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Preliminary Inventory to the Arnost Heidrich Writings, 1949-1968
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Box 1.

I. Publications by, or involving, Arnost Heidrich


"High Escaped Czech Depicts Prague as a Soviet "Colony'" (by James Reston, The New York Times, 1949 January 16)


"Stalin's Plans for the U.S.A." (by Stewart Alsop, based on an interview with Arnost Heidrich, The Saturday Evening Post, 1951 July 14)


"Stalin's Plans for the U.S.A." (condensation of the Saturday Evening Post article, Reader's Digest, 1951 October)


"What Do the Prague Communist Executions Really Mean and Foreshadow?" (a condensed and edited version of this manuscript appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1952 December 7)


"Malenkov, the Man Nobody Knows" (the column Matter of Fact by Joseph and Stewart Alsop, The Washington Post, 1953 March 11)


"Malenkov's Plan for World Conquest" (by Arnost Heidrich as told to Anne Fromer, Coronet, 1954 January)


"Czechoslovakia in the International World" (Czech; New Yorské Listy, 1949 December 1)


"Czechoslovakia and Ambassador Laurence Steinhardt" (Slovak; New Yorský Denník, 1950 April 7)


"The Resurrection of Czechoslovakia's Independence Is in the American Program" (Czech; New Yorské Listy, 1950 April 8)


"The London Conference and the Struggle Against Imperialism" (Czech; New Yorské Listy, 1950 June 8)


"The Purpose of the Soviet Attack on Korea" (Czech; New Yorské Listy, 1950 July 27)


"The International Political Situation" (Czech; New Yorské Listy, 1951 January 17)


"What Came Before the Communist Coup" (Czech; Ceské Slovo, 1965 February)


"The Last Days of the War - at the Generálka" (Czech; Nase Hlasy, 1966 April 30)


Obituaries (full articles) for Arnost Heidrich


The New York Times, 1968 February 13, page 43-C


The Washington Post, 1968 February 13, page B4


II. Lecture series for the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences in America - "International Political Causes of the Czechoslovak Tragedies of 1938 and 1948" (English translation; the original lectures were delivered by Arnost Heidrich in Czech on two separate occasions, 1961-1962). Two copies of Part I


III. Munich, World War II, the Sudeten-German Question


"The Twentieth Anniversary of Munich (Czech; 1958 August)


Letter regarding the Munich Agreement (Czech; 1960 November)


"The Liberation of Prague and General Patton" (Czech; 1965 April)


Memorandum: A-54, Jindra (Czech; 1966 November 23)


Letter describing the underground activity in Czechoslovakia during World War II, especially as such activity involved Arnost Heidrich (Czech; 1967 June). Several paragraphs deleted


"A Brief Memorandum on the Movement of General Prchala" (Czech; 1951)


"A Concise Memorandum on the Sudeten-German Question" (Czech with an English translation; 1951 August 8)


"An Expression" (re Sudeten-German question) (Czech; 1952 December 2)


"Self-Determination and 'Right to Homeland'," Assembly of Captive European Nations, Political Committee report (Reporter: Arnost Heidrich) (English; 1962 March 28)


"Remarks on the Report About 'Self-Determination and Right to Homeland'" (Czech; 1962 August 12)


IV. The Death of Jan Masaryk


"Did Jan Masaryk Commit Suicide or Was He Murdered By the Communists?" (Czech with an English translation; 1951 February 15)


"A Collection of Thoughts and Reminiscences on the Occasion of the Tenth Anniversary of the Death of Jan Masaryk" (Czech; material prepared for Ceské Slovo; 1958 February 11)


"The Last Days of Jan Masaryk" (Czech; material prepared for Part VIII of Ladislav Feierabend's memoirs, 1967 July)


V. Reports on the international political situation - Set of 22 analyses of the international political situation spanning the years 1949-1959


VI. Czechoslovak foreign policy


"A Synthetic Overview of the Evolution of Czechoslovak Foreign Policy After the Second World War Up to November 1948" (Czech; a major paper-76 pages; 1949 August)


"Visit to Moscow" (1947 July 9; Czechoslovakia and the Marshall Plan) (Czech with an English translation; n.d.)


"My Recollections of the Events of July 9, 1947" (Czech; 1955 June 4)


A memorandum to Anne Fromer of Coronet Magazine with regard to the 1947 July trip to Moscow (English; 1953 August)


"A Proclamation About the Interference of the Soviet Union in Czechoslovak Foreign Policy" (Czech; n.d.)


"What Is Czechoslovakia's Position in the World at Large and What Are the Prospects for Its Liberation?" (Czech; n.d.)


"The Communist Coup of February 1948 in the Czechoslovak Foreign Ministry" (Czech; material prepared for Dr. Messany; 1960)


"The 'Resignation' of Dr. Vladimir Clementis" (Czech; 1951)


VII. Other foreign policy matters (Soviet Union, etc.)


"A Brief Summary of the Struggle Between the East and West Up to Now" (Czech; 1951 August 12)


"The Second World Congress of the Defenders of Peace in Warsaw" (Czech; 1950 December 4)


A short report on the military posture of the East versus the West (English; n.d.)


"Korea" (Czech; 1950 July 6)


"Remarks on the Results of the London Consultations With Regard to the Question of the Liberation of Czechoslovakia" (Czech; 1950 May 25)


"What Is the Contribution of the London Conferences in the Struggle Against Soviet Imperialism?" (Czech; 1950 June 1)


Memorandum on the 1960 Summit Conference (Czech with an English translation; 1960 June)


"Remarks Relating to the Question of the Federation of Small Central and Eastern European Countries" (Czech; n.d.)


"A Note on the Matter of Sub-Carpathian Ruthenia"" (Czech; 1949 November 30)


"Revision of the (U.N.) Charter" (English; n.d.)


"Methods Which Might Be Used to Maintain and Strengthen International Peace and Security in Accordance With the Purpose and Principles of the (U.N.) Charter" (English; 1954 November)


"Marginal Comments on the Geneva Conference" (Czech with an English translation; 1955 September 1)


Memorandum with regard to the Council of Europe (Czech with an English translation; 1955 July 7)


"The Yalta Conference" (Czech; 1955 March 26)


A Memorandum to Anne Fromer of Coronet with regard to Soviet foreign policy (English; 1953 May)


"Subject: Comments on the Foreign Political Situation by Dr. Arnost Heidrich" (English; n.d.)


"Hungarian Revisionism Is Starting a New Chapter" (Czech; 1954)


VIII. Communist Coup of 1948 in Czechoslovakia and matters relating to Czechoslovakia as a captive nation


Two different papers, both with the same title:


"Czechoslovakia: The Victim of Internal Communist Aggression" (both papers in Czech with English translations; 1949)


"A Collection of Thoughts and Reminiscences on the Anniversary of the Communist Takeover in Czechoslovakia (Czech; 1965 January)


"Czechoslovakia During the Period 1945-1955" (Czech; 1955)


"Could Dr. Benes, After a Serious Stroke, Grasp What the Communist Members of the Government Were Asking Him?" (Czech; 1967 July)


"The Political Situation at Home" (Czech; 1951 January 6)


Memorandum to Anne Fromer of Coronet on how Czechoslovakia became communist (English; 1953 July 7)


"A Collection of Personal Reminiscences About Milada Horáková" (Czech; 1960 May 22)


"A Note on Meetings With Dr. Milada Horáková After the Communist Takeover in 1948" (Czech; 1963 January)


"The Two Faces of Klement Gottwald" (English; 1952 April 2)


IX. Radio Free Europe broadcast transcripts by Arnost Heidrich


A text about Klement Gottwald (Czech; 1953 March)


"Valerian Zorin, Soviet Representative to the U.N." (Czech; 1952 September 6)


"Czechoslovak Foreign Policy During the Period 1918-1938" (Czech; 1951 October 19)


"The Czechoslovak-Soviet Treaty of December 12, 1943" (Czech; 1951 October 16)


"Reminiscences of the Moscow Conference of October 1943" (Czech; 1951 October 12)


"On the Occasion of the Fourth Anniversary of the Founding of the Cominform" (Czech; 1951 September 28)


"The Soviets Complete the Destruction of Poland Begun by Hitler" (Czech; 1951 September 14)


"The Soviet-German Pact of August 23, 1939" (Czech; n.d.)


"The International Political Situation at the End of 1950" (Czech; 1950 December 12)


"Commemorative Address on Munich" (Czech with an English translation; 1950 September)


X. Miscellaneous


"How the (Czech) Communist Leaders Appear at Home and in Moscow" (Czech; 1951 October 10)


"A Collection of Thoughts on the Occasion of October 28" (Czech; 1950 October 22)


"A Proclamation on the Occasion of October 28, 1951" (Czech)


"An Expression" (with regard to the arrest of Václav Hrnecek) (Czech; 1952 October 23)


"The Freedom of Information and the Case of William N. Oatis" (Fifth Meeting of the Representatives of Central and Eastern European Countries; reporter: Arnost Heidrich, Council of Free Czechoslovakia) (English and Czech; 1951 August 1)


"Some Observations Relating to the Broadcasts of the National Committee for Free Europe to Czechoslovakia" (Czech with an English translation; n.d.)


"Aide-Memoire" (Czech; 1953 July 22)


"Aide-Memoire" (Czech; 1953 July 28)


"Pro-Memoria" (English; material for Walter Lippman)


Memorandum on the mood in the Soviet satellites after the Poznan riots (Czech with an English translation; 1956 July 18)