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Finding Aid to the 1934 International Longshoremen's Association and General Strikes of San Francisco 1933-1934
BANC PIC 1959.003--PIC  
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Produce Market, Food Convoy, No. 1-25


Produce market, food overturned. July 12, 1934. Ruth Brenner, Jacqueline Gordon (l. to. r.) BANC PIC 1959.003:01--PIC


Produce trucks and police BANC PIC 1959.003:02--PIC


Produce trucks guarded by police BANC PIC 1959.003:03--PIC


Produce market and police BANC PIC 1959.003:04--PIC


Produce Market BANC PIC 1959.003:05--PIC


Produce Market -- Police guards BANC PIC 1959.003:06--PIC


Produce Market - Police guards 7-12-1934 BANC PIC 1959.003:07--PIC


Produce Market


Produce Market BANC PIC 1959.003:08--PIC


Produce Market BANC PIC 1959.003:09--PIC


Produce Market BANC PIC 1959.003:10--PIC


Produce Market - food handlers BANC PIC 1959.003:11--PIC


Produce - potatoes on trucks BANC PIC 1959.003:12--PIC


Produce market BANC PIC 1959.003:13--PIC


Produce Market BANC PIC 1959.003:14--PIC


Produce transported by private car BANC PIC 1959.003:15--PIC


Dairy goods (eggs) delivery BANC PIC 1959.003:16--PIC


Produce Market


Produce Market BANC PIC 1959.003:17--PIC


Produce Market BANC PIC 1959.003:18--PIC


Produce Market BANC PIC 1959.003:19--PIC


Food convoy BANC PIC 1959.003:20--PIC


Food conveyed by police BANC PIC 1959.003:21--PIC


Produce market and police BANC PIC 1959.003:22--PIC


Food covoy BANC PIC 1959.003:23--PIC


Produce dumped in street BANC PIC 1959.003:24--PIC


Meat truck capsized, 7-13-1934, driver and police BANC PIC 1959.003:25--PIC


Food Lines, Food Raids, No. 26-36


Food raids, 7-13-1934 BANC PIC 1959.003:26--PIC


Strikers - food line BANC PIC 1959.003:27--PIC


Monte Di Bene, butcher (strike food) 7-19-1934 BANC PIC 1959.003:28--PIC


Jean Ach, Mary Miller (strike food) 7-19-1934 BANC PIC 1959.003:29--PIC


Grocery store check out counter BANC PIC 1959.003:30--PIC


Grocery store - check out counter BANC PIC 1959.003:31--PIC


Grocery store shopper BANC PIC 1959.003:32--PIC


Grocery store 7-13-1934 BANC PIC 1959.003:33--PIC


Man with grocery bags in crowd BANC PIC 1959.003:34--PIC


Longshoremen eating in dining hall BANC PIC 1959.003:35--PIC


[Longshoremen in line at dining hall] BANC PIC 1959.003:36--PIC


Longshoremen and Pickets, No. 37-53


Longshoremen waiting strike deadline May 8, 1934 BANC PIC 1959.003:37--PIC




Pickets BANC PIC 1959.003:38--PIC


Pickets BANC PIC 1959.003:39--PIC


Pickets BANC PIC 1959.003:40--PIC


Pickets BANC PIC 1959.003:41--PIC


Pickets - Embarcadero BANC PIC 1959.003:42--PIC




Pickets BANC PIC 1959.003:43--PIC


Pickets BANC PIC 1959.003:44--PIC


Pickets BANC PIC 1959.003:45--PIC


Picket parade, Embarcadero, Friday May 10, 1934 BANC PIC 1959.003:46--PIC


Picket parade 5-10-1934? BANC PIC 1959.003:47--PIC


Mass Meeting BANC PIC 1959.003:48--PIC


Pickets BANC PIC 1959.003:49--PIC


Picket [?] BANC PIC 1959.003:50--PIC


Picket boat [?] BANC PIC 1959.003:51--PIC


Picket boats [?] BANC PIC 1959.003:52--PIC


Picket boats [?] BANC PIC 1959.003:53--PIC


Embarcadero Scenes, No. 54-68


Embarcadero BANC PIC 1959.003:54--PIC


San Francisco Embarcadero BANC PIC 1959.003:55--PIC


Embarcadero BANC PIC 1959.003:56--PIC


S. S. Manukai, loading BANC PIC 1959.003:57--PIC


S. S. Manukai


S. S. Manukai BANC PIC 1959.003:58--PIC


S. S. Manukai BANC PIC 1959.003:59--PIC


S. S. Manukai BANC PIC 1959.003:60--PIC


S. S. Manukai BANC PIC 1959.003:61--PIC


Ship's steward handling passenger luggage BANC PIC 1959.003:62--PIC


Workers leave Pier 46, 5-9-1934 BANC PIC 1959.003:63--PIC


Embarcadero BANC PIC 1959.003:64--PIC


Ships at Piers - others waiting to be docked BANC PIC 1959.003:65--PIC


Ship's crew docking passenger liner BANC PIC 1959.003:66--PIC


[Group congregating on street in front of railyard] BANC PIC 1959.003:67--PIC


Embarcadero, 6-21-1934 BANC PIC 1959.003:68--PIC


Police Scenes, Arrests, No. 69-102




Arrest BANC PIC 1959.003:69--PIC


Arrest BANC PIC 1959.003:70--PIC


Arrest BANC PIC 1959.003:71--PIC


Arrest BANC PIC 1959.003:72--PIC


Arrest BANC PIC 1959.003:73--PIC


Arrest BANC PIC 1959.003:74--PIC


Arrest BANC PIC 1959.003:75--PIC


Arrest BANC PIC 1959.003:76--PIC


Arrest BANC PIC 1959.003:77--PIC


Police escorting strikers BANC PIC 1959.003:78--PIC


Police and tear gas guns BANC PIC 1959.003:79--PIC


San Francisco Police BANC PIC 1959.003:80--PIC


Police herding strikers BANC PIC 1959.003:81--PIC


Police driving strikers along railroad tracks - Embarcadero BANC PIC 1959.003:82--PIC


Police surround strikers - Embarcadero BANC PIC 1959.003:83--PIC


Police and strikers BANC PIC 1959.003:84--PIC


Police driving strikers along railroad tracks BANC PIC 1959.003:85--PIC


Mounted police herding strikers BANC PIC 1959.003:86--PIC


San Francisco Police and Army officer BANC PIC 1959.003:87--PIC


Mounted Police BANC PIC 1959.003:88--PIC


Police firing at crowd, Portrero Hill [?] BANC PIC 1959.003:89--PIC


Mounted police, Portrero district [?] BANC PIC 1959.003:90--PIC


Edw. Hodges (wounded abdomen and hand) 7-5-1934 BANC PIC 1959.003:91--PIC


Police driving pickets along Embarcadero BANC PIC 1959.003:92--PIC


San Francisco Police


San Francisco Police BANC PIC 1959.003:93--PIC


San Francisco Police BANC PIC 1959.003:94--PIC


Auto overturned BANC PIC 1959.003:95--PIC


Embarcadero - trucks and police escort BANC PIC 1959.003:96--PIC


Military - machine guns - police BANC PIC 1959.003:97--PIC


Military - machine guns - police BANC PIC 1959.003:097--NEG

Physical Description:
Extent: 1 negative

Embarcadero - crowds and police line BANC PIC 1959.003:98--PIC


Strikers surging Market Street BANC PIC 1959.003:99--PIC


Confrontation between strikers and police BANC PIC 1959.003:100--PIC


Strikers column escorted by police BANC PIC 1959.003:101--PIC


Police and strikers BANC PIC 1959.003:102--PIC


Warehouse District No. 103-107


Warehouse District, No. 103-107


Warehouse District, No. 103-107 BANC PIC 1959.003:103--PIC


Warehouse District, No. 103-107 BANC PIC 1959.003:104--PIC


Warehouse District, No. 103-107 BANC PIC 1959.003:105--PIC


Warehouse District, No. 103-107 BANC PIC 1959.003:106--PIC


Warehouse District - truck driver BANC PIC 1959.003:107--PIC


Hospital Scenes, No. 108-111


Hospital scene


Hospital scene BANC PIC 1959.003:108--PIC


Hospital scene BANC PIC 1959.003:109--PIC


Hospital scene BANC PIC 1959.003:110--PIC


Hospital scene BANC PIC 1959.003:111--PIC


Funerals, No. 112-118


Funeral of slain men BANC PIC 1959.003:112--PIC


Funeral BANC PIC 1959.003:113--PIC


Funeral of slain men


Funeral of slain men BANC PIC 1959.003:114--PIC


Funeral of slain men BANC PIC 1959.003:115--PIC


Funeral of slain men BANC PIC 1959.003:116--PIC


Funeral of slain men BANC PIC 1959.003:117--PIC


Funeral - graveside BANC PIC 1959.003:118--PIC


Miscellaneous, No. 119-153


[Men walking on street] BANC PIC 1959.003:119--PIC


[View from third floor showing crowd of people on street] BANC PIC 1959.003:120--PIC


Longshoremen burning company union books after winning short strike against Matson, September 1933 [Same event pictured in :122. Identification supplied by researcher.] BANC PIC 1959.003:121--PIC


Longshoremen burning pink books (or blue books?) after winning short strike against Matson, September 1933. BANC PIC 1959.003:122--PIC


[Man speaking to crowd] BANC PIC 1959.003:123--PIC


[Crowd gathering around taxis in front of building] BANC PIC 1959.003:124--PIC


[People walking past on sidewalk] BANC PIC 1959.003:125--PIC


[Crowd crossing street] BANC PIC 1959.003:126--PIC


Civic Center [?] - crowds BANC PIC 1959.003:127--PIC


Rincon Hill, 7-3-1934 BANC PIC 1959.003:128--PIC


Crowds - mostly female BANC PIC 1959.003:129--PIC


[Longshoremen burning company union books] BANC PIC 1959.003:130--PIC


[View from 2nd floor window showing crowd of people in street] BANC PIC 1959.003:131--PIC


Crowd at P. G. and E. BANC PIC 1959.003:132--PIC


[Large crowd of men in street] BANC PIC 1959.003:133--PIC


[Large group lined up on street] BANC PIC 1959.003:134--PIC


11 Mission Street BANC PIC 1959.003:135--PIC


10 The Embarcadero BANC PIC 1959.003:136--PIC


Third Street near Minna BANC PIC 1959.003:137--PIC


Strikers surround produce trucks, Third Street near Minna BANC PIC 1959.003:138--PIC


Mission Street near 14th BANC PIC 1959.003:139--PIC


Howard Street and 2nd BANC PIC 1959.003:140--PIC


148 Steuart Street near Mission BANC PIC 1959.003:141--PIC


Market Street and The Embarcadero BANC PIC 1959.003:142--PIC


"Strike Called Off" - newspaper vendor and crowd at Emporium BANC PIC 1959.003:143--PIC


San Francisco - Market Street 1934 BANC PIC 1959.003:144--PIC


San Francisco - Market Street - 1934 BANC PIC 1959.003:145--PIC


[Woman in front of gas station] BANC PIC 1959.003:146--PIC


Line up of autos at gas station BANC PIC 1959.003:147--PIC


Waterfront Strike, San Francisco Press photographers BANC PIC 1959.003:148--PIC


Waterfront Strike, San Francisco, 1934 Press photographers BANC PIC 1959.003:149--PIC


Railroad yards deserted BANC PIC 1959.003:150--PIC


Locomotive - State Belt Line


Locomotive - State Belt Line BANC PIC 1959.003:151--PIC


Locomotive - State Belt Line BANC PIC 1959.003:152--PIC


[Men in cab of Locomotive] BANC PIC 1959.003:153--PIC


Portraits, courtroom scenes, No. 154-247


[Crowd at courtroom] BANC PIC 1959.003:154--PIC


[Man reading from paper] BANC PIC 1959.003:155--PIC


Group in court lobby BANC PIC 1959.003:156--PIC


[Group of men examining bottle] BANC PIC 1959.003:157--PIC


[Audience in courtroom] BANC PIC 1959.003:158--PIC


[Audience in courtroom] BANC PIC 1959.003:159--PIC


[Man gesturing while speaking] BANC PIC 1959.003:160--PIC


[Men outside judges chambers] BANC PIC 1959.003:161--PIC


[Crowd outside courtroom] BANC PIC 1959.003:162--PIC


[Crowd outside courtroom] BANC PIC 1959.003:163--PIC


[Two men presumably in courtroom] BANC PIC 1959.003:164--PIC


[Man pointing at sheet of paper] BANC PIC 1959.003:165--PIC


[Crowd raising hands, likely taking oath] BANC PIC 1959.003:166--PIC


[Man opening door] BANC PIC 1959.003:167--PIC


[Two men looking at paper] BANC PIC 1959.003:168--PIC


[Group of men seated along wall] BANC PIC 1959.003:169--PIC


Lobby of court BANC PIC 1959.003:170--PIC


Lobby Federal Court BANC PIC 1959.003:171--PIC


[Man pocketing paper] BANC PIC 1959.003:172--PIC


[Man speaking from paper] BANC PIC 1959.003:173--PIC


Mayor Angelo Joseph Rossi


Mayor Angelo Joseph Rossi BANC PIC 1959.003:174--PIC


Mayor Angelo Joseph Rossi BANC PIC 1959.003:175--PIC


Mayor Angelo Joseph Rossi BANC PIC 1959.003:176--PIC


Entering Court BANC PIC 1959.003:177--PIC


Thomas G. Plant


Thomas G. Plant BANC PIC 1959.003:178--PIC


Thomas G. Plant BANC PIC 1959.003:179--PIC


Mayor Angelo Joseph Rossi


Mayor Angelo Joseph Rossi BANC PIC 1959.003:180--PIC


Mayor Angelo Joseph Rossi BANC PIC 1959.003:181--PIC


[Unidentified man, formerly identified as Harry Bridges] BANC PIC 1959.003:182--PIC


[Unidentified man, formerly identified as Harry Bridges] BANC PIC 1959.003:183--PIC


Thomas G. Plant


Thomas G. Plant BANC PIC 1959.003:184--PIC


Thomas G. Plant BANC PIC 1959.003:185--PIC


Unidentified man and Thomas G. Plant

Scope and Content Note

Man at left formerly mis-identified as Harry Bridges.

Unidentified man and Thomas G. Plant BANC PIC 1959.003:186--PIC

Physical Description:
Marks and Inscriptions: Later annotation "H. Bridges" appears to be incorrect.

Unidentified man and Thomas G. Plant BANC PIC 1959.003:187--PIC


Archbishop Edward J. Hanna


Archbishop Edward J. Hanna BANC PIC 1959.003:188--PIC


Archbishop Edward J. Hanna BANC PIC 1959.003:189--PIC


Archbishop Edward J. Hanna BANC PIC 1959.003:190--PIC


Archbishop Edward J. Hanna and Thomas G. Plant BANC PIC 1959.003:191--PIC


Mrs. Alta Weinstock, and Archbishop Edward J. Hanna BANC PIC 1959.003:192--PIC


McGrady and Archbishop Edward J. Hanna BANC PIC 1959.003:193--PIC


Archbishop Edward J. Hanna, et al. BANC PIC 1959.003:194--PIC


Archbishop Edward J. Hanna BANC PIC 1959.003:195--PIC


Andrew Furseth BANC PIC 1959.003:196--PIC


Andrew Furseth, et al. BANC PIC 1959.003:197--PIC


Edward F. Grady, Dean H. Grady, and J. L. Leonard BANC PIC 1959.003:198--PIC


J. L. Leonard, and Edward F. Grady BANC PIC 1959.003:199--PIC


Thomas G. Plant BANC PIC 1959.003:200--PIC


Teamster Officials, 7-9-1934. John Stewart, Michael Casey, John McLaughlin, Joe Dwing BANC PIC 1959.003:201--PIC


Harry Bridges


Harry Bridges BANC PIC 1959.003:202--PIC


H. Bridges BANC PIC 1959.003:203--PIC


Harry Bridges BANC PIC 1959.003:204--PIC


Thomas G. Plant, and Archbishop Edward J. Hanna BANC PIC 1959.003:205--PIC


Thomas G. Plant BANC PIC 1959.003:206--PIC


Joseph P. Ryan, and Andrew Furseth, 6-29-1934 BANC PIC 1959.003:207--PIC


[left] E. B. O'Grady, and [right] Harry Bridges, 7-9-1934 BANC PIC 1959.003:208--PIC


[Group of men] BANC PIC 1959.003:209--PIC


Harry Bridges and reporters, 7-12-1934 BANC PIC 1959.003:210--PIC


Harry Bridges BANC PIC 1959.003:211--PIC


Thomas G. Plant BANC PIC 1959.003:212--PIC


[Mayor Angelo Joseph Rossi ?] BANC PIC 1959.003:213--PIC


Mayor Angelo Joseph Rossi


Mayor Angelo Joseph Rossi BANC PIC 1959.003:214--PIC


Mayor Angelo Joseph Rossi BANC PIC 1959.003:215--PIC


Signers and Guarantors of June 16th agreement. Seated [1] Ryan [2] Mayor Angelo Joseph Rossi [3] Thomas G. Plant BANC PIC 1959.003:216--PIC


Signers of June 16th agreement. Seated: [1] Ryan ? [2] Mayor Angelo Joseph Rossi, [3] Thomas G. Plant BANC PIC 1959.003:217--PIC


Mayor Angelo Joseph Rossi, Thomas G. Plant, and Ryan BANC PIC 1959.003:218--PIC


Cushing, Reverend Hanff, and McGrady. Presidents ILA Strike Board BANC PIC 1959.003:219--PIC


[Men in front of judges stand] BANC PIC 1959.003:220--PIC


[Men talking on phone] BANC PIC 1959.003:221--PIC


[Two men in discussion] BANC PIC 1959.003:222--PIC


[Three men in discussion] BANC PIC 1959.003:223--PIC


[Crowd of men] BANC PIC 1959.003:224--PIC


[Crowd of men in hallway] BANC PIC 1959.003:225--PIC


[View of people down stairs] BANC PIC 1959.003:226--PIC


[Two men walking up stairs] BANC PIC 1959.003:227--PIC


[Two men embracing on street] BANC PIC 1959.003:228--PIC


[Man gesticulating] BANC PIC 1959.003:229--PIC


[Man on phone] BANC PIC 1959.003:230--PIC


[Man on phone] BANC PIC 1959.003:231--PIC


[Man looking over map] BANC PIC 1959.003:232--PIC


[Grave-looking man] BANC PIC 1959.003:233--PIC


[Man looking over map] BANC PIC 1959.003:234--PIC


[Group of men, some laughing] BANC PIC 1959.003:235--PIC


[Man at desk] BANC PIC 1959.003:236--PIC


[Men laughing] BANC PIC 1959.003:237--PIC


[Four men at desk] BANC PIC 1959.003:238--PIC


[Four men at desk] BANC PIC 1959.003:239--PIC


[Crowd of men] BANC PIC 1959.003:240--PIC


[Crowd of men smiling] BANC PIC 1959.003:241--PIC


[Crowd of men in discussion] BANC PIC 1959.003:242--PIC


[Group of men around table] BANC PIC 1959.003:243--PIC


[Group of men posing for photo] BANC PIC 1959.003:244--PIC


[Group writing at table] BANC PIC 1959.003:245--PIC


[Group around table] BANC PIC 1959.003:246--PIC


[Group in discussion] BANC PIC 1959.003:247--PIC


General views, No. 248-249


[Cityscape of waterfront with ships held up by the strike] BANC PIC 1959.003:248--PIC

Scope and Content Note

Similar to photograph 65.

[Abandoned railroad yards] BANC PIC 1959.003:249--PIC

Scope and Content Note

Similar to photograph 150.

Loading and unloading cargo, No. 250-254


[Longshoremen loading/unloading ships] BANC PIC 1959.003:250-254--PIC

Scope and Content Note

Similar to photographs 58-61.

Goods: rationing and deliveries, No. 255-259


[Gasoline rationing] BANC PIC 1959.003:255--PIC


[Shipments still moving, some with police escorts] BANC PIC 1959.003:256-258--PIC


[Freight train under steam in railroad yard along waterfront.] BANC PIC 1959.003:259--PIC


Police rounding up longshoremen pickets, No. 260-287


[Crowd of men (longshoremen?) along side of street] BANC PIC 1959.003:260--PIC

Scope and Content Note

Group possibly coming out of meeting (context unknown.)

[Police herding strikers across railroad tracks along the Embarcadero] BANC PIC 1959.003:261--PIC


[Police herding strikers down Embarcadero.] BANC PIC 1959.003:262-287--PIC

Scope and Content Note

277 includes an apparent National Guard member and may be from a subsequent day. 273 is similar to photograph 78.

[Railroad engine on the Embarcadero in front of Pier 18] BANC PIC 1959.003:271--PIC


Vandalism, No. 288-292


[Meat dumped in street] BANC PIC 1959.003:288-289--PIC


[A large amount of flour spilled off a truck] BANC PIC 1959.003:290--PIC

Scope and Content Note

Similar to photograph 24.

["SCAB" written on railroad boxcars] BANC PIC 1959.003:291--PIC


[Damaged truck] BANC PIC 1959.003:292--PIC


Police Confrontations, No. 293-308


[Police/striker confrontation and violence] BANC PIC 1959.003:293-303--PIC


[Riots at Rincon Hill] BANC PIC 1959.003:304-307--PIC


[Bystander Edward Hodges hit in hand and abdomen] BANC PIC 1959.003:307--PIC

Scope and Content Note

Similar to photograph 91.

[Man being treated for injuries in a hospital] BANC PIC 1959.003:308--PIC

Scope and Content Note

Similar to photograph 110.

Sidewalk memorial, No. 309-315


[Sidewalk memorial in chalk for two people killed in confrontation.] BANC PIC 1959.003:309-315--PIC


Longshoremen in Court, No. 316-321


[Hearings or booking procedures for the arrested longshoremen, with Harry Bridges] BANC PIC 1959.003:316-326--PIC


Protests and Pickets, No. 322-326


[Longshoremen protests and pickets] BANC PIC 1959.003:322-326--PIC


Miscellaneous police scenes, No. 327-358


[Miscellaneous views of police activity surrounding Embarcadero district.] BANC PIC 1959.003:327-358--PIC


National Guard, No. 359-488


[Police Chief Quinn talking with captain of the National Guard sent in] BANC PIC 1959.003:359-361--PIC

Scope and Content Note

Similar to photograph 87.

[National Guard arriving and setting up camp in the Embarcadero] BANC PIC 1959.003:364-444--PIC


[National Guard in railroad yard at the Embarcadero] BANC PIC 1959.003:441--PIC


[Miscellaneous views of troops and officers in discussion] BANC PIC 1959.003:445-454--PIC


[Miscellaneous views of troops standing guard in Embarcadero] BANC PIC 1959.003:455-488--PIC


Memorial ceremonies and funerals, No. 489-495


[Victim's brother standing besides casket at memorial ceremony] BANC PIC 1959.003:489-490--PIC


[Funeral with partially constructed Golden Gate Bridge in background] BANC PIC 1959.003:491--PIC


[Mourners] BANC PIC 1959.003:492-493--PIC


[Lowering of a casket by officers] BANC PIC 1959.003:494--PIC

Scope and Content Note

Similar to photograph 118.

[Military honor guard] BANC PIC 1959.003:495--PIC


General Strike, No. 496


[Women in the cleaning and dying industry participating in the General Strike] BANC PIC 1959.003:496--PIC

Scope and Content Note

Other images may relate to General Strike but were not clearly identifiable as such.

Communists, No. 497-520


[Destruction and vandalism of communist headquarters around San Francisco] BANC PIC 1959.003:497-503--PIC


[Police round up of suspected communists] BANC PIC 1959.003:504-517--PIC


[Trials or hearings of suspected communists] BANC PIC 1959.003:518-520--PIC


Scenes of city: transit strike effects, No. 521-539


[Downtown streets and Market Street with crowds of business people on foot] BANC PIC 1959.003:521-527--PIC


[Woman measuring level in automobile gas tank] BANC PIC 1959.003:528--PIC

Scope and Content Note

Context unknown.

[Travellers with baggage, perhaps near the train station or Ferry Building] BANC PIC 1959.003:529-532--PIC


[Streetcars running again] BANC PIC 1959.003:533-539--PIC


Photographers, No. 540-544


[Newspaper photographers clowning around and posing with cameras, helmets, and gas masks] BANC PIC 1959.003:540-544--PIC


[Photographers wearing gas masks] BANC PIC 1959.003:542--PIC