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Register of the Beulah Heights Improvement Club Records, 1913-1923
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BOX 1: BEULAH HEIGHTS IMPROVEMENT CLUB RECORDS [N.B.---C T Gutleben, Secretary Treasurer, is indicated as CTG; Beulah Heights Improvement Club listed as BHIC]


1.1 Minute & Account Book


Roster [101 members w/ addresses], p. 5-9


Minutes (1914-1915), pp. 10-279


Dues Accounts pp. 280-283


Cash accounts, p. 284.




1.2 Club Organizational Activities


Copy of newspaper article about Beulah Heights [typescript, 1 p]


Minutes, 10-12-15 [ms., 5 pp.]


List of numbered activities [ms., 1 p. graph paper]


Notes with sketch on lights [1 p.]


List of members, addresses and payments, 7/8-15 [typescript, 1 p.]


Park Place District List of members and addresses [1 p.]


Printed Notice of the Beulah Heights Improvement Club meeting on 2-9-15 at Beulah School House [2 cards]


"Beulah Heights Improvement Club, C.T. Gutleben, Secretary-Treasurer, 3835 Rose Ave., Oakland, Cal." [printed envelope]


Label listing candidates for Club offices: Mr. Myers, for President; Mrs. Elwell for Vice-President, Mr. Gutleben for Secretary-Treasurer.


Alton to CTG, 3-14-14


CTG to Celeste M. Huber, Fruitvale, 4-1-14


CTG to Mr. Oliver, Hawkins, Mrs. Freeman, 4-1-14 [3 separate letters]


Postcard, 4-12-14


A L Hannford (?), Board of Education, Oakland, Cal to Miss Louise Schaerer, 5-7-14


Carrie Pratt Elwell to BHIC Report of Committee on Hall at school, 10-19-14


H.R. Alton (?) to CTG, 7-21-14? [torn]


Frank E. Hewitt to CTG, 11-30-14


CTG to Frank E. Hewett, 12-14-14


Minutes of BHIC, 1-10-16 [typescript, 2 pp.], attached to:


E.D. Bothwell, Assistant Cashier, Central National Bank to Elwell, Fruitvale, 1-14-16


do., 11-6-14


Joseph J. Rosborough, Postmaster, U.S. Post Office to Mrs. F.D. Elwell, 11-3-15


do., 12-8-15


do., 12-17-1915


Mrs. F.D. Elwell, Vice Pres. BHIC to E.D. Bothwell, 12-14-15


Printed notice of meeting and dues, 11-25-14 [3 copies]


1.3 Water Issues


Carrie Pratt Elwell to Railroad Commission San Francisco, Cal., 1-14-13


Chas. R. Detrick, State RR Commission to Mrs. Carrie Pratt Elwell, Fruitvale, Cal.,1-20-14


Chas. R. Detrick, State RR Commission to Mrs. Carrie Pratt Elwell, 2-5-14


Carrie Pratt Elwell, Mervy Elwell Co., Contracting Engineers, Oakland to Detrick, 2-9-14


Chas. R. Detrick, State RR Commission to Carrie Pratt Elwell, 3-13-14


BHIC Petition list of names of those agreeing to take water from the Peoples Water Co as soon as mains are completed, 3-27-14 [list of signatures and addresses, 6 pp.]


Carrie Pratt Elwell to Chas. R. Detrick, State RR Commission, S F, Cal., 3-31-14


CTG to Peoples Water Co., Oakland, 4-21-14


Chmn. Entertainment Committee to Geo C. Pardee, Chairman Metropolitan Water Campaign, Comm., 4-29-14


BHIC Scty. to Realty Syndicate Oakland, Cal., 5-26-14


Mr. and Mrs. Perry to Bro. Phil, 6-1-14 [ms. note]


C. Burdock, VP & Manager, Realty Syndicate Co. to CTG, 6-2-14


BHIC Scty. to City Council, Oakland, 6-4-14 [requesting fire hydrants]


BHIC Scty. to Bothwell, VP, Central National Bank, Oakland, Ca., 6-5-14


Utilities Committee [BHIC] to A.C. Kazebeer, Atty at Law, Mills Building, SF, Cal., 6-5-14


Frank E. Hewitt to CTG, 6-17-14


Pledge to raise $2500 for water at Beulah Heights, Rose Hill, Rose Park, High Street, High Street Terrace and adjacent territory with Peoples Water Co., and State Railroad Commission of Cal, and BHIC in Brooklyn Township, Alameda County, 6-22-14 [names of subscribers and pledges, 3 pp.]


Carrie Pratt Elwell to BHIC, 6-23-14


A. Zirkel to Frank L. Hewitt, President BHIC, 6-26-14


Detrick, Scty., State RR Commission to BHIC, Fruitvale, 8-18-14 [recent Supreme Court decision in the Glendale Case would have no bearing upon the fee demanded by Peoples Water Company for connection with its mains in Oakland. Legal for Company to make demands]


Boswell, Asst. Cashier, Central National Bank, Oakland, Cal. to BHIC, 10-15-14


A.G. Kazebeer to J W Oliver, 10-16-14


CTG to Margaret R. Blythe, Oakland, 11-13-14


Memorandum of Agreement between Peoples Water Co., and BHIC to lay water mains on streets in Oakland, 11-19-14 [lists streets, location, size and length of mains, 4 pp.]


H.R. Alton to CTG, 11-26-14 [3 pp.]


BHIC Secretary to Mr. Wilhelm Chief Engineer, Peoples Water Co., Oakland, 12-2-14


A.G. Kazebeer to E.P. Myers, President, BHIC, 3-13-14


Pres. BHIC to A.G. Kazebeer, SF, 3-20-14


BHIC to City Council, Oakland, 8-14-15 [residents of Beulah Heights raised over $2,000 by voluntary contribution which they advanced to the Peoples Water Co. in order that water mains be installed throughout the district. Requests fire hydrants]


FF Jackson, Commissioner of Public, Health and Safety to Mr. C.,P. Elwell, President BHIC, 8-18-15


Undated Note and receipt regarding cash for Water Company.


1.4 Newspaper Clippings


"Beulah Heights Wins in Gas Fight"


"The Crux of the Water Situation" (8-24-14)


"Big Profits From Water District"


1.5 Blueprint Map


Park Place and Vicinity


1.6 Printed Material


Berkeley Civic Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 12, May 15, 1913. Report of the Committee on Water Supply to the City Club of Berkeley


Decision No. 1109. Report of Decisions of the Railroad Commission of California, Edmond Thomas Dooley... vs Peoples Water Co., Case No. 442. Decided December 3, 1913. [pencil note: "Property of Carrie Pratt Elwell, Beulah Hts."]


Ordinance No. 484 N.S. re establishing rates for water


Building and Industrial News. March 15, 1914. Present Status of the Rights of Municipalities on Water Extensions and Improvements.


"The Public Utilities League"


"Ed. P. Myers, President, ... Beulah Heights Improvement Club"


In case of Fire... 2 red emergency cards


1.7 Sewage and Sanitation System


BHIC Scty. to Board of Health, 3-20-14 [requests investigation into sanitary conditions at Beulah Heights]


Mellon, City of Oakland to CTG, 3-31-14


BHIC Scty. to Realty Syndicate, Oakland, 8-12-14


C. Murdock, VP and Mgr., Realty Syndicate Co. to CTG, 8-18-14


BHIC Scty. to "Dear Sir," n.d. [Health Department serves notice on those whose homes are not connected to a public sewer; 3 copies]


1.8 Roads


BHIC to Taylor Bell, Chairman Good Roads Committee, Oakland Chamber of Commerce, 3-15-15


Taylor W. Bell, Law Office to BHIC, 3-17-15


Carrie Pratt Elwell, BHIC to Perry Brown, City Engineer, 5-16-16


Note regarding grading of roads, 4-19 [attached to correspondence]


Rosborough U.S. Post Office to Rural Route Patron, Oakland, 3-20-19 [regarding impassable condition of roads]


Whitehead, Chief of Fire Dept. City of Oakland to Carrie Pratt Elwell, 4-21-19 [discusses inaccessibility of roads in rainy season]


Petition to City Council to put roads into passable condition before winter, 6-19


1.9 Railway Line Service


W.R. Alberger to Ed. P. Myers President and CTG, 12-24-14 [ regarding Leona Line]


1.10 Gas


Petition of residents of Beulah Heights and adjacent territory to PG & E for service, incl. signatures and addresses, 3-27-14 [ 3 copies of petition with different signatories]


CTG to PG & E, 4-1-14 [enclosed list of property owners of Park Place, Rose Park and High St. Terrace desirous of service; 3-27-14 list attached]


PG & E to CTG, 4-2-14


Gas Extension Application. Mrs. E. Gutleben applicant, 4-14-14


PG & E to CTG, 7-11-14 [regarding petition: unable to provide service]


BHIC to PG & E, 7-21-14 [expresses disappointment, would pay for extension of service]


PG & E to CTG, BHIC, n.d. [quotes cost of extension $6485]


1.11 Street Signs


Wm J. Baccus, Commissioner of Streets, City of Oakland to CTG,12-3-14


CTG to Baccus, 12-14-14


1.12 Telephone Lines


BHIC to Pacific T & T, 12-14-14 [requests connection for a member]


J.D. Holmes, Mgr., Pacific T & T to CTG, 12-16-14 [explains difficulties regarding request in above letter]


1.13 Education


Receipt for money for Mills College Fund


VP BHIC to Mr. Avery Bd. of Education, Oakland, 3-10-15 [re decision to discontinue Beulah School]


Pres. BHIC to Board of Education, Oakland, 5-22-15 [requests Mrs. Warburton as teacher for Beulah School


Lewis B. Avery, Asst. Supt. Schools, Oakland to Mrs. F.D. Elwell, 6-11-15


Carrie Pratt Elwell, BHIC to Miss Brown, 4-28-16 [regarding condition of the school]


V-P BHIC to Dr. Aurelia H. Reinhardt, Mills College, 2-23-23 [BHIC donation to Mills College]


Bernice Oldridge, Mills College to Mrs. Elwell, 2-27-23


Andy Warburton to Mr. Myers [Pres. ], n.d. [regarding neighborhood social in behalf of Beulah School]


1.14 Lights


Chmn., Utilities Committee, BHIC to SF/Oakland Terminal Railways Co., 4-10-14 [regarding need for light at Rose Station]


Chmn., Utilities Committee, BHIC to City Council, 4-23-14 [regarding need for lights in District]


T.F.C. Turner, Commissioner of Public Health and Safety to Oakland City Hall, 4-27-14 [Electrician Babcock to investigate lights]


Secretary, BHIC to SF/Oakland Terminal Railways, 5-2-14 [appreciate Rose Station light]


Scty. BHIC to T.C. Turner Commissioner of Public Health and Safety Oakland, 6-4-14 [would like a report on lights for district]


Committee on Lights, BHIC to Babcock, 9-12-14 [ready to survey lights]


1.15 Financial correspondence and receipts.


Approx. 31 receipts, most to BHIC members


BHIC to Peoples Water Co., 6-19-15


Scty. Marks, Peoples Water Co. to A.G. Kazebeer, Attorney, 6-22-14


A.G. Kazebeer (unsigned) to E.P. Myers, Pres. BHIC, 6-23-14


Bothwell, Assistant Cashier, Central National Bank to C.P. Elwell, 8-25-14


Otey, Assistant Cashier, Central National Bank, Oakland to Elwell, 10-14-14


BHIC to Read, Central National Bank, 11-20-14 [regarding money for Peoples Water Co.]


Bothwell, Central National Bank to Kazebeer, 12-2-14 [regarding contract between BHIC and Peoples Water]


Handwritten Notes on money received


Individual Statement, Central National Bank of Oakland, Cal. [blank form]


1.16 Miscellaneous.


F C Turner, Commissioner of Public Health and Safety Card. City Hall, 6-8-14 [Fire Chief will investigate]


Geo. Montgomery, Elim Grove Hotel at Cazadero Redwoods to CTG , 7-22-14


CTG, BHIC to Board of Supervisors, Oakland, 9-15-14 [re need for polling booth for Beulah Heights District]