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Register of the Herbert Hoover subject collection, 1895-2006
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Reel: 125

"We Fed Our Enemies," CBS. Sound, black and white, 16 mm. 1963,


Use copy available on-site for immediate use. Use copy reference number: 62008_f_0012444.
Reel: 126

"Herbert Hoover Special: Portrait of a President," CBS. Sound, black and white, 16 mm. October 20, 1964,

Reel: 127

"NBC News Special: Herbert Hoover," NBC. Sound, black and white, 16 mm. October 22, 1964,

Reel: 128

"Herbert Hoover: Memorial Service," CBS. Sound, black and white, 16 mm. October 22, 1964,

Reels: 129-130

"Washington Service for Hoover: Hoover Obituary," CBS. Sound, black and white, 16 mm. October 23, 1964,



Scope and Contents note

Speeches and radio broadcasts, arranged chronologically.
Disc: 1

"The American Way" AMP Recording Studios n.d.,

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0002432

Scope and Contents note

Hoover addresses a radio audience to discuss the positive side of American life, focusing on intangibles such as freedom.
Disc: 2-3

"Finnish Relief Appeal" WOR n.d.,

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0003012

Scope and Contents note

Herbert Hoover appeals to the American people to aid Finland.
Disc: 4-5

"Must They Starve?" Boake Carter for the National Committee on Food for the Small Democracies. Includes excerpt of Hoover address n.d.,

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0002439

Scope and Contents note

The National Committee on Food for the Small Democracies presents a radio dramatic series number 1: presenting Hon. Herbert Hoover. Boake Carter narrates.
Disc: 6

"Plight of the Jews" CBS October 14, 1938,

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0002437

Scope and Contents note

Hoover decries the treatment of the Jewish people in Germany. He blames the Nazi Party, saying the German people as a whole are good.
Disc: 7-8

"Our Most Important Domestic Issue" Omaha, Nebraska February 12, 1940,

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0002436

Scope and Contents note

Hoover speaks about unemployment in America and government actions to reduce it and improve the economy as a whole. He views getting men back to work as the most important humanitarian effort possible. He notes that the other democracies climbed out of the Great Depression by 1935, but not America. He criticizes government borrowing, regulation, and statism as a whole.
Disc: 9

"The March of Hunger in Europe" WABC February 16, 1941

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0002928

Scope and Contents note

Hoover talks about food aid to the small democracies. He mentions experiences with aid during World War I, and he offers counterpoints to arguments against American involvement.
Disc: 10-11

Address for the National Committee on Food for the Small Democracies CBS, Chicago. February 24, 1941

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0002927

Scope and Contents note

Hoover speaks about food aid to the small democracies during World War II. Chauncey McCormick introduces Hoover.
Disc: 12-13

"The American Campus Speaks with Herbert Hoover," WOR. April 21, 1941,

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0002926

Scope and Contents note

The American Campus interviews Herbert Hoover and students across the country regarding food aid to Belgium. The speakers appeal to Americans to support the effort to aid Belgium, saying this is a politically neutral humanitarian action.
Disc: 14-16

"The Dedication of the Hoover Tower" June 20, 1941

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0002431

Scope and Contents note

The main program is an NBC broadcast of the dedication ceremony for the Hoover Tower. Speakers include Leland Cutler, David Elton Trueblood, Edgar Rickard, Yale University President Charles Seymour, Herbert Hoover, Libraries Director Ralph Lutz, and Stanford University President Ray Wilbur. Features short segments of the tower bells playing "America the Beautiful." On the reverse side of the original discs is a panel discussion entitled "Wealth of the West" recorded in the radio room of the Hoover Tower. It is a both a dramatization and non-dramatized panel discussion on the role of educational entities such as Stanford and the University of California. One panelist briefly comments on his experiences with the Commonwealth Club of California in regard to West Coast literature. The date for the "Wealth of the West" program is likely before 4 Dec 1942. Please see a letter in Hoover Institution Records box 75C listing a show "4. Educational Resources."
Disc: 17-18

"Shall We Send Armies to Europe?" WBBM/CBS, Chicago November 19, 1941,

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0002438

Scope and Contents note

Alternate title (from disc label): "The International Situation." Hoover speaks about whether the United States should send troops to Europe. He claims the U.S. is already in a naval war with Germany.
Disc: 19-22

Address Before the Republican National Convention NBC, Philadelphia. Published as "This Crisis in American Life" June 22, 1948

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0002925

Scope and Contents note

Hoover argues every nation has failed in its promises to mankind. He decries the advances of communism, saying civilization is at stake, with America being the one that preserves liberty the world over. He is highly critical of the Soviet Union and its sympathizers in America. He says the 1946 American elections were the first turn from collectivism in decades any where in the world. He ends by recounting the positive values of America in times of war and in peace.
Disc: 23-26

"Think of the Next Generation" Stanford, KEEN (San Jose, California) and KNBC August 10, 1949,

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0002443 and 62008_a_0002444

Scope and Contents note

An address by Herbert Hoover on his seventy-fifth birthday at Frost Amphitheater, Stanford University. He criticizes the high level of taxes, both hidden and not, and spending on the local, state, and federal level. Several dignitaries, including Stanford President Wallace Sterling and Fred A. Wickett, provide introductions and speak fondly about the Hoover Institution Library. Two sets of discs available, one recorded by KEEN and one by KNBC. The KNBC broadcast features better audio quality. The KEEN broadcast has a longer introduction. On the reverse of the KEEN discs is a program of the San Jose Merchants' Association about Dollar Day.
Disc: 27-28

Address Before the Citizens Committee for the Hoover Reports Published as "Removing Obstacles to Economy and to Competence in Government." December 12, 1949

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0002441

Scope and Contents note

Hoover speaks about the Hoover report on government efficiency and reorganizing the executive branch of the government. He calls it an intelligent, non-partisan "crusade" for competence in government efficiency. He touches on the nexus of spending, taxation, and the national productivity. He calls for a skilled, non-politicized civil service, saying it is necessary to the nation. He further calls for the government to rebuild the budget so every year can be compared to other years. He mentions eight specific topics (i.e. medicine, water resources, federal land management, et cetera).
Disc: 29-30

"We Should Revise Our Foreign Policy" KHJ, Los Angeles February 9, 1951,

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0002442

Scope and Contents note

Saying there is nothing sacrosanct about foreign policy, Hoover delivers a sharply anti-Soviet speech on foreign policy. While focused mainly abroad, he also mentions the economy, decrying both high taxes and inflation, saying a crippled American economy aids Stalin's goals. He then details the status of various European countries in regard to the U.S. and USSR. He frames any discussion of war with the Soviet Union in terms of experiences in Korea as well as the world wars. Disc label has date of 1951 February 9, while original sleeve label has date of 1951 February 10.
Disc: 31

"Presidential Profiles: Herbert Hoover," Kaysons International, Limited. 1966,


PHONOTAPES, 1931-1964

Scope and Contents note

A newsreel sound track, speeches, radio broadcasts, interviews, and sound tracks of television broadcasts, arranged chronologically.
Reel: 1

"Hoover Heads South," Sound track of Paramount Sound News film. 1931.

Scope and Contents note

This sound recording is the audio from the film to "Hoover Heads South," documenting a tour of Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, 1931. This film was converted to 16mm safety from 35mm nitrate. This tape was created 1 Feb 1973 by J. W. S. at the Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound.


Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0008741
Reel: 2

"Our Most Important Domestic Issue," Omaha; Hoover Tower Dedication, June 20, 1941. February 12, 1940,

Reel: 3

Address by George Sokolsky, address by Will Irwin, "Shall We Send Armies to Europe?", Hoover address, "The March of Hunger in Europe," Hoover address, March 18, 1941; n.d.; November 19, 1941; February 16, 1941.


Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0008739

Scope and Contents note

Part 1: 1. Speech by George Sokolsky to the Lions Club on 18 Mar 1941 2. Speech fragment, "Read Oak" by Will(?) Irwin 3. Speech by Herbert Hoover, "The International Situation," 19 Nov 1941, Chicago 4. "Should we send Army to Europe," Union League Club, Chicago
Part 2: Speech fragment (pt. 2) of Herbert Hoover on WABC, 16 Feb 1941, closing announcement, and piano interlude. This is regarding the committee to feed the small democracies of Europe, feeding European population during European War, including a message from Pershing.
Reels: 4-7

"Dedication of the Hoover Library on War, Revolution and Peace," Stanford. June 20, 1941,


Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0008750
Reel: 8

Address by Chauncey McCormick, "Must They Starve?" narrated by Boake Carter, n.d., includes excerpt of Hoover address. June 28, 1941;


Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0008740

Scope and Contents note

1. Speech by Capt. Chauncey McCormick to Women's press fed., Milwaukee, 28 Jun 1941.
2. Radio dramatic series #1: Must They Starve, presenting Hon. Herbert Hoover; Boake Carter, narrator. Serial number MX192.
3. Candid Camera - meeting of TWIG #70, Wm. Corley, Narrator. 12 Mar 1941
A note about Candid Camera from the recordist that created the tape: "interviews with hady's Club meeting. No Herbert Hoover material nor any references to Hoover. Was probably an acetate with black side which was used - This material can be destroyed - W. R. M. Apr. 1966"
Reel: 9

"This Crisis in American Life," Republican National Convention, Philadelphia. June 22, 1948.

Scope and Contents note

Hoover speaks about the state of liberty in the world and the United States' place in promoting and protecting it.


Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0008742
Reel: 10

"Give Us Self-reliance or Give Us Security," Wesleyan University. June 11, 1949,

Scope and Contents note

Hoover speaks about how the economic system of a country affects young college graduates, such as those he speaks to at Ohio Wesleyan University.


Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0008743
Reel: 11

Interview with Hoover by Allan Nevins and Frank Ernest Hill, 1950.

Scope and Contents note

Tape box back label reads:
Interview with HERBERT HOOVER Originally recorded Fall 1950. Professor Allan Nevins and Mr. Frank Ernest Hill talked with President Hoover in New York City for approximately 45 minutes.
This copy is the Third Duplicate, made December, 1966
(end label)
Hoover describes his work in the Department of Commerce on the regulation of radio.


Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0008747
Reel: 12

"Our National Policies in This Crisis," New York. December 20, 1951,

Scope and Contents note

Hoover speaks about the problems facing the United States, but with an emphasis on foreign relations and martial matters.


Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0008745
Reels: 13-14

"The Constructive Character of the Republican Party," New York. October 18, 1952,

Scope and Contents note

Former president Hoover speaks to 40 million of the electorate that came of age since he was in office. He advocates the election of Eisenhower and the Republican Party. In the process, attempting to debunk commonly held beliefs, he examines actions of the Republican Party in the first third of the 20th century, the New Deal, reactionary politics, conservation of natural resources, corruption, and isolationism.
This address is a compliment to a press release sent out by the Republican National Committee.


Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0008744
Reel: 15

Herbert Hoover's 75th Birthday, Stanford. 1953,

Reel: 16

"Farm City Conference Economy Award," New York. May 25, 1954,

Reels: 17-20

"On the Reorganization of the Federal Government, Washington, D.C. January 29, 1955,

Reel: 21

"Our American Way of Life," Newberg, Oregon. August 11, 1955,


Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0008746

Scope and Contents note

Herbert Hoover speaks at a childhood home in Newberg, Oregon, as part of a dedication ceremony.
Reel: 22

"Address Before the Centennial Convention of the Republican Party," San Francisco. August 21, 1956,

Reel: 23

Address, Women's National Republican Club. March 9, 1957,

Reel: 24

Address, Boy of the Year Award. March 10, 1957,

Reel: 25

"The Strengths of America," Grocery Manufacturers of America, New York. November 11, 1957,

Reel: 26

"It's Your Business, No. 50," Interview of Hoover by Paul Manning. December 15, 1957.

Reel: 27

"Message to the Belgian People," June 25, 1958.

Reel: 28

"On American Ideals," Belgian World's Fair. July 4, 1958.

Reel: 29

"Some Observations on Current American Life," National Council of United Presbyterian Men, New York. February 13, 1960,

Reels: 30-31

Interview of Herbert Hoover by Ken Colgrove and Frank Mason, June 29, 1961.


Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0010317
Reel: 32

Address, Dedication of the Engineering Building of the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. September 15, 1961.

Reel: 33

"Proposal for Greater Safety for America: The Assurance That We Are Not In the Decline and Fall of the American Way of Life." Dedication of the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, West Branch, Iowa. August 10, 1962.

Reel: 34

Herbert Hoover Memorial, NBC. October 20, 1964,


Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0008748
Reels: 35-36

Herbert Hoover Obituary, NBC. October 20, 1964,


Use copy reference number: 62008_a_0008749


Scope and Contents note

3,334 photographs of Herbert Hoover as a boy and at various stages in his career, as well as photographs of the Hoover family circle and their homes.
Envelope A, mXXX

3 negatives: 1 of Hoover Dam; 1 of Hoover Dike (Mississippi River), and 1 of memorial plate (Hoover Dike). undated

Envelope B

21 photos of H. Hoover's ancestors. undated

Envelope C

23 photos, 1 neg., pertaining to H. Hoover's childhood and youth. undated

Envelope D

11 photos of H. Hoover as a Stanford student. undated

Envelope E

26 photos, 3 neg., of H. Hoover as a young man. undated

Envelope F

37 photos, 1 neg., of Mr and Mrs. Hoover and their family. undated

Envelope G, mWWW, m*

58 photos of Mr. and Mrs. Hoover with or of their dogs. undated

Envelope H

57 photos of H. Hoover's visit to Finland. 1938

Envelope I

119 photos pertaining to the Finnish Relief Fund, Inc. 1940

Envelope J

6 photos of H. Hoover at Stanford, Hoover Tower (in his office). undated

Envelope K

5 photos pertaining to the Polish Relief Fund, Inc. 1940

Envelope L, mYYY, m*, f

31 photos, 1 neg., of H. Hoover as Food Administrator, 1917-1918; 1 glass slide of Woodrow Wilson. 1 album with 65 photos of publicity posters.

Envelope m, mZZZ

15 photos, 1 neg., of H. Hoover as Chairman of the Commission for Relief in Belgium (CRB), 1914 ff. ; included is a photo of King Alber and Queen Elizabeth.

Envelope N-O, m*, mIIII

121 photos pertaining to the C.R.B (people, ship loading, barges, warehouses, statistics, etc.) undated

Envelope P

60 photos, 1 neg., of H. Hoover on various fishing trips to Nevada, Wyoming, Oregon, Florida, and the President's Camp at the Rapidan River. 1920-52

Envelope R-T

89 photos of the President's Camp at the Rapidan (interior and exterior) depicting Mr. and Mrs. Hoover and visitors. undated

Envelope U-V, mAAAA

80 photos, 1 neg., 1 map, showing H. Hoover as Secretary of Commerce, also Mrs. Hoover, Presidents Harding and Coolidge, and cabinet members. 1921-28

Envelope W

38 photos of offices used during Mr. Hoover's term as Secretary of Commerce. undated

Envelope X

33 photos of the Hoovers' house, 623 Mirada Rd., Stanford, built from 1920-23, (exterior and interior). undated

Envelope Y

22 photos of H. Hoover's birthplace in West Branch, Iowa, including photos of the cottage, the blacksmith shop, the library, and of Mr. Hoover, family members, and friends. Aug. 1948

Envelope Z

3 photos: 1 of H. Hoover (A.R.A) period); 1 of Col. A.C. Goodyear (A.R.A official); and 1 of an Industrial Conference meeting, appointed by Pres. Wilson in Dec. 1919.

Envelope AA

39 photos, 5 neg., of H. Hoover at the Bohemian Grove, California, and at the Bohemian Club in San Francisco. undated

Envelope BB

14 photos, 1 neg., pertaining to King Albert and Queen Elizabeth of Belgium's visit to San Francisco. 1919

Envelope CC, mBBBB

14 photos of the White House interior which were used by Mrs. Dare Stark McMullin as illustrations in her "Heirlooms; and anthology of White House Furniture" undated

Envelope DD, mCCCC, m*

40 photos pertaining to Lou Henry Hoover, Herbert Hoover and their respective families. undated

Envelope EE-FF

76 photos of Mr. and Mrs. Hoover, Mark Sullivan and others on their South American cruise on the USS Maryland. 1929

Envelope GG

39 photos of H. Hoover's cruise to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. March 19-30, 1931

Envelope HH

42 photos of Pres. Hoover and his cabinet members and/or their wives playing medicine ball. undated

Envelope II

1 neg. of a letter from the Supreme Economic Council, Office of the Director Gen. of Relief, signed by H. Hoover to Prof. E.D. Adams re: a $50,000 fund for Stanford University Library (Hoover?). June 20, 1929

Envelope JJ-MM, mDDDD

291 photos, 1 neg., 2 clipp., pertaining to H. Hoover's campaign trips, his acceptance speech, etc. undated

Envelope NN

33 photos, 65 neg., of H. Hoover awards. undated

Envelope OO, mEEEE

38 photos, 1 clip., of H. Hoover as President-elect. undated

Envelope PP-TT, mFFFF, m*

298 photos, 2 neg., 17 clipp., 3 mounted clippings, pertaining to H. Hoover (presidential period) 106 of these prints were taken by the N.Y. Times photographer (1929-1933), also 3 engravings. undated

Envelope VV

20 photos, 24 neg., itinerary, of the 1932 campaign trip, including pictures of H. Hoover and photos of southwestern scenery and a parade in San Francisco.

Envelope ww,m*

98 miscellaneous photos, 4 neg., 2 clip. undated

Envelope xx, mGGGG, m*

20 photos pertaining to the A.R.A and the A.R.A E.C.F. periods. undated

Envelope YY

66 photos pertaining to the A.R.A. in Russia and in the Baltics. undated

Envelope ZZ

26 photos pertaining to A.R.A activities in Vienna, Austria (kitchens, etc.); 1 painting. undated

Envelope AAA

2 photos: 1 re: the Gold Medal Award (Stanford Alumni Association, March 5, 1963). 1 re: the "Honorary Past Commander-in-Chief (in perpetuity of the Military Order to the World Wars" (Citation), 1966.

Envelope BBB

17 photos of H. Hoover's apartment at the Walderf Astoria in New York City. undated

Envelope CCC

9 photos of H. Hoover and others on Veterans Day at Arlington National Cemetery. Nov. 11, 1955

Envelope DDD

2 photos of the "Red House," Kensington London, one-time home of the Hoovers, taken by Mrs. Barbara Hall, London, the day before the last act of demolition. March 1972

Envelope EEE

1 photo of Jane Addams, Pres. of Women's International League for Peace. undated

Envelope FFF-HHH

145 photos, 1 neg., pertaining to H. Hoover's funeral and burial services and sites in Wash., D.C., New York, and West Branch, Iowa. (14 in colour). undated

Envelope mIII

1 photo of Grace Coolidge, wife of the 30th President of the United States. undated

Envelope JJJ

2 filmstrips of pages 1-102 of a Herbert Hoover photo album (?). undated

Envelope UU, KKK-NNN, mHHHH, m*

221 photos, 4 neg., 3 clipp., of H. Hoover and others pertaining to the post-presidential period. (Many pictures taken at the Bohemian Grove). undated

Envelope OOO

21 miscellaneous photos, 9 neg., (Alaska, Stanford tracks). undated

Envelope PPP

26 photos (in 1 album) of H. Hoover and others taken during his visit to Rhode-St. Genese? Belgium. July 5, 1958

Envelope QQQ-TTT

560 photos pertaining to the Famine Emergency Committee. 1946-1947

Envelope UUU-VVV, mKKKK

163 photos of Lawrence Richey (one of H. Hoover's secretaries and friends.

Envelope WWW

1 photo (negative) of a flour sack of the G.J. Burrer Milling Co. of Sunbury, Ohio, which is on display in the Herbert Hoover Room, Hoover Tower. undated

Envelope XXX

22 prints of televised coverage of Herbert Hoover's appearance at the Republican national Convention, San Francisco. 1956

Envelope YYY

8 prints of President and Mrs. Herbert Hoover, February-March 1933, and of the counting of electoral ballots for President and Vice President February 1933

Envelope ZZZ

1 print and 1 negative of President Hoover and Miss Bane with a Peruvian Paracas Mantle October 3, 1956

Envelope mLLLL

9 miscellaneous prints: 4 prints of Washington, D.C.; 1 print of a portrait of Herbert Hoover; 1 page of a photograph album; 2 prints of Herbert Hoover with others. undated

Envelope mMMMM

1 framed drawing of Herbert Hoover with handwritten inscription to Nina Almond from Herbert Hoover. undated

Envelope AAAA

12 prints related to American relief in Poland including prints of Herbert Hoover in Poland in 1919 and 1946; 1 print of Herbert Hoover speaking in behalf of the Polish Relief Fund, 1939; 1 print of memorial to Herbert Hoover in Warsaw, Poland. 3 negatives: 1 of Herbert Hoover with Polish Children, 1946; 1 of a map of Poland showing principal warehouses and cities where American Relief Administration carried on relief for children programs; 1 of a graph showing the number of children and mothers fed by the American Relief Administration, 1919-1921.

Envelope BBBB

3 negative photographs: 1 of the California Republican Assembly Award, at the Republican National Convention, San Francisco, California, 1956. Original award is at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, West Branch, Iowa; 2 of Herbert C. Hoover's diploma from Stanford University, 1895 original diploma is at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, Stanford. undated

Envelope m*NNNN

7 photos, 1920-1928, 3 photos, South American Trip, Nov. 28- Jan. 29., 4 photos, 1929., 7 photos, 1930., 5 photos, 1931., 18 photos, 1932. 1 photo, 1938, 5 photos, presidential period.

Envelope mOOOO

4 photos presidential era. undated

Envelope CCCC

1 framed photo portrait of Hoover Commerce period. undated

Art rack 20, back

1 framed print of sketch of Herbert Hoover by Clareuce Mattei. 1933

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