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Inventory of the Photographic Portrait File

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Photographic Portrait File
Identification: photCL 505
Repository: The Huntington Library
San Marino, California 91108
Language: English.

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photCL 505, Photographic Portrait File, The Huntington Library, San Marino, California.

Container List




Abercrombie, J[ohn] J[oseph], n.d.


Abbott, Jo, n.d.


Abbott, Henry L., n.d. (3)


Abbott, Ira C., n.d.


Abbott, Joseph Carter, n.d. --photomech.


Adams, Charles Francis, 1807-1886


Adams, William Wirt, n.d.


Adams, John, n.d.


Adams, John, 1825


Adams, John Quincy, 1825


Adams, James Capen, n.d.


Albright, Charles, n.d.


Alden, Alonzo, n.d.


Aldrich, Thomas Bailey, 1836-1907


Alexander, Barton Stone, n.d.


Alexander, E.P., n.d.


Allaire, Anthony, n.d.


Allen, Robert, n.d.


Allen, Thomas Scott, n.d.


Allen, William Wirt, n.d.


Allison, Mr. and Mrs. Andy, n.d.


Alvord, Benjamin, n.d.


Ames, Adelbert, 1835-1933


Ames, Rev. Charles Gordon, 1903


Ammen, Daniel, 1819-1898


Ammen, Jacob, n.d.


Anderson, Gov. C. Elmer, n.d. --photomech.


Anderson, George Thomas, n.d.


Anderson, James Patton, n.d.


Anderson, Joseph Reid, n.d.


Anderson, Robert, 1805-1871


Anderson, Samuel Reed, n.d.


Anderson, William Black, n.d.


Andrews, Christopher Columbus, n.d.


Andrews, George Leonard, n.d.


Armstrong, Frank Crawford, n.d.


Arnold, Edwin, 1832-1904


Arnold, Matthew, 1822-1888 (2)


Arnold, Lewis Golding, n.d.


Arnold, Richard, n.d.


Asboth, Alexander, n.d.


Atkins, Smith Dybens, n.d.


Augur, Christopher Cohen, n.d.


Augustine, Ms. Constance, n.d.


Averell, William Woods, n.d.


Avery, Robert, n.d.


Ayres, Mrs. Georgia Elliott, n.d.




Babbitt, Edwin Burr, n.d.


Babcock, Orville Elias, 1835-1884


Badeau, Adam, n.d.


Bairnsfather, Bruce, 1888-1959


Baird, Abalsom, n.d.


Baker, Arcadia Bde., n.d. (2) --photomech.


Baker, Benjamin Franklin, n.d.


Baker, James Heaton, n.d.


Baker, Lafayette Curry, n.d.


Baker, Cam, n.d.


Baker, Ray Stennaro, n.d.


Baldwin, Charles Pierce, n.d.


Baldwin, William Henry, n.d.


Balez, John P., n.d.


Banks, Nathaniel Prentiss, 1816-1894


Barber, Gersham Morse, n.d.


Barksdale, William, n.d.


Barnard, John Gross, n.d.


Barnes, James, n.d.


Barnes, Joseph K, n.d.


Barnett, James, n.d.


Barnur, Henry A., n.d.


Barrett, Clifford, n.d.


Barringer, Rufus, n.d.


Barry, Henry W., n.d.


Barry, William Ferguhar, n.d.


Bartlett, Charles Gautiot, n.d.


Bartlett, E.L., n.d.


Bartlett, Paul, 1865-1925


Bartlett, Joseph Jackson, n.d.


Bassell, J., n.d.


Batcheleder, Richard Napoleon, n.d.


Bate, William Brimage, n.d.


Bates, Deleven, n.d.


Battersea, Lady, n.d.


Battle, Cullen Andrews, n.d.


Baxter, Henry, n.d.


Beal, George Lafayette, n.d.


Beatty, John, n.d.


Beatty, Samuel, n.d.


Beauford, Duke of, n.d.


Beaver, James Andrews, n.d.


Beckwith, Amos, n.d.


Beckwith, Edward Griffin, n.d.


Bee, Beard Elliot, n.d. (4)


Beecher, Henry Ward, 1813-1887


Beecher, Mrs. Henry Ward, n.d.


Begbie, Harold, 1927


Belknap, William Worth, n.d.


Bell, Annie, n.d.


Bell, Edwin, n.d. (2)


Bell, George, n.d.


Bell, John, n.d.


Benham, Henry Washington, n.d.


Benjamin, Judah Philip, 1811-1884


Benson, E.F., n.d.


Bentley, Robert Henry, n.d.


Berth, Jen, n.d.


Besant, Anne, 1847-1933


Beveridge, John Lourie, n.d.




Caboll, D.J., n.d.


Caboll, Col. Nicholas Jr., n.d.


Caboll, Gov. H., n.d.


Cadwaller, George, n.d.


Cady, Albermarle, n.d.


Caldwell, John Curtis, n.d.


Callahan, Ignacio, n.d.


Callender, Franklin Dyer, n.d.


Callis, John Benton, n.d.


Callis, Col. William Overton, n.d.


Cameron, Hugh, n.d.


Campbell, Charles Thomas, 1763-1854


Canby, Charles Edward Spriggs, 1817-1873


Candy, Charles, n.d.


Canfield, Dorothy, n.d.


Capeheart, Henry, n.d.


Card, Benjamin Cozzens, n.d.


Carleton, James Henry, n.d.


Carman, Ezra Ayers, n.d.


Carpenter, Edward C., 1872-1950


Carr, Joseph Bradford, 1828-1885


Carrington, Henry Beebe, 1824-1912


Carrington, Littlebery, n.d.


Carrington, M.L., n.d.


Carlyle, Wanda, n.d.


Carter, Mrs. Leslie, n.d.


Carvi, Eugene Asa, n.d.


Cary, Col. Wilson-Miles, n.d.


Casey, Siles, n.d.


Cather, Willa, 1873-1947


Chamberlain, Levi, n.d.


Chamberlain, Samuel Emry, n.d.


Chambers, D. Richard, n.d.


Chambers, Robert W., n.d.


Chandler, William Eaton, n.d.


Chaplin, Daniel, n.d.


Chapman, Geroge Henry, n.d.


Cheatham, Benjamin Franklin, n.d.


Cheney, Mrs. Ames Parker, n.d.


Chetlain, Augustus Louis, n.d.


Chew, Beverly, n.d.


Chilton, Robert Hall, n.d.


Chisholm, Robert, n.d.


Christensen, Christian Thomson, n.d.


Chrysler, Morgan Henry, n.d.


Churchill, Sylvester, n.d.


Churchill, Thomas James, n.d. (3)


Cilley, Jonathan Prince, n.d.


Cist, Henry Martyn, n.d.


Clark, Abby, n.d.


Clarke, Harry Francis, n.d.


Clay, Cassius Marcellus, n.d.


Clay, Henry, 1777-1882


Clayton, Powell, 1833-1914


Clem, John Lincoln, n.d.


Clews, Henry, n.d.


Clingman, Thomas Larner, n.d.


Clitz, Henry Boynton, n.d.


Coates, Benjamin Franklin, n.d.


Cobb, Amesa, n.d.


Coburn, John, n.d.


Cockrett, Francis Marion, n.d.


Cogswell, WIlliam, n.d.


Cohen, Octavus Ray, n.d.


Coit, James Bolles, n.d.


Cole, George W., 1850-1939


Collier, Frederick H., n.d.


Collier, John, n.d.


Comstock, Cyrus Bellow, n.d.


Comstock, E.L., n.d.


Connor, Seldon, n.d.


Connor, Patrick Edward, n.d.


Conrad, Joseph, 1857-1924


Cooke, Philip St. George, 1816-1850


Coolidge, Calvin, 1872-1933


Cooper, Douglas Hancock, n.d.


Cooper, Joseph Alexander, n.d.


Cooper, Samuel B., n.d.


Copeland, Joseph Tarr, n.d.


Corbin, Henry Clarke, n.d.


Corcker, Marcellus Monroe, n.d


Corcoran, Michael, n.d.


Corcoran, William Wilson, 1798=1888


Cornell, Alonzo Barton, n.d.


Couldock, C.R., n.d.


Coulter, Richard, n.d.


Courts Family, n.d. (6)


Cowdin, Robert, n.d.


Cox, William Ruffin, n.d.


Cox, Jacob Potson, 1828-1900


Craig, Henry Knox, n.d


Craig, James, n.d.


Cram, Thomas Jefferson, n.d.


Crane, Charles Haley, n.d.


Crane, James, n.d.


Crawford, Samuel Wylie, n.d.


Crossman, George Hampton, n.d.


Cross, Nelson, n.d.


Cumming, Alfred, n.d.


Curry, Loboz Lomor, n.d.


Curry, J.L.M., n.d.


Curtis, Newton Martin, n.d.


Curtis, William Baker, n.d.


Cushing, William B., n.d.


Cushman, Mrs. Charlotte, n.d.


Curtin, Andrew Gregg, n.d.


Curtiss, James Edward, n.d.


Cutcheon, Byron M., n.d.


Cutler, Jeremiah Cutter, n.d.




Dale, John Hurst, n.d


Dalzell, Jim, n.d.


Dana, Charles, 1819-1897


Dana, Edmund Lowell, n.d.


Dana, Napoleon Jackson Tecumseh, n.d.


Dandy, George Brown, n.d.


Daniel, John Warwick, n.d.


Davidson, Henry Breward, n.d.


Davidson, John Wynn, 1857-1909


Davies, Henry Eugene, n.d.


Davies, Thomas Alfred, n.d.


Davies, Edmund Jackson, n.d.


Davis, Edwin Page, n.d.


Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889


Davis, William Watts Hart, n.d.


Dawes, Rufus, n.d.


Day, Nicholas Wykott, n.d.


Dayton, Oscar Verish, n.d.


Deems, James Monroe, n.d.


DeGroat, Charles Henry, n.d.


Deiteler, George Washington, n.d.


Delad, Margaret, n.d.


Delafield, Richard, n.d.


DeLand, Charles Victor, n.d.


Del Valle, Reginaldo, n.d.


Denver, James W., n.d.


DeRussy, Gustavus Adolphus, n.d.


DeRussy, Rene Edward, n.d.


Devens, Charles, n.d.


Devin, Thomas Casimir, n.d.


Dewey, Aulbury, n.d.


Dewey, James, n.d.


Dinon, Charles Augustine Ropes, n.d.


Diven, Alexander S., n.d.


Dix, John Adams, n.d.


Doan, Azerich Wall, n.d.


Dodge, Charles Cleveland, n.d.


Dodgo, Grenville Melleu, n.d.


Doesner, Jon, n.d.


Doniel, John, n.d.


Doolittle, Charles Camp, n.d.


Dorey, James, n.d.


Dornblasser, Benjamin, n.d.


Doubleday, Abner, 1819-1893


Dow, Neal, n.d.


Dox, Hamilton Bogart, n.d.


Drake, Francis Marion, n.d.


Drake, George Banad, n.d.


Dranman, Capt. W.F., n.d.


Drayton, Percival, n.d.


Drum, Richard Coulter, n.d.


Duane, James Chatham, n.d.


Ducat, Arthur Charles, n.d.


Ducrom, Lamont, n.d


Dudley, Nathan Augustus Monroe, n.d.


Dudley, William Wade, n.d.


Duke, Almann, n.d.


Dunham, Thomas Harrison, n.d.


Dunn, William Mckee, n.d.


Duryea, Hiram, n.d.


Duryee, Abram, n.d.


Duryee, Jacob Eugene, n.d.


Dutton, Everett Fletcher, n.d.


Duval, Isaac Hardin, n.d.


Dye, William McEntire, n.d.




Early, Jubal Anderson, 1816-1894(2)


Earp, Wyatt, 1848-1929


Easton, Langon Cheves, n.d.


Eaton, Amos Beebe, 1776-1842


Eaton, John, 1790-1856


Eaton, Joseph Horace, n.d.


Eckert, Thomas Thompson, n.d.


Edwards, Amelia B., n.d.


Edwards, John, 1748-1837


Edwards, Oliver, n.d.


Edmunds, George F., 1828-1919


Egan, Thomas Washington, n.d.


Elis, Thomas H., n.d


Elkin, James Adams, n.d.


Ellet, Alfred Washington, n.d.


Elliott, Isaac Hughes, n.d.


Elliott, Washington Lafayette, n.d.


Elliott, Stephen, 1771-1830


Elwell, John Johnson, n.d.


Emery, WIlliam Helmsley, n.d.


Eustis, Henry Lawrence, n.d.


Evans, George Spafford, n.d.


Evans, Admiral, n.d.


Ewing, Hugh Boyle, n.d.


Ewing, Thomas, n.d.




Fairchild, Harrison Styles, n.d


Fairchild, Lucius M., n.d.


Farifax, Donald McNeill, n.d.


Farnham, Noah L.


Farnsworth, Elon John, n.d.


Farnsworth, John Franklin, n.d.


Farnum, John Egbert, n.d.


Featherston, Winfield Scott, n.d.


Ferrero, Edward, n.d.


Ferry, Orris Sanford, n.d.


Fessenden, Francis, n.d.


Field, Charles William, n.d.


Fisk, Col. Jon, n.d.


Fitzhugh, Charles Lane, n.d.


Florence, Katherine, n.d.


Fonda, John G., n.d.


Force, Manning Ferguson, n.d.


Ford, John Anson, n.d. (2)


Fore, Thomas M., n.d


Forney, William Henry, n.d.


Forney, Stephen Clark, n.d.


Forrest, Earle R., n.d.


Forsyth, James William, n.d.


Foster, John Gray, n.d.


Foster, Robert Seaford, n.d.


Fox, Gustavus Vasa, n.d.


Franklin, WIlliam Buel, n.d.


Fraser, Uncle James, n.d.


Fredwick, Calvin Harlowe, n.d.


French, Ezra Bartlett, n.d.


French, Sameul Gibbs, n.d. (2)


Frey, Elizabeth, n.d.


Frost, Daniel Marsh, n.d. (2)


Fry, James Barnett, n.d.


Fry, Speed Smith, n.d.


Fuller, John Wallace, n.d.




Garfield, Justice A., n.d.


Garfield, Mrs. Mollie, n.d.


Garfield, James Abram, n.d.


Garrard, Kenner, n.d.


Garrard, Theophilus, n.d.


Garrart, Jeptha, n.d.


Gaston, William A., n.d.


Gatlin, Richard Caswell, n.d.


Geares, A.F., n.d.


Geary, George I.


Geary, John White, n.d.


Geske, Fred, n.d.


Getty, George Washington, n.d.


Gibbon, John, n.d.


Gibbs, Alfred, n.d.


Gibbs, George, n.d.


Gibson, Horatio Gates, n.d.


Gibson, Randall Lee, n.d.


Gibson, William Harvey, n.d.


Gilbert, Charles Campion, n.d.


Gile, George W., n.d.


Gillmore, Quincy Adams, n.d.


Gist, States Rights, n.d.


Given, Josiah, n.d.


Gladden, Adley Hogan, n.d.


Gleason, Newell, n.d.


Glenny, William, n.d.


Glinnie, Mimmie, n.d.


Gobin, John Peter Shindel, n.d.


Goff, Nathan, n.d.


Goodyear, Ellsworth, n.d.


Gordon, George Henry, n.d.


Gordon, George Washington, n.d.


Gordon, James Byron, n.d.


Gorman, Willis Arnold, n.d.


Gough, John B., n.d.


Graham, Charles Kinnard, n.d.


Graher, Cyman C., n.d.


Granger, Gordon, n.d.


Granger, Robert Seaman, n.d


Grant, Ulysses Simpson, n.d.


Grant, Ulysses S., n.d.


Greeley, Horace, n.d.


Green, Martin Edwin, n.d.


Greene, Oliver Duff, n.d.


Greer, Elkanan Brackin, n.d.


Gregg, John Irwin, n.d.


Gresham, Walter Quintus, n.d.


Greves, Jackson, n.d. (2)


Grieson, Benjamin Henry, n.d.


Griffin, Simon Goodall, n.d.


Grimes, James Wilson, n.d.


Grindley, James Glass, n.d.


Grose, William, n.d.


Grosvenor, Charles Henry, n.d.


Grubb, Edward Bord, n.d.


Guiney, Patrick Robert, n.d.


Guss, Henry Ruhl, n.d.




Hale, Edward, n.d. (2)


Hale, Nathan, n.d.


Hall, Charles, n.d.


Hall, Henry Seymour, n.d.


Hall, James Abram, n.d.


Hall, Williard Preble, n.d.


Halleck, Henry, n.d.


Halpine, Charles Graham, n.d.


Hamblin, Joseph Eldridge, n.d.


Hambright, Henry Augustus, n.d.


Hamilton, Henry, n.d.


Hamilton, Schulyer, n.d.


Hamilton, William Douglas, n.d.


Hamlin, Charles, n.d.


Hamlin, Cyrus, n.d.


Hamlin, Hannibal, 1809-1891


Hammond, John, n.d.


Hancock, Gen. Winfield Scott, n.d. (2)


Hardic, James Allen, n.d.


Hardin, Martin D., n.d.


Harding, Abner Clark, n.d.


Harding, Benjamin, n.d.


Harland, Edward, n.d.


Harnden, Harry, n.d.


Harney, William A., n.d.


Harris, Andrew Cintorn, n.d.


Harris, Benjamin Foster, n.d.


Harris, Johan Green, n.d.


Harris, Thomas Mealey, n.d.


Harrow, William, n.d.


Hartranft, John Frederick, n.d.


Hartsuff, George Lucas, n.d.


Hartwell, Alfred Stedman, n.d.


Haskin, Joseph Abel, n.d.


Hastings, Russell, n.d.


Hatch, John Porter, n.d.


Hawkes, George Porting, n.d.


Hawkins, John Parker, n.d.


Hawkins, Rush Christopher, n.d.


Hawley, Joseph Reswell, n.d.


Hayes, Joseph, n.d.


Hayes, Rutherford B., n.d. (2)


Hayes, Mrs. Rutherford B., n.d (3)


Hayman, Samuel Brinkle, n.d.


Haymie, Isham Nicholas, n.d.


Hays, William, n.d.


Hayst, Herman, n.d.


Hazard, John Gardner, n.d.


Heath, Francis Edward, n.d.


Heath, Thomas Tinsley, n.d.


Heintzelman, Samuel Peter, n.d.


Helly, Alex, n.d.


Hendricks, G.A., n.d


Henry, Guy Vernon, n.d.


Henry, William Wirt, n.d.


Herrin, William F., n.d.


Hickenlooper, Andrew, n.d.


Hicks, Edward, n.d.


Hicks, Elias, n.d.


Higginson, T.W., n.d.


Hill, Charles W., n.d.


Hill, Gene Lovingston, n.d.


Hill, James, n.d.


Hill, Johnathan Augustus, n.d.


Hitchcock, Ethan Allen, n.d.


Hobson, Lt. Richmond, n.d.


Hobson, Edward Henry, n.d.


Hobson, William, n.d.


Hoffman, Gov. J.T., n.d.


Hoffman, John William, n.d.


Hoffman, William, n.d.


Hollenback, O.E., n.d.


Hollins, George Nichols, n.d


Holmes, Oliver Wendell, n.d. (2)


Holt, Catherine, n.d.


Holt, Joseph, n.d.


Holt, Thomas, n.d.


Hooker, Joseph, n.d.


Hooker, Katherine, n.d.


Horn, John Watts, n.d.


Hosner, Harriet, n.d.


Hotchkiss, Charles Truman, n.d.


Howard, Charles Henry, n.d.


Howard, Oliver Otis, n.d.


Howe, Albion Parris, n.d.


Howells, William Dean, 1837-1920


Howy, Charles Edward, n.d.


Hubbard, Lucius Frederick, n.d.


Huber, William, n.d.


Humphrey, William, n.d.


Humphreys, Andrew Atkinson, n.d.


Hunt, Henry Jackson, n.d.


Hunt, Lewis Cass, n.d.


Hunter, David, n.d.


Hunter, Robert Mercer Taliafero, n.d.


Huntington, Helen, n.d.


Hurlburt, Stephen Augustus, n.d.


Hyde, Thomas Worcester, n.d.




Ingalls, Rufus, n.d.


Innes, William Power, n.d.


Ives, Brayton, n.d.




Jackson, Rev. H.


Jackson, Nathaniel James (2), n.d.


Jackson, Richard Henry (2), n.d.


Jackson, Wilt, n.d.


James, William Levis, n.d.


Jameson, Charles Davis, n.d.


Jeffries, Noah Lemuel, n.d.


Jennison, Samuel Pearce, n.d.


Johnson, Lewis, n.d.


Johnson, Richard W., n.d.


Johnston, James D., n.d.


Jones, Edward Franc, n.d.


Jones, John and Family, n.d.


Jones, John Marshall, n.d.


Jones, Rev. O.W., n.d.


Jones, Patrick Henry, n.d.


Jones, Samuel, n.d.


Jones, Wells S., n.d.


Jordan, Thomas Jefferson, n.d.


Jourdan, James, n.d.


Judah, Henry Moses, n.d.


Judson, Roscius Winslow, n.d.




Kalakua, King, n.d.


Kane, Thomas Leiper, n.d.


Keim, William High, n.d.


Keith, Mildred, n.d.


Kelley, Benjamin Franklin, n.d.


Kellogg, Senor, n.d.


Kelly, John Henry, n.d.


Kelly, Francis E.


Kelton, John Cunningham, n.d.


Kemper, James Lawson, n.d


Kennedy, Robert Patterson, n.d.


Ketcham, John Henry, n.d.


Ketchum, William Scott, n.d.


Ketner, James, n.d.


Keyes, Erasmus Darwin, n.d.


Kidd, James Harvey


Kiernan, James Lawlor, n.d.


Kilburn, Charles Lawrence, n.d.


King, John Hashell, n.d.


King, Rufus, n.d.


King, Tom, n.d.


King, Wilburn H., n.d.


Kingsbury, Charles P. n.d.


Kinsman, Josiah Burnham, n.d.


Kirby, Isaac Minor, n.d.


Kirk, Edward Needles, n.d.


Kirkwood, Samuel Jordan (2)


Knefler, Frederick, n.d.


Knipe, Joseph Farmer, n.d.


Krez, Conrad, n.d.


Krzyzanowski, Vladimir, n.d.




La Grange, Oscar Hugh, n.d.


Lafayette, Marquis De, n.d. (2)


Lane, Henry James, n.d. (3)


Larned, Benjamin Franklin, n.d.


Lawman, Jacob Gatner, n.d.


Lawton, Alexander Robert, n.d.


Leake, Joseph Bloomfield, n.d.


Le Duc, William Gates, n.d.


Le Gendre, Charles W., n.d.


Lee, Edward M., n.d.


Lee, Fitzhugh, n.d. (2)


Lee, George Washington Custis, n.d. (4)


Lee, Stephen Dill, n.d.


Lee, Stephen Smith, n.d.


Lee, WIlliam Henry Fitzhugh, n.d.


Leiper, Charles Lewis, n.d.


Lewis, Charles Beathard, 1842-1924


Lewis, John Randolph, n.d.


Lewis, William Delaware, n.d.


Lieber, Prof. Francis, n.d.


Lightburn, Joseph Andrew Jackson, n.d.


Lincoln, Abraham, n.d.


Lincoln, William Sewer, n.d.


Lindsay, Ben B., n.d.


Little, Lewis Henry, n.d.


Littlejohn, Dewitt Clinton, n.d.


Locke, Frederick Thomas, n.d.


Lockwood, Henry Hayes, n.d.


Lockwood, Rufus Allen, n.d.


Logan, John Alexander, n.d.


Lomax, Lunsford Lindsay, n.d.


Long, Armistead Lindsay, n.d.


Loomis, Gustavus, n.d.


Loring, Charles Greeley, n.d.


Lothrop, Martha, n.d.


Lowell, Charles Russell, n.d.


Lowrey, Mark Perrin, n.d. (2)


Lucas, Thomas John, n.d.


Ludlington, Marshall Independence, n.d.


Lyle, Peter, n.d.


Lyon, William Penn, n.d.


Lytle, William Haines, n.d.




McAllister, Mary, n.d.


McCallum, Daniel Craig, n.d.


McCarthy, Justin, n.d.


McCausland, John, n.d. (2)


McClellan, George Brinton, n.d.


McClernand, John Alexander, n.d.


McClurg, Alexander Caldwell, n.d.


McConnell, William Kennedy, n.d.


McCook, Edwin Stanton, n.d.


McCormack, John, n.d.


McCoy, Thomas Franklin, n.d.


McCulloch, Henry Eustace, n.d.


McDonald, Archibald, n,d,


McDowell, Irvin, n.d.


McGinnis, George Francis, n.d.


McIntosh, James McQueen, n.d.


McIvor, James Patrick, n.d.


McKeever, Chauncey, n.d.


McKinstry, Justus, n.d.


McLaws, Lafayette, n.d.


McMahon, Martin Thomas, n.d.


McMillan, William Linn, n.d.


McNeil, John, n.d.


McNultze, John, n.d.


McRain, William, n.d.


Mabry, Hinchie P., n.d.


MacDougall, Clinton Dugald, n.d.


Mackenzie, Ronald Slidell, n.d.


MacFadden, Brenner, n.d


Macumb, General Alexander, 1782-1841


Macy, George Nelson, n.d.


Madill, Henry John, n.d.


Madison, James, (1757-1836)


Maffitt, John Newland, n.d.


Magoffin, Beriah, n.d.


Mahone, William, n.d. (3)


Mallory, Adam Gale, n.d.


Maltby, Jesper Adolmorn, n.d.


Manderson, Charles Frederick, n.d.


Manigault, Arthur Middleton, n.d.


Manson, Mahlon Dickerson, n.d.


Marcy, Randolph Barnes, n.d.


Markham, Henry Harrison, n.d.


Marple, William Warren, n.d.


Marshall, E.G., n.d.


Marshall, William Rainey, n.d.


Marston, Gilman, n.d.


Martin, Glenn, n.d.


Martin, James Stewart, n.d.


Martin, John Alexander, n.d.


Martin, William Henry, n.d.


Marvin, Frederick, n.d.


Marvin, Mia, n.d.


Martindale, John Henry, n.d.


Mason, Edwin Cooley, n.d.


Matin, William Thompson, n.d.


Matthews, Salmon S., n.d.


Mattocks, Charles Porter, n.d.


Maury, Debney Herndon, n.d.


Maxey, Samuel Bell, n.d.


May, Dwight, n.d.


Maynadier, William, n.d.


Meade, George Gordon, n.d.


Mehta, G.L.Merrill, Lewis, n.d.


Meredith, Sullivan Amory, n.d.


Meyer, Walter, n.d.


Michie, Peter S., n.d.


Michler, Nathaniel, n.d.


Miener, John Kemp, n.d.


Miller, Alice, n.d.


Miller, Joaquin, n.d.


Miller, Mas, n.d.


Miller, William, n.d.


Milroy, Robert Huston, n.d.


Mindil, George Washington, n.d.


Mitchell, William Galbraith, n.d.


Mitchell, John Grant, n.d.


Mitchell, Greenwille McNell, n.d.


Mitchel, Ormsby McKnight


Mix, Elisha, n.d.


Mizner, Henry Rutgeras, n.d.


Molineaux, Edward Leslie, n.d.


Moon, John Carter, n.d


Moonlight, Thomas, n.d.


Monsen, Frederick, n.d.


Monteith, Duncan, n.d.


Moor, Augustus, n.d.


Moore, Frank, n.d. (5)


Moore, Frederick William., n.d.


Moore, Jesse Hale, n.d.


Morell, George Webb, n.d.


Morgan, Charles Hale, n.d.


Morgan, Edwin Denison, n.d.


Morgan, George Washington, n.d.


Morgan, Michael Ryan, n.d.


Morgan, Thomas Jefferson, n.d.


Morgan, William Henry, n.d.


Morris, William Hopkins, n.d.


Morris, William W., n.d.


Morrison, David, n.d.


Morrow, Henry Andrew, n.d.


Morrow, Hoore-Nillsie, n.d.


Morton, Levi Parsons, n.d.


Muford, Thomas Taylor, n.d. (2)


Mulligan, James Adelbert, n.d.


Murphy, Isaac, n.d.


Murphy, Virginia, n.d.


Mussey, Reben Delavan, n.d




Nagler, Henry Morris, n.d.


Narmack, Mr. M.J., n.d.


Navarre, Peter C., n.d.


Negley, James Scott, n.d.


Neill, Thomas Hewson, n.d.


Newberry, Walter Cass, n.d.


Newton, John, n.d.


Nichols, William A. n.d.


Noble, John Willock, n.d.


Northrup, Lucius, Bellinger, n.d.


Norton, Charles Benjamin, n.d.


Nugent, Robert, n.d.


Nye, George Henry, n.d.


Nye, Edgar W., n.d.




Oakes, James, n.d.


O'Beirne, James Rowen, n.d.


O'Conor, Charles, n.d.


Oglesby, Richard James, n.d.


Olmsted, William Adams, n.d.


Ord, Edward Otho Cresup, n.d.


Ordway, Albert, n.d.


Osborn, Thomas Ogden, n.d.


Osgoodly, Gearse, n.d.


Otis, Ewell, n.d.


Otis, John L., n.d.




Packard, Jasper, n.d.


Page, Richard Lucion, n.d.


Paine, Charles Jackson, n.d.


Palmer, John McAuley, n.d.


Palmer, Innis Newton, n.d.


Parke, Don Albert, n.d.


Parke, John Grubb, n.d.


Parker, Ely Samuel, n.d.


Parkhurst, John Gibson, n.d.


Parrott, James C., n.d.


Parsons, Lewis Baldwin, n.d.


Partridge, Benjamin Franklin, n.d.


Patter, John, n.d.


Patterson, Joab Nelson, n.d.


Payne, Eugene Beauhahais, n.d.


Payne, William Henry Fitzhugh, n.d.


Pearsall, Uri Balcom, n.d.


Pearson, Robert Newton, n.d.


Pearson, Alfred L., n.d.


Pease, William Russell, n.d.


Peck, Dr. George, n.d.


Peck, John James, n.d.


Peck, Lewis Mead, n.d.


Peirson, Charles Lawrence, n.d.


Pelovee, Louis H., n.d.


Pemberton, John Clifford, n.d.


Pennock, Alexander M, n.d.


Pennypecker, Galusha, n.d.


Penrose, William Henry, n.d.


Perkins, Osgood, n.d.


Perry, Alexander James, n.d.


Phelps, Charles Edward, n.d.


Phelps, John Elisha, n.d.


Phelps, John Smith, n.d.


Phelps, John Wolcott, n.d.


Phillips, Dorothy, n.d.


Pickett, Josiah, n.d.


Pierce, Francis Edwin, n.d.


Pinto, Francis Effingham, n.d.


Pitcher, Thomas Gamble, n.d.


Plaisted, Harris Merrill, n.d.


Platner, John S., n.d.


Platt, Thomas Collier, n.d.


Plummer, Joseph Barnett, n.d.


Poe, Orlando Metcalfe, n.d.


Polignoc, Camiller Armad, n.d. (2)


Polistis, Athenae, n.d.


Poor, Henry, n.d. (3)


Pope, John, n.d.


Porter, John Luke, n.d. (5)


Porter, Fitzjohn, n.d.


Porter, Andrew, n.d.


Portola, Gaspar de, n.d.


Post, Mrs. N.A.V., n.d.


Potter, Carroll Hagedorn, n.d.


Potter, Joseph Hayden, n.d.


Poulin, J.B., n.d.


Powell, Eugene, n.d.


Powell, William Henry, n.d.


Pratt, Calvin Edward, n.d.


Prescott, George Lincoln, n.d.


Price, Samuel Woodson, n.d.


Prenote, Jamie, n.d.


Preston, William, n.d.


Price, Sterling, n.d. (6)


Price, William Redwood, n.d.


Prince, Henry, n.d.


Pryor, Roger Atkinson, n.d.


Pulford, John, n.d.




Quinby, Isaac Ferdinand, n.d.




Rains, James Edwards, n.d.


Ramsey, Alexander, n.d.


Ramsey, George D., n.d.


Ramsey, John, n.d.


Raum, Green Berry, n.d.


Rawlins, John Aaron, n.d.


Raynor, William Henry, n.d.


Reeve, Isaac Van Durer, n.d.


Reid, Thurston, n.d.


Renkin, Richard C., n.d.


Revere, Joseph Warren, n.d.


Reynolds, Alexander Welch, n.d. (2)


Reynolds, Daniel Harris, n.d.


Reynolds, Joseph Jones, n.d.


Rhees, William, n.d.


Rice, Americus Vespucius, n.d.


Rice, Elliott Warren, n.d.


Rice, James Clay, n.d.


Richmond, Lewis, n.d.


Rinaber, John Erving, n.d.


Ripley, Edward Hastings, n.d.


Ripley, James Wolfe, n.d.


Ripley, Roswell Sabine, n.d. (2)


Ritchie, John, n.d.


Roberts, Benjamin Stone, n.d.


Roberts, Charles Wentworth, n.d.


Robertson, Beverly Holeonube, n.d.


Robertson, E., n.d.


Robie, Edward D., n.d.


Robinson, John Cleveland, n.d.


Robinson, William Andrew, n.d.


Rochwell, Alfred, n.d.


Roddey, Philip Dale, n.d.


Rodenbough, Theophilus Francis, n.d.


Rodes, Robert Emmett, n.d. (4)


Rodman, Isaac Reece, n.d.


Roger, Thomas Howard, n.d.


Rogers, George Clarke, n.d.


Rogers, Horatio, n.d.


Rogers, Will, n.d.


Roosevelt, Theodore, n.d.


Root, Adrian Rowe, n.d.


Rose, W.B., n.d.


Rosecrans, William Starke, n.d.


Ross, Lawrence Sullivan, n.d.


Ross, Leonard Fulton, n.d.


Rosser, Thomas Lafayette, n.d.


Rossetti, Victor, n.d.


Rucker, Daniel Henry, n.d.


Ruggles, Daniel, n.d. (3)


Ruggles, George David, n.d.


Rusk, Jemain McClain, n.d.


Rusling, James Fowler, n.d.


Russell, David Aller, n.d.


Russell, Henry Sturgis, n.d.


Rutherford, Friend Smith, n.d.


Ruttgers, Mrs. John, n.d.




Salomon, Frederick Sigel, n.d.


Sanborn, William, n.d.


Sanders, Addison Hiatt, n.d.


Sanders, William Price, n.d.


Sanderson, Thomas Wakefield, n.d.


Sargent, Horace Binney, n.d.


Saxton, Rufus, n.d.


Scales, Alfred Moore, n.d.


Schaffer, George Thomas, n.d.


Schimmelfernig, Alexander, n.d.


Schofield, John McAllister, n.d.


Schufeldt, Robert Wilson, n.d.


Schurz, Carl, n.d.


Schwenk, Samuel Klinger, n.d.


Scott, Blance, n.d.


Scott, Maggie, n.d.


Scott, Walter Perry, n.d.


Scott, Robert Kingston, n.d.


Scott, Winfield, n.d.


Seaver, Joel J., n.d.


Sedgwick, John, n.d.


Selfridge, James Lucon, n.d.


Serrell, Edward Wellman, n.d.


Sewall, Frederick Drummer, n.d.


Seymour, Truman, n.d.


Shafter, William Rufus, n.d.


Shaler, Alexander, n.d.


Shanks, John Peter Clever, n.d.


Sharp, Mrs. J.


Sharpe, George Henry, n.d.


Sheldon, Charles S., n.d.


Shelley, Charles Miller, n.d.


Shepard, Isaac Fitzgerald, n.d.


Shepherd, Oliver Cathrop, n.d.


Shepley, George Foster, n.d.


Sheridan, Philip Henry, n.d.


Sherman, Thomas West, n.d.


Sherman, William Tecumseh, n.d.


Sherwood, Isaac Ruth, n.d.


Shields, John, n.d.


Shorter, John Gill, n.d.


Shoup, Francis Ashbury, n.d.


Show, James, n.d.


Sickles, Daniel Elger, n.d.


Sidell, William H., n.d.


Sigell, Tranz, n.d.


Sill, Jusheen Woodrow, n.d.


Simmons, Jessie, n.d.


Simpson, Jasper H, n.d.


Simpson, Marcus de Lafayette, n.d.


Simpson, Samuel P., n.d.


Sinclair, Upton, n.d.


Slidell, John, n.d.


Slocum, Henry Warner, n.d.


Slocum, Willard, n.d.


Smith, Arthur Arnold, n.d.


Smith, Charles Edward, n.d.


Smith Charles Ferguson, n.d.


Smith, Edward Kirby, n.d. (2)


Smith, Edward Worthington, n.d.


Smith, Green Clay, n.d.


Smith, Israel Canton, n.d.


Smith, James Argyle, n.d.


Smith, John Eugene, n.d.


Smith, Thomas Benton, n.d.


Smith, Thomas Church Haskell


Smith, William Farrar, n.d.


Smith, William J., n.d.


Smith, William Suoy, n.d.


Somes, Daniel Eton, n.d.


Spaulding, Oliver Lyman, n.d.


Spencer, George Eliphaz, n.d.


Spinola, Francis B., n.d.


Sprague, Augustus Brown Reid, n.d.


Sprague, William, n.d.


Stachel, Julius, n.d.


Stager, Anson, n.d.


Starbird, Isaac Newton, n.d.


Starkweather, George Converse, n.d.


Starring, Frederick Augustus, n.d.


Steele, William, n.d.


Stennard, George Jerrison, n.d.


Stephens, Alexander Hamilton, n.d.


Stephenson, Luther, n.d.


Stevens, Aaron Fletcher, n.d.


Stevens, Atherton H. n.d.


Stevens, Hazard H., n.d.


Stevens, Walter Husted, n.d. (2)


Stevenson, John Dunlop, n.d.


Stevenson, Adelai E., n.d.


Stevenson, Carter Littlepage, n.d. (2)


Stevenson, Robert Lewis, n.d. (3)


Stibbs, John Howard, n.d.


Stiles, Israel Newton, n.d.


Stockton, Joseph, n.d.


Stone, George Augustus, n.d.


Stoneman, George, n.d.


Stoughton, Charles Bradley, n.d.


Stoughton, Edwin Henry, n.d.


Stoughton, William Lewis, n.d.


Stout, Alexander Miller, n.d.


Stovall, Marcellus Augustus, n.d. (3)


Streight, Abel D., n.d.


Strickland, Siles A., n.d.


Strong, James Clark, n.d.


Strong, Thomas J, n.d.


Strong, William Emerson, n.d.


Strong, William Kerny, n.d.


Stuart, David, n.d.


Stuart, Gilbert, n.d.


Stumbaugh, Frederick Shearer, n.d.


Sulzberger, Arthur A., n.d.


Sumner, Edwin Vese, n.d.


Surgis, Samuel Davis, n.d.


Surratt, Mary, n.d.


Swayne, Wager, n.d.


Sweeny, Thomas William, n.d.


Sweitzer, Jacob Bowman, n.d.




Talmage, Rev. T. DeWitt, n.d.


Tappan, James Camp, n.d.


Taylor, John P., n.d.


Taylor, Joseph Pannel, n.d.


Taylor, George William, n.d.


Taylor, Nelson, n.d.


Taylor, Gen. Pringle, n.d.


Taylor, Richard, n.d.


Thayer, John Milton, n.d.


Thayer, Silvenius, n.d.


Thom, George, n.d.


Thomas, Charles, n.d.


Thomas, George Henry, n.d.


Thomas, Minor T., n.d.


Thomas, Samuel, n.d.


Thomas, Stephen, n.d.


Thompson, John Leverett, n.d.


Thompson, William, n.d.


Thompson, Sylvia, n.d.


Thruston, Charles Mynn, n.d.


Thruston, Gales Phillips, n.d.


Thorp, Thomas Jones, n.d.


Tibbits, William Badger, n.d.


Tidball, John Caldwell, n.d.


Titus, Herbert Bradwell, n.d.


Todd, John Blair Smith, n.d.


Tompkins, Charles H., n.d.


Toombs, Robert Augustus, n.d.


Totter, Joseph Gilbert, n.d.


Toulmin, Harry, n.d.


Tower, Zealous Bates, n.d.


Townsend, Edward Daris, n.d.


Tremain, Henry Eaton, n.d.


Trotter, Frederick Eugene, n.d.


Truex, William Snyder, n.d.


Trumbull, Matthew Mark, n.d.


Tucker, William Feister, n.d.


Turchie, John Basil, n.d.


Turley, John Alexander, n.d.


Turner, John Wesley, n.d.


Tuttle, James Madison, n.d.


Tweed, Boss, n.d.


Tyler, Daniel, n.d.


Tyler, Robert Ogden, n.d.




Ullmann, Daniel, n.d.


Underwood, Adam Bellow




Valladigham, Clement Laird, n.d.


Van Allen, James Henry, n.d.


Van Buren, Martin, n.d.


Van Schraeder, Alexander, n.d.


Van Vliet, Stewart, n.d.


Van Wyck, Charles Henry, n.d.


Vance, Robert Brank n.d.


Vance, Zebulon Baird, n.d.


Varney, George, n.d.


Vaughan, Samuel K., n.d.


Veatch, James Clifford, n.d.


Vincent, Thomas McCurdy, n.d.


Vinton, David Hammond, n.d.


Vinton, Francis Lavens, n.d.


Vogdes, Israel, n.d.


Voris, Alvin Coe, n.d.




Wade, Melancthon Smith, n.d.


Wade, James Franklin, n.d.


Wainwright, Charles Shields, n.d.


Walcutt, Charles Carroll, n.d.


Walken, Rum, n.d.


Walker, Duncan Stephan, n.d.


Walker, Francis Amasa, n.d.


Walker, James Alexander, n.d.


Walker, Leroy Pope, n.d.


Walker, William Harvey Lamb, n.d.


Walker, William Henry Talbot, n.d.


Walker, William Henry, n.d.


Wallace, Lew, n.d.


Wallace, Lewis, n.d.


Wallen, Henry Davies, n.d.


Walsh, George, n.d.


Walthall, Edward Cary, n.d. (3)


Ward, Durbin, n.d.


Ward, James Herman, n.d.


Ward, John Henry Hobart, n.d.


Ward, William Thomas, n.d.


Warner, Adornian Jackson, n.d.


Warner, Davis B., n.d.


Warner, Grover Salmon, n.d.


Warner, James Meech, n.d.


Warner, Willard, n.d.


Warren, Gov. Kembler, n.d.


Weaver, James, n.d.


Weaver, Pauline, n.d.


Weaver, James Baird, n.d.


Webb, Alexander Stuart, n.d.


Weber, Max, n.d.


Webster, Daniel, n.d.


Webster, Joseph Dana, n.d.


Webster, Sir Richard Everhard, n.d.


Weitzel, Godfrey, n.d.


Welie, Stephen Minot, n.d.


Welles, Gideon, n..d


Wells, James Madison, n.d.


Wells, William, n.d.


Welsh, Thomas, n.d.


Wessells, Harry Walton, n.d.


West, Robert Mayhew, n.d.


West, Joseph Rodman, n.d.


West George Warren, n.d.


Wharton, John Austin, n.d.


Whary, William Mackey, n.d.


Wheaton, Frank, n.d.


Whipple, Amiel Weeks, n.d.


Whipple, William Damison, n.d.


Whitaker, Edward Washburn, n.d.


White, Henry, n.d.


White, James, n.d.


White, Julius, n.d.


Whitebeak, Horatio Nelson, n.d.


Whitely, Robert Henry, n.d.


Whitfield, John Wilkins, n.d.


Whitlesey, Eliphalet, n.d.


Wilcox, John Schuler, n.d.


Wilcox, Orlando Bolivar, n.d.


Wild, Edward Augustus, n.d.


Wiley, Aquilas, n.d.


Willard, Frances, n.d.


Williams, Alpheus Starkey, n.d.


Williams, John, n.d.


Williams, John Stuart, n.d.


Williams, Robert, n.d.


Williams, Seth, n.d.


Williams, Thomas, n.d.


Williamson, James Alexander, n.d.


Wilson, Erasmus, n.d.


Wilson, James Harrison, n.d.


Wilson, Lester Sebastian, n.d.


Wilson, Thomas, n.d.


Wilson, William, n.d.


Winder, John Henry, n.d.


Wise, George D., n.d.


Witcher, John Seashoal, n.d.


Withington, William Herbert, n.d.


Wilkinson, Miss, n.d.


Wimbler, Frederick Charles, n.d.


Woodbury, Daniel Phimes, n.d.


Woodhull, Maxwell Van Zandt, n.d.


Woodruff, Isaac Cook, n.d.


Woods, Charles Robert, n.d.


Woodward, John B., n.d.


Woodward, Orphers Seger, n.d.


Woolley, John, n.d.


Wright, Horatio Governour, n.d.




Yale, F.M., n.d.


Yarbie, Ferdinand, n.d.


Yates, Richard, n.d. (2)


Young, Thomas Lowry, n.d.




Zook, Samuel Kasciuzko, n.d.


Zollicoffer, Felix Kirk, n.d. (2)