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Guide to the Medieval manuscript fragments, ca. 850-1499
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Folder 1

Glossarium. Eastern France, or Germany, 2nd half of 9th century. +In Latin. A Carolingian glossary of Latin words with their variant definitions and uses; the arrangement is alphabetical. Sources cited in the margins make references to classical authors including Cicero, Virgil, and Isidore.


Student research papers on this piece are available.
Folder 2

Carolingian compilation on the Psalms. France, probably north of the Loire, 10th-11th century.In Latin, two non-consecutive leaves containing 4 sequential texts. The text, or texts, are prefatory matter for a Psalter and include a hitherto unrecorded commentary on the Psalms, apparently of Carolingian authorship, and an early appearance of a prologue attributed to Bede or pseudo-Bede. +


Student research papers on this piece are available.
Folder 3

Church music, diurnal. Germany, 2nd half of 10th or 1st half of 11th century.Noted, temporal, including Offices for Holy Innocents (28 December)and St. Silvester (31 December),one entire bifolium, Caroline minuscule of 2 sizes. +


Student research papers on this piece are available.
Folder 4

Liturgy. Ottonian sacramentary. Germany, 1st half of 11th century.Temporal, readings for Quadragesima Sunday; a bifolium comprising one complete leaf and most of the second, written in late Carolingian minuscule. +


Missab, Votire Masses for Priest(s)
Folder 5

Psalter. Southern Italy, 11th century.In Latin, a bifolium containing part of Psalm 36; written in fine and developed Beneventan script of large size. +


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Folder 6

Augustinus, Bishop of Hippo and Saint. Italy, 1st half of 12th century.Tractatus in Johannem, a single complete leaf written in a beautiful large Carolingian script of 2 sizes. From an Augustine Homilies, with romanesque white-vine decoration. +


Student research papers on this piece are available.
Folder 7

Grammar of the Latin language. England?, mid-12th century.In Latin, 2 bifolia, written in a late Carolingian hand. The leaves deal with such grammatical phenomena as inchoative verbs, supines, and gerundives. Forms of amo are especially represented, but other verbs too are discussed.

Folder 8

Church music, secular antiphoner. Central Italy, 12th century.From the Office of Matins for the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul (25 January);one single folio in late Carolingian hand.

Folder 9

Bible. O.T. Isaiah, chapters 33, 23-35, 1 with commentary from the Glossa Ordinaria. England, first half of the 13th century.The Bible text is written in a single column of 27 lines with two columns of marginal and interlinear gloss, an angular gothic hand in three sizes.

Folder 10

Church music, secular breviary. Central or northern France, middle to late 13th century.Noted, temporal, including from the office of St. John the Evangelist (27 December);a single complete folio written in a small gothic script. +

Folder 11

Commentary on Aristotle's Physica. England, 2nd half of 13th century.With Aristotle's work in Latin translation, fol. 1 includes text of Physics 1.5 with commentary, fol. 2 includes text of Physics 2.1 with commentary; 2 leaves written in a gothic bookhand. Side-notes in a cursive 14th-century hand. A scholastic textbook. +

Folder 12

Interpretations of Hebrew Names, from a Latin Bible. Southwestern (?) France, ca. 1300.Part of the letter `J'; 3 columns finely written in brown ink in rounded gothic bookhand. +

Folder 13

Theological work, perhaps a commentary. Italy, 1st half of 14th century.In Latin, discussing 1 Peter 5.6 about humility; partial bifolium, written in a very cursive (highly tachygraphic) personal hand in brown ink.

Folder 14

Venetian Guild of Rag Merchants Inventory. Venice, 1459.In Italian; a single leaf written in a square Italian book-hand. +


Student research papers on this piece are available.
Folder 15

About the Proper Conduct of Monks. Germany or the Netherlands, mid-15th century.In Latin, perhaps from a work on virtues and vices; one complete bifolium, written in a gothic bookhand.

Folder 16

Elegiac Verses About Nature and The Fates. England, 2nd half of 15th century.In Latin; a partial leaf, written in a secretary hand.

Folder 17

Commentary on First Corinthians. England, 2nd half of 15th century.In Latin; one leaf written in a secretary hand. The text includes an account of an adulterer named Aldhelm, who lived in Leicestershire about 1450.