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Register of the Maurice S. Sullivan Papers on Jed Smith
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Series 1: Correspondence re Jed Smith


**This material is described fully on photocopies of individual library cards analyzing the contents of each letter [see pages following box list]
Box 1

- 1919


- 1923


- 1924 [7 items]


- 1926


- 1927


- 1930 [4]


- 1931 #1 [20]


- 1931 #2 [42]


- 1931 #3 [23]


- 1931 #4 [41]


- 1931 #5 [19]


- 1932 [33]


- 1933 #1 [22]


- 1933 #2 [45]


- 1933 #3 [36]


- 1933 #4 [45]


- 1933 #5 [15]


- 1933 #6 [45]


- 1933 #7 [44]


- 1933 #8 [31]


- 1933 #9 [40]


- 1934 #1 [36]


- 1934 #2 [27]


- 1934 #3 [53]


- 1934 #4 [23]


- 1934 #5 [38]


- 1935


- 1936-37


Series 2: Research Notes

Box 2



-Lists of Sources: institutional & individual; Plan for study


-Application for Guggenheim Fellowship, 1934


Smith Family materials


-Notes on Smith Family


-Bacon-Smith Family correspondence, 1906-1915


Primary sources


-Photostats of Jedediah S. Smith correspondence, 1826-1829


-Jed Smith itineraries [incl. journal transcripts?]


-Jed Smith on the San Joaquin River [journal transcripts]


-Photostats of manuscript source materials


-Transcripts of manuscript source materials


-Clippings & other published source materials


-Transcripts of published source materials


-Joe Meek narrative


-Transcript of 1827 diary fragment by Smith expedition member


-Photostat of Alexander McLeod's Journal, 1828


Working notes


-Sullivan notebook #1 [incl. typescript laid-in materials; evaluates and transcribes various sources]


-Do. #2


-Miscellaneous notes & lists of names in pencil


-Smith diary & Rogers diary compared [day for day]




-Photos relating to Jed Smith


-Clippings relating to Jed Smith


S.H. Shurtleff. Jedediah Smith Memorial, The Conference Messenger (Feb 1930)


J. Carroll Mansfield. Highlights of History: Jedediah Smith Cleveland Plain Dealer (?-?-1931) [6 strips comic book format history of JS' exploits]


Seek Trace of Early Family of Plymouth The Pilot (10-26-1931)


A New Volume San Bernardino Daily Sun (10?-?-34)


Maurice S. Sullivan Writes of Jedediah Smith's Travels San Bernardino Daily Sun (11?-?-34)


Sullivan's Book to Bare Thrilling Chapters in Jedediah Smith's Life San Bernardino Daily Sun (11?-?-34)


Jedediahn.s., n.d.


Former Writer Here Publishes Pioneer History Bridgeport Times Star (11-21-34)


New Light on J.S. Smith The Bend Bulletin (12-5-34)


Jedediah Smith Again, The Bend Bulletin (1-3-35)


Maurice Sullivan Dies, Ending Inspiring Career


Plan Requiem Mass Tuesday for Sullivan San Bernardino Daily Sun (2-2-35)


Jedediah Smith's Journeys Inspiration of Second Book by Late Maurice Sullivan, San Bernardino Sun? (?-?-36)


-Miscellaneous Clippings, Receipts, Brochures, Ephemera concerning interests & affairs of Maurice S. Sullivan


Series 3: J.S. Smith Journal (1831) Photostat, etc.

Box Box 3

-Photostat of original, pt. 1 [pp. 1, 5-15, 111, 113-19, 121-25, 129-40]


-Do., pt. 2 [pp. 141-74]


-Do., pt. 3 [pp. 175-207]


-Kate S. Etter's Manuscript copy, pt. 1 [pp. 1-84]


-Do., pt. 2 [pp. 85-158]


-Sullivan's typescript copy w/ header "Smith-#", pp. 53-113 [publ. pp. 49-98, the "California" portion]


-Another copy incl. description & explanation of contents of the actual journal transcripts, pp. 2-8, 38-42, 65-105


The Travels of Jedediah Smith


**The chapter structure in evidence here suggests that Sullivan originally intended to incorporate the journals he had discovered into the fabric of the extended narrative about JS he proposed to write. Some of the chapter titles are identical with those used in JS: T & T. Ultimately, he chose to publish the journals separately as The Travels of Jedediah Smith without any interspersed editorial text.

-JS Journal[s] in early draft w/ editorial insertions [pp.1-10]


-Do., "Ch. 7/Into the Land of Mystery"


-Do., "Ch. 11/The Freedom of the Trail"


-Do., "Ch. 12/People of the Wrong Kind"


-Publ. version, Introduction


-Do., pp. 4-13


-Do., pp. 14-52


-Do., pp. 53-113


-Do., pp. 114-148


-Do., pp. 149-159


-Do., Footnotes


-Do., Index


Series 4: Drafts Of Jedediah Smith: Trader & Trail Breaker & Other Writings


**There seem to be four drafts of this work. Each can be distinguished from the others by markings at the top of each page of typescript.
The presumed earliest draft (that one which is most unlike the published book) lacks pagination or other markings. It is also textually the least complete, consisting of but twenty-six leaves. It includes two title pages one of which reads "Jedediah Smith: The Man Who Opened the Gate" while the other reads "Jedediah Smith: The Story of a Valiant Knight in Buckskin."
The earliest nearly-complete draft of this work differs from the published text in the degree to which it quotes directly from unpublished sources, and, in particular, from the Jed Smith journals discovered by Maurice Sullivan. Portions of chapters one through ten have survived. Of these, none are identical with the published text, though most are similar from time to time. The sequence of events narrated approximates that of the published version. This draft is distinguished from later ones by centered page numbers at the top of each page of text.
The next draft presently consists of chapters 6 through 16 together with unnumbered pages used for revisions or insertions and a complete set of end notes for chapters 1 through 16. The text of this draft is usually similar to the published text, although it contains considerable quoted primary source material which is summarized in the published version. Chapter 6 in this draft is entirely different from published chapter 6. The draft is distinguished from others by the marking "Sullivan-#" in the right-hand corner of each page.
The text of the fourth draft is very nearly that of the published book. This draft is distinguished by the marking "Smith-#" in the right-hand corner of each page.
Box Box 4

Draft #1--Unnumbered pages, text not very close to JS:T & T


Draft #2--Pages marked w/ "-#-" at center top


-"Ch. 1/In the Country of the Crows" [pp. 1-3, 5-9]


-"Ch. 2/The Advent of Diah Smith" [pp. 10-24]


-[Ch. 3] [p. 25]


-[Ch. 4] [pp. 42-46, 48]


-"Ch. 5/Conquest of the Stony Mountains" [pp. 49, 51-67]


-[Ch. 7?] [pp. 79, 81-96]


-"Ch. 8/Death Haunts the Desert Trail" [pp. 97-113]


-[Ch. 9?] [pp. 116-127]


-"Ch. 10/The Firm Hand of Don Jose" [pp. 128-145, 147-155, 157-159]


-"Ch. 11/The Freedom of the Trail" [pp. 160-163, 166-167, 169, 171-173, 178-227]


Draft #3--Pages marked "Sullivan-#" at top right


-"Ch. 6/Into the Land of Mystery" [pp. 68-77]


-"Ch. 7/The Gate Swings Open" [pp. 78, 96]


-"Ch. 8/Death Haunts the Desert Trail" [pp. 97-99, 105-106, 108, 110-112, 114a]


-"Ch. 9/The Escape from the Mojaves" [pp. 115-120, 125-127]


-[Ch. 10] [pp. 130-143, 145]


-"Ch. 11/Free Again on the Trap Trail" [pp. 146-154]


-"Ch. 12/Jedediah Battles With Bears" [pp. 160-168]


-"Ch. 13/Oregon & the Road to Calamity" [pp. 169-189]


-"Ch. 14/The Resurrection of Old Jed Smith" [pp. 190-204]


-"Ch. 15/Farewell to the Shining Mountains" [pp. 205-211]


-"Ch. 16/Death on the Cimarron" [pp. 212-228]


-High-acid, unnumbered pages used for insertions or revisions w/ this draft


-End notes [pp. 229-282]


Draft #4--Pages marked "Smith-#" at top right


-[Ch. 1?] [pp. "2-3," but same as C. 2, pp. 12-13 in publ. version]


-"Ch. 3/The Battle with the Rees" [pp. 30, 32, 34, 37, 43]


-[Ch. 4] [pp. 51, 56, 61-62]


-"Ch. 5/Over the Southern Pass" [pp. 65-87]


-"Ch. 6/Into the Land of Mystery" [pp. 88-103]


-"Ch. 7/California" [pp. 104-125]


-[Ch. 8] [pp. 128-149]


-"Ch. 9/The Escape from the Mojaves" [pp. 150-167]


-"Ch. 10/Prisoner of Don Jose" [pp. 168-189]


-"Ch. 11/Free Again on the Trap Trail" [pp. 190-208]


-"Ch. 12/Jedediah Battles w/ Bears" [pp. 209-220]


-[Ch. 13] [pp. 222, 234, 237-238]


-"Ch. 14/The Emperor of the West" [pp. 239-246]


-"Ch. 15/Farewell to the Shining Mountains" [pp. 254-274]


-"Ch. 16/Death on the Cimarron River" [pp. 275-289]


-Unnumbered pages bearing text similar or identical to Draft #4


-Writings on Western History


"Article on [Fray Francisco] Garces" [4 l.]


"Ezra Smith, Biographer" [12 l.]


"The Man Who Opened the Gate," LA Times (5-24-31)


"Illinois College" [2 l.]


-Sullivan Writings Apparently Unrelated to Jed Smith


"When Poets Ruled a World" [3 l.]


"Notes on Plagiarism" [6 l.]


"Nectar for Harlequin" [11 l.]


"We lived about two an' a half miles out of Hickory..." [pencil, 6 l.]


"Mr. Blunk wore a loose-fitting blue serge suit..." [3 l.]


"I suppose you found the gold?"... [1 l.]


"I think sorrow endured made him choose walking..." [1 l.]


"A Task for an Honest Pagan" [pencil, 6 l.]


-Misc. Historical Materials & Notes unrelated to Jed Smith


"Controversial reasons John Wesley excised stanzas 4 & 5" [1 l.]


List of words beginning w/ letters "i" thru "l" [pencil, 1 l.]


Photo of Wm. L. Bachtell, n.d.


"Historic Spots & Landmarks in San Bernardino Co." [2 l.]


Notes [3 l.]