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Language of Material: English
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Title: Leland Stanford, Jr., collection
creator: Stanford, Leland
Identifier/Call Number: SC0033C
Physical Description: 2.5 Linear Feet
Date (inclusive): 1870-1999

Scope and Content

Correspondence, journal, notebooks, drawings, personality studies, and school work of Leland Jr., and condolences to Senator and Mrs. Stanford regarding the death of their son. The correspondence and journal relate primarily to family travels in Europe and activities at home in San Francisco and Palo Alto, to his interests in archeology and collecting, and to his education. The collection also includes correspondence between Jane Lathrop Stanford and William T. Ross, one of Leland Jr.'s tutors.


Leland Stanford, Jr., the only child of Senator and Mrs. Leland Stanford, was born in Sacramento, California on May 14, 1868. His early death in March 1884 just before his sixteenth birthday inspired the founding of Leland Stanford Junior University in 1885.

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Gifts of Jane Lathrop Stanford, Thomas Welton Stanford, David Starr Jordan, Helen Stanford Canfield, David H. Canfield, and others; also includes purchases.

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United States -- Pictorial works. -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865
Stanford, Leland
Stanford, Leland
Stanford, Leland
Burdette, Robert Jones.
Ross, William T., 1942-
Stanford, Jane Lathrop
Cesnola, Luigi Parma di


Leland Stanford, Jr. papers Series 1 1870-1999 1870-1884

box 1, folder 1

Outgoing correspondence, 1879-1883


to J. T. Wilson, wants small boiler for stationary engine undated


to Mr. Wilson re railroad car, laying track 1879 June 19


to Harry Farrington, Jr., re railroad on Palo Alto estate 1879 June 20


to Wilson Taylor ("Friend Wilsy") re snow ball fights with Wellington on Sierra Nevada trip 1879 Oct 21


to Wilse re "Kearny is raising the Dickens out West," bicycling in Albany, NY, visit to "penitentiary" 1880 Feb 29


to Friend "Wiltsy" re Albany bicycle club, dog "Cootsey" 1880 Mar 30


to Leland Stanford re Berlin, "Dom Cathedral," royalty, Markat painting 1880 Nov 8


(Nice, France) to Leland Stanford re silk factory in Lyons, making velvet 1880 Dec 19

box 1, folder 2

Outgoing correspondence, 1881-1882


to Leland Stanford re Rome sightseeing 1881 Mar 13


to Mrs. Dyer Lathrop re Rome, King's birthday, audience with Pope (with cover) 1881 Mar 14


Leland Stanford re visit to Pompeii, excavations there, going to Vesuvius tomorrow 1881 Mar 19 to


(Frankfurt) to Aunt Kate re autumn military maneuvers in Hamburg 1881 Sep 28


to Joey Stanford re prescription for paint for engine, photo (with cover) 1882 Nov 9


to Friend Wilsie re mechanical troubles on RR trip to San Diego 1882 Nov 10


to Friend Wilsie re New York theater, Timothy Hopkins wedding, please check on puppies and horses 1882 Dec 5

box 1, folder 3

Outgoing correspondence, 1883 Jan-Jun


to Wilsey wants news of puppies, sick with a cold, troubles with horses and carriages in New York City ALS, (mss copy and typescript copy) 1883 Jan 16


to "Joe" [Josiah Winslow Stanford ?] re steam boat and steam engines, with sketches 1883 Jan 23


(New York) to Wilsie re Union League Club fire 1883 Feb 15


to Wilsie re his London address 1883 May 24


to Aunt Kate re R. M. S. "Germanie" voyage, Leland and Jane Stanford ill, wants news of his dog Toots 1883 June 2


to Miss Hull re London, Jane and Leland Stanford ill, have had only one row 1883 June 15


to Wilsie re London sightseeing 1883 June 25

box 1, folder 4

Outgoing correspondence, 1883 Jul-Aug 16


to Aunt Kate re bicycles, future machine shop at home, London sightseeing 1883 July 2


to Uncle Ariel asking to have his things looked after 1883 July 9


(Paris) to Aunt Kate re Jane Stanford's illness 1883 Aug 2


(Le Havre) to Leland Stanford re life in their hotel, taking German lessons 1883 Aug 9


(Le Havre) to Leland Stanford re drunk coachman fell of the box, hired his own phaeton and horse, lessons 1883 Aug 15


(Le Havre) to Leland Stanford re Jane Stanford's health, Miss Hart here to keep her company 1883 Aug 16

box 1, folder 5

Outgoing correspondence 1883 Aug 19-31


(Le Havre) to Leland Stanford re Jane Stanford better, he's still swimming 1883 Aug 19


(Le Havre) to Leland Stanford re Jane Stanford's health, leaving next week 1883 Aug 21


(Le Havre) to Leland Stanford re Jane Stanford improving, he goes 5 miles to get her milk from local farm 1883 Aug 22


(Le Havre) to Leland Stanford re Jane Stanford's birthday, weather hot 1883 Aug 25


(Le Havre) to Leland Stanford re Jane Stanford's health, Dr. stopped the mercury treatments 1883 Aug 28


(Le Havre) to Leland Stanford re delayed leaving to visit with Tillotsons 1883 Aug 31

box 1, folder 6

Outgoing correspondence 1883 Sep 2-9


(Paris) to Leland Stanford re arrived in Paris, went to Hippodrome, attended fete for the poor in Tuilleries 1883 Sep 2


(Paris) to Miss Hull re getting along moderately in his lessons, dog Toots in California has become a vagabond, Jane Stanford enjoyed her birthday card 1883 Sep 2


(Paris) to Leland Stanford re he and Jane attending theater last night 1883 Sep 4


(Paris) to Leland Stanford re thinks Jane would recover better in Palo Alto, taking German and gymnastic lessons 1883 Sep 7


to Leland Stanford re taking drive in "Bois" and going to theater, would like to go to Homburg 1883 Sep 9 Paris

box 1, folder 7

Outgoing correspondence, 1883 Sep 12-1884


(Paris) to Leland Stanford re buying things for museum 1883 Sep 12


(Paris) to Leland Stanford re Jane Stanford's health worse, couldn't do proposed trip to Constantinople 1883 Sep 14


(Paris) to Uncle Ariel re trip to Bordeaux to see Wine Making at Chateau La Fette, glad to hear of success of horses 1883 Oct 17


(Vienna) to Aunt Kate re cities and sights so far, not all the houses were put on map of the farm, to dine with Mr. Taft the American Minister 1883 Dec 25


(Naples) to Miss Hull re Christmas in Vienna, crossing Danube on ice, Constantinople meeting with Sultan's Aide-de-camp, met Schliemann in Athens 1884 Feb 11

box 1, folder 8

Incoming correspondence, 1870-1883


L. B. di Cesnola to Sir Philip Cunliffe Owens introducing Leland Stanford Jr., 1883 Sep 22


Lizzie Hull re her activities in Chicago, his arguments with Mr. Nash, 1883 July 4


Wm. Sherman re acquiring C. P. medal, 1870 May 10


Leland Stanford re meeting in Homburg, his health, 1883 Aug 21

Physical Description: [photocopy; original in SC33a]

Leland Stanford re his health, 1883 Aug 30

Physical Description: [photocopy; original in SC33a]

Leland Stanford re bad weather in Homburg, soon they will all be heading home to Palo Alto, 1883 Sep 9

Physical Description: [photocopy; original in SC33a]

Wilson G. Taylor, birthday card, 1882 May 12


Wilson G. Taylor re Leland's dogs and horse, likes his dog cart, snow storm in San Francisco, 1883 Jan 25


Wilson G. Taylor re Leland's dog sick, art school, 1883 Oct 16


Wilson G. Taylor re snow, being in art school and his plans to study in Europe, undated


Woodbury & Haley re Leland Jr. and Mr. Nash attending Heald's Business College, 1882 June 22


Frank [?] re leaving business for college, hopes to hear from him soon, Mar 30 1882?

box 1, folder 9

Workbook, German lessons, French lessons, doodling, stamps, description of Colosseum, Pompeii, handwriting practice circa 1880-81

box 1, folder 10

Cash accounts, 1881 Jul 27-Oct 19

box 1, folder 11

Logbook from European trip 1881 Apr 17-Aug 10;

Scope and Contents note

Entries include remarks on way of life, arrival of Mr. Nash (new teacher), father sitting for Meissonnier, assassination of President Garfield. Handwriting varies, some entries possibly written by Nash.
box 1, folder 12

Workbook German lessons (mostly blank) 1883:

box 1, folder 13

Miscellaneous notes

box 1, folder 14

Birth certificate (notarized statement re date and time of his birth dated July 12, 1898)

box 1, folder 15

Fowler, O. S. "Phrenological Character of Master Stanford," Dec 29, 1871

box 1, folder 16

Stanton, Mary Olmsted, Scientific Physiognomist, "Delineation of the Character of Leland Stanford, Jr., From a Photo-portrait taken at the age of 14 yrs. & 10 mos.," undated

box 1, folder 17

Clipping re Leland's Christmas reception held in San Francisco, 1877

box 1, folder 18

Memorabilia: invitation and dance card from 1877 party; blank greeting card (?), nd.

box 1, folder 19

Memorabilia: calling card for Leland D. Stanford

box 1, folder 20

Memorabilia: tourist guide to Edinburgh, undated

box 1, folder 21

Memorabilia: cards with pictures of ships

box 1, folder 22

Memorabilia: fragment of printed Latin map of Italy and ms. note (indecipherable) [apparently found in his bureau drawer]

box 2, folder 1

Practice account books (Albany Business College), 1881

box 2, folder 2

Practice account books (Albany Business College), undated

box 2, folder 3

Practice account books kept by Herbert Nash (Albany Business College), 1881

box 2, folder 4

Drawings of ships (4 items)

box 2, folder 5

Drawings of ships (5 items)

box 2, folder 6

Drawings of ships (5 items)

box 2, folder 7

Drawings of ships (5 items)

box 2, folder 8

Drawings of ships (5 items)

box 2, folder 9

Drawings of ships (5 items)

box 2, folder 10

Drawings, miscellaneous (5 items)

box 2, folder 11

Drawings, colored (5 items)

box 3, folder 3

Memorabilia: mat made by Leland Stanford, Jr.

box 3, folder 4

Memorabilia: party favor (?)


Biographical and other papers Series 2 1884-1999

box 1, folder 23

Clipping re Leland Jr.'s memorial services in California, 1884

box 1, folder 24



Cook, Mrs. Fannie Bruce, "In Memoriam"


Girls' High School, San Francisco, "Poem in Memory of Leland Stanford"


Irwin, Will H., "The Picture in the Library," from Sequoia, Sep 18, 1896


Newcomer, Prof. A. G., "Memorial Ode," in Sequoia, April 5, 1894

box 1, folder 25



Schuck, Oscar T., "Lines Written in Memory of Leland, Only Child of Ex-Governor and Mrs. Leland Stanford"


Smith, Augustine J., "A Picture and a Reflection," originally published in National View, Washington, DC, July 15, 1893


Zimmerman, William, "In Memoriam," with cover letter to Mrs. Stanford, 1885 Mar 6, 1885


Anonymous, "Thoughts on the Death of a Gifted Son"

box 1, folder 26

Memorial tablet in Florence, Italy: typed consular report on unveiling of the tablet on the building where he died, with two photographs; and advertisement from Grand Hotel, 1930, 1999

box 1, folder 27

Leland Stanford, Jr. Museum: booklet and original captions for items displayed (some in Jane L. Stanford's hand) 1886

box 1, folder 28

Biographical materials: articles and clippings on his toys; genealogical essay; and "The Boy Who Built a College," from Wide Awake, Vol. 34, January 1892

box 2, folder 12

Memorials (manuscripts and typescripts)

box 2, folder 13

Notes re Stanford mausoleum, and Leland Stanford Jr., monument, 1936, 1951

box 2, folder 14

Correspondence, biographical:


Livingston, Louis to Stanford University, re selling pewter soldiers to Leland Jr., and Ray Lyman Wilbur's response, Apr 25, 1943 Apr 27, 1943


Postcard of a library with note on verso to Mrs. Stanford re placing Leland Stanford Jr. memorial tablet

box 2, folder 15

William T. Ross: telegrams and letter from Mrs. Stanford, 1882

box 2, folder 16

William T. Ross: programs and broadsides listing Ross as a speaker, 1868-1877 and undated

box 2, folder 17

William T. Ross: scrapbook of clippings, mostly poetry

box 2, folder 18

William T. Ross: miscellaneous papers

box 2, folder 19

William T. Ross: miscellaneous correspondence, 1862-1951

box 3, folder 1

Becca Samson, [memorial poem], Dec 31, 1884

Physical Description: [mss with illuminated "S"]
box 3, folder 2

John F. McDonald, "To the Memory of Leland Stanford, Jr." 1884

Physical Description: [printed on cloth]
box 3

Multiple copies of program from memorial service at Grace Church, Nov 30, 1884

box 4 os

Ada V. Getchell, "Thoughts Suggest by the Early Death and the Beneficent Influences of the Brief Life of Leland Stanford Jr.," 1885

Physical Description: hand calligraphy and illustrations
box 4 os

Letter to Jane L. Stanford from Ada V. Getchell, 1886


Condolence letters and poems sent to Leland and Jane Stanford on the death of Leland Stanford, Jr., Series 3 1884-1885

box 5, folder 1

Cesnola, L. P. di

box 5, folder 2

Cooper, Sarah

box 5, folder 3

Lathrop surname (includes Annie Lathrop, Ariel Lathrop, Jeannie Lathrop, and Libbie Lathrop)

box 5, folder 4

Smith, N. T.

box 5, folder 5

Stanford surname (includes Elijah and Louisa Stanford, Helen Stanford, and Thomas Welton Stanford)

box 5, folder 6


box 5, folder 7


box 5, folder 8


box 5, folder 9


box 5, folder 10


box 5, folder 11


box 5, folder 12


box 5, folder 13


box 5, folder 14


box 5, folder 15


box 5, folder 16


box 5, folder 17


box 5, folder 18


box 5, folder 19


box 5, folder 20


box 5, folder 21


box 5, folder 22


box 5, folder 23

Family members (no last name)

box 5, folder 24


box 5, folder 25

Incomplete signature

box 5, folder 26

Illegible signature

box 5, folder 27


box 5, folder 28

Letter from Lucy to her father describing memorial cross of flowers in Grace Church, San Francisco

box 5, folder 29


box 5, folder 30

Old index to letters (incomplete)