Center for Research and Development in Higher Education. In addition to working drafts of books and articles, there are transcripts of interviews Dr. McConnell conducted with administrators and civil servants in higher education in Britain, upon which he drew for his articles on British higher education. Interviews with California administrators, used for comparison, are also included here.
McConnell's clippings files cover an interesting and turbulent time in Berkeley social and academic politics, and include clippings on Angela Davis' case against the Regents, People's Park, the School of Criminology, and "experimental" programs at Berkeley. Material on the careers of David Gardner and Clark Kerr, with whom McConnell maintained a long correspondence, can be found here as well as in Series 1: Correspondence.
Autobiographical essays, found near the end of Series 2: Scholarly Publications and Speeches, supplements the files on McConnell's professional activities and the transcript of an interview done for the Carnegie Foundation. A written interview on the subject of his years as Chancellor of the University of Buffalo provides autobiographical information on Dr. McConnell's early years.

Boxes 1-3

Series 1: Correspondence, Incoming and Outgoing, 1941-1988

Scope and Content Note


Arranged alphabetically, and then chronologically.
Two sets of correspondence files have been merged. The first was alphabetical and covered the beginning of McConnell's career until 1974. The second was roughly sorted by year, and covered the period from 1974 to 1988.
For the sake of comprehensibility, correspondence relevant to a particular subject has been left with other materials in Series 3-5.
Box 1, folder 1

A miscellaneous:


Adams, Arthur S. 1956


Albertson, James Edward 1977


Altbach, Philip G. 1972-86


American Association for Higher Education 1975


American Association of State Colleges and Universities 1974-77


American Association of University Professors 1969


Anselm, George 1963


Anselm, Rolf E. 1964


Archives of the History of The American Research Association 1975


Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges 1974


Astin, Alexander W. 1970


Axelrod, Joseph 1973

folder 2

Abbott, Frank C. 1960-70

folder 3

Alden, Vernon R. 1971-74

folder 4

Allen, James E. 1969-70

folder 5

Anderson, Lester G. 1968-75

folder 6

B miscellaneous:


Bailey, Stephen K. 1978


Barrett, Edward W., 1910- 1967


Barthell, Russell 1964


Baxter, Norman A. 1970


Beirne, Joseph Anthony, 1911- 1966


Bender, Richard N., 1930- 1969


Benet, James 1972


Bennis, Warren G. 1967


Benson, Charles S. 1973


Berdie, Ralph Freimuth, 1916- 1974


Berve, Nancy M. 1975


Betts, Emmett Albert, 1903- 1970


Blegen, Theodore Christian, 1891-1969 1962


Bloom, Benjamin Samuel, 1913 1966


Bolman, Frederick de Wolfe, 1912- 1964


Bollard, John 1968


Booher, Edward E. 1967


Booth, David 1973


Borreson, B. J. 1970


Borrowman, Merle L. 1974-76


Bowden, Karen G. 1979


Bowen, Frank M. 1972-76


Bowker, Albert H., 1919- 1971-73


Boyd, Willard L., 1927- 1969


Brann, James 1968


Bridge, Edward M., 1901- 1956


Broek, Ruth and Jan Otto Marius, 1904-1974 1970


Brown, Donald 1970


Brown, Edmund G., 1905- 1965


Brown, Norman H. 1968


Browne, Arthur D. 1969


Brownell, William A., 1895-1977 1959-77


Brydon, Charles Wylie 1984


Buchta, J. William, 1895- 1962


Burgess, Tyrrell 1976-77


Burke, Redmond Ambrose, 1914- 1969


Burn, Barbara B. 1964


Burns, Robert E. 1970


Bush, Robert N. 1969

folder 7

Beesley, Kenneth H. 1970-73

folder 8

Benezet, Louis Tomlinson, 1915- 1966-70

folder 9

Berdahl, Robert Oliver 1955-86

folder 10

Bowen, Howard Rothmann, 1908- 1969-77

folder 11

C miscellaneous:


Canning, Jeremiah W. 1967-68


Carlson, William S. 1961-71


Carlton, Florence 1969


Carter, B. C. 1968


Casey, Ralph D. 1969


Castell, Albury 1957-65


Cattell, Raymond B., 1905- 1965


Chait, Richard P. 1986


Chamberlain, Lee 1971


Chambers, Jack A. 1972


Charnley, Mitchell V., 1898- 1969


Chase, Clinton I. 1965


Chauncey, Henry, 1905- 1964-74


Christ-Janer, Arland 1963-66


Churchill, Ruth 1968


City University of New York - Chancellor 1974


Cloudman, Harry H. 1968


Cockrell, Robert Alexander, 1909- 1968-77


Columbia University Press 1977


Conant, James Bryant, 1883-1978 1964


Contant, Andre 1974


Cooley, William W. 1982


Coone, Arthur G. 1966


Corcoran, Mary 1965


Cordiner, Ralph J. 1961


Corey, John F. 1971


Corson, John Jay, 1905- 1970


Costello, John J. 1969


Cottrell, Donald Peery, 1902- 1954


Cowley, W. H., 1899- 1957-59


Cremin, Lawrence A., 1925- 1966


Cronbach, Lee J., 1916- 1967-68


Cross, Patricia Margaret 1967


Culbertson, Jack A. 1964


Cuninggim, Merrimon, 1911- 1968

folder 12

Carr, Robert Kenneth, 1908- 1965-70

folder 13

Chernin, Miltin, 1910-1987 1959-87

folder 14

Clark, Burton R. 1965-77

folder 15

Clark, Robert D. 1964-71

folder 16

Cole, Russell D. 1954-56

folder 17

Cook, Walter W. 1955-57

folder 18

Cooper, Russell Morgan, 1907- 1954-65

folder 19

D miscellaneous:


Darley, John G. 1965-66


Darling, R. E. 1978


Davis, Anne J., 1931- 1973


Davis, George Edward, 1907- 1968


Davis, Mildred M. 1968


Dawson, J. D. 1966


Dawson, Lawrence E. 1984


Dearing, Bruce 1970


Deegan, William L. 1971-73


Deighton, Lee C. 1967


Dennes, William Ray, 1898- 1955


Detchen, Lily 1971


Dixon, James P. 1963


Dobbins, Charles G. 1973


Dougherty, Richard M. 1977


Dukes, W. F. 1967


Dunham, Edgar Alden 1974


Durham, G. Homer, 1911- 1966-70


Dustan, Laura Corbin 1964-66


Dyer, Henry Salmon, 1907- 1956


Dykes, Archie R. 1967-68

folder 20

Dressel, Paul Leroy, 1910- 1955-69

folder 21

E miscellaneous:


Eckert, Ruth Elizabeth, 1905- 1971-73


Edgerton, Russell 1978


Educational Researcher 1971


Edwards, Marcia A. 1968


Eggertsen, Claude Andrew, 1909- 1972


Ehrmann, Winston 1970


Eidson, John Olin, 1908- 1969


Elberg, Sanford Samuel, 1913- 1966-68


Eley, Lynn W. 1964


Elman, Sandra E. 1977


Engelhardt, Sara L. 1975


English Speaking Union of the United States 1970-72


Erikson, Carl 1971


Evans, Catherine 1964

folder 22

Eddy, Edward Danforth 1971-77

folder 23

Edelstein, Stewart 1975-78

folder 24

Ertell, Merton William, 1918- 1971-73

folder 25

F miscellaneous:


Feder, Daniel D. 1965


Fellman, David, 1907- 1970


Ferguson, James S. 1969


Finholt, Albert E. 1966


Finnegan, Shonnie 1979


Fisher, Charles Frederick, 1936- 1970-74


Fisk, Helen 1968


Fleishman, Joel L. 1967


Fox, L. Robert 1973


Fretwell, Elbert K. 1964


Fuller, Edgar, 1904- 1969


Furnas, Charles C. 1955-57

folder 26

Farwell, Elwin D. 1963-72

folder 27

Fischler, Abraham S. 1974

folder 28

Fisk, Robert S. 1955-78

Box 2, folder 1

G miscellaneous:


Gaarde, Sara K. 1977


Gage, Nathaniel Lees 1968


Gagne, Robert Mills, 1916- 1967


Gallagher, Buell G., 1904- 1961


Garbarino, Joseph W., 1919- 1971-74


Garrison, Karl C., 1900- 1972


Gartenberg, Philip 1971-72


Giddens, Paul Henry, 1903- 1967-75


Giddens, Thomas R. 1975


Ginter, Richard 1969


Gleason, Gerald 1964


Gleazer, Edmund J. 1974


Glock, Charles 1965


Gold, Lois 1971


Goodlad, John I. 1967


Gordon, Robert 1972


Gottschalk, G. R. 1965


Gould, Samuel B. 1967-69


Gove, F. K. 1980


Graham, W. Gordon 1972


Graham, Patricia Albjerg 1985


Grambsch, Paul V., 1919- 1967


Granger, John Van Nuys, 1918- 1970


Graves, Benjamin B. 1969


Grobman, Hulda Gross, 1920- 1973


Grobsmith, M. S. 1966


Gross, Reuben H. 1969


Guba, Egon G. 1966


Gustad, John W. 1965


Gwaltney, Corbin 1972-74

folder 2

Gardner, David Pierpont, 1933- 1967-85

folder 3

Gardner, John William, 1912- 1958-69

folder 4

Glenny, Lyman A. 1959-74

folder 5

Gortner, Susan R. 1968-74

folder 6

H miscellaneous:


Hagar, Gerald H. 1959


Hagen, H. S. 1955


Halstead, D. Kent, 1930- 1974


Harcleroad, Fred F. 1973


Harman, David W. 1976


Harton, John James, 1923- 1962


Hefferlin, J. B. 1972-75


Heist, Paul 1978-84


Heller, Walter 1974


Henson, Corvin E. 1968


Heyns, Roger W., 1918- 1966-71


Hilgard, Ernest Ropiequet, 1904- 1963


Hitch, Charles Johnston 1974


Hobbs, Walter C. 1974


Hodgson, Walter H. 1954


Horn, Francis H. 1964


Hornby, Robert A. 1974


Horsky, Charles A. 1963-66


Horton, John T. 1955


Hubbell, Robert N. 1968-69


Hunter, Pauline F. 1965-69

folder 7

Haas, Dorothy M. 1954-60

folder 8

Heindel, Richard Heathcote, 1912- 1954-72

folder 9

Henry, David Dodds, 1905- 1971-73

folder 10

Hobson, Jesse E. 1966-70

folder 11

Holy, Thomas C. 1962-71

folder 12

I miscellaneous:


Ianni, Francis A. J. 1965


Ingalls, Rosco C. 1955


Interstate Printers 1973


Irwin, Judy 1975-76

folder 13

J miscellaneous:


Jacobs, Thomas Lloyd, 1908- 1955


Jacobson, John F. 1968


Jacobson, Paul Benjamin, 1901- 1965-68


Jaeger, Daniel J. 1969


James, H. Thomas, 1915- 1971


Jarrettt, James L., 1917- 1964-65


Jaworski, Leon 1974


Jeffries, Carson D. 1965


Jenks, Christopher 1965


Johnson, B. Lamar, 1904- 1955-57


Johnson, Clyde Sanfred, 1911- 1964


Johnson, Craig 1966


Johnson, Franklin A. 1963


Johnson, Gardiner 1958


Johnson, Kenneth 1973-74


Johnson, Robert S. 1956


Jones Memorial Fund 1961


Jones, Harold E. 1959


Jones, Mary Cover, 1896-1987 1968


Jones, Oliver P. 1959-63


Jones, Thomas E. 1956


Jones, Victor 1965-66


Jordan, Jack 1973


Jossey-Bass, Inc., Publishers 1971

folder 14

Jones, David H. 1966

folder 15

K miscellaneous:


Kadish, Sanford H. 1970-71


Kamm, Robert B. 1966


Kantor, J. R. K. 1969


Kappa Delta Pi 1971


Kaster, Gladys 1968-70


Keeler, W. W. 1972


Keeney, Barnaby Conrad, 1914- 1972


Keller, Robert J. 1964


Kelly, James A. 1973


Kent, Marshall 1966


Kerner, Otto 1967-68


Kerr, Ann U. 1974


Kershaw, Rosellen 1974


Ketter, Robert L. 1973-76


Kindred, Arthur 1956


King, Shirley 1974


Kirchhofer, A. H. 1956


Kirk, Barbara Ann 1956


Kissane, Leedice McAnelly 1969


Knapp, David C. 1968


Kneller, John W. 1969


Knight, Goodwin J. 1957


Knoell, Dorothy M. 1973


Knorr, Owen A. 1968-72


Knowles, Asa S., 1909- 1973-74


Knudson, Barbara 1975


Kreplin, Hannah S. 1971


Kruytbosch, Carlos E. 1973


Kuter, Laurence S. 1955

folder 16

Keeton, Morris T. 1966-71

folder 17

Kerr, Clark 1956-77

folder 18

Knox, Seymour 1954-70

Box 3, folder 1

L miscellaneous:


Larsen, C. M. 1974


Lee, Eugene C. 1973


Lee, Hector, 1908- 1974


Leonard, J. Paul 1957


LeVasseur, Paul M. 1977


Lewis, Harry Fletcher 1955-56


Lipset, Seymour Martin 1973


Lomnitz, Larissa Adler de 1973


Long, Durward 1974


Love, Malcolm Andrews, 1904- 1966


Lundberg, Joan 1975

folder 2

Lane, Frederick S., 1942- 1971-74

folder 3

Leslie, Larry L. 1973-87

folder 4

M miscellaneous:


MacLatchy, Josephine 1955


Manno, Bruno V. 1987


Maradudin, Alexei 1974


March, James G. 1972


Maslach, G. J. 1974


Matthews, J. T. 1972


Maucker, James William, 1912- 1968


Mautz, Robert B., 1974


McCaffrey, Stanley E., 1917- 1971


McConnell, Robert E. 1955


McCrone, Alistair W. 1972


McCutcheon, James W. 1977


McGill, E. C. 1969


McInnis, Malcolm C., Jr. 1978


McKelvey, [ ] n.d.


McKinley, John R. 1968


McLaughlin, Samuel 1956


McMurrin, Trudy 1975


Medsker, Leland L. 1970


Meldonian, Robert 1971


Menges, Constantine Christopher 1974


Meyerson, Martin 1965-71


Mikkelsen, Norma B. 1976


Miller, George E. 1969


Minter, W. John 1973-75


Moos, Malcolm Charles, 1916- 1967


Morse, Horace T. 1948-49


Moseley, Jonathan D. 1970


Muir, Sandy 1974


Myron, Ronald C. 1974

folder 5

Martin, Warren B. 1970-75

folder 6

McGrath, Earl James, 1902- 1955-79

folder 7

McHenry, Dean E., 1939- 1963-73

folder 8

McMurrin, Sterling M. 1972-75

folder 9

McWhinnie, R. E. 1946-47

folder 10

Millett, John D., 1912- 1966-77

folder 11

Monroe, Walter Scott, 1882-1961 1947-48

folder 12

Morgan, Anthony Wayne 1977-78

folder 13

Morrill, James Lewis, 1891- 1966-71

folder 14

Morrisett, Lloyd N., 1893- 1971-73

folder 15

Mortimer, Kenneth P., 1937- 1974-78

folder 16

N miscellaneous:


Newburn, Harry Kenneth, 1906- 1972-74


Newcomb, Theodore Mead, 1903- 1972


Ness, Frederic William 1971-76


Newell, L. Jackson, 1938 1978


Nichols, Guy W. 1974


Nixon, Richard M., 1913- 1972


Nordine, Paul C. 1977


NPACT 1972


Nyquist, Ewald B., 1914- 1976

folder 17

O miscellaneous:


Ostar, Allan W. 1973


Otto, M. C., 1876- 1941

folder 18

P miscellaneous:


Pailthorp, Keith 1984


Palmer, Francis H. 1964


Paltridge, James Gilbert 1974


Penn, J. Roger 1974


Perez, Maria M. 1974


Pierson, Frank Cook, 1911- 1965


Pifer, Alan J. 1974


Pinch, Jess-Elizabeth 1965


Pitzer, Kenneth S. 1979


Policy Analysis Service 1977


Poster, Duff 1973


Posvar, Wesley W. 1974


Pressey, Sidney Leavitt, 1888- 1967


Public Affairs Reports 1973


Pugh, Nathaniel 1974

folder 19

Perkins, James Alfred, 1911- 1963-77

folder 20

Perkins, John A. 1966-73

folder 21

Q miscellaneous:


Quay, Richard H. 1980-81

folder 22

R miscellaneous:


Ratchford, C. Brice 1973


Ravitch, Diane 1978


Reinert, Paul C. 1964-71


Reinkemeyer, Agnes 1971


Reynolds, James Walton, 1907- 1967


Richey, Herman Glenn, 1897- 1968


Robertson, Leon B. 1974


Ruddell, Robert B. 1979


Russell, David Harris, 1906-1965 1956

folder 23

S miscellaneous:


Salner, Marcia Beck 1976


Sanford, Nevitt 1965-78


Sawhill, John C., 1936- 1974


Schmeckebier, Laurence Eli, 1906- 1955-65


Schmidtlein, Frank A., 1932- 1974


Schuster, Jack H. 1975


Shear, William M. 1971


Sherriffs, Alex C. 1973


Shulman, Lee S. 1988


Siegelman, Philip 1973-74


Silverman, Robert J., 1940- 1977


Slick, Richard D. 1973


Slottman, William B. 1977


Smelser, Neil J. 1972


Smith, Francis A. 1954


Society for Research into Higher Education 1977


Soengen, Ann 1975


Somers, Harold Milton, 1915- 1961


Sproul, Robert Gordon, 1891-1975 1964-66


Stadtman, Verne 1974


Stevens, George E. 1954


Stone, James Champion, 1916- 1974


Strong, Edward William, 1901- 1964


Suslow, Sidney 1975


Swenson, Esther J., 1907- 1956-72

folder 24

T miscellaneous:


Tillery, Dale 1978-81


Tolley, William Pearson, 1900- 1970


Trautman, DeForest L. 1973


Trent, James W. 1968


Troutt, William E. 1973


Turnbull, William W., 1919- 1974


Tyler, Fred 1972

folder 25

U-V miscellaneous:


United Business Service Company 1966-74


Vaughn, Alfred L. 1973

folder 26

W-Y miscellaneous:


Weaver, J. Fred 1977


Wenberg, Stanley 1966-74


Williams, Ruthann E. 1978


Wilson, Margaret 1968


Wilson, Sloan, 1920- 1954


Young, Susan A. 1984

folder 27

Wardwell, Dorolese H. 1958-71

folder 28

Weaver, John C. 1970-77

folder 29

Wicke, Myron F. 1955-60

folder 30

Williamson, E. G., 1900- 1956-72

folder 31

Williamson, James Mann 1974

Cartons 1-3

Series 2: Scholarly Publications and Speeches, 1934-1984

Scope and Content Note


Arranged chronologically, and then alphabetically by title.
Publications, manuscripts, and speeches were arranged by Professor Ann Heiss, who also prepared the Bibliography included in the first folder. Undated and roughly dated papers follow, arranged by decade. Speech notes, including original cards and notes, are found at the end.

Dated Manuscripts, 1934-1984

Ctn. 1, folder 1

Bibliography of T. R. McConnell



folder 2

Changes in Scores on the Psychological Examination of the American Council on Education from Freshman to Senior Year

folder 3

Educational Articulation: An Experiment in the Articulation of Secondary and Higher Education



folder 4

A New Plan for Concentration: The 'Functional Major' as Administered by Cornell College

folder 5

Psychological Principles of Guidance

folder 6

The Role of Guidance in Functional Education



folder 7

Creative Art in the Schools

folder 8

Functional Curricula for General Education

folder 9

Uncapitalizing Progressive Education, I



folder 10

Cooperation and Competition

folder 11

A Critique of Instruments for General Education

folder 12

Learning by Thinking

folder 13

Psychological Foundations of Curriculum Construction, I6

folder 14

Psychological Foundations of Curriculum Construction, II

folder 15

The Relation of College Instruction of Interest and Motivation

folder 16

Shall the Junior College Come of Age



folder 17

Psychological Bases of Curriculum Construction

folder 18

Some Problems of Integration, II

folder 19

A Study of the Extent of Measurement of Differential Objectives of Instruction

folder 20

The University and You



folder 21

College Students and the Problem of Values

folder 22

The Nature of Educational Research

folder 23

A New Measure of Introversion-Extroversion, with C. Evans

folder 24

Orientation Courses

folder 25

Recent Trends in Learning Theory: Their Application to the Psychology of Arithmetic



folder 26

Commencement Address, Superior State Teacher's College

folder 27

Identifying the Marks of an Educated Person

folder 28

The Needs of a State for Terminal Education



folder 29

Education and Confidence in the Common Man

folder 30

The Function of General and Liberal Education

folder 31

Summary of a Report of Commission on Liberal Education

folder 32

The University Curriculum Survey, with R. Eckert



folder 33

Adjusting Education Psychology to War and Postwar Needs, with F. Freeman and D. Prescott

folder 34

Commencement Address, Pre-Meteorology College

folder 35

A Design for General Education for Members of the Armed Forces, et al

folder 36

Education for Personal Development and Civic Responsibility

folder 37

The Function of General and Liberal Education

folder 38

The Humanities Convocation Address, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

folder 39

The Humanities in Liberal Education

folder 40

Liberal Education After the War

folder 41

Outline of a Proposal for a Program in General Education

folder 42

Voice of America Radio Forum, June 26, 1944, with Castell and Beach



folder 43

Broad Issues in the Improvement of Senior College Curriculums

folder 44

Convocation Address Hamline College, St. Paul, Minn.

folder 45

Curriculum Changes in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts

folder 46

Education for Life in a Democracy

folder 47

An Open Letter to Faculty and Students re Education for Post-War Responsibilities



folder 48

A Comprehensive Nation-wide Program of Education for Secondary and Post-Secondary Schools, et al

folder 49

Education in the Crisis of Our Times

folder 50

The Future of Higher Education

folder 51

The Partnership of Teaching and Learning

folder 52

The Role of Art in Fostering Intercultural Sensitivity



folder 53

Commentary on the Report of the President's Commission on Higher Education

folder 54

General Education in the Crisis of Our Time

folder 55

Problems Involved in Developing a Program of General Education

folder 56

Summary of an Address Given at the Minneapolis Women's Club



folder 57

Evaluation of the Forty-Seventh Yearbook on Reading in the High School and College

folder 58

Fundamental Decisions in Developing a Program of General Education

folder 59

Higher Education for All, with E. McGrath and R. Wirth

folder 60

The Partnership of Teaching and Learning

folder 61

Significant Developments and Current Problems in Higher Education: Report from the United States

folder 62

Statement by T. R. McConnell, in Report of the Preparatory Conference of Representatives of Universities, UNESCO

folder 63

Statement on Higher Education in America, Report of Proceedings, Sixth Congress of the Universities of the British Commonwealth



folder 64

Abstract of a Paper Given at the Foreign Language Conference

folder 65

The Expanding Role of Higher Education

folder 66

General Education, article for Encyclopedia of Educational Research

folder 67

How Far Shall We Go with Professional Education?

folder 68

Impressions of British University Education

folder 69

Liberal Education and Specialization

folder 70

Liberal Education in American Democracy

folder 71

Problems in the Report of President Truman's Commission on Higher Education

folder 72

A Reply to the Critics

folder 73

The Right to Develop Excellence

folder 74

What Do You Want from a Liberal Education?



folder 75

Commencement Address, University of Minnesota

folder 76

Review of Educational Acceleration: Appraisals and Basic Problems by S.L. Pressey

folder 77

Farewell Remarks on Leaving the University of Minnesota

folder 78

Guided Learning, with G. L. Anderson

folder 79

National Security and Educational Freedom

folder 80

Opening Convocation for Entering Law School Students

folder 81

What to Teach in a Journalism School



folder 82

The Chancellor's Message, University of Buffalo, N.Y.

folder 83

Chancellor T. R. McConnell's Greetings to the Faculty of the University of Buffalo

folder 84

Commencement Address, Kenmore High School, Buffalo, N.Y.

folder 85

Commencement Address, University of Minnesota

folder 86

The Effects of General Education on the Student

folder 87

General Education and Specialism in British Universities

folder 88

Inauguration Address as Chancellor, University of Buffalo, N.Y.

folder 89

The Individual in Liberal Education

folder 90

The Niagara Frontier Convocation: The Outlook for Mankind in the Next Half Century

folder 91

Organization Within the University of Graduate Work in Education

folder 92

Report of the Chancellor, University of Buffalo, N.Y.

folder 93

The Responsibilities of Freedom

folder 94

Statement for Conference on Civil Rights



folder 95

Chancellor's Greeting to New Students, University of Buffalo, N.Y.

folder 96

Freshman Convocation, University of Buffalo, N.Y.

folder 97

How Can We Get the Schools We Want?

folder 98

The Meaning of General Educati

folder 99

Report of the Chancellor, 1951-1952

folder 100

The Unique Function of Education in American Democracy



folder 101

The Educational Dilemma in a Democratic Society: Challenges in Two National Commission Reports

folder 102

Freedom and the Future of Private Colleges and Universities

folder 103

Freshman Orientation, University of Buffalo, N.Y.

folder 104

Higher Education and Freedom

folder 105

The Individual and General Education

folder 106

Psychological Basis of the Development of Social Studies Skills

folder 107

Report of the Chancellor, 1952-1953

folder 108

Some Unresolved Problems of Secondary Education

folder 109

Speech for the Dedication of Williamsville High School

folder 110

Statement on the Meaning and Necessity of Intellectual and Academic Freedom

folder 111

Strengths and Weaknesses in General Education



folder 112

Address of Welcome, Fiftieth Annual Meeting of the American Association of University Professors, Buffalo, N.Y.

folder 113

Cooperation, Organization and Administration: Positives vs. Negatives

folder 114

Financing Liberal Education

folder 115

A Larger Role for Higher Education

folder 116

Numbers and Standards

folder 117

Opening Remarks, Annual Meeting of AAUP Buffalo

folder 118

Report of the Chancellor, University of Buffalo, N.Y.

folder 119

A Re-Study of Higher Education in California: Its Implications for Teacher Education

folder 120

The Role of the Junior College in a Comprehensive Statewide System of Higher Education

folder 121

Student Personnel Services--Marginal or Peripheral

folder 122

A University President Looks at Student Personnel Work



folder 123

The Bearing of Administrative Organization on Interdisciplinary Activities

folder 124

California Studies its Needs and Resources in Higher Education, with T. C. Holy and H. H. Semans

folder 125

Digest of the Restudy of the Needs of California in Higher Education, with T. C. Holy and H. H. Semans

folder 126

Enrollment Increases: Strains on Institutional Resources

folder 127

The Measurement of Introversion-Extroversion

folder 128

Remarks, University of Utah Institute for Professors of Psychiatry, Colorado Springs

folder 129

Strengths and Weaknesses in General Education



folder 130

Identifying Purposes Appropriate to Varying Types of Institutions: Diversity and Unity

folder 131

The Restudy of the Needs of California HIgher Education



folder 132

Determining the Flow of the 'Rising Tide' of Applicants to Higher Education

folder 133

The Diversification of Higher Education: A Research Program

folder 134

Higher Education: Accomplishment and Opportunity Unprecedented

folder 135

Minnesota T.S.E. Inventory and Minnesota T.S.E. Inventory Manual, with C. Evans

folder 136

The Mission of Colleges for Teacher Education

folder 137

The Relation of Institutional Goals and Organization to the Administration of Student Personnel Work



Ctn. 2, folder 1

Academic Leadership

folder 2

Review of The American College President by H. W. Stoke

folder 3

Diversification in Higher Education

folder 4

Do Students Make the College? with P. A. Heist

folder 5

Evaluation of the Institute for Presidents and Academic Deans

folder 6

Review of The House of the Intellect: Intellectual Aristocracyvs. Art, Science and Philanthropy by J. Barzun

folder 7

A Look at the Total Educational Scene

folder 8

The Rediscovery of the Gifted Student



folder 9

Differential Selectivity of American Higher Education

folder 10

Education 1975: Higher Education

folder 11

Problems of Selection of Education Personnel

folder 12

The Vocational College Culture



folder 13

The Diverse College Student Population, with Paul Heist

folder 14

The Future Structure and Function of Higher Education

folder 15

Review of Governance of Colleges and Universities by J. Corson

folder 16

Personality and Scholarship: Distinguishing Characteristics of High Ability Students Who Choose Institutions Ranked High in the Production of Future Scholars, with P. A. Heist, F. Matsler, and P. Williams

folder 17

Problems of Distributing Students among Institutions with Varying Characteristics

folder 18

Report on a Mission to Chile: Study of Opportunities for Support for Higher Education, with D. Trautman and R. Wicham



folder 19

Differences in Student Attitudes toward Civil Liberties and Academic Freedom

folder 20

Diversification in Higher Education Chapter 4 in Talks on American Education, edited by H. Chauncey

folder 21

Diversification in Higher Education, Voice of America Forum

folder 22

Foreword in Promise and Performance, John G. Darley Study of Ability and Achievement in Higher Education, UCB

folder 23

Individual Differences among College Freshmen, with M. A. Trow and H. D. Webster

folder 24

Student Personality Characteristics Associated with Groups of Colleges and Fields of Study, with E. D. Farwell and J. R. Warren



folder 25

Approaches to the Measurement of Intellectual Disposition

folder 26

Britain's Crisis in Education

folder 27

Education Deprivation in a Highly Developed Society

folder 28

Needed Research in College and University Organization and Administration



folder 29

Alternatives to the Practice of a Mystery

folder 30

The Coordination of State Systems of Higher Education

folder 31

The Multi-versity and the Liberal Arts College

folder 32

The Need for Continuity in the Medical School Student's Educational Experience

folder 33

Observations on the Computerization of Higher Education

folder 34

The Role of Coordinating Boards



folder 35

Planning and Coordination

folder 36

A Revolution in British Higher Education



folder 37

The Attainment of Individuality

folder 38

Colleges Which Change Their Students

folder 39

Governments and the University: A Comparative Analysis

folder 40

Higher Education: Accomplishment and Opportunity Unprecedented

folder 41

The Liberal University

folder 42

Rationalizing the Development of Higher Education

folder 43

Stability and Change in Colleges and Universities

folder 44

These We Teach

folder 45

The University and the Crisis of Our Time

folder 46

The University and the State: A Comparative Study



folder 47

Research or Development: A Reconciliation

folder 48

Student Participation in Education and Governance



folder 49

Colleges and Universities as Agents of Social Change: An Introduction

folder 50

The Function of Leadership in Academic Institutions

folder 51

Higher Education in the 1980's

folder 52

The Professional School and the University

folder 53

A Research Base for a Diversified System of Higher Education

folder 54

What College for Whom?



folder 55

Collective Bargaining, Unionism and Academic Senates: Agents and Effects in Faculty Senates

folder 56

Faculty Government through Academic Senates: Authority and Relationships

folder 57

Faculty Interests in Value Change and Power Conflict

folder 58

Faculty Participation in College and University Governance

folder 59

Faculty Resources for Universal Higher Education

folder 60

The Impact of the Minnesota Student Personnel Program on Higher Education

folder 61

The Individual in the Organized University

folder 62

Proposal for a Study of Academic Senates and Faculty Members

folder 63

Trends in American Higher Education



folder 64

Campus Governance: Faculty Participation, The Research Reporter

folder 65

The Context of the Articulation Problem

folder 66

L' exercice de l'autorite a l'universite

folder 67

Faculty Participation in University Governance, with K. P. Mortimer

folder 68

Student Personnel Services -- Central or Peripheral?



folder 69

Accountability and Autonomy

folder 70

Campus Governance -- Faculty Participation, AGB reprint of 1970 article

folder 71

Planning Mechanisms for British Transition to Mass Higher Education, with R. O. Berdahl

folder 72

Review of Statewide Coordination of Higher Education by R. O. Berdahl



folder 73

Do Colleges Affect Student Values?

folder 74

Flexibility or Rigidity: University Attitudes toward the James Report with Margaret A. Fay

folder 75

Flexibility, Quality and Authority in Coordinated Systems of Higher Education

folder 76

The Planning and Coordination of British Higher Education

folder 77

The Presidency: Leadership with Marginal Authority

folder 78

Toward Mass Higher Education in Britain



folder 79

Can the Elite University Survive?

folder 80

Coordination: American and British Style, Review of Higher Education: From Autonomy to Systems, edited by J. A. Perkins and B. B. Israel

folder 81

Higher Education Trinary and Binary: California and Britain Look Ahead



folder 82

The Diploma of Higher Education: Some Dilemmas and Opportunities

folder 83

Expansion with Austerity

folder 84

Orientation Talk at Conference of California Post Secondary Education Commission, June 27, 1974

folder 85

Report of a Study of the Selection Process for the President of San Francisco State University, et al



folder 86

The Time Has Come



folder 87

The Patterning of British Higher Education



folder 88

Administrative Discretion and Shared Authority

folder 89

Comments on the Adminstration of the University of Buffalo, 1950-1954

folder 90

Turning Points in a Scholarly Career



folder 91

Autonomy and Accountability: Some Fundamental Issues



folder 92

Introduction of President Gardner



folder 93

Higher Education and the Changing Labor Force

folder 94



Undated Manuscripts, ca. 1940-1950s

Ctn. 2, folder 95

The Academic Climate and the Development of Scholarly Attitudes

folder 96

Behavioral Objectives in the General Education Program

folder 97

Characteristics of a Profession

folder 98

General Education at the University of Minnesota

folder 99

The Humanities in the Modern World: Commentary on the Record

folder 100

The Liberal Arts College in the Structure of American Higher Education

folder 101

Psychological Basis of General Education


Undated Manuscripts, ca. 1950-1960s

Ctn. 2, folder 102

Broadening the Cultural and Economic Base of College and University Graduates

folder 103

Education for American Democracy

folder 104

The Education of the Intellectually Gifted

folder 105

Freedom to Teach -- Freedom to Learn: A Statement

folder 106

The Proposed National Science Foundation and Educational Freedom

folder 107

The Unique Character of American Higher Education


Undated Manuscripts, ca. 1960s

Ctn. 2, folder 108

Basic Strategy for American Public Higher Education

folder 109

Recent Developments in British Higher Education

folder 110

Struggle for Recovery in Western Europe


Undated Manuscripts, ca. 1960-1970s

Ctn. 2, folder 111

The Changing Character of Colleges and Universities in America

folder 112

Characteristics of Teachers and Administrators

folder 113

The Social Science Curriculum and the Finely Tuned, Culturally Sensitive Mind


Speech Notes, 1942-1982, n.d

Ctn. 3, folder 1

The Responsibility of the Scholar n.d.


Trends in General Education n.d.


General Education n.d.

folder 2

Certain Phases of Teacher Education Which Need More Emphasis n.d.


Commencement Address, Wayne University 1948


“University Freshmen” 1949


Speech given at the University of New Mexico 1950

folder 3

University of Minnesota - Freshman Convocation 1946


Notes on Sidney Hook article 1949


“Liberal Education -- Luxury or Necessity in the Postwar World” 1944


“The Need for Better Preparation of College Teachers” 1949


“Science in the University Structure” n.d.

folder 4

“Educational Problems Calling for Systemwide Analysis and Political Solutions” n.d.


Faculty-Student Banquet, Business Administration 1951


Minnesota Conference on Teacher Education 1942


University of Chicago - “Design for Teacher Education” 1945

folder 5

Committee on General Education n.d.


Faculty Meeting 1942


Men's Club 1982


The Need for Both Public and Private Colleges and Universities n.d.


Notes on Talk Before General Education Committee, Harvard 1944


Statewide Assembly n.d.

folder 6

Miscellaneous n.d.

Cartons 3-5

Series 3: Research Notes/Files, 1956-1986

Scope and Content Note


Divided by subject into 8 sub-series: United Kingdom Research; Psychological Tests; Governance; Master Plan for California; American Higher Education; General Education; Book Research; and, Clippings Files.
Includes working notes and drafts on subjects of interest, including some relevant correspondence.

United Kingdom Research, [ca. 1961-1986]

Ctn. 3, folder 7-14

Research Notes

folder 15

Correspondence, Interview with Sir Eric Ashby

folder 16

Book Outline - British Notes

folder 17

England - Shattuck/Berdahl chapter

folder 18

Edwin Kerr/CNAA

folder 19

British University Development

folder 20

Patterns of British Higher Education

folder 21-22

Lindop Committee

folder 23

Draft of Lancaster Paper

folder 24

Correspondence re Diploma in Higher Education

folder 25

Continuation of the New Universities Conference at Keele TRM Interview

folder 26

Conference with Sir William Cooper, Vice Chancellor of the University of Manchester

folder 27

Conference with Sir Douglas Logan, Principal, University of London

folder 28

Conference with Sir Peter Venables, College of Advanced Technology, Birmingham

folder 29-37

Tape Transcripts

folder 38

Review of Power and Authority in British Universities

folder 39

Sabbatical Report


Psychological Tests, [ca. 1956-1973]

Ctn. 3, folder 40-41

Minnesota TSE Inventory

folder 42-44

OPI Test

folder 45-49

SSI Study


Governance, [ca. 1970-1977]

Ctn. 4, folder 1

Correspondence with John D. Millett re case studies

folder 2

Correspondence re Governance pamphlet

folder 3

Governance proposal

folder 4

Interview notes for Case Study of Berkeley Governance

folder 5

Draft of Campus Governance at Berkeley

folder 6

Governance Workshop

folder 7

Notes on Comments on Case Study of Berkeley Governance and clippings

folder 8

Governance - miscellaneous

folder 9

Draft of book chapter on Faculty-Trustee Relationships

folder 10

Archie R. Dykes manuscript: Faculty Participation in Decision-Making

folder 11

Stull-Pardee AAUP study on governance

folder 12

UCB Senate Committees - notes

folder 13

Interview with Chancellor Bowker re Administrative Committees

folder 14

Organization Theory and University Administration

by Theodore L. Reller


Master Plan for California, [ca. 1960-1972]

Ctn. 4, folder 15

Master Plan for Higher Education in California

folder 16

Master Plan - Legislative Study

folder 17

Master Plan - Liaison Committee (Joint Staff)

folder 18

Master Plan Joint Advisory Committee

folder 19

Master Plan - The Regents


American Higher Education, [ca. 1944-1972]

Ctn. 4, folder 20

Antioch College - correspondence

folder 21


folder 22

California State Colleges 1963 Admissions Study

folder 23

Correspondence re Change article on student values

folder 24

Study of Institutional Change - Anderson & Medsker

folder 25-26

Distinctiveness Study - Santa Cruz

folder 27

Freedom and Purpose in the University, by David Gardner, UCSB

folder 28

Henry L. Mason manuscript on Academic Senates

folder 29

Student Personnel Workers - University of Minnesota

folder 30

University of Minnesota - Foreign Area Studies Curriculum

folder 31

Reviews of A General Pattern for American Higher Education


General Education, [ca. 1943-1957]

Ctn. 4, folder 32

Continuing Conference on General Education

folder 33

Committee on General Education

folder 34

General Education

folder 35

General Education - Humanities

folder 36

General, Liberal, and Professional Education

folder 37

General and Liberal Education

folder 38-39

General Education - reprints and essays

folder 40-44

Committee on General Education - pamphlets


Book Research, [ca. 1964-1983]

Ctn. 4, folder 45-47

McConnell-Mortimer book - outline and clippings, correspondence, reviews

folder 48

Organization and Administration

folder 49

Fresno Interviews, Kerr, etc.

folder 50

Yeshiva Case - papers and clippings

folder 51-52

Robert Berdahl book

Ctn. 5, folder 1

Reviews by McConnell

folder 2

Byrne Report, Governance & Education


Clipping Files, [ca. 1960s-1980s]

Ctn. 5, folder 3


folder 4

College and University Studies

folder 5

Criminology and New Programs

folder 6

Extended University Education

folder 7

David P. Gardner, 1933 -

folder 8

Innovation at Berkeley

folder 9

McConnell-Edelstein Study

folder 10

Eldridge Cleaver case

folder 11

Angela Davis case

folder 12

The Regents and the Davis case

folder 13-14

People's Park, Student Strike, etc.

folder 15

Presidential Leadership

folder 16

1973-1974 University Budget

folder 17-18

Miscellaneous clippings

Ctn. 5

Series 4: Professional Activities, 1955-1984

Scope and Content Note

Files, with correspondence, on committees, conferences, and publications relating to professional organizations. Also includes McConnell's recommendations for former students and colleagues.
Ctn. 5, folder 19

Academy for Educational Development 1975

folder 20

Accreditation - Scripps and Claremont Colleges 1971-72

folder 21

American Academy of Arts and Sciences Conference 1972

folder 22

American Association of University Professors 1971

folder 23

American Educational Research Association Award 1977

folder 24

Association of American Colleges 1970

folder 25

California Post-Secondary Education Commission 1985

folder 26

Carnegie Commission - correspondence 1955-76

folder 27

Carnegie - McConnell study fund 1956-75

folder 28

Early Center for the Study of Higher Education 1963-65

folder 29

CSHE - McConnell-Glenny correspondence 1972-75

folder 30

Notes on Glenny, Lyman A. 1983

folder 31

Chronicle of Higher Education 1974

folder 32

Committee for Economic Development 1973

folder 33

Conference on "Fit" Between Students and Institutions n.d.

folder 34

Conference on Higher Education - AAHE - Edgerton 1978

folder 35

Cornell College, Iowa: General 1960-69

folder 36

Danforth Foundation 1974

folder 37

Directory of California Community Colleges 1975

folder 38

Education Commission of the States - SHEEO 1975

folder 39

Encyclopedia of Education article - Lee Deighton 1967-70

folder 40-41

Extended University


Mortimer Report 1971


Carnegie Proposal - David Gardner 1972

folder 42

Faculty Meeting on Educational Administration 1985

folder 43

Ford Foundation: American-British Conference 1973

folder 44

Fortune Survey of Higher Education 1949

folder 45

Gardner - Report of Growth Plan Task Force - UCB 1971

folder 46

Governing Board - Evaluation of CRHE 1971-74

folder 47

Graduate Students n.d.

folder 48

HEW Symposium on Policy Issues 1974

folder 49

Higher Education Steering Committee 1976-85

folder 50

Jossey-Bass book contract 1977-78

folder 51

Law School Review 1974

folder 52

McConnell Projects - CSHE 1967-68

folder 53

Mortimer Committee Report - CHE 1984

folder 54

National Academy of Education 1973

folder 55

Publication correspondence 1975

folder 56

Reorganization of the School of Education 1978

folder 57

Request for Grant for Commission on Research 1987

folder 58

Review of chapter for Office of Education - Halsted 1971

folder 59

Tenure 1971-72

folder 60

UNESCO - International University 1971

folder 61

Washington State - Advisory Council on Public Higher Education 1966-69

folder 62-63

Recommendations, A-Z miscellaneous

box  Box 4, folder 1-8

Recommendations: 1963-83


Anderson, G. Lester


Beesley, Kenneth H.


Berdahl, Robert


Gortner, Susan R.


Leslie, Larry L.


Martin, Warren B.


Mortimer, Kenneth P.


Paltridge, James Gilbert

Box 4

Series 5: Personal Papers, 1950-1979.

Scope and Content Note

Includes biographical information and records of McConnell's tenure as Chancellor of the University of Buffalo, New York.
box  Box 4, folder 9-10

Biographies and Bibliography 1961-78, n.d.

folder 11

Carnegie Oral History 1967

folder 12

Festschrift 1973

folder 13

Clippings on McConnell 1955-77, n.d.

folder 14-21

University of Buffalo Administration 1950-79