Register of the Boris Aleksandrovich Kriukov Papers, 1917-1923

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Register of the Boris Aleksandrovich Kriukov Papers, 1917-1923

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Boris Aleksandrovich Kriukov Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1917-1923
Collection number: 34002
Creator: Kriukov, Boris Aleksandrovich, 1898-1983
Collection Size: 4 manuscript boxes, 9 envelopes (2.1 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Memoranda; military and naval intelligence reports; civil, naval, and military orders; correspondence; and photographs, relating to the Russian Revolution and Civil War in the Siberian Far East, especially operations of the Amur Flotilla (Red) and the Siberian Flotilla (White)
Language: Russian.

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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 1934.


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Access Points

Gajda, R. (Rudolf)
Russia (Territory under White armies, 1918-1920) Armiëiìa
Far Eastern Region (Siberia)--History
Primorskaëiìa oblast' (Russia)
Siberia (Russia)--History--Revolution 1917-1921
Soviet Union
Russia (Federation)
Soviet Union--History--Revolution, 1917-1921--Naval operations

Biographical Note

1898, July 20 Born, Minousinsk, Siberia
1917 Graduated form the Alexander Military Academy, Moscow
1917 Served in 95th Infantry Regiment
1918 Served in the 2nd Kazan Infantry Regiment
1918-1920 Served in the Marine Corps under Admiral Kolchak
1921-1923 Served in the Siberian Flotilla
1928 Graduted from New York State College of Forestry, Syracuse University and entered the service of the Intercontinental Rubber Company
1930 Appointed as consulting forester for the Insular Lumber Company
1931 Entered the service of the United States Rubber Company

Series Description

Boxes 1-4

Subject File, 1917-1923.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes of meetings, lists, charts, notes, printed matter, arranged alphabetically by subject.
Box 4

Miscellaneous, 1917-1923.

Scope and Content Note

Clippings, typewritten and handwritten notes. Includes summary of Kriukov collection by Elena Varneck.
34002 - 8.21

Photographs, 1921-1924.

Physical Description: (294 prints / 10 negatives / 9 envelopes

Container List


Subject File, 1917-1923

Box 1.

Amur River Flotilla


Siberian Flotilla, Chief of Operations Section, telegram and letter to, 1921-1922


Siberian Flotilla, Chief of Operations Section, telegram from


Siberian Flotilla, Commander of, reports to, 1921-1922


Semenov, Ataman, report to, February 1921




Bolshevik Organizational Activities in the Far East, 1921-1922


Bolshevik propaganda


Coding and decoding (compiled by A. Semenov's staff), 1921


Communist Party in the Soviet Union


Communist Party (R.S.F.S.R.), membership card and labour card, 1920-1921




Blagoveshchensk, 1920


Caucasus and Southern Russia




Far Eastern Republic, 1920


Far Eastern Republics, miscellaneous (Transbaikal, Priamur, etc.), 1920-1922


Nikolaevsk (on the Amur), 1920


Petrograd Provisional Government, 1917


R.S.F.S.R., 1920


Siberian Provisional Government, Omsk, 1918-1920


Diary of a wife of a partisan, 1919


Gaida, General R. I. Materials relating to Gaida's rebellion in Vladivostok, November 1919




Kamchatka (Petropavlovsk)


Kamenev, L., "Istoriia partii kommunistov v Rossii i V.I. Lenin," 1920


Kappel Army, military chiefs of


"Krasnoe Znamia", organ of the Maritime Province Russian Communist Party. 1922 - #8, 11-13, 18-20


Maritime Province


Communist Party


Novo-Tadushinsky Rural Society, 1921


Political situation, 1921-1922


Military units

Box 2.

Naval Border Guard Section. Journal of secret service information, Vladivostok, June -August, 1922


Naval Ministry at Omsk, 1919


Olga (town of)


"Bor'ba" (partisan newsletter), 1921


Military units in, 1921


Partisan detachments near, Orders, 1921




Office of the 2nd Quartermaster General, 1919


Office of the Supreme Ruler, 1919


Stenographic account of negotiations for the surrender of Omsk Government to the Political Center, Irkutsk, 1920


Priamur Government, Army


Priamur Provisional Government




Military forces


Ministry of the Interior, Administrative Section, 1921-1922




Reports, of the Commander of Troops, to Commander of Siberian Flotilla, December 1921 -October 1922


Summaries of Operations of military forces from staff of the Commander-in-Chief, September 1921 -October 1922

Box 3.

Summaries of Operations of military forces (by the staff of Siberian Flotilla), December 1921 -October 1922


Priamur Zemsky Sobor, July 23 -August 6, 1922


Red Navy, 1920


Russian Emigres in Europe, 1921-1922


Russian-Asiatic Unified Society


Semenov, Ataman. "Memorandum to the Peoples of the World," 1921


Siberian Flotilla


Application for service


Cruise of "Ilia Muromets," August -October 1922


Cruise of "Lieutenant Dydymov," June 1922


Cruise of training ship "Patrokl'," November 1922


Evacuation from Vladivostok to Philippines, October 24, 1922


Materials prior to May 26, 1921 (overthrow of Bolsheviks)




Orders of the Commander, 1921-1923


Radio Information Summary, September 1, 1922


Report of the Commander


Reports from Commanders of ships along the coast, 1922


Reports of Head of Counter-Intelligence to Commander, 1921


"Russkii Listok" (newsletter of the Siberian Flotilla in the Philippines), 1923 - #5-8 (April - May)


Summaries of Operations of the Staff of the Commander, April -October 1922


Tactical Order to the Commander, April 7, 1922


Telegrams, intercepted from the Bolsheviks


War-Navy Department, orders, 1921


"Ways to Regenerate the Russian Navy"


Soloviev, E. P., Treatise in memory of fallen soldiers of World War I and the Russian Revolution


Soviet Russia. "Summary of Information on the Situation in Soviet Russia"

Box 4.

Soviet Union, 1921-1922


Yakutsk Province, 1922




Materials prior to May 26, 1921


Orders to the garrison of the fortress and city, April 1922 -October 1922



Box 4.



Vladivostok newspapers, 1921-1922




Summary of Kriukov Collection by Elena Varneck



Envelope A

117 prints of the Siberian Flotilla stationed at Olongapo, Philippine Isles. March 1923-June 1924

Envelope B

23 prints of the Siberian Flotilla cruise to the Philippines.>October 24, 1922 - February 1, 1923. 61 prints, 5 negatives, of Siberian Flotilla stationed in Vladivostok, 1921-1922.

Scope and Content Note

Included are photos of R/A Stark, General Diterikhs and R/A Bezuarg.
Envelope C

36 prints of Siberian Flotilla cruise from Vladivostok to Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka. July - November 1922

Envelope D

7 prints, 1 negative, of funeral of Col. Gludkin and Capt. Garkovenko in Vladivostok and 1 print of Gen. Gaida. undated

Envelope E

16 prints, 2 negatives, of the Primaur Government Army. 1921-22

Envelope F

10 prints, 1 negative of the Zemsky Sobor, Vladivostok. July 23 - Aug. 6, 1922

Envelope G

9 prints of the city of Vladivostok 1919-1922

Envelope H

15 prints dealing with White Russians in Vladivostok and the Far East. 1919-1923

Envelope I

1 8x10 negative of a group of ship and its' passengers and crew. circa 1922