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Finding Aid to Frank B. Rodolph Photograph Collection
BANC PIC 1905.17146-17161--PIC  
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Volume 1905.17146--PIC

Album 1 : BANC PIC 1905.17146--PIC approximately 1885-1886


Lake Merritt from Adams Point (2.3) [Oakland, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:001--PIC


Belmont Park (Rodolph no.5a) BANC PIC 1905.17146:002_PIC


Oak Tree on Adams Point [Oakland, Calif.] (Rodolph no. 40) BANC PIC 1905.17146:003--PIC


San Lorenzo Creek near Felton (Rodolph no. 371) [San Cruz County] BANC PIC 1905.17146:004--PIC


Relatives of Frank B. Rodolph (Rodolph no. 522) BANC PIC 1905.17146:005--PIC


On a car at Wright's Station, Santa Cruz County. (Six Persons) (Rodolph no. 492) BANC PIC 1905.17146:006--PIC


Blaker Ranch, Santa Cruz Mountains [Baker Ranch?] (Rodolph no. 485) BANC PIC 1905.17146:007--PIC


Monte Paraiso, at Mt. [Miss?] McCracken's, Santa Cruz Mountains (482) [Ranch of Josephine Clifford McCrackin] (Rodolph no. 482) BANC PIC 1905.17146:008--PIC


Going to the Almaden Quicksilver Mines, [three burros or donkeys laden with wood and one man] (Rodolph no. 428) BANC PIC 1905.17146:009--PIC


Mr. Meyers ranch, Santa Cruz County, Califonria (Rodolph no. 486) BANC PIC 1905.17146:010--PIC


Relatives of Frank B. Rodolph (Rodolph no. 520) BANC PIC 1905.17146:011--PIC


At Lime Point, August 30,1889 (showing 18 people) (Rodolph no. 529) BANC PIC 1905.17146:012--PIC


Our Chowder Party, August 30, 1885 (several people on a beach) (Rodolph no. 530) BANC PIC 1905.17146:013--PIC


Yum, yum, it's fine, 1885 (several people on a beach) (Rodolph no. 532) [Lime Point or Angel Island?] BANC PIC 1905.17146:014--PIC


The restless crew [Lime Point or Angel Island?] (Roldoph no. 535) BANC PIC 1905.17146:015--PIC


Waiting for Chowder (beach scene) [Lime Point or Angel Island?] (Rodolph no. 529) BANC PIC 1905.17146:016--PIC


The restless crew (B. Rodolph in lower left)(Rodolph no. 531) [Lime Point or Angel Island?] BANC PIC 1905.17146:017--PIC


In the Cove, Angel Island, September 9, 1885 (Rodolph no. 542) [Picnicking party on the shore, with large chowder pot. Presumably a Merry Tramps of Oakland group] BANC PIC 1905.17146:018--PIC


Log Bridge, Camp Taylor (Rodolph no. 557) [Marin County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:019--PIC


Mountain View Cemetery (Rodolph no. 538) [Oakland, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:020--PIC


Scene near Mountain View Cemetery (Rodolph no. 536) [Oakland, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:021--PIC


On the road to Piedmont (Rodolph no. 537) [Oakland, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:022--PIC


Entrance to Mountain View Cemetery (Rodolph no. 515) [Oakland, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:023--PIC


Mountain View Cemetery (Rodolph no. 509) [Oakland, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:024--PIC


The Lizzie Madison (vessel) (Rodolph no. 547) BANC PIC 1905.17146:025--PIC


The West Coast (two large vessels at a wharf) (Rodolph no. 548) BANC PIC 1905.17146:026--PIC


On Paper Mill Creek, near Camp Taylor - N.P.R.R. (Rodolph no. 558) [Marin County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:027--PIC


Camp Taylor (Rodolph no. 549) [Marin County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:028--PIC


Creek Scene, Camp Taylor (Rodolph no. 554) [Marin County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:029--PIC


Dancing Hall, Camp Taylor (Rodolph no. 560) [Marin County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:030--PIC


San Geronimo Water Tank, Marin County, California (Rodolph no. 555) [Along tracks of the North Pacific Coast Railroad] BANC PIC 1905.17146:031--PIC


Hotel at Camp Taylor (Rodolph no. 553) [Marin County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:032--PIC


Cut near "Tank", Camp Taylor (Rodolph no. 556) [Along tracks of the North Pacific Coast Railroad, Marin County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:033--PIC


The Lizzie Madison (Rodolph no. 546) [Ship] BANC PIC 1905.17146:034--PIC


The Chowder Party at Angel Island (Rodolph no. 544) [Presumably a Merry Tramps of Oakland picnic] BANC PIC 1905.17146:035--PIC


Camp Taylor Resort (Rodolph no. 550) [Marin County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:036--PIC


Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, Califonria , 1885 BANC PIC 1905.17146:037--PIC


On Angel Island (Rodolph no. 545) BANC PIC 1905.17146:038--PIC


Lucy Gill (child in a buggy) (Rodolph no. 325) BANC PIC 1905.17146:039--PIC


Street Scene (carriage and several people) (Rodolph no. 545) BANC PIC 1905.17146:040--PIC


Interior Congregational Church, Easter Morning, 1885 (Young - photographer) BANC PIC 1905.17146:041--PIC


Interior Congregational Church [Oakland?], Easter Morning, 1885 (Young - photographer) BANC PIC 1905.17146:042--PIC


On Sycamore Slough near Knights Landing, Yolo County (Rodolph no. 322) BANC PIC 1905.17146:043--PIC


Mr. Ward's cattle (Rodolph no. 526) BANC PIC 1905.17146:044--PIC


Wrights Station, near Santa Cruz (Rodolph no. 408) BANC PIC 1905.17146:045--PIC


T. Ward's Jersey Bull (Rodolph no. 525) BANC PIC 1905.17146:046--PIC


Seven People on steps of an Oakland home, May 1886 (Rodolph no. 334) BANC PIC 1905.17146:047--PIC


Going home from school (Rodolph no. 562) BANC PIC 1905.17146:048--PIC


At Wrights Station [Man and woman in a surrey] (Rodolph no. 495) BANC PIC 1905.17146:049--PIC


Our 4th of July Jaunt [two people in a surrey, two standing nearby. American flags on horse and surrey. One man holds a rifle] 1885 (Rodolph no. 433) BANC PIC 1905.17146:050--PIC


Oakland High School [Oakland, California] (erected in 1870) (Rodolph no. 470) BANC PIC 1905.17146:051--PIC


In Santa Cruz Mountains [Eight people near a wooden building, perhaps at Wright's Station] (Rodolph no. 484)) BANC PIC 1905.17146:052--PIC


At Wrights Station (Rodolph no. 409) [Large railcar of fuel wood. Photographer with camera on tripod in foreground, and a laden mule, possibly with photographic equipment. Camera Club or Merry Tramps outing?] BANC PIC 1905.17146:053--PIC


Carruth's Residence, East Oakland [California] BANC PIC 1905.17146:054--PIC


Kaffee Klatch (eight ladies 1885) (Rodolph no. 474) BANC PIC 1905.17146:055--PIC


Oakland Observatory (Rodolph no. 462) BANC PIC 1905.17146:056--PIC


My Turn Next (seven children with a small wagon) (Rodolph no. 476) BANC PIC 1905.17146:057--PIC


Our Pets (three small girls) (Rodolph no. 522) BANC PIC 1905.17146:058--PIC


Mountain View Cemetery [Oakland, California] (Rodolph no. 579) BANC PIC 1905.17146:059--PIC


Mountain View Cemetery [Oakland, California] (Rodolph no. 577) BANC PIC 1905.17146:060--PIC


G.W. Lyles Residence, East Oakland [California] (Rodolph no. 574) BANC PIC 1905.17146:061--PIC


Bird Eye View of Oakland, California, 1885 (Rodolph no. 591) BANC PIC 1905.17146:062--PIC


Winter Scene, corner of 10 and 11 Washington, Oakland, 1885 (Rodolph no. 599) [Children playing by muddy pond with houses and a large tent in background] BANC PIC 1905.17146:063--PIC


Winter Scene, corner of 10 and 11 Washington, Oakland, 1885 (Rodolph no. 599A) [Children playing by muddy pond with houses and a large tent in background] BANC PIC 1905.17146:064--PIC


In Winter Quarters, December 1,1885 (Rodolph no. 596) BANC PIC 1905.17146:065--PIC


S.S. Wilmington (Rodolph no. 595) BANC PIC 1905.17146:066--PIC


San Antonio Creek, December 1, 1885 (Rodolph no. 598) [Sailing ships docked at waterfront, Port of Oakland] BANC PIC 1905.17146:067--PIC


The Estuary, Oakland (Rodolph no. 597) [Sailing ships in port] BANC PIC 1905.17146:068--PIC


Los Gatos Creek (showing two small cabins)(Rodolph no. 352) BANC PIC 1905.17146:069--PIC


At Belmont Park (Rodolph no. 359) BANC PIC 1905.17146:070--PIC


Tunnel, Wrights Station (showing one Chinese man near a dwelling) [near Santa Cruz, California] BANC PIC 1905.17146:071--PIC


Los Gatos Creek BANC PIC 1905.17146:072--PIC


Gate at Home (Horse and Surry near a barn (Rodolph no. 605) BANC PIC 1905.17146:073--PIC


Reflection on Lake Merritt ("Opposition Boat House" in background) (Rodolph no. 603) BANC PIC 1905.17146:074--PIC


"Chubby" (nude child) (Rodolph no. 610) BANC PIC 1905.17146:075--PIC


"Chubby" (nude child) (Rodolph no. 611) BANC PIC 1905.17146:076--PIC


At the Oakland Quarries (different view) (Rodolph no. 607) BANC PIC 1905.17146:077--PIC


At the Oakland Quarries (Rodolph no. 609) BANC PIC 1905.17146:078--PIC


Henry Roberts Barn (Rodolph no. 602) [In residential neighborhood, Oakland, [Probably at 567 Fourteenth Street, where listed in 1887. Possibly at 1461 Broadway, where listed in 1884] BANC PIC 1905.17146:079--PIC


Reflections on Lake Merritt ("Opposition Boat House in background) (Rodolph no. 604) BANC PIC 1905.17146:080--PIC


H. Roberts Residence, Oakland, California (Rodolph no. 600) [Probably at 567 Fourteenth Street, where listed in 1887. Possibly at 1461 Broadway, where listed in 1884] BANC PIC 1905.17146:081--PIC


At Lake Temescal (six views) BANC PIC 1905.17146:082--PIC


At Lake Temescal BANC PIC 1905.17146:083--PIC


At Lake Temescal (Rodolph no. 633) [Oakland,Cal] BANC PIC 1905.17146:084--PIC


At Lake Temescal (Rodolph no. 629) [Oakland, Cal] BANC PIC 1905.17146:085--PIC


At Lake Temescal. In the Gulch Lake Temescal (Rodolph no. 627) [Oakland, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:086--PIC


[lacking] BANC PIC 1905.17146:087--PIC


At Lake Temescal (Rodolph no. 628) [Oakland, Cal] BANC PIC 1905.17146:088--PIC


In Paddy's Coach (Rodolph no. 637) BANC PIC 1905.17146:089--PIC


Duke of Wellington (a prize horse) BANC PIC 1905.17146:090--PIC


The Mosquito Fleet BANC PIC 1905.17146:091--PIC


Fort Point, San Francisco [Fort Point, S.F. Cal] (Rodolph no. 673) BANC PIC 1905.17146:092--PIC


W.J. Dingee's Residence,Alameda, [California] (Rodolph no. xiv) BANC PIC 1905.17146:093--PIC


At San Mateo, 1885 [Street scene near Post Office and Eureka Restaurant] BANC PIC 1905.17146:094--PIC


San Mateo Military School [St. Matthew's Military Academy?] BANC PIC 1905.17146:095--PIC


Station at San Mateo [California] (Rodolph no. 666) BANC PIC 1905.17146:096--PIC


Scene near San Mateo (Rodolph no. 665) BANC PIC 1905.17146:097--PIC


In the Hetch Hetchy Valley [California] BANC PIC 1905.17146:098--PIC


Fort Point, San Francisco (Rodolph no. 675) BANC PIC 1905.17146:099--PIC


Fort Point, San Francisco (Rodolph no.675).

Sixteenth Street Station, Oakland [Carriages meeting train] BANC PIC 1905.17146:100--PIC


Easter Morning, First Presbyterian Church, Oakland 1886 BANC PIC 1905.17146:101--PIC


Four people seated near a tree (Rodolph no. 689) BANC PIC 1905.17146:102--PIC


Lafayette School, Oakland (12th and Jefferson) BANC PIC 1905.17146:103--PIC


The Fisk Family (six people) (Rodolph no. 685) BANC PIC 1905.17146:104--PIC


At Berkeley, University of California (Rodolph no. 698) BANC PIC 1905.17146:105--PIC


Oakland from Masonic Temple looking N.W. (Rodolph no. 692) [Panorama of Oakland] BANC PIC 1905.17146:106--PIC


Oakland from Masonic Temple looking West (Rodolph no. 690) [Panorama of Oakland] BANC PIC 1905.17146:107--PIC


Oakland from Masonic Temple looking S.W. 1886 (Rodolph no. 691) [Panorama of Oakland] BANC PIC 1905.17146:108--PIC


Oakland from Masonic Temple looking North (Rodolph no. 693) [Panorama of Oakland] BANC PIC 1905.17146:109--PIC


Oakland from Masonic Temple looking East (Rodolph no. 689) [Panorama of Oakland] BANC PIC 1905.17146:110--PIC


Cook's Residence (Rodolph no. 684) [Large Victorian home, Oakland, Calif.?] BANC PIC 1905.17146:111--PIC


Field Day, Berkeley, California BANC PIC 1905.17146:112--PIC


Under the Oaks, Berkeley BANC PIC 1905.17146:113--PIC


Scene near Alma, Calfornia (Rodolph no. 701) [Santa Clara County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:114--PIC


M.E. Sunday School Picnic at Alma, May 15, 1886 [Methodist Episcopal church] (Rodolph no. 706) [Santa Clara County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:115--PIC


Our Excursion Train, Alma, California (Rodolph no. 702) [Santa Clara County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:116--PIC


The Picnic Grounds, Alma, 1886 (Rodolph no. 706) [Santa Clara County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:117--PIC


Hotel Amador (Rodolph no. 703) [Alma, Calif?] BANC PIC 1905.17146:118--PIC


M. E. Sunday School Picnic, Alma, 1886 (Rodolph no. 707) [Santa Clara County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:119--PIC


Ellis Ranch near Alma, California (Rodolph no. 700) [Santa Clara County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:120--PIC


Mikado and his family (costume party) BANC PIC 1905.17146:121--PIC


Mikado's pets BANC PIC 1905.17146:122--PIC


Gazing at the Mikado BANC PIC 1905.17146:123--PIC


On the Lawn (six ladies and one girl) BANC PIC 1905.17146:124--PIC


The Family Gathering (four ladies and one man in costume) BANC PIC 1905.17146:125--PIC


Rustic Comfort BANC PIC 1905.17146:126--PIC


Three Little Maids (three ladies and one man in costume) (Rodolph no. 715) BANC PIC 1905.17146:127--PIC


[Floral Equestrian Statue of General Grant, life size - Memorial Day, 1886: 1 of 4] BANC PIC 1905.17146:128--PIC


[Floral Equestrian Statue of General Grant, life size - Memorial Day, 1886: 2 of 4] BANC PIC 1905.17146:129--PIC


[Floral Equestrian Statue of General Grant, life size - Memorial Day, 1886: 3 of 4] BANC PIC 1905.17146:130--PIC


[Floral Equestrian Statue of General Grant, life size - Memorial Day, 1886: 4 of 4] BANC PIC 1905.17146:131--PIC


A home in Oakland, not identified BANC PIC 1905.17146:132--PIC


"Dyer's"-the old place, Knights Landing (Rodolph no. 333?) BANC PIC 1905.17146:133--PIC


Behind the Scenes [Six ladies and three gentlemen, and Chinese cook, posing with a ladder] BANC PIC 1905.17146:134--PIC


Rodolph's Yolo Residence (?) [Rodolph family home in the 1850s] BANC PIC 1905.17146:135--PIC


Golden Gate San Francisco [California] (Rodolph no. 724) BANC PIC 1905.17146:136--PIC


Golden Gate San Francisco [California] (Rodolph no. 670) BANC PIC 1905.17146:137--PIC


The Little Gem A.C.D. 1886 (garden scene) (Rodolph no. 724) BANC PIC 1905.17146:138--PIC


Lick Observatory Mt. Hamilton (Rodolph no. 522?) BANC PIC 1905.17146:139--PIC


Field Day, Berkeley BANC PIC 1905.17146:140--PIC


Living Sunflowers BANC PIC 1905.17146:141--PIC


Road to Mt. Hamilton and Observatory BANC PIC 1905.17146:142--PIC


Fay and Baby Miller (a small girl and boy) BANC PIC 1905.17146:143--PIC


Becker's Piano Express (in front of Rodolph's studio in Oakland, 1886) (Rodolph no. 638) BANC PIC 1905.17146:144--PIC


Arch, San Francisco, August, 1886 (Rodolph no. 841?) BANC PIC 1905.17146:145--PIC


At Austin Creek, July 1886 (Rodolph no. 776) BANC PIC 1905.17146:146--PIC


Garfield Monument Golden Gate Park, San Francisco [California] (Rodolph no. 832) BANC PIC 1905.17146:147--PIC


Conservatory, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco BANC PIC 1905.17146:148--PIC


Music Stand, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco BANC PIC 1905.17146:149--PIC


Broadway, Oakland, August 9, 1886 G.A.R. (Rodolph no. 821) [Grand Army of the Republic parade] BANC PIC 1905.17146:150--PIC


Broadway, Oakland, August 9, 1886 G.A.R. (Rodolph no. 820) [Grand Army of the Republic parade] BANC PIC 1905.17146:151--PIC


Green's residence, corner 7th and Jefferson. 1886 [Dr. Thomas Green, 573 Seventh Street, Oakland, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17146:152--PIC


Green's residence, corner 7th and Jefferson. 1886 [House with patriotic bunting and American flags. Dr. Thomas Green, 573 Sevent Street, Oakland, Calif.] (Rodolph no,829) BANC PIC 1905.17146:153--PIC


The City Hall, San Francisco BANC PIC 1905.17146:154--PIC


The Old Post Office, San Francisco BANC PIC 1905.17146:155--PIC


Company A, 5th Infantry, Oakland, California, August 9, 1886 [For G.A.R. parade] BANC PIC 1905.17146:156--PIC


Three young ladies, not identified BANC PIC 1905.17146:157--PIC


Klinger residence, Oakland BANC PIC 1905.17146:158--PIC


Photo of a little girl "Hal out riding" [1 of 2] BANC PIC 1905.17146:159--PIC


Photo of a little girl "Hal out riding" [2 of 2] BANC PIC 1905.17146:160--PIC


On the Hills of Saucilito [Sausalito, California] BANC PIC 1905.17146:161--PIC


Ferry Landing at Saucilito [Sausalito, California], 1886 BANC PIC 1905.17146:162--PIC


"Tree'd" (two ladies in a tree) BANC PIC 1905.17146:163--PIC


At Saucilito [Sausalito] BANC PIC 1905.17146:164--PIC


The Three Graces (three young women) BANC PIC 1905.17146:165--PIC


Meditation (young woman wearing a hat - not identified) BANC PIC 1905.17146:166--PIC


Eight Street Oakland, [California] BANC PIC 1905.17146:167--PIC


At the Presidio, San Francisco [1 of 2] BANC PIC 1905.17146:168--PIC


At the Presidio, San Francisco [2 of 2: cows, with hillside residence above] BANC PIC 1905.17146:169--PIC


Infant in a carriage and residence of Richard Fitzgerald, 1515 8th St. BANC PIC 1905.17146:170--PIC


Richard Fitzgerald residence, 1515 8th St., Oakland [California] BANC PIC 1905.17146:171--PIC


Oakland Ovservatory (Rodolph no. 843) BANC PIC 1905.17146:172--PIC


The Brown Family (Oakland California, 1886) [J.E.H. Brown?] BANC PIC 1905.17146:173--PIC


Portrait of an unidentified woman BANC PIC 1905.17146:174--PIC


J.E.H. Brown's residence, Oakland, 1886 [Five adults and two children, with pampas grass in yard] BANC PIC 1905.17146:175--PIC


Family Group, the Brown's (895) [J.E.H. Brown family] BANC PIC 1905.17146:176--PIC


The Cottage at the Cliff (San Francisco) [Near Cliff House and Sutro Baths. Same view as 1905.17161:096] [cyanotype] BANC PIC 1905.17146:177--PIC


Sail Ship, San Francisco, British Ship MacLeod (Rodolph no. 852) BANC PIC 1905.17146:178--PIC


Marine View, Fishermen mending nets, October 24, 1886, San Francisco (Rodolph no. 855) [Fisherman's wharf or North Point? Another photographer with camera and tripod at right] BANC PIC 1905.17146:179--PIC


Fishing boats, San Francisco, and view of S.F.Bay (Rodolph no. 856) BANC PIC 1905.17146:180--PIC


Ships at San Francisco [Waterfront view, with Alcatraz Island at right] [cyanotype] BANC PIC 1905.17146:181--PIC


Woodward's residence, corner of 10th and Clay Street, Oakland, California, 1886 BANC PIC 1905.17146:182--PIC


Vessel in San Francisco Bay BANC PIC 1905.17146:183--PIC


Totem poles, Alaska BANC PIC 1905.17146:184--PIC


Three young women at a woodpile (unidentified) BANC PIC 1905.17146:185--PIC


Three young women at a woodpile (unidentified) BANC PIC 1905.17146:186--PIC


A dwelling and windmill, no date given (large photo) (873) [Oakland, Calif.?] (Rodolph no. 873) BANC PIC 1905.17146:187--PIC


Four ladies and two gentlemen (five seated, no date given) (Rodolph no. 874) BANC PIC 1905.17146:188--PIC


Large woodpile near a dwelling [Women with horses] (Rodolph no. 877) BANC PIC 1905.17146:189--PIC


Street scene in Oakland [California] 1886 BANC PIC 1905.17146:190--PIC


Vessel "Starbuck New York" BANC PIC 1905.17146:191--PIC


Ornate residence, fencing and roadway (no date given) [Victorian residence, fencing, eucalyptus trees, and roadway (no date given) [Oakland, Calif.?] BANC PIC 1905.17146:192--PIC


Water scene, vessels and "Bon Ton Boat House" [Lake Merritt, Oakland. Small sidewheeler "City of Oakland" at dock] BANC PIC 1905.17146:193--PIC


Court House, Oakland, California 1886 BANC PIC 1905.17146:194--PIC


Old City Hall, Oakland, California (Rodolph no. 879) BANC PIC 1905.17146:195--PIC


Signal Station, Point Lobos, Califonra (Rodolph no. 669?) BANC PIC 1905.17146:196--PIC


Mr. Martin [no image] BANC PIC 1905.17146:197--PIC


Mrs. Martin [no image] BANC PIC 1905.17146:198--PIC


Mr. Fowler [1 of 2] BANC PIC 1905.17146:199--PIC


Mr. Fowler [2 of 2] BANC PIC 1905.17146:200--PIC


Mrs. Fowler [no image] BANC PIC 1905.17146:201--PIC


[Unidentified] BANC PIC 1905.17146:202--PIC


[Unidentified] BANC PIC 1905.17146:203--PIC


Mr. Martin, junior BANC PIC 1905.17146:204--PIC


Five children in a garden BANC PIC 1905.17146:205--PIC


Young woman [no image] BANC PIC 1905.17146:206--PIC


One horse BANC PIC 1905.17146:207--PIC


Two Oakland residences, not identified BANC PIC 1905.17146:208--PIC


Two Oakland ladies at a defoliated tree, not identified BANC PIC 1905.17146:209--PIC


Men in a boat, canoe [sailboat] on Lake Merritt, 1886 BANC PIC 1905.17146:210--PIC


[Rowboat on shore of Lake Merrit, Oakland] BANC PIC 1905.17146:211--PIC


An Oakland residence, mail box attached to tree near roadway, no date given BANC PIC 1905.17146:212--PIC


An Oakland residence, a woman at the window, a man at front fence, no date given BANC PIC 1905.17146:213--PIC


Interior of a funeral parlor, Masonic emblem, possibly for Rev. Hamilton [Oakland, Calif.?] BANC PIC 1905.17146:214--PIC


Five gentlmen, four ladies and one child near a large oak tree, no date given BANC PIC 1905.17146:215--PIC


Horse-drawn stage "Favorite", 1886 (Rodolph no. 1007) [Large touring coach crowded with people, on residential street, perhaps in Oakland] BANC PIC 1905.17146:216--PIC


Two women, one in a hammock, no date given BANC PIC 1905.17146:217--PIC


A woman in a hammock, no date given BANC PIC 1905.17146:218--PIC


Two gentlemen and three ladies under a cherry tree, no date given BANC PIC 1905.17146:219--PIC


Vessel "Starbuck" off Goat Island, September 18, 1886 (two views) BANC PIC 1905.17146:220--PIC


Vessel "Starbuck" off Goat Island, September 18, 1886 (two views) BANC PIC 1905.17146:221--PIC


Group of eight people: Mrs.Rey, Sylvia Rey, Hal and Val Rey, Mr. Brittain, Mrs. Sanders, Mr. Rey, Emmie BANC PIC 1905.17146:222--PIC


Probably Sacramento [California] BANC PIC 1905.17146:223--PIC

Volume 1905.17147--PIC

Album 2 : BANC PIC 1905.17147--PIC approximately 1883-1885


Lake Merritt, 1885 or 1886 BANC PIC 1905.17147:001--PIC


Adams Point, probably 1884 or late 1870's [Lake Merritt, Oakland, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17147:002--PIC


Farm Scene, Jack Hays Canyon [Oakland Hills near Piedmont] BANC PIC 1905.17147:003--PIC


Fish Ranch (present Contra Costa County) BANC PIC 1905.17147:004--PIC


Adams Point (two views, one with a crude dwelling) [Lake Merritt, Oakland, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17147:005--PIC


Adams Point (two views, one with a crude dwelling) [Lake Merritt, Oakland, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17147:006--PIC


In the Woods near Guerneyville [Guerneville] BANC PIC 1905.17147:007--PIC


The Merry Tramps, 1884 [Group portrait in camp in the redwoods, probably near Guerneville, Sonoma County] BANC PIC 1905.17147:008--PIC


The Merry Tramps BANC PIC 1905.17147:009--PIC


Ferry Boat "Oakland" BANC PIC 1905.17147:010--PIC


The Merry Tramps BANC PIC 1905.17147:011--PIC


The Merry Tramps BANC PIC 1905.17147:012--PIC


Ferry boat "Piedmont" BANC PIC 1905.17147:013--PIC


The Merry Tramps [In camp among the redwoods, probably near Guerneville, Sonoma County. Shotguns arranged in foreground] BANC PIC 1905.17147:014--PIC


Rose Cottage, Maple Court [View from garden of hillside home. Oakland?] BANC PIC 1905.17147:015--PIC


Jute Mill, East Oakland, California [Waterfront buildings viewed from bay] BANC PIC 1905.17147:016--PIC


Oakland Light Cavalry, First and Broadway, Oakland, California, 1883 BANC PIC 1905.17147:017--PIC


Livermore's Residence BANC PIC 1905.17147:018--PIC


Seal Rocks, San Francisco BANC PIC 1905.17147:019--PIC


"Over the Way", 10th and Washington Street, Oakland, California [Poliemand and horse in front of H. J. McAvoy wood and coal business] BANC PIC 1905.17147:020--PIC


Cliff House, San Francisco, July 4, 1884 [Viewed from Ocean Beach] BANC PIC 1905.17147:021--PIC


At Berkeley [Children and woman at a wooden bridge. Large (university?) buildings and home in distance] BANC PIC 1905.17147:022--PIC


Birds Eye view of Oakland [Old City Hall, right of center] BANC PIC 1905.17147:023--PIC


The broken bridge at the Cliff House, San Francisco [Cable footbridge to rocks] BANC PIC 1905.17147:024--PIC


The Cliff House [and Seal Rocks, from Sutro Heights, San Francisco] BANC PIC 1905.17147:025--PIC


New Pavillon at the Cliff House, San Francisco [Ocean Beach Pavilion, opened June 14, 1884, with large American flags flying] BANC PIC 1905.17147:026--PIC


Back of Mountain View Cemetery [Oakland] BANC PIC 1905.17147:027--PIC


University of California, Berkeley (two structures) BANC PIC 1905.17147:028--PIC


Rural scenes beyond Mountain View Cemetery [Men hunting, with rifles or shotguns and dogs, Oakland Hills] BANC PIC 1905.17147:029--PIC


Duncans Mills, Sonoma County [Overview of mill, farms, village, and Russian River] BANC PIC 1905.17147:030--PIC


Masonic Temple, Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17147:031--PIC


Austin Creek (two men with guns seated on logs) BANC PIC 1905.17147:032--PIC


Phillip's Residence, Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17147:033--PIC


Washington Street, Oakland, California [Sign for Dr. Fearn's Pharmacy at right, probably at 975 Washington, at Tenth Street] BANC PIC 1905.17147:034--PIC


San Lorenzo Creek, Santa Cruz County (one of three scenes) [Man in creek, at center, carries camera on tripod. Camera Club or Merry Tramps outing? See also no. 38 for figures in same location] BANC PIC 1905.17147:035--PIC


San Lorenzo Creek, Santa Cruz County BANC PIC 1905.17147:036--PIC


San Lorenzo Creek, Santa Cruz County BANC PIC 1905.17147:037--PIC


R.R. Bridge near Big Tree Station, Santa Cruz County [Another copy identified as San Lorenzo Creek, near Felton. Numerous people stand by creek near railroad bridge, two with tripods and presumably cameras. Camera Club or Merry Tramps outing?] BANC PIC 1905.17147:038--PIC


Near Lake Chabot [Buggy on rural road, perhaps carrying tripods and camera equipment, or perhaps shotguns] BANC PIC 1905.17147:039--PIC


Lake Chabot [Overview showing trestles and flumes] BANC PIC 1905.17147:040--PIC


Ferry "Piedmont" on San Francisco Bay BANC PIC 1905.17147:041--PIC


Beyond Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, California [Rural, undeveloped Oakland Hills] BANC PIC 1905.17147:042--PIC


Judgement of Solomon BANC PIC 1905.17147:043--PIC


At Berkeley [no image] BANC PIC 1905.17147:044--PIC


Morrocco (a horse) BANC PIC 1905.17147:045--PIC


Cliff House, San Francisco BANC PIC 1905.17147:046--PIC


Mission Dolores, San Francisco, 1886 or earlier [Group of girls and man in top hat] [Rodolph 125] BANC PIC 1905.17147:047--PIC


Vessels on San Francisco Bay BANC PIC 1905.17147:048--PIC


Oakland Observatory BANC PIC 1905.17147:049--PIC


View of Berkeley from Mountain View Cemetery BANC PIC 1905.17147:050--PIC


Austin Creek [no image] BANC PIC 1905.17147:051--PIC


Hall of Records [on Broadway, Oakland] BANC PIC 1905.17147:052--PIC


San Pablo Ave and 14th Street, Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17147:053--PIC


Allardt's Residence, Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17147:054--PIC


Austin Creek No. 2 [Bridge over creek, cabins or sheds. Sonoma County] BANC PIC 1905.17147:055--PIC


Trial Plate Emulsion BANC PIC 1905.17147:056--PIC


San Francisco [Overview of residential area, with backs of several hillside homes, and new house construction in progress] BANC PIC 1905.17147:057--PIC


Portland, Oregon BANC PIC 1905.17147:058--PIC


Trial Plate Emulsion BANC PIC 1905.17147:059--PIC


The Rapids, Niagara BANC PIC 1905.17147:060--PIC


Narrow Gage, R.R., Felton [Railroad tracks among redwoods, Santa Cruz County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17147:061--PIC


Narrow Gage, R.R., Felton [Railroad tracks among redwoods, Santa Cruz County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17147:062--PIC


Still Life Scene [missing] BANC PIC 1905.17147:063--PIC


Mission Carmel, Monterey BANC PIC 1905.17147:064--PIC


Pikes Peak - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:065--PIC


Roebling's Bridge across Niagara- Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:066--PIC


On the Summit [Small wood-frame hotel or house on a country road in grassy hills. Marin County or East Bay hills near Mt. Diablo?] BANC PIC 1905.17147:067--PIC


On the Summit BANC PIC 1905.17147:068--PIC


Probably Summit House, about 2 miles below Summit of Mt. Diablo, 1876 BANC PIC 1905.17147:069--PIC


Niagara- Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:070--PIC


O. R. and N. C. Railroad- Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:071--PIC


Garden of the Gods, Colorado- Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:072--PIC


On Paper Mill Creek, Marin County - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:073--PIC


On San Lorenzo Creek, Santa Cruz County - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:074--PIC


Instantaneous View - Butcher Town (San Francisco) - Rodolph, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:075--PIC


Emery Station - Rodolph, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:076--PIC


Lime Point - Rodolph, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:077--PIC


Kalama, Oregon [i.e. Washington?] - Rodolph, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:078--PIC


Windmill near Shell Mound - Rodolph, photographer [Albany and El Cerrito vicinity, Contra Costa County? A photographer with view camera on tripod on railroad tracks is pictured.] BANC PIC 1905.17147:079--PIC


Instantaneous View, Stock Yards - Rodolph, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:080--PIC


The Lily, photograph of Dr.Samuel Francis Rodolf (or Rodolph) by a tall lily BANC PIC 1905.17147:081--PIC


Lily BANC PIC 1905.17147:082--PIC


Cypress Point, Monterey - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:083--PIC


Overflow on the Columbia River - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:084--PIC


Mission Carmel - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:085--PIC


Delger Block, Broadway and 12th Street, Oakland, California - Rodolph, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:086--PIC


Twelfth Street, Oakland, California - Rodolph, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:087--PIC


Port Townsend - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:088--PIC


Mission San Xavier, Arizona - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:089--PIC


On Road to Chabot (Lake Chabot) - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:090--PIC


Ferry across the Tuolumne River near La Grange -Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:091--PIC


Northern Pacific R.R. Construction Train [Flatbed railroad cars and men along a newly cut embankment. Possibly the North Pacific Coast Railroad, not the Northern Pacific] BANC PIC 1905.17147:092--PIC


Bridal Veil - Oregon - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:093--PIC


On the road to Bolinas - photographer unknown BANC PIC 1905.17147:094--PIC


Scene in Alameda, California -Rodolph, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:095--PIC


Morrocco Valley, man and two children - Reichling, photographer [Bearded man in front of shanty or cabin with an arid hillside behind, presumably in California] BANC PIC 1905.17147:096--PIC


Two cows in a pasture BANC PIC 1905.17147:097--PIC


The Twins [Rock formations (basalt columns) also called Pillars of Hercules or Needle Rocks, by the Columbia River on the Northern Pacific Railroad] - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:098--PIC


Lime Rock [Columbia River?] BANC PIC 1905.17147:099--PIC


Rooster Rock, Columbia River, Washington - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:100--PIC


Niagara Falls - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:101--PIC


R.R. Bridge near Big Tree Station, Santa Cruz, California - Rodolph, photographer [Creek near railroad bridge] BANC PIC 1905.17147:102--PIC


Victoria Regia, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco - Watkins, photographer [Giant lily pads in the Conservatory / greenhouse. Numbered 51 in negative] (Watkins no. 51) BANC PIC 1905.17147:103--PIC


Big Stump, Calavaras Grove, California - Watkins, photographer [Man with axe reclining on redwood stump] BANC PIC 1905.17147:104--PIC


In the Woods [two men at small cabin] - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:105--PIC


Salida [Colorado?] - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:106--PIC


Birds eye view of Oakland - Rodolph, photographer [Large gothic First Congregational Church in foreground, at 12th and Clay Streets] (Rodolph no. 189) BANC PIC 1905.17147:107--PIC


The Geysers [The Geysers, Sonoma County, Calif.] - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:108--PIC


Our Cabin, Austin Creek - Rodolph, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:109--PIC


On the Sound - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:110--PIC


The Devil's Teapot, Geysers [Devil's Tea Kettle, The Geysers, Sonoma County, Calif.] - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:111--PIC


At the Geysers [four people near a dwelling, The Geysers, Sonoma County, Calif.] - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:112--PIC


Court House (Oakland, California) - Rodolph, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:113--PIC


Off the Sound - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:114--PIC


Edward's Residence, 12th and Linden, Oakland, California - Rodolph, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:115--PIC


Martin's Residence, Oakland, California - Rodolph, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:116--PIC


Scott's Residence, interior view, Oakland, California - Rodolph, photographer [Probably George W. Scott family at 914 Eighth Street, although other Scotts also lived on Eighth] BANC PIC 1905.17147:117--PIC


Scott's Residence, interior view, Oakland, California - Rodolph, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:118--PIC


At the Geysers [Two people, The Geysers, Sonoma County, Calif.] - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:119--PIC


At the Geysers [Two people, The Geysers, Sonoma County, Calif.] - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:120--PIC


Scott's Turnout, Oakland, California - Rodolph, photographer [Family in buggy in fron of Victorian house. Probably George W. Scott family at 914 Eighth Street, although other Scotts also lived on Eighth] BANC PIC 1905.17147:121--PIC


Brown's Residence, 11th and Grove Street, Oakland, California - Rodolph, photographer [Possibly Dudley C. Brown home at 957 Grove St., or the J.E.H. Brown referenced elsewhere in the Rodolph collections] BANC PIC 1905.17147:122--PIC


Geysers [Two scenes, The Geysers, Sonoma County, Calif.] - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:123--PIC


Geysers [Two scenes, The Geysers, Sonoma County, Calif.] - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:124--PIC


Geysers [Two scenes, The Geysers, Sonoma County, Calif.] - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:125--PIC


Geysers [Two scenes, The Geysers, Sonoma County, Calif.] - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:126--PIC


Geysers [Two scenes, The Geysers, Sonoma County, Calif.] - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:127--PIC


In Morses Canyon [Oakland Hills?] - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:128--PIC


Multhnomich Falls [Multnomah Falls?], Oregon , 800 feet - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:129--PIC


Near the Hermitage - Young, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:130--PIC


Three adults and one child with a gun, unidentified BANC PIC 1905.17147:131--PIC


Mexican Carritta (two views, one with two men) - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:132--PIC


Mexican Carritta (two views, one with two men) - Reichling, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17147:133--PIC


Oakland from Piedmont BANC PIC 1905.17147:134--PIC


"Violet" (a sailboat) BANC PIC 1905.17147:135--PIC


At the Logging Camp, 1883 BANC PIC 1905.17147:136--PIC


Bridge on the Road to Lake Chabot (Alameda County), probably the bridge spanning San Leandro Cr. at the base of the foothills, in San Leandro BANC PIC 1905.17147:137--PIC

Volume 1905.17148--PIC

Album 3 : BANC PIC 1905.17148--PIC approximately 1884-1887


Man and horse BANC PIC 1905.17148:001--PIC


Frank B. Rodolph and his six dogs BANC PIC 1905.17148:002--PIC


Hotel Del Monte, 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17148:003--PIC


Del Monte Grounds BANC PIC 1905.17148:004--PIC


Pacific Grove, 1887 [Rocky coast, Monterey Peninsula] BANC PIC 1905.17148:005--PIC


Mission of Monterey, [California] 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17148:006--PIC


Boy on a pony BANC PIC 1905.17148:007--PIC


People on a vessel, not identified BANC PIC 1905.17148:008--PIC


[Victorian home and garden in Oakland, California, not identified] BANC PIC 1905.17148:009--PIC


Young woman in a cart drawn by a pony, not identified BANC PIC 1905.17148:010--PIC


Boy on a pony in front of a large home in Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17148:011--PIC


Seven adults in canoes BANC PIC 1905.17148:012--PIC


Fire at Dietz Opera House [Crowds, wagons, and carriages at fire scene, Webster and 12th Streets, Oakland. Formerly Brayton Hall of the University of California. Fire may be near the opera house. Possibly the fire of 28 Aug, 1889] BANC PIC 1905.17148:013--PIC


Scene in Golden Gate Park (two views) [San Francisco] BANC PIC 1905.17148:014--PIC


Scene in Golden Gate Park (two views) [San Francisco] BANC PIC 1905.17148:015--PIC


[Scene in Golden Gate Park] BANC PIC 1905.17148:016--PIC


[Scene in Golden Gate Park] BANC PIC 1905.17148:017--PIC


Scene in Golden Gate Park (two swans) BANC PIC 1905.17148:018--PIC


Frank B. Rodolf [Rodolph] with his brothers and sisters. Gentleman at right base of stairway is Frank B. Rodolf. Gentleman with white beard at lower left of stairway is Dr. Samuel Francis Rodolf, father of Frank. BANC PIC 1905.17148:019--PIC


[Unverified: possibly notes to photo #19 from Mrs. E. Jennie, daughter of Frank B. Rodolf, and added information from the Rodolf family bible, or other Rodolph family images?] BANC PIC 1905.17148:020--PIC


Notes to photo #19 from Mrs. E. Jennie, daughter of Frank B. Rodolf [Rodolph], and added information from the Rodolf [Rodolph] family bible.
No image file on OAC or Digital Assets or TIND 2021-03-03 LAS

[Unverified: possibly notes to photo #19 from Mrs. E. Jennie, daughter of Frank B. Rodolf, and added information from the Rodolf family bible, or other Rodolph family images?] BANC PIC 1905.17148:021--PIC


Hotel at Mokelumne HIll [California] BANC PIC 1905.17148:022--PIC


Everts Block, 10th and Washington Street, Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17148:023--PIC


Two photographers on rocks near the ocean or the Golden Gate [Man and woman with view cameras on tripods. Amateur Camera Club outing?] BANC PIC 1905.17148:024--PIC


The Golden Gate, 1884 [San Francisco] BANC PIC 1905.17148:025--PIC


[Six adults, three with cameras on tripods, on railroad tracks near tunnel at coast. Probably viewin the Golden Gate near Land's End. Amateur Camera Club outing?] BANC PIC 1905.17148:026--PIC


Three gentlemen and five ladies seated near large body of water, 1884 BANC PIC 1905.17148:027--PIC


Large rocks, 1884, probably Land's End, San Francisco [California] BANC PIC 1905.17148:028--PIC


Frank B. Rodolph with six puppies and mother dog BANC PIC 1905.17148:029--PIC


Barrel of Bark (Rodolph's six puppies) BANC PIC 1905.17148:030--PIC


Seal Rocks 1884 [San Francisco,California] BANC PIC 1905.17148:031--PIC


Seal Rocks off Cliff House [San Francisco, California] BANC PIC 1905.17148:032--PIC


Frank B. Rodolph with his dogs BANC PIC 1905.17148:033--PIC


Many dogs, two gentlemen, a church and hills in background (school for blind) BANC PIC 1905.17148:034--PIC


Conservatory, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco BANC PIC 1905.17148:035--PIC


Tennis Court BANC PIC 1905.17148:036--PIC


Stanford University, Palo Alto BANC PIC 1905.17148:037--PIC


Our Picnic (group of photographers named "The Merry Makers" [or Merry Tramps of Oakland?]) BANC PIC 1905.17148:038--PIC


Interior of a dwelling (probably Rodolph's home) BANC PIC 1905.17148:039--PIC


14th Street, Oakland, California (People's Express and Transfer Co.) [Wagons and drivers assembled] BANC PIC 1905.17148:040--PIC

Volume 1905.17149--PIC

Album 4 : BANC PIC 1905.17149--PIC approximately 1886-1888


The Golden Gate and Fort Point [San Francisco] BANC PIC 1905.17149:001--PIC


Down the Gorge at Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz Mountains BANC PIC 1905.17149:002--PIC


In the Conservatory, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco BANC PIC 1905.17149:003--PIC


Camping at Boulder Creek, July 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17149:004--PIC


Lake Chabot, Alameda County (Rodolph no. 1005) BANC PIC 1905.17149:005--PIC


Yerba Buena Island, Arbor Day, November 27, 1886 [Paddlewheel ferry at dock] BANC PIC 1905.17149:006--PIC


Lake Merritt, Oakland, California (Rodolph no. 1069) BANC PIC 1905.17149:007--PIC


Scene from the Cliff House, San Francisco, California, January 16, 1887 (people gathered to view the wreck of the Schooner Parallel, wrecked on January 16, 1887) BANC PIC 1905.17149:008--PIC


Cliff House and Seal Rocks [from Ocean Beach] BANC PIC 1905.17149:009--PIC


A trip to the Gorge, Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz Mountains, [California] July 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17149:010--PIC


A Trip through the Redwoods, Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz Mountains, July 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17149:011--PIC


Road Scene, Niles Canyon BANC PIC 1905.17149:012--PIC


Scene on Lake Chabot, Alameda County [California] BANC PIC 1905.17149:013--PIC


Lawn Tennis Players (two gentlemen and two ladies) BANC PIC 1905.17149:014--PIC


Wall's Residence, Market Street, Oakland, California [Probably Jesse S. Wall home, 1439 Market] BANC PIC 1905.17149:015--PIC


Scene at Brookbank Farm, Contra Costa County, California, June 3, 1888 BANC PIC 1905.17149:016--PIC


Scene on Sonoma Creek, Glen Ellen, California, May 1887 [A Merry Tramps outing?] BANC PIC 1905.17149:017--PIC


J.O. Miners Ranch, Contra Costa County, California (Rodolph no. 1274) BANC PIC 1905.17149:018--PIC


Grandma's Tent, July 4, 1887 [A Merry Tramps camp site, Glen Ellen?] BANC PIC 1905.17149:019--PIC


Our Tramp at Glen Ellen, [California] BANC PIC 1905.17149:020--PIC


The Fish Pond, Glen Ellen, Sonoma County, California BANC PIC 1905.17149:021--PIC


Roses from Mrs. Pratt's, California roses, Fruitvale Rose Co. [Probably Mrs. Charles P. Pratt, listed at Fruit Vale Ave. neary Lynde, Oakland, in 1887] BANC PIC 1905.17149:022--PIC


Palms in Mrs. F. Smith's Garden, Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17149:023--PIC


Taking it Easy (three ladies, one gentleman and a boy) unidentified BANC PIC 1905.17149:024--PIC


The Old Wheel, Glen Ellen [Mill with millwheel] BANC PIC 1905.17149:025--PIC


Oak Tree, Contra Costa County, California BANC PIC 1905.17149:026--PIC


Interior View of Parlor BANC PIC 1905.17149:027--PIC


Down the Lane, Brookbank Farm, June 3, 1888 (Rodolph no.1276) BANC PIC 1905.17149:028--PIC


Going through the Golden Gate [Sailboat viewed from shore. Men on rocks] BANC PIC 1905.17149:029--PIC


Mr. Miner's Ranch, Contra Costa County, California (Rodolph no. 1275) BANC PIC 1905.17149:030--PIC


Off for the Plains, Colonia Lerdo, Sonora, Mexico, October 3, 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17149:031--PIC


Oakland High School, June, 1888 (Rodolph no. 1251) BANC PIC 1905.17149:032--PIC


Scene near Glen Ellen [Broad view over Fish Pond] BANC PIC 1905.17149:033--PIC


June Class, 1888, Oakland Highschool (persons not identified) BANC PIC 1905.17149:034--PIC


City Hall, Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17149:035--PIC


Scene - Niles Canyon near the Dam (six people, not identified) (Rodolph no. 1255) BANC PIC 1905.17149:036--PIC


Gr. [Mr?] Ainsworth's Rookery and Residence, Oakland (Rodolph no. 1063) [Desert and palm garden on the Roselawn estate of Capt. John C. Ainsworth in the Claremont area] BANC PIC 1905.17149:037--PIC


Richardson's Bay and Saucilito [i.e. Sausalito], California BANC PIC 1905.17149:038--PIC


Judge Garber's Residence, Clairmont [i.e. Claremont], Oakland [Judge John Garber, on Tangelwood Road. Demolished 1958.] BANC PIC 1905.17149:039--PIC


At the Dam, Niles Canyon [Woman photographer with camera and tripod, and a second camera, at far end of dam. Camera Club or Merry Tramps outing?] (Rodolph no. 1254) BANC PIC 1905.17149:040--PIC


Rowe's Residence, Oakland, California [Large Victorian home. Probably of John Rowe, corner of 7th and Clay Streets] (Rodolph no. 1259) BANC PIC 1905.17149:041--PIC


Beach at Saucilito (Rodolph no. 1231) [i.e. Sausalito, Marin Co., California] BANC PIC 1905.17149:042--PIC


At Lake Chabot (Rodolph no. 1001?) [Another photographer with view camera and tripod on beach. Camera Club or Merry Tramps outing?] BANC PIC 1905.17149:043--PIC


Senior "A" Class, June, 1888 BANC PIC 1905.17149:044--PIC


View of Oakland and Lake Merritt from Vernal Heights (Rodolph no. 1061) BANC PIC 1905.17149:045--PIC


Lawn Tennis Courts (Rodolph no. 1260) BANC PIC 1905.17149:046--PIC


Picnicing at Niles (lady and gentleman not identified) BANC PIC 1905.17149:047--PIC


First Congregational Church, Oakland, California. Rev. McLean, Paster BANC PIC 1905.17149:048--PIC

Volume 1905.17150--PIC

Album 5 : BANC PIC 1905.17150--PIC approximately 1891?


At Carrie's (Carrie Dutton married George Rodolph on April 16, 1891) BANC PIC 1905.17150:001--PIC


Sniff at Grace's BANC PIC 1905.17150:002--PIC


Pet in Basket BANC PIC 1905.17150:003--PIC


Old Customs House, Monterey, California BANC PIC 1905.17150:004--PIC


A Hungry Photographer [Man carrying tripod and camera, buying fruit(?) from a vendor on a dock or boardwalk. Monterey?] BANC PIC 1905.17150:005--PIC


At Jule's BANC PIC 1905.17150:006--PIC


A Pair [Two photographers carrying their cameras on tripods] BANC PIC 1905.17150:007--PIC


A Flash BANC PIC 1905.17150:008--PIC


Now Catch them BANC PIC 1905.17150:009--PIC


The Black Cats BANC PIC 1905.17150:010--PIC


The Canal BANC PIC 1905.17150:011--PIC


Street Scene [A commercial street, possibly in Oakland] BANC PIC 1905.17150:012--PIC


At the Drug Store [Shop interior] BANC PIC 1905.17150:013--PIC


Laying the cable on Clay Street, Oakland BANC PIC 1905.17150:014--PIC


Bon and B. [no image] BANC PIC 1905.17150:015--PIC


Work on the Cable [Workers with cart digging in intersection. Clay Street, Oakland?] BANC PIC 1905.17150:016--PIC


Social Gatherings (4 photos. Persons not identified) BANC PIC 1905.17150:017--PIC


Social Gatherings (4 photos. Persons not identified) BANC PIC 1905.17150:018--PIC


Social Gatherings (4 photos. Persons not identified) BANC PIC 1905.17150:019--PIC


Social Gatherings (4 photos. Persons not identified) BANC PIC 1905.17150:020--PIC


Seal Rocks [no image] BANC PIC 1905.17150:021--PIC


Cliff House [no image] BANC PIC 1905.17150:022--PIC


Sutro Heights (2 views) BANC PIC 1905.17150:023--PIC


Sutro Heights (2 views) BANC PIC 1905.17150:024--PIC


San Francisco Bay BANC PIC 1905.17150:025--PIC


Our Picnic at San Bruno BANC PIC 1905.17150:026--PIC


Alcatraz from Russian Hill [View over partially developed San Francisco neighborhood, with empty lots, probably overlooking Black Point / Fort Mason] BANC PIC 1905.17150:027--PIC


An Amateur Photographer [Man under the dark cloth of his view camera, on tripod, on rural road] BANC PIC 1905.17150:028--PIC


Cable Car No.1 ["San Pablo Ave., Broadway, and 7th Street; South Pacific Coast R.R. Depot," Oakland] BANC PIC 1905.17150:029--PIC


Goat Island [Ferry near Yerba Buena Island, San Francisco Bay] BANC PIC 1905.17150:030--PIC


Street Singers [Downtown Oakland, Calif.?] BANC PIC 1905.17150:031--PIC


The Canoe [Gaff-rigged sailboat / canoe near a railroad bridge, probably on or near the Oakland Estuary] BANC PIC 1905.17150:032--PIC


At Del Monte [no image] BANC PIC 1905.17150:033--PIC


Station at Del Monte [Railroad depot, Monterey Peninsula] BANC PIC 1905.17150:034--PIC


At Pacific Grove BANC PIC 1905.17150:035--PIC


Hotel Del Monte BANC PIC 1905.17150:036--PIC


Del Monte Grounds BANC PIC 1905.17150:037--PIC


Arizona Gardens at Monterey BANC PIC 1905.17150:038--PIC


Wharf-Monterey BANC PIC 1905.17150:039--PIC


Lake Del Rey Monterey BANC PIC 1905.17150:040--PIC


L.J.E. and wife [1 of 3] BANC PIC 1905.17150:041--PIC


L.J.E. and wife [2 of 3] BANC PIC 1905.17150:042--PIC


L.J.E. and wife [3 of 3] BANC PIC 1905.17150:043--PIC


On our trip to Mokelumne Hill BANC PIC 1905.17150:044--PIC


[lacking] BANC PIC 1905.17150:045--PIC


Spring Valley Lake BANC PIC 1905.17150:046--PIC


Canoe Race [Small gaff-rigged sailboats, probably on San Francisco Bay] BANC PIC 1905.17150:047--PIC


Sig BANC PIC 1905.17150:048--PIC


On the Road to San Bruno BANC PIC 1905.17150:049--PIC


Library Building, Berkeley BANC PIC 1905.17150:050--PIC


University of California Buildings BANC PIC 1905.17150:051--PIC


North Hall, University of California BANC PIC 1905.17150:052--PIC


University of California, grounds BANC PIC 1905.17150:053--PIC


Court House, Oakland BANC PIC 1905.17150:054--PIC


Chabot Observatory BANC PIC 1905.17150:055--PIC


Creek Scene [Probably San Antonio Creek at the Oakland Estuary. Sailing ships docked in background. Rowboats in foreground] BANC PIC 1905.17150:056--PIC


Long Wharf [no image] BANC PIC 1905.17150:057--PIC


The Creek BANC PIC 1905.17150:058--PIC


The "Oakland" (ferry) BANC PIC 1905.17150:059--PIC


On the Estuary [Sailboats on the harbor, with sailing ships in distance, Oakland Estuary] BANC PIC 1905.17150:060--PIC


Alcatraz Island BANC PIC 1905.17150:061--PIC


Pacific Grove BANC PIC 1905.17150:062--PIC


Hotel Del Monte [Monterey] BANC PIC 1905.17150:063--PIC


Lake Del Rey [Laguna Del Rey or Lake Del Monte, Monterey] BANC PIC 1905.17150:064--PIC


San Francisco BANC PIC 1905.17150:065--PIC


At Stella's [no image] BANC PIC 1905.17150:066--PIC


Sniff at Home BANC PIC 1905.17150:067--PIC


San Francisco Bay BANC PIC 1905.17150:068--PIC


Aunt Joe's Pet BANC PIC 1905.17150:069--PIC


Mr. Duncan [no image] BANC PIC 1905.17150:070--PIC


Peacocks at the Park BANC PIC 1905.17150:071--PIC


A Tramp (F. B. Rodolph) BANC PIC 1905.17150:072--PIC


Sailboat [Gaff-rigged sailing canoe, probably on the Oakland Estuary. Railroad bridge in right background] BANC PIC 1905.17150:073--PIC


Old Ruins at Mokelumne Hill [Stone building façade in neoclassical style] BANC PIC 1905.17150:074--PIC


The Oak BANC PIC 1905.17150:075--PIC


Lodi Station [Railroad depot and platform] BANC PIC 1905.17150:076--PIC


San Joaquin river BANC PIC 1905.17150:077--PIC


Out for a drive BANC PIC 1905.17150:078--PIC


Cecil Bruners BANC PIC 1905.17150:079--PIC


Picnic, May 1891 BANC PIC 1905.17150:080--PIC


At Laundry Farm BANC PIC 1905.17150:081--PIC


Truckee River (No. 1 of 4 scenes of Truckee river, or vicinity) BANC PIC 1905.17150:082--PIC


Truckee River (No. 2 of 4 scenes of Truckee river, or vicinity) [Railroad tracks along town street, Truckee, Calif.?] BANC PIC 1905.17150:083--PIC


Truckee River (No. 3 of 4 scenes of Truckee river, or vicinity) [Stagecoach or wagon with four-horse team] BANC PIC 1905.17150:084--PIC


Truckee River (No. 4 of 4 scenes of Truckee river, or vicinity) [Rail tracks into a mill. Sawmill or mine?] BANC PIC 1905.17150:085--PIC


Pratt Rose Garden [Probably Mrs. Charles P. Pratt, listed at Fruit Vale Ave. near Lynde, Oakland, in 1887] BANC PIC 1905.17150:086--PIC


Woman with parasol BANC PIC 1905.17150:087--PIC


Laundry Farm [no image] BANC PIC 1905.17150:088--PIC


State capitol, Carson City, Nevada BANC PIC 1905.17150:089--PIC


Freight team [Eight horse team and wagons on mountain road, probably near Truckee or Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada, or near Carson City] BANC PIC 1905.17150:090--PIC


[Mine and/or ore mill, probably in the Comstock region of Nevada; Virginia City or Carson City?] BANC PIC 1905.17150:091--PIC


Residence at the corner of 17th and 3rd Avenue, Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17150:092--PIC

Volume 1905.17151--PIC

Album 6 : BANC PIC 1905.17151--PIC bulk 1886


Date of 1886 based on the known year of the Merry Tramps of Oakland summer camp in the Sonoma County redwoods, several dated images, and the fact that about half of the photographs were numbered by the photographer (in the range 700 to 810) and are presumed to fall chrnologically near one another.

Scope and Content

Chiefly views in the Sonoma County redwoods of the Russian River region, and along the coast in the Fort Ross vicinity. The Merry Tramps of Oakland camped near Ingram's (Cazadero) in the summer of 1886, and their excursions and leisure activities are pictured.

"Shed not those bitter tears" BANC PIC 1905.17151:001--PIC


"Tenting on the old Camp Ground" July 4, 1886 (location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17151:002--PIC


The Cove at Fort Ross, 1886 BANC PIC 1905.17151:003--PIC


"Reading Phyllis" (camp scene. location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17151:004--PIC


"Our kitchen" (scene on way to Fort Ross, 1886) BANC PIC 1905.17151:005--PIC


On the road to Fort Ross [Sonoma County] BANC PIC 1905.17151:006--PIC


"Solitude" (scene on way to Fort Ross) [Stream or river, Sonoma County] (Rodolph no. 776) BANC PIC 1905.17151:007--PIC


Resting by the Wayside (scene on way to Fort Ross) (Rodolph no. 771) BANC PIC 1905.17151:008--PIC


Four young women at a tent in Sonoma County BANC PIC 1905.17151:009--PIC


People on way to Fort Ross, Frank B. Rodolph (bald-headed man at rear center) BANC PIC 1905.17151:010--PIC


"Knowles" (a humble dwelling and several people in Sonoma County) (Rodolph no. 793) BANC PIC 1905.17151:011--PIC


A little girl and a little boy BANC PIC 1905.17151:012--PIC


Same girl standing by a redwood tree BANC PIC 1905.17151:013--PIC


Block House at Fort Ross built in 1812. ["Old Block House at Fort Ross from the beach"?] 1886 (Rodolph no. 804) BANC PIC 1905.17151:014--PIC


The old buildings at Fort Ross, 1886 [Looking up from beach below, with some of the Merry Tramps' party on the rocks] (Rodolph no. 807) BANC PIC 1905.17151:015--PIC


Old Chapel at Fort Ross, built in 1812. 1886 (Rodolph no. 806) BANC PIC 1905.17151:016--PIC


On the Beach at Fort Ross (Rodolph no. 809) BANC PIC 1905.17151:016A--PIC


The end of the road - N.P.C.R.R. [North Pacific Coast Railroad. Probably at Ingrams, near Duncan's Mills, Sonoma County] (Rodolph no. 746) BANC PIC 1905.17151:017--PIC


"The wood teams going home" Sonoma County [Horse team and wagon, probably hauling fuel for the North Pacific Coast Railroad near Duncan's Mills, as seen in preceding view, no. 17] (Rodolph no. 743) BANC PIC 1905.17151:018--PIC


Admiring the Paintings BANC PIC 1905.17151:019--PIC


Scene in the foothills of California BANC PIC 1905.17151:020--PIC


Ingrams, Sonoma County, California, 1886 [Ingram's hotel, Austin Creek, (Cazadero)] (Rodolph no. 744?) BANC PIC 1905.17151:021--PIC


"The last glimpse of the ocean" (returning from Fort Ross, 1886) BANC PIC 1905.17151:022--PIC


Taking it easy. Mr. and Mrs. Klose and Jessie in camp (755) [Merry Tramps camp, Sonoma County] (Rodolph no. 755) BANC PIC 1905.17151:023--PIC


Austin Creek [Forrest and stream scene, Sonoma County] (Rodolph no. 787) BANC PIC 1905.17151:024--PIC


Railroad in Sonoma County [Train tracks, presumably of the N.P.C.R.R., through the redwood forrest] (Rodolph no. 777) BANC PIC 1905.17151:025--PIC


Returning from Camp Eaton BANC PIC 1905.17151:026--PIC


Five people in a rocky canyon (not identified) "At the Boulders" BANC PIC 1905.17151:027--PIC


Going for milk (several people in a wooded area) BANC PIC 1905.17151:028--PIC


"Martin and the white haired woman" (on a log spanning a stream) BANC PIC 1905.17151:029--PIC


"Where Ida?" (five people in a wooded canyon, not identified) BANC PIC 1905.17151:030--PIC


"Round the Bramble Bush" (seven young people at base of a large redwood) BANC PIC 1905.17151:031--PIC


"Among the Pines" (two people, not identified) BANC PIC 1905.17151:032--PIC


"Nature's Gem" (a placid watercourse) BANC PIC 1905.17151:033--PIC


"Round the Bend" (Sonoma County) BANC PIC 1905.17151:034--PIC


"The Indian Camp" [Unoccupied Indian dwelling next to railroad tracks among redwoods, Sonoma County] (Rodolph no. 730?) BANC PIC 1905.17151:035--PIC


"Reflections" (a small stream in a wooded canyon) BANC PIC 1905.17151:036--PIC


"Resting" (two men in the redwoods, not identified) BANC PIC 1905.17151:037--PIC


Near Ingrams (Sonoma County, California) BANC PIC 1905.17151:038--PIC


"On the way to Fort Ross", 1886 [Merry Tramps outing, Sonoma County] BANC PIC 1905.17151:039--PIC


"Our Wash Room" (Several people at a stream. Merry Tramps' camp, Sonoma County] (Rodolph no. 748) BANC PIC 1905.17151:040--PIC


"View from the South" [The Merry Tramps of Oakland Camp site, Sonoma County, with large American flag and Merry Tramps sign] (Rodolph no. 752) BANC PIC 1905.17151:041--PIC


"A Nibble" [Man fishing on stream in the woods, with women, children, and others nearby. Merry Tramps camp, Sonoma County?] (Rodolph no. 760?) BANC PIC 1905.17151:042--PIC


Several people near a stream in Sonoma County, not identified [Merry Tramps camp] (Rodolph no. 767) BANC PIC 1905.17151:043--PIC


A pool at Watsins [Watson's?], Sonoma County, 1886 (Rodolph no. 700?) BANC PIC 1905.17151:044--PIC


Scene near Ingrams, Sonoma County [Austin Creek?] (Rodolph no. 770) BANC PIC 1905.17151:045--PIC


View from the Spring at Ingrams, Sonoma County (Rodolph no. 771?) BANC PIC 1905.17151:046--PIC


View of the Camp from the West (The Merry Maker's Camp) photogaphers BANC PIC 1905.17151:047--PIC


Fort Ross Hotel (a small portion of the old hotel presently houses the museum at Fort Ross -1967) In it is a photo of the hotel taken at a much later date (Rodolph no. 810) BANC PIC 1905.17151:048--PIC


Farm Scene at Knowles [Sonoma County, California] (Rodolph no. 790) BANC PIC 1905.17151:049--PIC


"Grandma's Tent" [Merry Tramps camp, Sonoma County] (Rodolph no. 757) BANC PIC 1905.17151:050--PIC


"The Wigwam" [Merry Tramps camp, Sonoma County?] BANC PIC 1905.17151:051--PIC


Lumber Chute at Fort Ross, 1886 (805) [So-called dog hole port] (Rodolph no. 805) BANC PIC 1905.17151:052--PIC


Camp Jokoo - July 4th, 1886, Ingrams, Sonoma County, California BANC PIC 1905.17151:053--PIC


Seven ladies in improvised dressing room near a stream in Sonoma County [Merry Tramps scene. "785" in pen on canvas] (Rodolph no. 785) BANC PIC 1905.17151:054--PIC


Two men milking cows BANC PIC 1905.17151:055--PIC


The Merry Makers' Chinese Cook holding a fan and a rifle, 1886 [Merry Tramps' camp, Sonoma County redwoods] (Rodolph no. 750?) BANC PIC 1905.17151:056--PIC


On the Log Bridge, Sonoma County [Merry Tramps group? "775" in ink, LR] (Rodolph no. 775) BANC PIC 1905.17151:057--PIC


"Gates Ajar", Sonoma County BANC PIC 1905.17151:058--PIC


"Down the Lane", Sonoma County [Railroad tracks in the redwoods, N.P.C.R.R.? "779" or "799" in ink, LR] (Rodolph no. 779 or 799) BANC PIC 1905.17151:059--PIC


"Glimpse of Camp Jokoo", (at Ingram's in Sonoma County) [Railroad tracks in the redwoods, near Merry Tramps' camp on the N.P.C.R.R.? "778" in ink] (Rodolph no. 778) BANC PIC 1905.17151:060--PIC


"In the Wilderness", Sonoma County [Forest path] (Rodolph no. 798?) BANC PIC 1905.17151:061--PIC


"The Wringer" [Two women at a washtub in Merry Tramps' camp in the redwoods of Sonoma County] (Rodolph no. 758) BANC PIC 1905.17151:062--PIC


"Camp Visitors" (two ladies and a gentleman, not identified) BANC PIC 1905.17151:063--PIC


"The Meek Boys" [Men in a buckboard, posing with parasols] (Rodolph no. 740) BANC PIC 1905.17151:064--PIC


[lacking] BANC PIC 1905.17151:065--PIC


The Merry Tramps at Camp, July 4th, 1886 BANC PIC 1905.17151:066--PIC


Camp Eaton, Sonoma County, (12 persons not identified) 1886 BANC PIC 1905.17151:067--PIC


The Crowd at Ingrams (Rodolph no. 742) BANC PIC 1905.17151:068--PIC


The Crowd at Ingrams Conglomeration (Rodolph no. 741) BANC PIC 1905.17151:069--PIC


No More (train tracks in woods) (Rodolph no. 784) BANC PIC 1905.17151:070--PIC

Volume 1905.17152--PIC

Album 7 : BANC PIC 1905.17152--PIC approximately 1882-1885


Blake House, Oakland, California [Oakland Seminary for Young Ladies, Washington Street between 11th and 12th] BANC PIC 1905.17152:001--PIC


Engine no. 140, Oakland, California [Train / railroad locomotive] BANC PIC 1905.17152:002--PIC


Dam and Fish Ladder, Carmello, California [Carmel, California?] BANC PIC 1905.17152:003--PIC


Bridge at Moss Avenue, Oakland [California] BANC PIC 1905.17152:004--PIC


On the Drive to Cypress Point, Monterey County [California] BANC PIC 1905.17152:005--PIC


The Merry Tramps in Camp near Guerneyville [Guerneville], California, June, 188? BANC PIC 1905.17152:006--PIC


On the Drive to Cypress Point, Lunching Place [Surrey by picnic tables] BANC PIC 1905.17152:007--PIC


Brown's Residence, Oakland, California [Corner of 11th and Grove Streets. [Possibly Dudley C. Brown home at 957 Grove St., or the J.E.H. Brown referenced elsewhere in the Rodolph collections, but at a different address] BANC PIC 1905.17152:008--PIC


Interior San Carlos Mission, Monterey, California BANC PIC 1905.17152:009--PIC


"Down the Gulch, Briarwood Farm" BANC PIC 1905.17152:010--PIC


View of Fish Ranch, Beyond the Summit, Contra Costa County [Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17152:011--PIC


"Down in Morse's Canyon" [East Oakland, Calif?] BANC PIC 1905.17152:012--PIC


Oakland Observatory, Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17152:013--PIC


"Our Picnic at the Cliff" November 1884 (Francis B. Rodolph's father, Samuel Francis Rodolph - the gentleman with a white beard, born December, 1816) BANC PIC 1905.17152:014--PIC


Lake Merritt from Adams Point [Oakland, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17152:015--PIC


"The Merry Tramps Return" 1884 BANC PIC 1905.17152:016--PIC


At the Cliff, San Francisco BANC PIC 1905.17152:017--PIC


Moore's Residence, East Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17152:018--PIC


In the Redwoods near Guerneyville [Guerneville], California [Merry Tramps? Two posed with shotguns or rifles] BANC PIC 1905.17152:019--PIC


Cliff House and Seal Rocks [San Francisco, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17152:020--PIC


First Congregational Church, Oakland, California (Rodolph no. 234) BANC PIC 1905.17152:021--PIC


San Lorenzo Creek, near Felton, Santa Cruz County [Two men on river bank with tripods and cameras. Other figures, below railroad bridge. Camera Club or Merry Tramps outing group?] BANC PIC 1905.17152:022--PIC


Hotel Camp Taylor, N.P.C.R.R. [Sonoma County] BANC PIC 1905.17152:023--PIC


"Down in Morse's Canyon" [East Oakland, Calif?] BANC PIC 1905.17152:024--PIC


Duncan's Mills [Sonoma County, California] BANC PIC 1905.17152:025--PIC


Morse's Canyon [Oakland hills?] BANC PIC 1905.17152:026--PIC


"The Old Shanty at Adams Point" 1883 [Lake Merritt, Oakland, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17152:027--PIC


"At Berkeley, University of California Grounds" BANC PIC 1905.17152:028--PIC


"In the Gulch near the Hermitage" [Creek scene] BANC PIC 1905.17152:029--PIC


Ferns at Morse's Canyon [East Oakland, Calif.?] BANC PIC 1905.17152:030--PIC


University of California, Berkeley, California (1883, 2 structures) BANC PIC 1905.17152:031--PIC


Interior of Rodolph's home BANC PIC 1905.17152:032--PIC


Hayfield at Jack Hays Canyon [Oakland Hills, near Temescal Creek] (Rodolph no. 24?) BANC PIC 1905.17152:033--PIC


Rose Cottage, Maple Court, San Francisco [View over residential area from garden of a hillside home] BANC PIC 1905.17152:034--PIC


"Ruins of Res. Joseph Antonio Romea, 1st Governor of California." Monterey, California [Adobe building, residence of Jose Antonio Romea] BANC PIC 1905.17152:035--PIC


Morse's Canyon [Oakland hills?] BANC PIC 1905.17152:036--PIC


Res. Joseph Antonio Romea, 1st Governor of California." Monterey, California [Adobe building, residence of Jose Antonio Romea] BANC PIC 1905.17152:037--PIC


"Birds Eye View of Oakland, 10th Street Looking West" [M.A. Samuels "Place of Art" photography studio visible near center] [Dome-topped print, possibly not by Rodolph] BANC PIC 1905.17152:038--PIC


Stockyards at Emery Station, Oakland, California (probably now called Emeryville) BANC PIC 1905.17152:039--PIC


Birds Eye View of Oakland, Washington Street looking North [First Congregational Church prominent at left] [Dome topped print, possibly not by Rodolph] BANC PIC 1905.17152:040--PIC


Oakland Ferry Boat [San Francisco Bay, Califorina] BANC PIC 1905.17152:041--PIC


Birds Eye View of Oakland, 9th Street looking West [Prominent sign for 9th Street Livery Stable] [Dome topped print, possibly not by Rodolph] BANC PIC 1905.17152:042--PIC


Conservatory at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco BANC PIC 1905.17152:043--PIC


Interior View of Scott's Residence, Oakland, California [Probably George W. Scott family at 914 Eighth Street] BANC PIC 1905.17152:044--PIC


Garfield Monument, Golden Gate Park, San Franciso [Broad distant view, with undeveloped land sloping from park up to Twin Peaks] (Rodolph no. 203) BANC PIC 1905.17152:045--PIC


F. Dunham's Residence, Alice Street, Oakland, California [Probably B.F. Dunham, listed at 1397 Alice St. in 1887] BANC PIC 1905.17152:046--PIC


Lake Merritt, Oakland BANC PIC 1905.17152:047--PIC


Lake Merritt, Oakland [Calif.] [Dome topped print, possibly not by Rodolph] BANC PIC 1905.17152:048--PIC


Live Oak near Lake Merritt, Oakland BANC PIC 1905.17152:049--PIC


Pennoyer's Residence, Alice Street, Oakland, California [Albert A. Pennoyer home, listed at 1165 Alice at 12th St. in 1887] BANC PIC 1905.17152:050--PIC


"Among the Pines, Monterey, California" (note log cabin) BANC PIC 1905.17152:051--PIC


"The Mole", C.P.R.R. Depot [Central Pacific Railroad depot, Oakland] [Dome topped print, signed by Rodolph in negative] BANC PIC 1905.17152:052--PIC


Austin Creek, Sonoma County (B. Rodolph at left) [Men seated on logs, with shotguns] BANC PIC 1905.17152:053--PIC


Ferry Boat [no image] BANC PIC 1905.17152:054--PIC


Everts Block, Broadway and 11th Street, Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17152:055--PIC


Piedmont Ferry Boat BANC PIC 1905.17152:056--PIC


The Merry Tramps near Guerneyville [i.e. Guerneville, Sonoma County], June 1884, and "The Violet" BANC PIC 1905.17152:057--PIC


Near Camp Taylor BANC PIC 1905.17152:058--PIC


Oakland Bank, 12th and Broadway BANC PIC 1905.17152:059--PIC


Woodland Scene BANC PIC 1905.17152:060--PIC


Lake Merritt from Adams Point, Oakland, California 1884 BANC PIC 1905.17152:061--PIC


"On the N.P.C.R.R. near Taylorville" [Tracks and water tower of the North Pacific Coast Railroad, Sonoma County] BANC PIC 1905.17152:062--PIC


Oakland [Overview of city, with First Congregational Church at right, at 12th Street and Clay] BANC PIC 1905.17152:063--PIC


San Lorenzo Creek near Felton, Santa Cruz County, California (Rodolph no. 45) BANC PIC 1905.17152:064--PIC


Live Oak at Adams Point, Oakland, California (photographer not known) BANC PIC 1905.17152:065--PIC


"Aborigines" Santa Barbara, California [Native American man and woman. California Indians. Washing laundry?] BANC PIC 1905.17152:066--PIC


"At the Park on a Lark" (eleven people not identified) BANC PIC 1905.17152:067--PIC


Insane Asylum, Stockton, New Building BANC PIC 1905.17152:068--PIC


Group of People seated on a bench BANC PIC 1905.17152:069--PIC


House with three women and a girl [Oakland?] BANC PIC 1905.17152:070--PIC


"See the seals on the rock" BANC PIC 1905.17152:071--PIC


Mission Carmel at Monterey (photo taken from one of the Carlton E. Watkins daguerreotypes 1856-1857) BANC PIC 1905.17152:072--PIC


Mission Carmel at Monterey (photo taken from one of the Carleton E. Watkins daguerreotypes 1856-1857). Source of reference to Watkins Daguerreotypes needs to be investigated. Written on binder page? This table indicates image was scanned, but not found online. ImageID is out of sequence, so it filename was assigned later.

"Arnolds Residence, Castro Street" Oakland, California [Perhaps Mrs. T.J. (Mary F.) Arnold, listed at 957 Castro in 1880 and 1885] BANC PIC 1905.17152:073--PIC


"Fisher and Taylor's Coal Yard" Oakland, California [Workers and horse carts assembled, with dog. Probably at First and Water Streets, as listed in 1885] BANC PIC 1905.17152:074--PIC


Austin Creek, Sonoma County, California (Rodolph no. 2) BANC PIC 1905.17152:075--PIC


"Wright's Station, S.P.C.R.R." Santa Cruz County, California BANC PIC 1905.17152:076--PIC


Stony Brook near Niles, Alameda County (Rodolph no. 97) BANC PIC 1905.17152:077--PIC


Ferry at Knights Landing, Sacramento River, 1882 BANC PIC 1905.17152:078--PIC


Mission Dolores, San Francisco 1886 [Twin Peaks on horizon] BANC PIC 1905.17152:079--PIC


"On Sycamore Slough near Knights Landing" BANC PIC 1905.17152:080--PIC


"Scott's Turnout and Residence" Oakland, California [Probably George W. Scott family at 914 Eighth Street, although other Scotts also lived on Eighth] BANC PIC 1905.17152:081--PIC


Sacramento River at juntion of Sycamore Slough and Knights Landing, 1882 BANC PIC 1905.17152:082--PIC


Sycamore Slough, Knights Landing (Rodolph no. 328) BANC PIC 1905.17152:083--PIC


Mount Tamalpais (road leading to) (Rodolph no. 316) BANC PIC 1905.17152:084--PIC


State Capital [sic], Sacramento, Cal. [California State Capitol Buiding] (Rodolph no. 337) BANC PIC 1905.17152:085--PIC

Volume 1905.17153--PIC

Album 8 : BANC PIC 1905.17153--PIC approximately 1883-1888?


Chiefly Victorian homes and other buildings of Oakland, California.

Wood's Residence, 8th and Jefferson Street, Oakland California [Charles Woods at 618 Eighth Street] BANC PIC 1905.17153:001--PIC


G.W. Grayson's Residence, Oakland [Probably George W. Grayson of Grayson, Harrell & Co. (butchers and cattle dealers), listed at Ninth and Madison in 1884-85. Possibly G.W.G. Jr. at 568 Twenty-fifth street] BANC PIC 1905.17153:002--PIC


Kirk's Residence, Oakland [Small Victorian home with man and woman posed] BANC PIC 1905.17153:003--PIC


Wood's Residence, Oakland [Probably Charles Woods at 618 Eighth Street] (Rodolph No. 1237) BANC PIC 1905.17153:004--PIC


Smith's Residence [Large Victorian residence behind garden foliage BANC PIC 1905.17153:005--PIC


Requa's Residence [Victorian Italianate mansion. The Highlands, in Piedmont, home of Isaac and Sarah Requa] (Rodolph No. 1184) BANC PIC 1905.17153:006--PIC


Evert's Block, Oakland, California [With E.A. Heron's Real Estate office and the California Insurance Co., at Broadway and Eleventh Streets] (Rodolph 1200?) BANC PIC 1905.17153:007--PIC


Edward's Residence, 10th Street Oakland [J.G. Edwards at 520 Tenth Street, or perhaps David S. Edwards at 1326 Tenth Ave.?] (Rodolph no. 1260) BANC PIC 1905.17153:008--PIC


"The Mill's 1st" Oakland [Lumber mill and street scene] BANC PIC 1905.17153:009--PIC


Rowe's Residence [Possibly John Rowe home, corner of Seventh and Clay Streets, Oakland] BANC PIC 1905.17153:010--PIC


City Hall, Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17153:011--PIC


Brown's Residence on Alice Street [Different house than the Brown home at 11th and Grove or the J.E.H. Brown home identified elsewhere among Rodolph photographs] BANC PIC 1905.17153:012--PIC


S. Huff Residence in San Leandro, California (some trees and palms - Rodolph no. 1967) [Presumably Socrates Huff home on Estudillo Avenue] (Roldoph no. 1163) BANC PIC 1905.17153:013--PIC


Ainsworth's Residence, Oakland [Large rookery and cactus(?) garden, [Desert and palm garden on the Roselawn estate of Capt. John C. Ainsworth in the Claremont area] BANC PIC 1905.17153:014--PIC


Strong's Residence, Oakland [California] BANC PIC 1905.17153:015--PIC


Residence not identified BANC PIC 1905.17153:016--PIC


Babbitt's Residence [Probably Salmon M. Babbitt, at 1954 Webster Street, Oakland] BANC PIC 1905.17153:017--PIC


Mrs. Jack Hays' Residence, Alameda, California [Home of the widow of John Coffee Hays, Susan (Calvert) Hays, listed on Central Ave. at Third Ave in 1887. Formerly the Williamd J. Dingee home, before he purchased the Hays home called Fernwood] BANC PIC 1905.17153:018--PIC


Residence on the corner of 8th and Jefferson Street, Oakland, California (Rodolph no. 1239) BANC PIC 1905.17153:019--PIC


Dingee's Residence [Victorian mansion of William J. Dingee, listed as "Fernwood" in 1887. On the former estate of John C. "Jack" Hays.] BANC PIC 1905.17153:020--PIC


Gowell's Residence [Large Victorian home of Orrin Gowell, listed at 2121 East Fourteenth, Fruitvale, in 1887] (Rodolph no. 1362) BANC PIC 1905.17153:021--PIC


Leet's Residence [Samuel T. Leet family, listed at 562 East Fifteenth in 1887] BANC PIC 1905.17153:022--PIC


Small home on 23rd Avenue, Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17153:023--PIC


Pardee's Residence, Oakland, California [Enoch Pardee home, later George Pardee home, 672 11th Street] BANC PIC 1905.17153:024--PIC


Anderson's Residence, Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17153:025--PIC


Large Residence (name not given) BANC PIC 1905.17153:026--PIC


Carrick's Residence [possible David Carrick, at 602 East Fifteenth, prior to 1890 construction of his home at 1212 East 15th?] BANC PIC 1905.17153:027--PIC


Brigham's Residence [Probably the Calvin O. Brigham home at 1019 Oak St., or his son Frank E. Brigham at 1007 Oak?] BANC PIC 1905.17153:028--PIC


Brown's Residence [11th and Grove Street, Oakland, California] [Possibly Dudley C. Brown home at 957 Grove St., or the J.E.H. Brown referenced elsewhere in the Rodolph collections] BANC PIC 1905.17153:029--PIC


Eagle Block Building, Oakland (location not given) [Large four-story brick commercial buiding, presumably in dowtown Oakland. Possibly the Eagle Box Manufacturing building on Market St. near Seventh?] BANC PIC 1905.17153:030--PIC


Two ornate residences (names and locations not given) BANC PIC 1905.17153:031--PIC


Large beautiful home and garden (location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17153:032--PIC


Small, but attractive home - four adults (names and location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17153:033--PIC


Firemans Fund Insurance Company building, Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17153:034--PIC


Large four-story structure (name and location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17153:035--PIC


Porter Ash[e] Mansion [Residence of R. Porter Ashe. S.W. corner Van Ness Ave. & Washington, San Francisco. Built for the Crockers, family of his wife Aimee Crocker] BANC PIC 1905.17153:036--PIC


Row of elegant homes (probably in San Francisco) BANC PIC 1905.17153:037--PIC


Large building in San Francisco BANC PIC 1905.17153:038--PIC


Grave of "Harry" BANC PIC 1905.17153:039--PIC


[Interior of a Residence] BANC PIC 1905.17153:040--PIC


[Interior of a Residence] BANC PIC 1905.17153:041--PIC


Interior of a Residence (note oil paintings) BANC PIC 1905.17153:042--PIC


[Interior of a Residence] BANC PIC 1905.17153:043--PIC


[Interior of a Residence] BANC PIC 1905.17153:044--PIC


Interior of Lukens Residence BANC PIC 1905.17153:045--PIC


Interior of a Residence (probably F. B. Rodolph's) BANC PIC 1905.17153:046--PIC


Interior of F. B. Rodolph's Residence BANC PIC 1905.17153:047--PIC


Interior of a church BANC PIC 1905.17153:048--PIC


Three Views of Oakland High School, two taken after the fire of 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17153:049--PIC

Volume 1905.17154--PIC

Album 9 : BANC PIC 1905.17154--PIC approximately 1883-1888?


Railroad Bridge below Big Tree Station, near Felton, Santa Cruz County BANC PIC 1905.17154:001--PIC


Staples Residence, Moss Avenue, Oakland, California 1885 BANC PIC 1905.17154:002--PIC


H. Peterson's Grocery Store, West Oakland [Hans Peterson, grocer, listed at 1700 Eighth Street in 1887] BANC PIC 1905.17154:003--PIC


Allardt's Residence, 13th and Linden Street, Oakland, California [George F. Allardt family listed at 1127 Linden in 1887. West Oakland.] BANC PIC 1905.17154:004--PIC


Edward's Residence, 12th and Linden Street, Oakland, California [Probably Ambrose F. Edwards home, 1113 Linden Street, West Oakland] BANC PIC 1905.17154:005--PIC


Scott's Residence, 8th Street, Oakland [Probably George W. Scott family at 914 Eighth Street, although other Scotts also lived on Eighth] BANC PIC 1905.17154:006--PIC


Brown's Residence, corner of 11th and Grove Street [Possibly Dudley C. Brown home at 957 Grove St., or the J.E.H. Brown referenced elsewhere in the Rodolph collections] BANC PIC 1905.17154:007--PIC


Ellis Residence, Alameda, California [Perhaps Mrs. T.L. Ellis, on Taylor Ave. near 2nd Ave., as listed in 1887] BANC PIC 1905.17154:008--PIC


Phillip's [Phillips' ?] Residence, corner of 6th Avenue and 10th Street, East Oakland [Probably John W. Phillips, listed at 977 Sixth Ave. in 1887] BANC PIC 1905.17154:009--PIC


Glenn's Residence, corner of 9th and Castro Street, Oakland, Callifornia [Probably James T. Glenn, listed at 953 Castro in 1887] BANC PIC 1905.17154:010--PIC


Leet's Residence, corner of 10th and 14th Avenue, East Oakland [Samuel T. Leet family, listed at 476 East Fourteenth in 1884-85, then at 562 East Fifteenth in 1887] BANC PIC 1905.17154:011--PIC


The Merry Tramps in Camp, near Guerneyville, Sonoma County [Guerneville] BANC PIC 1905.17154:012--PIC


Eastman's Residence, East Oakland BANC PIC 1905.17154:013--PIC


Martin's Residence, corner of 10th and Castro Street, Oakland BANC PIC 1905.17154:014--PIC


"Down the Track" Big Tree Station, Santa Cruz County [Railroad track in redwood forrest] (Rodolph no. 30) BANC PIC 1905.17154:015--PIC


Live Oak, Adams Point, Oakland BANC PIC 1905.17154:016--PIC


Residence near foothills, not identified [Group of people, with two dogs, gathered at a small Victorian house in a rural California setting. Possibly Oakland hills. Possibly Sonoma County.] BANC PIC 1905.17154:017--PIC


Austin Creek, Sonoma County (Rodolph no. 770.2) BANC PIC 1905.17154:018--PIC


Baggage Room, West Oakland [Large stacks of trunks and bundles at railroad station. Possibly luggage for a Merry Tramps summer camp] BANC PIC 1905.17154:019--PIC


Conservatory, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco BANC PIC 1905.17154:020--PIC


Boy and a young woman in a garden, not identified BANC PIC 1905.17154:021--PIC


Livermore's Residence, Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17154:022--PIC


Cabin at Austin Creek, Sonoma County [Men posed with shotguns] BANC PIC 1905.17154:023--PIC


Garfield Monument in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco BANC PIC 1905.17154:024--PIC


Birds Eye View of Oakland from Masonic Temple BANC PIC 1905.17154:025--PIC


"In the Hayfields" [California rural scene with hills and oaks, and a horse and buggy] (Rodolph no. 390) BANC PIC 1905.17154:026--PIC


At Morse's Canyon, East Oakland [Wooded stream among boulders] BANC PIC 1905.17154:027--PIC


Clay Street Oakland from corner of 10th looking North BANC PIC 1905.17154:028--PIC


Baling Hay [Location not given: rural / agricultural scene in California hills] (Rodolph no. 391) BANC PIC 1905.17154:029--PIC


Morse's Canyon, East Oakland BANC PIC 1905.17154:030--PIC


Residence (location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17154:031--PIC


Log Cabin, Monterey, California (Rodolph no. 326?) BANC PIC 1905.17154:032--PIC


Insane Asylum, Stockton, female department (Rodolph no. 280) BANC PIC 1905.17154:033--PIC


Morse's Canyon, East Oakland BANC PIC 1905.17154:034--PIC


Insane Asylum, Stockton, male department (Rodolph no. 280) BANC PIC 1905.17154:035--PIC


Oakland Ferry Boat, C.P.R.R. BANC PIC 1905.17154:036--PIC


Baling Hay [Location not given: rural / agricultural scene in California hills] (Rodolph no. 389) BANC PIC 1905.17154:037--PIC


Lake Merritt from Adams Point, Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17154:038--PIC


"For the Hay" [two men and equipment on a farm: rural / agricultural scene in California hills] (Rodolph no. 393) BANC PIC 1905.17154:039--PIC


Library and College of Agriculture, University of California, Berkeley, California BANC PIC 1905.17154:040--PIC


Large Structure, possibly a hotel (location and name not given) BANC PIC 1905.17154:041--PIC

Volume 1905.17155--PIC

Album 10 : BANC PIC 1905.17155--PIC approximately 1885-1890?, bulk 1889?


Moon (stereo view) BANC PIC 1905.17155:001--PIC


Eclipse Photographing: F. B. Rodolph Tells How It Was Done (newspaper clipping) BANC PIC 1905.17155:001A--PIC


Old Liberty Bell (stereo view) BANC PIC 1905.17155:002--PIC


At Saucilito [Sausalito] (Rodolph no. 1419) BANC PIC 1905.17155:003--PIC


"The Tramps at Saucilito" [Merry Tramps at Sausalito] BANC PIC 1905.17155:004--PIC


"Lunching" Saucilito [Merry Tramps? At Sausalito] BANC PIC 1905.17155:005--PIC


Interior of Rev. A. Moora's [Moore's?] Residence, Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17155:006--PIC


"Our Trip to Bolinas - Mt. Tamalpais Summitt" (probably 1876, first trip) [Summit House, Mount Tamalpais] BANC PIC 1905.17155:007--PIC


Large group of campers at Boulder Creek, 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17155:008--PIC


At Boulder Creek, 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17155:009--PIC


Among the Ferns, Boulder Creek BANC PIC 1905.17155:010--PIC


Jamieson Creek [Jamison Creek?] (Rodolph no. 978) BANC PIC 1905.17155:011--PIC


A Tramp up Mt. Tamalpais [Marin County. Four men on a trail, with guns, a dead hare, bedrolls, and possibly camera equipment.] (Rodolph no. 1365) BANC PIC 1905.17155:012--PIC


Lake Chabot, Alameda County [California] (Rodoloph no. 1001) BANC PIC 1905.17155:013--PIC


Roses from Fruit Vale Rose Company BANC PIC 1905.17155:014--PIC


Currants BANC PIC 1905.17155:015--PIC


Ferry Boat "Newark" BANC PIC 1905.17155:016--PIC


Eclipse of the Sun, January 1, 1889 BANC PIC 1905.17155:017--PIC


"In the Type Foundry, Palmer & Rey, San Francisco" [Young men and boys (children) working. Child labor.] BANC PIC 1905.17155:018--PIC


Church Decorations BANC PIC 1905.17155:019--PIC


"A Pair" BANC PIC 1905.17155:020--PIC


"Four of a Kind" (young women, not identified) BANC PIC 1905.17155:021--PIC


"Jacks" (photo of young men, not identified) BANC PIC 1905.17155:022--PIC


"4 Queens" (photo of young women, not identified) BANC PIC 1905.17155:023--PIC


"Laundry Farm Cottage" (location not given) [Small crowd at a rural house, perhaps in Sonoma County or Marin County hills. Possible related to a Merry Tramps camp or excursion] (Rodolph no. 1020) BANC PIC 1905.17155:024--PIC


Laundry Farm [no image] BANC PIC 1905.17155:025--PIC


On the road to Laundry Farm, 1889 BANC PIC 1905.17155:026--PIC


In the Glen, Laundry Farm, April 30, 1889 BANC PIC 1905.17155:027--PIC


"Resting" BANC PIC 1905.17155:028--PIC


Mission Dolores, San Francisco, 1886 BANC PIC 1905.17155:029--PIC


"The Big Tree, Tuolumne Grove, 1877 - on the Big Oak Flat Road to Yosemite" [The Dead Giant drive-through sequoia tree.] (Rodolph no. 1511) BANC PIC 1905.17155:030--PIC


Origins of 1877 date unknown. Rodolph number in negative suggests an 1889 date.

Bridal Veil Fall, Yosemite Valley, 1877 BANC PIC 1905.17155:031--PIC


Vernal Falls, Yosemite Valley, 1877 BANC PIC 1905.17155:032--PIC


"Tissiach Bridge", Yosemite Valley, 1877 [Tisayack Bridge (Half Dome Bridge?)]. (Rodolph no. 1523) BANC PIC 1905.17155:033--PIC


Origins of 1877 date unknown. Rodolph number in negative suggests an 1889 date.

"Our Camp, Royal Arches", Yosemite Valley, 1877 BANC PIC 1905.17155:034--PIC


Harris' and Eagle Peak in Yosemite Valley. (Harris was thier guide in Valley) [California ] (Rodolph no. 1554) BANC PIC 1905.17155:035--PIC


Half Dome and Glacier Rock, Yosemite [California] (Rodolph no. 1521) BANC PIC 1905.17155:036--PIC


View from Glacier Point, Vernal and Nevada Falls BANC PIC 1905.17155:037--PIC


Mirror Lake, Yosemite Valley [California] (Roldolph no. 1514) BANC PIC 1905.17155:038--PIC


Liberty Gap and Nevada Falls [Yosemite] (Rodolph no. 1509) BANC PIC 1905.17155:039--PIC


Reflections on Mirror Lake [Yosemite] (Rodolph no. 1515) BANC PIC 1905.17155:040--PIC


Nevada Falls, Yosemite Valley [California] (Rodolph no. 1505) BANC PIC 1905.17155:041--PIC


Glacier Rock and Half Dome [Yosemite] (Roldolph no. 1520) BANC PIC 1905.17155:042--PIC


Hazel Green Stopping Place on the Coulterville Road to Yosemit e Valley [California] (Roldolph no. 1501) BANC PIC 1905.17155:043--PIC


North Dome, Yosemite [California] (Rodolph no. 1516) BANC PIC 1905.17155:044--PIC


McCauley's Hotel and Half Dome [The Mountain House Hotel, Glacier Point, Yosemite.] (Rodolph no. 1517) BANC PIC 1905.17155:045--PIC


The Lower Yosemite Fall (Rodolph no. 1507) BANC PIC 1905.17155:046--PIC


Bridal Veil Fall, July, 1889 [Yosemite] BANC PIC 1905.17155:047--PIC


"In Bower's Cave" (Bower cave on the Coulterville Road to Yosemite Valley) (Rodolph no. 1508) BANC PIC 1905.17155:048--PIC


On the Merced River [Yosemite] (Rodolph no. 1506) BANC PIC 1905.17155:049--PIC


"Aggaziz Column" [Agassiz Column, Yosemite] (Rodolph no. 1512) BANC PIC 1905.17155:050--PIC


View of Bridal Veil Fall from F. B. Rodolph's campsite in Yosemite Valley BANC PIC 1905.17155:051--PIC

Volume 1905.17156--PIC

Album 11 : BANC PIC 1905.17156--PIC 1888?


Several items dated in June and July, 1888. All appear to be from the Merry Tramps of Oakland's camp at Sisson's, in Siskyou County, near Mount Shasta, so all are presumed to date from summer 1888. Photographer's numbers present range from 1200 to 1351.

Mount Shasta from Castle Rock Lake, July, 1888 BANC PIC 1905.17156:001--PIC


Mt. Shasta from Sisson's Resort, Siskiyou County [California] (Rodolph no. 1330) BANC PIC 1905.17156:002--PIC


Sisson's Lake (Rodolph no. 1304) [Sisson Lake, Siskiyou County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17156:003--PIC


At Mossbrae Falls (Rodolph no. 1297) BANC PIC 1905.17156:004--PIC


McCloud River and Falls, June 29, 1888 (Rodolph no. 1291) BANC PIC 1905.17156:005--PIC


Sacramento River at Upper Soda Springs (Rodolph no. 1296) BANC PIC 1905.17156:006--PIC


Upper Fall, McCloud River [McCloud Falls] (Rodolph no. 1287) BANC PIC 1905.17156:007--PIC


Lake View at Sisson's [Sisson Lake, Siskiyou County, Calif.] (Rodolph no. 1306) BANC PIC 1905.17156:008--PIC


Falls on the McCloud River [McCloud Falls] (Rodolph no. 1289) BANC PIC 1905.17156:009--PIC


"At the Washout" Castle Creek, June 16, 1888 [Damaged bridge, Mount Shasta region, Calif.] (Rodolph no. 1285) BANC PIC 1905.17156:010--PIC


The McCloud River (Rodolph no. 1294) BANC PIC 1905.17156:011--PIC


[McCloud River] BANC PIC 1905.17156:012--PIC


Upper Fall on the McCloud River [McCloud Falls] (Rodolph no. 1286) BANC PIC 1905.17156:013--PIC


Mountain View House, Sisson's BANC PIC 1905.17156:014--PIC


McCloud River [Siskiyou County?, Calif.] (Rodolph no.1293) BANC PIC 1905.17156:015--PIC


"Our Tramp to the Cold Springs" [Siskiyou County?, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17156:016--PIC


Cold Spring, Headwaters to Sacramento River BANC PIC 1905.17156:017--PIC


Mount Shasta BANC PIC 1905.17156:018--PIC


Mossbrae Falls, Sacramento River (Rodolph no. 1298) BANC PIC 1905.17156:019--PIC


F.B. Rodolph's companions in the mountains (Rodolph no. 1332) [Merry Tramps of Oakland? Women, with musical instruments, in a rowboat, Mount Shasta vicinity. Sisson Lake?] BANC PIC 1905.17156:020--PIC


Lake at Sisson's [Sisson Lake, Siskiyou County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17156:021--PIC


Sacramento Falls [Waterfall, Sacramento River] (Rodolph no. 1299) BANC PIC 1905.17156:022--PIC


Sacramento River Falls (Rodolph no. 1351) BANC PIC 1905.17156:023--PIC


Castle Rocks [Castle Crags, Shasta County, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17156:024--PIC


"At the Washout" Castle Creek, June 16, 1888 (Rodolph no. 1284) [Train stopped at washed out bridge; crowd of passengers and large pile of luggage waiting by tracks. Merry Tramps of Oakland on the way to their camp. Shasta County?, Calif.] BANC PIC 1905.17156:025--PIC


"Returning from Castle Lake" (Rodolph no. 1324) [Party on horsback; Mount Shasta view] BANC PIC 1905.17156:026--PIC


"At the Washout" Castle Creek, June 16, 1888 (Rodolph no. 1253) BANC PIC 1905.17156:027--PIC


Castle Lake and Mt. Shasta (Rodolph no. 1322) BANC PIC 1905.17156:028--PIC


"The Solid Chair" BANC PIC 1905.17156:029--PIC


Castle Lake (Rodolph no.1319) BANC PIC 1905.17156:030--PIC


"Behind the Solid Chair" BANC PIC 1905.17156:031--PIC


Large Group - "The Merry Tramps" mostly photographers BANC PIC 1905.17156:032--PIC


"Camping at Shasta" BANC PIC 1905.17156:033--PIC


Falls on the McCloud River (Rodolph no.1200?) BANC PIC 1905.17156:034--PIC


"The Dining Room" (note two Chinese cooks) [Merry Tramps at dinner in large dining tent in their Mount Shasta area camp] (Rodolph no. 1339) BANC PIC 1905.17156:035--PIC


"Our Camping Ground and the Campers" F. B. Rodolph - third from right rear BANC PIC 1905.17156:036--PIC


Sisson's (resort) [Mount Shasta area] (Rodolph no. 1328) BANC PIC 1905.17156:037--PIC


Boating on the Lake, July 5, 1888 [Women (Merry Tramps?) in a rowboat, Sisson Lake?] BANC PIC 1905.17156:038--PIC


"Our 4th of July Crowd" (The Merry Makers, or Tramps, of Oakland, California) BANC PIC 1905.17156:039--PIC


"The Merry Tramps at the Washout" June 16, 1888 (Rodolph no. 1250?) [Excursion party next to train, with piled luggage, at railroad bridge washout on Castle Creek] BANC PIC 1905.17156:040--PIC


"Our Camp at Mt. Shasta" (Rodolph no. 1336) [Merry Tramps camp] BANC PIC 1905.17156:041--PIC


"Biglow's on the McCloud" [i.e. Bigelow's, McCloud River, Siskiyou County, California. Mill wheel in foreground.] (Rodolph no. 1273 or 1277?) BANC PIC 1905.17156:042--PIC


The Rocks at Box Canyon near Sisson's, Siskiyou County, California (Rodolph no. 1313) BANC PIC 1905.17156:043--PIC


"Getting ready for the Trout" at Biglow's [i.e. Bigelow's, McCloud River, Siskiyou County, California] (Rodolph no. 1278?) BANC PIC 1905.17156:044--PIC


Lake View [at Sisson's?] BANC PIC 1905.17156:045--PIC


"The Indian Rancheria" [Cabin and horses in woods, presumably near Sisson's, Mount Shasta area] BANC PIC 1905.17156:046--PIC


Entrance to Box Canyon [Mount Shasta area] BANC PIC 1905.17156:047--PIC


Sunset on the Lake at Sisson's BANC PIC 1905.17156:048--PIC


Canyon (unidentified) BANC PIC 1905.17156:049--PIC


"Returning from Castle Lake" (see no.26) BANC PIC 1905.17156:050--PIC

Volume 1905.17157--PIC

Album 12 : BANC PIC 1905.17157--PIC 1887?


21 items are dated 1887, in either June or October. The remainder appear to also date from the June 1887 Merry Tramps camp at Boulder Creek in Santa Cruz County, Calif., or from an October 1887 excursion to Southern California, the Colorado River and Mojave Desert, and northern Mexico.

"At Yuma" October, 1887 - The Railroad Bridge at Yuma, Arizona BANC PIC 1905.17157:001--PIC


Birds Eye View of Yuma from the Prison BANC PIC 1905.17157:002--PIC


"Ruins of David Neahr's Store, Yuma" BANC PIC 1905.17157:003--PIC


Fort Yuma, California side BANC PIC 1905.17157:004--PIC


Railroad Hotel and Ice House, Yuma, Arizona BANC PIC 1905.17157:005--PIC


Yuma M. and M. Company, California (Rodolph no. 1093) BANC PIC 1905.17157:006--PIC


"The Open Drawbridge" Yuma, Arizona BANC PIC 1905.17157:007--PIC


"The Open Drawbridge and Reservoir", Yuma, Arizona BANC PIC 1905.17157:008--PIC


"The Broken Plate" BANC PIC 1905.17157:009--PIC


"On Deck" BANC PIC 1905.17157:010--PIC


Bihlers Ranch, Colorado River, Sonora (Rodolph no. 1124?) [Merry Tramps?, at modest structure near river bank, with riverboat at bank] BANC PIC 1905.17157:011--PIC


"In the Fields on Banks of the Colorado" [Outing group observing farm work?] (Rodolph no. 1126) BANC PIC 1905.17157:012--PIC


Group at the Colony, Steam Thresher [Group of Native American and white men, Sonora or Arizona? Probably Colonia Lerdo, Sonora] (Rodolph no. 1106) BANC PIC 1905.17157:013--PIC


"The Crew of the Gila at Lerdo" [Colorado River at San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, Mexico?] BANC PIC 1905.17157:014--PIC


"The Boss of the Road" BANC PIC 1905.17157:015--PIC


Cocopa Indians, Oct 9, 1887 [i.e. Cocopah Indians. Native American group, including children] (Rodolph no. 1117?) BANC PIC 1905.17157:016--PIC


"At the Barbeque, The Musicians" (Rodolph no. 1125?) [Group including Native Americans, perhaps Cocopah Indians. Probably at Colonia Lerdo, Sonora] BANC PIC 1905.17157:017--PIC


"Scene at the Barbeque"


[No Title for Display] BANC PIC 1905.17157:018--PIC


"Scene at the Barbeque" (Rodolph no. 1123) [Wagons and horses under pepper(?) trees. Probably at Colonia Lerdo, Sonora] BANC PIC 1905.17157:019--PIC


"Edward and his pet" BANC PIC 1905.17157:020--PIC


"After the Races" Starvation Point (Rodolph no. 1110?) [With five Native Americans. Quechan or Cocopah? Colorado River, near Yuma, Arizona?] BANC PIC 1905.17157:021--PIC


"On the Colorado River, Yuma in the distance" BANC PIC 1905.17157:022--PIC


At Starvation Point, Colorado River BANC PIC 1905.17157:023--PIC


The Dieguinos [Digueño Indians], dividing the flour (given to them by the travelers) (Rodolph no. 1097) BANC PIC 1905.17157:024--PIC


Main Street, Los Angeles BANC PIC 1905.17157:024A--PIC


"At Cade" [Large new Arcadia Hotel viewed from the beach at Santa Monica, opened March 1887.] (Rodolph no. 1197) BANC PIC 1905.17157:025--PIC


The Beach at Santa Monica, California (Rodolph no. 1196?) BANC PIC 1905.17157:026--PIC


The railroad station at San Bernadino, October 14, 1887 (Rodolph no. 1121?) BANC PIC 1905.17157:027--PIC


Court House, San Bernadino [California] (Rodolph no. 1111) BANC PIC 1905.17157:028--PIC


Magnolia Avenue, Riverside BANC PIC 1905.17157:029--PIC


Raymond Hotel, Pasadena BANC PIC 1905.17157:030--PIC


Cocopas on the banks of the Colorado [i.e. Cocopah Indians] (Rodolph no. 1116) BANC PIC 1905.17157:031--PIC


"Off for the Colonia Lerdo, October 2, 1887 [going to San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, Mexico] BANC PIC 1905.17157:032--PIC


Colonia Lerdo, Sonora, October 3, 1887 [San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, Mexico] BANC PIC 1905.17157:033--PIC


General Andrade and Family at Lerdo [San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, Mexico] BANC PIC 1905.17157:034--PIC


"Our Party on the banks of Salt Creek" [Colorado River? Perhaps near Colonia Lerdo, San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, Mexico] BANC PIC 1905.17157:035--PIC


"At the Landing, Colonia Lerdo" [San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, Mexico] BANC PIC 1905.17157:036--PIC


"The Old Shipyard, Port Isabel" [Gulf of California, Sonora, Mexico] (Rodolph no. 1112?) BANC PIC 1905.17157:037--PIC


"The Old drydock at Port Isabel [Sonora, Mexico], Gulf of California" (Rodolph no. 1114) [Riverboat in background] BANC PIC 1905.17157:038--PIC


"First Landing, Port Isabel [Sonora, Mexico]" (Rodolph no. 1113) [Sternwheel riverboat] BANC PIC 1905.17157:039--PIC


"The Bosses of the Road" BANC PIC 1905.17157:040--PIC


The Colorado River 60 miles below Yuma BANC PIC 1905.17157:041--PIC


Colorado River 40 miles below Yuma BANC PIC 1905.17157:042--PIC


The Hayfields, Colorado River BANC PIC 1905.17157:043--PIC


River Banks and Wild Hemp near Hardy, Colorado BANC PIC 1905.17157:044--PIC


Colorado River 50 miles below Yuma BANC PIC 1905.17157:045--PIC


"Getting ready for the Picnic, Salt Creek" BANC PIC 1905.17157:046--PIC


"A Glimpse of the Cocopas Mountains" [i.e. Sierra de Los Cucapah] BANC PIC 1905.17157:047--PIC


Colorado River - Last Landing, California side BANC PIC 1905.17157:048--PIC


"In the Pullman, Contrasts" (Rodolph no. 1131) [Railroad car interior, with Merry Tramps outing group on their Southern California and Colorado River trip] BANC PIC 1905.17157:049--PIC


"At Yuma - Gila (vessel) ready to leave" BANC PIC 1905.17157:050--PIC


"The First Landing, Diagina Indians" [i.e. Diegueño Indians. At Colorado River?, near Colonia Lerdo?] BANC PIC 1905.17157:051--PIC


"Wooding up near the Colony" (Rodolph no. 1115) [Diegueño or Cocopah Indians near wood piles, probably at landing of a Colorado River steamboat near Colonia Lerdo?] BANC PIC 1905.17157:052--PIC


Diagina Indians, Colorado River, Lower California [i.e. Diegueño Indians, near woodpile at landing, perhaps near Colonia Lerdo] (Rodolph no. 1095) BANC PIC 1905.17157:053--PIC


Cocopa Indians, Colorado River [i.e. Cocopah Indians, near wood piles, probably at landing of a Colorado River steamboat near Colonia Lerdo?] BANC PIC 1905.17157:054--PIC


Hedge in the Gorge, Boulder Creek (California) June 28, 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17157:055--PIC


"Rambling among the Ferns" Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz, California, July 1, 1887 [Young men and women, presumably part of a Merry Tramps of Oakland group, by a stream in the woods] BANC PIC 1905.17157:056--PIC


"Grandma's Tent" June 26, 1887, Boulder Creek BANC PIC 1905.17157:057--PIC


Jameson Creek [i.e. Jamison Creek] near Camp Boulder, Santa Cruz, California, July 1, 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17157:058--PIC


"Down in the Gorge" June, 1887, Boulder Creek BANC PIC 1905.17157:059--PIC


"Conklin's Tent" (Joe Thomison, boy wearing a hat. Mr. and Mrs. Conklin, seated) BANC PIC 1905.17157:060--PIC


"Returning from the Gorge" July, 1887 - Julia, Mollie, and Will BANC PIC 1905.17157:061--PIC


Road Scene near Camp Boulder - Fan and Ella [Santa Cruz County] (Rodolph no. 1312?) BANC PIC 1905.17157:062--PIC


"Gathering around the Campfire" July 4, 1887, Boulder Creek BANC PIC 1905.17157:063--PIC


The Merry Tramps at Camp Boulder Creek, July 4, 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17157:064--PIC


The Lane Among the Trees, Boulder Creek, July 4, 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17157:065--PIC


"Aunt Joes Tent" BANC PIC 1905.17157:066--PIC


"Going to the Mill" BANC PIC 1905.17157:067--PIC


"At the Mill" BANC PIC 1905.17157:068--PIC


"Down the Road, Going for Milk" Boulder Creek, July 2, 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17157:069--PIC


"Tar Flat" Campers, unidentified BANC PIC 1905.17157:070--PIC


"In the Dark Shadows" BANC PIC 1905.17157:071--PIC


"On the Road to Ben Lomand" Boulder Creek, July 4, 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17157:072--PIC


"Val Rey on the fence, one of our Tramps" July, 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17157:073--PIC


"Down the Gorge" Boulder Creek, July, 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17157:074--PIC


"Among the Trees" Boulder Creek, July 3, 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17157:075--PIC


"Mason's Tent at Boulder Creek" BANC PIC 1905.17157:076--PIC


"Down the Ravine near Camp Boulder" July 2, 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17157:077--PIC


"Among the Boulders" July 24, 1887 BANC PIC 1905.17157:078--PIC

Volume 1905.17158--PIC

Album 13 : BANC PIC 1905.17158--PIC approximately 1882-1892

Scope and Content

Miscellaneous views in Oakland, the California Redwoods, Mount Hamilton, and perhaps elsewhere in California, largely unidentified and entirely undated.

Interior of a drug store [Location not given: Oakland? Or elswhere in Northern California] BANC PIC 1905.17158:001--PIC


Merry Tramps at an outing (persons not identified) BANC PIC 1905.17158:002--PIC


The Merry Makers (or Merry Tramps), two Chinese cooks at a camp in the redwoods BANC PIC 1905.17158:003--PIC


Scene in the redwoods (date and location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17158:004--PIC


The Merry Tramps in the redwoods (date and location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17158:005--PIC


The Merry Tramps in the redwoods (date and location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17158:006--PIC


The Merry Tramps in the redwoods (date and location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17158:007--PIC


The Merry Tramps in the redwoods (date and location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17158:008--PIC


The Merry Tramps in the redwoods (date and location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17158:009--PIC


The Merry Tramps in the redwoods (date and location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17158:010--PIC


One of the Merry Tramps in the redwoods BANC PIC 1905.17158:011--PIC


Scene in the redwoods BANC PIC 1905.17158:012--PIC


A few Merry Tramps in a small canyon. Frank B. Rodolph, lower right BANC PIC 1905.17158:013--PIC


Interior of a room (no information given) BANC PIC 1905.17158:014--PIC


Interior of a room (no information given) BANC PIC 1905.17158:015--PIC


Pratt's Garden in Oakland, California [Large century plant in bloom, in garden of large Victorian home, probably of Mrs. Charles P. Pratt, listed at Fruit Vale Ave. neary Lynde, Oakland, in 1887] BANC PIC 1905.17158:016--PIC


Interior of Pratt's home [Probably Mrs. Charles P. Pratt, listed at Fruit Vale Ave. neary Lynde, Oakland, in 1887] BANC PIC 1905.17158:017--PIC


Two groups of Merry Makers [Merry Tramps of Oakland?] BANC PIC 1905.17158:018--PIC


Two groups of Merry Makers [Merry Tramps of Oakland?] BANC PIC 1905.17158:019--PIC


Pratt home [Probably Mrs. Charles P. Pratt, listed at Fruit Vale Ave. neary Lynde, Oakland, in 1887] BANC PIC 1905.17158:020--PIC


Photo of family or friends BANC PIC 1905.17158:021--PIC


[One of] Two views of Pratt garden [Probably Mrs. Charles P. Pratt, listed at Fruit Vale Ave. neary Lynde, Oakland, in 1887] BANC PIC 1905.17158:022--PIC


[One of] Two views of Pratt garden [Probably Mrs. Charles P. Pratt, listed at Fruit Vale Ave. neary Lynde, Oakland, in 1887] BANC PIC 1905.17158:023--PIC


Garden scene [Probably of Mrs. Charles P. Pratt, listed at Fruit Vale Ave. neary Lynde, Oakland, in 1887] BANC PIC 1905.17158:024--PIC


Scene of a stream BANC PIC 1905.17158:025--PIC


Interior of observatory on Mt. Hamilton BANC PIC 1905.17158:026--PIC


Mt. Hamilton BANC PIC 1905.17158:027--PIC


[Unidentified scene] BANC PIC 1905.17158:028--PIC


[Unidentified scene] BANC PIC 1905.17158:029--PIC


Interior of a hot house BANC PIC 1905.17158:030--PIC


Graves at Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, California BANC PIC 1905.17158:031--PIC

Volume 1905.17159--PIC

Album 14 : BANC PIC 1905.17159--PIC approximately 1885-1892

Scope and Content

Includes numerous I.W. Taber photographs of Alaska, dating to his 1889 visit there, as well as views in Mexico that may date to the Merry Tramps of Oakland excursion to the Colorado River and northern Mexico in October, 1887, or may be from a different trip altogether. Other assorted scenes are also present, including a series by Taber recording the cutting of the World's Fair Big Tree in 1892.

Juneau, Alaska - Taber, photographer (no date given) (6111) BANC PIC 1905.17159:001--PIC


Scene on Glacier Bay, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6114) BANC PIC 1905.17159:002--PIC


Mountains - Taber, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17159:003--PIC


Suspension Bridge, Indian River, neart Sitka, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6072) BANC PIC 1905.17159:004--PIC


Sitka - Taber, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17159:005--PIC


Street scene in Sitka - Taber, photographer (6059) BANC PIC 1905.17159:006--PIC


Presbyterian Log Church, Juneau Alaska - Taber, photographer (6113) BANC PIC 1905.17159:007--PIC


Juneau, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6053) BANC PIC 1905.17159:008--PIC


Birdseye view of Sitka, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6062) BANC PIC 1905.17159:009--PIC


Dogashima - (possibly Taber, photographer) BANC PIC 1905.17159:010--PIC


Sitka from water front, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6066) BANC PIC 1905.17159:011--PIC


Street Scene in Sitka, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6057) BANC PIC 1905.17159:012--PIC


Juneau Harbor, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6063) BANC PIC 1905.17159:013--PIC


Juneau Harbor, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6060) BANC PIC 1905.17159:014--PIC


Amateur Photographers on deck of S.S. Queen, Alaska Route - Taber, photographer (Rodolph no. 6087) [Possibly Oakland Camera Club members. Numerous cameras, some on tripods, shown.] BANC PIC 1905.17159:015--PIC


Natural Bridge in Alaska (photographer's name not given) BANC PIC 1905.17159:016--PIC


S.S. "Islander" in Juneau Harbor, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6074) BANC PIC 1905.17159:017--PIC


Group of Passengers on deck of S.S. Queen, Alaska Route - Taber, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17159:018--PIC


Interior of S.S. Queen (possibly Taber, photographer) BANC PIC 1905.17159:019--PIC


S.S. Islander, in Juneau Harbor, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6071) BANC PIC 1905.17159:020--PIC


"On Muir Glacier, Alaska" - Taber, photographer (6077) BANC PIC 1905.17159:021--PIC


Muir Glacier, general view, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6128) BANC PIC 1905.17159:022--PIC


Muir Glacier, general view, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6107) BANC PIC 1905.17159:023--PIC


Front view of Muir Glacier, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6073) BANC PIC 1905.17159:024--PIC


Glacier (possibly Taber, photographer) BANC PIC 1905.17159:025--PIC


Glacier (possibly Taber, photographer) BANC PIC 1905.17159:026--PIC


Mountain view from Glacier Bay, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6082) BANC PIC 1905.17159:027--PIC


Mountains in Alaska (possibly Taber, photographer) BANC PIC 1905.17159:028--PIC


General view of Muir Glacier from top, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6039) BANC PIC 1905.17159:029--PIC


On Muir Glacier, Alaska - Taber (6044) BANC PIC 1905.17159:030--PIC


Muir Glacier, profile view, Alaska - Taber (6058) BANC PIC 1905.17159:031--PIC


Large vessel in Alaska (possibly Taber, phographer) BANC PIC 1905.17159:032--PIC


The Queen (vessel) at Muir Glacier, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6065) BANC PIC 1905.17159:033--PIC


The steamer "Ancon" in Glacier Bay, Alaska - Taber, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17159:034--PIC


Glacier in Alaska - Taber, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17159:035--PIC


Vessel - Taber, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17159:036--PIC


Glacier - Taber, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17159:037--PIC


Scene in Alaska - Taber, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17159:038--PIC


S.S. Queen at Muir, taken from top of Glacier, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6095) BANC PIC 1905.17159:039--PIC


Scene on top of Muir Glacier, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6100) BANC PIC 1905.17159:040--PIC


Mountain view from Glacier Bay, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6076) BANC PIC 1905.17159:041--PIC


Mountain view from Glacier Bay, Alaska - Taber, photographer (6041) BANC PIC 1905.17159:042--PIC


An Indian family "dressed for picture" chilcat, Alaska - Taber, photographer (4735) (note two leather-covered camphorwood trunks (Spanish) in back of seated boy) BANC PIC 1905.17159:043--PIC


Two Indian or Eskimo women (possibly Taber, photographer) BANC PIC 1905.17159:045--PIC


Person with snowshoes (possibly Taber, photographer) BANC PIC 1905.17159:046--PIC


Hur in the snow with American flag (possibly Taber, photographer) BANC PIC 1905.17159:047--PIC


Eskimos or Indians (possibly Taber, photographer) BANC PIC 1905.17159:048--PIC


Scene flat lands and distant mountains BANC PIC 1905.17159:049--PIC


Dwellings in the snow BANC PIC 1905.17159:050--PIC


Several people and a snow sled (location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17159:051--PIC


Eskimo or Indian seated on a sled (location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17159:052--PIC


Two male Eskimos or Indians (probably Canada) BANC PIC 1905.17159:053--PIC


Taber's companions frolicking in the snow BANC PIC 1905.17159:054--PIC


Dwellings and other structures in deep snow BANC PIC 1905.17159:055--PIC


Sled being pulled by eight huskies BANC PIC 1905.17159:056--PIC


Four sections of the World's Fair Big Tree, boxed up, on the road from Mammoth Forest, Porterville, California - Taber, photographer (5303) [General Noble Tree, giant sequoia] BANC PIC 1905.17159:057--PIC


Mountain Wagon as it was capsized while hauling the World's Fair Big Tree from Mammoth Forest, California - Taber, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17159:058--PIC


Eye witnesses to the preparation and departure of the World's Fair Big Tree being photographed upon the stump at Mammoth Forest, California- Taber, photographer (5305) BANC PIC 1905.17159:059--PIC


Sections of the World's Fair Big Tree being crated for transportation from Mammoth Forest, California - Taber, photographer (5302) BANC PIC 1905.17159:060--PIC


World's Fair Big Tree, one solid, half cut. This is the largest piece of timber ever taken from California, measuring 20 feet in diameter and weighing 19,728 pounds - Taber, photographer (5306?) BANC PIC 1905.17159:061--PIC


"The above is a one-foot section, cut in two, of the World's Fair Big Tree, Mammoth Forest, California - Taber, photographer (5301) BANC PIC 1905.17159:062--PIC


"World's Fair Big Tree, Mammoth Forest, California. Measures 99 feet in circumference and 312 feet in height. Supposed to be nearly 3,000 years old" - Taber, photograhper (5309) BANC PIC 1905.17159:063--PIC


An ornate dwelling (location and date not given. Probably Mexico) BANC PIC 1905.17159:064--PIC


A scene in Mexico (date and location not given. Possibly Vera Cruz) [photo lacking] BANC PIC 1905.17159:065--PIC


Street Scene [Mexico?] - A. Briquet, photographer (date and location not given) [photo lacking] BANC PIC 1905.17159:066--PIC


Structure being built or restored (no date given) BANC PIC 1905.17159:067--PIC


Street scene (date and location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17159:068--PIC


Desert scene (date and location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17159:069--PIC


Cactus gardens (date and location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17159:070--PIC


Structure edging a street (no date given. Probably Mexico) BANC PIC 1905.17159:071--PIC


Church BANC PIC 1905.17159:072--PIC


Street Scene (probably Mexico) BANC PIC 1905.17159:073--PIC


Front view of an extremely orante church [Mexico?] BANC PIC 1905.17159:074--PIC


Church (no date given) BANC PIC 1905.17159:075--PIC


An elaborate church, partially hidden by a plaza (probably Mexico) BANC PIC 1905.17159:076--PIC


Men with burrows [i.e. burros, probably Mexico] BANC PIC 1905.17159:077--PIC


An ancient aquaduct [Mexico?] BANC PIC 1905.17159:078--PIC


A bridge BANC PIC 1905.17159:079--PIC


Scene at Yuma, six men - (two white, and four Indian) near an Indian dwelling BANC PIC 1905.17159:080--PIC


Magnificent fall (location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17159:081--PIC


Several people at the banks of a river (probably in Colorado) BANC PIC 1905.17159:082--PIC


Falls and a watercourse (no date or location given) BANC PIC 1905.17159:083--PIC


Scene of Yellowstone - F. Jay Haynes, photographer BANC PIC 1905.17159:084--PIC


Large building (location not given) BANC PIC 1905.17159:085--PIC


Adobe dwelling, and a man near a cart BANC PIC 1905.17159:086--PIC


San Francisco building next to Taber Photographic Parlors [Commercial building with sign for Robert L. Toplitz millinery, probably at Market and Sutter Streets. Taber at this time was at Montgomery near Market, a block away. Studio not visible] BANC PIC 1905.17159:087--PIC

Volume 1905.17160--PIC

Album 15 : BANC PIC 1905.17160--PIC approximately 1885-1895


Undated views of Spanish Missions of California, presumably taken at various dates in the 1880s or 1890s.

Mission San Diego de Alcala, founded 7-19-1769 BANC PIC 1905.17160:001--PIC


Group of Indians and Teachers, Mission San Diego BANC PIC 1905.17160:002--PIC


Mission Valley. The Old Meridio, San Diego BANC PIC 1905.17160:003--PIC


Mission San Fernando ruins BANC PIC 1905.17160:004--PIC


Chapel, Monterey, founded 6-3-1770 BANC PIC 1905.17160:005--PIC


Mission San Gabriel Arc Angel, founded 9-8-1771 BANC PIC 1905.17160:006--PIC


Mission San Gabriel Arc Angel, founded 9-8-1771 BANC PIC 1905.17160:007--PIC


Mission San Gabriel Arc Angel, bells BANC PIC 1905.17160:008--PIC


Mission San Luis Obispo, founded 9-1-1772 BANC PIC 1905.17160:009--PIC


[Mission San Luis Obispo, founded 9-1-1772] BANC PIC 1905.17160:010--PIC


Mission San Francisco de Assisi, founded 11-9-1776 (Rodolph no. 1161) BANC PIC 1905.17160:011--PIC [1887?]


1887 is presumed date based on Rodolph number of 1161.

Mission San Juan Capistrano, mill BANC PIC 1905.17160:012--PIC


Mission San Juan Capistrano, founded 11-1-1776 BANC PIC 1905.17160:013--PIC


[Mission Santa Barbara, founded 12-4-1786] BANC PIC 1905.17160:014--PIC


Mission Santa Barbara, founded 12-4-1786 BANC PIC 1905.17160:015--PIC


Church in Mexico BANC PIC 1905.17160:016--PIC


Mission San Buena Ventura, founded 3-21-1782 BANC PIC 1905.17160:017--PIC


Mission San Juan Bautista BANC PIC 1905.17160:018--PIC


Mission La Purisima Concepcion, founded 12-8-1787 BANC PIC 1905.17160:019--PIC


Mission San Miguel, founded 7-25-1797 BANC PIC 1905.17160:020--PIC


Mission San Miguel, founded 7-25-1797 BANC PIC 1905.17160:021--PIC


Mission San Fernando Rey, founded 9-8-1797 BANC PIC 1905.17160:022--PIC


[Ruins of large adobe building with two archways, presumably part of a Spanish mission building, Los Angeles vicinity] BANC PIC 1905.17160:023--PIC


[Ruins of small octagonal adobe buildings, presumably related to Spanish mission buildings, Los Angeles vicinity BANC PIC 1905.17160:024--PIC


Mission San Fernando Rey, interior BANC PIC 1905.17160:025--PIC