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Register of the Nimitz (Chester W.) Collection, 1885-1962
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-Encyclopedia articles on Nimitz.


-Address label to Dr. Robert E. Burns, President, University of the Pacific, from Navy Department.


-Photostats of correspondence to Eller from Nimitz, autobiographical letters on career.


-3-11-62 [3 pp.]


-8-62 [4 pp.]


-8-17-62 [5 pp.]


-8-18-62 [1 p.]


-8-20-62 [9 pp.]


-Nimitz article "The Navy's Secret Weapon," Petroleum Today (Spring 1961) pp 9-12


1.2: NIMITZ SPEECHES, 1942-1960 [microfilm]


1.3: FLEET ADMIRAL C.W. NIMITZ BIOGRAPHICAL MATERIALS, IN 3 PARTS [I. Speeches (1943-48); II. Press clippings (1942-50) ; III. Miscellaneous (1907-59)]


-I:1. Address by Admiral C.W. Nimitz, 9 May 1943 at Governor I.M. Stainback's "Work to Win" Rally in Honolulu Stadium


-I:2. Statement made on board HMS Victorius at Pearl Harbor, July 1944


-I:3. Broadcast on 30 July 1944 congratulating WAVES on their second Birthday.


-I:4. Speech to Boy Scouts of America at St. Louis, Missouri, 17 May 1946


-I:5. Speech before Philosophical Society of Texas at Baker Hotel, Dallas, Texas 7 Dec. 1946


-I:6. Statement on Public Law 333 authorizing permanent appointment as Fleet Admiral and being relieved as Chief of Naval Operations by Admiral L.E. Denfeld on 15 Dec. 1947


-I:7. Statement on "Future Employment of Naval Forces", 15 Dec. 1947. Forwarded by 12th Naval District Notice of 5 February 1948


-II:1. "A Cheerful Man of Confident Tomorrows" Leads U.S. Pacific Fleet, Now Facing Mightiest Task. NEA News Service May 1942 by Tom Wolf, Staff Correspondent


-II:2. "Battle of Solomon Islands Third Victory for Nimitz" U.P. Headquarters, U.S. Pacific Fleet, Pearl Harbor, 18 August 1942 by Frank Tremaine


-II:3. "Chester Nimitz Day Observed in Admiral's Home Town in Texas" A.P., Fredericksburg, Texas 27 December 1942


-II:4. "Nimitz in U.S. to Plan More Trouble for Japs" U.P., Berkeley, California, 7 June 1943, Washington Daily News


-II:5. New York Times Editorial 1 Nov. 1944 "A Model Communique" Describes CINCPAC Communique No. 168, Summary of the Second Battle of the Philippine Sea (The Battle for Leyte Gulf)


-II:6. "Nimitz to Quit as Navy Chief Dec. 15" A.P. Washington, October 14, 1947, Wilkes-Barre Record


-II:7 . The Arizona Daily Star Editorial, 16 October 1947 "The Admiral Nimitz on 17 October 1947 with a copy of Secretary of Defense James Forrestal letter of thanks to the publisher for copy of article and expressing his viewpoint of Admiral Nimitz, dated 25 October 1947


-II:8. Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial, 16 Oct. 1947 "Admiral NImitz' Forthcoming Retirement"


-II:9. The Times-Picayune editorial 18, October 1947


-II:10. New York Times editorial 18 Oct. 1947 "Admiral Nimitz to Retire


-II:11. San Francisco Chronicle editorial 11 Jan. 1950 "Friends in History and the UN"


-III:1. Commission as ensign in the Navy, signed by President Theodore Roosevelt, 11 March 1907 (copy poor)


-III:2. U.S. Pacific Fleet and Pacific Ocean Areas Communique, No. 3, 6 June 1942, "The Battle of Midway"


-III:3. Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet Letter of 29 May 1944 "Tactical Foresight"


-III:4. Press Conference at Pearl Harbor, 1 January 1945, Admiral Nimitz reviews the accomplishments of 1944 with satisfaction and looks forward to 1945 with confidence.


-III:5. Pacific Fleet Confidential Letter 14CL-45 of 13 February 1945 Subject: Damage in Typhoon (18 December 1944)


-III:6. Letter to Rear Admiral G.B. Davis, USN dated 4 May 1946 and letter from Rear Admiral Davis dated 30 April 1946 and letter from Rear Admiral Dated 30 April 1946. Subject: Proposed rules for use of the Recreation Facility "Catherine" by enlisted personnel.


-III:7. Letter from Commander Naval Activities Japan, serial 1783 of 9 October 1964 forwarding Press clipping form Pacific Stars and Stripes dated 6 October 1946. Subject Japanese Church Bell--restoration and return to Japan by Nimitz.


-III:8. "Some Pacific Aspects of World War II in the Pacific" by FADM C.W. Nimitz, USN ca. Dec 1947


-III:9. Letter from Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dag Hammarskjold, dated 17 Dec. 1954. Subject: Release as Plebiscite Administrator Designate of Kahmir.


-III:10. "Career by Chance" by C.W. Nimitz 1959. Handwritten autobiographical article on entering Navy.


-III:11. "Admiral de Grasse" by FADM C.W. Nimitz, USN Brief essay not dated. Handwritten copy


-III:12. "Admiral D'Estaing" by Fadm. C.W. Nimitz, USN. Brief essay, not dated. Handwritten copy.


-III:13 "General Rochambeau" by FADM C.W. Nimitz, USN Brief essay, not dated. Handwritten copy.


1.4 OPERATIONS FILE, 1942-1945


-1. CINCPAC serial 01704 of 17 June 1942. First endorsement to Task Force 17 serial 0010N of 27 May 1942. Subject: The Battle of Coral Sea, 4-8 May 1942


-2. CINCPAC serial 01849 of 28 June 1942. Subject: The Battle of Midway 3-6 June 1942


-3. CINCPAC serial 02576 of 23 August 1942. First endorsement to SOPAC serial 0053 of 16 August 1942. Subject: Preliminary Report on the Solomon Islands Operations; Guadalcanal-Tulagi Campaign, 7-13 August 1942


-4. CINCPAC serial 03102 of 24 October 1942. Subject: The Solomon Islands Campaign; Battle of the Eastern Solomons, 23-25 August 1942


-5. CINCPAC serial 00413 of 6 January 1943. Subject: The Battle of Santa Cruz, 26 October 1942


-6. CINCPAC serial 00599 of 9 March 1943. Subject: The Solomon Islands Campaign; From the Fourth Battle of Savo, 20 Nov. 1942 to the Munda Bombardment, 4-5 Jan. 1943.


-7. CINCPAC serial 00546 of 15 Feb. 1943. Subject: The Solomon Islands Campaign; the Fifth Battle of Savo, 30 Nov. 1942.


-8. CINCPAC serial 002397 of 31 May 1945. Subject: Operations in Pacific Ocean Areas, Oct. 1944. Narrative of Battles 24-26: Battle for Leyte Gulf, Battle of Surigao Strait and Battle of Samar.


-9. CINCPAC serial 003541 of 31 July 1945. Subject: Operations in Pacific Ocean Areas, January 1945. Lingayen Operations, 9-31 Jan. 1945.


-10 CINCPAC serial 003975 of 27 August 1945. Subject; Operations in Pacific Ocean Areas, Feb. 1945, Iwo Jima Operations, 16 Feb-16 March 1945


-11. CINCPAC serial 033857 of 5 Nov. 1945. Subject: Operations in Pacific Ocean Areas, May 1945. The Okinawa Operation, 1 May -21 June 1945


1. 5: PHOTOGRAPHS, 1885-1930 [Copy prints of Official U.S. Navy Photographs released courtesy of the Naval History Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. All labelled NR&L(MOD) with number. "CWN" used for Chester William Nimitz]


-33235 Baby picture of CWN, 1885 in Fredricksburg, Texas.


-(No number) Midshipman of 1901-1904. CWN; George V. Stewart, Capt., who retired in 1940; and Royal E. Ingersoll, Admiral.


-(OLD 21000) CWN, midshipman, 1905


-32722 Capt. CWN chats with Admiral Frank B. Upsham and an un-identified Colonel who was a pilot,. date about 1925


1.6: PHOTOGRAPHS, 1930-1939


-32778 Inspection of a Light Cruiser Division, 1938. Rear Adm. H.R. Stark USN, Rear Adm. J.C. Townsen USN and Rear Adm. CWN. This was CWN's first command as an Admiral.


-32792 Rear Admiral CWN, USN reads his orders detaching him from duty as Commander Battleship Division One in a change-of-command ceremony on boards USS Arizona at San Pedro, Calif., 28 May 1939. His successor is Rear Admiral Russell Willson.


-32753 Rear Adm. CWN relieves Rear Admiral J.O. Richardson USN as Chief of the Bureau of Navigation in June 1939 in Washington, D.C. Sworn in Rear Admiral W.R. Woodson.


-32800 Rear Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, USN, Chief of the Bureau of Navigation, visits Rear Admiral John Downes USN, Commandant Ninth Naval District at Great Lakes ...between 1939 to 1941.


1.7: PHOTOGRAPHS, 1940-1945


-27134 Adm. CWN relieves Adm. H.E. Kimmel, in a Change of Command ceremony, as Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet, 31 Dec. 1941, 24 days after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.


-32701 Adm. C.W. Nimitz, Cincpac, visits Midway Island late in June 1942 after the battle. Admiral leaving a shelter.


-32808 Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, USN. Cincpac, inspects the Naval housing for Civilian Defense Workers at Pearl Harbor, T.F., 8 April 1943...


-32928 CWN is photographed with Admiral Ernest J. King, Cominch, aboard a ship in the Pacific about, 1943...


-32848 Ambassador Joseph Clark Grew visits Admiral CWN at Pearl Harbor, 1944... to go aboard USS Saratoga.


-32681 ADM. CWN, Cincpac-poa, talks to some British survivors, about 1944. Capt. Tuffnell RN looks on.


-32938 President Franklin D. Roosevelt visits Pearl Harbor, 26 July 1944. On board Birmingham with General Douglas MacArthur and Admiral Chester W. Nimitz.


-32739 Adm. CWN with Adm. E.J. King and Adm. R.A. Spruance on board USS Indianapolis, July 1944.


-32716 Admiral CWN poses with some fellow officers on boards USS Indianapolis on 11 Aug. 1944 on way to Guam after its recapture. Adm. R.A. Spruance, USN, Lieut. Gen. H.M. Smith, USNC, Adm. CWN, and Lieut. Gen. A.A. Vandegrift USMC


-32718 Adm. C.W. Nimitz USN and Adm. R.A. Spruance USN leave USS Indianapolis to go ashore at Guam shortly after its recapture, 11 Aug. 1944.


-32742 Adm. C.W. chats with rear Admiral O.B. Hardison USN and Capt. J.M. Steel (CWN's Plans Officer) at Adm. Hardison's HQ in South Pacific, 16 June 1943.32744 CWN at Guam shortly after its recapture, 11 Aug. 1944. Lt. Gen. A.A. Vandegrift, USMC, CWN, Maj. Gen. Henry Larsen USMC and Admiral R.A. Spruance.


-32902 CWN presents Medal Awards at the U.S. Naval Hospital at Aiea, Oahu, T.H. during World War II. no date


-32780 Fleet Adm. CWN with Mr. Roy Wilson Howard of the Scripps-Howard Newspaper syndicate at Guam, 1945.


-32853 Fleet Admiral CWN with daughter Mary, Admiral John D. McDonald USN and Mrs. Nimitz, July 1945.


-32828 Fleet Admiral C.W. Nimitz, Cincpac, is photographed on steps of Iolani Palace Honolulu, after Navy Day Ceremonies during which he was made Honorary High Chief of Hawaii, 27 Oct. 1945, day declared Nimitz Day.


-32885 Fleet Admiral CWN and Robert E. Sherwood try their luck off Guam, 1945.


-32671 Fleet Adm. CWN leaves H.M.S. Duke of York in Apra Harbor, Guam in 1945 having just received from Adm. Sir Bruce Fraser, RN, C-in-C British Pacific Fleet, the order of Knights Grand Cross of the Bath (GCB) awarded by King George VI.


1.8: PHOTOGRAPHS,1946-1957


-32856 Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, Chief of Naval Operations, attends a meeting of the Gold Star Mothers in San Bernardino, Cal. in 1946...


-32774 Fleet Admiral CWN and Vice Admiral C.A. Lockwood look over model of USS submarine Ramona at the California Academy of Science, San Francisco, ca. 1947.


-32775 Fleet Adm. CWN with unidentified Marine at the Cal. Acad. of Sciences at SF, ca. 1947.


-32713 Fleet Admn. CWN lands at San Antonio, Texas for the San Jacinto Carnival, April 1948.


-32754 Fleet Adm. CWN address the Pacific Coast Regional Navy Industrial Associations first annual dinner at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, 14 Sept. 1948. In honor of W. John Kenney, Under Secretary of the Navy.


-32397 CWN, U.S. War-Time Commander in-Chief of the Pacific Fleet, just appointed Plebiscite Administrator for Jammu-Kashmir, at map in office of U.N. Secretary-General Trygve Lie, the area which will be the first to hold a free and impartial plebiscite under U.N. auspices, the purpose is the vote is to determine whether the princely state of Jammu-Kashmir should join India or Pakistan, Looking on is Mr. Lie, Lake Success, New York 28 March 1949.


-32767 American War Correspondents Association presents honorary membership certificates to prominent military personnel at a supper at Hotel Pierre, New York, 25 Jan. 1950. Rear Adm. W.S. DeLany USN, Commandant of the Third Naval District; General C.B. Cates USM, Commandant of the Marine Corps; Admiral Forrest Sherman USN, Chief of Naval Operations; Fleet Admiral Chester W. Mimitz, USN.


-32804 Admiral Forrest Sherman, USN, Chief of Naval Operations, congratulates Captain P.H. Lyon USN Commanding Officer of the Navy's latest aircraft carrier... 25 Sept. 1950, Fleet Admiral C.W.w. Nimitz, USN, left looks on,


-32860 Fleet Admiral and MRS CWN come aboard USS Essex for recommissioning ceremonies at the Puget Sound Navy Shipyard, Bremerton, Wash., 22 Jan. 1951.


-32887 After the recommissioning ceremonies of USS Essex on 22 Jan 1951... Fleet Admiral CWN, Vice Admiral George D Murray, USN, Commander Western Sea Frontier and Read Admiral Daniel E. Barbayu USN, Commandant Thirteenth Naval District.


-32784 Fleet Adm. & Mrs. CWN admire the flag of the United Nations at the Dallas State Fair, Dallas, Texas, 1957.


-32786 Fleet Adm. CWN admires the DeWeldon bust of him at Dallas State Fair, Dallas, Texas 1957.


-32791 Admiral CWN in front of display of CWN's personal sword collection at the Claremont Hotel, San Diego, Cal, ca 1957.


-32812 Fleet Admiral C.W. Nimitz USN is welcomed aboard a U.S. ship by Vice Admiral Robert L. Dennison...13 June 1957.




-First Fleet Adm. CWN who inaugurated the Pistol Matches in 1933 with the late Frank McCue, pistol commissioner of the Olympic Club, poses with CWO Offutt Pinion Referee and Chief Bosn. Russell L. Ludwig, came in 2nd on the Navy team, pose with awards...


-32921 CWN strikes a pose with his young dog.


-31344 Fleet Admiral and Mrs. CWN viewing his portrait




-(No number) USS Texas


-(No number) South Dakota


-(No number) USS Tonopah


-33150 USS Nina Tug (1865-1910)


-33151 USS Menhaden


-33153 USS Decatur


-33154 USS Panay (1899-1914) Unisan Islets, ...to Guimaras Straits, illustration


-33155 USS Chesapeake


-33156 USS Nina Tug (1865-1910) newspaper photo Feb. 12, 1910


-33157 Narwhal, U.S.


-33158 Aerial oblique of the USS Augusta


-33159 USS Holland, period of service 1926-1953


-33160 USS Grayling, U.S. Navy Submarine


-33161 Skip Jack


-33162 USS Bass, Aug. 1935


-33163 USS Massachusetts, 24 Nov 1944


-33164 USS Hartford


-33165 USS Ohio


-33166 USS Argonne Submarine Tender (2 copies)




-33667 USS Indiana


-33168 USS Baltimore, 1898


-33169 USS Castine


-33170 USS Chicago, Protective Cruiser


-33170 USS Massachusetts 1896-1920


-33171 USS Missouri firing a 16 inch salvo at Chong Jin, Korea in efforts to cut Northern Korean Communications. Chong Jun is 39 miles from Soviet border


-33172 USS Seattle at Honolulu


-33173 USS Snapper


-33174 South Carolina


-33175 USS Maumee


-33176 USS Denver, Oct. 7, 1904


-33178 USS Arizona


-33179 USS Rigel


-33180 USS Plunger, commissioned 25 Feb 1907, stricken, 24 Feb 1913


-33182 USS Ranger


-33183 USS Talbot


-33184 USS California


-33185 USS Trenton, in Gulf of Panama, 1943