Register of the Derby (Howard ) Collection, 1845-1955

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Register of the Derby (Howard ) Collection, 1845-1955

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Title: Derby (Howard ) Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1845-1955
Collection number: Mss265
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personal name

Derby, Howard (1894-1966)

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Owen, Isaac (1809-1866)

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Taylor, William (1821-1902)

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Roberts, William (1812-1888)

corporate name

United Methodist Church -California -History


California -Politics and government -1850-1950


California -Church history


Oregon -Church history


United States. Army -World War, 1914-1918 -History -Anecdotes


Pan Americanism


Geography -California


Howard W. Derby (1894-1966) was the son of California Methodist minister, George Derby (1863-1922). A member of the California National Guard, he served in Mexico and in France from 1916 through 1918. In 1933, he married Vera Mae Reaume and settled in San Francisco, where he was employed as an insect and rodent exterminator. Derby occasionally penned local history articles---notably on the Arcata area where he spent a part of his childhood. An active Methodist layman and member of the Parkside Church, Derby worked as research assistant to Northern California-Nevada Conference Historian, Leon L. Loofbourow, author of In Search of God's Gold (1950), a history of the Methodist Church in California, and Cross in the Sunset (1956), a history of the Northern California-Nevada Conference.

Scope and Content

The Derby Collection consists principally of notes and transcriptions of materials on early Pacific Coast Methodism (1845-1875) compiled by Derby for historian Leon Loofbourow from nineteenth century Methodist publications. Other materials include clippings files on California government, politics and geography (1936-1956), Inter-American Relations and papers relating to Derby's National Guard unit (1916-18).


BOX ONE: CALIFORNIA GOVERNMENT ACTIVITIES CLIPPINGS FILES, 1936-1956 [**These files consist almost entirely of newspaper clippings; folder titles in quotation marks are those provided by Derby himself]


1.1-"Organization of Administrative Branch of Govt. of Calif., 1919 & 31"


1.2-"Highway Patrol" [1936]


1.3-"Alcatraz" [1937-54]


1.4-"Federal Aid to Agriculture" [USDA Calif. Handbook, 1938]


1.5-"Jerry Voorhis" [Democratic Congressman from Orange/San Diego area, 1939]


1.6-[US]"Senator Sheridan Downey" [1939-51]


1.7-"Administration of [Calif. Governor] Culbert Olsen" [1939-43]


1.8-"Legislative Session" [1939]


1.9-"Food Stamps" [1939]


1.10-"Legislative Session" [1940]


1.11-"Tidelands Oil" [1940-50]


1.12-"Streamlined State Government" [1941]


1.13-"Administration--elected" [1941]


1.14-"Youth Correction Authority" [1941-43]


1.15-"Senator Jack Tenney" [1949-53]


1.16-"Tenney Committee on UnAmerican Activities" [1941-48]


1.17-"OPA" [Office of Price Administration, 1943]


1.18-"Administration of Earl Warren 1943-47"


1.19-"Federal vs. State Water Control" [1945-50]


1.20-"Earl Warren Second Term 1947-1951"


1.21-"State Corrections Director" [1945-53]


1.22-"State Dept. Public Health" [1946]


1.23-"Board of Equalization Liquor Control" [1946-53]


1.24-"Crime Commission" [1948-50]


1.25-"Federal Judiciary--Tax Evasion Charges" [1950-52]


1.26-"Federal Control Over Econonmy" [1951]


1.27-[House Un-American Activities Committee--Hollywood Investigations, 1951]


1.28-"Third Warren Administration 1951-55"


1.29-"Legislative Session" [1951]


1.30-"Legislative Session" [1952]


1.31-"Legislative Session" [1953]


1.32-"The Legislature--General" [1953]


1.33-"Senator Knowland" [1951-53]


1.34-"House of Representatives--Ernest K. Bramblett" [1952-54]


1.35-"Federal Institutions in California" [1953-54] [Monterey Language School; Merchant Marine Academy; Alcatraz Penitentiary]


1.36-"State Dept. Veterans Affairs" [1953]


1.37-"Legislative Session" [1954]


1.38-"State Water Resources Board" [1954]


1.39-"Social Welfare Dept." [1954]


1.40-"State Board of Equalization"[1954]


1.41-"State Dept. of Employment" [1954]


1.42-"Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control" [1954]


1.43-"State Alcoholic Rehabilitation Comm." [1954]


1.44-"Legislative Session" [1955]


1.45-"Legislature Woman Members" [1955]


1.46-"State Park Commission" [1955]


1.47-"Nixon" [1955]


1.48-"Mare Island Naval Shipyard" [n.d.]


1.49-"Knight's Poem Penned by Bride" [Gov. Goodwin J. Knight, n.d.]


BOX TWO: CALIF. GEOGRAPHY & HISTORY; INTER-AMERICAN RELATIONS [** These files consist almost entirely of newspaper clippings. Folder titles are those provided by Derby himself]


2.1-"Counties--Names" [1945]


2.2-"County Boundaries" [1950]


2.3-"Amador County" [1951]


2.4-"Butte County" [1951]


2.5-"Calaveras County" [1952]


2.6-"Los Angeles County" [1953]


2.7-"Madera County" [1953]


2.8-"Mariposa County" [1951]


2.9-"Deserts" [Mojave, 1954-55]


2.10-"Fauna--The Condor" Sat Ev Post (4-7-51)


2.11-"Geology" [1951]


2.12-"Glaciers" [Lyell, 1952]


2.13-"Lakes" [Eagle, Donner, Tahoe--incl. misc. brochures, postcards]


2.14-"Crater Lake & Yosemite through the ages," Natl Geogr 71 (3-37)


2.15-"Santa Cruz Mountains" [incl. material on Lassen eruption of 1914, 1954]


2.16-"US Forest Service Region 5 [California]" Sat Ev Post (8-14-54)


2.17-"Slough Area" [Martinez, 1951]


2.18-"Los Angeles County Museum" [1953]


2.19-"Santa Cruz Quadrangle" [USGS Quad Maps, 1905 & 1911]


2.20-"Mt. Lyell Quadrangle" [USGS Quad Map, 1924]


2.21-"7th Pan-American Conference--Montevideo, 1932-33"


2.22-"Buenos Aires Conference, 1936"


2.23-"Bonds between the Americas," Natl Geogr 72 (12-37)


2.24-"Lima Conference, 1938"


2.25-"Panama Conference, Sep.-Oct. 1939"


2.26-"Havana Conf.,1940"


2.27-"Revolutions since 1945"


2.28-"European possessions in the Americas" [1953]


[**These materials consist chiefly of manuscript notes and transcriptions of primary and secondary sources] 2.29-"Chief Truckee & Descendants"


2.30-"Mexican War Notes" [i.e. in California]


2.31-"Mexican War docs."


2.32-"Enlistments, Rolls--Mexican War"


2.33-"Directories, Registers, etc. abstracted" [Gt. Registers: Alameda, Mendocino, SF, Santa Clara, 1867; SF Directory of 1856; citations from Grizzly Bear, 1912-15]


2.34-"Catalogue--Civil War North" [lists Union soldiers in Calif.]


2.35-"Civil War--North" [do.; **NB. These may be Methodists only]




3.1-"To the Gold Rush in Calif., 1846-47: Emigration Mexican War Period" [transcr. Oregon Hist Soc J]


3.2-"Methodists in California before 1848" [lt. blue notebook]


3.3-"ME Missions & Trip to Calif."


3.4-"Fall of 1848 Calif. 1849 to arrival of missionaries"


3.5-"General Conf. 1848 Appt. etc. of Missionaries"


3.6-"Eastern work on behalf of Calif. Mission"




3.8-"Roberts activities on coast prior to appt. as Supt. of Oregon Calif. Mission Conf."


3.9-"Roberts activities after being advised of creation of Mission Calif."


3.10-"Roberts' Records" (1848-49) [grey term paper folder]


3.11-Do. [2d copy?]


3.12-Do. [3rd copy?]


3.13-"Services enroute"


3.14-"Taylor & Owen Administration 1849-Aug 1850...Roberts Tour 1850"


3.15-"Conference Year 1850-51"


3.16-[19th c. pastoral appts., Calif.] [brown legal tablet]


3.17-[Early appts., 1849-53]


3.18-"Sermons" [1851-52]


3.19-"Conf. yr. 1851-52; Genl. Conf. 1852"


3.20-"Calif. Conf. Oct. 1852-Feb 1853"


3.21-"Slavery question in California"


3.22-[Misc. notes on slavery, photos, etc.]


3.23-"Slavery" [esp. East Coast; incl. long set of notes on Missouri, 1845]


3.24-"Slavery" [esp. California sources, 1850s]


3.25-"SF Director notes transferred" [1840s/60s]


3.26-"Calif. Conferences & Missions"


3.27-[Misc. notes on individual 19th c. ministers in Calif.]


3.28-"Notes Conf. Min. Checked & Transcribed for Ministerial Biog. Calif. Conf."


3.29-"US Maritime Comm...." [misc. notes on individual ministers]


3.30-"Minutes: Pac. Conf. ME Ch. South; Nevada Conf & Nev Miss ME Ch; Oregon Conf ME Ch; Columbia River Conf ME Ch" [notes on individuals, 1860s/70s]


3.31-"Olympic Steamship..." [misc. notes incl. loc. photos early ministers]


3.32-[Training of var. ministers on lists]


3.33-[Calif. Conf. & ME South indexing from Conf. Minutes w/ some stats.]


3.34-"ME Church, South, Cal. 1852-1883" [misc. notes from local histories]


3.35-"Report of Committee to define the position of the ME Church South in California 1856" [transcr. from Conf. Minutes]


3.36-"ME Church, South/Pacific Conf." [misc. stats. & notes from conf. journals]


3.37-"ME Church, South--Calif. Civil War Vets"


3.38-"Civil War Records--ME Church, South"




4.1-"History of Temple Church" [SF] [misc. papers, programs, docs.]


4.2-"Temple Times" [periodical of Temple Church, SF, 1956-66]


4.3-"General Church Govt.--Local" [1960s]


4.4-"Special Services--ME Churches" [misc. programs, periodicals, 1960s]


4.5-"Freeborn Garrettson by 7th & 8th gr. Shasta Dam Comm. ME Church, 1963" [biog. of 18th c. American Methodist]


4.6-[El Carmelo Methodist Cemetery, Pacific Grove]


4.7-"To LLL, Membership--Population" [Methodist stats.]


4.8-"Statistics California, 1900-1939"


4.9-"Calif./Nev. Conf.. 1947" [programs, calendars, etc.]


4.10-"Do., 1948"


4.11-"Do., 1952"


4.12-"Calif.-Nev. Conference, 1953"


4.13-"Do., 1954"


4.14-"Do., 1955"


4.15-"Do., 1956"


4.16-"Do., 1958"


4.17-"Do., 1960"


4.18-"Do., 1961"


4.19-"Do., 1962"


4.20-"Do., 1963"


4.21-"Do., 1964"


4.22-"Calif/Nevada Conf 1965"


4.23-"Calif/Nevada Conf 1966"


4.24-"Conf. Historical Society"


4.25-"Books" [booksellers' lists; bibliogs. on Meth. history etc.]


4.26-[Howard Derby WWI military unit: list of vets w/ addresses & some notes on experiences; blue canvas binder]


4.27-[Chaplain's (?) pocket spiralbound notebook]


4.28-"Religion in US at time of immigration"


4.29-"Non-Meth 1846-47"


4.30-"East Non Meth Missionary, 1848"


4.31-"Non-Meth to Sept 1849"


4.32-"East Non-Methodist 1849"


4.33-"Religious work in mines to Summer of 1850"


4.34-"Tract Temperance Bible Societies" [Calif., 1850-51]


4.35-"Non-Methodist Sept `49-Aug `50"


4.36-"US Maritime Comm..." [early Presbyterian appts.]


4.37-"East Non-Methodist 1850"


4.38-"Non-Methodist Calif Aug 1850-Aug 51"


4.39-"East Non-Methodist 1851"


4.40-"Non-Methodist Aug 51-Feb 53"


4.41-"East non Methodist 1852"


4.42-"Churches & Statistics of all denominations" [Calif. 1850s]


4.43-"Am. Soc. of Church History"