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Charles Stirner Papers (Southern California Waiters Alliance), 1936-1988
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Collection Contents


Series 1. Personal Papers, 1940-1980, n.d.

Physical Description: 3 folders

Scope and Content Note

This series is composed of correspondence, clippings and union dues books. The correspondence includes letters in German from Stirner's relatives in Romania (1978) and newspapers clippings on the Soviet Union and nuclear disarmament issues (1972-1980, n.d.). Also included in this series are Stirner's union dues books from the 1940s. See also Stirner's personal copy of the 1938 Hotel & Restaurant Employees and Bartenders International Union Constitution in the Minutes/Bylaws/Constitution subseries (which contains information on his joining the union), and also the Correspondence subseries of the Union Materials Series.
Box-folder 5/1

Membership Dues Books, 1940-1948

Box-folder 5/2

Family Correspondence - Romania (in German), 1978

Box-folder 1/1

Clippings - Soviet Union, Politics, 1972-1980, n.d.


Series 2. Union Materials, 1936-1988

Physical Description: 6 boxes

Scope and Content Note

This series includes minutes, correspondence, legal documents, flyers, and other materials. The bulk of the materials are from Stirner's tenure as Secretary/Treasurer for the Waiters Alliance (1951-1961), and includes minutes, materials relating to several lawsuits filed by or against Stirner and the local, grievances filed by union members against employers and the union, and a wide variety of other material including correspondence, and copies of the columns Stirner wrote for the Los Angeles Citizen.


This series is divided into 4 subseries: Minutes/Bylaws/Constitution, Lawsuits and Grievances, Correspondence, and Other Union Materials.

Subseries A. Minutes/Bylaws/Constitutions, 1936-1961

Physical Description: 10 folders

Scope and Content Note

This contains minutes from Southern California Waiters Alliance and from the Los Angeles Joint Executive Board from the mid-1950s to the early 1960s. Also included are three versions of bylaws for the Waiters Union Local 17 from 1936, 1957, and 1964, as well as bylaws for the Los Angeles Joint Executive Board (1949, 1957), the Bartenders Local 284 (1956), and the Waitresses and Cafeteria Workers Local 639 (1955), and four versions of the constitution of the Hotel & Restaurant Employees and Bartenders International Union (1938-1966). The 1938 version includes union dues stamp and the date of Stirner's enrollment in the union.
Box-folder 1/2-1/8


Box-folder 1/2-1/6

Southern California Waiters Alliance, Local 17

Box-folder 1/2


Box-folder 1/3


Box-folder 1/4


Box-folder 1/5


Box-folder 1/6


Box-folder 1/7-1/8

Los Angeles Joint Executive Board of Culinary Workers and Bartenders Unions AFL

Box-folder 1/7


Box-folder 1/8


Box-folder 5/3-5/4


Box-folder 5/3

Waiters Local 17, 1936-1964

Box-folder 5/4

Bartenders Local 284, Waitresses Local 639, and Joint Executive Board, 1949-1957

Box-folder 5/5

Constitution - Hotel & Restaurant Employees and Bartenders International Union, 1938-1966


Subseries B. Lawsuits and Grievances, 1946-1963

Physical Description: 38 folders

Scope and Content Note

This subseries include court documents, transcripts, correspondence and other materials relating to both lawsuits filed by or against Stirner and/or the union and grievances filed by union members against employers or the union (Stirner).
The lawsuits deal primarily with issues related to the two trusteeships (1950-1951 and 1961-1963). They include Charles Stirner v. Hugo Ernst et al. challenging the continuation of the 1950-1951 Trusteeship; J. W. Van Hook v. Southern California Waiters Alliance which deals with the Los Angeles Cooks and Waiters Club and charges that Van Hook misused his authority and misappropriated funds while in charge of the club and the Waiters Alliance; John L. Cooper et al. v. Ed S. Miller et al. which dealt with contract and collective bargaining issues; and C.T. McDonough, Trustee et al. v. Edward Simpson et al. concerning challenges to the second trusteeship. The complete transcripts of the July-August 1961 hearing on the continuance of the trusteeship are included in the collection. A number of petitions/pledge sheets signed by union members in support of the 1951 call for election and lawsuit regarding the Cooks and Waiters Club, and a petition concerning the 1961 challenge to the trusteeship, as well as miscellaneous materials relating to these and other legal actions are included in this subseries.
Materials on grievances include correspondence and other documents dealing with complaints concerning wages and working conditions, taxation and distribution of tips, and racial discrimination, as well as challenges to Stirner and Simpson's running of business meetings, including "Tiny" Small's report on a vote challenging the legitimacy of a vote to increase dues. Some of the issues also involve the Waitresses and Bartenders unions. See Correspondence subseries for further information.
Box-folder 2/1-2/7, 5/6-6/4


Box-folder 2/1

Charles Stirner v. Hugo Ernst et al., 1951

Box-folder 2/2

J. W. Van Hook v. Southern California Waiters Alliance, 1950-1958

Box-folder 2/3

John L. Cooper et al. v. Ed S. Miller et al., 1961

Box-folder 2/4-2/5

C.T. McDonough, Trustee et al. v. Edward Simpson et al. [2 folders], 1961-1962

Box-folder 5/6-6/4, 2/6-2/7

Trusteeship Challenge

Box-folder 5/6-6/4

Reporters Transcript of Proceedings - In the Matter of the Hearing to Determine Continuance or Dissolution of Trusteeship over Southern California Waiters Alliance, Local 17, Hotel and Restaurant Employees and Bartenders International Union

Box-folder 5/6

Volume I, pages 1-215, July 25, 1961

Box-folder 5/7

Volume II, pages 216-496, July 26, 1961

Box-folder 5/8

Volume III, pages 497-762, July 27, 1961

Box-folder 5/9

Volume IV, pages 763-948, July 28, 1961

Box-folder 6/1

Volume V, pages 949-1153, August 8, 1961

Box-folder 6/2

Volume VI, pages 1154-1346, August 9, 1961

Box-folder 6/3

Volume VII, pages 1347-1458, August 10, 1961

Box-folder 6/4

Volume [VIII], pages 1459-1705, August 10, 1961

Box-folder 2/6

Correspondence, 1960-1963, n.d.

Box-folder 2/7

Legal Documents/Attorneys notes, 1958-1963, n.d.

Box-folder 2/8-2/13

Petitions/Pledge Sheets

Box-folder 2/8-2/12

Rank and File Committee (Los Angeles Waiters Club Case)

Box-folder 2/8

Campaign Contributions, 1951

Box-folder 2/9

Support bringing of facts, c.1951

Box-folder 2/10

Don't drop lawsuit, c.1952

Box-folder 2/11

Call for election in August, c.1953

Box-folder 2/12

Campaign contributions, 1953

Box-folder 2/13

Protesting Suit by Local 17 Against International, c.1961

Box-folder 3/1-3/9, 6/5-6/8


Box-folder 3/1

Trial Committee, 1951-1961

Box-folder 3/2

Biltmore Grill et al. (Tip Distribution), 1946-1961

Box-folder 3/3

Moulin Rouge and Coconut Grove, 1957-1959

Box-folder 6/5

Sheraton West Hotel Dispute, 1958

Box-folder 6/6

IRS/Tips Dispute, 1958-1959

Box-folder 3/4

Civil Rights/FEPC - Thomas C. Woodard, 1959-1960

Box-folder 6/7

Paul Meister Case, 1959-1960

Box-folder 6/8

Ann Crofford/Landis Largo Case, 1960-1961

Box-folder 3/5-3/7

Correspondence Forwarded to Walter Cowan

Box-folder 3/5

Grievances/Contract Issues, 1958-1961

Box-folder 3/6

Grievance, 1960

Box-folder 3/7

Tips and Wages, 1960-1961

Box-folder 6/9

Tiny Small Report, 1960

Box-folder 3/8

"Charges by Antonio Serafin - Exhibit #4," 1951-1962

Box-folder 3/9

"Charges Against Stirner by Andrew (Scotty) Allan," 1961-1962

Box-folder 3/10-3/13


Box-folder 3/10

Declarations and Summations, 1961

Box-folder 3/11

Other Legal Documents, 1959-1962, n.d.

Box-folder 3/12

Miscellaneous Resolutions, Notes, 1956-1961, n.d.

Box-folder 3/13

Lawyers Correspondence, etc., 1950-1963, n.d.


Subseries C. Correspondence, 1950-1963

Physical Description: 14 folders

Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains correspondence on a variety of issues, including information pertaining to grievances, lawsuits and other issues covered in other series and subseries. It includes both official letters sent to the membership and more personal correspondence. Of special interest are letters to and from Stirner and a variety of politicians and a series of letters from Rosilla Dana Anthony challenging her husband's dismissal as a union business agent. The official correspondence comes first; the rest of the material is in alphabetical order.
Box-folder 3/14-3/16

Southern California Waiters Alliance, Local 17

Box-folder 3/14


Box-folder 3/15


Box-folder 3/16


Box-folder 6/10

Rosilla Dana Anthony, 1958-1959

Box-folder 4/1

John L. Cooper, 1960, n.d.

Box-folder 6/11

C.P.A., 1950-1953

Box-folder 6/12

Edward Miller (General President, International), 1955-1961

Box-folder 6/13

NLRB & U.S. Department of Labor, 1960

Box-folder 6/14

Politicians, 1955-1959

Box-folder 4/2

Rank and File Committee - L.A. Cooks and Waiters Club, 1950-1954, n.d.

Box-folder 6/15

Restaurant Hotel Employees Council, 1960-1961

Box-folder 6/16

Simpson-Stirner Committee, 1961-1963

Box-folder 4/3

Charles Stirner - "Personal," 1951-1959, n.d.

Box-folder 4/4

Conrad Yensh, 1959-1963


Subseries D. Other Union Materials, 1939-1988

Physical Description: 22 folders

Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains a variety of other union related materials including financial statements, benefit information, election campaign materials, lists, files of Edward Simpson (Local President), and the texts of Stirner's regular column, titled "Waiters Union Local 17," which ran in the Los Angeles Citizen, the Official Publication of the Los Angeles American Federation of Labor Unions, and a speech by Stirner. The two folders labeled " Edward Simpson's File" were kept intact even though some of the items are duplicates of materials elsewhere in the collection. The final folder contains materials relating to the union, which Stirner collected after his retirement.


This series is arranged alphabetically.
Box-folder 7/1-7/2


Box-folder 7/1

Benefits and Welfare Fund, 1952-1963

Box-folder 7/2

Health and Welfare (Retirement), 1959, n.d.

Box-folder 7/3

Bills/Financial Information, 1945-1958, n.d.

Box-folder 4/5-4/10

Los Angeles Citizen Column- Waiters Union Local 17

Box-folder 4/5


Box-folder 4/6


Box-folder 4/7


Box-folder 4/8


Box-folder 4/9

1958-1959, n.d.

Box-folder 4/10

Clippings, 1955-1957, n.d.

Box-folder 4/11-4/12, 7/4, 8/1

Election Campaigns

Box-folder 4/11

"Election 1961," 1960-1961

Box-folder 4/12

Various Waiters Campaign Materials, 1951-1963, n.d.

Box-folder 8/1

Sample Ballots (some with totals recorded), 1950-1963, n.d.

Box-folder 7/4

Cooks, Waitresses, and Bartenders Campaign Materials, 1950-1962, n.d.

Box-folder 4/13-4/14


Box-folder 4/13

Officers/Mailing Lists, n.d.

Box-folder 4/14

Lists & Notes (Miscellaneous), n.d.

Box-folder 7/5

Los Angeles Joint Executive Board of Hotel and Restaurant Employees - Credit Union, 1960

Box-folder 7/6

Political Cartoons (Internal), n.d.

Box-folder 4/15-4/16

Edward Simpson's File [2 folders], 1939-1960

Box-folder 4/17

Speech, 1959, n.d.

Box-folder 7/7

Stirner-Simpson Committee Ribbons, n.d.

Box-folder 7/8

Uniform Contracts, 1955-1976

Box-folder 7/9

Miscellaneous Union Material, 1981-1988


Series 3. Photographs and Clippings, 1950-1957, n.d.

Physical Description: 2 folders and several oversize items/folders

Scope and Content Note

This series includes photographs, miscellaneous clippings and pages from a scrapbook containing both photographs and clippings. All of the photographs are union related, though most are unidentified. The panoramic print is rolled and needs conservation.
Box-folder 7/10

Miscellaneous Clippings, 1950s-1960s

Box-folder 7/11, 8/2-8/5


Box-folder 7/11

c. 1950s-1960s

Box-folder 8/2

"First Senior Members Receiving Their Continued Health and Welfare Benefits and Retirement Income," 1956

Box-folder 8/3

Studio Portrait - Stirner? n.d.

Box-folder 8/4

Rolled Panorama Print, n.d.

Box-folder 8/5

Scrapbook pages (13 sheets), 1950-1957, n.d.