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Inventory of the Viktor E. Frankl Collection, 1924 - 1998
GTU 89-5-012  
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Reprints: Chapters from Books. Alphabetical by author, then by year under author. Title underlined in green.

Box Box 1, Folder ff 1

Bibliographies of Frankl's works in all languages, January 1990 and December 1991


A - Frankl, 1969

Box Box 2

Frankl, 1970 - Matson

Box Box 3

McCarthy - Zavalloni


Reprints: Periodical Articles. Alphabetical by author, then by year under author. Title underlined in red, except for articles from Forum for Logotherapy which are not underlined.


Alder - Ascher

Box Box 4

Barber - Cullen

Box Box 5

Dean - Frankl, 1949

Box Box 6

Frankl, 1952 - Frankl, 1966

Box Box 7

Frankl, 1967 - Frankl, 1992 (and n.d.)

Box Box 8

Frost - Kubler-Ross

Box Box 9

Ladouceur - Muller

Box Box 10

Murphy - Stones

Box Box 11

Takashima - Zehnpfenning


Reprints: Chapters and Articles.

Additional Note

German and Italian Language. Alphabetical by author, then by year under author.

Asperger - Frankl, 1964

Box Box 12

Frankl, 1965 - Thun


2 ff, German newspaper articles


5 ff, Italian reprints


Subject Files: Viktor Frankl.

Additional Note

Arranged chronologically. Materials from Robert Leslie having to do directly with Frankl.
Box Box 13, Folder ff 1

Frankl vita information

Folder ff 2

Letter: Frankl to "Lieber Fritz", 10/3/46, German, photocopy

Folder ff 3

Courses on Frankl, by Leslie, 1963-65, 71, 80

Folder ff 4

Correspondence Re: trips and speaking engagements, 1959-64

Folder ff 5

Correspondence, 1968-69

Folder ff 6

Correspondence, 1973

Folder ff 7

Correspondence, 1975-77

Folder ff 8

Play: "Eternal Record", ca. 1946, copyright 1977

Folder ff 9

Play: "Synchronisation in Buchenwald" (Alternate title, "Eternal Record"), performed 1st Unitarian Church, Berkeley, January 1978 (See Tapes 25, 26, 27, 28 Box 26)

Folder ff 10

Preliminary Notes for Lecture: "The Defiant Power of the Human Spirit", Berkeley, CA, handwritten 11/2/1979

Folder ff 11

Correspondence, 1981-84

Folder ff 12

Correspondence, 1987-88

Folder ff 13

Correspondence, 1989-92

Folder ff 14

"An Existential Therapist Looks at Love", typescript, n.d.

Folder ff 15

"Time and Responsibility, typescript, n.d.

Folder ff 16

Self-caricature, signed, n.d.

Folder ff 17

Caricatures, photocopies, n.d.: "3 schools of Viennese Psychotherapy", "In Frankl's Class-Room"


Subject Files: Frankl Library and Memorabilia.

Additional Note

Working files on the collection, majority are about putting the collection together.
Box Box 14, Folder ff 1

Announcement of Library's establishment, 1975

Folder ff 2

Guide to the Library, 1976, 1988, 1992

Folder ff 3

Committee meeting, 11/1977

Folder ff 4

Form for Requests and Acknowledgements, n.d.

Folder ff 5

Notes and Bibliographies, Lists for gathering the collection,1975-76

Folder ff 6

Correspondence: gathering the reprints collection, 1975-76

Folder ff 7

Correspondence: requesting dissertations, 1976

Folder ff 8-12

Bibliographies of works by Frankl and about Logotheraphy, various languages and dates.

Folder ff 13-18

Correspondence, 1977-92: with GTU Librarians on processing the collection, with authors and others for material to add to the collection, about the Library Fund, and general

Folder ff 19

Book reviews, various dates

Folder ff 20

Library Fund, ledgers and vouchers, 1975-93

Folder ff 21

Additional materials

Folder ff 22

Randolph Sasnett Gift, correspondence, 1980, 1989

Folder ff 23

Exhibit materials, various dates

Folder ff 24

Book, photocopy: Trotzdem Ja zum Leben Sagen, Frankl (Franz Deuticke: Wien, 1947)

Folder ff 25-31

Book reviews of Frankl books:


From Death Camp to Existentialism, pub. 1959


Doctor and the Soul, pub. 1965


Psychotherapy and Existentialism, pub. 1967


Will to Meaning, pub. 1969


The Unconscious God, pub. 1975


The Unheard Cry for Meaning, pub. 1978


Das Menschenbild der Seelenheilkunde, n.d.

Folder ff 32

Printed Study Guide for Tape 17 (see Box 25)

Folder ff 33

Printed Study Guide for Tape 29 (see Box 26)


Subject Files: General.

Additional Note

No order.
Folder ff 34

Institute for Logotherapy, events and information, ca. 1978-early 1980's

Folder ff 35

Play: "Synchronization in Buchenwald"

Folder ff 36-39

Bibliographies and indexes for journal, "International Forum for Logotherapy"

Folder ff 40-44

Festival of Meaning, Berkeley, CA, 1977

Folder ff 45

Joseph Fabry, biographical information, 1989

Folder ff 46

Flyers for Frankl engagements, various dates

Folder ff 47

"Importance of the Four Dimensions of Man in the Concept of Noo-Psychosomatic medicine and some Case Histories", by Hiroshi Takashima (photocopy of typescript, various essays, 1978-83)

Box Box 15

Oversize Items.

Additional Note

No order. (See also Folio 4)
Box Folio box

1. Galley Proofs, with corrections: From Death Camp to Existentialism, English translation by Ilse Lasch. Beacon Press, Boston, 1959

Additional Note

(2 copies author's proof, April 1959, 1 master proof, January 1959). Sasnett Gift (see Box 18). (See also Box 20, manuscript)

2. Caricature, by Frankl: James Crumbough. Signed, 1977


3. Caricature, by Frankl: "From John's Road to John's Cabinet" (Harvard on John's Road to John F. Kennedy, with Frankl as mountain climber) n.d.


4. Caricature, by Frankl: "Dimensional Jobology: The Teacher of Ministers" (Robert Leslie), n.d.


5. Poster: Institute of Logotherapy, V. Frankl, "A Life Long Search for Meaning with slides to Reminisce", June 28, 1991, San Jose, CA (3 copies)


6. Poster: Third World congress for Logotherapy, V. Frankl "Uberleben - wozu?", June 18, 1983, Regensburg, Germany (3 copies)


7. Periodical cover: Wochenpresse, Vol. 35 no. 15, 4/9/1980, picturing V. Frankl, caption "Sinn des Seins"


8. Poster: Institute of Logotherapy, V. Frankl "The Defiant Power of the Human spirit", Nov. 2, 1979, Berkeley, CA (3 copies)


9. Poster: Institute of Logotherapy and 1st Unitarian church of Berkeley, "Synchronisation in Buchenwald", play performance and discussion with V. Frankl, January 1978, Berkeley, CA


10. Poster: University of California Committee for Arts and Lectures and 1st Unitarian Church of Berkeley, V. Frankl "Therapy through Meaning", Feb. 13, 1977, Berkeley, CA


11. Periodical: Pace, Vol. 3 no. 5, May 1967, "A Human Dynamo Sparks College America", pg. 36-41


12. Citation to V. Frankl from The Religion in Education Foundation (Randolph Sasnett Gift), Oct. 10, 1960


13. Poster: Seasons of Life Forum, V. Frankl "Man's Search for Meaning", n.d., Lafayette, CA


14. Poster: Youth Corps Events, V. Frankl "The Unheard Cry for Meaning", n.d., Toronto, Canada



Additional Note

(See also Folios 1, 2, 3)
Box Box 16, Folder ff 1

Photocopies, MSS pages for Doctor and the Soul written in the camps, ca. 1944

Folder ff 2

Frankl, ca. 1947

Folder ff 3-4

Frankl, on REF 1957 lecture tour, with Randolph Sasnett (Sasnett Gift)

Folder ff 5

Frankl with Ashley Montague, 1957

Folder ff 6

Frankl, mountainclimbing, 1957

Folder ff 7

Frankl with Robert Leslie and Martin Heiddeger, ca. 1961

Folder ff 8

Frankl with Robert Leslie and Ludwig Binswanger, ca. 1961

Folder ff 9

Frankl with Robert Leslie, ca. 1961

Folder ff 10

Frankl with Aaron Ungersma, ca. 1961 (Sasnett Gift)

Folder ff 11

Frankl with daughter Gabrielle, ca. 1961

Folder ff 12

Frankl, 1962 (Sasnett Gift)

Folder ff 13

Frankl at Pacific School of Religion, 1963

Folder ff 14

Frankl with Joseph Fabry, ca. 1960, 1965

Folder ff 15

Frankl, 1966

Folder ff 16

Frankl with wife Elly and Pope Paul VI, 1972

Folder ff 17

Frankl with wife Elly and Jackeline Humberger, ca. 1977

Folder ff 18-19

Frankl, ca. 1977

Folder ff 20

Frankl with Elizabeth Lukas, 1977

Folder ff 21

Frankl, ca. 1978

Folder ff 22

Frankl with Elly, mountains, 9/1982

Folder ff 23

Frankl with ?, n.d.

Folder ff 24

Frankl with Elly, Auschwitz, n.d.

Folder ff 25-27

Frankl, n.d.

Folder ff 28

Gordon Allport with Elly, ca. 1959

Folder ff 29-34

Festival of Meaning, Berkeley, CA, Feb. 1977

Folder ff 35

Frankl at Reception, Vienna Imperial Castle, 1977

Folder ff 36

Frankl, visit and exhibit, 1989

Folder ff 37

Joseph Fabry, n.d.

Folder ff 38

Elizabeth Lukas, n.d.

Box Box 17

Card Catalog: Frankl Library and Memorabilia.

Additional Note

Developed and maintained by Robert Leslie, ca. 1977-92. Note: Not all the items listed on the cards are contained in the current Frankl Collection
Box Microform Box

1. Reprints


2. Memorabilia and Artifacts


3. Books in the GTU Library


4. Dissertations


Randolph and Martena Sasnett Gift.

Additional Note

Randolph Sasnett, Director of Religion in Education Foundation (later named Education Futures, International) was instrumental in bringing Frankl to the attention of the American professional and academic communities. Sasnett sponsored Frankl on nation-wide lecture tours starting in 1957. In 1975, the Sasnetts gave their collection of Frankl materials to the Frankl Library and Memorabilia. See narrative in Box 19, ff 13. See further identified Sasnett Gift materials in Boxes 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22. See also: GTU 98-9-03, Manuscript, "The Mind of Jesus and the Future Mind" by J. Randolph Sasnett.
Box Box 18, Folder ff 1

Address by Frankl: Annual Memorial, Vienna Society of Physicians, 3/25/1949

Folder ff 2-8

National Tour, 9-10/1957. Materials from binders include correspondence, manuscripts of lectures, photographs, publicity materials, interviews, newspaper clippings

Folder ff 9

Correspondence, publishing English translations of Frankl works, 1957-67

Folder ff 10-13

National Tour, 2/1960. Materials from binders

Folder ff 14

"American Bibliography on Logotherapy and Existential Analysis", ca. 1960

Folder ff 15

Program: International Congress for Psychotherapy, Vienna, 8/1961

Folder ff 16

Frankl Lecture: "Existential Dynamics and Neurotic Escapism", Academy of Religion and Health, May 17, 1962

Folder ff 17

National Tour, 2/1963. Materials from binder

Folder ff 18

"American Bibliography on Logotheraphy and Existenzanalyse" compiled by Frankl, ca. 1963

Box Box 19, Folder ff 1

"A Person's Search for Values", Values Colloquium, 10/1963

Folder ff 2

Film project material: "Value Dimensions in Teaching", Frankl and Huston Smith, Santa Barbara, CA, 10/1963

Folder ff 3

National Tour, 10/1963. Materials from binder

Folder ff 4

November 1964 engagements

Folder ff 5

Frankl Speech: Tribute to RIE and Sasnett, 7/21/1966, handwritten mss

Folder ff 6

Frankl Lecture, 7/23/1966

Folder ff 7

Newsclippings, 1969, 1974-75

Folder ff 8

Brochure: Institute of Logotheraphy, announcement, 1970

Folder ff 9

Frankl Address: "Man in search of Meaning", Rockford College Commencement, 5/14/1972

Folder ff 10

Frankl tribute to Sasnett, 2/20/1973

Folder ff 11

"In Memoriam" to J. Randolph Sasnett, 1890-1978, in International Forum for Logotheraphy Vol. 1 no. 1 Winter 1978-Spring 1979, pg. 24-25.

Folder ff 12

Various published articles, 1955-67

Folder ff 13

"Brief Account of Dr. V. Frankl and U.S. Connections" by Martena Sasnett, 9/1998


Manuscripts: English translations of Frankl's works.

Additional Note

Sasnett Gift (ff 1-6): At Frankl's request, these manuscripts were given to Sasnett by the publishers (See also Box 15, galley proofs).
Box Box 20, Folder ff 1

Ein Psycholog erlebt das Konzentrationslager (Verlag fur Jugend und Volk: Wien, 1947).

Folder ff 2

"A Psychologist Experiences Life in a Concentration Camp", Ilse Lasch, translator, 1958, typescript, incomplete

Folder ff 3

"From Death Camp to Existentialism", Ilse Lasch, trans., typescript, 1959

Folder ff 4

"Man's Search for Meaning", Part Two: "Basic Concepts of Logotherapy", Ilse Lasch, trans., 1962

Folder ff 5-6

"Psychotherapy and Existentialism", typescript, 1967

Folder ff 7

"Homo Patiens", English translation, typescript, ca. 1950

Folder ff 8

"The Unconscious God", English trans. By William A. Sadler, typescript, ca. 1958


Audiotapes, Reel to Reel: Sasnett Gift.

Additional Note

Tapes of Frankl national lecture tours sponsored by Religion in Education Foundation or Education Futures International.
Box Box 21

1957 Tour:


1. 9/19/1957: Columbia University, 2 tapes


2. 9/20-27/57: Harvard, 6 tapes


3. 9/30/57: Yale, 2 tapes


4. 10/4/57: Northwestern University, 1 tape


5. 10/12/57: Willamette University, 2 tapes


6. 10/12/57: University of Washington, 3 tapes


7. 10/16/57: University of Southern California, 4 tapes


1960 Tour:


8. 2/11/1960: University of Pittsburg, Western Psychiatric Institute, 1 tape


9. 2/12/60: Duquesne University, 1 tape


10. 2/19/60: St. louis University, 2 tapes


11. 2/23/60: Vanderbilt University, 3 tapes


12. 2/24/60: Texas Medical Center, 1 tape


Audiotapes, Reel to Reel:

Additional Note

Sasnett Gift (continued):
Box Box 22

1963 Tour:


1. 2/12-15/1963: University of Minnesota, 5 tapes


2. 2/14/63: St. Olaf College, 1 tape


3. 2/18-19/63: University of Illinois, 4 tapes


4. 2/20-21/63: University of Michigan, 6 tapes


Misc. Sasnett Gift tapes:


5. 4/2/63: Boston, MA, WGBH interview


6. 4/10/63: Wesleyan University, Ohio


7. 10/9/63: Devereux School, Santa Barbara, CA


8. 1963: Veteran's Hospital, Downey, CA


9. 8/28/66: Twentieth Anniversary of Religion in Education Foundation


From Robert Leslie and the old Pacific School of Religion Library:


10. Self Transcendence, 1968 (See Tape 11 Box 25)


11. Frankl Lectures (at San Francisco Theological Seminary?), 10/13/1960, 4 tapes


12. PSR Seminar, 10/7/63, "Philosophy of Logotherapy Applied to a Specific Case" (See Tape 6 Box 25)


13. PSR Lecture, 10/7/63, "Logotherapy as Medical Ministry"


14. Cowell Hospital, University of California, Berkeley, 10/7/63, "Clinical Aspects of Logotherapy" (See Tape 5a,b Box 25)


15. PSR Lecture, 5/7/66, "The Pastor as Logotherapist" (See Tape 8a,b Box 25)


Reel to Reel tape originals.

Additional Note

Cassette tape copies are in:

Box 25: Tapes 3, 4, 12a,b, 13, 16


Box 26: Tapes 30, 37a,b


Books: Frankl works in translation.

Additional Note

Arranged alphabetically by language.
Box Box 23

Afrikaans - Norwegian

Box Box 24

Polish - Swedish


Books: by Robert Leslie.

Additional Note

In order by publishing date.

Jesus and Logotherapy: The Ministry of Jesus as Interpreted Through the Psychotherapy of Viktor Frankl (Nashville: Abingdon,, 1965). BT590 P9 L4


Man's Search for a Meaningful Faith (Nashville: Graded Press, 1967). BV1550 L4 Size 9


El Hombre en Busca de una Fe Que Tenga (Spanish trans. of Man's Search for a Meaningful Faith), trans. Eusbio D. Rodriquez (Nashville: United methodist Church, Board of Education, Division of the Local Church, 1970).


Jesus and Logotherapy, Korean, trans. Byung Il Doh (Seoul: Korean Every home Crusade and Christian Press, 1973).


Jesus and Logotherapy, Japanese, trans. Shinichi Mandai (Kyoto, Japan: Rugarusha Press, 1978).


Between Person and Person: A Pastoral Counseling Manual, Chinese, trans. Sick-Hui Chiu (Kaohsiune, Taiwan: Union Printing, 1981).


Jesus as Counselor (originally published as Jesus and Logotherapy) (Nashville: Abingdon, 1982). BT590 P9 L4 1982


Viktor E. Frankl as Seen in Published Articles of Robert C. Leslie, compiled by Robert Leslie, photocopied, spiral bound, 1997.


Misc. Books:


Man's Search for Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy, 3rd edition (NY, NY: Simon and Schuster, 1984).


Viktor Frankl, People and Meaning by Edward Lazar (San Francisco: Golden Phoenix Press, 1985) no. 106/300.

Box Box 25

Audiocassette Tapes.

Additional Note

Chronological order (Tapes 36 and 37 are out of order).
tape Tape 1a,b,c,d

"Logotherapy". Discussion, Aaron Ungersma and Roy Fairchild, moderated by Dr. Stein. 10/13/1960 (4 tapes)

tape Tape 2

"Frankl at Cranachstrasse". Frankl interviewed by Robert Leslie about Logotherapy and the events leading to the translation into English and publication of From Death Camp to Existentialism. 3/16/1961 (1 tape)

tape Tape 3

"Crossing the Iron Curtain". Address by Robert Leslie to the Berkeley City Commons Club, Nov. 3, 1961 for radio broadcast on KRE. Account of a trip to Auschwitz with Frankl Spring 1961. (1 tape, original reel to reel tape in Box 22)

tape Tape 4

"Address by Robert Leslie on Viktor Frankl". Given at Conference on Science and Religion, San Jacinto, CA, 3/2/1963. (1 tape, original reel to reel tape in Box 22)

tape Tape 5a,b

"Clinical Aspects of Logotherapy". Frankl address given at Psychiatric Clinic, Cowell Memorial Hospital, University of California, Berkeley. Intro by Robert Leslie. 10/7/1963. (2 tapes, original reel to reel tape in Box 22)

tape Tape 6

"Philosophy of Logotherapy Applied to a Specific Case". Patient interviewed by Frankl before a professional audience at Pacific School of Religion, CA with a follow-up by Robert Leslie one year later. 10/7/1963, 1964 (1 tape, original reel to reel tape in Box 22)

tape Tape 7a,b

"Logotherapy as Medical Ministry". Frankl address given in the Chapel, Pacific School of Religion, CA. 10/7/1963. (2 tapes, original reel to reel tape in Box 22)

tape Tape 8a,b

"The Pastor as Logotherapist". Frankl lecture and question and answer period at Pacific School of Religion, CA. 5/9/1966 (2 tapes, original reel to reel tape in Box 22)

tape Tape 9a,b,c

"Address of Viktor Frankl at DePauw University". 5/3/67 (3 tapes)

tape Tape 10

"What is Meant by Meaning". 1968 (1 tape)

tape Tape 11:

"Self Transcendence: The Motivational Theory of Logotherapy". 1968 (1 tape, original reel to reel tape Box 22)

tape Tape 12a,b

"The Triumph of the Human Spirit". Frankl lecture sponsored by Esalen Institute, given at First Unitarian Church, San Francisco, 10/13/1969. (2 tapes, original reel to reel tape Box 22)

tape Tape 13

"A Man in Search of Meaning". 1969 (1 tape, original reel to reel tape Box 22)

tape Tape 14a,b,c

"The Existential Vacuum". 1969 (3 tapes)

tape Tape 15a,b

"Man's Search for Meaning". Frankl lecture, Beth Harnish Lecture Series at Fresno State College, CA, 4/22/1971 (2 tapes)

tape Tape 16

"Dr. Viktor Frankl, Night Session". Dialogue between Frankl and C. Leslie following Fresno State College lecture, 4/22/1971 (1 tape, original reel to reel tape Box 22)

tape Tape 17a,b

"Meaninglessness, Today's Dilemma". Frankl discussion. Printed Study Guide, Box 14, ff 32. Creative Resources, Waco, TX, 1971 (2 tapes)

tape Tape 18a-n

"Man in Search of Meaning". Frankl lectures delivered at United States International University, San Diego, CA, 1976. (14 tapes)

tape Tape 19a-h

"Theory and Therapy of Neurosis". Frankl lectures delivered at United States International University, San Diego, CA, 1976. (8 tapes)

Box Box 26, tape Tape 20

"A Man in Search of Meaning". Frankl lecture delivered in Malaysia, 1976 (?). Singapore: Distributed by Counseling and Care. (1 tape)

tape Tape 21

"Inauguration of Frankl Library and Memorabilia". Frankl remarks at luncheon on 2/13/1976 during inauguration activities and Festival of Meaning at the Graduate Theological Union. (1 tape)

tape Tape 22a,b

"Therapy Through Meaning". Frankl lecture and presentation of 1977 Albert Schweitzer Award from the Unitarian-Universalist Association, given at Zellerbach Hall, University of California, Berkeley, CA, 2/13/1977. Part of the Festival of Meaning. (2 tapes)

tape Tape 23a-d

"A Festival of Meaning: Uniquest Session". 2/1977. See also Slides 1120-1143, GTU Slide Box 1/E (Slides 1120-1126, Frankl's visit to Auschwitz). (2 sets of 4 tapes)

tape Tape 24

"The Unheard Cry for Meaning". Frankl lecture delivered at massey hall, Toronto, Canada, 6/12/1977. (1 tape)

tape Tape 25

"Synchronisation in Buchenwald, Opening Night". Introduction by Joseph Fabry. Frankl remarks prior to first performance of his play at First Unitarian Church, Berkeley, CA, 1/18/1978. Question and answers after the play. See script, Box 13, ff 9; poster, Box 15. (1 tape, 2 copies)

tape Tape 26

"Synchronisation in Buchenwald, Second Night". Introduced by Joseph Fabry with remarks by Frankl. Second performance at First Unitarian Church, Berkeley, CA, 1/19/1978. (1 tape)

tape Tape 27

"Synchronisation in Buchenwald". 1/27/1978 performance at First Unitarian Church, Berkeley, CA. (1 tape, 2 copies)

tape Tape 28a,b

"Synchronisation in Buchenwald". Recording of opening night (see Tape 25), 1/18/78 with an opening explantion and introduction by "Richard" [Richard Boeke?]. (2 tapes)

tape Tape 29a,b

"Logotherapie und die Probleme der Zeit". (German) Printed Study Guide Box 14, ff 33: "Theorie und Therapie der Neurosen: Eine Kasuistische Einfuhrung fur Arzte". ca. 1980 (2 tapes)

tape Tape 30

"The Defiant Power of the Human Spirit: Message of Meaning in a Chaotic World". Frankl address delivered at Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA, co-sponsored by Institute of Logotherapy, Frankl Library and Memorabilia, GTU, and John F. Kennedy University, Orinda, CA, 11/2/1979. See handwritten lecture notes, Box 13, ff 10; poster, Box 15. (1 tape, original reel to reel, Box 22)

tape Tape 31a,b

"The Rehumanization of Psychotherapy". Frankl lecture Georgia Center for Continuing Education, introduced by Joseph Fabry. 1980 (2 tapes)

tape Tape 32:

"Focus, 1980: Joseph Fabry". KFRC radio program interview of Joseph Fabry, 8/31/1980. (1 tape)

tape Tape 33a,b

"Joseph Fabry Interviewed by Eugene Kingdon". Interview on radio program "New Age Communications", 1980.

tape Tape 34a,b,c

"Dr. Viktor Frankl and Tom Corrigan in Conversation". Includes Frankl relation to Freud and Adler, concentration camp anecdotes, and other topics. 1981 (3 tapes)

tape Tape 35

"Man in Search of Ultimate Meaning". Frankl lecture receiving the Oskar Pfister Award, American Psychiatric Association, 1985. (1 tape)

tape Tape 36a-s

"Frankl Lectures" [Appears to be a series of seminars at United States International University, San Diego, CA held in January or February each year]. 1972-74, 1976, 1978. (19 tapes) 4 tapes are broken, unplayable; several are not understandable due to recording noise or the mike too far away from the lecturer; the numbering on some tapes seems to indicate tapes might be missing.

tape Tape 37a,b

"Application of Logotherapy". Frankl, ca. 1977. (2 tapes, original reel to reel Box 22)

videotype Videotapes

South East Corner, Storage Room.


1. "Viktor Frankl Discussion at PSR": with Joseph Fabry and Mary Ann Finch, moderated by Robert Leslie. Part of the Festival of Meaning, Berkeley, CA, Feb. 1977. Sd., b&w. 2 copies: original Sony V-32 tape; VHS show copy.


2. "Aspects and Prospects of Logotherapy": Frankl lecture at Riordan Auditorium, City College, San Francisco, 11/5/1978. Introduced by Ernest Nackford, CCSF Counselor. Sd., b&w. 2 copies: original Karex U-Matic tapes (Parts I & II); VHS show copy.


3. "Synchronization in Buchenwald: Introduction and Questions and Answers": First Unitarian Church, Berkeley, CA, 1/28/1978. Sony V-32 tape.


4. "Logotherapy": Discussion from "East Bay Live" (CA) with Richard Boeke, Joseph Fabry, and Penny Parsons, Feb. 27, 1980. 2 copies: original Sony U-matic tape; VHS show copy.


5. "Viktor Frankl in Israel": Nov. 13-15, 1988, includes Frankl receiving honorary doctorate from Haifa University, attending Bar Mitzvah at Western Wall, Jerusalem, visiting the Viktor Frankl Institute. Sd., col., VHS.



Box GTU Slide Box 1/E

1. Slides 1120-1143: Festival of Meaning, and Uniquest Session, Berkeley, CA, Feb. 1977 (See also, Tape 23a-d, Box 26)


2. Slides 1144-1171: Festival of Meaning, Berkeley, CA, Feb. 1977


3. Slides 1172-1219: First World Congress of Logotherapy, San Diego, CA, 11/1980

Box GTU Slide Box 2/A

1. Slides 1220-1232: First World Congress of Logotherapy (continued)

Box Folio 1

Photograph: Frankl, ca. 1977, framed. 2/I/3

Folio Folio 2

Photograph: Frankl, n.d., on pressboard, 21"x29". Titled: "Prof. Viktor E. Frankl in 'Haus der Industrie' in Wein, 'im Tun, im Erleben, im Erleiden Sinn ist immer Hingabe.'" Top Range 2-3, Unit H

Folio Folio 3

Photograph: Frankl, n.d., on pressboard, 20" x 29". Top Range 2-3, Unit H

Folio Folio 4

Posters: World Congresses of Logotherapy: Regensburg, Germany, 1983 (3 copies); San Francisco, 1984 (3 copies) Top Range 2-3, Unit H