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Register of the Robert Harbold McDowell Papers, 1940-1969
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Box 1

McDowell, Robert H.


The Key Strategic Role of the Serbs and Their Leader, General Mihailovich, in Southeast Europe During World War Two


Memoirs: Provisional Outline and Summary


Problems and Opportunities in U.S. Foreign Policy: Selected Intelligence Papers and Other Studies, 1940-1968

Box 2

An Evaluation of the Yugoslav Regime, undated


The Role of Yugoslavia in the Second World War, undated


A Statement by the Ann Arbor Committee for National Defense, R. H. McDowell one of the 14 signatories, undated


McDowell, Robert H.


Summary of Background, undated


German Penetration in the Balkans, June 20, 1940. Includes related correspondence dated September 12, 1940 and September 21, 1940


A Statement of Belief, late 1940 or early 1941


The Balkans and the Near East, (early?) 1941


Rackym - The Developing Battlefront in the Caucasus and in Iran, November 23, 19


McDowell, Robert H. - Report on Trip to Aleppo, 23 July to 6 August, 1943


Copies of Paraphrased Cables, September 1943


JICAME Report, Allies, Neutrals and Enemy Information, October 29, 1943


McLean, F. H. R. - Report on Partisan Effort, Military Organization and Political Complexion, December 27, 1943


St. Sava Conference in the Free Mountains of Yugoslavia, January 1944


JICAME Reports


Yugoslavia--Alleged Conditions Among the Refugees at Bari, Italy, January 4, 1944


Yugoslavia--Alleged Hostile Views of Royalist Officer, January 29, 1944. Report prepared by Robert H. McDowell


Yugoslavia--Partisan Army Corps Commanders, January 29, 1944. Report prepared by Robert H. McDowell


Yugoslavia--The Croat Peasant Party and the Partisans, February 3, 1944


Yugoslavia--Alleged Data on Background of Tito, February 3, 1944


Yugoslavia--Nationalities in the Partisan Forces, February 3, 1944


Yugoslavia--Serb Orthodox Church and Partisan Movement, February 4, 1944


Yugoslavia--Character of Internal Dissension, February 8, 1944


Yugoslavia--Official Russian Statement on Treaty Overtures, February 9, 194


Yugoslavia--Croat-Serb Quisling Polemics, February 10, 1944


Yugoslavia--Internal Evidence of the Domestic Conflict, February 10, 1944


Yugoslavia--Conflict Between Partisans and Serbs, February 16, 1944


Yugoslavia--Estimate of Political and Diplomatic Situation, March 4, 1944. Report prepared by Robert H. McDowell


Yugoslavia--Defense of Serb Passivity, March 9, 1944


Yugoslavia--Bulgarian Estimate of Mihailovich Movement, March 15, 1944


Yugoslavia--Croat Estimate of Chetnik Movement, March 17, 1944. Report prepared by Robert H. McDowell


Croatia--Principal Puppet Gendarmerie Officers, March 29, 1944


Observations on Partisan Forces by an Italian Artillery Officer Who Was Fighting With Tito's Forces Until April 1944, May 5, 1944


Markham, R. H. - Best American Liaison Officer, May 8, 1944




Harold E. Pride to T. E. Roderick, May 20, 1944 (1 letter); June 8, 1944

Physical Description: (2 letters)

K. W. Jones to D. S. Rice, May 23, 1944


Extracts from PICME, The National Liberation Movement of Yugoslavia, April 1941-March 1944, June 1944


McDowell, Robert H.


JICAME Report, Balkans--Some Notes on British Policy in Greece and Yugoslavia, June 5, 1944


Proposal for Establishment of U.S. Intelligence Mission with the Yugoslav Nationalist Forces in Serbia, June 6, 1944


JICAME Report, Yugoslavia--Sentiment Among Serbs and Chetnik Leaders, June 6, 1944


JICAME Report, Yugoslavia--Collaboration of Chetniks with Axis Forces, June 6, 1944


JICAME Report, Southeastern Europe--Allied Special Operations and Intelligence Organizations, June 10, 1944


JICAME Report, Yugoslavia--Appreciation of Present Partisan Situation and German Intentions, June 10, 1944


Estimate: Yugoslavia, the Partisans, June 16, 1944


JICAME Report, The Balkans--Intelligence Coverage by the British Force 133, June 17, 1944


Markham, R. H. - Memorandum to W. Carroll on Situation in Slovenia, June 21, 1944


McDowell, Robert H. - JICAME Report, Yugoslavia--Lack of Evidence to Support Partisan Claims, June 22, 1944


Political Branch, MID, Political Estimate of Yugoslavia, June 26, 1944


McDowell, Robert H. - JICAME Report, Yugoslavia--British Forces for Use in the Balkans, July 14, 1944


JICAME Report, Yugoslavia--Proclamation by Partisan Wing of the Croat Peasant Party. Forwarding cover prepared by R. H. McDowell


McDowell, Robert H.


JICAME Report, Yugoslavia--Letters Illustrating Conditions in Serbia, July 18, 1944


JICAME Report, Yugoslavia--Strength of the Partisan Army, July 21, 1944


Disintegration of Yugoslav Partisan Organization, August 4, 1944. By McDowell or Markham


Yugoslav Political Situation, September 12, 1944


Alleged Use of American Arms and Equipment in Civil Strife Within Yugoslavia, September 22, 1944 (date of letter of transmittal; accompanying report dated September 7, 1944)


McDowell, Robert H.


Memorandum for the Record: Conversations at Allied Headquarters, Caserta, Italy, November 1944


Report on the National Resistance Movement in Yugoslavia as Observed in Serbia and Bosnia in the Summer and Fall of 1944, November 22, 1944


Milodragovich, John R. - Intelligence Report (covering 26 August-24 October 1944), November 22, 1944


Rajacich, Michael - Field Reports from Serbia, November 22, 1944


McDowell, Robert H. - JICAME Report, Yugoslavia--An Examination of Yugoslav Nationalism, November 27, 1944

Box 3

Mihailovich, Draja - Who Collaborated with the Germans? August 12, 1945


Report of Commission of Inquiry of the Committee for a Fair Trial for Draja Mihailovich, May 24, 1946


The Significance to the United States of Developments in the Balkans Since the War, May 1947


McDowell, Robert H.


Possible Shifts in the Strategic Situation in the Balkans, 1949


Evaluation of the Yugoslav Regime, September 28, 1950


Holograph Notes from The Campaign of Truth, Operations Report as of December 31, 1951, State Department Document


The Nature of the Treat; The Target Audience for our Doctrinal Warfare (2 paragraphs), 1952


McDowell, Robert H.


Some Comments on U.S. Conduct of Foreign Policy, 1953


Problems of Soviet Communism: The Significance of the Beria Affair, July 1953


A Statement of Basic U.S. Objectives in Domestic and Foreign Affairs, February 12, 1954


The Role of Yugoslavia in European Affairs, February 23, 1954


U.S. Exploitation of Dissension in the Soviet Leadership, February 1955


Some Comments on Soviet Vulnerabilities and their Exploitation in "Cold War," 1957


A Concept for U.S. Unconventional Warfare Operations in a Situation of General War, April 29, 1957


A Concept for Unconventional Warfare Field Operations in the European Theater, August 20, 1957


A Concept for Unconventional Warfare Field Operations in the European Theater: A Study Prepared for the Chief of Special Warfare, 1958


The Introspective Mood of the Soviet Elite: Basis for Successful U.S. Foreign Policy: A Memorandum for the Record, 1958


Summary of Notes on U.S. Foreign Policy: The Soviet Union, March 18, 1958


What Is Wrong With American Foreign and Military Policy? 1960-1965


Russian Revolution and Civil War: A Grass Roots View, 1967


Dimitrov, Georgi M.


Draza Michailovich, July 1968


Comments on Gen. Mikhailovich, July 1968