Inventory of the Hiram N. Savage papers, 1905-1933

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Inventory of the Hiram N. Savage papers, 1905-1933

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Hiram N. Savage papers,
Date (inclusive): 1905-1933
Collection number: SAVAGE
Creator: Savage, Hiram Newton, 1861-1934
Extent: ca. 5.5 linear ft. (14 boxes)
Repository: Water Resources Collections and Archives
Riverside, CA 92517-5900
Shelf location: Water Resources Collections and Archives.
Language: English.

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This collection was given to the Water Resources Collections and Archives by Paul Beerman, San Diego City Hydraulic Engineer, in January 1963.


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[Identification of item], Hiram N. Savage papers, SAVAGE, Water Resources Collections and Archives, University of California, Riverside.

Scope and Content

Reports, papers, maps and photographs covering early U.S. Reclamation Service projects and water resources development projects throughout San Diego County.

Access Points

Water resources development -- California -- San Diego County
Reclamation of land -- California -- San Diego County
Water-supply -- California -- San Diego County
Dams -- California -- San Diego County
Waterworks -- California, Southern
Reclamation Service (U.S.)
San Diego River Project (Calif.)
San Dieguito Project (Calif.)
Lower Otay Dam (Calif.)
Barrett Dam (Calif.)
El Capitan Dam (Calif.)
Morena Dam (Calif.)
Sweetwater Dam (Calif.)



Died June 24, 1934
Hiram Newton Savage was born in Lancaster, N. H., on October 6, 1861, the son of Hazen Nelson and Laura Ann (Newton) Savage. He was the son of a farmer. After his public school education, Mr. Savage worked his way through the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts, at Durham, N. H., from which he was graduated in 1887, with the degree of Bachelor of Science. In 1891, he was graduated from the Thayer School of Civil Engineering, of Dartmouth College, with the degree of Civil Engineer. In 1913, the University of New Hampshire conferred upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Science.
In 1888, Mr. Savage was Assistant Engineer, and, later, Resident Engineer, of the East Tennessee and Georgia Railway, the Nashville and Tellico Railway, and the Athens (Tenn.) Improvement Company. From May to July, 1889, he served as Assistant Engineer of the Hydraulic Mining Company, in the San Pedro Mining District, New Mexico, and from July, 1889, to April, 1890, he was Chief Engineer of that Company and of the Rio Grande Water Company, in New Mexico, in charge of a survey of the Ortiz, San Pedro, and Tejon Grants, embracing 100 000 acres; placer-mine prospecting and locations; ditch location and construction; and preliminary location and estimate for a pipe line, 58 miles in length. From April to September, 1890, he was Engineer of Billings Park , White River Junction, Vermont. In September of that year he located an extension of the sewerage system of West Randolph, Vt.
After his graduation from the Thayer School of Civil Engineering in 1891, Mr. Savage went to Southern California, and was employed by the San Diego Land and Town Company, of National City, Calif., as Chief Engineer, in charge of the construction of the Sweetwater Dam and Distribution System that was to be used to furnish irrigation and domestic supply. His work included the construction and reconstruction, operation, and maintenance of the System; the partition and subdivision of 40 000 acres of land; the location, construction, and maintenance of the National City and Otay Railway; and the construction of Sweetwater Park and Race Track, at National City.
In 1895, Mr. Savage became Consulting Engineer to the Southern California Mountain Water Company, in connection with the Morena, Upper Otay, and Lower Otay Dams, and the water-carrying system to San Diego, Calif.
From 1898 to 1903, he was Consulting Engineer for the San Diego and Cuyamaca Railway Company, the San Diego and La Jolla Railway Company, the Coronado Beach Railway Company, the Cuyamaca Water Company, and for the Contractor for the Zuninga Shoals Jetty, in San Diego Harbor, a Government project.
In 1903, Mr. Savage was appointed Consulting Engineer in the United States Reclamation Service, the organization of which had been begun the preceding year, and, from 1905 to 1915, he was Supervising Engineer of the Northern Division of that Service, including the States of Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming. The District included eleven primary projects: The Huntley, Lower Yellowstone, Sun River, Milk River, St. Mary (storage), Flathead (Indian), Blackfeet (Indian), and Fort Peck (Indian) Projects, in Montana; the Williston and Buford-Trenton Projects, in North Dakota; and the Shoshone Project, in Wyoming; all of which were under construction and operation within the period of his service. He also investigated the irrigation possibilities for about ten secondary projects, with a view to their construction when and if funds were made available. Among the many important structures built on the primary projects were the Shoshone Dam, a concrete arch, 328 ft in height above the foundation, then the highest dam in the world, and the Corbett Tunnel, 11 ft in diameter and 3 miles long. In addition to his work in the Northern Division of the Reclamation Service, Mr. Savage at times served on Consulting Boards relative to the work in other Divisions.
He resigned from the U. S. Reclamation Service in 1915 and, in 1916, became Consulting and Supervising Engineer for the Sweetwater Water Company of California, engaged on the reconstruction and enlargement of the Sweetwater Dam, the spillway and abutments of which had been damaged by the record flood of 1916.
From 1917 to 1923, Mr. Savage was Hydraulic Engineer for the City of San Diego, Calif. He supervised the design and construction of the Barrett and the new Lower Otay Dams, the enlargement and reconstruction of Morena Dam and Spillway, and the extensions to the City's rapid sand filtration plants. During this period, he compiled all known hydrographic and climatological data for San Diego County, made estimates of the future water requirements for the City of San Diego and vicinity, investigated available water resources, and made a plan of future water development for the city and its environs, together with plans and estimates for the dams, reservoirs, carrying systems, and purification plants necessary for accomplishing this program. He made filings of water appropriations and intiated proceedings for the acquisition of the necessary rights of way. Notwithstanding the excellent and valuable work done by Mr. Savage during this engagement, his relations with the City Government of San Diego were not at all agreeable. The City Council was composed largely of politicians, who had little appreciation of his work, and whose actions were governed by political motives, rather than the good of the community. Finally, when attending a meeting of the hostile City Council, he was subjected to a tirade of criticism and abuse, and was informed that his services were terminated. Much to the chagrin of his opponents, who had expected a retort in kind, he replied calmly very well, and with sedate dignity withdrew from the Council Chamber.
In 1923 and 1924, Mr. Savage made a trip around the world, visiting nineteen foreign countries, including Italy, Egypt, the Sudan, the Holy Land, Java, the Philippine Islands, China, and Japan. A second tour was made in 1924 and 1925. On this tour, he visited Hawaii and twenty foreign countries, including the South Sea Islands, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippine Islands, and India, where he explored the Ganges and Indus River Systems. He visited also Mesopotamia, where he reported to both King Feisal and to the British officials, on the irrigation and drainage requirements for the Government irrigation system at Irak. He traveled overland across the Holy Land, and reported on Zion and National Home movements; inspected the drainage basin in Egypt and the Sudan, traveling southward in Equatorial Africa more than 5 000 miles by railways, water routes, and overland on foot, conveyed by a force of negro porters. He went into Abyssinia, through the Sudan to the Belgian Congo, continuing through Uganda and across Lakes Albert Nyanza, Kioga, and Victoria Nyanza, to the head-waters of the Nile. Continuing southerly he went through Kenya, via Nairobi and Tanganyika, to Zanzibar and the Indian Oceau, thence returning by way of the Red Sea to Cairo, where he reported to the late King Fuad I, of Egypt, and to the Government officials of the Sudan, Egypt, and the British Empire, on the irrigation requirements of Egypt and the Sudan, on the water resources and on the control of the Nile, with recommendations to construct a third dam on the Nile at Nag Hamadi, and to increase the height of the Assuan Dam sufficiently to double the present storage capacity.
In 1925 and 1926, Mr. Savage inspected twenty-five National, State, and Corporate irrigation projects, in the western part of the United States and in Alberta, Canada, reporting to President Calvin Coolidge on their administrative, technical, social, and economic conditions and requirements.
In 1926 and 1927, he made a tour of inspection of the majority of the Latin-American Republics in the West Indies, Central America, and South America, going from New York, N. Y., to the West Indies, thence to Central America, through the Panama Canal, along the West Coast of South America, by the Transandine Railway, from Valparaiso, Chile, to Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic, and thence back to New York. Several trips were made into the Andes Mountains. From Buenos Aires he made a trip inland of more than 1 800 miles. From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a trip was made into the interior of Brazil, to and down the Alta Parana River, one of the principal tributaries of the Rio de la Plata. On this tour, studies were made of the natural resources of the several countries, with reference to the feasibility of their development and utilization.
In 1927, Mr. Savage again made inspections of the principal irrigation projects in Western United States, reporting thereon to President Coolidge. He also inspected irrigation and hydro-electric projects in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada.
In 1927 and 1928, he made a third trip around the world, visiting Latin-American Republics of South America, thence across South America by the Transandine Railway, across the Atlantic, traveling 4 000 miles in South Africa, from Cape Town to the Belgian Congo, continuing to Mozambique, Tanganyika, and Kenya, across the Indian Ocean, and to the interior of Northeast India, thence to Arabia, Egypt, and the controlling works of the Nile. From here, he went to the Holy Land, thence over Asia Minor to the Black Sea, continuing through Turkey, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, and France to England and Scotland. In these latter countries, he inspected the water supply and work at Manchester, the combined water supply project of Manchester and Liverpool, and the water supply of Glasgow, returning by way of Ireland, thence across the Atlantic to Canada and the United States.
For a time Mr. Savage was associated with Research Service, Inc., of Washington, D. C.
After five years of fruitless endeavor by the City of San Diego, to make some progress in the development of its water resources, within which time the Sutherland Dam was begun and later abandoned, the citizens had become so insistent in demanding the return of Mr. Savage that the City Council deemed it necessary to comply with their demands; accordingly, on July 2, 1928, he again took charge of the Municipal Bureau of Water Development, Operation, and Maintenance. From this time until his death he served the City with zeal and untiring energy. Even during his last sickness, he insisted on being informed daily regarding the progress of the work under his charge.
During this last engagement negotiations and acquisitions of rights of way and water rights progressed as rapidly as economically possible. Arrangement with the Federal Government was made relative to securing, when needed, an additional supply of water from the Colorado River, and plans were developed for works for the conveyance of this supply. The El Capitan Dam was constructed giving the city an additional supply of 10 000 000 gal per day.
Throughout his life Mr. Savage had an uncanny knowledge of human nature and exemplified great fortitude in overcoming obstacles and in pushing work. His ability to find the ulterior motive, together with his unquestioned honesty of purpose and integrity, made him loved by his friends and hated by those who opposed him.
His motto was the most good for the greatest number throughout the longest time . Stoical as an Indian, he was never swerved by praise or criticism.
In recognition of the valuable work he had done for the City of San Diego in the development of its water supply, the City Council on July 9, 1934, changed the name of Lower Otay Dam to Savage Dam.
His foresight and ability to anticipate future needs and plan accordingly were remarkable. Sweetwater, Barrett, Morena, El Capitan, and Savage Dams, which will serve the inhabitants of the San Diego area for ages to come, will stand as monuments to his ability as a man and as an engineer.
Mr. Savage was married in December, 1891, to Linna Bell Clough, of New Hampshire, who died in October, 1897. Two daughters were born to them, Lucy Eunice (Mrs. Robert L. Colthart) and Laura Ada (Mrs. Lawrence W. Hoppe). In 1927, Mr. Savage was married to Eugenia Hurlock, of Maryland, who, with his daughters, survives him.
He was a member of the University Club and the Rotary Club of San Diego. He was also a member of the Masonic Order.
Mr. Savage was elected an Associate Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers on March 7, 1894, and a Member on October 7, 1896.
American Society of Civil Engineers, Memoir (749)

Memoir prepared by Charles P. Williams, M. Am. Soc. C. E.


References are to item numbers. Organizations, structures, and places are in California unless otherwise noted.
All-American Canal 50, 54.
Arizona v. California 57.
Barrett Dam 33.
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Dams, general 68, 76, 95,
see also names of specific dams.
Don Pedro Reservoir 63.
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El Capitan Dam 39, 40.
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Escondido Mutual Water Company 18.
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Morena Dam 35.
North Platte Project 85.
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Owens Valley 53:2.
Pardee Dam 72.
Rio Grande Project, N.M.-Tex. 86.
San Diego Flume Company 36:1.
San Diego River 41.
San Dieguito River 42-45.
San Luis Rey River 46, 47.
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Shoshone Project, Wyo. 87.
Snake River 88.
Southern California Edison Company 69.
Southern California Mountain Water Company 20.
Sukkur Barrage Project 94.
Sun River Project, Mont. 84.
Sutherland Dam 45.
Sweetwater Dam 48.
Sweetwater River 48.
Tia Juana, Mexico 23.
U.S. Reclamation Service 77-93.
Upper Salmon Falls Power Project, Idaho 73.
Volcan Land and Water Company 19.

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City of San Diego, California, Board of Water Commissioners, Municipal Water System: Additional water supply, hydraulic and engineering data, statistics and reports. March 17, 1921.

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Folder 5A

San Diego (City), Calif. Department of Water.


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Physical Description: 68 p.
Folder 6

[Dams and reservoirs in San Diego County - folder containing hydrographs, charts and tables reporting area, capacity, contour, inflow, runoff, spillway waste, evaporation, etc., of various dams and reservoirs for various seasons.] 1883-1946.

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Includes maps of reservoir lands in San Diego County.
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[Rainfall, runoff, streamflow, evaporation - folder containing charts, tables, correspondence, etc., for various rivers and watersheds primarily in San Diego County.] 1805-1930.

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[Rainfall, runoff, streamflow, evaporation - folder containing charts, tables, correspondence, etc., for various rivers and watersheds primarily in San Diego County.] 1901-44.

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[Water consumption, City of San Diego - folder containing charts and tables reporting water consumption.] 1894-1943.

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Folder 10

[Municipal bond campaigns for additional water development, City of San Diego - folder containing materials regarding publicity facts and policies for municipal bond campaigns, future water requirements and water development.] 1928-29.

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Folder 11

Savage, Hiram Newton


Water supply works, domestic and irrigation: official up-state visit and inspection. October 4-10, 1921.

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[Lower Otay Reservoir to San Diego pipeline - folder containing photographs, maps, profile, reports, etc., regarding construction, tunnel linings, etc.] 1900-30.

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[Bonita Pipeline - bound profile of the pipeline.] 1915.

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Includes drawing of the pipeline sandtrap, 1928.
Box Box 4, Folder 16

[Dulzura Creek/conduit - folder containing maps, photographs, and the deed transferring rights to the City of San Diego.] 1921-30.

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Folder 18

[Escondido Mutual Water Company - folder containing brochure and photographs of the company's impounding features and carrying system.] 1923-37.

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[Volcan Land and Water Company/ San Diego County Water Company - folder containing correspondence, a newspaper clipping, etc., regarding water sale agreement between City and companies.] 1922.

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[Southern California Mountain Water Company - folder containing maps of Chollas Heights and Bear Canyon Reservoirs.] 1895-1907.

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Folder 21

La Mesa, Lemon Grove and Spring Valley Irrigation District, Calif.


Plans and specifications for the construction of the Homelands Reservoir. 1948.

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Folder 22

[Whispering Pines Estates - folder containing correspondence and reports regarding availability of water, water supply distribution works, lot size, layout of roads and lots, etc.] 1928-29.

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Folder 23

[City of Tia Juana water system - envelope containing correspondence regarding the existing system and design and planning for a modernized system.] 1930.

Physical Description: 6 items.
Folder 24

[Miscellaneous California State Legislature documents - folder containing bills and correspondence regarding regulation of the construction of dams for public safety and the granting of certain tide and submerged lands to the City of San Diego.] 1929-31.

Physical Description: 6 items.
Folder 25

[Miscellaneous Federal documents - folder containing bills, reports, maps, list of Bureau of Reclamation publications, etc., regarding the sale of Indian lands, grant of rights of way to San Diego over government lands for conservation and storage of water, jurisdiction over the Kings River, an impending emergency in the water supply of San Diego County, etc.] 1914-44.

Physical Description: 9 items.
Folder 26

American Society of Civil Engineers. Committee on Proposed State Legislation on Design and Construction of Dams.


[Volume containing correspondence, reports, bills, etc.] 1928-29.

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Folder 27

[Hydraulic engineer's filing cabinet and boxes: indices - folder containing index to filing cabinet and index to filing boxes.] 1931-35.

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Folder 28

Savage, Hiram Newton


[Personal correspondence - folder containing correspondence, notes, photographs regarding various subjects including the City of San Diego's water supply planning between the periods of Mr. Savage's employment as Hydraulic Engineer and his reappointment.] 1921-32.

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Folder 29

Savage, Hiram Newton


Ellen Browning Scripps bathing pool for children at La Jolla, California - feature history. March 1931.

Physical Description: 205 p.
Folder 30

[Miscellany - folder containing reports, correspondence, maps, clippings, photographs regarding weather forecasting, summation of crop data for Imperial Irrigation District, footage of steel pipe in use in the U.S., etc.] 1929-51.

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Box Box 5, Folder 31

Hydraulic Institute, New York, N.Y. Standards Committee Deep Well Turbine Section.


Code for the measurement of water using standard ISA orifices with free discharge. 1941.

Physical Description: 21 p.
Folder 32:1

[Lower Otay Dam - folder containing correspondence, reports, maps, ordinances, etc., regarding the building and rebuilding of dam, spillway, and outlet tower.] 1915-22.

Folder 32:2

[Lower Otay Dam - folder containing photographs of the original structure and the construction to extend and enlarge the original structure.] 1900-27.

Physical Description: 41 photos.
Folder 32:3

[Lower Otay Dam - folder containing newspaper clippings regarding City of San Diego's suspending contract with builder of the dam, resumption of construction work, completion and filling of dam, etc.] 1917-1919.

Physical Description: 120 items.
Folder 33:1

[Barrett Dam - folder containing reports from H.N. Savage, Hydraulic Engineer, to the Common Council of the City of San Diego, regarding optimum design and location of dam, cost and length of time to build dam, etc.] 1906-20.

Physical Description: 36 items.
Folder 33:2

[Barrett Dam - folder containing reports from the Hydraulic Engineer to the San Diego Common Council regarding progress in the construction of Barrett Dam.] June 1920 - March 1921.

Physical Description: 30 items.
Folder 33:3

[Barrett Dam - folder containing reports from the Hydraulic Engineer to the San Diego Common Council regarding progress in construction of Barrett Dam, including materials regarding a special bond election.] April 1921 - June 1932.

Physical Description: 25 items.
Folder 33:4

[Barrett Dam - folder containing photographs of construction.] 1900-27.

Physical Description: 42 photos.
Box Box 6, Folder 34

[Marron Reservoir Basin lands - folder containing a detail of the rights of way for the Marron Reservoir Basin lands.] 1932.

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Folder 35:1

[Morena Dam - folder containing reports and correspondence regarding dam design, capacity, construction, rights of way, etc.] 1921-32.

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San Diego (City), Calif. Water Development Department.


Notice inviting bids, proposals, drawings and specifications - Morena Reservoir Dam and spillway and safe duty enlargement. March 17, 1930.

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Folder 35:3

[Morena Dam - folder containing photographs of dam construction and completed dam.] 1916-31.

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Folder 36:1

[San Diego River water rights - folder containing proceedings of the San Diego Common Council; San Diego Flume Company organization papers and water contracts; lists of water rights; survey of river and watershed for water storage facility siting, etc.] 1850-1912.

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Folder 36:2

[San Diego River water rights - folder containing brief history of the San Diego Flume Company and its purchase by the Cuyamaca Water Company; description of various Cuyamaca Water Company contracts; schedule of property and rights to be conveyed in the sale of the Company to the City of San Diego; the California Railroad Commission's valuation of same, including exhibits, etc.] 1911-22.

Physical Description: 15 items.
Folder 36:3

[San Diego River water rights - folder containing miscellaneous exhibits of the City of San Diego describing the Cuyamaca water system and its value as presented to the California Railroad Commission in the matter of the condemnation of the Cuyamaca system.] 1915?

Physical Description: 10 items.
Box Box 7, Folder 36:4

[San Diego River water rights - folder containing documents pertaining to Cuyamaca Water Company's application to the California Railroad Commission for permission to increase water rates including assessments of the Cuyamaca Water Company's system; the agreement and lease between the City and the Water Company for the sale of water to the City, etc.] 1916-21.

Physical Description: 19 items.
Folder 36:5

[San Diego River water rights - folder containing documents pertaining to the Cuyamaca Water Company's application to the California Railroad Commission for permission to increase water rates; documents pertinent to establishing ownership of the waters in the San Diego River, etc.] 1922-24.

Physical Description: 10 items.
Folder 36:6

[San Diego River water rights - folder containing reports regarding the condition and value of the Cuyamaca Water Company's properties, tabulations of yearly diversions and consumption; documents relating to the San Diego River case, (City of San Diego vs. Cuyamaca Water Company, in Superior Court, San Diego County); easements for rights of way to the City of San Diego through the lands of Ed Fletcher, and Cuyamaca Water Company; documents regarding the option given to the La Mesa, Lemon Grove, and Spring Valley Irrigation District by the Cuyamaca Water Company, etc.] 1925-30.

Physical Description: 20 items.
Folder 36:7

[San Diego River water rights - folder containing the paramount water rights case and the rehearing as heard by the California Supreme Court in which the City of San Diego claimed the prior and paramount right to the use of all the waters of the San Diego River; a resolution by La Mesa, Lemon Grove and Spring Valley Irrigation District regarding the relative claims of the City of San Diego and the District to development and use of the river water; tabulation of diversion from the river and actual consumption, etc.] 1930.

Physical Description: 12 items.
Box Box 8, Folder 37

[San Diego River Basin resources: additional water supply investigations - folder containing reports, photographs, clippings, drawings, maps relating to the proposed development of the river including site surveys, results of test borings, water rights, costs of construction, controversy over the proposed sites; discussion of the proposed purchase of water from the Vulcan Land and Water Company as an alternative to development; City of San Diego water consumption statistics, etc.] 1921-24.

Physical Description: 62 items (including 11 photos).
Folder 38

Freeman, John R


[Material regarding Mr. Freeman as consultant on San Diego River development - folder containing correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, maps, charts comparing various features of the proposed dams; his recommendations, etc.] 1923-32.

Physical Description: 31 items.
Folder 39

[San Diego River-El Capitan condemnation case - envelope containing court cases resulting in the condemnation of the lands upon which the City of San Diego proposed to build the El Capitan dam and establishing the value of said lands.] 1922-31.

Physical Description: 4 items.
Folder 40:1

[San Diego River Project: El Capitan Dam - folder containing reports, correspondence, maps, clippings, articles regarding the act of Congress granting Indian lands at El Capitan and the City of San Diego's paramount right to use of the river water; discussion of the necessity of the City's proceeding to acquire Indian reservation lands; siting of the dam; versions of a suggested agreement between the City and La Mesa, Lemon Grove, and Spring Valley Irrigation District regarding the City's flooding district lands; the City's Notice inviting bids, proposals, drawings, and specifications ; the construction and completion of the dam, etc.] 1923-35.

Physical Description: 52 items (including 8 photos).
Folder 40:2

San Diego (City), Calif. Bureau of Water Development.


Notice inviting bids, proposal, drawings, and specifications, El Capitan Reservoir Dam, spillway and outlet works... 1932.

Physical Description: 48 p.
Box Box 9, Folder 41

[San Diego River: Mission Valley, Lakeside, Riverview Pump areas - folder including maps indicating location of wells, photographs, etc.] 1918-29.

Physical Description: 17 items (including 8 photos).
Folder 43

[San Dieguito River development - folder containing a report, photographs, correspondence regarding the capacity of Lake Hodges Dam and considering the estimated yield of future developments, etc.] 1900-29.

Physical Description: 7 items (including 3 photos).
Folder 43:1

[San Dieguito Project - folder containing photographs, charts, reports, drawings, correspondence, etc., regarding Lake Hodges Dam and recommended bracing, estimated revenue from the San Dieguito system, San Dieguito Dam and recommended outtressing, etc.] 1917-33.

Physical Description: 49 items (including 26 photos).
Folder 43:2

[San Dieguito Project - folder containing reports, drawings, correspondence, etc., regarding Lake Hodges and San Dieguito Dam strengthening operations, financing of repair work, etc.] 1934-47.

Physical Description: 14 items.
Folder 44

[San Dieguito Water Company: lease and option purchase agreement - folder containing the lease and option to purchase agreement between San Dieguito Water Company and the City of San Diego.] 1925.

Physical Description: 2 items.
Folder 45:1

[San Dieguito River: Sutherland Dam - folder containing materials regarding the Sutherland Bond Issue, specifications for construction, progress and financial status of construction work, including reports, correspondence, photographs, etc.] 1926-29.

Physical Description: 15 items (including 10 photos).
Folder 45:2

San Diego (City), Calif. Operating Department.


Proposal and specifications for the construction of Sutherland Dam and Spillway, outlet works and road on Santa Ysabel Creek. 1927.

Physical Description: 25 p.
Box Box 10, Folder 46

[San Luis Rey River: Henshaw Dam - folder containing photographs; a letter from the San Diego County Water Company regarding the reinforced concrete slab on the dam face; and statement as to the authority of San Diego County to tax water impounded in the dam as personal property.] 1922-31.

Physical Description: 6 items.
Folder 47

[San Luis Rey River - folder containing miscellaneous photographs of various features of the Escondido Irrigation District water system and aspects of the river, etc.] 1900-02.

Physical Description: 33 photos.
Folder 48:1

[Sweetwater River: Sweetwater Dam and Reservoir - folder containing reports, clippings and correspondence regarding the enlargement and repair of the Sweetwater Reservoir structures and the Sweetwater Water Corporation's system.] 1911-45.

Physical Description: 47 items.
Folder 48:2

[Sweetwater River: Sweetwater Dam and Reservoir - folder containing photographs of the dam failure in the flood of 1916 and its reconstruction; drawings of temporary structures, betterments, extensions; topographic drawings, tables of gage heights, etc.] 1904-22.

Physical Description: 107 items (including 85 photos).
Folder 49

[Los Angeles Aqueduct - folder containing maps and an article.] 1908-31.

Physical Description: 4 items.
Folder 50

[City of San Diego investigations: All-American Canal/Boulder Canyon Project - folder of reports, correspondence, clippings, and photographs regarding the effect of the canal and project on San Diego's water supply, amount of water potentially available, allocation, utilization, etc.] 1919-36.

Physical Description: 84 items (including 12 photos).
Box Box 11, Folder 51

[Boulder Canyon Project Act - folder containing reports, speeches, excerpts from hearings, briefs, discussing the act; the problems of the Imperial Valley; the project - its development and plan, location of the dam, ownership, development and control of the power plant, etc.] 1921-30.

Physical Description: 14 items.
Folder 52

[Water and Power Act - folder containing campaign material regarding the act by which the issuance of State bonds for hydroelectric development would have been authorized. 1924. ]

Physical Description: 5 items.
Folder 53:1

[Los Angeles Department of Water and Power - folder containing brochures and pamphlets regarding municipal water and power rates, water sanitation, Department assets and liabilities, proposed development and expansion of the City's water system, etc.] 1926-31.

Physical Description: 11 items.
Folder 53:2

[Los Angeles Department of Water and Power - folder containing promotional materials urging voters to approve water and power bond issues for increasing or assuring the City's future supply of water and power from Boulder Dam and the Owens Valley; proposed amendments to the City's charter regarding financing for public works, etc.] 1929-30.

Physical Description: 27 items.
Folder 54

[All American Canal maps - folder containing maps including maps of lands in Imperial and Coachella Valleys that could be irrigated with the canal system; various features of the canal system conducting water into San Diego County and a hydrograph of the Colorado River.] 1929-35.

Physical Description: 7 maps.
Folder 55

[Boulder Canyon Project - folder containing photographs and lithographs of drawings of Hoover and Parker Dams.] 1932.

Physical Description: 18 items (including 6 photos and 12 lithos).
Folder 56

[Metropolitan Water District of Southern California: Colorado River Aqueduct - folder of informational materials regarding the design, financing, construction, distribution system, etc.] 1936-44.

Physical Description: 4 items (including 1 map).
Folder 57

[California vs. Arizona - folder of material including clippings, correspondence and reports on meetings of various associations regarding Colorado River water use and water rights, negotiations between states, Congressional action, etc.] 1947-50.

Physical Description: 16 items.
Box Box 12, Folder 58

[East Bay Municipal Utility District - folder of material regarding the original organization of the district; transmission, treatment and distribution of water to water service areas, etc.] 1928-31.

Physical Description: 8 items.
Folder 59

[Miscellaneous maps, San Diego County - folder containing U.S. Geological Survey topographic maps of various quadrangles and a sketch map of proposed improved highways.] 1908-28.

Physical Description: 11 maps.
Folder 60

[Miscellaneous maps, California - folder containing a map of the State showing the principle factors in the water supply and a topographic map of Southern California, etc.] 1900-49.

Physical Description: 5 items.
Folder 61

[Big Bear Valley Dam - folder containing correspondence and photographs regarding the design, construction, leaking and reinforcement of the multiple arch dam.] 1924-31.

Physical Description: 11 items (including 9 photos).
Folder 62

[Calaveras Dam - folder containing photographs showing construction of the dam and data on height, capacity, slopes, etc.] 1918-30.

Physical Description: 18 items (including 13 photos).
Folder 63

[Don Pedro Reservoir - folder containing material regarding dam construction and costs, design, water rights, power development, borings, etc.] 1918-20.

Physical Description: 9 items (including 2 photos).
Folder 64

[Exchequer Dam and power house - folder containing photographs of the construction of the dam and power house.] 1921-26.

Physical Description: 23 items (including 22 photos).
Folder 65:1

[Gibraltar Dam - folder containing specifications for the construction of the dam and photographs of the site, dam construction and diversion works.] 1918-19.

Physical Description: 19 items (including 18 photos).
Folder 65:2

Santa Barbara, Calif. Board of Water Commissioners. Water Works System Fund.


Advertisement, proposal, specifications and drawings for the construction of Gibraltar Dam and accessories. 1918.

Physical Description: 16 p.
Folder 66

[Los Angeles County flood control dams - folder containing photographs of Hansen Dam construction, information regarding construction costs, dimensions, and safety of various dams.] 1922-33.

Physical Description: 19 items (including 17 photos).
Folder 67

[Scott Dam - folder containing drawings of the dam, contraction joints, diversion walls, etc.; and photographs of the dam site and construction.] 1919-23.

Physical Description: 17 items (including 11 photos).
Folder 68

[California dams - folder containing photographs of various dams in California including Hemet Dam, Copay Dam, Lafayette Dam.] 1923.

Physical Description: 6 photos.
Folder 69

[Big Creek Project - folder containing maps showing the Southern California Edison Company's planned development of the San Joaquin River with emphasis on the Big Creek Project.] 1921-22.

Physical Description: 6 items (including 3 photos).
Folder 70

[Central Valley Project - folder containing maps of the Central Valley Project.] 1934-38.

Physical Description: 3 maps.
Folder 71

[Hetch Hetchy Project - folder containing articles and tables regarding project expenditures, comparison of bids, and construction progress, including maps and photographs.] 1917-23.

Physical Description: 26 items (including 18 photos).
Folder 72

[Mokelumne River Project - folder containing drawings, articles, photographs, etc., regarding the construction of various features of the project, primarily Pardee Dam.] 1927-31.

Physical Description: 5 items.
Box Box 13, Folder 73

[Upper Salmon Falls Power Plant, Idaho - folder containing drawings of the siphon wasteway and abutment.] 1913.

Physical Description: 2 drawings.
Folder 74

[Coolidge Dam, Arizona - folder containing the advertisement, proposal, specifications, drawings, and photographs of dam construction.] 1926-28.

Physical Description: 4 items (including 3 photos).
Folder 75

[Seminoe Dam, Wyoming - envelope containing photographs of the construction of the dam.] 1939.

Physical Description: 54 photos.
Folder 76

[Dams and reservoirs, U.S. - folder containing comparisons of the features and failures of various dams in the United States.] 1889-1932.

Physical Description: 7 items (including 3 photos).
Folder 77

[Boise Project, Idaho (U.S. Reclamation Service) - folder containing drawings of various features of the Arrowrock Dam.] 1913-15.

Physical Description: 4 drawings.
Folder 78

[Minidoka Project, Idaho (U.S. Reclamation Service) - folder containing drawings of various features of the project.] 1905-07.

Physical Description: 5 drawings.
Folder 79

[Blackfeet Project, Montana (U.S. Reclamation Service) - folder containing drawings of the project and of the Lower Two Medicine Lake Dam.] 1911-12.

Physical Description: 2 drawings.
Folder 80

[Flathead Project, Montana (U.S. Reclamation Service) - folder containing a drawing and photographs of the project.] 1912.

Physical Description: 3 items (including 2 photos).
Folder 81

[Fort Peck Project, Montana (U.S. Reclamation Service) - folder containing a drawing of the project.] 1912.

Physical Description: 1 drawing.
Folder 82

[Huntley Project, Montana (U.S. Reclamation Service) - folder containing a drawing of the project distributing system.] 1907.

Physical Description: 3 items (including 2 drawings, 1 photo).
Folder 83

[Mick River Project, Montana (U.S. Reclamation Service) - folder containing correspondence and drawings of the project and details of its various features.] 1911-14.

Physical Description: 13 items (including 12 drawings).
Folder 84

[Sun River Project, Montana (U.S. Reclamation Service) - folder containing drawings of various features of the project.] 1912-14.

Physical Description: 12 items (including 11 drawings).
Folder 85

[North Platte Project, Nebraska-Wyoming (U.S. Reclamation Service) - folder containing a drawing of the general plan and details of the Horse Creek Diversion Dam.] 1929.

Physical Description: 1 drawing.
Folder 86

[Rio Grande Project, New Mexico-Texas (U.S. Reclamation Service) - folder containing drawings of the Elephant Butte Dam.] 1919.

Physical Description: 3 drawings.
Folder 87

[Shoshone Project, Wyoming (U.S. Reclamation Service) - folder containing drawings of various features of the project and the advertisement, proposal, and specifications for Corbett Dam.] 1909-12.

Physical Description: 4 items (including 3 drawings).
Folder 88

[Snake River: U.S. Reclamation Service projects - folder containing a map of the Snake River and the areas under existing and proposed U.S. irrigation projects, including storage reservoirs and reservoir sites.] 1909.

Physical Description: 1 map.
Folder 89

[U.S. Reclamation Service, Northern Division projects - folder containing tables, charts, correspondence, reports, contracts, etc., regarding various projects in the Northern Division and the status of irrigable lands.] 1911-26.

Physical Description: 28 items.
Folder 90

[U.S. Reclamation Service, Northern Division: precipitation and geography - folder containing maps, tables and charts regarding the precipitation and geography of the Northern Division.] 1912-24.

Physical Description: 10 items.
Folder 91

[U.S. Reclamation Service, Northern Division: standardization of drawings - folder containing instructions for uniformity of drafting practice.] 1911.

Physical Description: 2 items.
Box Box 14, Folder 92

[U.S. Reclamation Service - folder containing drawings of designs for standard weirs, notch drops, checks and bridges.] 1909-15.

Physical Description: 13 items (including 12 drawings).
Folder 93

U.S. Reclamation Service. Northern Division.


[Notebook containing informational materials regarding the regulations, requirements and costs of operating government messes with suggested menus; forms for monthly estimates and for contracts for excavation and concrete work, etc.; newspaper clippings about H.N. Savage, Supervising Engineer; and about various projects.] 1909-20.

Physical Description: 18 items.
Folder 94

[Sukkur Barrage Canal Project, India - folder containing maps and drawings of various features of the project.] 1919-20.

Physical Description: 18 items.
Folder 95

[Dams and waterworks: other countries - folder containing correspondence, drawings, photographs and maps regarding dams and waterworks in various countries including Egypt, Australia, Argentina, and the Philippine Islands.] 1914-27.

Physical Description: 24 items (including 16 photos).
Folder 96

Willcocks, Sir W


Plans of the irrigation of Mesopotamia. [192-?]

Physical Description: 45 fold.maps.

Scope and Content Note

Includes Report for the Army Council on Mesopotamia, by Sir John P. Hewett; Irak restored, by Roland Gorbold; Note on irrigation in Mesopotamia, by E.B. Howell; and Some impressions of Mesopotamia in 1919, by Sir John P. Hewett.
Folder 97

[Unidentified photographs and loose pages - folder containing miscellaneous unidentified photographs and loose pages.]

Physical Description: 11 items (including 6 photos).
Folder 98

Sennar Dam and Gezira Irrigation Scheme [Sudan] 1924.

Physical Description: 15 items (14 photos),