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Register of the Derby (Howard ) Collection, 1845-1955
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BOX ONE: CALIFORNIA GOVERNMENT ACTIVITIES CLIPPINGS FILES, 1936-1956 [**These files consist almost entirely of newspaper clippings; folder titles in quotation marks are those provided by Derby himself]


1.1-"Organization of Administrative Branch of Govt. of Calif., 1919 & 31"


1.2-"Highway Patrol" [1936]


1.3-"Alcatraz" [1937-54]


1.4-"Federal Aid to Agriculture" [USDA Calif. Handbook, 1938]


1.5-"Jerry Voorhis" [Democratic Congressman from Orange/San Diego area, 1939]


1.6-[US]"Senator Sheridan Downey" [1939-51]


1.7-"Administration of [Calif. Governor] Culbert Olsen" [1939-43]


1.8-"Legislative Session" [1939]


1.9-"Food Stamps" [1939]


1.10-"Legislative Session" [1940]


1.11-"Tidelands Oil" [1940-50]


1.12-"Streamlined State Government" [1941]


1.13-"Administration--elected" [1941]


1.14-"Youth Correction Authority" [1941-43]


1.15-"Senator Jack Tenney" [1949-53]


1.16-"Tenney Committee on UnAmerican Activities" [1941-48]


1.17-"OPA" [Office of Price Administration, 1943]


1.18-"Administration of Earl Warren 1943-47"


1.19-"Federal vs. State Water Control" [1945-50]


1.20-"Earl Warren Second Term 1947-1951"


1.21-"State Corrections Director" [1945-53]


1.22-"State Dept. Public Health" [1946]


1.23-"Board of Equalization Liquor Control" [1946-53]


1.24-"Crime Commission" [1948-50]


1.25-"Federal Judiciary--Tax Evasion Charges" [1950-52]


1.26-"Federal Control Over Econonmy" [1951]


1.27-[House Un-American Activities Committee--Hollywood Investigations, 1951]


1.28-"Third Warren Administration 1951-55"


1.29-"Legislative Session" [1951]


1.30-"Legislative Session" [1952]


1.31-"Legislative Session" [1953]


1.32-"The Legislature--General" [1953]


1.33-"Senator Knowland" [1951-53]


1.34-"House of Representatives--Ernest K. Bramblett" [1952-54]


1.35-"Federal Institutions in California" [1953-54] [Monterey Language School; Merchant Marine Academy; Alcatraz Penitentiary]


1.36-"State Dept. Veterans Affairs" [1953]


1.37-"Legislative Session" [1954]


1.38-"State Water Resources Board" [1954]


1.39-"Social Welfare Dept." [1954]


1.40-"State Board of Equalization"[1954]


1.41-"State Dept. of Employment" [1954]


1.42-"Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control" [1954]


1.43-"State Alcoholic Rehabilitation Comm." [1954]


1.44-"Legislative Session" [1955]


1.45-"Legislature Woman Members" [1955]


1.46-"State Park Commission" [1955]


1.47-"Nixon" [1955]


1.48-"Mare Island Naval Shipyard" [n.d.]


1.49-"Knight's Poem Penned by Bride" [Gov. Goodwin J. Knight, n.d.]


BOX TWO: CALIF. GEOGRAPHY & HISTORY; INTER-AMERICAN RELATIONS [** These files consist almost entirely of newspaper clippings. Folder titles are those provided by Derby himself]


2.1-"Counties--Names" [1945]


2.2-"County Boundaries" [1950]


2.3-"Amador County" [1951]


2.4-"Butte County" [1951]


2.5-"Calaveras County" [1952]


2.6-"Los Angeles County" [1953]


2.7-"Madera County" [1953]


2.8-"Mariposa County" [1951]


2.9-"Deserts" [Mojave, 1954-55]


2.10-"Fauna--The Condor" Sat Ev Post (4-7-51)


2.11-"Geology" [1951]


2.12-"Glaciers" [Lyell, 1952]


2.13-"Lakes" [Eagle, Donner, Tahoe--incl. misc. brochures, postcards]


2.14-"Crater Lake & Yosemite through the ages," Natl Geogr 71 (3-37)


2.15-"Santa Cruz Mountains" [incl. material on Lassen eruption of 1914, 1954]


2.16-"US Forest Service Region 5 [California]" Sat Ev Post (8-14-54)


2.17-"Slough Area" [Martinez, 1951]


2.18-"Los Angeles County Museum" [1953]


2.19-"Santa Cruz Quadrangle" [USGS Quad Maps, 1905 & 1911]


2.20-"Mt. Lyell Quadrangle" [USGS Quad Map, 1924]


2.21-"7th Pan-American Conference--Montevideo, 1932-33"


2.22-"Buenos Aires Conference, 1936"


2.23-"Bonds between the Americas," Natl Geogr 72 (12-37)


2.24-"Lima Conference, 1938"


2.25-"Panama Conference, Sep.-Oct. 1939"


2.26-"Havana Conf.,1940"


2.27-"Revolutions since 1945"


2.28-"European possessions in the Americas" [1953]


[**These materials consist chiefly of manuscript notes and transcriptions of primary and secondary sources] 2.29-"Chief Truckee & Descendants"


2.30-"Mexican War Notes" [i.e. in California]


2.31-"Mexican War docs."


2.32-"Enlistments, Rolls--Mexican War"


2.33-"Directories, Registers, etc. abstracted" [Gt. Registers: Alameda, Mendocino, SF, Santa Clara, 1867; SF Directory of 1856; citations from Grizzly Bear, 1912-15]


2.34-"Catalogue--Civil War North" [lists Union soldiers in Calif.]


2.35-"Civil War--North" [do.; **NB. These may be Methodists only]




3.1-"To the Gold Rush in Calif., 1846-47: Emigration Mexican War Period" [transcr. Oregon Hist Soc J]


3.2-"Methodists in California before 1848" [lt. blue notebook]


3.3-"ME Missions & Trip to Calif."


3.4-"Fall of 1848 Calif. 1849 to arrival of missionaries"


3.5-"General Conf. 1848 Appt. etc. of Missionaries"


3.6-"Eastern work on behalf of Calif. Mission"




3.8-"Roberts activities on coast prior to appt. as Supt. of Oregon Calif. Mission Conf."


3.9-"Roberts activities after being advised of creation of Mission Calif."


3.10-"Roberts' Records" (1848-49) [grey term paper folder]


3.11-Do. [2d copy?]


3.12-Do. [3rd copy?]


3.13-"Services enroute"


3.14-"Taylor & Owen Administration 1849-Aug 1850...Roberts Tour 1850"


3.15-"Conference Year 1850-51"


3.16-[19th c. pastoral appts., Calif.] [brown legal tablet]


3.17-[Early appts., 1849-53]


3.18-"Sermons" [1851-52]


3.19-"Conf. yr. 1851-52; Genl. Conf. 1852"


3.20-"Calif. Conf. Oct. 1852-Feb 1853"


3.21-"Slavery question in California"


3.22-[Misc. notes on slavery, photos, etc.]


3.23-"Slavery" [esp. East Coast; incl. long set of notes on Missouri, 1845]


3.24-"Slavery" [esp. California sources, 1850s]


3.25-"SF Director notes transferred" [1840s/60s]


3.26-"Calif. Conferences & Missions"


3.27-[Misc. notes on individual 19th c. ministers in Calif.]


3.28-"Notes Conf. Min. Checked & Transcribed for Ministerial Biog. Calif. Conf."


3.29-"US Maritime Comm...." [misc. notes on individual ministers]


3.30-"Minutes: Pac. Conf. ME Ch. South; Nevada Conf & Nev Miss ME Ch; Oregon Conf ME Ch; Columbia River Conf ME Ch" [notes on individuals, 1860s/70s]


3.31-"Olympic Steamship..." [misc. notes incl. loc. photos early ministers]


3.32-[Training of var. ministers on lists]


3.33-[Calif. Conf. & ME South indexing from Conf. Minutes w/ some stats.]


3.34-"ME Church, South, Cal. 1852-1883" [misc. notes from local histories]


3.35-"Report of Committee to define the position of the ME Church South in California 1856" [transcr. from Conf. Minutes]


3.36-"ME Church, South/Pacific Conf." [misc. stats. & notes from conf. journals]


3.37-"ME Church, South--Calif. Civil War Vets"


3.38-"Civil War Records--ME Church, South"




4.1-"History of Temple Church" [SF] [misc. papers, programs, docs.]


4.2-"Temple Times" [periodical of Temple Church, SF, 1956-66]


4.3-"General Church Govt.--Local" [1960s]


4.4-"Special Services--ME Churches" [misc. programs, periodicals, 1960s]


4.5-"Freeborn Garrettson by 7th & 8th gr. Shasta Dam Comm. ME Church, 1963" [biog. of 18th c. American Methodist]


4.6-[El Carmelo Methodist Cemetery, Pacific Grove]


4.7-"To LLL, Membership--Population" [Methodist stats.]


4.8-"Statistics California, 1900-1939"


4.9-"Calif./Nev. Conf.. 1947" [programs, calendars, etc.]


4.10-"Do., 1948"


4.11-"Do., 1952"


4.12-"Calif.-Nev. Conference, 1953"


4.13-"Do., 1954"


4.14-"Do., 1955"


4.15-"Do., 1956"


4.16-"Do., 1958"


4.17-"Do., 1960"


4.18-"Do., 1961"


4.19-"Do., 1962"


4.20-"Do., 1963"


4.21-"Do., 1964"


4.22-"Calif/Nevada Conf 1965"


4.23-"Calif/Nevada Conf 1966"


4.24-"Conf. Historical Society"


4.25-"Books" [booksellers' lists; bibliogs. on Meth. history etc.]


4.26-[Howard Derby WWI military unit: list of vets w/ addresses & some notes on experiences; blue canvas binder]


4.27-[Chaplain's (?) pocket spiralbound notebook]


4.28-"Religion in US at time of immigration"


4.29-"Non-Meth 1846-47"


4.30-"East Non Meth Missionary, 1848"


4.31-"Non-Meth to Sept 1849"


4.32-"East Non-Methodist 1849"


4.33-"Religious work in mines to Summer of 1850"


4.34-"Tract Temperance Bible Societies" [Calif., 1850-51]


4.35-"Non-Methodist Sept `49-Aug `50"


4.36-"US Maritime Comm..." [early Presbyterian appts.]


4.37-"East Non-Methodist 1850"


4.38-"Non-Methodist Calif Aug 1850-Aug 51"


4.39-"East Non-Methodist 1851"


4.40-"Non-Methodist Aug 51-Feb 53"


4.41-"East non Methodist 1852"


4.42-"Churches & Statistics of all denominations" [Calif. 1850s]


4.43-"Am. Soc. of Church History"