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Mel'gunov (Sergei P.) papers
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Individual Accounts of Witnesses and Victims 1918-1920

box 1, folder 1

"In the Bolshevik Hospital, Petrograd, by V. G. Orzhekhovsky 1918-1919 " 1925.


"Kronstadt events in June-July, 1919," by Iu. Zubelevich.


"Red and White Terror," by A. T. Kuznetsov, Member of the Constituent Assembly from the Ural Region.


"Rumors and legends" (On Bolshevik stay in Kiev)


Bulletin of the Central Committee of the Party of Left Socialist Revolutionaries April 1919


"In Yaroslav prison, by K. Marov Bishop Mitrofan of the Don reports on his arrest 1920," 1918

box 1, folder 2

"Two days in the Simferopol Cheka."


"Lubianka 14-10," by G. V.


"Torture on the Moscow Bench," handwritten copy in Latvian from Brihwa Seme, No. 71 March 31, 1921


Account by American citizen Kalamiano: "In Butyrka prison 1920."


"Analysis of Bolshevik terror," by M. I.


"In Bolshevik torture-chamber," by S. Vl-v.


Letter on certain "Ozolin."



box 1, folder 3

Notes on Butyrka Prison.



box 1, folder 4

Soviet and non-Soviet papers 1918-1919.

box 1, folder 5

Terroristic measures after the attempt on Soviet officials in Lenot'evskii Per., Moscow 1919

box 1, folder 6

Communist arguments re Cheka 1918-1919

box 1, folder 7

Miscellaneous 1919

box 1, folder 8-9

Terror and executions 1920-1921.

box 2, folder 10

Trials and executions 1921-1923

box 2, folder 11-12

Arrests, trials, executions 1924

box 2, folder 13

Arrests, trials, executions 1925.

box 2, folder 14

Arrests, trials, executions 1926

box 3, folder 15

Arrests, trials, executions 1926

box 3, folder 16-18

Arrests, trials, executions 1927

box 4, folder 19-20

Donbass trials 1928

box 4, folder 21

Donbass trials 1928


Volfman's trial 1928


Political prisoners, executions 1928

box 4, folder 22

Opposition, arrests, trials, executions, espionage abroad 1929.

box 4, folder 23

Cheka 1918-1927



box 4, folder 24

"Codification of Red Terror," article by Al. Makletsov.


"Political trials in the USSR," compiled by Ia. S. G- ch.


Resolution of the 3rd Regional Congress of Representatives, Guliaipole... and others April 10, 1919


"Reign of Terror in Russia," manuscript by S. Melgunov May 15, 1925


"Red Terror in Russia," manuscript by S. Melgunov.


"Ado Bizk," manuscript


"Execution of English officer Sidney Reilly," manuscript


Report of the Inspection Committee about the Cheka's Places of Detention in Poltava, manuscript signed by Dr. Mashevskii


Letter from Fedorchuk to Petrovskii May 23, 1919


Statement by a member of the Central Executive Committee and Secretary of the Kiev Executive Committee addressed to the Cheka April 8, 1919


Political Red Cross statement to the Presidium 1921


Minutes of a Cheka meeting July 25, 1919


Recollections of N. P. and U. S. Savitskii and M. V. Chernosvidov on arrival of Bolsheviks to Chernigov January 23, 1918


Report No. 374 of Information Section, Head-quarters, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian army: Situation in Turkestan Feb. 9, 1921


Excerpt from "Sotsialisticheskii Vestnik," No. 8 May 20, 1921


Report No. 563 from General Miller to Ambassador in Arkhangel'sk April 19, 1919


"Kalinin and the G.P.U.," No 22


Authorization of the Foreign Communists-Bolsheviks to search foreign consulates, signed by Fisher May 26, 1919


Kharkov Prison file on Mrs. D. A. Baeva


Death sentence of Aleksandr Grigorevich Bulygin, Riazanskie Izv. No. 201 Sept. 7, 1919


Left Socialist Revolutionaries in Bolshevik prisons, Bulletin No. 4 April, 1919


Activity of V.Ch.K. train in Voronezh Voronezhskie Izvestiia, No. 179 (484) August 12, 1919


Appeal to fight the enemies of the revolution, Kievskie Izvestiia, No. 99 July 24, 1919


Letters to Melgunov


Anna Nikulina, Bosna, Vlasenica March 5, 1924


Baroness D. Foelckersam February 23, 1924


F. Rostovtsev


"In Chernigov," recollections of E. D. Kuskova


"In Crimea," typewritten reports


"In cities and villages," Bulletin of the Left Socialist Revolutionaries, No. 6 May 1919


"Ukrainian Cheka," typewritten report


"Kiev," investigation of the Rerberg Commission, manuscript

box 4, folder 25

Events in Kiev and Ukraine 1918-1927

box 4, folder 26

Statistical data on executions 1918-1927



box 5, folder 27

Cheka members

box 5, folder 28

Cheka 1919-1930

box 5, folder 29

Cheka anniversaries (five, ten, thirteen years).

box 5, folder 30

Cheka 1919-1929

box 5, folder 31-32

Felix Dzierzynski

box 6, folder 33

Articles on OGPU by G. Agabekov from Poslednie Novosti 1930

box 6, folder 34

"Death Camps," by Kiselev in Rul' 1931


"Work and Ways of the GPU," in Vozrozhenie 1926


Confessions of GPU agent Nikolai Bezpalov in Volia Rossii 1924

box 6, folder 35

Georges Agabekov

box 6, folder 36-37

Chekist Albert Pirro

box 6, folder 38

Recollections on imprisonment 1918-1925

box 7, folder 39

G.P.U. 1919-1927

box 7, folder 40

"One week at the mercy of the G.P.U.," by Pavel Dolgorukov, Rul' 1924



box 7, folder 41

"O.G.P.U.," manuscript fy a former Chekist


Opperput's testimony on secret agencies.


Relations between NKID-GPU-Comintern


List of secret agents known to Opperput


Organization of the G.P.U.


Methods of operation


"Reorganization of the G.P.U.," from Poslednie Novosti

box 7, folder 42



Amensty for political prisoners on the 5th anniversary of the revolution


Persecution and trials of Social-Democrats 1920-22




"Wandering," by Gr. Aronson


"Notes of a prison warden," Gr. Aronson



box 7, folder 43

"Rare document," with commentary by A. Kuprin from Obshchee delo November 7, 1921


Clippings on annulment of capital punishment 1920


Clippings on local governments against Red Terror 1918


Directives to local Cheka December 1, 1918


Circular No. 2534 to all railroad and water transport Cheka commissions June 11, 1919

box 7, folder 44

"Five Years in Soviet Prisons," by Said Kureishi from Poslednie Novosti 1927



box 7, folder 45

Cheka 1920-1924

box 7, folder 46

Recollections on imprisonment 1921-1929

box 8, folder 47

Insurrection, prisons, executions 1925

box 8, folder 48

Public Protest Against Terror


Letter from Roger Baldwin (Director, American Liberties Union) to Berkman. Translation from English to Russian September 8, 1924


Questionnaire for former political prisoners


Mémorandum présenté par la délégation du Parti socialiste révolutionnaire à l'étranger au Congrès des trois unions internationales des partis socialistes et communistes April 2, 1922


Appel au proletariat mondial, with Russian translation August 2, 1922,


Two bulletins of the Joint Committee for the Defense of Revolutionists Imprisoned in Russia, Berlin 1925, 1926


Chronicle of persecution in Soviet Russia. Non-periodical bulletin, Berlin, Nos. 1, 2 1924,


Chronik de Verfolgungen in Sowjetrussland, Berlin 1924


Clippings from various newspapers 1921-1924



box 9, folder 49

"Without Freedom," by A. Argunov from Na Chuzhoi Storone


"Four days in Lubianka," by I. Zakharin from Na Chuzhoi Storone


"Lubianka," by Nikolai Bezpalo from Volia Rossii


"Zalozhnik," by N. V. L'vov

box 9, folder 50

Solovki 1924-1930

box 9, folder 51

"Dreadful Years," by Said Kureisha in Rul', "Taganka, Solovki, Butyrka," by Said Kureisha in Slovo, December 1926

box 9, folder 52

"Peterburg - Solovki, Parizh," by S. Snezhevskii from Dni 1927


"Solovki - Island of Torture and Death," by Mal'sagov in Segodnia 1925

box 9, folder 53

Bolshevik secret service and espionage 1921-1930.


Maurice Conradi's Trial

box 10, folder 54

Various documents 1923

box 10, folder 55-60



Vorovskii's Assassination

box 10, folder 61

Clippings from Soviet Press


Investigation of Bolshevik Atrocities

box 11, folder 62

Establishment of a special commission


Rules and regulations of the special commision


Programme concerning activities of the special commission


List of photographs (photos not included)


List of findings


Testimonies of witnesses


Articles from Na Chuzhoi Storone

box 11, folder 63

Reports of special commission



box 11, folder 64

Foreigners on Soviet terror 1920-1928

box 11, folder 65

"In the Clutches of the Cheka," from Vozrozhdenie August-September 1928

box 11, folder 66

"Testimony of witnesses," Nikolaevsk na Amure 1920


"Soviet Exile," by D. Viatkin, Volia Rosii,

box 11, folder 67

Red Terror 1920-1930

box 11, folder 68

On A. Pirro, P. Stuchka, Dzerzhinskii, Gen. N. V. Ruzskii, Prince Pavel Aleksandrovich, V. P. Mukhin

box 11, folder 69

V. Brunovski case


Insurrections in Kronstadt, Karelia, Amur Events in Crimea, Caucasus, Ukraine

box 11, folder 70

Izvestia June 24, June 26, August 29, 1919

box 12, folder 71

"Notes of a former Soviet Lawyer," by E. Nagel' in Poslednie Novosti 1933


"Peterburg-Solovki-Parizh," by V. Svezhevskii in Dni 1928


"Reminiscences of Princess S. A. Volkonskii," by N. Chebyshev, reviewing Gore Pobezhdenym 1933


"His Serene Highness Appearing Before the Chairman of the Cheka," by R. Vel'skii reviewing Gore Pobezhdenym 1933


"Escape of Princess Palei," by A. Lidin from Slovo 1920


"Interrogation," short story by A. Kuprin from Vozrozhdenie 1930

box 12, folder 72

Individual accounts of witnesses and victims 1929-1935

box 12, folder 73

Illustrated Bolshevism, published by Dvuglavyi Orel, "Appeal to the American People," Paris 1922 November 7, 1930

box 12, folder 74

Chronicle of Red terror from Bor'ba za Rossiiu



box 12, folder 75

Chekists (Dzerzhinskii, Menzhinskii, others)

box 12, folder 75-78

Accounts of Red terror by foreigners 1928-1933

box 12, folder 79

Accounts of former Chekists 1926-1932

box 13

Clippings on arrests, trials, executions 1918-1930


Report by Iu. Kluchnikov to the Russian Political Conference in Paris when he was no longer in charge of the Omsk Foreign Ministry, Deals with the Ufa Directorate, Kolchak cou d'etat, Kolchak government, etc. June 2, 1919.


Telegrams between anti-Bolshevik political leaders concerning policy on former Russian borderlands January-December 1919


Political conference in Paris, unsigned reports and letters on the anti-Bolshevik Russian policies with regard to national minorities (Baltic States and Belorussia).


Savinkov and others on Polish problem 1920


Attitude of the Allies. Interview in Kiev


Manuscript on the Ukranian question by the Delegation of the Political Conference, Paris September 1, 1921


Letter from Gen. Boldyrev to Chaikovsky on the situation in Siberia March 26, 1919


Letter to S. S. Maslov to Chaikovsky November 3, 1918


Telegram to Russian representative in Copenhagen from the Provisional Russian Government formed on September 23, 1918, on organization and work of the new government October 2, 1918


Kolchak Government official telegrams on military and political problems in Siberia December 1918 - December 1919


Memorandum by S. I. Morozov on organization of revolt against Bolsheviks in Siberia on May-June 1918 and on organization of Siberian government September 12, 1918


Memorandum to Admiral Kolchak from Allied and Associated Powers; Kolchak's reply July 1, 1919


"Kolchak's Crime," manuscript by Aleksandr Goibarg, Head of the Department of Justice of the Siberian Revolutionary Committee


Declaration of the Provisional Government 1918


Report on circumstances connected with the deportation of five members of the Provisional Government to Solovki, Chaplin's coup d'etat. September 5-6, 1918.


On the upheaval in Arkhangel'sk 1918


Official correspondence (mostly telegrams) of the Provisional Government. September 1918-October 1919


Excerpts from minutes of the March 26, 1919 session of the Provisional Government


Chaikovsky correspondence re northern region


Correspondence between Gen. Miller and Sazonov, re winding up the northern campaign and future plans following defeat March-April 1920


Gaida's revolt in Vladivostok.


Informatsionnyi listok, illegally published by the Union for the Regeneration of Russia August 1918


Nikolai V. Chaikovsky correspondence with Ekaterina K. Breshko-Breshkovskaia


Nikolai V. Chaikovsky's correspondence


Nikolai V. Chaikovsky's speeches


Va. A. Bakhmetev, former ambassador to the U.S. (under Kerensky) on U.S. attitude toward anti-Bolshevik movement October 21, 1919


V. A. Bakhmetev on policies to be pursued in anti-Bolshevik movement March 18, 1919


"First Anniversary of the Kronstadt Garrison Mutiny," Krasnaiia Gorka, by M. N. Nekliudov Summer 1919


Translated excerpt from M. Merts' Sagies Latwija'., Riga 1925.


Donskoi Krai, No. 12, Organ of the Provisional Government of the Don. Contains article "The Germans in the Ukraine." May 5 (18), 1918.


Vestnik Vremmenogo Pravitelstva Severnoi Oblasti. Newspaper published in Arkhangelsk, (incomplete) December 17, 1918; January 1, 1919; September-October 1919

box 14

A. A. Neratov, telegrams 1919


Copy of the Resolution of the Extraordinary Kuban Regional Rada (Council) November 11, 1918


Declaration of the Don Voisko Krug (Parliament), on future Russia as a democratic country June 1, 1919


Copy of Report on Cossak uprising in the Upper Don Region against Bolsheviks spring 1919


Minutes of the Supreme Krug (Parliament) of the Don, Kuban, and Terek regions January 1920


Declaration of the democratic groups in South Russia January 29, 1920


Statement in French re formation of a new democratic government in South Russia


Provisional Land Law Project of the government in South Russia, Drafted by Pavel Ageev. February 24, 1920.


Report of events in the last days of the Council of Ministers of the government in South Russia April 6-9, 1920


Letters to Nikolai Chaikovsky on the situation in South Russia 1919-1921


Appeals of the Russian delegation in Yassy to Allied powers November 1918


Memorandum (in French) presented to Allied governments by the National and Democratic Russian Bloc on aid to Russia by Allied powers and the United States


Kerensky's activities and impressions abroad in connection with the Allies' attitude to the Russian anti-Bolshevik cause, Letters, telegrams, etc. 1918.


Documents of the Russian Political Conference and of the political delegation representing Russian anti-Bolshevik governments before the Allies in Paris 1918-1919.


British attitude to the Russian anti-Bolshevik cause 1919


Chaikovsky's correspondence re French and British attitude to Russian anti-Bolshevik cause 1919


Chaikovsky's memorandum to Clemenceau on Russian anti-Bolshevik cause, and Chaikovsky to President of the Council of Great Britain. 1918;


Extract from a letter to Mr. Paul Boyer, (in French) June 21, 1918


Speech by Menard-Dorian, (in French) May 6, 1919


Reports from prison 1912




Mensheviks 1930-1931


Uprising in Siberia 1925-1931


Various trials 1927


Trials of Kondrat'ev, Groman, others 1930-1931


Execution of the "48," 1930


Reprisals against the Chekists 1925-1932


Shakhtinskii trial 1928


Trial of the "Industrial Party," 1927-1930


Events in Moscow 1925-1931


Events in St. Petersburg 1925-1927


Events in the Ukraine 1925-1931


Events in RSFSR 1925-1930


Events in the Caucasus 1925-1933


Events in Turkestan and the Urals 1925-1932

box 15

GPU abroad 1921-1933


Russian Chekists in Romania 1932


GPU methods, trials, executions 1931


GPU 1932


Trial of I. Shtern 1932


Fugitives from the U.S.S.R. 1932


Prisons and exiles 1932


Executions 1932-1933


Red terror 1934


Gen. A. P. Kutepov affair 1930

box 16

Arrests, trials, executions, etc. 1926


Arrests, prisons, exiles 1928-1929


Opposition to Cheka 1928-1929


Executions 1928-1930


Fugitives from the U.S.S.R. 1930


GPU 1930


Protests in Western Europe 1930


Exiles 1930


Executions 1931


Prisons, exiles, trials of saboteurs 1931


Trials of saboteurs 1932-1934


Arrests, exiles, trials of saboteures 1933

box 17

Trial of British saboteurs 1933


Trials and executions after Kirov's assassination 1934


Executions, prisons, exiles after Kirov's assassination 1935


Executions, prisons, exiles 1936


Trials of Trotskyists-Zinovievists 1936


Trials, executions, etc. 1937


Trial of the "17," 1936-1937