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Register of the Payson J. Treat Papers, 1855-1973
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Series Description

Box Box No. 1 -38.

Correspondence File, 1898-1970.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence with colleagues, friends, and family, including Ephraim D. Adams, Herbert C. Hoover, Stanley K. Hornbeck, Yamoto Ichihashi, David Starr Jordan, Thomas F. Millard, Willys Peck, E.B. Treat (father), and others, arranged chronologically.
Box Box No. 38 -40.

Speeches and Writings, 1905-1968.

Scope and Content Note

Speeches, articles, book reviews, classroom lectures and lecture notes, and clippings, arranged as listed.
Box Box No. 41 -51.

Subject File, 1865-1973.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, reports, memoranda, lists, interviews, maps, clippings, and printed matter, arranged alphabetically by subject.
Box Box No. 51 -59.

Research File, 1855-1939.

Scope and Content Note

Manuscripts, reports, correspondence, notes, copies of diplomatic records, and other research materials, which P.J. Treat either acquired from private sources or copied from holdings at the Library of Congress and the National Archives. Arranged alphabetically by the source of the material.
Box Box No. 60 -63.

Pamphlets and Printed Matter, 1914-1923.

Scope and Content Note

Pamphlets and other printed matter relating to World War I, arranged alphabetically by author or title.
Box Box No. 63.

Increment, February, 1985.

Scope and Content Note

Mimeographed correspondence, book reviews, and ethnological studies of the Philippines, 1910-1912, by Otley C. Beyer; and a mimeographed transcript of a speech by D. R. Williams, 1926, relating to legal protection of Americans residing in China

Container List


Correspondence File, 1898-1970.

Box 1.

1907-12, Letters sent.


1910-12, Letters received, A-Z.


1913, Letters sent.


1913, Letters received, A-F.

Box 2.

1913, Letters received, G-Z.


1914-15, Letters sent.


1914-15, Letters received, A-M.

Box 3.

1914-15, Letters received, N-A.


1916, Correspondence, A-Z.

Box 4.

1916-17, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1916-17, Correspondence, A-Z.


1918, Correspondence, A-D.

Box 5.

1918, Correspondence, E-Z.


1919-20, Letters sent.


1919-20, Letters received, A-F.

Box 6.

1919-20, Letters received, G-Z.


1921, Letters sent.


1921, Letters received while in China.


1921, Letters received, A-M.

Box 7.

1921, Letters received, N-Z.


1922-23, Correspondence, A-Z.


1923-24, Correspondence, A-G.

Box 8.

1923-24, Correspondence, H-Z.


1925, Correspondence, A-Z.

Box 9.

1926, Correspondence, A-Z.


1927, Correspondence, A-Z.

Box 10.

1928 (January-September), Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1928 (January-September), Correspondence, A-Z.


1928 (October) -1929 (June), Correspondence, A-Z.

Box 11.

1929 (July-December), Correspondence, A-Z.


1930, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1930, Correspondence, A-M.

Box 12.

1930, Correspondence, N-Z.


1931, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1931, Correspondence, A-Z.


1932, Correspondence, A-F.

Box 13.

1932, Correspondence, G-Z.


1933, Correspondence, A-Z.

Box 14.

1934, Correspondence, A-Z.


1935, Correspondence, A-M.

Box 15.

1935, Correspondence, N-Z.


1936, Correspondence, A-Z.


1937, Correspondence, miscellaneous.

Box 16.

1937, Correspondence, A-Z


1938, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1938, Correspondence, A-M.

Box 17.

1938, Correspondence, A-Z.


1939, Correspondence, A-Z.


1940, Correspondence, miscellaneous.

Box 18.

1940, Correspondence, A-Z.


1941, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1941, Correspondence, A-O.

Box 19.

1941, Correspondence, P-Z.


1942, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1942, Correspondence, A-Z.


1943, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1943, Correspondence, A-J.

Box 20.

1943, Correspondence, K-Z.


1944, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1944, Correspondence, A-Z.


1945, Correspondence, miscellaneous.

Box 21.

1945, Correspondence, A-Z.


1946, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1946, Correspondence, A-Z.

Box 22.

1947, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1947, Correspondence, A-Z.


1948, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1948, Correspondence, A-L.

Box 23.

1948, Correspondence, M-Z.


1949, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1949, Correspondence, A-Z.

Box 24.

1950, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1950, Correspondence, A-Z.


1951, Correspondence, miscellaneous.

Box 25.

1951, Correspondence, A-Z.


1952, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1952, Correspondence, A-M.

Box 26.

1952, Correspondence, N-Z.


1953, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1953, Correspondence, A-Z.


1954, Correspondence, miscellaneous.

Box 27.

1954, Correspondence, A-Z.


1955, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1955, Correspondence, A-J.

Box 28.

1955, Correspondence, K-Z.


1956, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1956, Correspondence, A-Z.

Box 29.

1957, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1957, Correspondence, A-Z.


1958, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1958, Correspondence, A-J.

Box 30.

1958, Correspondence, K-Z


1959, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1959, Correspondence, A-Z.


1960, Correspondence, miscellaneous.

Box 31.

1960, Correspondence, A-Z.


1961, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1961, Correspondence, A-J.

Box 32.

1961, Correspondence, K-Z.


1962, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1962, Correspondence, A-Z.

Box 33.

1963, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1963, Correspondence, A-Z.


1964, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1964, Correspondence, A-G.

Box 34.

1964, Correspondence, H-Z.


1965, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1965, Correspondence, A-Z.

Box 35.

1966, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1966, Correspondence, A-Z.


1967, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1967, Correspondence, A-H.

Box 36.

1967, Correspondence, I-Z.


1968, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1968, Correspondence, A-Z.

Box 37.

1969, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1969, Correspondence, A-Z.


1970, Correspondence, miscellaneous.


1970, Correspondence, A-Z.


Correspondence with father (E.B. Treat), 1898-1911.

Box 38.

Correspondence with father (E.B. Treat), 1912-1921.


Correspondence between Prof. and Mrs. Treat and Prof. and Mrs. Yamoto Ichihashi, 1942-45.


Speeches and Writings, 1905-1968.

Box 38.

Alien Land Legislation.


America's View of Japanese.


Awakened Orient.


Awakening of the Orient, Opportunities and Responsibilities for San Francisco and California.


California and the Japanese.


China and Japan.


China and Korea, 1885-1894.


Constitution Making in China.


Cosmopolitanism in California.


David Starr Jordan.


Early Japanese Foreign Relations.


Early Sino-Japanese Diplomatic Relations.


Far East.


Foundations of American Policy in the Far East.


Friendship of Japan and the United States.


Good Offices of the United States during the Sino-Japanese War.


Intellectual Bond between Japan and the United States.


Japan, America, and the Great War.


Japanese in California.


Japanese in Manchuria.


Mikado's Ratification of the Foreign Treaties.


National Land System,1785-1820.


Need of the Orient.


New Indian Councils.


New Lights of Japanese History.


Philippine Independence.


Possibilities and Facts.


Shanghai, January 28, 1932.


Stanford Anecdote.


Status of the Slave in the Law Courts.


Thomas Welton Stanford, An American Pioneer in Australia.


Weekly war reviews.

Box 39.

Book reviews, 1910-16, 1922-23, 1929-45.


Classroom lectures and lecture notes.


History of land systems.


United States history, 1783-1844.


Bibliography and criticism.


History of Japan.


History of the Far East.

Box 40.

History of the Far East




Subject File, 1865-1973.

Box 41.

Adams, Ephraim Douglas.


American Committee for Non-participation in Japanese Aggression.


American Historical Association, 1915 program.


Asia, clippings, 1922, 1924-25.


Asiatic Society of Japan.


Atom bomb, decision to drop on Japan.


Australia, clippings, 1922.




Correspondence with libraries.

Box 42.

Correspondence with libraries.




Biographical file.






Canton Christian College, 1924.


Clippings, 1921-24.

Box 43.

Clippings, 1925-26.




Industrial cooperatives.


Relations with Japan.




Riots of 1925.


Shanghai incident of May 30, 1925.


Shanghai incident of 1932.


Shantung Province, Chinese memorandum claiming restitution of German properties.


United States relations, 1911-40.


United States relations since 1941.

Box 44.

University of China.


Weale, Putnam, Report on a Confidential Mission to Canada, England, and the United States in 1921.


Chinese-Japanese studies in the United States.


Civil War letters.


Colton's Atlas of the Union (1965).


Far East, Clippings and maps.


Franklin, Benjamin.

Box 45.

Harris, Townsend.


Henry, James M.


Honors and awards.


Hoover, Herbert C.


Oral history interviews with H.C. Hoover.


April 8, 1933.


August 25, 1940.


August 21, 1945.




Huston, Jay Calvin.






Clippings scrapbook, 1907-08.


Clipping scrapbook, 1919-23.

Box 46.

Clippings, 1921-26.

Box 47.



Expedition to Formosa.


Manchurian question.


Shantung Province.


United States relations.


Japanese in California.

Box 48.

Japanese in California.


Japanese in the United States.


Jordan, David Starr.


Korea, independence movement, 1919-20.


Mannix, W.F., Memoirs of Li Hung Chang.


Maps, miscellaneous.


Matsuoka, Y.

Box 49.



Miscellaneous clippings.


Pearl Harbor investigation.


President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy.

Box 50.

Reprints of published articles given to P.J. Treat by friends and colleagues.


Sheppard, Eli T.


Shibusawa, Viscount E.


Sierra Club.


Sun Yat-Sen.


Letter (holograph, signed) by Sun Yat-Sen to President Harding, May 5, 1921

Physical Description: (with typed copy).

Letter of Alexander Baxter, Acting President of Canton Christian College, to C.K. Edmunds, President of Canton Christian College, concerning the visit of Sun Yat Sen, December 22, 1923.




Travel brochures for Japan and China, 1920-21.


Trip to the Far East, 1912.

Box 51.

Trip to the Far East, 1921-22


Trip, miscellaneous notes.


Research File, 1855-1939.

Box 51.

Bailey, Leonard W., Historical Development of the Modern Chinese Navy.


Clyde, Paul H., Attitudes and Policies of George F. Seward, American Minister at Peking, 1876-1880.


Kinney, Charles Bishop (South Manchuria Railway Co.), first-hand reports on the political, military, and economic situation in Manchuria, 1934-39.


Kinney, Henry W. (South Manchuria Railway Co.), first-hand reports on the political, military, and economic situation in Manchuria, 1927-36.


Longborough, William B., The Boyhood of Anson Burlingame on the Western Reserve, 1820-40.


Ming, Lewis, American Interest in the Far Eastern Crisis.


Pruyn, Robert H. (Minister to Japan).


Letters received relating to action in the Straits of Siminosaki against Daimio Chosu, 1864.

Box 52.

Extracts of letters from R.H. Pruyn to his wife from Japan, 1862-65.


Pryor, Helen B., letters from medical doctors in China concerning events in Nanking during 1937-38.


Sheppard, Eli T. (selected copies of papers at the Library of Congress).


Copies of diplomatic records relating to E.T. Sheppard's activities in the U.S. Foreign Service, 1877-80.


Letters of Dr. S. Wells Williams, the Legation Secretary, to E.T. Sheppard, 1873-76.


Notes on Americans in the Far East.


Letters of Frederick F. Low, U.S. Minister at Peking to E.T. Sheppard, 1872-74.


Letters sent and received by E.T. Sheppard, 1874-76.


Manuscript entitled General Grant in the Orient.


U.S. State Department records (selected copies of diplomatic records relating to the Far East deposited at the National Archives).


Directions for copying documents and a list of finding aids.




Rockhill's memo on the open door policy, 1899.


Register of instructions, 1895-1905.


Register of despatches, 1895-1905.


Despatches, instructions, etc., 1971-79.

Box 53.

Despatches, instructions, etc., 1880-85, 1894-1906.




Despatches, instructions, etc., 1898-1900.




Despatches, instructions, etc., 1898-1904.


Great Britain.


Register of despatches and instructions, 1895-1905.


Despatches, 1898-1904.




Despatches, instructions, etc., 1897-98.

Box 54.



Consular appointments, 1859-94.


Report to Townsend Harris concerning the commercial treaty, 1855.




Miscellaneous reports of the Diplomatic Bureau.


Register of despatches and instructions.


Despatches, instructions, etc., 1865-72.

Box 55.

Despatches, instructions, etc., 1873-81.

Box 56.

Despatches, instructions, etc., 1882-90.

Box 57.

Despatches, instructions, etc., 1891-94.


Despatches relating to the Anglo-Japanese Treaty of 1894.


Despatches, instruction, etc., 1895-99.

Box 58.

Despatches, instructions, etc., 1900-05.

Box 59.

Despatches, instructions, etc., 1906.




Register of despatches and instructions, 1883-1905.


Despatches, instructions, etc., 1883-1905.




Despatches, instructions, etc., 1879-1905.


Pamphlets and Printed Matter, 1914-1923.

Box 60.

List of pamphlets and printed matter, arranged alphabetically by author or title.



Box 61.


Box 62.


Box 63.

Government publications.


Increment, February, 1985

Box 63.

Mimeographed correspondence, book reviews, and ethnological studies of the Philippines, 1910-1912, by Otley C. Beyer; and a mimeog aphed transcript of a speech by D. R. Williams, 1926, relating to legal protection of Americans residing in China