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Sadakichi Hartmann Papers
MS 068  
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  • Processing History
  • Collection Scope and Contents
  • Introduction (Historical Background)
  • Acknowledgements
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  • Index of Abbreviated Terms
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  • Descriptive Summary

    Title: Sadakichi Hartmann papers
    Date (inclusive): circa early 20th century, undated
    Collection Number: MS 068
    Creator: Hartmann, Sadakichi
    Extent: 84.0 linear feet (108 document boxes, multiple containers)
    Repository: Rivera Library. Special Collections Department.
    Riverside, California 92517-5900
    Abstract: Sadakichi Hartmann (1867-1944) was a writer, poet, dramatist, and critic during the early 20th century. Hartmann was an important figure in early modernism and had a diverse social circle that included Walt Whitman, Ezra Pound, and John Barrymore. This collection includes Hartmann's published works, unpublished manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, pastels, paintings, and diaries.
    Languages: The collection is in English.


    This collection is open for research.

    Publication Rights

    Copyright has not been assigned to the University of California, Riverside Libraries, Special Collections & University Archives. All requests for permission to publish or quote from manuscripts must be submitted in writing to the Director of Distinctive Collections. Permission for publication is given on behalf of the Regents of the University of California as the owner of the physical items and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder, which must also be obtained by the researcher.

    Preferred Citation

    [identification of item], [date if possible]. Sadakichi Hartmann papers (MS 068). Special Collections & University Archives, University of California, Riverside.

    Processing History

    Compiled by John Batchelor, edited by Clifford Wurfel, with an introduction by Harry Lawton. Completed in 1980.

    Collection Scope and Contents

    Sadakichi Hartmann (1867-1944) was a writer, poet, dramatist, and critic during the early 20th century. Hartmann was an important figure in early modernism and had a diverse social circle that included Walt Whitman, Ezra Pound, and John Barrymore. This collection includes Hartmann's published works, unpublished manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, pastels, paintings, and diaries.
    A portion of this collection remains unprocessed. Please contact Special Collections & Archives for additional information regarding this material.

    Introduction (Historical Background)

    "The clapboard shanty known as "Catclaw Siding" is gone now, torn down many years ago, but in the summer of 1954 it stood on the desert flats of Morongo Indian Reservation, paint mostly worn away, wind rushing through its broken windowpanes. I was then a newspaper reporter, pursuing a story, and I badly wanted into the shack to see what secrets it contained. Ten years before it had been the last home of Sadakichi Hartmann (1867-1944), an almost forgotten American literary figure from the Mauve Decade. I studied the shack, carefully jotting down descriptive notes for my story. Then I walked away from it and knocked on the door of a nearby adobe house. The door was opened by a hauntingly beautiful woman with coal-black hair framing an olive-hued face.
    She listened suspiciously as I explained that I was a reporter and wanted to do a story on her late father, Sadakichi Hartmann. Then she slammed the door in my face.
    That was my introduction to Wistaria Hartmann Linton, who was to become a close friend and future collaborator with Professor George Knox and me in research on her father.
    Some weeks before Gene Fowler had published Minutes of the Last Meeting, a popular memoir detailing the escapades of John Barrymore, W. C. Fields, and other Hollywood celebrities during their last years. The most memorable character in his book was Sadakichi Hartmann, whom he called "the magnificent charlatan." Fowler portrayed Hartmann as an ancient relic of the earliest Bohemian days of Greenwich Village--now down on his luck, cadging drinks off Barrymore and various cronies for whom he performed as a witty and sarcastic court jester. There was much that was accurate in Fowler's portrayal of the half-Japanese, half-German writer, poet, dramatist, and critic. There was also much that was hearsay with no basis in fact. Fowler had a gift for telling a good story that would amuse readers, and he enjoyed making a good story better whenever possible. He embroidered upon many of the legends that had clung to Sadakichi Hartmann, dismissed the old man's real achievements as drunken boasts, and conducted only superficial research into his subject's past.
    The book was an instant best-seller and cause-célèbre that summer in the San Gorgonio Pass. Many long-time residents of the two Pass communities of Banning and Beaumont had known Hartmann--if only as an eccentric and mysterious figure with aristocratic manners who prowled their streets in a heavy overcoat, rumpled white hair poking from under a felt hat. In 1923, Hartmann had moved his family to Beaumont, and from that base he had made periodic forays to Hollywood, working on films, writing movie criticism, and joining the John Barrymore crowd as a drinking companion. In 1938, then in his 70's, Sadakichi had built his old-age shack, "Catclaw Siding" as he called it, on land owned by a Cahuilla cattlerancher, Walter Linton, who was then married to his daughter, Wistaria. Now ten years after his death everyone in the San Gorgonio Pass was reading about him in Fowler's book.
    I had never heard of Sadakichi Hartmann when the book came out. I found the book entertaining, accepted all of Fowler's tales at face value, and liked Sadakichi's mocking tongue and indomitable spirit. I was surprised to find those reader's of the book who had known Sadakichi best angry at Fowler's portrait.
    I believe the first criticism I heard about the book came from Mrs. George Lardner, Beaumont Librarian, who enjoyed discussing literature and often had invited Hartmann to her home for lunch. "I have yet to meet anyone who knew Sadakichi well who isn't disgusted by Fowler's book," she told me. Dr. Guy Bogart of Beaumont was also indignant. "He was a poseur, yes," admitted Bogart, "but a charlatan, no! If you read Fowler's book you'll see only a drunken moocher--the seedy old man Fowler met in his declining years. Yet Sadakichi was a rare personality, who never surrendered his ideals or artistic integrity for a moment."
    I was puzzled by the fact that most of those local people who had known Sadakichi agreed Fowler had captured much of the man's personality--yet they still considered the book an injustice. No one denied that Hartmann drank a lot, no one denied that he lived off a string of patrons, no one denied that much of his behavior was outrageous. Yet most of those who had any personal relationship with Sadakichi professed admiration and respect for him. For that matter, it was clear that Fowler had also admired Hartmann, perhaps even envied his strange charisma. As newspaper bureau chief for the Riverside Press-Enterprise Co. in the San Gorgonio Pass, I immediately saw the potential for an interesting feature story.
    I had particularly wanted to interview Mrs. Linton about her reactions to the book. But the door had slammed shut on me.
    Several days later, Ruth Little, a local newspaper writer and friend of Wistaria, persuaded her to talk with me. During an afternoon, I learned some of the reasons for Wistaria's reluctance to grant an interview. During the years of WWII, Hartmann's family had almost been interned because of his German-Japanese heritage. Many townspeople had ostracized the Hartmann family and circulated rumors that Sadakichi was a spy. Both the FBI and County Sheriff's Department had hounded the family with endless questions, and sheriff's deputies in patrol cars often followed family members when they left home. Some of Hartmann's children had been embarassed by his unconventionality and flamboyant Bohemianism. They were the children of his second marriage to Lillian Bonham, and none of them had known their father at the peak of his career in New York at the turn of the century, when he had made and spent money freely. Instead, they had grown up in the midst of the Depression in the middle-class atmosphere of San Gorgonio Pass--with a father who boasted of past triumphs and didn't care what the neighbors thought of him. Fowler's book with its suggestion that Hartmann was a charlatan evoked mostly bad memories. Even so, Mrs. Linton admitted that she had laughed at parts of the book: "Some of it seemed so much like Dad!"
    "Catclaw Siding" had been closed since Sadakichi's death in 1944. Now Mrs. Linton agreed to let me look inside the shack. She turned a key in the padlock and we entered. A rain-stained "History of Modern Painting" at which mice had nibbled lay on the splintered floor. Rotted floorboards exposed bare sand beneath. In a corner of the shack was a battered grey trunk--Sadakichi's manuscript trunk. I lifted the lid, sifted through the papers, and was stunned by its contents.
    Inside were piles of unpublished manuscripts, published articles, short stories, and poetry, and immense bundles of correspondence. I picked up one of the letters and read the name Ezra Pound. There were letters from George Santayana, Benjamin de Casseres, Douglas Fairbanks. The trunk was a bookman's dream. And there was more. Not only the contents of the trunk. Other materials had been stored in cupboards in Mrs. Linton's house. Among these was a scrapbook dating back to the 1890's marked "Revelations." And there was Hartmann's unpublished autobiography, never completed, but nonetheless several hundred pages offering rich insights into Sadakichi Hartmann's youth and early career for future researchers. And photographs: photographs by Gertrude Kasebier, J. C. Strauss, Rudolf Eickemeyer, Frank Eugene--names of long dead photographers whose significance meant nothing to me as yet.
    Most of this material would have been widely dispersed and perhaps lost to research if it had not been for Wistaria Linton. Throughout his life, whenever Sadakichi needed money desperately, he sold his manuscripts or correspondence to rare book dealers and collectors. Various auction catalogues from the early 1900's record scarce Hartmann materials that have simply vanished into private hands and have never been found. Fortunately, Wistaria recognized the importance of the Hartmann materials. As a young woman, her father had taken her education in hand, directing her reading, encouraging her interest in art, and taking her along as a companion on trips to museums or to visit literary or artistic friends. She curbed his recklessness whenever possible by talking him out of manuscripts or other items that seemed significant--or when that failed hiding them from Sadakichi. She began this habit as a teenager and continued it into Sadakichi's old age.
    The summer of 1954 Wistaria and I became conspirators together. I saw the possibility of an unusual literary expose. A series of newspaper articles recording the angry reactions of Sadakichi's friends to Fowler's book and a glimpse at some of his real accomplishments. Wistaria was delighted by my defense of her father. There was far too much Hartmann material for me to become even remotely acquainted with it in a short period--and too much that I didn't know about American art and literature. Nevertheless, we worked well together, delighted each time we uncovered a new facet of Sadakichi's past.
    The series, five articles titled "The Last Bohemian," appeared in the Riverside Daily Enterprise from August 4 through August 16. They were entertaining journalism, not scholarship, and looking them over today I find almost as many errors as we pinpointed in Fowler's Minutes of the Last Meeting. In February of 1955, they were singled out for an award as the best newspaper series of the year in California by the California Newspaper Publishers Association. I was transferred to the Riverside office of the Press-Enterprise Co.
    Wistaria. and I remained good friends. We talked occasionally about a scholarly book about her father, but by then I was well aware of the scope of such a task and my limited background in nineteenth century art and literature. Several years later Wistaria was offered a position in the Photographic Services at UCR, where she worked until her retirement in 1976. Eventually, I also joined the staff of the University. Wistaria was concerned about many of the more perishable materials in her father's papers and sometime in the mid-1960's we arranged with Librarian Edwin Coman to store these in the UCR General Library. As yet, however, she was uncertain about their final disposition.
    Meanwhile, unaware that much of the Hartmann collection was stored at UCR, Professor George Knox of the Department of English had become interested in Sadakichi Hartmann. Knox's field was nineteenth century and early twentieth century American literature, and while Hartmann was not a major literary figure, he was nevertheless a writer who had been totally ignored by scholarship while many of his lesser contemporaries had become fields of inquiry.
    It was Jake Zeitlin, the antiquarian bookman, who brought us together as he has done on many occasions with other scholars. Zeitlin had sold several Hartmann Manuscripts to the UCR Library and learned about the Hartmmann papers stored in the library. When Knox on a visit to Zeitlin & Ver Brugge mentioned Sadakichi to Jake, the bookman was able to regale him with his own personal reminiscences of the Bohemian writer, who in the 1920's had often hung out at Jake's shop. He then mentioned the collection at UCR, right in Knox's own backyard. The result has been more than ten years of friendship and collaboration in Hartmann research, during which we have edited four books in Hartmann scholarship, published the Sadakichi Hartmann Newsletter, and encouraged other Hartmann researchers or scholars in peripheral areas.
    Shortly before her retirement in 1976 from the University, Wistaria Hartmann Linton made the decision that her father's papers and other materials belonged in Special Collections & Archives at the UCR Library. While the Wistaria Hartmann Linton Collection makes up the bulk of the Sadakichi Hartmann Archives, the archives have been steadily growing over the years. Mrs. Dorothea Atma Gilliland of St. Petersburg, Florida, a daughter of Hartmann by his first marriage, made a substantial gift of Hartmann papers to the archives in 1972, although much of her material had been acquired earlier by the University of Oregon. Among the many persons who have donated Hartmann correspondence or other materials to the collection are Christel Gang, Nora Morgan, Helga Hanson, Raymond Brossard, Peter Krasnow, and C. Verne Klintworth. Recently, the UCR Library acquired a substantial collection of Hollywood materials from Gene Fowler's son, Will Fowler, including Hartmann manuscripts and taped interviews with Hartmann friends such as the painter John Decker and the actor Thomas Mitchell that were used in the writing of Minutes of the Last Meeting.
    Those of us who use the Sadakichi Hartmann archives must be indebted to the UCR Library for providing this catalogue of the collection. It is now possible to easily locate specific items in the collection or to form a partial idea of the contents of a particular item. At the same time, a definitive annotation of the collection that would have given us reference to all of the hundreds of artists, writers, photographers, and other notables that crop up in the archives would have been a virtually impossible task that would have delayed ready access to the archives for many years. With the publication of this catalogue, the UCR Library has provided a long needed and excellent tool for those carrying out research on Sadakichi Hartmann and many of his contemporaries.
    Our immeasurable indebtedness is to the daughter who as a young woman recognized the value of her father's papers and kept them from reaching the hands of private collectors. In recognition of her foresight, this catalogue is dedicated to Wistaria Hartmann Linton."
    Harry Lawton, University of California, Riverside, January 15, 1980


    "Shortly after the Riverside campus of the University of California opened as a four-year college in 1954 the name of Sadakichi Hartmann once more flashed into prominence with the publication of The Minutes of the Last Meeting by Gene Fowler. This book describes Sadakichi and his circle of Hollywood friends, W. C. Fields, John Barrymore, John Decker, and others, and was based heavily on Sadakichi's own autobiography prepared under Fowler's auspices. Soon afterward the noted Los Angeles bookdealer, Jake Zeitlin, gave some Hartmann letters and books to the UCR Library as a beginning of the collection, which he enlarged with further materials as time passed.
    In June 1958 an exhibit of Hartmann's manuscripts, books and art work was mounted in the University Library. The items forming this exhibit were lent chiefly by Wistaria Linton, Sadakichi's daughter, who was employed in the University photographic laboratory. Wistaria also lent many photographs to a second exhibit held in May 1970, entitled The Life and Times of Sadakichi Hartmann, and co-sponsored by the UCR Library and the Riverside Press-Enterprise Company. This exhibit tried to capture the "essential" Hartmann in paintings and photographs by many American artists, in mementos and artifacts of his half-century career, all listed in the illustrated catalog issued for the show. At about the same time the Sadakichi Hartmann Newsletter was launched by George Knox and Harry Lawton to facilitate communication between the various critics and historians who were taking a renewed interest in Sadakichi's publications as a critic of art and of the aesthetics of photography.
    When Wistaria retired in 1976 she offered her father's manuscripts and correspondence to the UCR Library. To her collection was added the donation of the research materials gathered by Harry Lawton and George Knox with the help of Michael Elderman, supplemented by additional materials from old friends and acquaintances of Sadakichi as well as manuscripts and scrapbooks held by several of his other children. All of this material forms the body of the present collection described in this inventory.
    The Hartmann Collection has also been consulted by a number of scholars, both American and foreign, among whom we might mention the late Dr. Saburo Ota. This Japanese scholar visited the collection twice and kindly donated to the Library a microfilm copy of Anne Throop's correspondence and copies of his articles about Hartmann published in Japanese journals.
    Other collections of Sadakichi Hartmann materials in libraries around the United States are listed in Box 33, in the folder "Manuscript and Library Papers." The holdings of some of these collections are listed at the end of the checklist proper. Further material referring to Sadakichi Hartmann will be found in the Will Fowler collection of his father's papers (Gene Fowler). The list of these papers at UCR is forthcoming. Other Gene Fowler manuscripts and papers are deposited at the University of Colorado.
    The UCR Library is also acquiring the printed works of Sadakichi Hartmann to complement the manuscript holdings.
    Harry Lawton, who wrote the Introduction to this book, and George Knox, professor of English at UCR, were the prime movers behind the University's acquisition of the Hartmann archives. Their interest in Hartmann is shown by the several books they have edited and published based on this material: White Chrysanthemums, Literary Fragments and Pronouncements (1971); Buddha, Confucius, Christ: Three Prophetic Plays (1071); The Whitman-Hartmann Controversy (1976); and most recently The Valiant Knights of Daguerre: Selected Critical Essays on Photography and Profiles of Photographic Pioneers by Sadakichi Hartmann (1978). Interesting, too, is the fact that several reprint houses have recently re-issued some of Hartmann's historical surveys of art, and that acknowledgement of Sadakichi's aesthetic criticism is made in some recent books on art and photographic history.
    Special Collections wishes to express great appreciation to the several people who helped in the compilation of this checklist: Susan Bokanovich, who first arranged and listed the periodical articles by Hartmann; John Batchelor, who listed the collection and typed the first draft of the checklist; Karen Carver, who typed the final copy for printing and designed the book and cover; Peter Briscoe, Karen Carver, and Harry Lawton, who proofread; Linda Warren, Administrative Assistant to the University Librarian, who was responsible for the final layout and printing of this checklist. Special gratitude goes to the University Librarian, Eleanor Montague, whose backing and patience has brought this project to a close."
    Clifford Wurfel, University of California, Riverside, Special Collections Librarian

    Related Material

    University of California, Riverside. Department of Special Collections & Archives. Sadakichi Hartmann-Guy Bogart correspondence (Call Number: PS3515 A787 Z48 1927).
    University of Oregon Libraries. Special Collections & University Archives. Sadakichi Hartmann manuscript collection (Collection Number: Ax 523).

    Index of Abbreviated Terms

    Abbreviation : Expansion
    handwritten letter, not signed
    draft of handwritten letter, not signed
    handwritten letter, signed
    handwritten letter, signed, photocopy
    handwritten manuscript
    handwritten manuscript, photocopy
    handwritten note, signed
    handwritten postcard, signed
    photograph, photocopy
    printed advertisement
    photocopy of printed edition
    printed postcard
    photocopy of print
    typed letter with handwritten additions, signed
    typed manuscript with handwritten additions
    typed letter, not signed
    typed letter, initialed
    typed letter, signed
    carbon copy of typed letter, signed
    typed manuscript
    carbon copy of typed manuscript; a second copy
    photocopy of carbon copy of typed manuscript
    typed manuscript, photocopy
    typed postcard
    typed postcard, initialed
    typed postcard, signed

    Index of Personal Names

    Names of correspondents, persons featured in articles, and titles of particular works by Sadakichi Hartmann with corresponding box information.
    Abhayananda, Swami: Box 13
    Adamic, Louis: Box 12 (see Transcripts)
    Alexander, John White: Box 20
    "Along Timberline": Box 5
    Aman-Jean, Edmond: Box 21
    Amy --: Box 13
    Anton, Harold: Box 40B
    Armstrong, Will: Box 20
    "Art Aphorisms": Box 5
    "Art News": Box 17
    "Aspirations of a Playwright": Box 5
    "At the Training School": Box 5
    Autobiography: Box 1-4, Box 5
    "Baker Eddy": Box 5, Box 18
    Ballard, Claude N.: Box 11, Box 25, Box 40B
    Ballator, Alice R.: Box 13
    Barrow, Thomas Frank: Box 33
    Barrymore, John: Box 39
    Beach, Howard A.: Box 21, Box 38, Box 40A
    Beardsley, A.H.: Box 13
    Beerbohm, Marvin: Box 39, Box 40A
    Beers, Jan van: Box 20
    Bell, Curtis: Box 19, Box 40A
    Bender, Albert: Box 13
    Bennett, Jeanne E.: Box 19, Box 40A
    Benton, Thomas Hart: Box 13
    Ben-Yusuf, Zaida: Box 40A
    Berg, Charles I.: Box 21
    Berlin, Ben: Box 13, Box 15 ( see also Sargents Court Correspondence), Box 38, Box 39
    Betts, Louis: Box 20
    Bjornson, B.: Box 19
    "Black Smoke": Box 5
    Bloiss, Harry A.: Box 20
    Bogardus, Abraham: Box 40A
    Bogart, George: Box 13
    Bogart, Guy: Box 30, Box 36, Box 40A
    Bohrod, Aaron: Box 13
    Boldini, Giovanni: Box 40A
    Bonaventura, (Rome, Italy): Box 20
    Bonham, Lillian: Box 15, Box 39, Box 42, Box 43
    Borg, Sidney C.: Box 13
    "Boston Lions": Box 5
    Boyd, Ben: Box 13
    Bradley, A.F.: Box 20
    Breese, James: Box 13
    Brossard, Raymond: Box 11, Box 15 (see Sargents Court Correspondence), Box 17, Box 33, Box 34, Box 37, Box 38, Box 39, Box 40A, Box 40B
    Brown, William: Box 13
    Brownell, William: Box 13
    Bruguiere, Francis: Box 11, Box 13
    Bruno, Guido: Box 35
    Bruno's Weekly: Box 35
    Buchanan, Ella: Box 13
    Buckley, L.H., (Binghampton, N.Y.): Box 20
    Buckner, Samuel O.: Box 13
    "Buddha": Box 5, Box 18
    Buehrmann, Bessie (Elizabeth): Box 19, Box 38, Box 40A
    Burnell, W.E., (Buffalo): Box 20
    Burroughs, John: Box 21, Box 38
    "Bus Line Correspondence": Box 11
    Butler, George B.: Box 20
    Cahill, Holger: Box 13, Box 20
    Calder, Mrs. (Nanette?): Box 13
    "Can Poets Help?": Box 5
    "Career of a Violinist": Box 5
    Carlson, Erik: Box 19
    Carnegie Funds: Box 11
    Carns, Arthur L.: Box 13
    Caro Delvaille: Box 20
    Catclaw Siding Shack (photos): Box 39
    Catlin, John: Box 13
    Cauldwell, Leslie G.: Box 13, Box 39
    Cecil, Arthur B.: Box 13
    Cecily --: Box 13
    Chamberlain, Edward: Box 13
    Chaplin, Charles S.: Box 1, Box 19
    Chapman, H.T.: Box 11
    Chase, William M.: Box 19, Box 20
    "Cherry Blossoms": Box 18
    "Christ": Box 5
    "Cimmerian Darkness": Box 5
    Clark, Alvah (see School of Industrial Arts): Box 20
    Clark, Frank Scott, (Detroit): Box 19, Box 20
    Clark, Rose: Box 19, Box 40A
    Clement, E.H.: Box 13
    Clews, Henry: Box 19
    Coburn, Alvin Langdon: Box 19
    "Cock in the Air": Box 5
    Coby: Box 11
    Coles, Captain: Box 39
    Colette --: Box 13
    "Come Here": Box 5
    "Confessions of an Ex-Journalist": Box 5
    Constant, Sadi: Box 40A
    "Contributions to the Technique of Draughtsmanship": Box 5
    "Conversations with Walt Whitman": Box 5
    Converse, Frederick: Box 13
    Conyers, H.B.: Box 21
    Cooper, James: Box 20
    Cooper, Marcelle: Box 13
    Coppe, Francois: Box 19
    Coppin, John S.: Box 30, Box 39
    Coquelin: Box 40A
    Corcoran Gallery of Art: Box 11
    Corke, H. Essenhigh: Box 20
    Coubillier: Box 19
    Coutant, Nellie: Box 40A
    Craig, Edward Gordon: Box 13
    Crawley, Ida Jolly: Box 13
    Cresmer, William T.: Box 13
    Crinkle, Nym (A.C. Wheeler): Box 20
    Crocker, Harry: Box 13
    Dallin, Cyrus Edwin: Box 13
    "The Dance Pavilion": Box 5
    Davidson, Jo.: Box 13
    Davies, Arthur B.: Box 13
    Davis, Charles: Box 13, Box 19
    Davis, Robert H.: Box 13, Box 38
    Day, F(rank) Holland: Box 40A
    De Casseres, Benjamin: Box 13
    Decker, John: Box 34, Box 39, Box 40A
    Decker, Phyllis: Box 12 (see Transcripts)
    De Cleyre, Voltairine: Box 21
    De La Tour: Box 20
    Delsarte System: Box 31
    Demachy, Robert: Box 19
    "The Deserted Cottage": Box 5
    Deutsch, Boris: Box 39
    De Verley, Inez: Box 13
    De Witt, Captain: Box 40A
    De Zayas, Marius: Box 19, Box 40A
    "Diamond Lizard": Box 18
    Dillon, Lou: Box 40A
    Dodsworth, Alice A.: Box 13
    "Dolor": Box 5
    Donoghue, John: Box 19
    D'Ora, (Venice): Box 20
    Dougherty, P.: Box 21
    Dramatic Sketch: Box 5
    "Drifting Flowers of the Sea": Box 18
    Duhrkoop, Rudolph: Box 19, Box 30, Box 40A
    Dumont, John E.: Box 19
    Duncan, Isadora: Box 19
    Durant, Will: Box 13
    Durer, Albrecht: Box 20
    Duse, Eleonora: Box 40A
    Dutton, J.W.: Box 12 (see Transcripts), Box 13
    Duveneck, Frank: Box 20
    Eakins, Susan M. (Mrs. Thomas Eakins): Box 13
    Eakins, Thomas: Box 20
    "Early Poems": Box 6
    Eickemeyer, Rudolf, Jr.: Box 19, Box 21, Box 34, Box 38, Box 40A
    Eisenstein: Box 21
    Ellis, Havelock: Box 15 (see Sargents Court Correspondence)
    Ellis, William Shewell: Box 19
    Erfurt, Hugo: Box 19
    Ermates, Arthur: Box 38
    "Esthetic Verities": Box 9
    Eugene, Frank: Box 30, Box 40A
    Ewing Studio, (Washington, D.C.): Box 38
    Fabijanovic, Stephanus: Box 13
    Fabris, Alfred: Box 38
    Fairbanks, Douglas: Box 12 (see Transcripts), Box 13
    Falk, Benjamin Joseph: Box 19, Box 38, Box 40A
    "Famous Lovers": Box 6
    Feldman, Fred J., (El Paso): Box 19, Box 20
    "A Few Words on Criticism": Box 6
    Field, J.H.: Box 40A
    Fiene, Ernst: Box 13
    "Fighting Japs": Box 6
    Fisher, George: Box 33
    Fisk, Bertha: Box 13
    Flaishman, Leopold: Box 11
    Fleckenstein, Louis: Box 20, Box 30, Box 40A
    "Flirtation": Box 6
    Ford, Kay: Box 11, Box 38
    Ford, Tod: Box 13
    "Four Views of San Jacinto": Box 6
    Fournier, Paul: Box 19, Box 38
    "Fourteen Points in Favor of Sadakichi Hartmann": Box 6
    Fowler, Gene: Box 11, Box 13, Box 30, Box 34, Box 36, Box 39
    Fowler, Will: Box 34
    Frederiksen, Carl: Box 19
    Freer, Charles L.: Box 13
    French, Daniel Chester: Box 13
    French, Elizabeth: Box 13
    French, Mary (Mrs. Daniel C. French): Box 13
    Freystadt, George W.: Box 13
    "From Sagebrush to Columbine": Box 6
    Frost, Leon: Box 11
    Gaiduschek, E.: Box 19
    Gainsborough, Thomas: Box 20
    Gallagher, Minerva Hartmann: Box (see Hartmann, Minerva)
    Gang, Christel L.: Box 11, Box 13, Box 30
    Garborg, Arne: Box 20
    Gardner, Isabelle Stewart (Mrs. John Lowell): Box 13
    Garo, John H.: Box 19, Box 20, Box 30, Box 40A
    Gauley, Robert: Box 13
    Gellatly, John: Box 13
    Genthe, Arnold: Box 30
    Gerschel, Charles: Box 20
    Gibbons, Austin Cedric: Box 13
    Gilbert, John: Box 13
    Gilliland, Atma Dorothea: Box (see Hartmann, Atma Dorothea)
    Gledhill, (Santa Barbara): Box 20
    Godwin, Nora and Parke: Box 12 (see Transcripts), Box 13
    Goldensky, Elias: Box 19, Box 40A
    Goldsmith, Mr.: Box 11
    Goncourts: Box 19
    Gordigiani, E.: Box 39
    Gottheil, A., (Danzing): Box 19
    Gottschalk: Box 13
    Gottheil, W.G.: Box 40A
    Goya y Lucientes, Francisco Jose de: Box 20
    Grafly, Dorothy: Box 13
    Grainer, Franz: Box 19
    "Graveland in a Flat": Box 6
    Greenwich Village: Box 35
    Greuze, Jean Baptiste: Box 20
    Groll, Albert L.: Box 13, Box 19
    Gron, Victor: Box 13
    Grosvenor Public Library (Buffalo): Box 11, Box 15 (see Van Duzee)
    "Ground Fog": Box 6
    Guilbert, Yvette: Box 40A
    "The Hand": Box 6
    "Hanka and Dodoitsu": Box 6
    Hansen, Ejnar and Helga: Box 11, Box 26, Box 31, Box 39, Box 40A, Box 40B
    Hansson: Box O1a, Box 20
    Harris, George: Box 13
    Hartmann, Arthur M.: Box 26
    Hartmann, Astor: Box 26, Box 43
    Hartmann, Atma Dorothea (Dorothea Gilliland): Box 16, Box 40B, Box 46
    Hartmann, Elizabeth Blanche Walsh: Box 15, Box 16, Box 18, Box 31, Box 36, Box 39
    Hartmann, Carl Hermann Oscar (Sadakichi Hartmann's father): Box 39
    Hartmann, Edgar: Box 16
    Hartmann, Ernst Ferdinand Caspar: Box 27
    Hartmann, Jonquil: Box 43
    Hartmann, Minerva (Mrs. W.J. Gallagher): Box 16
    Hartmann, Osada: Box (see Osada)
    Hartmann, Oscar: Box 15 (see Seaman), Box 16, Box 26, Box 39
    Hartmann, Paul: Box 16, Box 39, Box 40B
    Hartmann, Robert: Box 26
    Hartmann, Sadakichi: Box 34 (memorabilia)
    Hartmann, Tansy: Box 16, Box 26, Box 43
    Hartmann, Taru: Box (see Hartmann, Oscar)
    Hartmann, William: Box 13
    Hartmann, Wistaria: Box 16, Box 26, Box 39, Box 43
    "Hartmann-Eickemeyer" (by R. Hull): Box 35
    Hartmannea: Box 6
    Hassam, Childe: Box 31
    "The Haunted Vine": Box 6
    Hawthorne, Charles W.: Box 20
    Hearst, Phoebe A.: Box 11
    Heckman, R.G.: Box 26
    Hemmerdinger, William: Box 34
    Henderson, Daniel: Box 11
    Henner, Jean Jacques: Box 20
    Henri, Robert: Box 20, Box 21
    Herbert, Henry: Box 13
    Herkomer, Hubert: Box 20
    Heyne, Anna: Box 39
    Hier, Frederick, Jr.: Box 13
    Higgins, Edgar (Eddie) F.: Box (see Sargents Court Correspondence), Box 15
    Hill, Richard: Box 29, Box 34
    Hilsdorf, Jacob: Box 19
    Hirsch, Fred S.: Box 13
    Histed, E.W.: Box 19
    Hobart: Box 40A
    Hoffman Studio, (Philadelphia): Box 19
    "Hog Island": Box 6
    Holbein, Hans: Box 20
    Holladay, Paula: Box 11
    Hollinger, W.M.: Box 38, Box 40A
    Hope, Charles: Box 13
    Horowitz, Leopold: Box 19
    "How Poe Wrote the Raven": Box 6
    Hubbard, Elbert: Box 11, Box 13
    Hull, Roger P.: Box 35
    Hummer, Helen: Box 13
    Huneker, James Gibbons: Box 30
    Huntington, D.: Box 13
    Hutchinson, Eugene R.: Box 19
    "Ides of March": Box 6
    "In Search of My Likeness": Box 6
    "Instead of a Preface": Box 6
    "Invisible Arms": Box 6
    Jaegers, Albert (sculptor): Box 13
    Janvier, Meredith: Box 40A
    "Japan in the Sixties": Box 6
    "Japanese Rhythms": Box 6, Box 10, Box 18
    Jarmig, Carl: Box 13
    Jefferson, Joseph: Box 40A
    Johnson, --: Box 13
    Johnson, Belle: Box 20
    Johnson, Eastman: Box 19
    "Journey to Sadakichi" (by Joe Weinberg): Box 36
    Juhl, Ernst: Box 19
    Kahn, Otto (?): Box 13
    Kairiyama, T.: Box 13
    Kasebier, Gertrude: Box 40A
    Katherine --: Box 11
    Kaulbach, Frederick August von: Box 20
    Keen, E.: Box 13
    Keet, A.E.: Box 13
    Keiley, Joseph T.: Box 11
    Kennedy, Mary: Box 13
    Kernan, Frank J.: Box 40A
    "Kiel": Box 6
    Kielland, Alexander: Box 19, Box 20
    Kimmel, Stanley: Box 8, Box 40B
    Kipp, Karl: Box 40A
    Klintworth, C. Verne: Box 11, Box 30, Box 38
    Klausner, Oscar: Box 30
    Knaffle Bros., (Knoxville): Box 20
    Knox, George: Box 26, Box 28, Box 44
    Koner, Max: Box 19, Box 20
    Krakow, Louise E.: Box 13
    Krasnow, Peter: Box 11, Box 31, Box 39, Box 40A, Box 40B
    Krauth, Alfred: Box 19
    Kroll, Leon: Box 11
    Kronberg, Louis: Box 13
    Kryzanowsky, Romana: Box 13
    Kuhn, Heinrich: Box 11
    "Lady of Castle Rock": Box 6
    "Lady of the Yellow Jonquils": Box 6
    Lance, Elizabeth D.: Box 11
    Lardner, Mrs. George: Box 33
    "The Last Thirty Days of Christ": Box 6
    Latoix, Mrs. B.D.: Box 14
    Lawton, Harry: Box 26, Box 31, Box 36, Box 44
    Leachy, --: Box 19
    Le Beque, Renee: Box 19
    Ledoux, Louis: Box 14
    Leibl, Wilhelm: Box 20
    Lenbach, Fritz von: Box 19, Box 20
    Lersky, Helmar, (Milwaukee): Box 20
    Lesseps, Ferdinand de: Box 21
    Lesoir, George: Box 31
    Library Company of Philadelphia: Box 14
    Lifshey, Sadakichi Hartmann: Box 19, Box 20
    Linder, Henry: Box 14, Box 21
    Lindhe, Roy E.: Box 14
    Link, Herman: Box 19
    Linton, Wistaria Hartmann: Box (see Hartmann, Wistaria)
    Linton, Marigold: Box 39
    Linton, Walter: Box 39
    Lipton, George: Box (see Ezra Pound), Box 14
    Lloyd, J. William: Box 14
    "London Days": Box 6
    Lorey, Gustave: Box 19
    "Lost in the Northwoods": Box 6
    Loy, Mina: Box 33
    Lucas, Albert Pike: Box 19
    Lucille (Aunt): Box 39
    Mabbott, Thomas Ollive: Box 12, Box 14
    McAllister, John E.: Box 14
    Macaray, Florence: Box 14
    MacCameron, Robert S.: Box 20
    McClure, Samuel Sidney: Box 14
    McCormick, F.: Box 14
    MacDonald, Pirie: Box 12, Box 14, Box 19, Box 40A
    MacDowell, Mrs. Edward: Box 14
    MacFarlane, Ida: Box 14
    McGeorge, Robert R.: Box 20
    McGinnity, Joe: Box 40A
    McIntosh, Burr: Box 40A
    McMahan's Furniture: Box 14
    McNear, Willa: Box 14
    MacNeil, Herman Atkins: Box 14
    "Maid of Shiloh": Box 6
    Makintosh, Mary: Box 14
    Mallarmé: Box 30, Box 40A
    "Malmaison": Box 6
    Manet, Edouard: Box 20
    Mann, Thomas: Box 14
    Marceau, Theo: Box 20
    Marie --: Box 14
    Marigold Linton: Box (see Linton, Marigold)
    Markham, Edwin: Box 14
    Marks, Robert: Box 14
    Marsh, Frederick Dana: Box 14, Box 39
    Marshall, A.: Box 19
    Martin, D.B.: Box 14
    Martinot, Sadie: Box 30
    Martiny, Yvonne: Box 14
    Marvin, C.F.: Box 14
    Marx, Ben T.: Box 12 Box (see also Transcripts), Box 14, Box 33, Box 39
    Mason, Redfern: Box 12
    Matthews, Brander: Box 12, Box 14
    Maurice, Arthur B.: Box 35
    Max, Gabriel: Box 20
    Mayer, Louis: Box 14
    Melchers, Gary: Box 20
    Mencken, H.L.: Box 12, Box 14
    Mervin Sales Co.: Box 14
    Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York): Box 12, Box 14
    Metzgar, Judson: Box 26
    Meyer, Eugene: Box 12
    Midway Studios: Box 14
    Miller, Richard E.: Box 20
    Minnigore, C. Powell: Box (see Corcoran Gallery), Box 13
    Mishkin: Box 19
    "Miss Profile": Box 6
    Mitchell, J.D.: Box 20
    Mock, J. Ernest: Box 38, Box 40A
    "Modern Decameron Stories": Box 6
    "Mohammed": Box 6, Box 18
    Moholy-Nagy, L.: Box 14
    Monahan, Michael: Box 14
    Monsen, Frederick I.: Box 19, Box 40A
    Montlitury: Box 40A
    Moore, Edith K.: Box 12, Box 14
    Moore, Matt: Box 14, Box 26, Box 38, Box 40A
    Morgan, Nora: Box 12, Box 15 Box (see Sargents Court Correspondence)
    Morgan, Roy: Box 12, Box 14, Box 15 Box (see Sargents Court Correspondence)
    Morgenthau, Henry: Box 14
    Morrissette, Bruce: Box 33
    Morton, James F.: Box 14
    Moschcowitz, Paul: Box 14
    "Moses": Box 6, Box 10
    Mosley (?): Box 14
    "The Motion Picture": Box 6
    "Munich Days": Box 6
    Munter, Paul: Box 14
    "Music Charts": Box 6
    "My Lady's Lingerie": Box 6
    "My Theory of Soul Atoms": Box 6
    "Naked Ghosts": Box 7
    Needham, Charles Austin: Box 21
    Nelson, R.C., (Hastings, Neb.): Box 20
    "New York's Homeless": Box 7
    Newhall, Beaumont: Box 33
    Newman, Percy: Box 20
    Newman, William W.: Box 14
    Nicholas, A.A.: Box 38
    Niedringhaus, Charles: Box 14
    Nineteenth Century Club: Box 12
    "Nocturne": Box 7
    "Notes for Lectures": Box 7
    Nurva: Box (see Hartmann, Minerva)
    Nussbaumer, J. George: Box 20
    "Obituary": Box 7
    O'Brien, D.H.: Box 14
    O'Connor, Jeremiah: Box 12, Box 13 Box (see Corcoran Gallery)
    Odenburg, J.: Box 12
    "An Old Storck and His Wife": Box 7
    Olesen, Olaf: Box 14
    "On the Mechanism of Patriotism": Box 7
    "On the Origin of Art": Box 7
    "One-Thousand Happy Moments": Box 7
    "O'Neill Laughed": Box 7
    "Open Letters": Box 7
    Orchardson, W.Q.: Box 20
    Orpen, William: Box 19
    Osada (Sadakichi Hartmann's mother): Box 39
    "Osadda's Revenge": Box 7
    Ota, Saburo: Box 30, Box 33
    Ottendorfer, Oswald: Box 14
    "Our Last Walk": Box 7
    Ozias, Blake: Box 14
    Paddock, W.D.: Box 21
    Page, Walter H.: Box 14
    Paget-Fredericks, J.: Box 30
    Paintin, Ronald: Box (see Ron Paintin)
    Parkinson, Morris Burke: Box 19, Box 20
    Parrish, Stephen: Box 14
    Parrish, W. and G.: Box 40A
    Patterson, Tom: Box 33, Box 36
    Pearson, Norman Holmes: Box 33
    Perry, T. Lockwood: Box 14
    Peters, Isabelle: Box 14
    Petzold, Adolph: Box 40A
    Phillips, Duncan: Box 14
    Pierce, Henry Havelock: Box 19, Box 40A
    Pierce, Robert Bruce: Box 40A
    "Poems": Box 8, Box 10
    Pohle, Frederick, (Buffalo): Box 20
    Poillon, William: Box 14
    Pollard, Sara: Box 14
    Polowetzsky, Charles: Box 12
    Possart, Ernst: Box 19
    Post, William B.: Box 19
    Pound, Ezra: Box 14
    Pound, H.L. (see Ezra Pound): Box 14
    Powers, Leroy: Box 12
    Prall, Virginia M.: Box 19
    "Prayer for the Jews": Box 8
    Preface to Leaves on the Water (by Stanley Kimmel): Box 8
    Pringle, Aileen: Box 14, Box 19
    Proctor, A.T.: Box 19
    Purcell, Mrs. W.: Box 26
    Purdy, Lawson: Box 14
    Puyo, C.: Box 19
    Quick, Herb: Box 38
    Quirt, W.: Box 14
    Rachel: Box 40A
    "Rain": Box 8
    Raphael, Sandro: Box 20
    Redon, Odilon: Box 14
    Reece, Jane, (Dayton): Box 20
    Reed, Frederick: Box 14
    Reeves, Alfred: Box 14
    Reid, Roland: Box 14
    Reineke, Miss: Box 20
    Reiter, Josef (composer of "Sadakichi March"): Box 34
    Reith, Julia: Box 14
    "Religious Degenerations": Box 8
    Rembrandt van Rijn: Box 20
    Renoir, Auguste: Box 20
    Rey, Guido: Box 19, Box 40A
    Reynolds, Sir Joshua: Box 20
    Ridder, Herman: Box 14
    "The Rise and Fall of Art": Box 8
    "Rising Mist": Box 8
    "Robert Marks of Detroit": Box 8
    Robinson, Marie: Box 14
    Rocker, R.: Box 14
    Rohlfs, Charles: Box 19
    Romm: Box 12
    Ron (Ronald Paintin): Box 15 ( see also Sargents Court Correspondence)
    Rood, Roland: Box 12, Box 14
    Roos: Box 12
    Rosen, Ray: Box 40B
    Rosenthal, Herbert: Box 19, Box 40A
    Rosenthal, Moritz: Box 12
    Rosetti, Dante Gabriel: Box 20
    Rota, Herb: Box 40A
    Roycrofters: Box 30
    Rubens, Peter Paul: Box 20
    Ryder, Albert Pinkham (American painter): Box 8, Box 19 (see also "Story of Albert Pinkham Ryder")
    "Sadakichi March" (by Josef Reiter): Box 34
    Sage, Cornelia B.: Box 12 (see Transcripts), Box 14
    St. John, Adela Rogers: Box 30
    "St. Louis Art Situation": Box 8
    Salter, Leon: Box 40B
    Saltman, D.J.: Box 12
    Saltus, Edgar: Box 19, Box 30
    "Salut au Monde": Box 8
    Sandburg, Carl: Box 34
    Sanders, Henry S.: Box 14
    Santayana, George: Box 14
    Sargent, John Singer: Box 20
    Sargent, Franklin H.: Box 14
    Sargents Court Correspondence: Box 15, Box 38
    Sarony, Napoleon: Box 19
    Scharf, Otto: Box 19
    "Schemes": Box 8
    Schlageter, Alberta: Box 15
    Schliepmann, Elizabeth, (St. Louis): Box 20
    Schneidau, Emil: Box 15
    Schneider, Isidor: Box 12
    Schoenheit, Edward D.: Box 15
    "Schopenhauer in the Air": Box 18
    Schrader, Fred: Box 15
    Schroeder: Box 38
    Schuler, J.W.: Box 40A
    Schull, Sherrill: Box 21
    Schwab, Arnold T.: Box 33
    Seaman, A.C.: Box 15
    Selznick, David O.: Box 15
    "Seven Weeks in a German Prison": Box 8
    Sexauer, H.F. (see Sargents Court Correspondence): Box 15
    Sexauer, Maya: Box 12 ( see passim in Sargents Court Correspondence)
    Shannon, Sir James Jebusa: Box 20
    Sharman, Grant: Box 26
    Short Stories: Box 8
    Sigel, Tobias: Box 12, Box 15
    Simon, Lucien: Box 20
    Sinclair: Box 40A
    Sipperell, G.J., (Buffalo): Box 20
    "Slaughter of the Innocents": Box 8
    Sloan, John: Box 30
    Smith, Edison: Box 12
    Smith, May L., (Binghamton, N.Y.): Box 20
    Soissons, Comte de: Box 31
    Spreckels, Alma: Box 15
    Springer, H.J.: Box 19
    Stedman, E.C.: Box 12
    Steffens, M.J.: Box 21
    Steichen, Edward J.: Box 19, Box 38, Box 40A
    Stein, S.L.: Box 20
    Stieglitz, Alfred: Box 12, Box 15, Box 30, Box 40A
    Stimson, John Ward: Box 15
    "Story of Albert P. Ryder": Box 8
    "The Story of An American Painter": Box 8
    "Story of the Buddha": Box 8
    "The Story of the Engineer": Box 8
    Strauss, Alex: Box 15
    Strauss, J.C., (St. Louis): Box 19, Box 20, Box 21, Box 38, Box 40A
    Strindberg, August: Box 20
    Stromberg, Gustaf: Box 15
    Sturgis, George: Box 15
    "The Stylus": Box 17
    Sussman, Jeffrey: Box 35
    Sutro, Florence C.: Box 15
    Swift, Ivan: Box 15
    T.M. ("Tramp Madonna"): Box see Lillian Bonham
    "Tanka": Box 8
    "Tanka and Haikai": Box 10, Box 18
    Tarkington, Booth: Box 15
    Taubes, Frederic: Box 15
    Tennant, T.D.: Box 15
    "Three Years in Philadelphia": Box 8
    Throop, Anne: Box 16, Box 31, Box 39
    Titian: Box 20
    Titus, A.D., (Buffalo): Box 20
    "To A.T.": Box 8
    "To My Mother": Box 8
    Toloff, J.T., (Evanston, Ill.): Box 20
    Tompkins, F.H.: Box 19, Box 39
    Towles Studio: Box 21
    "Tragedy in a New York Flat": Box 8
    "Tramp Madonna": Box (see Lillian Bonham)
    "Tramp Madonna" (story): Box 18
    Troubetzkoy, Amelie ("The Princess"): Box 15
    Tryon, W.D.: Box 8
    "Vacant Bungalow": Box 8
    Valentine, E.E.: Box 12 (see Transcripts)
    "Valiant Flyer of the Air": Box 8
    "The Valley of Silence": Box 8
    Vander Weyde, W.: Box 19, Box 40A
    Van Duzee, Edward P.: Box 12 (see Transcripts)
    Van Dyck, Anton: Box 20, Box 38
    Van Haagen, Henry J.: Box 15
    Van Noppen, Leonard: Box 15
    Vaterlandischer Hilfsverein: Box 15
    Velazquez, Diego: Box 20
    Verbeck, Gustav: Box 15
    "A Visit to John Burroughs": Box 8
    Vonnoh, Robert: Box 15
    Wade, Elizabeth Flint: Box 19, Box 40A
    Waide, Milton: Box 20
    Wallace, --: Box 20
    Walsh, Elizabeth Blanche: Box (see Hartmann, Elizabeth Blanche Walsh)
    Walt Whitman Society: Box 37
    Warburg, Mrs. Felix: Box 15
    Warrington, C.: Box 38
    Warshaw, --: Box 15
    Watson, Dawson: Box 19
    Watts, George Frederick: Box 20
    Weber, Harry (see Sargents Court Correspondence): Box 15, Box 40B
    Weinberg, Joe: Box 36
    Weinberger, Harry: Box 15
    Weir, Alden: Box 20
    Wendt, --: Box 15
    Wesselman, Cliff: Box 38, Box 39
    Weston, Edward: Box 12, Box 20, Box 38, Box 39
    Wheeler, A.C. (see Nym Crinkle):
    "When I Was King of Bohemia": Box 8
    Whistler, James Abbott McNeil: Box 20
    "White Chrysanthemums": Box 41
    White, Clarence H.: Box 19, Box 40A
    Whitman, Walt: Box 40A
    Wiboldt: Box 34
    Wiksel, G.P.: Box 12, Box 15
    Wiles, Irving: Box 15
    Williams, Margaret: Box 15
    Williams, Wheeler: Box 15
    Wilson, James: Box 12
    Wilson, Maude: Box 20, Box 40A
    Winter, Margery: Box 15, Box 38 ( see also Sargents Court Correspondence), Box 15
    Wistaria (the flower): Box 8
    "With Knapsack and Staff": Box 8
    "Women as Delineated in Modern Literature": Box 8
    "Women's Dress and the Artist": Box 8
    Wood, Grant: Box 15
    "Workers on Art Relief, Come Forth": Box 8
    Wright, Dunbar: Box 38
    Yens, Karl: Box 15
    "A Youngster Dons Mikado Garb": Box 8
    Zeitlin, Jake: Box 12
    Zimmerman, Walter: Box 21, Box 40A
    Zimmermann, Frank M.: Box 15
    Zola, Emile: Box 19