Finding aid to Rivergarden Farms, circa 1910-1915

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Finding aid to Rivergarden Farms, circa 1910-1915

Collection number: BANC PIC 1977.019--ALB

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Rivergarden Farms
Date (inclusive): circa 1910-1915
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1977.019--ALB
Photographer: McCurry Foto Co.
Extent: 1 album (79 photographic prints) ; 26 x 32 cm. 83 digital objects
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
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Indexing Terms

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Stine & Kendrick.
California Heritage Project. CU-BANC
Online Archive of California.
Agriculture -- California -- Sacramento Valley -- Photographs.
Grimes (Calif.) -- Pictorial works.
Knights Landing (Calif.) -- Pictorial works.
Rivergarden Farms (Calif.) -- Pictorial works.
Sacramento River (Calif.) -- Pictorial works.
Shipping -- California -- Sacramento River -- Photographs.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of an album of 79 photographic prints of Rivergarden Farms, an agricultural area apparently located near the Sacramento River in the vicinity of Knights Landing (Yolo County) and Grimes (Colusa County), California. The photos were taken circa 1910-1915 by the McCurry Foto Co. of San Francisco. On the cover of the album is the following: "Photographs, Exclusive sales agents, `Rivergarden Farms,' Property of Stine & Kendrick, San Francisco, Cal.," which suggests the album was assembled as a promotional tool. Included are photographs of Rivergarden Farms, Fair Ranch (including buildings, livestock, and various crops); scenes of the towns of Knights Landing and Grimes, California, showing business buildings, street scenes, residences, and shipping on the Sacramento River. Typewritten captions pasted below the photographs are reprinted in the container listing.

Container Listing


[cows on the Rivergarden Farms] BANC PIC 1977.019:01A--ALB


40 sacks of barley to the acre on the Rivergarden Farms, "Fair Ranch" BANC PIC 1977.019:01--ALB


Harvesting with traction engine on the Rivergarden Farms "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:02--ALB


Pumping station on Rivergarden Farms, "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:03--ALB


Grain stacked along river bank. BANC PIC 1977.019:04--ALB


Loading grain into warehouse. BANC PIC 1977.019:05--ALB


Inside of warehouse on Rivergarden Farms, "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:06--ALB


1000 acre corn field Rivergarden Farms, "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:07--ALB


Part of 200 acre oak grove. BANC PIC 1977.019:08--ALB


Note the wonderful growth of grass on the Rivergarden Farms, "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:09--ALB


Note quality of straw produced on grain fields of Rivergarden Farms, "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:10--ALB


WHEAT on Rivergarden Farms "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:11--ALB


Freight Boats on the Sacramento River. BANC PIC 1977.019:12--ALB


Shipping alfalfa from Rivergarden Farms along the Sacramento River. BANC PIC 1977.019:13--ALB


HOP FIELDS on Sacramento River bottom lands, finest in the world. BANC PIC 1977.019:14--ALB


HOPS, near Rivergarden Farms, "Fair Ranch" yielding $1,000 per acre per year. BANC PIC 1977.019:15--ALB


OLIVE ORCHARD, producing $600 per acre per year on river bottom land. BANC PIC 1977.019:16--ALB


DAIRY, on Sacramento River bottom lands, near Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:17--ALB


BEANS, on river bottom lands along the Sacramento River, yielding $100 per acre. BANC PIC 1977.019:18--ALB


Southern Pacific Depot, Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:19--ALB


Cottage Grove, Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:20--ALB


Railroad and wagon bridge, across Sacramento River, Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:21--ALB


River frontage at Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:22--ALB


Market Street, Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:23--ALB


Lumber yard and building material. Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:24--ALB


Hershey Hotel - Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:25--ALB


Church, Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:26--ALB


Primary school, seventy children, Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:27--ALB


Main Street, Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:28--ALB


Entrance to "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:29--ALB


Farm Buildings, Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:30--ALB


Bird's Eye View of 3,000 acres, Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:31--ALB


Ideal Bungalow Home, adjoining Fair Ranch, Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:32--ALB


Beautiful street of homes in Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:33--ALB


Alfalfa land near Fair Ranch, for which owner refused $500 an acre. BANC PIC 1977.019:34--ALB


Sub-division No. 2. "Fair Ranch" - Rivergarden Farms, Barley 56 inches high. BANC PIC 1977.019:35--ALB


Road along the beautiful park drive, through center of Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:36--ALB


Two-year old Holsteins, valued at $300 per head. BANC PIC 1977.019:37--ALB


Location of new town site. "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:38--ALB


Cutting alfalfa on river land near the Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:39--ALB


Almonds and Thompson's Seedless Grapes BANC PIC 1977.019:40--ALB


One of the ideal farms near Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:41--ALB


Mr. Nelson's home. BANC PIC 1977.019:42--ALB


Crowd of Pennsylvania buyers at Home Cottage on Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:43--ALB


View of Oak Grove along the Sacramento River, "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:44--ALB


Entrance to old home on Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:45--ALB


Farm Cottage adjoining Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:46--ALB


Barley, yield 30 sacks per acre. BANC PIC 1977.019:47--ALB


Farm home, near Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:48--ALB


Fresh water lagoon, separating sub-divisions 6 and 7, "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:49--ALB


Oak Grove surrounding warehouse, sub-division #2, "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:50--ALB


Sugar Beets, 8 inches high, May 5, Land adjoining Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:51--ALB


Sub-division No. 1, "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:52--ALB


Land near Fair Ranch, for which owner asks $600 an acre. BANC PIC 1977.019:53--ALB


Ninety head, two year old Holstein thoroughbreds, on farm adjoining Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:54--ALB


Lights and Shades, Oak Park, Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:55--ALB


Home of County Supervisor on the Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:56--ALB


Bird's Eye View of 5,000 acres, Fair Ranch, from river levees. BANC PIC 1977.019:57--ALB


A rich corner of the Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:58--ALB


Olive Drive, to Mr. Nelson's home, Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:59--ALB


Two tons to the acre, Alfalfa, without irrigation. BANC PIC 1977.019:59A--ALB


View of "Fairmount Hotel". Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:59B--ALB


Alfalfa 6 ft. 2 in. high; oats nearly 6 ft. high. BANC PIC 1977.019:60--ALB


Street in Grimes, near Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:61--ALB


One of many similar cottages in Grimes. BANC PIC 1977.019:62--ALB


River road along Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:63--ALB


New Avenue through Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:64--ALB


Sugar beet dump for use of growers on land in or near Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:65--ALB


Row of cottages in Grimes. BANC PIC 1977.019:66--ALB


Church in Grimes. BANC PIC 1977.019:67--ALB


Cottage showing orange trees on land near Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:68--ALB


New boulevard scene on Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:69--ALB


Free Ferry across Sacramento River at Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:70--ALB


14,000 acres of land "Level as the floor". BANC PIC 1977.019:71--ALB


Rivergarden Farms "Level as the floor". BANC PIC 1977.019:72--ALB


Prune Orchard, Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:73--ALB


School house on Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:74--ALB


Meat Market in Grimes. BANC PIC 1977.019:75--ALB


Truck garden and cabbage on Sacramento River bottom land. BANC PIC 1977.019:76--ALB


$100.00 an acre bean crop on Sacramento River bottom land. BANC PIC 1977.019:77--ALB


Public Schools, Grimes. BANC PIC 1977.019:78--ALB


[body of water and dam] BANC PIC 1977.019:79--ALB


[body of water and dam] BANC PIC 1977.019:80--ALB