Shasta Springs, July-August 1899, July-August 1899

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Shasta Springs, July-August 1899, July-August 1899

Collection number: BANC PIC 1991.036--ALB

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Shasta Springs
Date: July-August 1899
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1991.036--ALB
Photographer: Mary McLean Olney.
Extent: 1 album (90 photographic prints) ; 17 x 16 cm. 90 digital objects
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
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Languages Represented: Collection materials are in English

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Acquisition Information

The Shasta Springs album was acquired from Constance Condit.


Mary McLean Olney was born in Oakland in 1873. She graduated from the University of California in 1895 with majors in English and Latin. After a brief period of teaching at Stanford University, she became the first dean of women at Pomona College, and later was made a trustee at Pomona. She was a member of the National Board of the YWCA, the Berkeley Town and Gown Club, San Francisco's Town and Country Club, and many other civic organizations.
Her husband was Warren Olney Jr., a former president of the University of California Alumni Association and legal counsel for the Board of Regents. The couple had two sons and one daughter. At her death in 1965 at the age of 92, she was remembered as one of the Berkeley community's most active citizens in civic affairs.
( Source: "Mary McLean Olney: Taken by Death at 92," The Berkeley Gazette. August 14, 1965.)

Scope and Content

This collection consists of an album of 90 photographic prints of Mount Shasta and vicinity, taken in July and August, 1899. The photographer is probably Mary McLean Olney. Included are images of Mount Shasta and vicinity (including Castle Crags and McCloud), waterfalls (many of Mossbrae Falls), camping, a train, and the lumber mill at McCloud. Captions handwritten below the photographs are reprinted in the container listing.

Container Listing


The Mountain BANC PIC 1991.036:01--ALB


Mountain & River from Artist's Point BANC PIC 1991.036:02--ALB


River below the Springs. BANC PIC 1991.036:03--ALB


Below the Springs BANC PIC 1991.036:04--ALB


From the Station BANC PIC 1991.036:05--ALB


The Station BANC PIC 1991.036:06--ALB


Train time BANC PIC 1991.036:07--ALB


On the Trail


On the Trail BANC PIC 1991.036:08--ALB


On the Trail BANC PIC 1991.036:09--ALB


On the Trail BANC PIC 1991.036:10--ALB


On the Trail BANC PIC 1991.036:11--ALB


Glimpse from the Hammocks BANC PIC 1991.036:12--ALB


Above the Springs BANC PIC 1991.036:13--ALB


Hedge Creek Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:14--ALB


Mossbrae Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:15--ALB




Mossbrae BANC PIC 1991.036:16--ALB


Mossbrae BANC PIC 1991.036:17--ALB


Mossbrae from the Bridge BANC PIC 1991.036:18--ALB


Mossbrae BANC PIC 1991.036:19--ALB


Little Mossbrae BANC PIC 1991.036:20--ALB


Castle Crags BANC PIC 1991.036:21--ALB


The Crags BANC PIC 1991.036:22--ALB


Castle Crags Tavern Meadows BANC PIC 1991.036:23--ALB


In Castle Crags Meadows BANC PIC 1991.036:24--ALB


[In Castle Crags Meadows] BANC PIC 1991.036:25--ALB


The Meadows BANC PIC 1991.036:26--ALB


The Gum Gatherer BANC PIC 1991.036:27--ALB


Ditto BANC PIC 1991.036:28--ALB


Mt. Shasta from Sisson Meadows BANC PIC 1991.036:29--ALB


Black Butte & Sisson's Lake BANC PIC 1991.036:30--ALB


From Sisson Tavern Piazza BANC PIC 1991.036:31--ALB


Sisson Meadows, July 25 BANC PIC 1991.036:32--ALB


Both sides of it


Both sides of it BANC PIC 1991.036:33--ALB


Both sides of it BANC PIC 1991.036:34--ALB


At the Fish Hatchery BANC PIC 1991.036:35--ALB


From Sisson Tavern BANC PIC 1991.036:36--ALB


Up the Mountain BANC PIC 1991.036:37--ALB


On top BANC PIC 1991.036:38--ALB


[Man on top of the mountain] BANC PIC 1991.036:39--ALB


[Man on the side of the mountain] BANC PIC 1991.036:40--ALB


The View BANC PIC 1991.036:41--ALB


Shasta from McCloud BANC PIC 1991.036:42--ALB


At McCloud


At McCloud BANC PIC 1991.036:43--ALB


At McCloud BANC PIC 1991.036:44--ALB


Near McCloud BANC PIC 1991.036:45--ALB


McCloud BANC PIC 1991.036:46--ALB


McCloud Hill BANC PIC 1991.036:47--ALB


The Mill BANC PIC 1991.036:48--ALB


[The Mill] BANC PIC 1991.036:49--ALB


The Mill BANC PIC 1991.036:50--ALB


Log rolling BANC PIC 1991.036:51--ALB


Log-wheel BANC PIC 1991.036:52--ALB


Traction Engine BANC PIC 1991.036:53--ALB


Waiting for the Stage BANC PIC 1991.036:54--ALB


Falls of the McCloud BANC PIC 1991.036:55--ALB




Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:56--ALB


Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:57--ALB


Middle Falls


Middle Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:58--ALB


Middle Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:59--ALB


Middle Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:60--ALB


Middle Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:61--ALB


Middle Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:62--ALB


Middle Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:63--ALB




Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:64--ALB


Falls BANC PIC 1991.036:65--ALB


Bigelow's BANC PIC 1991.036:66--ALB


Bigelow's Dairy BANC PIC 1991.036:67--ALB


McCloud Forest


McCloud Forest BANC PIC 1991.036:68--ALB


McCloud Forest BANC PIC 1991.036:69--ALB


McCloud Forest BANC PIC 1991.036:70--ALB


McCloud River BANC PIC 1991.036:71--ALB


Camping BANC PIC 1991.036:72--ALB


McCloud River BANC PIC 1991.036:73--ALB


The Wheelers BANC PIC 1991.036:74--ALB


Back from Fowler's BANC PIC 1991.036:75--ALB


Black Butte BANC PIC 1991.036:76--ALB


Ready to start BANC PIC 1991.036:77--ALB


Shasta from Panther Creek BANC PIC 1991.036:78--ALB


Shasta from under Red Butte BANC PIC 1991.036:79--ALB


Walter K. Fisher at "Hemlock" BANC PIC 1991.036:80--ALB


Mountain Hemlocks & White Bark Pines BANC PIC 1991.036:81--ALB


Shasta, showing Mud Creek Glacier BANC PIC 1991.036:82--ALB


Mud Creek Canon BANC PIC 1991.036:83--ALB


Mountain Hemlocks


Mountain Hemlocks BANC PIC 1991.036:84--ALB


Mountain Hemlocks BANC PIC 1991.036:85--ALB


Up the Sacramento BANC PIC 1991.036:86--ALB


The Grade below Mott BANC PIC 1991.036:87--ALB


Retrospect BANC PIC 1991.036:88--ALB


[Mountain spring] BANC PIC 1991.036:89--ALB


[River] BANC PIC 1991.036:90--ALB