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Finding Aid for the Alexander Klemin Papers, 1900-1950
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Lectures File

Box 1

Advanced Aerodynamics.

Box 2

Advanced Aerodynamics and Advanced Structural Analysis.

Boxes 3-4

Advanced Structural Analysis.

Box 5

Advanced Structural Analysis and Aerodynamics.

Box 6


Box 7

Aerodynamics and Airplane Stress Analysis.

Boxes 8-9

Airplane Stress Analysis.

Box 10

Airplane Stress Analysis, Airships and Autogiro.

Boxes 11-12


Box 13

Design and Dynamics of Aircraft.

Box 14

Dynamics of Aircraft (Longitudinal Stability).

Box 15

Dynamics of Aircraft.

Box 16

Dynamics of Aircraft and Modern Applied Aerodynamics.

Box 17

Modern Applied Aerodynamics and Performance.

Box 18


Box 19

Performance, Rotary (Autogiros), Rotary (Helicopters), and Seaplanes.

Box 20


Box 21

Seaplanes and Vibration.


Helicopter File

Box 22

Aircraft to Airflow.

Box 23

American to Bell.

Box 24

Bell to Bennett.

Box 25

Bibliography to Chappedelaine.

Box 26

Cierva to Cold Weather.

Box 27

Convertable Aircraft to Curvilinear motion.

Box 28

Dampers to Flapping Theory.

Box 29

Flapping and Feathering Theory to Gearing.

Box 30

General to Hohenemser.

Box 31

Hoppicopter to Jet Propulsion.

Box 32

Jet Propulsion to Klemmin.

Box 33

Lag Hinge Theory to Los Angeles Airway.

Box 34

Los Angeles Airway to Mechanisms.

Box 35

Models to Performance.

Boxes 36-37


Boxes 38-41


Box 42

Principles to Stress Analysis.

Box 43

Stress Analysis to Student Design.

Box 44

Student Design to Tower.

Box 45

Sikorsky to Stability.

Box 46

Stalling to Theory and Design.

Box 47

Theory and Design.

Box 48

Theory and Design to Transmission.


Technical File

Box 49

Acoustics: Automobiles to Acoustics: Radio.

Box 50

Acoustics: Rocks to Aerodynamics: Atmosphere.

Box 51

Aerodynamics: Bridge to Aerodynamics: Chimneys.

Boxes 52-53

Aerodynamics: Compressible.

Box 54

Aerodynamics: Cowling to Aerodynamics: Flat.

Box 55

Aerodynamics: Flutter to Aerodynamics: Fuselage.

Box 56

Aerodynamics: Gasflow to Aerodynamics: Nomenclature.

Box 57

Aerodynamics: Nonuniform to Aerodynamics: Rotating.

Box 58

Aerodynamics: Rotating to Aerodynamics: Sails.

Box 59

Aerodynamics: Sails to Aerodynamics: Subways.

Box 60

Aerodynamics: Subways to Aerodynamics: Trains.

Box 61

Aerodynamics: Transition to Aerodynamics: Turbulance.

Box 62

Aerodynamics: Turbulance to Aerodynamics: Viscosity.

Box 63

Aerodynamics: Viscosity to Aerodynamics: Vortex.

Box 64

Aerodynamics: Vortex to Aerodynamics: Wake.

Box 65

Aerodynamics: Absäugung to Airfoils: Data.

Box 66

Airfoils: Davis to Airfoils: General.

Box 67

Airfoils: Handley Page.

Box 68

Airfoils: Handley Page to Airfoils: Joukowski.

Box 69

Airfoils: Karman to Airfoils: Scale effects.

Box 70

Airfoils: Scale Effects to Airfoils: Theory.

Box 71

Airfoils: Theory to Airplane Descriptions: Boeing.

Box 72

Airplane Descriptions: Bombers to Airplane Descriptions: Catalogues.

Box 73

Airplane Descriptions: Cessna to Airplane Descriptions: Junkers.

Box 74

Airplane Descriptions: Langley to Airplane Descriptions: Passenger.

Box 75

Airplane Descriptions: Passenger to Airplane Descriptions: Ship's Fighter.

Box 76

Airplane Descriptions: Shop Visits to Airplane Descriptions: Small Commercial.

Box 77

Airplane Descriptions: Small Commercial to Airplane Descriptions: Sportsman.

Box 78

Airplane Descriptions: Spratt to Airplane Descriptions: Training.

Box 79

Airplane Descriptions: Training.

Box 80

Airplane Descriptions: Training to Airplane Descriptions: Transport.

Box 81

Airplane Descriptions: Transport to Airports: Economic Effects.

Box 82

Airports: Equipment to Airports: Landing Leads.

Box 83

Airports: Lighting to Airports: Runways.

Box 84

Airports: Runways to American Bureau of Shipping: Committees.

Box 85

American Bureau of Shipping: Conferences to Amphibians: Descriptions.

Box 86

Amphibians: Descriptions to Army: Bids.

Box 87

Army: Bids to Army Specifications.

Box 88

Army: Specifications.

Box 89

Army: Specifications to Army: Standards.

Boxes 90-91

Army: Specifications.

Box 92

Army: Specifications to Army: Standards.

Box 93

Army: Standards.

Box 94

Army: Standards to Army Tactics.

Box 95

Army: Tactics to Autogiros: Descriptions.

Box 96

Autogriro: Design to Autogiro: Performance.

Box 97

Autogiro: Performance curves to Autogiro: Stability.

Box 98

Autogiro: Stability to Automobiles: American.

Box 99

Automobiles: Automatic to Automobiles: Spring.

Box 100

Automobiles: Streamline to Biplane Combinations: Center of Pressure.

Box 101

Biplane Combinations: Experiments to Control Surfaces: Ailerons.

Box 102

Control Surfaces: Ailerons to Control Surfaces: Servo.

Box 103

Control Surfaces: Stability to Cooling: Heat.

Box 104

Cooling: Heat to Design: Aspect Ratio.

Box 105

Design: Bendix to Design: Electrical.

Box 106

Design: Electric to Design: Instrument Board.

Box 107

Design: Insurance View to Design: Plywood.

Box 108

Design: Pressurized Cabin to Design: Skis.

Box 109

Design: Spars to Design: Transport.

Box 110

Design: Tricycle Landing to Design: Windshields.

Box 111

Design: Wings to Dirigibles: Fabrics.

Box 112

Dirigibles: General Discussion to Dirigibles: Material.

Box 113

Dirigibles: Metal-clad to Dirigibles: Rigids.

Box 114

Dirigibles: Records to Dynamics: Dampers.

Box 115

Dynamics: Earthquakes to Dynamics: Vibration.

Box 116

Dynamics: Vibration to Education: Exams.

Box 117

Education: Exams to Equipment: Cameras.

Box 118

Equipment: De-lcen to Floats: construction.

Box 119

Floats: General to Flying: Accidents.

Box 120

Flying: Assisted take-off to Flying: Night Flying.

Box 121

Flying: Navigation to Flying Boats: Boeing.

Box 122

Flying Boats: Description to Flying Boats: Severski.

Box 123

Flying Boats: Sikorski to Full Flight: Maneuverability.

Box 124

Full Flight: Manufacturers to Full Flight: Performance Tests.

Box 125

Full Flight: Performance Tests to Full Flight: Safety Competition.

Box 126

Full Flight: Safety Competition to Full Flight: Stability.

Box 127

Full Flight: Stick Forces to Gasoline Systems: Pumps.

Box 128

Gasoline Systems: Pumps to Gliders: Conferences.

Box 129

Gliders: Construction to Gliders: Klemin Stories.

Box 130

Gliders: Meets to Gliders: Training.

Box 131

Gliders: Trains to Helicopters: D'Ascanio.

Box 132

Helicopters: D'Ascanio to Helicopters: General.

Box 133

Helicopters: Gyroscopic to Helicopters: Piasecki.

Box 134

Helicopters: Platt to Helicopters: Theory.

Box 135

Helicopters: Theory to History Dirigibles.

Box 136

History: Early Pioneers to Hydrolics: Aerodynamics.

Box 137

Hydrolics: Axial Flow Fan To Hydrolics: Research.

Box 138

Hydrolics: Rust to Industrail Application: Mining.

Box 139

Industrial Application: Newspaper to Industry: Development.

Box 140

Industry: Personalities to Instruments: Altimeters.

Box 141

Instruments: Altimeters to Instruments: Catalogues.

Box 142

Instruments: Catalogues to Instruments: Gyroscopes.

Box 143

Instruments: Hot Wire to Instruments: Tell-tale.

Box 144

Instruments: Tensiometers to Instruments: Vibration.

Box 145

Instruments: Vibration to Inventions: Rockets.

Box 146

Inventions: Roof Landings to Klemin: Metal Construction.

Box 147

Klemin: Mirror Pilot to Klemin: Trains.

Box 148

Kinematics: Dynamic to Low Power Planes: Klemin.

Box 149

Low Power Planes: meets to Maneuvers: Controllability.

Box 150

Materials: Aluminum.

Box 151

Materials: Aluminum to Materials: NonFerrous.

Box 152

Materials: Non-Ferrous.

Box 153

Materials: Non-Ferrous.

Box 154

Materials: Non-Ferrous.

Box 155

Materials: Non-Ferrous to Mathematics: Simpson's Rule.

Box 156

Mathematics: Slide Rules to Mechanics of Flight:Landing.

Box 157

Mechanics of Flight: Landing to Medical Aspects: Pilot Selection.

Box 158

Metal construction: Stainless to Metal Construction: Substitution.

Box 159

Metallurgy: Ferrous to Meteorology: Turbulence.

Box 160

Meteorology: Upper Atmospehere to Motors: Auxiliary Power Units.

Box 161

Motors: Balance to Motors: Compression.

Box 162

Motors: Connecting Rods to Motors: Cycles.

Box 163

Motors: Cyclone to Motors: Description.

Box 164

Motors: Description to Moters: Diesels.

Box 165

Motors: Diesels.

Box 166

Motors: Diesel to Motors: Fatigue.

Box 167

Motors: Fins to Motors: Fuels.

Box 168

Motors: Fuels to Motors: General.

Box 169

Motors: German to Intercoolers.

Box 170

Motors: Intercooler to Motors: Laboratories.

Box 171

Motors: Liquid Cooling to Motors: Master Rods.

Box 172

Motors: Materials to Motors: Pratt & Whitney.

Box 173

Motors: Power Plant to Motors: Submerged Engine.

Box 174

Motors: Supercharging to Motors: Two-cycle.

Box 175

Motors: Turbine to Naval Architecture: Ship Resistance.

Box 176

Naval Architecture: Skin Friction to Navy: Weight Statement.

Box 177

New York University: Reprints to Performance Calculations: Controllable.

Box 178

Performance Calculations: Corrections to Photographs: Aerodynamics.

Box 179

Photographs: Airplanes.

Box 180

Photographs: Airplanes to Photographs: Airships.

Box 181

Photographs: Airship Accessories to Photographs: Engines.

Box 182

Photographs: Factories to Photographs: Landing Gear.

Box 183

Photographs: Landing Field to Photographs: Passenger Compartment.

Box 184

Photographs: Personalities to Photographs: Safety Competition.

Box 185

Photographs: Safety Competition to Photographs: Transportation.

Box 186

Photographs: Transportation to Propellers: Controllable Pitch.

Box 187

Propellers: Counter to Propellers: Magnesium.

Box 188

Propellers: Maintenacne to Propellers: Stress Analysis.

Box 189

Propellers: Submerged Engine to Propellers: Variable Pitch.

Box 190

Propellers: Variable Pitch to Propellers: Windmills.

Box 191

Propellers: Windmills to Radio: Traffic Control.

Box 192

Research: Aerodynamics to Sand Testing: Complete Machine.

Box 193

Sand Testing: Complete Machine to Seaplanes: Take off.

Box 194

Shop Process: Bag Moulding to Shop Process: Pressing.

Box 195

Shop Process: Photographic Methods to Shop Process: Welding.

Box 196

Shop Process: Wood Shop to Stability: Electrical Solution.

Box 197

Stability: Flying Qualities to Stability: Operations.

Box 198

Stability: Polynomial Equasions to Stability: Stabilizers.

Box 199

Stability: Stabilizers to Strength of Materials: Columns.

Box 200

Strength of Materials: Continous Beam to Strength of Materials: Plastic Bodies.

Box 201

Strength of Materials: Plasticity to Strength of Materials: Welded Joints.

Box 202

Strength of Materials: Wheels to Stress Analysis: Chassis.

Box 203

Stress Analysis: Columns to Stress Analysis: Cylinders.

Box 204

Stress Analysis: Door Stresses to Stress Analysis: General.

Box 205

Stress Analysis: German Methods to Stress Analysis: Moment Distribution.

Box 206

Stress Analysis: Monocoque to Stress Analysis: Reduced Modules.

Box 207

Stress Analysis: Research to Stress Analysis: Skin.

Box 208

Stress Analysis: Skin to Stress Analysis: Stress Ratios.

Box 209

Stress Analysis: Striners to Stress Analysis: Variable Moment of Inertia.

Box 210

Stress Analysis: V.G. Diagrams to Testing of Materials: Thermo-elasticity.

Box 211

Testing of Materials: Toughness of Wood to Transportation: Cargo Handling.

Box 212

Transportation: Communications to Transportation: Feeder Line.

Box 213

Transportation: Financial Analysis to Wind Tunnel Operation: Supersonic.



Box 214


Box 215

Plywood and Miscellaneous.

Box 216

Automatic Pilot and Miscellaneous.

Box 217

Wood Construction and Miscellaneous.

Box 218

Wind Tunnel and Miscellaneous.



Box 219

Ranger Aircraft Engine Installation Manual and Princeton Univ. Preliminary Reports on Blades.

Boxes 220-221



Spin Test

Box 222

Flat Spin.

Box 223

Dynamics of Spin and Spin Balance.

Box 224

Spin Balance and Spin Reports.

Box 225

Spin Reports and Miscellaneous.

Box 226



Helicopter Patents

Box 227

May 21, 1861-July 6, 1915.

Box 228

July 6, 1915-June 20, 1935.

Box 229

July 14, 1925-October 22, 1931.

Box 230

December 1, 1931-July 24, 1934.

Box 231

August 21, 1934-May 8, 1938.

Box 232

March 22, 1938-December 25, 1944 and Unassociated Patents.

Box 233

Letters, photographs, etc.

Boxes 234-235

Photographs, ephemera, research material, etc.


Klemin's Subject Index to Articles in Technical Journals

Box 236

Index to Subject Headings.

Box 237

A - Acoustics.

Box 238

Acoustics - aerodynamics.

Boxes 239-242


Box 243

Aerodynamics - Airfoils.

Boxes 244-246


Box 247

Airfoils - Airplane description.

Boxes 248-251

Airplane description.

Box 252

Airplane description - Airports.

Box 253

Airports - Army bombing.

Box 254

Army bombing - authors.

Box 255

Autogyros - balloons.

Box 256

Balloons - Commerce Department.

Box 257

Commerce Department - control surfaces.

Box 258

Control surfaces - cooling.

Box 259

Cooling - design.

Boxes 260-262


Box 263

Design - dirigibles.

Box 264


Box 265

Drawing office data - dynamics.

Box 266

Dynamics - floats.

Box 267

Floats - flying.

Box 268


Box 269

Flying - flying boats.

Box 270

Flying boats - full flight.

Box 271

Full flight - gliders.

Box 272

Gliders - helicopters.

Box 273

Gliders - helicopters.

Box 274


Box 275

Helicopters - history.

Box 276

History - hydraulics.

Box 277

Hydraulics - industrial application.

Box 278

Industrial applications - inspections.

Box 279

Inspections - instruments.

Box 280


Box 281

Instruments - low power planes.

Box 282

Low power planes - materials.

Box 283


Box 284

Materials - mathematics.

Box 285

Mechanics - metal construction.

Box 286

Metal construction - meteorology.

Box 287

Meteorology - motors.

Boxes 288-293


Box 294

Motors - Navy.

Box 295

Navy - performance calculations.

Box 296

Performance calculations - post office.

Box 297

Post office - propellers.

Box 298


Box 299

Propellers - radio.

Box 300

Radio - research.

Box 301

Research - sea planes.

Box 302

Sea planes - shop processes.

Box 303

Shop processes - stability.

Boxes 304-305


Box 306

Stability - strength.

Box 307

Strength - stress.

Boxes 308-310


Box 311

Stress - testing.

Box 312

Testing - transportation.

Boxes 313-314


Box 315

Transportation - wind tunnel abrastion.

Box 316

Wind tunnel abrasion.

Box 317

Wind tunnel abrasion - Z.