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Guide to the California and Western Manuscript Collection
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Box 1, Folder 1

Agatz, Cora Wilson. "An Incident of Fifty-Four Years Ago." - crossing the plains. 7 page typescript, possibly by Maude J. Wilson, 1920

Box 1, Folder 2

Almanac for Thirty-Niners. Typed carbons of copies A and E of this almanac, compiled by the San Francisco WPA, 4 Oct. 1938

Box 1, Folder 2a

American Citizen, San Rafael. May 15, 1936. A right-wing newspaper.

Box 1, Folder 3

Borel Family


Blank check of Alfred Borel & Co., n.d.


"Swiss Echoes--A Vision Transplanted." A report on Antoine Borel and the Borel Estate by E. J. Halcrow, June 1955.

Box 1, Folder 4

British Consulate in San Francisco. Photostats of letters and papers relating to the founding of the consulate in San Francisco, 29 June 1849 -17 May 1906:


1. Sir Phipps Hornby to Sec. of the Admiralty: extract of letter re vice consul Forbes and necessity of consulate at San Francisco, 1849 June 29


2. Foreign Office Memorandum and copy, 1849 Sept. 22.


3. John Shepherd: extracts from a journal of occurrences re gold rush, necessity for consulate at San Francisco, state of S. F. business affairs, gold dust, passengers leaving, population, steamer schedules, 1849 Oct. 14-16


4. John Shepherd to Adm. Hornby, acting as "consul"?, announce arrival in Valparaiso, Mr. Falkner an agent of Starkey, Janion and Co., need for consular agent, famine, 1849 Dec. 24


5. Phipps Hornby to John Parker and Admiralty re self-constituted courts of law, orders to Capt. Wellesley, HMS Driver, 1850 Jan. 9


6. Phipps Hornby to John Parker, Esqre. M.P. and Admiralty re Shepherd, 1850 June 27


7. George G. Wellesley to Cmmdr. G. R. Johnson, Adm. Hornby, desertion of Br. crews, seizure and sale of vessels, praise for U. S. Collector of Customs recapture of the 'Helen' of Sydney on coast of Australia but men had escaped, 1850 Aug. 31


8. John [Henry Temple, viscount] Palmerston to [George] Aikin, draft of letter of appointment as 1st Dr. consul in Calif., salary of f300 a year, 1851 Feb. 25


9. George Aikin to Viscount Palmerston re Driver and C. R. Johnson, hanging of Br. citizen James Stewart (Stephens) by 'committee of vigilance,' 1851 July 14


10. George Aikin to Palmerston re more hangings, Gov. burned in effigy, 1851 Sept. 1


11. George Aikin to Palmerston re hospital care for Foreign Subjects and expense, 1851 Oct. 14


12. George Aikin to Earl of Clarendon re export of gold dust and quicksilver, steadier trade, increase in agriculture but low grain prices, statistics, British imports, population, Mexican land grant titles being settled, mining and wages, talk of Railways, Br. ships using Chile and New Granada flags because of war, 1855 Jan. 6


13. George Aikin to [J.?] F. Crampton, vigilance committee, 1856 May 21


14. George Aikin to Crampton re vigilance committee, British subjects joined committee, Gov. calls up militia, 1856 June 4


15. George Aikin to Crampton re vigilance committee, Gen. Wool and notice to British subjects, 1856 June 19


16. [Unidentified] to Clarendon re hanging of Br. citizen, arrest of Judge Terry, election frauds, 1856 July 31


17. I. Savile Lumley (David Jumley?) to Clarendon re Pres.'s message on state of affairs in Calif., Gov. Johnson, Mr. Marcy, Mr. Cushing, Calif. elections and terms of office, 1856 Aug. 11


18. I. Savile Lumley to Clarendon re Gen. Howard, rumor of sucession, 1856 Aug. 18


19. I. Savile Lumley to Clarendon re dissolution of vigilance committees, release of Judge Terry, 1856 Sept. 16


20. William Lane Booker to Clarendon: report of the trade of Calif., 1857 Feb. 9


21. Br. merchants and residents of S. F. to Clarendon: petition for Booker to succeed Aikin as consul; signed, 1857 May 1


22. William Lane Booker to Clarendon: election results, 1857 Oct. 19


23. William Lane Booker to Clarendon: expenses including hospital account, 1858 Jan. 4


24. Booker to Earl of Malmesbury with resolutions "Br. Hospital and Relief Soc.", 1858 May 4


25. Booker to Malmesbury re trade report, shipping, 1859 Jan. 19


26. James Bowman to Malmesbury re Hospital and Relief Soc. meeting and report, 1859 Apr. 19


27. Booker to Lord John Russell re Br. Hospital Soc., 1859 Sept. 6


28. Booker to Earl Granville re bounty for sailors shipped, demanded by proprietors of Sailors Boarding Houses, 1872 Dec. 10


29. Booker to Earl Granville, 1872 Dec. 24


30. [W. P. G.] memo, transfer to Consul General Wharburton from Valparaiso to S. F., S. F. raised to Consulate General, 1895 July 26


31. C. W. Bennett to Sir Edward Grey: S. F. earthquake, consulate building burned, papers destroyed except those in safes, temporary office in Oakland, General Funston, 1906 Apr. 25


32. C. W. Bennett to Sir Edward Grey: death of and injury to Br. citizens, Dr. J. Coplin Stinson, report on reconstruction, financial disaster, steel tied construction, 1906 May 4


33. Bennett to Grey, camp inspector for General Funston, relief, 1906 May 17

Box 1, Folder 5

Burlingame, Anson. Papers


[Burlingame] family record: births, marriages, deaths


A.L.S. to "My Dear Brother," 1862 Apr. 18


A.L.S. to "My Dear Sister," Jennie [Burlingame], [Mrs. Anson Burlingame], 1867 Feb. 12


A.L.S. to "Dear Relative" [Anson Burlingame] signed by Nelson Burlingame, 1939 Apr. 10, with envelope


A.L.S. to "My Dear Father" [Joel Burlingame], 1860 Oct. 8


Paper by Susan Burlingame Holton on "Anson's Sociability" with transcript of article re Anson


Angell genealogy with attached typed copy of George Washington's letter to the Gov. of Rhode Island, n.d.


Miscellanea: clippings; Mark Twain comments on Anson Burlingame; tintype of "My Burlingame grandparents, Uncle DeWitt, Henry and my father;" copy of information sent to N. Burlingame; complimentary banquet announcement to the Hon. Anson Burlingame in Faneuil Hall, 1856 Nov. 24

Box 1, Folder 6

California tax documents and miscellanea


State poll-tax receipt, 1901 June 22


State election Republican and anti-monopoly tickets, 1874 Oct. 13


Page from a ledger of state and county taxes, 1854-1855

Box 1, Folder 7

Campbell & Stoddard (Grass Valley, Calif.), day book #30, 1874 Jan. 17 -Aug. 20

Box 1, Folder 8

Campbell, William (Grass Valley, Calif.) Papers


A.L.S. to Campbell from Dickson DeWolf & Co., 1887 Aug. 30


2 T.L.S. to Campbell from Baker & Hamilton, 1890 Nov. 3 and Nov. 12

Box 1-2, Folder 9-15

Cherington, Reed B. Collection


Scrapbooks (6) with pictures, photographs, and postcards of California missions, n.d.


Novel Manifest Destiny in typed form, n.d.

Box 3, Folder 16

Columbia, Calif., Act of incorporation, 1854 Apr. 9

Box 3, Folder 17

Constanso, Don Miguel. Type translation from Spanish of the report and diary of Don Miguel Constanso, royal engineer of the land expedition in search of Monterey, 1769 July 14 -1770 Feb. 7

Box 3, Folder 18

Crocker, William H. T.L.S. to Dr. Ray Lyman Wilbur, 1934 Aug. 3

Box 3, Folder 19

Day Book or Subscription Book - Eureka, Calif. Ledger of subscriptions, 1860 June 2 -1862 Dec. 6

Box 3, Folder 20

Durango, Bishop of. Typed copy of a report on conditions in the diocese of the Bishop of Durango (New Galicia), 1760-1763

Box 3, Folder 21

Election of 1884, Calif. Bound book of newspaper clippings, bulletins, ballots and maps pertaining to the election, 1884

Box 3, Folder 21a

Election of 1888, Calif. Amador County, 2 Regular Democratic tickets, 1888

Box 4, Folder 22

Fair, James G. Check to Calvin Cole, sup't. of [W]oodworth Mill for $155.91, 1877 July 2

Box 4, Folder 23

Ferral, Robert. A.L.S. to John T. Malvne, Esq. re The Young Men's Democratic Club, 1876 July 6

Box 4, Folder 24

Galbraith, Edith C. Collection


A. The Voyage of Hecata and Bodega, 1775: ms. and notes from sources, translations from Spanish (Bruno Hecata, Juan Perez, Manuel Maurique, Fernando Quiros, Juan de Ayala, Diego Choquet, Francisco Bodega y Quadra, Francisco Antonie Maurelle) and comparative notes of different translations, written 1914 July


B. Notes? Maurelle (biographical note), Hecata and Malaspina, part of a draft, translation from Spanish and translator's additions and conclusions.


C. Notes from ms. copies of Bodega and Maurelle in Voyage of 1775. Copied from General Archives of the Indies, Sevilla - Papers of the Minister of State, Audience of Mexico file 19. Some from Ayala ms. Bodega's ms. signed by a copyist, Manuel Josef de Ayala, ends "A copy of the original that exists in the archives of the Sec. of State of the Indies and at the orders of his secretary, His Excellency Senor Don Josef de Galvez, I have presented in Madrid the 20 of June 1778."


D. Notes from ms. of Hecata Voyage of 1775. Galbraith ? draft or translation, 1912. Hecata Diary - some still in Spanish, biographical note.


E. [Estorga's] Voyage to Manila Philippines 1768-1769. Letter from Gov. Gen. of Philippines Marquis de Croix (re Francisco Xavier Estorgo) to Julian de Arriaga; Estorga was commander of the schooner "Nuestra Senora de la Soledad" (alias La Sonera). Estorga diary: translation from Viage politico-scientifice Alrededer del muno por las corbeta Descubierta y Altrevda, al mundo de los Capitanes de navio J. Alexjandre Malaspina y Don Jose Bustameute y Guerra, des de 1789 a 1794.


F. The Voyage of Hecata and Bodega - typescript with ms. corrections, 41 pages. Edith C. Galbraith, 1914 July.


G. Bodega's Method of Navigation 1775. Translated by Gertrude Mason and includes diary with description of Indians and customs.


H. Perez Diary ("Continuation") 1774 Feb. 11 to Nov. 21. Typescript translation, some manuscript notes in Spanish.


I. Typescript of Forward, Bodega's Method of Navigation (trans.), Bodega's Diary (trans.), Introduction - all with ms. corrections. Berkeley 1936.


J. Introduction (different from above) - carbon, Malaspina voyage - first English translation. Translation from the Spanish of Malaspina's "Physical characteristics and customs of Calif." in Viage politico-scientifice Alrededer del Mundo en 1789-1794. Pub. Madrid 1885. E.C.G. translated, 1914. Typescript.


K. Malaspina - manuscript copy of item J.


L. Voyage to the Northwest Coast in 1779. Typed translation with ms. corrections of Francisco Antonio Maurelle's diary by E.C. and Alma Galbraith. (San Juan Islands?)


M. Bodega Diary, etc., - 1775 voyage of Sonera ms. translation and edition, 1936


N. Juan Perez Diary, 1774. 4 pages typed, ms. translation.


O. The original folders which held the above papers.


P. Juan V.G. P. de Padilla Horasitas y Aguayo. Copy of the archives of the count, viceroy of Mexico, 1789-1794. Expedition to Alta Calif.

Box 4, Folder 25

Garnett, R. S. 3 A.L.S. (photocopies). Two personal and one on Cal. State seal and coat of arms.

Box 4, Folder 26

Hichborn, Franklin. Papers


Letters: 2 T.L. and 2 T.L.S. re Hichborn from: George Sehlmeyer, 1962 Sept. 10;R. C. Swank, 1954 Nov. 5; Tom Baily, 1954 Nov. 2; Edward A. Ross, 1897 Mar. 8. 1 T. L. from Hichborn, 1854 Oct. 25


Typed papers on: Calif. in the 1896 National Campaign; The Calif. senatorial deadlock of 1899; Meeting the machine in Nevada; The Santa Cruz Convention, 1906; Hiram W. Johnson elected governor; The 1912 LaFollette incident; The recall of state senator Edwin E. Grant; the bitterly fought 1916 campaign; and the Sinclair-Merriam campaign.

Box 4-5, Folder 27-28

Hutchings, James Mason


Part I: Diary of his journey to Calif. begining 19 May 1848.Includes introductions; list of graves passed; weather conditions and letters; typed copy.


Part 2: Diary of his journey to Calif. begining 1 Jan. 1855.Includes introductions; list of graves passed; weather conditions and letters; typed copy.

Box 5, Folder 29

Johnson, Hiram W. 2 T.L.S. to Dr. Ray Lyman Wilbur, 1937 Apr. 9 and 1931 Dec. 21

Box 5, Folder 30

Jones, William Carey


1. Dobyns, Major Edward - Personal recollections of Thomas Hart Benton, papers 1-7, [1882]; Misc. anecdotes and recollections of T. H. Benton, A-H. [Photocopies]


2. Fremont, Elizabeth (Lily) - 7 A.L.S. to Benton Jones and W. C. Jones; A.L.S. extract from 1883 Feb. 3 speech. [Photocopies]


3. Fremont, Mrs. Jessie Benton (John Charles) - 7 A.L.S. to W. C. Jones, [1884]-1890 (with typed copies). [Photocopies]


4. Gault, Hon. Thomas T. - Holograph address in honor of Thomas H. Benton, 1882 March 14. [Photocopies]


5. Jones, William Carey - A.L.S. to [William] Fremont, 1847 Dec. 11; A.L.S. to Benton Jones, 1864 July 22. Five misc. pamphlets, three newspaper clippings and a printed poem. [Photocopies]

Box 5, Folder 31

Ledger. Of "Goods Ordered," 1866-1868, in the Grass Valley area.


Box 6, Folder 32

Lien Law Committee. Original papers (with some carbons) of reports of the Lien Law Committee, 1929-1931.

Box 6, Folder 33

Marshall, James W. Holograph fragment of ms. of The Life of Marshall (discoverer of gold in Calif.) written by [George Frederick] Parsons.

Box 6, Folder 34

McCormas, Francis. A.L.S. to Mrs. [Max] Sloss, n.y., Apr. 23.


Box 6, Folder 34a

Melville, John. 2 typescript copies of Guide to California Wines, n.d.

Box 6, Folder 35

Mining Stock, Calif.


17 receipts of shares of stock from: The Mexican Gold and Silver Mining Co.; The Ophir Silver Mining Co.; The Consolidated Virginia Mining Co.; and The Savage Gold and Silver Mining Co., 1908-1922


4 blank checks - Andrew J. Moulder, S. F. Controller.

Box 6, Folder 36

Norton I. Bond receipt from the Imperial Government of Norton I, 1874. Printed by Cuddy & Hughes, S.F.

Box 6, Folder 37

Pelacio, Francisco. 2 receipts dated 24 May 1862 (Watsonville) and 6 May 1864 (Monterey).

Box 6, Folder 38

Alvarado, Juan B. Original ms. of Expediente for Rancho Capitancillos (Santa Clara County) granted to Justo Lanos, 1842 Aug. 1. (Alvardao was Governor of the Californias.)

Box 6, Folder 39-40

Point Lobos Reserve


Letters from the "Save the Redwoods League" and reports on the conditions of the Reserve.


Bound volume of reports of the advisory committee, 1936, with pictures and maps. (Delivered to the State Park Commission, March 1.)

Box 7, Folder 40a

Port Palo Alto on S. F. Bay - an Earthly Paradise. Pamphlet, 1907 Apr.

Folder 40b [on shelf]

Portello, Col. J.M.T. Scrapbook, ca. 1904

Box 7, Folder 41

San Francisco Abstract of Title (and Certificate of Search). Bound ms. concerning the various lots and boundaries in the "Golden City," 1889 Mar.

Box 7, Folder 42

San Francisco Verein. Ledger of club affairs for the year, 1868

Box 7, Folder 43

Santa Rosa Ranch. Abstract of Title to 3 acres of land on the Santa Rosa Ranch in Sonoma County; also, deeds, wills, and taxes, 1839-1908.

Box 7, Folder 44

Sherwood, B. F. Letters


A.L.S. to "Howard," 1937 Jan. 27 (signed "Frank" - possibly Frank Dickensen).


A.L.S. to "Plato," 1860 Mar. 22(signed B.F. Sherwood).

Box 7, Folder 45

Snook, Dr. John


A.L.S. pass to San Francisco by Mayor Ferreis of Berkeley, 1906 Apr. 24. Snook's signature is also on the pass.


6 photographs of Truckee, Tahoe, Dr. and Mrs. Snook, the Sacramento River and an oil field.

Box 7, Folder 46

Spreckels, Rudolph. T.L.S. to Dr. Ray Lyman Wilbur, 1908 Mar. 16

Box 7, Folder 47

St. Anne's Church (Columbia, Calif.?). Ledger of receipts and expenditures, 1864-1868, in a cover of "The Golden Book of Favorite Songs," with "Gold Nugget Club" written on the cover.

Box 7, Folder 47a

Starr, Kevin. Americans and the California Dream.Review of the book by Wallace Stegner, This World, 1973 May 27.

Box 7, Folder 48

Statehood Centennial, Calif. (W. T. Russell)


Newspaper clippings pertaining to the event.


Pamphlet on "Nevada County - Gold Capitol of California."


A.L.S. to Miss Theresa Gay from the Russells, 1950 Oct. 5, with envelope portraying the centennial of statehood.


Clipping from the Oakland Tribune, 1948 Jan 18, re Russell and Marshall.

Box 7, Folder 49

Stephenson, Terry


T.L.S. by Allen W. Goddard, 1964 Oct. 16


Typed paper re: Terry E. Stephenson, Orange County Historian.

Box 7, Folder 49a

Stillman, Jacob. Letters written to Davis Babcock while on a trip around the world, 1877-1879.

Box 7, Folder 50

Terry, David S.


T.L.S. by W. D. Baggett re J. W. Terry material, 1936, Sept. 3. 0


Clipping on Terry's death.


Notes for Mr. Wheat and Mr. Klette on Terry's life.


Carbon of a letter by J. W. Terry to Domas Malone, 1934 Sept. 17.

Box 7, Folder 51

Tilden, Major Charles Lee. Bound copy of "Some Reminiscenses of Major Charles Lee Tilden," 1857 July 17 -1950 Nov. 12. (Stories portraying some of life's experiences)

Box 8, Folder 52

Tod, David. A.L.S. to Gen. Persifor F. Smith, Gov. of Calif., 1849 Apr. 22. (Letter of introduction for Samuel C. Lewis).

Box 8, Folder 53

Trinity Center, Calif. Pages 29-40 of court procedures, 1897.

Box 8, Folder 54

Unknown to "Dear General." Suisun Bay Survey. A.L.S., 1886 Nov. 30. (The signature is unidentified and the letter seems to be political in nature.)

Box 8, Folder 54a

Van Sooy, Neal. "Newspapers and Periodicals in California from 1846-1880." Carbon copy of paper for History 112, 1933 Mar. 3.

Box 8, Folder 55

Vila, Don Vicente. Sea log (translated from Spanish) of Don Vicente Vila, 1770 Jan. 1 -1771 May 12. Journey from La Paz, Lower Calif. to San Diego.

Box 8, Folder 56

Waterman, Edwin R. Bound diary of Edwin R. Waterman, 1848 Jan. 1 -1849 Sept. 21. Appears to concern his daily activities and a sea trip from Boston via Panama to San Francisco and Sacramento.

Box 8, Folder 57

Wells Fargo & Co.


Pony Express centennial postcard, 1960.


A.L.S. by Theo. Wood, Cashier, 1869 Nov. 9, with envelope.

Box 8, Folder 58

Wheeler, Alfred (1822-1903)


5 Dept. of State documents re Wheeler's appointments to government positions in Calif, 1851-1852. Among the signatures are those of Daniel Webster, Millard Fillmore, Thomas H. Seymour (Gov. of Conn.) and N. L. Derrick (Acting Sec. of State).


3 holograph letters: 1851 Oct. 14, 1852 Apr. 2, and 1862 July 24.


Clipping from the San Francisco Chronicle re Wheeler's death, 1903 Aug. 19.


Pamphlet by Wheeler re his life, 1852 Apr., with picture.

Box 8, Folder 59

While Plains, Nevada. Deed of land, 1869 Apr. 5.

Box 8, Folder 60

Whitney, Charlotte Anita.


Pamphlet on "The Case of Charlotte Anita Whitney," by F. Hichborn, 1920.


Transcript of record of "The Supreme Court of the U.S. - The People of the State of Calif. vs. Charlotte Anita Whitney."


Clipping from the San Jose Mercury re her death, 1955 Feb. 2

Box 8, Folder 61

Wright, William Lawton. Papers, maps, pictures re "The Warner Ranch Butterfield Station puzzle." (An historical investigation). San Diego.

Box 8, Folder 62

Zamora, Epigmenio. Holograph stories re the town of Hornitos, ca. 1890 June 13-16. Mariposa County atmosphere.

Box 8, Folder 63

Miscellaneous documents, 1850-1944


V-mail season's greetings, 1944 Dec. 8


Society of California Pioneers invitation, 1867 July 7


Records of the Republican Association of the city of Sacramento, 1950 Mar. 8


Two clippings from the Los Angeles Times re the Presparedness Day parade bombing in San Francisco, 1916 July 22


Small notebook re California mission days and California missions in "Warner," California, 1933 July -Aug.

Box 8, Folder 64-66

Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1891-1913 and n.d.

Box 8, Folder 67

Inventory of San Antonio de Padua in California, 1846. (In Spanish; very complete). By Mariano Soberanes, under judge's orders to be presented to Doroteo Ambris (last resident priest).

Box 8, Folder 68

Rancho of Salsipuedes grant, 1865 April (copy of orig. title); and Rancho Aronitas y Agua Caliente, with plat, 1859. (original deed).