Preliminary Inventory to the Autograph collection

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Title: Autograph Collection
Date: undated
Identifier/Call Number: XX000
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 2 manuscript boxes (0.8 linear feet)
Abstract: Autographs of various famous persons.


Collection open for research.
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Scope and Content of Collection

Autographs of various famous persons.

Subjects and Indexing Terms


Box 1



Addams, Jane


Albert I, King of the Belgians


Aldington, Richard


Allen, Robert S.


Ataturk, Kemal


Baker, Newton D.


Beck, Ludwig August Theodor


Best, Werner


Bevan, E. R.


Bismarck, Otto von


Bormann, Martin


Brandt, Karl


Brauchitsch, Max Karl Ludwig von


Buch, Walter


Bürckel, Josef


Buthelezi, Mangosuthu Gatsha


Byrd, Richard E.


Caillaux, Joseph


Calling cards


Carl Eduard, Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha


Casals, Pablo


Christiansen, Fr.


Ciano, Galeazzo


Clough, A. H.


Cotton, Sir


Curie, Eve


Däluege, Kurt


Dewey, Thomas E.


Dietrich, Otto


Dönitz, Karl


Eisenhower, Dwight D.


Emmet, Robert


Epp, Franz von




Foch, Ferdinand


Foerster, Otto Hermann


Forster, Albert


Fried, Alfred


Fritzsche, Hans


Galsworthy, John


Glück, Hans


Goebbels, Joseph


Goerdeler, Karl Friedrich


Göring, Hermann


Grey, Edward Gray, Viscount of Fallodon and Robert Cecil




Hahnlein, A.


Haushofer, Karl


Herron, George R.


Hess, Rudolf


Hessen, Philipp von


Heydrich, Reinhard


Himmler, Heinrich


Hindenburg, Paul von

Scope and Contents note

Typewritten transcript of letter, in reply to original handwritten letter (included) from the Duke of Mecklenburg. Includes letter of Agnes F. Peterson, Hoover Institution.

Hitler, Adolf


Hoover, Herbert


Hoover, Lou Henry


Hughes, Charles E.


Hull, Cordell


Ickes, Harold L.


Joffre, Joseph


Jouhaux, Léon


Jusserand, Jean Jules


Jüttner, Hans

Box 2

Keitel, Wilhelm


Kellogg, Frank B.


Kennan, George


Kerensky, Alexander


Kesselring, Albert


Kidwai of Gadia, Mushir Hosain


Kimmel, W. E.


Kokovtzoff, V. N.


Konoye, F.


Kornilov, General


Lammers, Hans Heinrich


Laski, Harold J.


Lelous (?), F. C.


Lenin, V. I.


Long, Huey P.


Lutze, Viktor


Lvoff, Prince


Macadoo, William Gibbs




Masaryk, Alice




Millington-Drake, E.


Multiple Paris Peace Conference

Scope and Contents note

Contains autograph booklet with signatures of Paris Peace Conference participants, including Arthur James Balfour, Eduard Benes, Robert Laird Borden, Jules Cambon, Robert Cecil, Roman Dmowski, Prince Feisal, Ferdinand Foch, Edward M. House, V. K. Wellington Koo, Robert Lansing, T. E. Lawrence, David Lloyd George, Vittorio E. Orlando, S. Pichon, Jan Christiaan Smuts, André Tardieu, Henry White, and Woodrow Wilson.

Multiple relief organizations

Scope and Contents note

Includes an undated telegram sent to Alonzo Taylor and Lincoln Hutchinson at Stanford University, signed by Perrin Galpin, Hugh Gibson, Christian A. Herter, Herbert Hoover, Vernon Kellogg, Charles N. Leach, Frank Page, Edgar Rickard, Arthur Ringland, R. H. Sawtelle, Frank M. Surface.

Multiple Third Reich officials

Scope and Contents note

Contains signatures of multiple Third Reich officials, including Karl Dönitz, Hans Frank, Hermann Göring, Adolf Hitler, Alfred Jodl, Wilhelm Keitel, Hans Heinrich Lammers, Meissner, Constantin von Neurath, Fritz Pauckel, Erich Raeder, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Alfred Rosenberg, Hjalmar Schacht, Albert Speer, and Julius Streicher.

Murr, Wilhelm


Muttschmann, Martin


Nishizawa, K.


Nitti, Francesco S.


Nixon, Richard M.


Northcliffe, Lord


Noske, Gustav


Paderewski, Ignacy Jan


Palmer, A. Mitchell


Papen, Franz von


Pershing, John J.


Pétain, Henri Philippe


Pogäny, Willy


Poincaré, Raymond


Rayburn, Sam


Renz, Franz


Röhm, Ernst


Roosevelt, Eleanor


Roosevelt, Theodore


Rosenberg, Alfred


Sauckel, Fritz


Schirach, Baldur von


Schnee, Heinrich


Schwerin von Krosigk, Lutz


Smuts, Jan Christiaan




Stürgkh, Karl


Sukhomlinov, General


Sulzberger, Arthur Hays


Taft, William Howard


Tardieu, André


Terboven, Josef


Thomas, Lowell


Tokugawa, I. M.


Truman, Harry S


Webb, Sidney


Wedemeyer, Albert C.


Weygand, Maxime


Whitlock, Brand


Wiedemann, D.


Wiley, Alexander


Wolff, Karl


Yama-uti, T.




Incremental Materials


Hoover, Herbert


Roosevelt, Franklin


Shostokovich, Dmitrii D.


United Nations Charter meeting autograph album collected by Weldon S. Bankston, 1945

Scope and Contents note

Includes a document about the circumstances collecting the signatures, and a list of the many United Nations delegates signatures included in the book.