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Preliminary Inventory of the Walter J. Muller Papers, 1942-1949
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Box 1

Task Force A - Western Task Force - Invasion of French Morocco and Subsequent Operations


Volume I - Planning period, Munitions Building, Washington, D.C., 1942 August to November (Item No. 1)


Volume II - This volume has only a few memoranda on supply procedure (Item No. 2)


Volumes III and IV - Detailed Loading Plans - have been destroyed (Item No. 3)


Volume V - Journal of D-5 Convoy (Item No. 4)


Volume VI - Personnel D-5 Convoy (Item No. 5)


Volume VII - Data on D-40 and 45 Convoys (Item No. 6)


Volume VIII - Administrative plans and data, 1942 November 26 to 1943 April (Item No. 7)


Envelope - Unnumbered: maps of Casablanca. Pay card for civilian labor; and notes on landing at Fedah and Casablanca, 1942 November 8-18 (Item No. 8)

Box 2

Operation "HUSKY" - Invasion of Sicily by the Seventh U.S. Army


Volume I - Planning period in Rabat, Oran, and Mostaganem, North Africa, 1943 April to May (Item No. 9)


Volume II - Period 1943 June 1 to July 8, same places (Item No. 10)


Volume III - Envelope: maps used by G-4 (Item No. 11)


Volume IV-1943 July 10 to December (Item No. 12)


Volume V - Statistical data (Item No. 13)


Volume VI - Suggested operating procedure. Amphibious operations - Army G-4 Sec. (Item No. 14)

Box 3

Operation "ANVIL" - Invasion of Southern France


Volume I - Planning in Algiers, North Africa, 1944 January to March (Item No. 15)


Volume II - Contains administrative orders, etc. through October 1944 (Item No. 16)


Administrative instructions and orders. Fifth Army - Avalanche landing in Salerno. Subsequent operations in Sicily. Operation "Shingle" - Landing in Anzio, Italy, January 1944 (Item No. 17)


Miscellaneous administrative orders and administrative memoranda (Item No. 18)


I.S.I.S. reports on Sicily


Part V (d) - Inland towns - Southeastern Sicily (Item No. 19)


U.S. Army transportation history - The Conquest of Sicily (Item No. 20)

Box 4

Biennial report of the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, 1943 July 1 to 1945 June 30, to the Secretary of the Army - Supplement (Item No. 21)


Atlas of the world battle fronts in semi-monthly phases to 1945 August 14 (Item No. 22)


Booklets from Fort Eustis (Item No. 23)

Box 5

Outline plan, 3rd Army, Operation "Neptune", 1944 May and June - Initial planning in the United Kingdom for operations of 3rd Army on the continent of Europe (Item No. 24)


Administrative orders and instructions, 3rd Army


Volume I-1944 June to December 31 (Item No. 25)


Volume II-1945 January 5-November 7 (Item No. 26)


Alert orders, data and administrative instructions - Preliminary to Mounting-1st Army, 3rd Army, VIII Corps, and French 2nd Armored Division, 1944 (Item No. 27)


Box 6

Data, G-4 History of 3rd Army


Volume I-1944 (Item No. 28)


Volume II-1945 (Item No. 29)


Periodic Report of 3rd U.S. Army


Volume I-1944 July 29-December 2 (Item No. 30)


Volume II-1944 December 2-1945 May 5 (Item No. 31)


Volume III-1945 May 5-October 6 (Item No. 32)

Box 7

Miscellaneous data - G-4 - Transportation, 3rd U.S. Army


Volume I (Item No. 33)


Volume II (Item No. 34)


Volume III (Item No. 35)


G-4 Plans and Operations, 3rd U.S. Army


Volume I-1944 July-December (Item No. 36)


Volume II-1945 January-December (Item No. 37)

Box 8

Personnel data - G-4 and technical services, 3rd U.S. Army, 1944 May-1945 August (Item No. 38)


Miscellaneous ad and supply, orders and instructions, 3rd Army, 1944 January-June to 1945 (Item No. 39)


Supply summaries from G-4, 3rd Army to Comm. Zone and G-4 Supreme Headquarters (Item No. 40)


Volume I-1944 September-1945 January


Volume II-1945 January-July

Box 9

Com. zone plans and data, for operations in Europe, 1944 (Item No. 41)


Samples of logistical reports, 3rd U.S. Army, 1944 July-1945 April (Item No. 42)


Envelopes: maps and charts used by G-4, 3rd Army, 1944-1946


Volume I (Item No. 43)


Volume II (Item No. 44)


Volume III (Item No. 45)


Volume IV (Item No. 46)

Box 10

Tonnage requirements, 3rd Army, April 1944 prior to active operations and June 1945 after active operations (Item No. 47)


Overlays and photographs, G-4 situation, for G-4 periodic reports, 3rd Army, 1944-1945. Volume V (Item No. 48)


Signal supply, 3rd U.S. Army, 1944 August 1-1945 May 8 (Item No. 49)


G-4 Functions in ETOUSA operations, Merkers - Herringen - Frankfurt, areas in Germany, 1945 April 9-22 (Item No. 50)


Post Neptune Plan, Supreme Headquarters, AEF G-4 Division, operations in Europe, 1944-1945 (Item No. 51)


Circular No. 63, "Traffic Regulation and Control for Continental Operation", 1944 October 4 (Item No. 52?)


History of the 706th Railway, Grand-Division, 1943 October-1945 May (Item No. 53)


3rd U.S. Army, G-3, operational summaries, 1944 August 1-1945 May 9 (Item No. 54)


Crossing of the Rhine River by 3rd Army (Item No. 55)

Box 11

Envelope, G-4 situation maps, 3rd Army, for periodic reports, 1944-1945 (Item No. 56)


Envelope, 3rd Army, miscellaneous maps, drawings, cartoons and clippings (Item No. 57)


Lecture, Gen. Muller: "Development of Air Supply and Evacuation for Ground Combat Units" (Item No. 58)

Box 12

Military Government Courts in Germany (Item No. 59)


Type Field Army, 1949 - A study (Item No. 60)


Pamphlet, Welcome to ALFCE (Item No. 61)


One book, Maps of Paris (Item No. 62)


One book from SHAPE, Know your Allies (Item No. 63)


ETO - European Theatre of Operations (Item No. 64)


The Italian Campaign (Item No. 65)


Conquest of North Africa (Item No. 66)

Box 13

German Denazification Law (2nd edition), 1947 April (Item No. 67a)


German Denazification law, 1946 June 15 (Item No. 67b)


Bayern und Du (ERP) (Item No. 68)




Semi-monthly OMG report for 1947 October 16-31 (Item No. 69)


Semi-monthly OMG report for 1947 August 16-31 (Item No. 71)


Constitution of Bavaria, Hesse and Wuerttemberg-Baden (Item No. 73)


A Trip Through Hell by Paul Vellamy (Item No. 74)




Weekly report, 1947 May 23-29 (Item No. 75)


Semi-monthly report


1947 June 1-15 (Item No. 76)


1947 June 16-29 (Item No. 77)


1947 June 30-July 13 (Item No. 78)


1947 July 14-31 (Item No. 79)

Box 14

Labor Organization in German Public Administration and Service, OMGB, 1949 (Item No. 80)


Information Bulletin, IMGB, black market, 1948 February 10 (Item No. 81)


Industry in Bavaria by OMGB, 1945 December (Item No. 82)


Der Standpunkt, 1946 January (Item No. 83)


Reparations and Level of Post War German Economy (Item No. 84)


Hitler's Will (Item No. 85)




Miscellaneous papers, investigations, etc. (Item No. 86)


Elections, posters and pictures Briefing Room (Item no. 87)


Freundschaft mit Munchen (Item No. 88)

Box 15



Civil administration, 1945-1948


Volume I (Item No. 90)


Volume II (Item No. 91)


Personnel and organization, 1945-1948


Volume I (Item No. 92)


Volume IA (Item No. 93)


Tables of organization, 1946 June-1947 July (including), Volume II (Item No. 94)


Org. Volume III, maps and charts (Item No. 95)

Box 16

Heute magazine, 1946 (Item No. 96)


Lecture on Military Government by General Muller (Item No. 97)


Der erste Schritt zum Wiederaufbau unserer Stadt (Item No. 98)


Who Was a Nazi? (Item No. 99)




Property Control and Finance Division Transportation Branch (Manpower Branch, 1945-1947, Volume I (Item No. 100)


Legal Division, 1946-1947, Volume I (Item No. 101)


Internal Affairs Division


Public Safety - Special Branch Denazification, 1946-1947, Volume I (Item No. 102)


Public Welfare - Public Health, Education, 1946-1947, Volume II (Item No. 103)


Plans and operations, 1945-1947


Volume I (Item No. 104)


Volume II (Item No. 105)


Information Control Division, 1945-1947, Volume I (Item No. 106)

Box 17

Photographs - France, Germany, Belgium, Holland (Item No. 107)


Maps - Bavaria, France and Germany (Item No. 108)


Box 18

Master file showing the various folders and publications in the possession of General Muller (some of these were later destroyed by General Muller) (Item No. 110)


Data on logistical support panel - Fort Monroe (Item No. 111)


Joint plans, U.S. Forces Headquarters First U.S. Army Group, Operation Overland, invasion of Europe, 1944 (Item No. 112)


The logistical command, transportation school, Fort Eustis (Item No. 113)


Maps and charts, OMGB and Military Government, U.S. Zone, Germany (Item No. 114)


Pennsylvania Board of Parole manual - Procedure and supervision (Item No. 115)


MGfB Supply Division - Displaced persons and civilian internees (Item No. 116)

Box 19

Third Army - A brief history of operations in Europe, 1944 August 1-1945 May 8 (Item No. 117)


Trend - A monthly report of intelligence analysis and public opinion OMGB, 1948 March (Item No. 118)


Lecture, General Muller "Military Government" (Item No. 119)


OMGB - Confiscation of literature (Item No. 120)


OMGB, 1947 September, land and local government in the U.S. Zone of Germany (Item No. 121)


History and development of the Bavarian Government (Item No. 122)


Interim Mixed Parole and Clemency Board (Item No. 123)


Desk file data on IMP and C Board (Item No. 124)


Interim report, IMP and C Board (Item No. 125)


Maps and data, IMP and C Board (Item No. 126)


Data on OMGB - Food and agriculture (Item No. 127)

Box 20



Information Bulletin, 1949 May 17 (Item No. 128)


Itinerary and statistical information for Allied Coal Commission (Item No. 129)


U.S. Army - Civil Affairs Military Government, 1947 October (Item no. 130)


Third Army - U.S. documents (Item No. 131)


Seventh Army - Documents (Item No. 132)


OMGB - Directives (Item No. 133)


Maps - Sundry (Item No. 134)