Preliminary Inventory to the Louis Edgar Browne papers

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Louis Edgar Browne papers
Date (inclusive): 1917-1956
Collection number: 69033
Creator: Browne, Louis Edgar, 1891-1951
Collection Size: 2 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize box, 2 envelopes (1.2 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Dispatches, correspondence, printed matter, and photographs, relating to political conditions in Russia during the Russian Revolution, Allied intervention in Russia, and political conditions in Turkey at the end of World War I. Entire collection also available on microfilm (1 reel).
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Language: English.

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World War, 1914-1918
Soviet Union
Russia (Federation)
Soviet Union--History--Revolution, 1917-1921
Soviet Union--History--Allied intervention, 1918-1920
Turkey--History--Revolution, 1918-1923

Container List

Box 1, Folder 1

Trade: Milliye nos. 1-2, 1919 September 14 and 17

Folder 2

Umumi Kongre Heyeti, Umumi Kongre Beyannamesi, Sivas, 1335 September 11

Folder 3a

Dispatch concerning Halidé Edib, no. 1, n.d. (in English)

Folder 3b

Miscellaneous papers concerning the Sivas Congress. Includes conversations with Charles R. Crane, chief member of the American section of the Allied Committee on Mandates for Turkey (in English)

Folder 3c

Sharki Anadolu mudafan-i hukuh cemiyeti. Sharki Anadolu Vilayeti Erzerum kangresi beyannamesi, 1335 August 7

Folder 3d

United States Naval Radio Press, 1919 August 11, 28 and 31, September 15. USS Galveston,1919 August 31

Folder 3e

Telegraphic dispatches, in draft form, from Sivas, 1919 September (in English)

Folder 3f

Letter to Charles R. Crane, 1919 August 25

Folder 3g

United States Navy reports on the Greek occupation of Smyrna, 1919 May

Folder 3h

National Congress of Sivas to the President of the Senate of the United States of America, 1919 September 19

Folder 3i

Umumi Knogre Heyeti, Umumi Kongre Beyannamesi. Sivas, 1335 September 11

Folder 3j

Edib, Halidé. Letters to the American public, Istanbul, 1919 August 17

Folder 3k

Dispatches. Typed drafts, carbons

Folder 3l

Miscellaneous material on National Congress at Sivas. Memoranda, notes, inauguration speech of Kemal Pacha, miscellaneous translations, and manuscripts

Folder 4

"Copie du Memorandum remis le Janvier 18, 1919 aux Hauts Commissaires des Puissances Alliées et au Commissaire des Etats-Unis d'Amerique," Constantinople, 1919



Folder 5

Corey, Herbert, 1919 October, 1920 May

Folder 6

Bristol, Rear Admiral Mark, 1919 October 24, December 6

Folder 7

Campbell, W. Archie, 1919 October 18, 1921 February 7, 1922 September 16

Folder 8

Carter, John, Jr., 1919 December 5, 9 1920 March 8

Folder 9

Diary, 1919

Folder 10

The Georgian Messenger, nos. 1-8, 1919 February 23 -April 26 (in English)

Folder 11

The Trans-Caucasian Post, nos. 1-17, 1919 February 21 -April 26 (in English)

Folder 12


Folder 13

Covenant Preamble, Paris, 1919 February 14

Folder 14

Dispatches to Chicago Daily News, nos. 39-54, 1919 October 1-November 1

Folder 15

Dispatches from Turkey, n.d.

Folder 16

Copy of a section of The Nineteenth Century, vol. LXXIX, no. 472, "The Future of Asiatic Turkey"

Folder 17

Why Armenia Should Be Free, by Dr. G. Dasdermadjian, Boston, Hairenik Publishing Co., 1919

Folder 18

Address by President Wilson, delivered at Mt. Vernon, 1918 July 4

Folder 19

Address by President Wilson, delivered at Joint Session of Congress, 1918 November 11

Folder 20

Correspondence with J. C. Callahan, 1919 October 17, December 9

Folder 21a

"Turkish Conscription." Graph, 1914

Folder 21b

"Nationalities in Turkey." Map and Table

Folder 21c

Population statistics before 1914

Folder 21d

Population statistics for 1893-1897

Scope and Contents note

For map of Armenian populations, see Box 3.
Folder 21e

Public schools in Turkey, n.d.

Folder 22

Dispatches from Greece, September 1-10

Folder 23

Miscellaneous newspaper clippings regarding Kemal, etc. (in French)

Folder 24

Correspondence with A. Lapine, 1919 December 8, 1920 February 11, March 17

Folder 25

Letter from the National Congress at Sivas to the President of the Senate of the United States, signed by Mustaysha Kemal Pacha and four other officials, 1919 September 9

Folder 26

Extract of telegram sent by the National Congress at Sivas to "Your Majesty," 1919 September 1

Folder 27

Description of events at National Congress at Sivas. Typescript with some handwritten variations

Box 2, Folder 1

Excerpts from Isvestia, Rabochy Narod, Petrograd Ryech, Vpered, Vetser, etc. (in English), and unidentified excerpts, regarding the statements by Trotsky, 1917 November 22, 28; recognition of Bolshevik government by the United States; decree on nationalization of banks; Brest Litovsk; Red Cross 'conspiracy'

Folder 2

Dispatches on Russian affairs, 1917 October-1918 May

Folder 3

Mimeographed sheets entitled "Opinion" on political affairs in Russia, etc. (in French)

Folder 4

Newspaper clippings regarding Russian conditions, Germany, etc. (in English)

Folder 5

Typescript report entitled "Russian American Commercial Relations," written after 1916. Includes miscellaneous notes on Trotsky

Folder 6a

Translation of Pravda, regarding arrival of German Ambassador, 1918 April 24

Folder 6b

Copy of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics appeal to the United States regarding chief of American Red Cross, Raymond Robins, n.d.

Folder 6c

Memorandum on various subjects, including Vladivostok, the Murmansk incidents, and foreign relations, 1918 April

Folder 6d

Table of governments in Russia, 1917 March-October

Folder 6e

"Russian Revolutionary Pamphlets, Decrees, Orders and Proclamations of the Provisional Workmen's and Peasants' Government of the Russian Republic," vol. 1, 1917 October 25 -December 1. Petrograd, 1918 February. Typescript

Folder 6f

Material regarding French forces leaving Odessa, 1919 April?

Folder 6g

Memorandum entitled 'Vechnie Chass', April 4; typescript entitled "Evacuation of French Expeditionary Force and Russian Volunteer Guards from Odessa," 1919 April 4; excerpt from News ( Isvestia)' "Comrade Workmen of the City of Sebastopol"

Folder 6h

Memorandum from William B. Webster(?) on Bolshevism in Russia, Stockholm, 1918 October 12

Folder 6i

Reports by A. Lessin, "Germans in the Baltic Provinces"

Folder 6j

Note quoting Lenin, March 14

Folder 6k

Dispatch, Petrograd, January 13. Typescript


6l Memoranda entitled "Pro and Con for Allied Recognition of the Soviet Form of Government," 1918 May 2 and 5

Folder 7

"Lenin and His Party." notes based on Tsialovski's 'Bolsheviki' regarding Bolsheviks found in the political section of the police department in Moscow, and Baturin's 'History of Social Democracy in Russia.' Typescript

Folder 8

Report on Russo-Ukraine conflict. Typescript

Folder 9

Report on law in Russia, 1918 August

Folder 10

Report on German forces in Ukraine. Typescript with handwritten annotations

Folder 11

Report on Japanese intervention in Russia (and Siberia, etc.)

Folder 12

Report on Czechoslovak forces in Russia, 1918 July. Typescript with handwritten annotations

Folder 13

Report on Finnish socialists and the effects on Russia. Typescript with handwritten annotations

Box 3

One package of negative photostats from the Chicago Daily News, of articles on the Russian situation, mostly by LEB

Box 3

Map of Armenian populations