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Guide to the General Frederick Steele Papers, 1845-1965 (inclusive), 1862-1868 (bulk)
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21a. and b. Military band and others in front of large house.

Physical Description: Photos.

22-24. Chattanooga panorama.


25-33. Harper's Pictorial.

Physical Description: Photos of illustrations.

34. Armored riverboat.

Physical Description: Photocopy.

35. Masonic Apron.


36. U. S. Grant.


37. W. T. Sherman.


38. Daniel Sickles.


39 a-c. FS.


40. FS on horseback.


41. Unknown man, small.


42. Navy officer.


43. Unknown woman.


44. Unknown man (profile).

Box 9, Volume 94

Photograph Album.

Scope and Content Note

Includes relatives, military staff and general officers, Civil War.
Box 9, Volume 95

Scrapbook, ca. 1883-1884,etc.

Scope and Content Note

Includes some loose material. RE: Rev. Geo. A. Miller, estate of George Horace Steele 1913+, death of Isaac c. Steele, miscellaneous notes and recipes. Most re: George W. Steele's seat in Calif. legislarure and campaign with Brooks.
Box 10, Volume 96

Scrapbook, 1884-1890,etc.

Scope and Content Note

1884 election returns, George W. Steele, Stanford for Senator, F. Steele's career (Mexico), Fred Steele Post G. A. R., E. W. Steele extate, death of Isaac Steele, murder of Osman N. Steele and anti-rent war in New York (1845).
Box 10, Folder 97


Scope and Content Note

Mostly from Harper's Pictorial, all contemporary. These were clipped out to be used as illustrations, etc. in a biography of Steele.

Printed Pamphlets. (Loose in back of box).


1. 1849. Fenci[ng] with the Small Sword. H. C. Wayne. Title page only.


2. 1855, Aug. 1. Army Register.


3. 1855. Regulations for the Subsistence Department of the Army of the United States. Manuscript notes of John P. Hawkins.


4. 1856. Regulations for the Medical Department of the Army.


5. 1858. A System of Target Practice... Comp. by Henry Heth. Philadelphia: Henry Carey Baird.


6. 1859. Annual Report of the Adjutant General of the State of New York. Albany: Charles Van Benthuysen. Frederick Townsend, Adj. Gen.


7. 1860. Annual Course of Instruction for Infantry and Light Infantry. Albany.


8. 1860. Annual Report of the Adjutant General of the State of New York. Frederick Townsend.


9. 1860. Army Register. Contains miscellaneous notes of Acting Assistant Adjutant General, Dept. of Oregon.


10. 1862, Jan. 20. The Slavery Question. John B. Steele. Reprint of a speech in the U.S. House of Representatives.


11. 1862, Apr. 15, 16 and 22. The Arrest of Gen. Stone and the Rights of the Soldier and Citizen. J. A. McDougall. Reprint of a speech in the U. S. Senate.


12. 1862, Aug. Army Register for August 1862. FS signature and inscription Before Vicksburg March 28, 1863.


13. [1862]. The Monroe Doctrine. Edward Everett. Reprint from the New York Ledger by the Loyal Publication Society.


14. 1862. Proceedings of a General Court Martial. Trial of Fitz John Porter.


15. 1863, Aug. 27. Freedom: As Related to Our National and State Administrations. B. Gratz Brown. Printed speech.


16. 1863, [Sept.?]. Letters on our National Struggle. Thos. Francis Meagher. Published by the Loyal Publication Society, N.Y.


17. 1863. Army Register for 1863.


18. 1863. How a Free People Conduct a Long War. Charles J. Stillé. Philadelphia: Martien.


19. 1863. Military Arrests in Time of War. Washington, D. C.: Government Printing Office.


20. 1863. Review by the Judge Advocate General of the Proceedings, Findings and Sentence of a General Court Martial Held in the City of Washington for the Trial of Maj. Gen. Fitz John Porter of the U. S. Volunteers. Washington: Daily Chronicle Press.


21. 1863. The War Powers of the President and the Legislative Powers of Congress in Relation to Rebellion, Treason and Slavery. C. William White. Boston: John L. Shorey. 7th edition. To FS with compliments of the author.


22. 1864. An Inside View of the Rebellion, and American Citizen' Text-Book. Henry Conkling. Cincinnati: Caleb Clark. [National Union Association?].


23. 1864. The Assertions of a Secessionist. A. H. Stevens. New York: Loyal Publication Society. From a a speech of Nov. 14, 1860.


24. 1864. Coercion Completed or Treason Triumphant. John C. Hamilton. New York: Wm. C. Bryant & Co. Printed remarks, Sept., 1864.


25. 1864. The Defenders of the Country and Its Enemies. The Chicago Platform Dissected. Gov. Brough. Cincinnati: National Union Association. Reprint of a speech delivered Sept. 3 and published in the Cincinnati Gazette, Sept. 5.


26. [1864].Speech. Charles D. Drake. Delivered Oct. 1, 1864. [Cincinnati: National Union Association of Ohio].


27. 1864. Military Orders, etc. 1864. Cincinnati: Moore, Wilstach and Baldwin.


28. 1864. Our Burden and Our Strength, or, A Comprehensive and Popular Examination of the Debt and Resources of Our Country, Present and Prospective New York: Loyal Publication Society. David A. Wells.


29. [1864].Speech, Sept. 20, 1864. Aaron F. Perry. Cincinnati: National Union Association of Ohio.


30. 1865. General Sherman's Official Account of His Great March Through Georgia and the Carolinas. [W. T. Sherman]. New York: Bunce & Huntington. Compliments of Col. Whittelsey.


31. 1866, Oct. Harpers New Monthly Magazine. No. 197.


32. 1866. Army Register for 1866.


33. 1866. Constitution of the Associated Veterans of [ the Mexican War], and Address of the Organizing Committee. San Francisco: Wade & Co.


34. 1880. A Treatise on the Horse and His Diseases. Enosburgh Falls, Vt.: Dr. B. J. Kendall & Co., 1880. 25th revised edition. Chicago: Rand, McNally & Co., 1880.


35. [1886]. Panorama of the Battle of Vicksburg. Printed program.


36. 1890. The Catalogue, Maynard Rifle with Interchangable Barrels. The Massachusetts Arms Co., Chicopee, Falls, Mass. Springfield, Mass.: Clark W. Bryan & Co., Printers.


37. ND. A Discourse on Family Discipline.. Pp. 3-22. Printed. N.P. Orange Clark.


38. ND. Growler's Income Tax. T. S. Arthur. New York: Loyal Publication Society No. 57.


39. ND. The Roberts Shot. Printed. Pp. 3-11, and illustrations


Series I D. Harpers Pictorial and newspapers including reissues of Harpers weekly

Box 11

Harper's Pictorial.

Physical Description: Green Box.


Unbound, some pages missing.
Oversize box 12

National Democrat, Little Rock, Arkansas.


1. Vol. I, No. 1, Sept. 29, 1863-Vol. I, No. 52, Oct. 1, 1864.


Bound, boards missing, articles by FS marked.

2. Vol. II, No. 1. Oct. 8, 1864.


3. Vol. II, No. 2. Oct. 15, 1864.


4. Vol. II, No. 3. Oct. 22, 1864.


5. Vol. II, No. 4. Oct. 29, 1864.


6. Vol. II, No. 9. Dec. 3, 1864.


7. Vol. II, No. 10. Dec. 10, 1864.


8. Vol. II, No. 11. Dec. 17, 1864.


9. Vol. II, No. 13. Dec. 24, 1864.


10. Vol. II, No. 14. Dec. 31, 1864.


11. Vol. II, No. 15. Jan. 7, 1865.

Oversize Box 13



1. 1862, Nov. 22. Evening Bulletin, Vol. XV, No. 40. San Francisco. Fragment,

Physical Description: one page only.

2. 1866, Nov. 28. Evening Bulletin, Vol. XXIII, No. 45. San Francisco. Fragment,

Physical Description: 4 pages.

3. [1866?], Dec. 1. Evening Bulletin, Vol.?, No.?. San Francisco. Fragment,

Physical Description: pages 3 and 4 only.

4. 1866, Dec. 10. Evening Bulletin, Vol.?, No.?. San Francisco. Fragment,

Physical Description: pages 3 and 4 only.

5. 1867, Dec. 18. Evening Bulletin, Vol. XXV, No. 61. San Francisco.

Physical Description: 4 pages.

6. 1863, Nov. 28. Army Navy Journal, Vol. I, No. 14. New York. Fragment,

Physical Description: 8 pages.

7. 1863, Dec. 26. Army Navy Journal, Vol. I, No. 18. New York.

Physical Description: 16 pages.

8. 1864, May 21. The Unconditional Union, Vol. I, No. 18. Little Rock, Ark.

Physical Description: 4 pages.

9. 1864, May 28. The Weekly Osage Chronicle, Vol. I, No. 34. Burlingame, Kas.

Physical Description: 4 pages.

10. 1863-1864. The Army & Navy Official Gazetre, Vol I, Index. Washington, D. C.


11. 1864, May 31. The Army & Navy Official Gazette, Vol. I, No. 48. Washington, D. C.


12. 1864, June 7. The Army & Navy Official Gazette, Vol. I, No. 49. Washington, D. C.


13-14. 1864, Jun. 14-28. The Army & Navy Official Gazette, Vol. I, Nos. 50-51. Washington, D. C.


15-17. 1864, Jul. 12-26. The Army & Navy Official Gazette, Vol. II, Nos. 2-4. Washington, D. C.


18-21. 1864, Aug. 16-Sept. 6. The Army & Navy Official Gazette, Vol. II, Nos. 7-10. Washington, D. C.


22-24. 1864, Oct. 18-Nov. 1. The Army & Navy Official Gazette, Vol. II, Nos. 16-18. Washington, D. C.


25. 1864, Dec. 9. Daily National Democrat, Vol. I, No. 163. Little Rock, Ark.


26. 1865, Jan. 3. Daily National Democrat, Vol. I, No. 179. Little Rock, Ark.


27. 1865, Jan. 10. Daily National Democrat, Vol. I, No. 184. Little Rock, Ark.


28. 1865, May 4. The Mobile Morning News, Vol. I, No. 19. Mobile, Ala.


29. 1865, May 7. The Mobile Sunday News, Vol. I, No. 22. Mobile, Ala.


30. 1865, May 7. The Mobile Sunday News - Daily News-Supplement. Mobile, Ala.

Physical Description: 2 pages.

31. 1865, Nob. 23. The New York Herald, Whole No. 10,678. New York. Complete 8 pages, uncut at top. P. 8 article on Steele's removal from Texas.


32. 1865, Dec. 6. The World, Quadruple Sheet, pp. 5-12, attached at top. New-York. Reports of Grant's Lieutenants.


33. 1865, Dec. 9. San Francisco Chronicle - Supplement. Washington, D. C. 2 pages. Grant's report 1864-65.


34. 1885, Jul. 23. San Francisco Chronicle, Vol.?, No. 8. San Francisco. 8 pages. Death of Grant.


35. 1865, Dec. 22. The Daily Globe. New Series-Vol. XIX, No. 15. Washington, D.C. Congressional proceedings.


36. [1865]. Daily News Supplement. Broadside re: Mobile Expedition and capture of Ft. Blakeley. N.P., N.D.


37. 1866, Nov. 3. Oregon Herald, Vol. 2, No. 42. Portland, Ore.


38. 1866, Dec. 2. Oregon Herald, Vol. 2, No. 66. Portland, Ore.


39. 1866, Dec. 13. Oregon Herald, Vol. 2, No. 75. Portland, Ore.


40. 1866, Dec. 15. Oregon Herald, Vol. 2, No. 77. Portland, Ore.


41. 1866, Nov. 16. Morning Oregonian, Vol. VI, No. 241. Portland, Ore. Fragile condition, FS's mail sticker on P. 1.


42. 1866, Dec. [?] Morning Oregonian, Vol. VI, No. 254. Portland, Ore. Fragile condition, mail sticker.


43. 1866, Dec. 17. Morning Oregonian, Vol. VI, No. 266. Portland Ore. Fragile condition, mail sticker.


44. 1866, Dec. 18.Morning Oregonian, Vol. VI, No. 267. Portland Ore. Fragile condition, mail sticker.


45. 1866, Dec. 20. Morning Oregonian, Vol. VI, No. 269. Portland Ore. Fragile condition, mail sticker.


46. 1866, Nov. 17. New-York Weekly Times, Vol. XVI, No. 791. New York. Pages attached at top


47. 1866, Nov. 20. The Semi-Weekly Times, Vol. XII, No. 1271. New York. Fragile, attached at top.


48. 1866, Nov. 24. Weekly American Flag, Vol. V, No. 44. San Francisco. Attached at top.


49. 1866, Dec. 1. Weekly American Flag, Vol. V, No. 45. San Francisco. Attached at top, margin notes on p. 1


50. 1866, Dec. 22. Sacramento Weekly Union, Vol. XV, No. 47. Sacramento. Fragment, pp. 3-8 only. Marked articles.


51. 1868, Mar. 24. Utica Weekly Herald and Gazette and Courier, Vol. XXI, No. 21. Utica, N.Y. 8 pages attached at top.


52. 1868, Aug. 25. Utica Weekly Herald and Gazette and Courier, Vol. XXI, No. 43. Utica, N.Y. 8 pages attached at top. Clip. removed from p. 3, corner of pp. 8/9 missing.


53. 1870, Jan. 19. Sacramento Daily Record, Vol. VII, Whole No. [?] Sacramento. Fragile.


54. [1878?] Jun. 26. Watchman & Reflecter, Vol. 54, No. 26. Boston. Fragment, bottom half of all pages missing.

Box 14

Harper's Weekly. Reissues, #1.

Scope and Content Note

Vol. IV, No. 209, Dec. 29, 1860. Vol. V-VII, 1/5/61-12/26/63.
Box 15

Harper's Weekly. Reissues, #2.

Scope and Content Note

Vol. VIII-XI, 1/2/64-12/28/67. Missing Nos.: 397, 439, 442, 510, 524, 572.
Box 16

Harper's Weekly. Reissues, #3.

Scope and Content Note

Vol. XII, 1/4-6/20/68.

Series II. Katherine B. Steele Papers

Scope and Content Note

Biographical work on Gen. Steele; Includes manuscript and typescripts of her biography, research material, photographs, postcards and prints, clippings, pamphlets, etc., and Correspondence.


Scope and Content Note

Research material, notes and drafts, etc.
Box 17, Volume 1. (vol.)

1. Notebook (brown).

Scope and Content Note

Manuscript in pencil, draft of Lincoln's Little General, outline of contents, illustrations, acknowledgements, bibliography.
Box 17, Volume 2. (vol.)

Notebook (blue).

Scope and Content Note

Draft outline in pencil, quotes, draft of introduction, reference and research notes.
Box 17, Volume 3. (vol.)

Notebook (red).

Scope and Content Note

Reference and research notes in pencil; [1939] Thanksgiving list; drawings--migratory workers housing plans, barns; acknowledgement; draft of a letter re: beach access road in Santa Cruz; genealogical notes; draft of a letter to Jesse Jones to help Italian artichoke and brusse sprour farmers in California; ranch accounts, expenses.
Box 17, Folder 4.

Research Correspondence Re: identifying photos, Steele portrait, anti-rent war in New York in 1845, etc.

Box 17, Folder 5.

Photographs, Postcards and Prints.

Scope and Content Note

Relics at Green Oaks, cheese barrel table, Maximilian's carriage, Cathedral of Mexico, Carlotta, Maximilian, copies of 2 prints from Arkansas Geological Survey, Holloday Overland Mail Route (photo of map), mouth of Columbia R. showing sailing ship, [on Columbia? paddle-wheel going through locks, dredge?], Weltie Canyon, Rooster Rock and steamer Dallas City, Cliff Dwellers' Caves - Sycamore Creek, A Mountain - Sycamore Creek, Ancient landslide in Bear Creek, steamer Bailey Gatzert in 1913, Lincoln Memorial Shrine in Redlands, Calif., souvenir photos of Mackinac Is., Mich., Sunday Morning in the Mines (photo of painting), G. H. Derby, San Carlos Mission (print), Steele's gravestone.
Box 17, Folder 6.

Clippings and Printed Material (collected by Mrs. Steele).

Scope and Content Note

Maximilian and Carlotta (from Life); house of Missouri government-in-exile in Marshall, Tex.; Confederate colony in Mexico, skirmish at Palmito Ranch; Ft. Morgan, Ala., article on San Juan Is.; reprint of E. L. Huggins' Kodiak and Afognak Life, 1868-1870; Oregon tourist pamphlet; A Brief History of Port Angeles, Washington; Idaho history; Women in War-Time, San Francisco, 1864; by Dorothy H. Huggins; Carmel Mission pamphlet; tourist map of Monterey, etc.; Monterey marks U.S. landing; cheese; Klamath Co. Museum; Monterey history pamphlets, exhibit catalogs, etc.; clips re: Civil War and FS; clips re: Mexico.
Box 17, Folder 7.

Booklets and Pamphlets.

Scope and Content Note

Omnibook, Aug. 1945, Dan Sickles; Mackinac Island, The Massacre of Old Ft. Mackinac; A Lincoln Chronology.
Box 17, Folder 8.

Biographical Notes, Sources and Genealogy.

Box 17, Folder 9.

Contents, Bibliography, Appreciation, General Introductory Materia

Box 17, Folder 10.

Typescript A: Introduction - Preface.

Scope and Content Note

Outlines, Greene Oaks, Steele family in Calif., the Civil War chest.
Box 17, Folder 11.

Typescript A: Introduction - Chapter I, What Boy Could Forget.

Scope and Content Note

FS's youth and years at Westpoint.
Box 17, Folder 12.

Typescript A: Introduction - Chapter II, The Soldier.

Scope and Content Note

Buffalo Barracks, Anti-Rent Riot, death of Osman Steele, Fort Mackinac.
Box 17, Folder 13.

Typescript A: Introduction - Chapter III, The Mexican War.

Scope and Content Note

Mexican War and Fort Hamilton.
Box 17, Folder 14

Typescript A: Introduction - Chapter IV, California.

Scope and Content Note

Carlisle Barracks, Dreams of the Visionary, Steele brothers and ranching in California.
Box 17, Folder 15

Typescript A: Introduction - Chapter V, Prelude to the Civil War.

Scope and Content Note

The Indian Frontier, death of FS's mother, A Visit to J. B. Steele in Kingston, N.Y., 1860; The War Democrat (JBS).
Box 17, Folder 16

Typescript A: Part I, Folder II, Missouri-Arkansas 1861-62.

Scope and Content Note

Nathaniel Lyon, Dug Springs, Wilson's Creek, St. Louis, Sedalia, Jennison, Ark. 1862; Court of Inquiry.
Box 17, Folder 17

Typescript A: Pt. I, Folder III, The Little Colored Girl.

Scope and Content Note

Emancipation Outline; Dr. Dicken, Mr. Craig and Bostevick. This folder also contains variant versions since this chapter or topic only appears in this version of the typescripts.
Box 17, Folder 18

Typescript A: Pt. I, Folder IV, Vicksburg.

Scope and Content Note

Chicasaw Bluffs, Arkansas Post, Young's Point, Jackson, Vicksburg.
Box 17, Folder 19

Typescript A: Pt. II, Folder I, The Arkansas Campaign.

Scope and Content Note

Davidson, operations against and capture of Little Rock.
Box 17, Folder 20

Typescript A: Pt. II, Folder II, The Department of Arkansas.

Scope and Content Note

Administrative policy, creation of Department, appointment of FS as commander, Sickles, quarrel with Davidson.
Box 17, Folder 21

Typescript A: Pt. II, Folder III, The General Commanding.

Scope and Content Note

Arkansas, military districts, etc.; Post of Little Rock, etc; reconstruction policy; National Democrat; Freedmen's Bureau; case of Sandy Redmond; Treasury regulations and oath of allegiance; slavery; cotton-fraud, etc.; requests for compensation; recommendations; rebel activities; Autumn 1863; Caldwell expedition; guerrillas and Home Guards; Christmas; charity and Sanitary Fairs; young spy; West Point battle monument; kindness and favors; fraudulent oaths.
Box 17, Folder 22

Typescript A: Pt. II, Folder IV, The Conciliatory Policy.

Scope and Content Note

Arkansas state elections and new state government; radicals; politics.
Box 17, Folder 23

Typescript A: Pt. II, Folder V, The Red River Expedition.

Scope and Content Note

Banks; military activity; Camden; Jenkins' Ferry
Box 17, Folder 24

Typescript A: Pt. II, Folder VI, The Best You Can Do.

Scope and Content Note

Prisoners of war; department duties and social activities; Red River Expedition; news from Washington; death of Manter; Davidson's charges-bribery, etc.; crade; Arkansas politicians; McClellan for President; Congress refuses to seat Arkansas delegates; taxes; military commissions and trials; attacks on FS and his policy; change of Dept. commanders.
Box 17, Folder 25

Typescript A: Pt. II, Folder VII, Holding the Line.

Scope and Content Note

Military activities; Price in Missouri; rumors and intelligence; Davidson's charges.
Box 17, Folder 26

Typescript A: Pt. III, Folder I, Blakely.

Scope and Content Note

Louisiana 1865; Spanish Fort; Blakely. Two slightly different versions.
Box 17, Folder 27

Typescript A: Pt. III, Folder II, Last Days of the War.

Scope and Content Note

Mobile; death of Lincoln; Sherman's armistice; Selmo; Montgomery; Taylor's surrender.
Box 17, Folder 28

Typescript A: Pt. III, Folder III, Rio Grande.

Scope and Content Note

Texas; cotton; Mejia and Cortina; Matamoros and Brownsville; Isaac Suratt; removal of FS.
Box 17, Folder 29

Typescript A: Pt. III, Folder IV, The Department of the Columbia

Scope and Content Note

San Francisco; Oregon; Washington Territory; Idaho; Fort Boise; Gen. Crook; Indians.
Box 17, Folder 30

Typescript A: Pt. III, Folder V, Lone Mountain.

Scope and Content Note

FS relieved from duty; leave in San Francisco; death.
Box 17, Folder 31

Typescript B: Introduction, Ch. I, Ano Nuevo.

Scope and Content Note

[Ano Nuevo, La Punta del Ano Nuevo, Rancho]; The Steale Brothers; Green Oaks; [The Attic, A Civil War Chest, Memories, Ole Abe, the Bitterness of Reconstruction]; Conciliatory Policy; How Ephemeral Fame; Pensively Waiting.
Box 17, Folder 32

Typescript B: Introduction, Ch. II, Genealogy.

Box 17, Folder 33

Typescript B: Introduction, Ch. III, Youth.

Scope and Content Note

West Point; appearance of FS; death of Osman Steele; Fort Mackinac.
Box 17, Folder 34

Typescript B: Introduction, Ch. IV, First Battles.

Scope and Content Note

Mexican War; California; Fort Yuma.
Box 17, Folder 35

Typescript B: Part II, Prelude and Ch. I, The Civil War.

Scope and Content Note

Union Savers; 1861; Ft. Sumter; Missouri; Cen. Lyon; Benton Barracks; Sedalia.
Box 17, Folder 36

Typescript B: Pt. II, Ch. II, With the Army of the Southwest.

Scope and Content Note

Sedalia; Arkansas 1862.
Box 17, Folder 37

Typescript B: Pt. II, Ch. III, Vicksburg.

Scope and Content Note

(Also marked as Ch. V). Chickasaw Bluffs; Arkansas Post; Young's Point; Jackson; Vicksburg.
Box 17, Folder 38

Typescript B: General Biographical and Genealogical Material.

Scope and Content Note

Steele family.
Box 17, Folder 39

Typescript C: Early Life of Gen. Steele.

Box 17, Folder 40

Typescript C: Mexican War.

Box 17, Folder 41

Typescript C: California and Frontier.

Box 17, Folder 42

Typescript C: Beginning of Civil War; Missouri and Arkansas, 1861

Box 17, Folder 43

Typescript C: Vicksburg.

Box 17, Folder 44

Typescript C: Arkansas #1.

Box 17, Folder 45

Typescript C: Arkansas #2.

Box 17, Folder 46

Typescript C: Arkansas #3.

Box 17, Folder 47

Typescript C: Pensacola Dispatches.

Box 18, Box 18, Folder 48

Typescript C: Blakely.

Scope and Content Note

Louisiana, Pensacola, Spanish Fort, Mobile, Montgomery, death of Lincoln, Appomattox.
Box 18, Folder 49

Typescript C: Department of the Columbia.

Box 18, Folder 50

Typescript C: Lone Mountain.

Box 18, Folder 51

Typescript C: Miscellaneous.

Box 18, Folder 52-56

Manuscript of Biography and Miscellaneous Notes. # 1-5.


Not arranged.

Miscellaneous printed material

Box 18, Folder 57

Road Maps - Current

Box 18, Folder 58

Sarta Clava County [Calif] Growth Statistics 1800s

Box 18, Folder 59

Magazines and Clippings - Current oversize, placed on top of box

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