Inventory of Portraits, Drawings and Photographs from the Hooker Family Papers [graphic], ca. 1880-ca. 1949

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Inventory of Portraits, Drawings and Photographs from the Hooker Family Papers [graphic], ca. 1880-ca. 1949

Collection number: BANC PIC 1977.006-.008--PIC

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Portraits, Drawings and Photographs from the Hooker Family Papers [graphic],
Date (inclusive): ca. 1880-ca. 1949
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1977.006-.008--PIC
Extent: Number of items: ca. 310 prints, 50 drawings and ca. 150 negatives
Repository: The Bancroft Library
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Physical Location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Library's online catalog.
Abstract: Portraits include Katharine Putnam Hooker and family, Putnam, Yates and Whitney family members, and others.

Photographs relating to the Hooker family show California missions, outdoor scenes, homes and estates, and travel pictures from other U.S. locations. Negatives show Yosemite, Hetch Hetchy, Tahoe, Tioga Pass, Sonoma, Monterey, the Grand Canyon, and many views of Mill Valley. Also includes 1 portrait of poet Rupert Brooke.

Drawings include sketches of the San Francisco Art Club from 1882-1886, one signed by Arthur F. Mathews (a portrait of Ethel Beaver). Other sketches show Berkeley, Alameda, and vicinity during the 1880's.
Languages Represented: English

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[Identification of item], Portraits, drawings and photographs from the Hooker family papers [graphic], BANC PIC 1977.006-.008--PIC, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

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Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

The additions to the collection were a gift of Marguerite P. Keyes in June 1978.

Scope and Content

A collection of pictures removed from the Hooker Family Papers, these are mainly snapshots ranging in date from 1892 to 1915, although some are later. Many of the pictures are viewing copies prepared from the original glass negatives, or from nitrate negatives which have been copied and subsequently discarded. A portion of the collection was acquired in 1969 and the rest were acquired in 1976; these two files have been integrated to form the present collection.
Items found in the Addendum were a gift of Marguerite P. Keyes in June 1978.



item 1

Bonstell, Elizabeth H.

item 2

Bonestell, Louis H.

item 3-6

Canfield, Elinore, 1902

item 7-8

Canfield, Elinore and Walton, 1897, 1902.

item 9

Canfield, Walton, with Chinese cook, Yow, 1902.

item 10-11

Canfield, Mrs. Will, Elinore & Walton, 1897.

item 12-14

Canfield, Mrs. Will, 1897

item 15-17

Doulton, Ronald, 1902

item 18

Doulton family, and Miss Carey, n.d.

item 19-21

Greame, Donald, 1895

item 22

Gregg, Miss. n.d.

item 23-24

Harker, George. 1902.

item 25-30

Harker, Katherine. 1902.

item 31

Harraden, Miss. n.d. Phot of studio portrait.

item 32

Hooker, John D. & Laurence. n.d.

item 33-34

Hooker, John D.

item 35

Hooker, John, Katharine P., Laurence. 1890?

item 36-55

Hooker, Katharine Putnam. Mainly undated.

item 56-59

Hooker, Laurence.

item 60-82

Hooker, Marian Osgood. #71-74, with Ethel Yates, ca. 1890; #75-82, with an unidentified girl, ca. 1890.

item 83-84

Lockhart, Miss. n.d.

item 85-87

Mosgrove, Ellie. n.d.

item 88

Powers, Katie; Brown, Rob, Conrad, Mr. 1897?

item 89

Powers, Katie. 1897.

item 90-94

Putnam, Caroline Rankin. #92, with unidentified woman; cyanotype. #93 includes Marion O. Hooker; cyanotype. #94, with unidentified women, similar to #93; cyanotype.

item 95

Hooker, Katharine Putnam? Formerly identified as Elizabeth Whitney Putnam (1858-1925), but does not resemble #96 or E. W. Putnam in family group portrait, #104.

item 96-97

Putnam, Elizabeth Whitney (1858-1925). #96, with niece(?), Elizabeth Whitney Putnam (1895- ), 1905. #97, identification uncertain; in outdoor kitchen with unidentified woman.

item 98

Putnam, Elizabeth Whitney (1895- ). 1905.

item 99

Putnam, Francis. n.d.

item 100-101

Putnam, Osgood. 1905. With daughter(?), Elizabeth W. Putnam (1895- ).

item 102-103

Putnam, Samuel Osgood. n.d.

item 104

Putnam family. ca. 1890. Includes Edward W. Putnam, Osgood Putnam, Julia Canfield Lyman, Elizabeth Shipman Bonestell, Katharine Putnam Hooker, Annie Shipman Dickenson, Caroline Rankin Putnam, Elizabeth Whitney Putnam (1858-1925), Mary Putnam Shepard, Charles F. Peirce.

item 105-114

Yates, Ethel. various dates. See also #152-170.

item 115

Yates, Ethel & Louis. 1902.

item 116

Yates, Ethel & Harold (child). 1893.

item 117

Yates, Harold. 1893.

item 118-120

Yates, Harold & Robin. 1893-94.

item 121

Yates, Robin(?). 1893.



item 122-123

Unidentified woman. Formerly identified as Ethel Yates.

item 124-129

Unidentified woman, at Hooker Family's Pacific Avenue (S.F.) home.

item 130-136

"Theatricals" 1912. Various people, taken in patio and garden of unidentified residence.

item 140

Unidentified woman, in Bruce Porter House (?)

item 141

Three women in gondola, presumably Venice.

item 147-149

Various people, fishing, hiking, etc., in Sierras.

item 150

At seaside. Possibly includes Marion O. Hooker and Elizabeth R. Putnam. n.d. Cyanotype.

item 151

Five people in cypress tree. Monterey area(?). n.d. Cyanotype.

item 152-170

Yates family? Identification uncertain.

item 171

Unidentified woman; studio portrait by Schumacker, Los Angeles.


Removed from the Collection and Filed Separately Under Their Own Names

item 172

Bowles, Samuel 3

item 173

Gibson, Hugh 6

item 174

James, Henry 1

item 175-176

James, William 1-2

item 177

Keith, William 60

item 178

Oliver, Mrs. 1

item 179-183

Simoneau, Jules 4-8



item 172

Cole, Mrs. Jirah D. phot by Lamson, Los Angeles

item 173-174

Cook, Lilliam. #173 by Mushet, Los Angeles

item 175-177

Cutting, Arthur. Phots as child, 1915-1919.

item 178-182

Cutting, Barbara Anne. Dated 1918 (age 16 mo.)-1934.

item 183

Gibson, Hugh. With family, 1931. Phot. by Alban, Brussels.

item 184

Greame, Helen.

item 185

Hale, George Ellery.

item 186-189

Hale, William. Phots as child. Some by Anna Desmond, Los Angeles

item 190

Hardy, Mary Cutler. With 4 daughters, 1911. By Vreeland, San Diego.

item 191-192

Harraden, Beatrice. 1895 & 1899, the latter by Elliott & Fry, London.

item 193-194

Hooker, Katharine Putnam. One phot by Dassonville, S.F., 1902.

item 195-196

Hooker, Laurence Osgood. By Bradley & Rulofson, n.d., and Lorenz, Los Angeles, 1893.

item 197-199

Hooker, Laurence Whitney. By Imperial, S.F., n.d.; F. G. Schumacher, S.F., 1892;Filly Studio, New Haven, Conn., 1894.

item 200-202

Hooker, Marion Osgood. Undated phots by Runnels, S.F., & Steckels & Lamson, L.A.

item 203

James, Alexander Robertson. Reproduction of self-portrait from periodical.

item 204-205

Pierce, Charles. #204, n.d., by Imperial, S.F.; #205, 1892 by Elmer Chickering, Boston.

item 206

Pierce, Lucy. 1917, by Maude Stimson.

item 207

Pope, Sam.

item 208

Porter, Catherine James. As child, 1923, by Gates, S.F.

item 209-210

Porter, Margarite, with Robert Bruce Porter, as child, 1918 and 1920 (by Moulin). #209 includes unidentified man.

item 211

Purkitt, Mrs. Taber, S.F.

item 212

Purkitt, John. Taber, S.F.

item 213

Putnam, Caroline Rankin.

item 214-215

Putnam, Luch Chase. Phot by H. S. Mendelssohn, London.

item 216

Putnam, Marian Osgood. by Lorenz, L.A.

item 217

Walker. On verso: "Daughter of General Walker" Phot by C. VanDyk, N.Y.

item 218

Whitney, Josiah Dwight. Phot by L. Alman, N.Y.

item 219

Whitney, Margaret. Phot by G. C. Cox.

item 220

Whitney, Maria. Phot by Hardy, Boston.

item 221

Whitney, William Dwight. Engraved port, by Kruell(?)

item 222

Whitney, William Dwight. with Josiah Dwight Whitney.

item 223

Whitney. Group of three women; on verso: "Whitneys?" Phot by Bowman, Newhaven, Conn.

item 224-225

Hooker, Katharine Putnam. 2 copies of same phot, by Lorenz, L.A., 1896. see also #95.