Inventory of the Assembly Committee on Urban Affairs and Housing Records

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Inventory of the Assembly Committee on Urban Affairs and Housing Records

Inventory: LP 77; LP 78

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Title: Assembly Committee on Urban Affairs and Housing Records
Inventory: LP 77; LP 78
Creator: Assembly Committee on Urban Affairs and Housing
Repository: California State Archives
Sacramento, California
Language: English.

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Agency History

The Assembly Committee on Urban Affairs and Housing was created as a standing committee on January 27, 1969. HR 414 of the same year extended the committee's existence by giving it interim status.

Arrangement and Description


1. Meeting files

Scope and Content Note

Transcripts of hearings, agendas, correspondence, memos, statements and testimony presented before committee hearings, proposed legislation, summary reports of committee hearings, press releases.

LP 77:24 Meeting with Harry Zollinger, Executive Director, Sacramento City and County Housing Authority, regarding housing problems and needs in California. Sacramento. April 11, 1969


LP 77:24 Meeting at Boise Cascade Building Co. regarding new technologies in construction of factory built housing (including mobile homes) with reference to low income families. Los Angeles April 12, 1969


LP 77:24 Meeting regarding background on proposed legislation in the area of financing low income housing with specific reference to bonding efforts. Sacramento. April 21, 1969


LP 77:24 Meeting with Daniel W. Cook regarding need to develop new policies to encourage the creation of new cities. Sacramento. April 29, 1969


LP 77:25 Housing Authority Advisory Committee meeting regarding study of laws dealing with local housing authorities and their relationship to the federal housing programs for low income families. 1969

Physical Description: (1f)

LP 77:26 Meeting to discuss possible 1970 legislation to strengthen the Department of Housing and Community Development. (1f) Sacramento. Sept. 11, 1969


LP 77:27-28 State policy on urbanization hearing. (2f) Sacramento. Sept. 17, 1969


LP 77:29-30 Redevelopment and urban renewal hearing. (2f) Oakland. Sept. 24, 1969


LP 77:31-32 State policy on urbanization hearing. (2f) San Diego. Joint meeting with Assembly Committee on Local Government. Oct. 30, 1969


LP 77:33-34 Minority participation in free enterprise hearing. (2f) Los Angeles. Oct. 31, 1969


LP 77:35-37 The need for housing, housing finance, impediments to solution of the housing problem, low income housing. (3f) San Diego. Nov. 20-21, 1969


LP 78:1-3 Landlord-tenant relations. (3f) Sacramento. Dec. 1-2, 1969


LP 78:4 Mobilehomes, differences in local rules, regulations and ordinances regulating. (1f) Sacramento. Jan. 19, 1970


LP 78:5 1970 economic outlook for housing. (1f) Sacramento. Jan. 30, 1970


LP 78:6-7 California Human Resources Development Act, progress and problems (unemployment, job training and placement). Sacramento. Feb. 24, 1970


LP 78:8-9 Model Cities Program, review of federal program and determination of where model cities fit in California urban policy. Sacramento. March 4, 1970


LP 78:10, 10A Housing Finance subcommittee, housing finance. (1f) Sacramento. June 4, 12, 1970


LP 78:11 Redevelopment and urban renewal. (1f) Sacramento. Sept 24, 1970


LP 78:12 Luncheon for Robert Baida, Regional Administrator, Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. (1f) Sacramento. Nov. 9, 1970


LP 78:13-14 Mobilehomes: taxation; business licenses and inspection fees; local community attitudes; transportation, landlordtenant relations. (2f) San Diego. Dec. 14, 1970


2. Committee Subject Files, 1968-70 LP 78:15-42

Physical Description: (28f)

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, memos, reports, studies, proposed legislation, bill analyses, press releases, newspaper clippings, data and background materials. Materials relate to committee hearings as outlined above.

LP 78:15 Consultant services. 1969-70

Physical Description: (1f)

LP 78:16 Correspondence. 1970

Physical Description: (1f)

LP 78:17-20 Housing. 1968-70

Physical Description: (4f)

LP 78:21-22 Housing and Community Development, Commission on. 1968-70

Physical Description: (2f)

LP 78:23 Housing Authorities. 1969-70

Physical Description: (1f)

LP 78:24 Housing and Urban Development, Dept. of. 1968-70

Physical Description: (1f)

LP 78:25 Human Resources Committee, Council of State Governments. 1970

Physical Description: (1f)

LP 78:26 Interim Schedules-hearings. 1969-70

Physical Description: (1f)

LP 78:27 Legislative Analyst. 1970


LP 78:27-28 Legislative Counsel. 1969-70


LP 78:29 Legislative Counsel Opinions. 1969-70


LP 78:30-31 Model Cities-Compton. 1968-69


LP 78:32 Model Cities-Misc. 1969-70


LP 78:33 Model Cities-Report material. 1969


LP 78:34-35 New Towns. 1969-70


LP 78:36-37 Operation Breakthrough. 1969-70


LP 78:38 Redevelopment Agencies. 1969-70


LP 78:39 Reports. 1969-70


LP 78:40 Speeches. 1969-70


LP 78:41-42 Tenant-Landlord relationships. 1968-70