Views of California and Other Western States, ca. 1890-1901

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Views of California and Other Western States, ca. 1890-1901

Collection number: BANC PIC 1985.031--ALB

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Views of California and Other Western States
Date: ca. 1890-1901
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1985.031--ALB
Extent: 221 photographic prints, various sizes; compiled in album, 29 x 37 cm. 221 digital objects
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
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Acquisition Information

The Views of California and other Western States album was purchased in 1984.

Scope and Content

The Views of California and Other Western States album contains 221 photographic prints taken from circa 1890 to 1901, the year of the album's compilation. Although the majority of the album's photographs are of California subjects, there are also several of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming locales, as well as other western states, Canada, and New York. California points of interest include Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove, Marin County, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Mt. Lowe, Redlands, Riverside, Hotel Del Coronado, Santa Barbara and vicinity, Monterey and Hotel Del Monte, Santa Cruz and the Felton Big Trees, San Jose and the Lick Observatory of Mt. Hamilton, Stanford University, Mt. Shasta and vicinity, several views of San Francisco, and the Missions San Gabriel, San Diego, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Barbara, Carmel and Dolores.
Among the Colorado points of interest included are Denver, Pike's Peak, the Garden of the Gods, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, and the Georgetown Loop of the Union Pacific Railway. Salt Lake City, Utah is pictured in several prints, as are Yellowstone National Park and the Teton Mountains of Wyoming. The album also contains photographs of Portland, Mt. Hood, and Willamette Falls, Oregon; Tacoma, Mt. St. Helens, Pt. Defiance, and Mt. Rainier, Washington; Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; and the Pan-American Exposition held in Buffalo, New York in 1901.
Noted photographers featured in the collection include Isaiah W. Taber, George Fiske, Charles R. Savage, William Henry Jackson, F.P. Stevens, C.D. Arnold, and Herbert A. Hale.

Container Listing


State Capitol Building, Colorado. 239. [Hand-written caption: "Denver, The Capitol." Photograph by W.H. Jackson.] BANC PIC 1985.031:01--ALB


Sherman Ave., Looking North. Denver [Colorado]. A17. BANC PIC 1985.031:02--ALB


Trinity M.E. [Trinity Methodist Episcopal] Church. A26. [Denver, Colorado.] BANC PIC 1985.031:03--ALB


City Park. Denver [Colorado]. A22. BANC PIC 1985.031:04--ALB


Pike's Peak Ave., Colo. [Colorado] Springs [Colorado]. A300. BANC PIC 1985.031:05--ALB


Pike's Peak Railroad. [Colorado. Photograph by F.P. Stevens. Copyright 1900.] BANC PIC 1985.031:06--ALB


Pike's Peak Summit [Colorado]. [Photograph by F.P. Stevens?] BANC PIC 1985.031:07--ALB


Cascade Falls, Pike's Peak Trail [Colorado]. 1068. BANC PIC 1985.031:08--ALB


U.S. Signal Station, Pike's Peak [Colorado]. Altitude 14,160 Ft. 1055. BANC PIC 1985.031:09--ALB


"The Loop." Union Pacific Ry. near Georgetown, Colorado. [No. 854? Photograph by William Henry Jackson & Co.] BANC PIC 1985.031:10--ALB


High Bridge in Loop. 1828. [Colorado. Photograph by William Henry Jackson & Co.] BANC PIC 1985.031:11--ALB


Manitou Springs, Colo. [Colorado], and Pike's Peak. 1000. BANC PIC 1985.031:12--ALB


Manitou and Navajo Soda Springs and Cliff House [Colorado]. [No. 1308?] BANC PIC 1985.031:13--ALB


Rainbow Falls, Ute Pass, Manitou. [Colorado. No. 1201?] BANC PIC 1985.031:14--ALB


Gateway to the Garden of the Gods, Col. [Colorado]. 4925. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:15--ALB


Balance Rock. Garden of the Gods, Col. [Colorado]. 4903. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:16--ALB


Cathedral Spires. Garden of the Gods, Col. [Colorado]. 4904. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:17--ALB


Cathedral Spires, Garden of the Gods. 1402. [Colorado.] BANC PIC 1985.031:18--ALB


Buena Vista Drive, Garden of the Gods. 1413. [Colorado.] BANC PIC 1985.031:19--ALB


The Native, Seal and Bear, Garden of the Gods. 1409. [Colorado.] BANC PIC 1985.031:20--ALB


The Seven Falls, Cheyenne Canon. 1667. [Colorado.] BANC PIC 1985.031:21--ALB


Helen Hunt's Grave, Cheyenne Mt. 1673. [Colorado.] BANC PIC 1985.031:22--ALB


Royal Gorge. Grand Canon of the Arkansas [Colorado]. D. & R.G.R.R. [Denver and Rio Grande Railroad]. 4937. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:23--ALB


The Bridge, Royal Gorge [Colorado]. 611. BANC PIC 1985.031:24--ALB


Mt. of the Holy Cross [at?] Moran [Colorado]. B 5034. [Photograph by William Henry Jackson & Co. Reproduction of painting?] BANC PIC 1985.031:25--ALB


Canon of the Grand River, near Glenwood Springs [Colorado]. D. & R.G.R.R. [Denver & Rio Grande Railroad]. 4930. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:26--ALB


Glenwood Springs Bath House and Grounds [Colorado]. 4900. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:27--ALB


Castle Gate [Utah]. On the line of the Rio Grande Western R.R. 4920. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:28--ALB


Marshall Pass [Sawatch Mountains, Colorado]. 1007. BANC PIC 1985.031:29--ALB


Chipeta Falls, Black Canon [Colorado]. 670. BANC PIC 1985.031:30--ALB


Currecanti Needle, Black Canon [Colorado]. 667. BANC PIC 1985.031:31--ALB


Black Canon of the Gunnison [Colorado]. Bridge "B." 4402. BANC PIC 1985.031:32--ALB


Ute Indians. [Colorado?] BANC PIC 1985.031:33--ALB


Indian Baby. BANC PIC 1985.031:34--ALB


Ready for Business. "A Burro." 3258. BANC PIC 1985.031:35--ALB


East part of Salt Lake City [Utah] from Anderson's Tower. [Photograph by Charles R. Savage.] BANC PIC 1985.031:36--ALB


Salt Lake City [Utah] from Arsenal Hill. [Photograph by C.R. Savage.] BANC PIC 1985.031:37--ALB


Mormon Temple Block, Salt Lake City [Utah]. BANC PIC 1985.031:38--ALB


Tabernacle. Salt Lake City [Utah]. BANC PIC 1985.031:39--ALB


Interior of Mormon Tabernacle Will Seat 8000 Persons. Salt Lake [Utah]. [Photograph by Charles R. Savage.] BANC PIC 1985.031:40--ALB


Eagle Gate. Salt Lake City [Utah]. BANC PIC 1985.031:41--ALB


Gardo House, Salt Lake City [Utah]. BANC PIC 1985.031:42--ALB


Lion and Bee Hive Houses, Salt Lake [Utah]. [Photograph by Charles R. Savage.] BANC PIC 1985.031:43--ALB


Rocky Point, Clear Creek [Colorado]. 1803. BANC PIC 1985.031:44--ALB


Cape Horn [Placer County, California], Looking West. C.P.R.R. [Central Pacific Railroad]. BANC PIC 1985.031:45--ALB


Mr. [Galen] Clark. Discoverer of Mariposa Grove [California]. BANC PIC 1985.031:46--ALB


The Snow Flower. Yosemite Valley [California]. BANC PIC 1985.031:47--ALB


Mary Trilby. May 6, 1901. [Yosemite Valley.] BANC PIC 1985.031:48--ALB


On the grade below Inspiration Point [Yosemite Valley]. 525. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:49--ALB


General View of Yosemite Valley [California] from near Artist's Point. 555. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:50--ALB


Sentinel Rock [Yosemite Valley]. 354. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:51--ALB


Hotel at Yosemite Falls. [Sentinel Hotel. Yosemite Valley.] BANC PIC 1985.031:52--ALB


Yosemite Falls [Yosemite Valley]. 326. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:53--ALB


Instantaneous View of Yosemite Falls [Yosemite Valley]. 323. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:54--ALB


El Capitan [Yosemite Valley]. 411. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:55--ALB


El Capitan [Yosemite Valley]. 311. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:56--ALB


Bridal Veil Fall [Yosemite Valley]. 409. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:57--ALB


Profile of Bridal Veil Fall [Yosemite Valley]. 308. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:58--ALB


Cathedral Spires [Yosemite Valley]. 416. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:59--ALB


Cathedral Spires [Yosemite Valley]. 312. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:60--ALB


North Dome [Yosemite Valley]. 431. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:61--ALB


Half Dome [Yosemite Valley]. 331. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:62--ALB


Profile of Nevada Fall [Yosemite Valley]. 439. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:63--ALB


Cascade Falls [Yosemite Valley]. 522. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:64--ALB


Washington Column, Mirror Lake [Yosemite Valley]. 366. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:65--ALB


Mirror View of Three Brothers [Yosemite Valley]. 315. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:66--ALB


Overhanging Rock. At Glacier Point [Yosemite Valley]. 287. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:67--ALB


Half Dome and Glacier Point [Yosemite Valley]. 357. [Photograph by George Fiske.] BANC PIC 1985.031:68--ALB


Mariposa Grove. "Grizzly Giant," 33 feet diam. B 828. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:69--ALB


Mariposa Grove. "Wawona" -- 28 feet diameter. B 129. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:70--ALB


Mariposa Grove. A 260. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:71--ALB


"Fallen Monarch," 25 feet diam, 320 feet long, Mariposa Grove [California]. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:72--ALB


The Loop, S.P.R.R. [Southern Pacific Railroad]. BANC PIC 1985.031:73--ALB


The Loops, looking east. 7824. [Mount] Tamalpais [Marin County]. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:74--ALB


President McKinley at Los Angeles. BANC PIC 1985.031:75--ALB


Figueroa Street, Los Angeles. No. 167. BANC PIC 1985.031:76--ALB


Corner Adams & Palm Drive. Los Angeles. No. 27. BANC PIC 1985.031:77--ALB


Los Angeles Co. Court House. No. 2. BANC PIC 1985.031:78--ALB


Los Angeles Mission. No. 529. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:79--ALB


The [Harrison Gray] Otis Residence ["The Bivouac." Wilshire Boulevard]. Los Angeles. No. 541. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:80--ALB


Oil Wells near Westlake Park [Los Angeles County]. No. 497. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:81--ALB


View of Pasadena. BANC PIC 1985.031:82--ALB


Snow Scene on the Sierra Madre's from the Raymond [Pasadena]. 73. BANC PIC 1985.031:83--ALB


The Raymond [Pasadena]. 33. BANC PIC 1985.031:84--ALB


South Pasadena Ostrich Farm. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:85--ALB


Hotel Green. Pasadena. No. 405. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:86--ALB


Marengo Ave. Pasadena. No. 555. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:87--ALB


San Gabriel Mission. Pasadena. No. 489. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:88--ALB


Old Vineyard of Rose's Ranche. 75. BANC PIC 1985.031:89--ALB


Mt. Lowe car. [San Gabriel Mts., Los Angeles County.] BANC PIC 1985.031:90--ALB


Railway up Mt. Lowe [San Gabriel Mts., Los Angeles County]. BANC PIC 1985.031:91--ALB


Mt. Lowe Summit. [Echo Mountain House. San Gabriel Mts., Los Angeles County.] BANC PIC 1985.031:92--ALB


Summit of Mt. Lowe [San Gabriel Mts., Los Angeles County]. BANC PIC 1985.031:93--ALB


Summit of Mt. Lowe [San Gabriel Mts., Los Angeles County]. BANC PIC 1985.031:94--ALB


Brookside Ave. Redlands [San Bernardino County]. No. 584. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:95--ALB


Casa Loma Hotel at Redlans [i.e. Redlands] [San Bernardino County]. No. 576. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:96--ALB


The Burrage Residence. Redlands [San Bernardino County]. BANC PIC 1985.031:97--ALB


Magnolia Ave. Riverside. No. 434. [Photograph by Graham.] BANC PIC 1985.031:98--ALB


Orange Grove. Riverside. BANC PIC 1985.031:99--ALB


Hotel del Coronado -- Coronado, San Diego Co., Cal. B 4302. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:100--ALB


Old San Diego Mission. Founded in 1769. [Number torn off. Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:101--ALB


Mission San Juan Capistrano, Cal., founded in 1776, ruins of the cloisters. 2956. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:102--ALB


Oil Wells, Summerland, Cal. 1970. [Photograph by Park & Co.] BANC PIC 1985.031:103--ALB


Arlington House. W.N. Cowles, Proprietor, Santa Barbara. B 1309. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:104--ALB


Altar in Old Mission Church, Santa Barbara, founded 1786. B 1429. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:105--ALB


Hotel del Monte. Monterey. 8. [Photograph by Johnson.] BANC PIC 1985.031:106--ALB


Arizona Garden. Hotel del Monte [Monterey]. 13. BANC PIC 1985.031:107--ALB


Arizona Garden. Hotel del Monte [Monterey]. B 2302. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:108--ALB


Hotel del Monte Grounds. [Monterey.] BANC PIC 1985.031:109--ALB


The Maze. [Grounds of Hotel Del Monte, Monterey.] BANC PIC 1985.031:110--ALB


Midway Point [Monterey]. BANC PIC 1985.031:111--ALB


Monterey Mission. BANC PIC 1985.031:112--ALB


Carmel Mission. [Photograph by Johnson.] BANC PIC 1985.031:113--ALB


Interior View of Carmel Mission, Established 1770. B 304. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:114--ALB


Monterey Bay, from Hillside. B 270. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:115--ALB


Old Custom House, Monterey, built by Spain, Mexico and United States. B 312. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:116--ALB


Arches on Cliff Road, Santa Cruz. B 1366. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:117--ALB


Trestle near Powder Works, S.P.C.R.R. [South Pacific Coast Railroad]. B 1884. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:118--ALB


Big Trees, Felton, Santa Cruz Co. B 1719. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:119--ALB


Big Trees, Felton, Santa Cruz Co. B 1709. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:120--ALB


Big Trees, Felton, Santa Cruz Co. B 1714. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:121--ALB


Big Trees. ["Giant." Santa Cruz Co.] BANC PIC 1985.031:122--ALB


Big Trees. ["Gen'l Fremont." Santa Cruz Co.] BANC PIC 1985.031:123--ALB


Hotel Vendome. San Jose, Cal. 5900. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:124--ALB


Lick Observatory Road. 5879. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:125--ALB


View of Observatory Peak and [Buildings?] -- East Side. 3481. P. 1903. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:126--ALB


The great 36 inch Telescope of the Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton, Cal. 5008. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber. Copyright 1889?] BANC PIC 1985.031:127--ALB


General View from Palo Alto Road. Leland Stanford Jr. University, Palo Alto, Cal. 5823. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:128--ALB


General View Leland Stanford Jr. University, from Palo Alto. 5824. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:129--ALB


Court Yard from the North, Leland Stanford Jr. University. Palo Alto, Cal. 5810. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:130--ALB


Arcade, West side looking North. Leland Stanford, Jr. University. Palo Alto, Cal. 5364. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:131--ALB


The Golden Gate, by Moonlight, San Francisco, Cal. 6903. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:132--ALB


Palace Hotel, San Francisco, Cal. 5355. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:133--ALB


Palace Hotel Court Yard. BANC PIC 1985.031:134--ALB


Market St. [San Francisco]. From 5th St. Looking East. 8707. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:135--ALB


View of New City Hall, San Francisco. B 5953. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:136--ALB


Hopkins and Stanford Residences [San Francisco]. B 1705. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:137--ALB


Mission Dolores, San Francisco. Established 1776. B 513. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:138--ALB


Alley in Chinatown, S.F. [San Francisco], Cal. B 1. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:139--ALB


Chinese Josh-House, S.F. [San Francisco], Cal. B 41. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:140--ALB


The Entry" -- Chinese Theatre, San Francisco. 1708. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber. Reproduction of painting.] BANC PIC 1985.031:141--ALB


The Parade Ground, Presidio, San Francisco. B 2815. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:142--ALB


The Presidio, San Francisco. The Officer's Quarters and Music Stand. B 2907. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:143--ALB


The main avenue. Sutro Heights [San Francisco]. 6150. [Photograph by Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:144--ALB


Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Conservatory and Music Stand. B 2061. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:145--ALB


Golden Gate Park, S.F. [San Francisco], Cal. B 3700. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:146--ALB


Japanese Garden, Golden Gate Park [San Francisco]. 7886. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:147--ALB


B 1726. Music Stand, Golden Gate Park [San Francisco]. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:148--ALB


Huntington Falls, Golden Gate Park [San Francisco]. 7903. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:149--ALB


Egyptian Hall Memorial Museum, Golden Gate Park, S.F. [San Francisco]. 7869. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:150--ALB


Beach Drive from Cliff House [San Francisco]. B 1277. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:151--ALB


New Cliff House, from Road, San Francisco, Cal. 7892. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:152--ALB


Seal Rocks near the Cliff House, S.F. [San Francisco], Cal. B 44. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:153--ALB


Seal Rocks from Sutro Heights, S.F. [San Francisco], Cal. B 3663. BANC PIC 1985.031:154--ALB


The Seal Rocks near Cliff House, San Francisco. B 2191. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:155--ALB


The Loops, Mill Valley, Sausalito, Belvedere, Angel, Goat and Alcatraz Islands, also Telegraph Hill, S.F. [San Francisco], in the distance. 7827. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:156--ALB


View of Tavern of Tamalpais [Marin County], looking N.W. 7791. [Photograph by Isaiah West Taber.] BANC PIC 1985.031:157--ALB


Moss Brae Falls [Siskiyou County]. BANC PIC 1985.031:158--ALB


Pillars of Hercules. [Copyright 1899. Photograph by Herbert A. Hale.] BANC PIC 1985.031:159--ALB


Multomah [i.e. Multnomah] Falls [Multnomah County, Oregon]. [Copyright 1899. Photograph by Herbert A. Hale.] BANC PIC 1985.031:160--ALB


Mt. Shasta. [Photographic reproduction of painting.] BANC PIC 1985.031:161--ALB


Shasta Springs. [Copyright 1899. Photograph by Herbert A. Hale.] BANC PIC 1985.031:162--ALB


Castle Crags [Shasta County]. No. 825. [Photograph by Waters.] BANC PIC 1985.031:163--ALB


Evening Muirs Buttes. No. 841. [Photograph by Waters.] BANC PIC 1985.031:164--ALB


The Loop. Tunnels 14 and 15. Siskiyou Mts. [Photograph by Waters.] BANC PIC 1985.031:165--ALB


Mt. Hood [Oregon]. [Copyright 1899. Photographic reproduction by Herbert A. Hale of painting by unidentified artist.] BANC PIC 1985.031:166--ALB


Mt. St. Helens [Washington]. [Copyright 1899. Photograph by Herbert A. Hale.] BANC PIC 1985.031:167--ALB


Hotel Portland [Oregon]. [Copyright 1897. Photograph by Herbert A. Hale.] BANC PIC 1985.031:168--ALB


Willamette Falls [Oregon]. [Copyright 1892. Photograph by Gifford.] BANC PIC 1985.031:169--ALB


Tacoma [Washington]. BANC PIC 1985.031:170--ALB


Point Defiance Park [Washington]. 591. BANC PIC 1985.031:171--ALB


Point Defiance Park [Washington]. 592. BANC PIC 1985.031:172--ALB


Mount Tacoma [Washington]. [Copyright 1892. Photograph by H.H. Holt.] BANC PIC 1985.031:173--ALB


Fir Log. [Washington?] BANC PIC 1985.031:174--ALB


Totem Pole -- Pioneer Square, Seattle [Washington]. 428. [Copyright 1900. Photograph by A.B. Wilse.] BANC PIC 1985.031:175--ALB


Mt. Rainier [Washington]. [Photograph by B.B. Titsworth.] BANC PIC 1985.031:176--ALB


Victoria [British Columbia, Canada]. Parliament Building. [Decorated for mourning.] BANC PIC 1985.031:177--ALB


Victoria [British Columbia, Canada]. Flagship in Dry Dock. BANC PIC 1985.031:178--ALB


Victoria [British Columbia, Canada]. Brown Hill Park. BANC PIC 1985.031:179--ALB


Victoria [British Columbia, Canada]. Brown Hill Park. BANC PIC 1985.031:180--ALB


Victoria [British Columbia, Canada]. Brown Hill Park. BANC PIC 1985.031:181--ALB


Yellowstone National Park . Electric Peak [Montana-Wyoming border]. BANC PIC 1985.031:182--ALB


Mammoth Hotel. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:183--ALB


Yellowstone National Park [Wyoming]. Liberty Cap. BANC PIC 1985.031:184--ALB


Jupiter and Pulpit Terrace. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:185--ALB


Angel Terrace. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:186--ALB


Cleopatra Terrace. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:187--ALB


Silver Gate and Hoodoos. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:188--ALB


Golden Gate. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:189--ALB


Gardner Canon. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:190--ALB


Swan Lake. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:191--ALB


Obsidian Cliff. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:192--ALB


Constant Geyser. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:193--ALB


Gibbon Falls. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:194--ALB


Fountain Geyser. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:195--ALB


Paint Pots. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:196--ALB


Old Faithful. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:197--ALB


Sponge Geyser. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:198--ALB


Giant Geyser. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:199--ALB


Grotto Geyser. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:200--ALB


The Punch Bowl. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:201--ALB


Morning Glory Spring. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:202--ALB


Lone Star Geyser. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:203--ALB


Fishing Cone. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:204--ALB


Yellowstone Lake. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:205--ALB


Teton Mountains. [Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:206--ALB


Mud Volcano. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:207--ALB


Canon. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:208--ALB


Great Falls. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:209--ALB


Great Falls. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:210--ALB


Great Falls. [Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.] BANC PIC 1985.031:211--ALB


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The Approach from the Park. 458. [Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York. Copyright 1901. Photograph by C.D. Arnold.] BANC PIC 1985.031:215--ALB


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Horticulture & Temple of Music. 457. [Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York. Copyright 1901. Photograph by C.D. Arnold.] BANC PIC 1985.031:218--ALB


Looking East on the Mall. 456. [Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York. Copyright 1901. Photograph by C.D. Arnold.] BANC PIC 1985.031:219--ALB


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The Midway. 467. [Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York. Copyright 1901. Photograph by C.D. Arnold.] BANC PIC 1985.031:221--ALB