Finding aid to State Land Settlement, Durham, California, 1918-1919

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Finding aid to State Land Settlement, Durham, California, 1918-1919

Collection number: BANC PIC 1966.034--fALB

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: State Land Settlement, Durham, California
Date (inclusive): 1918-1919
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1966.034--fALB
Creator: Mead, Elwood, 1858-1936
Extent: 4 albums (267 photographic prints) and 6 boxes of glass negatives ; various sizes 267 digital objects
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
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Abstract: The collection consists of three albums and an accopress binder of photographs documenting the development of the State Land Settlement Project at Durham, California, from 1918-1919.
Languages Represented: Collection materials are in English

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Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

The Durham photographs were transferred from the Elwood Mead papers (BANC MSS C-B 1041).

Scope and Content

The collection consists of three albums and an accopress binder of photographs documenting the development of the State Land Settlement Project at Durham, California, from 1918-1919. Included are views of houses and floor plans, agricultural buildings and machinery, crops, and livestock. The photographer or photographers are unknown. The three albums include captions printed on photographs or typewritten captions pasted below photographs, and the accopress binder has handwritten captions below each photograph - all captions are reprinted in the container listing.
The collection also contains six boxes of glass negatives which are unarranged and not available for use.


The State Land Settlements at Durham and Delhi were begun in 1918 and 1919, respectively. The Durham settlement was located near Chico in Butte County, California. The settlements were based on a 1917 land settlement program initiated by the state of California to encourage and improve land development methods. Durham settlement had about 130 settlers who owned the segment of land on which they worked. Previously, agriculture in California had been in the hands of individuals whose efforts were not always good for the land. The program was a means by which to educate large groups of people on better farming techniques. The settlement, in which settlers shared land, supplies, and workflow, was intended to demonstrate desirable land settlement methods in a communal setting and encourage cooperation and social organization. Settlers were chosen by the California State Land Settlement Board (chaired by Dr. Elwood Mead) based on their capital, experience, and attitude towards cooperative effort. Each prospective settler had to appear before the Board for questioning, and was watched carefully even after being accepted into the program. Two basic aims of the program were to improve the living conditions of the settlers and to increase the number of people on the farms.
The Durham settlement was divided into land allotments for purchase, most varying in size from 20 to 80 acres. The settlement was furnished with a somewhat complex irrigation system, which was one of the most expensive elements of the program. Initially, the Durham settlement fared quite well, attracting many potential buyers and selling all of its laborers' allotments. The settlement included a community park and meeting place as well as administrative buildings.
A first, the settlers were enthusiastic about the program. Early attempts at cooperation included group purchasing of dairy cows and a group milk-selling association. However, disputes soon made these ventures unsuccessful, and even community social activities began to disappear. Agriculture was initially fairly successful, the only major production problem being the adobe soil, which was difficult to irrigate. After the first few years, however, satisfactory crops were few and far between. The settlers needed more land than they could afford in order to make a living from the low-income crops they were trying to grow. The Board's need to keep land under contract often harmed the ideals of the settlement, in that settlers who put forth little or no effort into farming were allowed to remain on the land. The Durham settlement was plagued with poor drainage and the loss of profitable alfalfa and prune crops to disease. The need to reinvest initial profits from the first few years of harvests was unattractive to most settlers. In retrospect, the causes of failure of the settlement as a whole were seen to be crop failures, expensive but poor land, higher-than-anticipated expenses in general, and economic conditions at the time which were unfavorable to this type of land development.
(Source: Smith, Roy James. The California State Land Settlements at Durham and Delhi. Berkeley: University of California, 1943.)


Album 1


Subdivisional Plan - Durham State Land Settlement BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:01--fALB


Soil Map - Durham State Land Settlement BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:02--fALB


Farm Laborers' Homes on Lott Road - Durham State Land Settlement, Durham, California, U.S.A. BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:03--fALB


The development of Durham's first settler, Carl Neilsen - Allotment No. 10, Durham, California, U.S.A. BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:04--fALB


Home and outbuildings - Frank Baxter Farm - Durham State Land Settlement, Durham, California, U.S.A. BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:05--fALB


First floor plan - perspective sketch - House for Mrs. Bernice Bahmeier, Durham State Land Settlement - California, Allotment No. 26, Designed by State Land Settlement Board, Aug. 2, 1918. BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:06--fALB


Farmstead layout for Mr. F. E. Baxter, Allotment No. 37 - Designed by State Land Settlement Board, 10-2-18 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:07--fALB


Farmstead - John J. Daly, Allotment No. 46, Durham, Calif., Designed by State Land Settlement Board, 10-2-18 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:08--fALB


Farmstead layout for Mr. C. F. Cheaney, Allotment No. 28, Designed by State Land Settlement Board, 10-2-18 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:09--fALB


Farmstead - Proposed layout for Mr. Axel Lonstrom, Allotment No. 8 - Durham - designed by State Land Settlement Board - 11-15-18 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:10--fALB


Farmstead for Mr. Henry B. Ashworth - Durham State Land Settlement - Calif. - Allotment No. 38 - Designed by State Land Settlement Board, July 1918 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:11--fALB


Tentative layout, block No. 12 - State Land Settlement Board, Durham, Butte Co., California - Designed by Land Settlement Board, Dept. of Farmstead Engineering, 6- 13-18 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:12--fALB


Farmstead - Proposed layout for Mr. Axel Lonstrom, Allotment No. 8 - Durham - Designed by State Land Settlement Board, 11-15-18 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:13--fALB


State Land Settlement Board, Durham - Butte County - Calif. - Designed by Land Settlement Board, Dept. Farmstead Engineering, 6-15-18 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:14--fALB


Workman's Cottage - House for Mr. B. E. Williams, Erected on Allotment "D" - Designed by State Land Settlement Board, 9-14-18 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:15--fALB


Farm House - House for Wm. Deveney - Durham State Land Settlement, California, Allotment No. 7, Designed by State Land Settlement Board, 7-12-18 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:16--fALB


Farmstead layout - Suggestive layout for Mr. Sidney N. Graves, Allotment No. 19, Durham - Designed by State Land Settlement Board, 11-14-18 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:17--fALB


Floor plan, by Prof. J. W. Gregg - L.A., Univ. of California BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:18--fALB


Land Settlement Board - floor plan, Workmen's Cottage, Chester Cole, architect BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:19--fALB


Floor plan, by Prof. J. W. Gregg - L.A., Univ. of California BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:20--fALB


Workmen's Cottage, Chester Cole, architect, Chico, Calif. BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:21--fALB


Study for Farmer's Residence, Chester Cole, architect, Chico, Calif. BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:22--fALB


Workmen's Cottage, Chester Cole, architect, Chico, Calif. BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:23--fALB


First floor plan - Second floor plan


First floor plan - Second floor plan BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:24--fALB


First floor plan - Second floor plan BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:25--fALB


General view of farms and farm laborers allotments on a portion of the Durham State Land Settlement, Durham, California, U.S.A. BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:26--fALB


"Application for Farm Allotment or Farm Laborer's Allotment" BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:27--fALB


"Statement of assistance requested in effecting improvements and securing stock and implements" BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:28--fALB


"Table No. 1 - Durham State Land Settlement Farm Allotments and Farm Laborers' Allotments BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:29--fALB


Farm Bureau Picnic, May, 1919, #135 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:30--fALB


Allotment 26, #117 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:31--fALB


600 white leghorn baby chicks, #112 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:32--fALB


Registered Durocs, #129 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:33--fALB


No. 128. A registered duroc Jersey (see #36) BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:34--fALB


No. 167. Community sire donated to Durham Stock Breeders Assn. By R. K. Walker, Duroc Jersey breeder of Winsor ranch. August, 1920. BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:35--fALB


A registered Duroc Jersey, #128 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:36--fALB


Holsteins owned by Carl Neilsen, allotment #10, #109 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:37--fALB


Making check banks, #123 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:38--fALB


Preparing land for irrigation, #142 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:39--fALB


Mowing alfalfa, allotment 48, #126 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:40--fALB


Plowing land for Summer Crop. June 1918, #51 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:41--fALB


Lady Washington Beans, #147 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:42--fALB


75 H. P. Tractor operated by the Board for the benefit of the settlers. October 1918. BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:43--fALB


Plowing, #83 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:44--fALB


75 H. P. Tractor operated by the Board plowing land preparatory to grading. September 1918, #82 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:45--fALB


Allotments 67 and 68 before development, October 1918, #57 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:46--fALB


Crop of barley on allotment 6, June 1918, #61 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:47--fALB


Alfalfa--allotment 16, #111 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:48--fALB


Alfalfa cut from field sown in April 1918. Showing second cutting of alfalfa 1st year. Two additional cuttings were taken before end of the season, #55 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:49--fALB


Stubble field Allotment 83, August 1918, #54 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:50--fALB


Loading alfalfa, allotment 9, #127 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:51--fALB


Alfalfa, allotment No. 9, #120 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:52--fALB


Harvesting and threshing Lady Washington beans on allotment No. 5, October, 1918, #69 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:53--fALB


Feeding Dairy Cattle on the Project, #94 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:54--fALB


One of the dairy units, #48 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:55--fALB


Combined drop and bridge--road and irrigation structure. January, 1919, #78 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:56--fALB


Making concrete pipe for use in settlers' ditches, #86 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:57--fALB


Constructing the main irrigation and drainage canal, October, 1918, #80 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:58--fALB


Western Control of Upper Weir, January 1919, #90 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:59--fALB


Combined check and turn out main canal. January, 1919, #87 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:60--fALB


The concrete pipe crossings and outlet boxes for irrigation canals are made on the settlement, #91 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:61--fALB


#92, Breaking ground for Weir across Butte Creek, Nov. 1918 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:62--fALB


Construction work at the Weir, #85 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:63--fALB


Upper diversion weir, Butte Creek. Shows flood waters passing over the structure, January, 1919, #88 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:64--fALB


Diversion Weir at Butte Creek, #77 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:65--fALB


Prepared land for irrigation--Supply ditch and corner of allotment 10 before sowing alfalfa, March, 1918, #59 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:66--fALB


Supply ditch and corner of allotment 10, August, 1918, #58 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:67--fALB


Alfalfa on allotment 10, Carl Nielsen ranch. Irrigation canal foreground. Pumpkins growing on ditch bank as weed eradicator and profitable crop. August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:68--fALB


Supply ditch and corner of allotment 10, showing the growing crop, June, 1918, #60 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:69--fALB


King Morco Alcartra Seventh, grandson of Tillie Alcartra, purchased by the Durham Cooperative Stock Breeders' Ass'n, from A. W. Morris and Son, #76 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:70--fALB


Clearing the site for the new weir across Butte Creek--Oct. 1918, #92 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:71--fALB


Elevating grader constructing ditches, October 1918, #81 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:72--fALB


Combined check and turn out main canal, #89 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:73--fALB


Bridge--showing portion of new weir in foreground, #93 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:74--fALB


Automobiles which carried the Australian Soldiers upon their Durham visit, #153 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:75--fALB


Australian soldiers standing in alfalfa field, part of which has been cut the sixth time and the remainder ready to be cut, #161 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:76--fALB


Supt. Geo. C. Kreutzer addressing the Australian soldiers who visited the colony to study California methods of farming, October 1919, #150 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:77--fALB


The Australian Soldiers who are attending Davis Farm School. Upon their visit to The Durham Settlement, #152 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:78--fALB


Australian soldiers examining American grading tools, #156 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:79--fALB


The Australian soldier visitors, #155 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:80--fALB


Dr. Elwood Mead, Supt. Geo. Kreutzer & Colonel Davis. #162 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:81--fALB


Grading land on allotment 85, #160 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:82--fALB


View of drainage ditch adjacent to allotment #81, #159 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:83--fALB


Durham Community Park, #157 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:84--fALB


Part of land allotted in November, 1918, #154 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:85--fALB


Farm laborer's cottage on allotment W. Domingo Galves (Chilean), #158 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:86--fALB


T. F. Megenity allotment X showing milo maize, #151 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:87--fALB


Farm laborer's allotment W to Z, #149 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 1:88--fALB


Album 2


Part of 22 Acres reserved for public purposes. October, 1918, #66 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:01--fALB


Part of 22 acre reserve for community purposes. October, 1918, #65 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:02--fALB


#163, Community Center, Durham BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:03--fALB


Durham State Land Settlement - Community Center - Durham, Butte County, California BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:04--fALB


Part of community reserve on boundary between allotment 22 and reserve. Oct. 1918, #68 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:05--fALB


Part of 22-acre reserve for community purposes, #67 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:06--fALB


Superintendent Geor. C. Kreutzer and Carl Nielsen, #70 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:07--fALB


Farm Home, Allotment 10. Owner C. C. Nielsen, #18 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:08--fALB


Headquarters grounds allotment 43 showing office in the distance, #62 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:09--fALB


Stanford University Headquarters, now part of Durham Land Settlement, #49 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:10--fALB


Office of Durham State Land Settlement Board, May 1918, #42 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:11--fALB


Road Making, #144 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:12--fALB


Digging Trench for Concrete Pipe Line, #122 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:13--fALB


Irrigation and drainage ditch in the course of construction between allotments 77 and 78. This will be the main carrier for the whole project, #84 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:14--fALB


Farm Laborers' Homes, #140 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:15--fALB


Drive fronting farm laborers' allotments, Q-R-S-T-U, #64 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:16--fALB


Farm Laborers' cottages, #46 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:17--fALB


Drive through farm laborers' allotments, #63 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:18--fALB


Farm Laborer's cottages, Allotment H. Owner, D. C. Crandall, Nov. 1918, #38 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:19--fALB


Outbuilding used for temporary residence, Allotment "B", #36 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:20--fALB


Farm Laborer's Cottage, Allotment I, #35 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:21--fALB


#182, New residence on allotment 1. (L. O. Cole), August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:22--fALB


[House] BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:23--fALB


[House] BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:24--fALB


[5 men in front of house] BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:25--fALB


#170, Home of D. C. Crandall, Allotment F. August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:26--fALB


#175, Dr. Annie Williams, who lives with her brother on Allotment D, August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:27--fALB


#187, Residence of Mrs. Paul Peirano on Allotment A. August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:28--fALB


Farm Laborer's cottage, Allotment G, Nov. 1918, #40 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:29--fALB


Farm Laborer's cottage, Allotment R, Owner, H. C. Webber, Nov. 1918, #39 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:30--fALB


#183, Residence on allotment G showing timber on uncleared portion of allotment, August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:31--fALB


[Field] BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:32--fALB


[Field and houses] BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:33--fALB


[Field] BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:34--fALB


First unit of dwelling, allotment No. 90, #143 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:35--fALB


#179, Residence and barn. Allotment 90--W. O. Rhoades. August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:36--fALB


Allotment 35, J. P. Samuelson, #108 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:37--fALB


Residence of J. P. Samuelson, allotment 35, #116 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:38--fALB


#173, Residence on Allotment 35, J. P. Samuelson, August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:39--fALB


Farm home on Allotment No. 22, Owner--A. F. Mood--Nov. 1918, #33 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:40--fALB


Residence on Allotment No. 50, November, 1918, #31 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:41--fALB


Home on allotment 50, #110 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:42--fALB


#184, Farmstead buildings on allotment 50. Ward S. Nutt Ranch, August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:43--fALB


#165, Home of W. S. Nutt, Allotment 50, August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:44--fALB


#188, Durham S. L. Settlement, August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:45--fALB


Durham S. L. Settlement, August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:46--fALB


H. Lemcke's Home, Allot. 5, #139 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:47--fALB


A. Lemcke's Home, Allot. 3, #107 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:48--fALB


Residence of F. W. Bahmeier, allotment 88, #145 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:49--fALB


Farm laborer's cottage, allotment R, #137 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:50--fALB


Land Settlement Board's Office on the tract, #43 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:51--fALB


Farm Laborer's Cottage, Allotment D, Durham State Land Settlement, Nov. 1918, #16 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:52--fALB


Farmstead buildings, Allotment 32, #22 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:53--fALB


Building the first house, Allotment 10, Owner - C. C. Nielsen, #19 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:54--fALB


Farmer's home, allotment 10, #20 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:55--fALB


Alfalfa and Farmstead Buildings, Allotment 37, #26 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:56--fALB


Farm Home on Allotment 11, Owner, A. I. Maxwell, #41 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:57--fALB


Farm Home on Allotment 12, Durham State Land Settlement, #13 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:58--fALB


Farmstead buildings, Allotment 32, #23 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:59--fALB


Corner of Allotment 9, June 1918, #53 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:60--fALB


Farmstead buildings on Allotment 7, November 1918, #30 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:61--fALB


Farm home on allotment No. 63, Nov. 1918, #32 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:62--fALB


Farm laborer's cottage on Allotment I, Owner--Oliver Bigcraft, Nov. 1918, #37 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:63--fALB


#180, Home and family group. Oliver N. Bigcraft, Allotment J. August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:64--fALB


Farm home on allotment No. 14, Nov. 1918, #15 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:65--fALB


Farmer's home allotment 27, Owner - E. C. Wilson, Nov. 1918, #28 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:66--fALB


Farm Home on Allotment No. 10, Nov. 1918, #21 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:67--fALB


Residence for F. E. Baxter, allotment 37, showing alfalfa field in the foreground, #25 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:68--fALB


Cottage on farm laborer's allotment No.K, #138 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:69--fALB


#166 Residence of Campbell Schooling, Allotment K. August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:70--fALB


Residence on allotment No. 43 used as Superintendent's headquarters. Oct. 1918, #44 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:71--fALB


#185, Residence Ray W. Seager, Allotment 72. August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:72--fALB


[People and cars in front of a home] BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:73--fALB


#177, Garage used as temporary dwelling, farm laborer's allotment--P. S. T. Batchelder. August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:74--fALB


#186, Temporary house. Mrs. Adelia Cummings, allotment #2, August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:75--fALB


#169, Residence on allotment 18. J. D. Lantz, August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:76--fALB


Barn on Allotment 26, #114 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:77--fALB


Barn on Allotment 46, #115 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:78--fALB


#178, Hay barn on John Daly ranch, August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:79--fALB


[People and houses in field] BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:80--fALB


#176, Hay barn, John Daly ranch, showing two cuttings of alfalfa taken from 15 acres. Capacity of barn, 60 tons, August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:81--fALB


#181, Farmstead development allotment 46, John Daly ranch. August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:82--fALB


[Animals and trees in field] BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:83--fALB


#174, Group of University professors visiting Durham State Land Settlement. Taken on Allotment 46. John Daly Ranch. August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:84--fALB


#168, Dr. Elwood Mead, Chairman State Land Settlement Board, conferring with visiting university professors on the Durham State Land Settlement. August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:85--fALB


Temporary dwelling in barn--allotment #1, #118 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:86--fALB


First Orchard on Settlement, #121 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:87--fALB


#171, Prune trees on free hold land on the Durham State Land Settlement. Four year old French improved trees under Durham S. L. irrigation system. August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:88--fALB


#172, Prune trees on free hold land on the Durham State Land Settlement. Four year old French improved trees under Durham State Land Settlement irrigation system, August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:89--fALB


Temporary dwelling and one wing of barn, Allotment #80, #125 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:90--fALB


School Children--Durham, #132 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:91--fALB


Dairy Cattle, October 1918, #47 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:92--fALB


Harvesting, #146 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:93--fALB


Hauling alfalfa, #56 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:94--fALB


Power House, Durham Land Settlement, #50 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:95--fALB


Hay Barn and hog pasture, Feb. 1918, #52 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 2:96--fALB


Album 3


#199, Making the park ready for the fair--clearing and building road. BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:01--fALB


#190, Clearing the park--a working bee, August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:02--fALB


#200, Working Bee preparing for Community Fair, August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:03--fALB


#194, First prize--E. O. Messenger, allotment 6 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:04--fALB


#191, F. Donner booth on left and community stall on the right BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:05--fALB


#192, Another community stall BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:06--fALB


#193, Durham Community Fair, August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:07--fALB


#197, Mr. Renner and his bee products. Bees are kept on colony a portion of the year. BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:08--fALB


#195, First prize gilt (under 6 months)--owner Geo. Seager, son of Ray Seager, Allotment 72. BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:09--fALB


#196, exhibit of Holsteins, Community Fair, August 28, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:10--fALB


#198, First prize cow held by T. C. Christensen, owner BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:11--fALB


#202, Mr. Donner's prize watermelons from Durham Fair, August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:12--fALB


#201, Prize watermelons from Durham Fair, August, 1920 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:13--fALB


#203, Group of faculty men enjoying the prize watermelons BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:14--fALB


#204 Donner melon patch. Durham State Land Settlement BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:15--fALB


#245, Grammar School Durham Calif BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:16--fALB


Durham School Building BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:17--fALB


Group of settlers rebuilding Mr. Merrifield's barn BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:18--fALB


#214, Pure bred Duroc Jersey gilts BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:19--fALB


#205, Group of settlers assisting owner in rebuilding his barn BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:20--fALB


#212, Group of the settlers' wives BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:21--fALB


#207, rebuilding Merrifield barn destroyed by fire BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:22--fALB


#213, Samuelson's barn under reconstruction


#213, Samuelson's barn under reconstruction BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:23--fALB


#213, Samuelson's barn under reconstruction BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:24--fALB


#210, Settlers' wives serving dinner to the volunteer carpenters BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:25--fALB


#208, Rebuilding Merrifield barn destroyed by fire BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:26--fALB


#209, Settlers' wives serving dinner to the volunteer carpenters BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:27--fALB


#211, Settlers' wives preparing dinner for the workers BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:28--fALB


#215, Chopping alfalfa for dairy cattle feed. F. E. Baxter Ranch BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:29--fALB


#206, Another view of settlers assisting owner in rebuilding his barn BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:30--fALB


#216, Filling silo with Indian Corn, Tom Christensen Ranch BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:31--fALB


#217, New development on Allot. #92, which was formerly part of Allot. #71 TF Megenity BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:32--fALB


#218, Farm laborer's cottage and garden, Allotment W BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:33--fALB


#231, Palo Oaks Farm--E. O. Messenger BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:34--fALB


#232, Durham farm BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:35--fALB


#233, Young prune orchard BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:36--fALB


[Men in field - no negative] BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:37--fALB


#234, Supt. Kreutzer alongside crop of corn. Durham State Land Settlement BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:38--fALB


#219, Farmstead development--Allot. 7, Wm. Deveney BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:39--fALB


#220, Farm home on Allot. #35--J. P. Samuelson BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:40--fALB


#225, Farm home on Allotment #70--L. B. Nevin BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:41--fALB


#222, Cottage & Garden farm laborer's allot. K. Mrs. Campbell Schooling BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:42--fALB


#221, New house and barn Allot. #90. W. O. Rhoades BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:43--fALB


#235, Interior view of home BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:44--fALB


#224, Farm home on Allot. #10--Carl Nielsen BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:45--fALB


#223, Farmstead development Allot. #38. H. B. Ashworth BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:46--fALB


#226, Peach tree on Farm laborer's allot. P taken August, 1921 during their 3rd years' growing season BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:47--fALB


#227, Excel water melons on Donner's Seed Farm. Left to Right - F. Donner, G. Kreutzer & Arthur Ruhl BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:48--fALB


#228, Pure bred Holstein cow--T. Christensen Ranch BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:49--fALB


#229, High grade Holstein herd. F. E. Baxter Ranch. The production of these cows during the summer of 1921 averaged 80 gallons per day for 20 head. BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:50--fALB


#230, Cutting corn for silage BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:51--fALB


#242? Prune orchard planted Feb. 19--Aug. 22 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:52--fALB


Meeting of the Durham Woman's Club. No negative - picture taken by A. H. Barnhill BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:53--fALB


#237, Prune orchard interplanted with beans 22 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:54--fALB


#240, 2 yr. old Thompson seedless vines, farm laborer's allotment planted 1920--'22 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:55--fALB


#242, Prune orchard E. O. Messinger, Aug. 22 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:56--fALB


#239, Carignan grapes on allot. 69 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:57--fALB


#242?, Prune orchard E. O. Messinger, Durham SLS Calif. Trees planted Feb 1919, photographed Aug. 1922 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:58--fALB


#241, Peach trees allotment P. J. Neilson planted Feb. 1919, photographed Aug. 22 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:59--fALB


#243, Apricot trees planted Feb. 1919, E. O. Messinger orchard BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:60--fALB


#236, House on allot. P. Aug. 22 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:61--fALB


#238, Carignan grapes on allot. 69 from cuttings set out Apr. 1921. Aug. 22 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:62--fALB


#244, Subdivisional plan of Durham showing lands for sale Sept. 1, 1922 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 3:63--fALB


Album 4


#12, Design of home for A. I. Maxwell, Allotment 11 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:01--fALB


#141, Farm home on allotment No. 12, Nov. 1918 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:02--fALB


#17, Farm laborer's cottage on allotment D. Owner E. B. Williams, Nov. 1918 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:03--fALB


#24, Farmstead buildings on allotment 32 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:04--fALB


#27, Alfalfa and farmstead buildings, allotment 37 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:05--fALB


#29, Residence for A, Lemcke, allotment 5. Lady Washington beans in foreground BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:06--fALB


#34, Colonial house for A. Lemcke, allotment 4 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:07--fALB


#45, Residence on allotment 43, used as Superintendent's quarters. June 1918 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:08--fALB


#118, Pigs BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:09--fALB


#119, Allotment 26 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:10--fALB


#124, Home on allotment 48 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:11--fALB


#130, Allotment 26 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:12--fALB


#131, Jane Garden Perfecto Walker, the bull donated by Fred Kiesel of Sacramento BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:13--fALB


#133, 2500 people in the park, May 17, 1919 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:14--fALB


#134, Governor Stephens addressing the citizens at Community Park BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:15--fALB


#136, The Community Pavilion BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:16--fALB


#141, Trenching for irrigation pipeline BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:17--fALB


#148, Workman's cottage designed by Chester Cole BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:18--fALB


#189, Dr. Annie Williams BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:19--fALB


#77, Diversion wier at Butte Creek, May 1918 BANC PIC 1966.034:Album 4:20--fALB