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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Barlow Family
Title: Barlow Family Collection of Manuscripts,
Date (inclusive): 1585 - 1870
Extent: 0.40 linear feet (1 archives box)
Abstract: Manuscripts, signed by European rulers and nobles and dating mostly from the 17th and 18th centuries, collected by the family of writer Jarvis Barlow and his father Dr. Walter Jarvis Barlow, both of Southern California. The bulk of the collection, titled "Autografi dei Sovrani," was probably assembled in Italy in the 18th century. Materials include letters signed by King Louis XV of France, King Philip IV of Spain, two queens of Spain (Mariana de Austria and Marie d'Orleans), Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II, Charles, Duc d'Orleans, and Spanish writer Francisco de Quevedo in his capacity as an official of the Spanish court. Also included is a clipped autograph of French Emperor Napolean III. Many of the 17th century materials were originally sent to Italian artist and architect Juan Bautista Crescencio (1595-1660) and to Cardinal Alexander Crescencio (fl. late 17th century).
Repository: University of California, San Diego. Geisel Library. Mandeville Special Collections Library.
La Jolla, California 92093-0175
Collection number: MSS 0019
Language of Material: Collection materials in English


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Barlow Family Collection of Manuscripts, MSS 0019. Mandeville Special Collections Library, UCSD.

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Historical Background

The precise background of the Barlow manuscript collection is unknown. According to the Friends of the UCSD Library Newsletter of March 1970, Mrs. Jarvis Barlow of Carlsbad, California, donated the collection to the UCSD library in 1970. The materials had been "in the family of her late husband for some generations." Her husband, Jarvis Barlow, was a California writer, editor of the magazine Pan, and author of the book Once in an Orange Grove (1941). His father, Dr. Walter Jarvis Barlow of Sierra Madre, California, was a prominent physician who settled in Los Angeles in 1895. The elder Barlow founded the Barlow Sanitorium for tuberculosis treatment, served as a professor of clinical medicine and Dean of the Medical Department at UCLA, and founded the Barlow Medical Library, later the library of the Los Angeles County Medical Association.
The Barlow manuscript collection was originally contained in a portfolio labelled "Autografi dei Sovrani." The materials were enclosed in folders labelled in Italian with the names of various European rulers or nobles. Judging from the arrangement of the materials, it appeared that the bulk of the collection, which dates from the 17th and 18th centuries, was probably assembled in Italy in the 18th century and that additional materials were added later, probably by someone who obtained the original collection. This inference is based on the fact that the bulk of the manuscripts were foldered in uniform sheets of paper of a quality common in the 18th century and labelled (in ink) in handwriting that matches that of the portfolio cover. The additional materials were foldered in paper common to the 19th and early 20th centuries (some of which came from the pages of printed books), and labelled in pencil in handwriting different from that of the portfolio cover. The present arrangement of the collection reflects this inference.
Many of the manuscripts that comprised the original "Autografi dei Sovrani" relate to the Italian family of Crescencio (or Crescenzi). Two members of this family were the recipients of many of the letters in the collection: Juan Bautista Crescencio (1595-1660), and Cardinal Alexander Crescencio (fl. late 17th cent.).
Juan Bautista Crescencio, an artist and architect, was born in Rome and served the Spanish court. Cardinal Zapata recommended Crescencio to King Phillip III as an architect for the Royal Pantheon in El Escorial monastary, a project that was completed under Phillip IV around 1650. Crescencio was a favorite of the Spanish minister the Duke of Olivares, and he received many titles, including Marquis de la Torre, Knight of the Order of Santiago, and minister of the Junta de Obras y Bosques (an institution responsible for the preservation of the Royal estates).

Scope and Content of Collection

The Barlow collection of manuscripts consists mostly of letters from the 17th and 18th centuries, with a few items from the 19th century. Although signed by European rulers and nobles, most of the manuscripts are the work of secretaries or scribes. Included in the collection are 52 Italian manuscripts from the 17th and 18th centuries, 42 Spanish manuscripts from the 17th century, 27 French and German manuscripts from the 16th through 19th centuries, and one Greek manuscript dated 1862.
The collection is arranged in two series: AUTOGRAFI DEI SOVRANI, which contains the materials that probably comprised the original 18th century collection; and MISCELLANY, which contains those materials probably added to the original collection later. Within these series the materials are arranged by country of origin. The original foldering of the manuscripts has been retained: in general, materials signed by a particular ruler or noble are foldered together.
The subseries Spanish Manuscripts within the AUTOGRAFI DEI SOVRANI contains mostly letters written to Cardinal Alexander Crescencio from King Philip IV of Spain; Mariana de Austria, Queen of Spain; and Marie d'Orleans, Queen of Spain. Most of these letters contain Christmas greetings, but some of them reveal the important role played by Cardinal Crescencio in the marriage of King Charles II and Marie d'Orleans. Also among the Spanish Manuscripts are state documents relating to the nomination of Juan Bautista Crescencio to knighthood in the Order of Santiago in 1626. One of these documents is signed by the Spanish writer Francisco de Quevedo when he held the post of "oficial mayor en la escribania de camara del Consejo de Ordenes," prior to his political confrontation with the Duke of Olivares. Another, signed by King Philip IV, contains the full titles of the Spanish monarch, which specify the many realms of the Crown.
Other rulers and nobles represented in the collection include: King Louis XV of France; Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor; Cosimo III Medici, Duke of Tuscany; Carlo Emmanuele IV of Savoy, King of Sardinia; Popes Benedetto XIV and Clemente XII; Anthony of Saxony-Weimar; Charles II, Archduke of Austria; Frederick II, Duke of Bavaria; Otto I, King of Greece; Charles, Duke d'Orleans; and Napolean III, Emperor of France. The document signed by the Duke d'Orleans represents the nominataion of a French nobleman as a representative in the famous Etats Generaux called by King Louis XVI on the eve of the Revolution.

Indexing Terms

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Crescencio, Alexander -- Cardinal
Barlow Family -- Archives
History, Modern -- 17th century -- Sources
History, Modern -- 18th century -- Sources
History, Modern -- 19th century -- Sources


Philip -- IV, -- King of Spain, 1605-1665 -- correspondent
Marie Louise, -- of Orléans, Queen, Consort of Charles II, King of Spain, 1662-1689 -- correspondent
Ferdinand -- III, -- Holy Roman Emperor, 1608-1657 -- correspondent
Maximilian, -- Duke of Bavaria, 1809-1888 -- correspondent
Louis, -- XV, -- King of France, 1710-1774 -- correspondent
Otho -- I, -- King of Greece, 1815-1867 -- correspondent

Collection Contents




Spanish Manuscripts

box 1, folder 1

Philip IV, King of Spain, to Cardinal Raggio and Cardinal Alexander Crescencio 1642 - 1665


Eight letters signed
box 1, folder 2

Cardinal Infant 1624 - 1628


Brother of the King of Spain. Four letters signed.
box 1, folder 3

Mariana of Austria, Queen of Spain to Cardinal Alexander Crescencio 1684 - 1687


Twenty-One letters signed
box 1, folder 4

Marie Louise d'Orleans, Queen of Spain to Cardinal Alexander Crescencio 1680 - 1685


Five letters signed
box 1, folder 5

Governor of the Spanish Netherlands [?] to Cardinal Alexander Crescencio 1644


Two letters signed
box 1, folder 6

Documents Relating to the Official Nomination of Juan Bautista Crescencio 1626


To Knighthood in the Order of Santiago

Italian Manuscripts

box 1, folder 7

Governor of the Republic of Genoa to... 1636 - 1683


...Cardinal Sigismundo Raggio, Tomasso Raggio, and Ferdinand Raggio. Twenty letters signed.
box 1, folder 8

Viceroy of Naples to Various Persons 1626 - 1714


Including Cardinal Alexander Crescencio and the Marquise de Montaro. Nine letters signed.
box 1, folder 9

Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor, and Cosimo III Medici... 1633 - 1714


...Duke of Tuscany, to Prince Mathias Medici, Governor of Siena, and Andrea Cioly, First Secretary to the Governor. Eight letters signed.

Imperial and German Manuscripts

box 1, folder 10

Holy Roman Emperor to Various German Princes 1626 - 1726


Along with Other Letters Relating to the Marquis of Crescencio and Tomasso Raggio. Eleven letters signed.



Italian Manuscripts

box 1, folder 11

Carlo Emmanuelle IV, King of Sardinia; Francesco Arissi to Cardinal Mattey 1799 - 1869


2 letters signed.
box 1, folder 12

Popes Clemente XII and Bendetto XIV 1735


Lorenzo Corsini di Firenze; Prospero Lambertini di Bologna. Two letters signed.

Imperial and German Manuscripts

box 1, folder 13

Charles II, Archduke of Austria 1585


Letter signed ca. 1585 [?].
box 1, folder 14

Amalia Gughelmina of Brunswick, Empress of Austria, to Cardinal Collicole 1728


Letter signed.
box 1, folder 15

Eleonora Magdalena Teresa, Empress of Austria, to Cardinal de Angelis 1690


Letter signed.
box 1, folder 16

Anthony, King of Saxony to Cardinal Mattey 1834


Letter signed
box 1, folder 17

Maximilian Frederick III, Duke of Bavaria 1775


Letter signed.
box 1, folder 18

Maximilian of Wied 1870


Great-Grandfather of the King of Albania. Letter signed.
box 1, folder 19

Charles Alexander, Grand Duke of Saxony Weimar 1838


Letter signed.
box 1, folder 20

Prince Frederick Josias of Coberg, Imperial Fieldmarshal in Galicia 1786


Letter signed.
box 1, folder 21

Frederick Augustus of Saxony 1853


Letter signed.
box 1, folder 22

Ludwig, Prince of Baden 1673


Letter signed.

French Manuscripts

box 1, folder 23

Louis XV, King of France 1744 - 1761


Two letters signed.
box 1, folder 24

State Document 1789


Nomination of Viscount de Coupigny as representative of the Aristocracy of Cambresi in the etats Generaux, May 28, 1789
box 1, folder 25

Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte


Clipped Autography, n.d.

Greek Manuscript

box 1, folder 26

King Otto I of Greece to Cardinal Mattey 1862


Letter signed.


box 1, folder 27

Original Cover of the Collection