Register of the Hill (Andrew P., Jr.) Papers, 1885-1955

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Register of the Hill (Andrew P., Jr.) Papers, 1885-1955

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Title: Hill (Andrew P., Jr.) Papers,
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Andrew P. Hill, Jr. (1886-1973), son of a well-known 19th century California photographer, was trained in industrial arts education at San Jose State College and in architecture at Stanford University. Following graduation he worked as a draftsman and taught wood and metal crafts in the School of Education at San Jose State College (1910-1917). After working at other industrial arts teaching positions in the San Francisco Bay Area (1918-1922), Hill became Assistant Superintendent of the San Jose city schools (1923-1927).
In 1927 he was appointed head of the newly-created Division of Schoolhouse Planning in the State Department of Education. Due partly to personality conflicts with a new superior, Hill left this job in 1933 for a position with a Los Angeles architectural firm which expected to receive federal contracts to restore earthquake-damaged schools in the area. When these appropriations were not forthcoming, he accepted the Superintendentship of the Santa Maria City Schools (1935-1940).
In 1940 Andrew Hill became Superintendent of the Stockton Unified School District. He served in this capacity until retiring in 1950. Hill was responsible for the establishment of a strong shop curriculum in the Stockton schools. During his years in Stockton, Hill taught summer courses in school administration and school design at the College of the Pacific. After his retirement from the Superintendency of the Stockton City Schools, Hill sold mutual funds for a few years during the late 1950s.

Scope and Content

The Andrew P. Hill, Jr. Papers consist of biographical materials, memoirs, correspondence, speeches, course outlines and teaching notes, building designs, California Dept. of Education, Div. of Schoolhouse Planning surveys of district buildings (1927-1930) and draft chapters of at least one book on school design and construction. The Papers are arranged in series which are partly chronological (in accord with the various positions Mr. Hill held when he created or collected them), and partly based upon the types of materials involved:

Series Description


Personal Papers


Early Employment


Superintendent,, Stockton Unified School District, (1940-1950)


Writings & Research







1.1.1: Birdella H. Laughlin's "Outline of the Life of Andrew Putnam Hill, Jr." (1987) [incl. biog. A.P.H., Sr.]


1.1.2: "Biographical outline of the career of Andrew P. Hill, Jr." [3 l.]


1.1.3: Notes from conversations w/ A.P. Hill, Jr. (1970s)


-"The Second Street Studio [of Andrew P. Hill, photographer]," 1976 [2 l.]


-"Memories of early days at Big Basin [c1905]" [3 l.]


-"The Ingomar Gold Mine (about 1907)" [2 l.]


-"The following account is from the diary of Florence Hill in 1926" [1 l.]


1.1.4: A.P. Hill, Jr.--Vita, references, etc.


-"Teaching & administrative experience" (c1932) [incl. description of activities; 2 l.]


-"Teaching & administrative experience" [updated to 1934; lists positions held & courses taught only; 1 l.]


-"Suggested references" [2 l.]


-"Reference information" [descr. contexts in which APH knew referrants; 2 l.]


-Pencil draft of preceding [3 l.]


1.1.5a: Correspondence


1.1.5b: Correspondence, 1935


1.1.6: Unitarian Church Materials #1: Sermons & Talks, n.d. (1950s & 60s)


1.1.7: Mutual Fund Associates: Talks on behalf of (c1955)


1.1.8: Misc. sketches [by A.P. Hill], n.d.


1.1.9: California Redwoods--Pamphlets, 1937-1958


-Minnie S. Lilley. The story of Fraternal Monarch, largest tree on Redwood Highway (1937)


-James C. Shirley. The Redwoods of Coast & Sierra (1938)


-Ralph W. Chaney. Redwoods of the Past (1945)


-Willis L. Jepson. Trees, shrubs and flowers of the redwood region (1946)


-Saving the redwoods (1949)


-Ralph W. Chaney. Redwoods of the past (1950)


-Saving the redwoods, 1949-1950 (1950)


-Emmanuel Fritz. The Story told by a fallen redwood (1951)


-Howard R. Stagner. The Giants of Sequoia and Kings' Canyon (1958)


1.1.10: Natural beauties of the Far West--Pamphlets, 1919-1940


-California Alpine Club Schedule No. 14 (1919)


-Edwin D. McKee. Ancient landscapes of the Grand Canyon region (1931)


-The Firefall--Explanation & History (c1940)


-Jim White. Jim White's own story: The Discovery & history of Carlsbad Caverns (1940)


1.1.11: History--Printed Matter, 1924-1952


-Leif Ericson, the Norseman, discovered America in the year 1000 (1924)


-Herbert C. Jones. The First legislature of California (1949)


-Rockwell D. Hunt. California mountain men of another breed (1952)


1.1.12: Unitarian Church, Stockton: Sermons by Harold Schmidt


1.1.13: Ancient Chinese poetry in translation [whose?]


1.1.14: Subdivision Vista de Loma


1.1.15: Subdivision Santa Maria


1.1.16: Clippings


1.1.17: Legal Documents


1.1.18: Miscellaneous




1.2.1: California & Arizona picture postcards


-Petrified Forest, Calistoga [1 postcard; souvenir photobook]


-Carmel [2 postcards]


-Del Norte & Humboldt Co. redwoods [37 postcards]


-Downieville [4 postcards]


-Eureka & Ft. Bragg [6 postcards]


-Imperial Valley [6 postcards]


-King's Canyon [souvenir photobook]


-Pinecrest, Tuolumne Co. [3 postcards]


-Sacramento [6 postcards]


-Ramona's wedding place, San Diego [souvenir photobook]


-San Francisco Bay Area bridges [5 postcards]


-Hearst Castle, San Simeon [souvenir photobook]


-Santa Cruz [souvenir photobook]


-Shasta/Weaverville [20 postcards]


-Sierra misc. [2 postcards]


-Tahoe/Truckee/Fallen Leaf Lake [8 postcards]


-Yosemite [3 postcards]


-Misc. Calif. (Sta. Barbara Mission; UC Berkeley) [2 postcards]


-Boulder Dam [souvenir photobook]


-Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon [souvenir photobook]


1.2.2: Portrait Photos of Hill Family


-ANDREW P. HILL, SR.: As boy [albumen print]


-ANDREW P. HILL, SR.: As old man [sepia print]


-ANDREW P. HILL, SR.: As old man at Ingomar mine


-ANDREW P. HILL, SR.: Back seat of tour bus in SF


-FLORENCE WATKINS (MRS. A. P.) HILL: About 16 yrs. [albumen print]


-FLORENCE WATKINS (MRS. A. P.) HILL: W/ her two sons, c1895


-FLORENCE WATKINS (MRS. A. P.) HILL: On street in front of her San Jose home, c1905




-ANDREW P. HILL, JR.: As baby [tinted studio portrait]


-ANDREW P. HILL, JR.: Age one year [studio portrait by A.P. Hill, Sr.]


-ANDREW P. HILL, JR.: Age two on pile hay


-ANDREW P. HILL, JR.: High school or college age [studio portrait]


-ANDREW P. HILL, JR.: Stanford yearbook picture, 1911


-ANDREW P. HILL, JR.: Teaching citizenship class in SF, 1917


-ANDREW P. HILL, JR.: Age 48 [studio portrait]


1.2.3: Family snapshots and scenery


-Ruth McKenney (Mrs. A.P., Jr.) Hill


-Houses designed by A.P. Hill, Jr. (S. Jose, Sta. Maria) [5]


-Calaveras Big Trees [4]


-Carmel [12]


-Crater Lake, Grand Canyon, unident. [5]


-Eagle Falls, El Dorado Co. [2]


-Humboldt Co. redwoods, 1922 [5]


-Mojave Desert [2]


-Rio Dell [2]


-Sacramento, 1927- [13]


-Santa Barbara/Santa Maria, 1935/36 [9]


-Sequoia Natl. Park [3]


-Sierra Co. [6]


-Stockton, 1940s-50s [4]


-Trinity Co. [7]


-Yosemite [16]


1.2.4: Negatives


-Andrew Hill, Sr. [as boy]


-Florence Watkins (later Hill) at about 16


-Florence Hill [in front of San Jose home]


-Florence Hill & two sons


-Andrew Hill, Jr. [oval studio portrait by father]


-Do. age 48






2.1.1: San Jose Unified School District--Misc. papers


2.1.2: Humboldt State College Training School requirements, Sp 1931


2.1.3: SANTA MARIA: Junior College buildings, Sp 1935


2.1.4: SANTA MARIA: JC buildings, Addenda 1 & 2, 1935


2.1.5: SANTA MARIA: "Report on the condition of the physical plant at Santa Maria Union High School, F 1935


2.1.6: SANTA MARIA: Specifications frame dwelling, 1935


2.1.7: SANTA MARIA: Specifications for one story frame dwelling, 1935


2.1.8: SANTA MARIA: High school curriculum outline, c1935


2.1.9: SANTA MARIA: JC catalog draft, 1936


2.1.10: SANTA MARIA: "Relation between scope & sequence," F 1937


2.1.11: SANTA MARIA: SMUHSD Procedural Manual, Sp 1938


2.1.12: SANTA MARIA: Vista de Loma Tract--Aerial telephone installation contract, F 1938


2.1.13: SANTA MARIA: Curriculum issues, c1938


2.1.14: SANTA MARIA: "Making our water supply serve human needs," 1938/39 [several versions; publ. Sta. Barbara Co. Schools]


2.1.15: SANTA MARIA: Drop-out Study, 1938-40


2.1.16: SANTA MARIA: Health Service Annual Report, 1939-1940


2.1.17: SANTA MARIA: "Administration practices in regard to discipline, Sp 1940


2.1.18: SANTA MARIA: District Map




2.2.1: School building surveys: ALAMEDA CO.: Berkeley, n.d.


2.2.2: School building surveys: ALAMEDA CO.: Washington UHS, Centerville, Sp 1933


2.2.3: School building surveys: ALAMEDA CO.: Livermore, 1-29


2.2.4: School building surveys: CONTRA COSTA CO.: Alhambra UHS & Martinez Elem., 10-28


2.2.5: School building surveys: KING'S CO.: King's Co., 4-32


2.2.6: School building surveys: LOS ANGELES CO.: San Dimas, 10-29


2.2.7: School building surveys: MARIN CO.: Tamalpais HS, n.d.


2.2.8: School building surveys: MONTEREY CO.: Del Monte, Seaside, 6-31


2.2.9: School building surveys: MONTEREY CO.: Monterey, 10-29


2.2.10: School building surveys: NAPA CO.: St. Helena, 1-31


2.2.11: School building surveys: SAN DIEGO CO.: Oceanside, Sp 1933


2.2.12: School building surveys: SAN JOAQUIN CO.: Calaveras River, 3-29


2.2.13: School building surveys: SAN JOAQUIN CO.: Elkhorn & Lincoln, 7-30


2.2.14: School building surveys: SANTA BARBARA CO.: Santa Maria area, 12-31


2.2.15: School building surveys: SANTA CLARA CO.: Santa Clara Co., 7-30


2.2.16: School building surveys: SIERRA CO.: Loyalton, 12-31


2.2.17: School building surveys: SOLANO CO.: Vallejo, 11-29


2.2.18: PE Facilities--notes


2.2.19: "Recommended practices for lighting California schools," n.d.


2.2.20: "The Principal's responsibility in schoolhouse planning," n.d.


2.2.21: "Standards for high school buildings/Strayer-Engelhardt Scorecard," n.d.


2.2.22: "Education requirements of the Mt. View Grammar School," 5-27


2.2.23: Div. SchoolhousePlanning Architect's Agreement Form


2.2.24: "Planning indoor play facilities for physical education in secondary schools," 8-33


2.2.25: School auditorium design


2.2.26: Misc. notes






3.1.1: "The aims of education, Stockton USD," F 1943


3.1.2: "Recommendations regarding basic form of organization for Stockton USD," Sp 1944


3.1.3: Federal Security Agency. Div. Recreation. "Recreation Survey of Stockton Metropolitan Area," Sp 1944


3.1.4: "The School Lunch Program," Sum 1944


3.1.5: "The Closing of Alpine Ave. from an administrative standpoint," c1945


3.1.6: Calif. Youth Authority. "Re-study of agencies serving youth in Stockton & San Joaquin County," Sp 1946


3.1.7: "Problems in family relations," Sp 1946


3.1.8: Individual Instruction Class," Sum 1946


3.1.9: "Selecting a building lot: 12th grade teaching unit," 1946


3.1.10: "The A-B-C of our bond issue," 1947


3.1.11: "Stockton High School facilities," Sp 1947


3.1.12: "Recommendations regarding a building program for SUSD," Sp 1947


3.1.13: "Shall we provide temporary housing for Stockton's elementary schools?" c1947


3.1.14: Subcommittee on buildings report to Citizens' Advisory Committee, Sum 1947


3.1.15: "Branch libraries in public schools," Sum 1947


3.1.16: "Comments on the report of the subcommittee of Citizens' Advisory Committee," F 1947


3.1.17: "Determination of policies & procedures relative to school house problem in Stockton," F 1947


3.1.18: In-Service Elem. Principal's Meeting, Sp 1948


3.1.19: Stockton Occupational Survey, Sum 1948


3.1.20: Calif. School Principal's Assn., F 1948


3.1.21: "Education for life: An evaluation of the aims & policies of the SUSD, F 1948


3.1.22: "Learning the 3 R's," F 1948


3.1.23: Franklin High School science rooms--Plans, 1949


3.1.24: Better Stockton Committee--Report, Sp 1949


3.1.25: "Report on the Stockton School Program," Sp 1949


3.1.26: "The responsibility of the Superintendent in working w/ parents," Sp 1949


3.1.27: "Next steps in the development of our program of education in Stockton, F 1949


3.1.28: "Report on growth and building problems, SUSD," F 1949


3.1.29: Departmental Reports, 1949/50


3.1.30: Lower Fourth Grade, 1949/50 [?]


3.1.31: "A report to people of Stockton with respect to expenditures for buildings, grounds, and furnishings," Sp 1950


3.1.32: "Answers to parents," Sp 1951


3.1.33: SUSD Salaries, 1946-51


3.1.34: School tax issue, 1947-51


3.1.35: "How the high school principal develops a more functional program of education, n.d.


3.1.36: "The apprenticeship program & the school superintendent, n.d.


3.1.37: "Let's show our teachers respect," n.d.


3.1.38: SUSD Architect's Contract forms, n.d.


3.1.39: [Presentation on Stockton Schools], n.d.


3.1.40: Summary of Workshop session on Guidance, n.d.


3.1.41: "Reaction to 'Do You Section?' by Grace M. Davis,"n.d.


3.1.42: "Providing for shops & laboratories," n.d.


3.1.43: "The financial management of the Bd. of Educ. of SUSD," n.d.


3.1.44: "An occupational survey in a unified school district," n.d.


3.1.45: "Child Welfare & Attendance Dept.--Staff Report, n.d.


3.1.46: "Woodrow Wilson School," n.d.


3.1.47: Analysis of Equalization Aid from State of California Part 1 (San Joaquin County)


BOX TWO: COURSES TAUGHT AT C.O.P., 1944-1951 [N.B.--These materials consist variously of course outlines, lecture notes, assignments, source materials, and student papers]


3.2.1: Problems in School Administration (S-220), 1944


3.2.2: City School Administration (S-216), Sum 1945: Lect. #1: "The evolution of city school administration"; Course outline (rev. 1952)


3.2.3: City School Administration (S-216), Sum 1945: Lect. #2: "The legal basis for city schools"


3.2.4: City School Administration (S-216), Sum 1945: Lect. #4: "The Superintendent & his staff"


3.2.5: City School Administration (S-216), Sum 1945: Lect. #5: "The basic form of organization"


3.2.6: City School Administration (S-216), Sum 1945: Lect. #9: "Budget making"


3.2.7: City School Administration (S-216), Sum 1945: Lect. #10: "The selection of teachers in city schools"


3.2.8: City School Administration (S-216), Sum 1945: Lect. #12: "Public relations"


3.2.9: City School Administration (S-216), Sum 1945: Lect. #13: "The classification & promotion of pupils"


3.2.10: City School Administration (S-216), Sum 1945: Lect. #14: "Guidance"


3.2.11: City School Administration (S-216), Sum 1945: Lect. #21: "Purchasing, warehousing & delivering"


3.2.12: City School Administration (S-216), Sum 1945: Lect. #22: "Building the curriculum; Subjects of vocational significance"


3.2.13: City School Administration (S-216), Sum 1945:"Bond issues"


3.2.14: City School Administration (S-216), Sum 1945:"School finance"


3.2.15: City School Administration (S-216), Sum 1945:"Public relations & finance"


3.2.16: Schoolhouse Planning (Educ 269)--Course outline, before 1947


3.2.17a: Schoolhouse Planning (S-282), Sum 1949: Misc. admin. materials


3.2.17b: Schoolhouse Planning (S-282), The Slope, Size, and Characters of City School Districts (Lect. #4)


3.2.17c: Schoolhouse Planning, The Layout of School Plants (Lect. #5)


3.2.17d: Schoolhouse Planning (S-282), Building Construction Standards (Lect. #6)


3.2.18: Schoolhouse Planning (S-282), Sum 1949:"Jr. High School administrative suite"


3.2.19: Schoolhouse Planning (S-282), Sum 1949: Lect. #13: "Homemaking facilities"


3.2.20: Schoolhouse Planning (S-282), Sum 1949: Lect. #21: "Heating, ventilation, sanitation"


3.2.21: Schoolhouse Planning (S-282), Sum 1949: Lect. #22: "Lighting"


3.2.22: Schoolhouse Planning (S-282), Sum 1949: Walter Kaulfers. "Summary of conclusions concerning a satisfactory system of heating & ventilation" [student paper]


3.2.23: Schoolhouse Planning (S-282), Sum 1949: Orville K. Fletcher. "Planning the school library" [student paper]


3.2.24: School Finance & Business Administration (Educ. 283), F 1949: Course outline; Final exam


3.2.25: Adult Class on Interior Decorating, Dec. 1949:"Our colonial architectural heritage"


3.2.26: Adult Class on Interior Decorating, Dec. 1949:"California's Spanish Colonial architecture"


3.2.27: Adult Class on Interior Decorating, Dec. 1949:"Planning the one-story house"


3.2.28: City School Administration (Educ 290), F 1950: Course outline


3.2.29: City School Administration (Educ 290), F 1950: Lect. #2: "The city as it affects work of the Supt."


3.2.30: City School Administration (Educ 290), F 1950: Topic #5: "The Board of Education"


3.2.31: City School Administration (Educ 290), F 1950: Lect. #15: "The library services"


3.2.32: Schoolhouse Planning (S-232): Sess. #3: "The work of the architect & superintendent" (1949?)


3.2.33: Elem. School Organization & Administration (Educ 288): Lect. #1: "Social-psychological basis for Principal's leadership"


3.2.34: Ralph T. Bishop. "Surveying the supervision of health" n.d. [student paper?]


3.2.35: "Score-card for 5 room house"


3.2.36: Francis T. Spaulding. "Brief of the Regents' Inquiry, New York State University, 1936-37"


3.2.37: "The free man & his education" [misc. quotations]


3.2.38: "The college & the church (1887)" [misc. biographies]


3.2.39: "Misc. famous people on Public Education" [quotations]


3.2.40: Edward Elliott. "James Wilson of Pennsylvania"


3.2.41: William C. Ruediger. "The 6-4-4 Plan," Educational Digest 12:9 (May 1947)


3.2.42: Misc. textual excerpts on reading & spelling




3.3.1: "War on colds," F 1942


3.3.2: "Talk given before Citizenship Class, Stkn Evening School, Sum 1944


3.3.3: "Education for tomorrow--Stkn PTA Council, 1944


3.3.4: "Family recreation within limits of community resources," F 1944


3.3.5: "Speech to Chamber of Commerce Committee on Education, Sp 1945


3.3.6: Speech to Stockton Realty Board, Sp 1946


3.3.7: "A program of education for Stockton," Sp 1946


3.3.8: [Stockton bond & tax plan for schools], 1947


3.3.9: "The child & his education today," 1947


3.3.10: "Institute address," F 1948


3.3.11: "How shall we spend our bond money" (Weber PTA), 1948


3.3.12: Report on Stockton School Program, Sp 1949


3.3.13: Talk before Stockton College faculty, F 1949


3.3.14: "The function of the 6-4-4 high school," Sp 1951


3.3.15: "Education & the evolutionary process," n.d.


3.3.16: "The school swimming pool," n.d.


3.3.17: [School landscaping], n.d.


3.3.18: [Untitled remarks on the architect & the school bldg.], n.d.


3.3.19: "The art & architecture of school buildings," n.d.


3.3.20: "Notes on the professional development of architecture," n.d.


3.3.21: "How a city grows," n.d.


3.3.22: "And the truth shall make you free," [Thoughts on the California rural school situation], n.d.


3.3.23: "The size of the school, the subject matter, and the type of program," n.d.


3.3.24: "General standards for junior high schools," n.d.


3.3.25: "Manual arts for junior high school," n.d.


3.3.26: "Present-day issues in public education," n.d.


3.3.27: "Let's consider the homemaker in planning our homes," n.d.


3.3.28: "The evolution of the American school," n.d.


3.3.29: "Major objectives in college planning," n.d.


3.3.30: "General Education in American public schools," n.d.


3.3.31: "Horace Mann & sectarian religion in public schools"


3.3.32: "The Playground of the consolidated school," n.d.


3.3.33: "Proper seating arrangements for schools," Sum 1937




BOX ONE: BOOK CHAPTERS [N.B.--Hill drafted several books on related subjects over a period of many years. While division head of Schoolhouse Planning in the California Dept. of Education, he seems to have planned to co-publish a work with Dr. John C. Almack of the Dept. of Education. At another time, Hill also appears to have begun a book on junior high schools [viz. Ser. 3, Box 3]. He seems frequently to have re-used material from one book in the body of another. In the course of doing so, he often renumbered and retitled the chapters. Hill also culled material from book chapters for use as lectures [viz. Ser. 3, Box 2]. Unfortunately, we have only one book outline and this does not entirely correspond with the chapter titling or numbering of many of the manuscript chapters in the collection. It has, nonetheless, provided a broad outline for the organization of materials in this box.]


4.1.1: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Outline & Preface


4.1.2: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Ch. 1: "Evolution of the Modern Schoolhouse" [3 drafts]


4.1.3: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Ch. 2: "Educational requirements basic to planning"


4.1.4: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Alternate Ch. 2: "Framing the educational standards"


4.1.5: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Alternate Ch. 2: "Adapting the building to the school"


4.1.6: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Ch. 3: "The service of the architect"


4.1.7: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Alternate Ch. 3: "How to plan a school building"


4.1.8: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Alternate Ch. 3: "Ch. 4: The maintenance & repair of old buildings"


4.1.9: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Ch. 6: "Financing the building program" [2 drafts]


4.1.10: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Ch. 7: "The bonds campaign"


4.1.11: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Ch. 8: "Location, sites & placement" [2 drafts; notes]


4.1.12: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Ch. 9: "Standards of lay-out & arrangement" [2 drafts; notes]


4.1.13: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Alternate Ch. 9: "The Development of School Grounds"


4.1.14: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Ch. 11: "Standards of Main Construction"


4.1.15: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Ch. 13: "The Administrative Provisions" [3 drafts w/ notes]


4.1.16: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill:(Ch. 8): "The Classroom" [corresponds to outline Ch. 14]


4.1.17: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill:(Ch. 21): "The Laboratory Sciences" [corresponds to outline Ch. 16]


4.1.18: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Art & Music [corresponds to outline Ch. 19]


4.1.19: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Ch. 23: "Health & Physical Education"


4.1.20: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Alternate Ch. 23: "(Ch. 14): Physical Education"


4.1.21: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Ch. 26: "Plumbing & Sanitation" [corresponds to outline Ch. 24]


4.1.22: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Alternate Ch. 26: "(Ch. 28): School sanitation & safety"


4.1.23: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill: Ch. 25: "Heating & Ventilation" [corresponds to outline Ch. 26]


4.1.24: "Planning the Modern School" by J.C. Almack & A.P. Hill:"Checking the Plans & the Plant" [corresponds to outline Ch. 28]




4.2.1: C.G. Shambaugh. "An analysis of space provisions in the floor plans of modern high schools,"


4.2.2: Misc. School Building Materials--descr. brochures


4.2.3: School room heating--descr. brochures


4.2.4: Physical Education equipment--descr. brochures


4.2.5: Domestic Science equipment--descr. brochures


4.2.6: School room ventilation--descr. brochures, pamphlets


4.2.7: School lighting--brochures, articles


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