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Finding aid to Rivergarden Farms, circa 1910-1915
BANC PIC 1977.019--ALB  
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[cows on the Rivergarden Farms] BANC PIC 1977.019:01A--ALB


40 sacks of barley to the acre on the Rivergarden Farms, "Fair Ranch" BANC PIC 1977.019:01--ALB


Harvesting with traction engine on the Rivergarden Farms "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:02--ALB


Pumping station on Rivergarden Farms, "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:03--ALB


Grain stacked along river bank. BANC PIC 1977.019:04--ALB


Loading grain into warehouse. BANC PIC 1977.019:05--ALB


Inside of warehouse on Rivergarden Farms, "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:06--ALB


1000 acre corn field Rivergarden Farms, "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:07--ALB


Part of 200 acre oak grove. BANC PIC 1977.019:08--ALB


Note the wonderful growth of grass on the Rivergarden Farms, "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:09--ALB


Note quality of straw produced on grain fields of Rivergarden Farms, "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:10--ALB


WHEAT on Rivergarden Farms "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:11--ALB


Freight Boats on the Sacramento River. BANC PIC 1977.019:12--ALB


Shipping alfalfa from Rivergarden Farms along the Sacramento River. BANC PIC 1977.019:13--ALB


HOP FIELDS on Sacramento River bottom lands, finest in the world. BANC PIC 1977.019:14--ALB


HOPS, near Rivergarden Farms, "Fair Ranch" yielding $1,000 per acre per year. BANC PIC 1977.019:15--ALB


OLIVE ORCHARD, producing $600 per acre per year on river bottom land. BANC PIC 1977.019:16--ALB


DAIRY, on Sacramento River bottom lands, near Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:17--ALB


BEANS, on river bottom lands along the Sacramento River, yielding $100 per acre. BANC PIC 1977.019:18--ALB


Southern Pacific Depot, Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:19--ALB


Cottage Grove, Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:20--ALB


Railroad and wagon bridge, across Sacramento River, Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:21--ALB


River frontage at Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:22--ALB


Market Street, Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:23--ALB


Lumber yard and building material. Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:24--ALB


Hershey Hotel - Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:25--ALB


Church, Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:26--ALB


Primary school, seventy children, Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:27--ALB


Main Street, Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:28--ALB


Entrance to "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:29--ALB


Farm Buildings, Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:30--ALB


Bird's Eye View of 3,000 acres, Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:31--ALB


Ideal Bungalow Home, adjoining Fair Ranch, Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:32--ALB


Beautiful street of homes in Knights Landing. BANC PIC 1977.019:33--ALB


Alfalfa land near Fair Ranch, for which owner refused $500 an acre. BANC PIC 1977.019:34--ALB


Sub-division No. 2. "Fair Ranch" - Rivergarden Farms, Barley 56 inches high. BANC PIC 1977.019:35--ALB


Road along the beautiful park drive, through center of Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:36--ALB


Two-year old Holsteins, valued at $300 per head. BANC PIC 1977.019:37--ALB


Location of new town site. "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:38--ALB


Cutting alfalfa on river land near the Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:39--ALB


Almonds and Thompson's Seedless Grapes BANC PIC 1977.019:40--ALB


One of the ideal farms near Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:41--ALB


Mr. Nelson's home. BANC PIC 1977.019:42--ALB


Crowd of Pennsylvania buyers at Home Cottage on Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:43--ALB


View of Oak Grove along the Sacramento River, "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:44--ALB


Entrance to old home on Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:45--ALB


Farm Cottage adjoining Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:46--ALB


Barley, yield 30 sacks per acre. BANC PIC 1977.019:47--ALB


Farm home, near Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:48--ALB


Fresh water lagoon, separating sub-divisions 6 and 7, "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:49--ALB


Oak Grove surrounding warehouse, sub-division #2, "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:50--ALB


Sugar Beets, 8 inches high, May 5, Land adjoining Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:51--ALB


Sub-division No. 1, "Fair Ranch". BANC PIC 1977.019:52--ALB


Land near Fair Ranch, for which owner asks $600 an acre. BANC PIC 1977.019:53--ALB


Ninety head, two year old Holstein thoroughbreds, on farm adjoining Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:54--ALB


Lights and Shades, Oak Park, Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:55--ALB


Home of County Supervisor on the Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:56--ALB


Bird's Eye View of 5,000 acres, Fair Ranch, from river levees. BANC PIC 1977.019:57--ALB


A rich corner of the Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:58--ALB


Olive Drive, to Mr. Nelson's home, Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:59--ALB


Two tons to the acre, Alfalfa, without irrigation. BANC PIC 1977.019:59A--ALB


View of "Fairmount Hotel". Fair Ranch. BANC PIC 1977.019:59B--ALB


Alfalfa 6 ft. 2 in. high; oats nearly 6 ft. high. BANC PIC 1977.019:60--ALB


Street in Grimes, near Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:61--ALB


One of many similar cottages in Grimes. BANC PIC 1977.019:62--ALB


River road along Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:63--ALB


New Avenue through Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:64--ALB


Sugar beet dump for use of growers on land in or near Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:65--ALB


Row of cottages in Grimes. BANC PIC 1977.019:66--ALB


Church in Grimes. BANC PIC 1977.019:67--ALB


Cottage showing orange trees on land near Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:68--ALB


New boulevard scene on Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:69--ALB


Free Ferry across Sacramento River at Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:70--ALB


14,000 acres of land "Level as the floor". BANC PIC 1977.019:71--ALB


Rivergarden Farms "Level as the floor". BANC PIC 1977.019:72--ALB


Prune Orchard, Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:73--ALB


School house on Rivergarden Farms. BANC PIC 1977.019:74--ALB


Meat Market in Grimes. BANC PIC 1977.019:75--ALB


Truck garden and cabbage on Sacramento River bottom land. BANC PIC 1977.019:76--ALB


$100.00 an acre bean crop on Sacramento River bottom land. BANC PIC 1977.019:77--ALB


Public Schools, Grimes. BANC PIC 1977.019:78--ALB


[body of water and dam] BANC PIC 1977.019:79--ALB


[body of water and dam] BANC PIC 1977.019:80--ALB