Finding Aid to the Documents Relating to Texas, 1797-1810

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Finding Aid to the Documents Relating to Texas, 1797-1810

Collection number: BANC MSS M-M 1856

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Documents Relating to Texas,
Date (inclusive): 1797-1810
Collection Number: BANC MSS M-M 1856
Extent: Number of containers: 1 box
Repository: The Bancroft Library
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
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Abstract: Correspondence of the viceroys of Mexico, relating to Indian troubles in Texas and mainly to procuring military aid for the province. A few letters pertain to the Louisiana boundaries and to United States intervention in Spanish territories.
Languages Represented: Collection materials are in Spanish

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Scope and Content

Correspondence to and from the Viceroys of Mexico, mainly relating to Indian troubles in Texas (Apaches, Comanches and Lipans) and to procuring military aid for Texas. A few letters pertain to the Louisiana boundaries and to the United States' intervention in Spanish territories. These papers are from the Howell-Zeitlin purchase. The arrangement of the collection is chronological. A partial list, alphabetical, of correspondents is appended.

Partial List of Correspondents


Branciforte, Miguel de la Grua Talamanca y Branciforte, marqués de, viceroy of Mexico

Scope and Content Note

Sobre hostilidades efectuadas por los Apaches en el Nuevo Reyno de Leon, y providencias para contenerles, y occurir a todos los puntos de atencion, instruidos en este gobierno y en los demas del expediente.
Correspondence to and from Branciforte, relating mainly to Indian activites in Nuevo Leon. 118 pp., sewn together. Contents, in the order in which they appear:

Ramón, Juan Ignacio


Diario, July 4-14, 1797, kept at Punta de Lampassas - a record of enemy (Indian) activities.


Herrera, Simón de, d. 1812


Letter to Branciforte, of July 24, 1797, from Monterrey, enclosing Ramón's journal.


Branciforte's reply to Herrera, draft, Aug. 14, 1797, acknowledging receipt of Herrera's letter and Ramón's journal.


Branciforte to Antonio Cordero, draft, Aug. 14, 1797, imparting information obtained from Ramón's journal and Herrera's letter.


Calleja, Félix Maróa, conde de Calderon, 1750-1828


Letter to Branciforte, dated July 31, 1797, from Valle del Maiz, concerning these same events.


Carrasco, Pedro N.


Copy of letter to Antonio Cordero, July 29, 1797, from Aguaje de Santo Domingo, giving an account of battle of July 27, 1797, against the Apaches.


Herrera, Simón de


Copy of letter to Calleja, Aug. 12, 1797, from Punta de Lampassas, enclosing copies of letter from Carrasco and from Cordero, and telling of measures taken to fortify the area.


Cordero, Antonio


Copy of letter to Herrera, Aug 5, 1797, from San Fernando.


Calleja, Félix María


Letter to Branciforte, Aug. 25. 1797, from the Valle del Maiz, enclosing letters from Carrasco, Herrera, and Cordero, and suggesting preventive measures.


Branciforte to Calleja, draft, Sept. 8, 1797, reply giving orders for policy to be followed and of assistance to be given in the struggle against the Indians.


Branciforte to the Intendente de San Luis Potosi, Sept. 7, 1797, draft of orders, and statement of Calleja's position.


Herrera to Branciforte, Aug. 29, 1797, relating to Carrasco's battle, and to succeeding attacks of Aug 16-26, with report of action taken.


Herrera to Calleja (copy), Aug 18, 1797, containing report of Indian horse stealing.


Calleja to Branciforte, Aug. 31, 1797, from the Valle de Maiz, enclosing Herrera's letter of Aug. 18, 1797, and copy of letter from Calleja to the Conde de Sierra-Gorda, Aug. 27, 1797.


Calleja to Herrera, copy, Sept. 7, 1797, promising help if he can obtain it.


Herrera to Calleja, copy of letter of Aug. 29, 1797, concerning Indian excursions into his province, insisting on need for more help in order to restrain them.


Calleja to Branciforte, Sept. 14, 1797, from San Luis Potosi, enclosing copy of Herrera's letter of Aug. 29, 1797, and Calleja's reply to him, Sept. 7, 1797, with suggested remedies.


Salcedo, Intendente de San Luis Potosi, to Branciforte, Sept. 15, 1797, acknowledging receipt of Branciforte's orders, Sept. 7, 1797.


Branciforte to Salcedo, Dec. 23, 1797, reply to Salcedo's letter of Sept. 15, 1797.


Herrera to Calleja, copy of letter of Nov. 8, 1797, from Monterrey containing news of Indian outbreaks in Coahuila, Punta de Lampassas, etc.


Calleja to Branciforte, Nov. 14, 1797, enclosing copy of Herrera's letter of Nov. 8, 1797.


Herrera to Calleja, copy of letter of Nov. 12, 1797, from Monterrey, reporting defeat of Indians at the Sierra del Oriente by Fernandez.


Herrera to Calleja, copy of letter of Nov. 20, 1797, from Monterrey, containing further reports of Indian activities.


Calleja to Branciforte, Nov. 26, 1797, from San Luis Potosi, enclosing copies of Herrera's letters of Nov. 12, and Nov. 20, 1797.


Copy of first item, Ramón's journal.


Toledo y Oguillas


Diario, July 10-12, 1797, copy, containing Indian activities.


Cordero to Branciforte, Nov. 22, 1797, from Valle de Santa Rosa, enclosing copies of the journals of Ramón and Toledo.


Branciforte to Cordero, Dec. 23, 1797, draft of reply to Cordero's letter of Nov. 22, 1797.


Nava, Pedro de


Letter to Branciforte, Nov. 28, 1797, from Chihuahua, concerning Indian depredations as reported in the preceding documents.


Branciforte to Nava, Dec. 23, 1797, draft of reply to Nava's letter of Nov. 28, 1797.


Branciforte to Calleja, Dec. 23, 1797, draft, concerning Calleja's duties as defender of the provinces against the Indians.


Calleja to the Conde de Sierra-Gorda, Aug. 27, 1797, copy.


Calleja, Félix María, conde de Calderón, viceroy of Mexico, 1750-1828


Letters to Félix Berenguer de Marquina, viceroy of Mexico:


Mar. 26, 1802, informing Berenguer of combat between Comanches and Lipans.


Dec. 11, 1802, acknowledging receipt of orders and copies of letters of the Governor of Louisiana concerning measures used by the English and Americans to obtain friendship of Indians.


Letters to José de Iturrigaray y Arróstegui, viceroy of Mexico:


Mar. 3, 1803, enclosing: copy of letter from Pedro de Herrera, Feb. 22, 1803, containing copy of letter from Juan Bautista de Elguezabal reporting skirmish against Indian horse thieves and requesting aid; letter of José Ramón Diaz de Bustamente to Calleja, Feb. 18, 1803, containing copy of same letter by Elguezabal; Calleja's reply to Herrera, Mar. 3, 1803, concerning measures to be taken.


Mar. 8, 1803, enclosing copy of letter from Pedro de Herrera, Feb 28, 1803, to Calleja from Monterrey, telling of difficulties that could result from giving aid to Texas.


May 6, 1803, acknowledging receipt of documents from the Provincias Internas that Comanches may renew peace treaty. With draft of viceroy's reply.


Sept. 10, 1805, concerning report of Joaquín Vidal of skirmish resulting from a reconnaissance. With draft of viceroy's reply. Also draft of viceroy's reply to Calleja's letter 1349, concerning weapons and troops of militia companies of Nuevo Santander.


Sept. 20, 1805, acknowledging receipt of order of Sept. 14, and of news of negotiations between Spain and the United States concerning boundaries.


Sept. 20, 1805, requesting copy of letter written by Pedro Zeballos to Calvo concerning Louisiana boundaries.


Sept. 24, 1805, reporting that he will try to eliminate all unnecessary positions in the troops.


Sept. 24, 1805, re action taken on aid to Texas


Feb. 14, 1806, enclosing copy of letter from Manuel de Iturbe e Iraeta to Calleja of Jan. 29, 1806, from San Carlos, concerning a maritime expedition of the United States, reconnoitering the coast to the mouth of the Rio Grande. With copy of viceroy's reply to Iturbe.


Oct. 24, 1806, relating to the expense of arming troops to help Texas. With draft of reply, Nov. 10, 1806, by the viceroy.


Dec. 16, 1806, enclosing copy of letter of Iturbe, Dec. 4, 1806, from San Carlos concerning difficulty of sending 300 militia men to Texas, with copy of letter from Nemesio Salcedo, Nov. 13, 1806, to Iturbe. Also copy of Calleja's reply.


Dec. 19, 1806, enclosing copies of letter of Pedro de Herrera to Calleja, Dec. 12, 1806, from Monterrey, with copy of orders from Nemesio Salcedo to Herrera, Nov. 29, 1806, re recalling groups sent in aid to Texas. With Calleja's reply, Dec. 19, 1806. Also draft of viceroy's reply.


Jan. 11, 1807, acknowledging receipt of orders relating to the boundaries of the United States, and reporting on pathetic condition of troops.


Mar. 9, 1808, re difficulties in obtaining passports from the Comandante General for health cures. Enclosing copy of letter from Simón de Herrera, Mar. 9, 1808, with copy of letter from Cordero to Herrera, Feb. 1, 1808.


Mar. 9, 1808, enclosing letter of Simón de Herrera, Feb. 10, 1808, with copy of letter from Cordero to Herrera, Feb. 4, 1808, and copy of Herrera's reply, Feb. 6, 1808, concerning preparation of troops to be sent to Texas for an important mission.

See also Branciforte file.


Carrasco, Pedro N.

See Branciforte file.


Cordero, Antonio

See Branciforte file, Calleja and Poblaciones.


Elguezabal, Juan Bautista de

See Calleja.


Herrera, Pedro de

See Calleja.


Herrera, Simón de, d. 1812

See Branciforte file and also Calleja.


Iturbe y Iraeta, Manuel de

See Calleja.


Iturrigaray y Aróstegui, José de, viceroy of Mexico, 1742-1815


Drafts of letters to Calleja, Sept. 14, 1805.

See also Calleja and Salcedo y Salcedo.


Lizana y Beaumont, Francisco Javier de, 1750-1811

See Martínez de la Pedrera


Martínez de la Pedrera


Letter, Jan. 26, 1810, from Campeche, to Lizana, sending copy of translation of article in the New Orleans Gazette of Dec. 13, 1809, re Anglo-American activities.


With draft of reply, Apr. 6, 1810, by Lizana.


Nava, Pedro de


Letter, Mar. 16. 1802, to Félix Berenguer de Marquina, from Chihuahua, re Comanche horse stealing.

See also Branciforte file.


Pérez, Benito

See Poblaciones, Leandro


Poblaciones, Leandro

Scope and Content Note

Cartas del Teniente de Rey de Campeche recividos hoy 2 de Mayo sobre que en los Estados Unidos se hacen preparaciones y movimientos que amenazen el Reyno.

Two letters of Apr. 24, 1808, to Pedro Garibay, reporting arrival of American Financier, with Sloat and one Juan Eugenio Marchand, with news of American troops and weapons in readiness at the Mississippi, telling of arrest of the Captain and his passenger. Includes copies of the following:


Pérez, Benito


Letter to Poblaciones of Apr. 19, 1809, from Merida, ordering him to free the prisoners.


Vasquez de Aldana, Antonio


Letter of Apr. 19, 1809, from the Presidio del Carmen warning Poblaciones of the arrival of the boat and stressing the importance of apprehending it.


Also a copy of Poblaciones' letter to Pérez, Apr. 23, 1809, justifying his arrest of the two men.


Also a letter, Mar. 24, 1809, with name of writer effaced, from New Orleans, concerning plan to ruin Spain.


With second letter, copy of passport issued by Cordero to Juan Eugenio Marchand.


Ramón, Juan Ignacio

See Branciforte file.


Salcedo, Manuel Juan de

See Salcedo y Salcedo, Nemesio


Salcedo y Salcedo, Nemesio


Letters to Félix Berenguer de Marquina:


Nov. 14, 1802, from Chihuahua, enclosing copy of letter from Manuel Juan Salcedo, Governor of Louisiana, concerning measures used by the United States to reconcile Indians of the north living on the Texan border, and of the suspicion that a brother of Philip Nolan's works towards this also.


Jan. 4, 1803, re steps taken against hostilities of the Comanches, enclosing copy of his letter to the Governor of Nueva León and Nuevo Santander.


Letters to Iturrigaray:


Apr. 26, 1803, concerning Americans and English (see letter of Nov. 14, 1802), enclosing copy of letter from Salcedo to the Governor of Texas concerning procedures to be adopted, Jan. 1, 1803.


Apr. 7, 1808, stating possibility that troops now in Texas may return to the original posts in Nuevo Leon and Nuevo Santander at a later date. With draft of reply from Iturrigaray.


Someruelos, Salvador José Muro y Salazar, marqués de, 1754-1813


Letter of Nov. 1809, to Francisco Javier de Lizana y Beaumont from Havana, enclosing copy of James Wilkinson correspondence, and copy of article from the Louisian Monitor. With note in margin, Jan. 19, 1810, to send this on to Miguel Costansó who has the other documents.


Toledo y Oguillas, Antonio

See Branciforte file.


Wilkinson, James, 1757-1825

See Someruelos.