Guide to the Oscar Stansbury Papers

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Guide to the Oscar Stansbury Papers

Collection number: MS 80

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Oscar Stansbury Papers
Collection number: MS 80
Creator: Stansbury, Oscar, 1852-1926
Extent: 7 linear ft.
Repository: Meriam Library

California State University, Chico
Chico, California 95929-0295
Language: English.

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Gift of F. S. (Bob) Clough.


Collection is open for research.

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On February 17, 1852, Oscar Stansbury, the fourth of nine children, was born to Washington Middleton Stansbury and Emily Ayers--the only son of three offspring to survive childhood. Oscar attended the Masonic Male Academy, graduating at the age of fifteen. In 1867 he began two years of pre-med courses at the University of Mississippi and followed this with a degree from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore.
One school holiday, Oscar travelled to the town of Greensborough, Maryland, and met Libbie Manlove. By the time he completed medical school in 1873, he and Libbie were engaged. He worked in his family's lumber mill in the Mississippi foothills until receiving a letter from a cousin, Dr. George Griffiths, who managed George Parrott's Mexican land grant, the Llano Seco Rancho near Chico, California. The letter requested Oscar to take over his cousin's overly-demanding medical practice. In the summer of 1875, Oscar arrived in Chico, a small town only three years old.
Dr. Stansbury spent two years establishing himself as a physician before returning east to a marriage ceremony with Miss Manlove on April 17, 1877. A month of honeymoon travel provided the transition between Atlantic Coast propriety and the far west. In 1883, Oscar had a very elegant home built for his growing family (a son, Middleton Pemberton (1879), and a daughter, Angeline Hardcastle, who was born that year). This Victorian residence in the Italianette fashion was impressive in its day; it still remains as a Chico landmark, and is registered with the National Historic Preservation Trust. As Oscar Stansbury became established in Butte County, a third child, Ellen Gilder, was born in 1885. Oscar had a downtown office in the Bank of Butte County Building, an anteroom to receive patients in his home, and a busy routine of calls made in his carriage throughout the rural vicinity. There was no hospital in Chico then, so, to meet this lack, Oscar ran one himself for fourteen months.
One of the most outstanding features of Dr. Stansbury's career was his concern for public health issues. From 1903 to 1915 he was a member of the California State Board of Health, an organization that created and enforced regulations concerning sanitation, hygiene, and epidemic control. He helped establish a Bureau of Vital Statistics and worked to pass the California Pure Food and Drug Act of 1907.
In November of 1910 Oscar's zeal for quality in health conditions led him on an investigative journey to the Panama Canal Zone to study the prevention of malaria and yellow fever.He also aided in the campaign for public vaccination against small pox and served as the district surgeon for the Southern Pacific Railroad. Through his connection to the railroad he set up a travelling exhibit car which displayed methods of better hygiene in the home.
Dr. Stansbury had a passion for property, a desire for farmable land which lingered from his Southern heritage. In 1887 Oscar purchased a 240-acre plot east of Chico called the Warfield Ranch. William Earll, of Hubbard and Earll Hardware, was his partner for the first twenty years of this venture. Fruit and olive trees, alfalfa and hay were cultivated but the ranch never matured into a financially successful venture. Via inheritance, Oscar was also involved in the real estate markets of Baltimore, Maryland, and Carrollton, Mississippi.
Dr. Stansbury was affiliated with several organizations including the Society of the Cincinnati. This fraternal was originally created by officers of the Revolutionary War as a pension for war widows and children, but became inactive in the nineteenth century. Men who traced their parentage to these first organizers revived the society in 1895. An official certificate which clarified the Stansbury lineage came to Oscar proving his eligibility. He was granted membership to the society in 1897. Dr. Stansbury also belonged to the Free Masons, the Knight's Templar, and the Noble Order of the Mystic Shrine.
Oscar Stansbury died July 19, 1926, while waiting for his evening mint julep.
Libbie Manlove was born May 2, 1852, the fourth daughter of John Pemberton and Amanda Hardcastle Manlove. She spent her childhood in Greensborough, a small town inhabited by many of her relatives. Her father was a merchant. For a period of time, Libbie lived with her mother's sister, Angeline Goldsborough. They developed a close relationship so that this aunt was known as "Grandma" Goldsborough to the Stansbury family.
The Manlove's were a religious family, quite active in the Episcopal Church. Following her marriage and trip West with Oscar, Libbie was dismayed to find no house of her faith in Chico. She made it a goal to establish an Episcopal mission in her new hometown--achieving success when St. John the Evangelist Church opened its doors.
Mrs. Stansbury's foremost occupation was the supervision of the domestic routines that were a demand of her large home and busy social life. She enjoyed the role of hostess while a series of Chinese cooks handled the kitchen duties. In her erly years Libbie Stansbury suffered from diabetes, finally passing away of February 20, 1923.
The Stansbury's first child, Middleton Pemberton, was born February 3, 1878. He attended Salem Street School (in Chico) and the St. Matthew's Academy in San Mateo, California. Following the Stansbury tradition he attended medical school. In the midst of his studies at the University of California, Berkeley, he married Ethel Cottrell Dunbar in 1902. They had a son, Middleton Pemberton, Jr., who also became a physician. This branch of the Stansbury's settled in Vacaville, California. Middleton, Sr., passed away on April 27, 1964.
Angeline Hardcastle Stansbury, born September 9, 1883, was the second child in the family. Her interests in the arts and education led her through teacher training at the Chico Normal School, where she received her degree in 1902, and then coursework at University of California, Berkeley, and the College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. Promptly, she was hired as an art instructor at the Chico High School. She held this position for forty years.
Angeline was dedicated to her home and family. Angeline took over the supervision of the Warfield Ranch until its sale in 1929. The family residence was the center of Ms. Stansbury's existence. She lived there until her death on Christmas day, 1974. Her industriousness to preserve the pristeen quality of her home resulted in its use as a model of Victorian life in Chico.
Ellen Gilder Stansbury, born December 1, 1885, had little in common with her sister. More traditional in her attitudes, she did not plan a career, although she did finish her education. She married Francis Albert Clough on September 25, 1907, in a parlor wedding which suited the style of the Stansbury setting. Francis' father was Fred M. Clough, the first Pacific Coast manager of the Diamond Match Company, a key local industry. When the firm decided to branch into public transportation, young Francis was made superintendent of their Chico Electric Railway Company.

Scope and Content

When F.S. (Bob) Clough finished writing his history of the Stansbury family, The House at Fifth and Salem, he gave the ledgers and other family papers upon which the book was based, to the Association for Northern California Records and Research (ANCRR). In 1978, ANCRR gave the papers to the Special Collections Department at CSU, Chico's Meriam Library. The Oscar Stansbury Papers were arranged and catalogued in 1979, and indexes and finding aids prepared.
The collection was given a form arrangement and consists of correspondence, medical record books, family financial records, legal documents and certificates, a scrapbook, cards and invitations, genealogical notes, printed material, photocopies of newsclippings, architectural drawings and a map. A group of photographs was separated and put in the Special Collections photograph collection. Some pamphlets, magazines and a copy of the June, 1907, Chico Record were separated from the collection and placed elsewhere in Special Collections.
The correspondence is contained in Boxes 1-4. Arrangement within each box follows a rough subject arrangement. First are any items written by the person whose name is on the box; followed by letters from close relatives of the person. Letters from friends and other people follow. Folders dealing with letters from one person are arranged chronologically. Folders dealing with letters from more than one person are alphabetically arranged according to the person's last name, and chronologically within a name, if necessary.
Box 1 contains Oscar Stansbury's correspondence and covers the years 1878 to 1929. Included are letters of a personal nature from his parents, sister, son, grandson, relatives and friends. Also letters from various persons concerning medical matters. State Board of Health business, Society of the Cincinnati, and family financial affairs. In addition, there are letters concerning the Warfield Ranch, near Chico, and letters about real estate in Maryland and Mississippi. Several of the letters in the Warfield folder are addressed to the Oscar Stansbury estate, care of Angeline Stansbury.
Box 2 contains the correspondence of Libbie Manlove Stansbury and covers the period 1856-1923. These letters from relatives and friends are of a personal nature, revealing a close-knit family's struggle to keep in touch, though separated by thousands of miles.
The correspondence of Angeline Hardcastle Stansbury is in Box 3 and covers the period 1893-1974. These letters from relatives and friends are of a personal nature. Those letters written by her nephews, F.S. Clough and M.P. Stansbury, Jr., reveal a great deal of Stansbury family history.
Box 4 contains correspondence from miscellaneous family members and covers the period 1793-1978. Included are letters written to Oscar's parents, son, grandson, and nephew. The letters written to F.S. Clough and M.P. Stansbury, Jr., contain much information about the Stansbury family history.
The next major part of the collection consists of the medical record books belonging to Oscar Stansbury. These records span the years 1870-1926 and include visitation record book, cash ledgers, receipt books, notes from medical school, physician's call lists, day books, a prescription book, birth certificate record book, wallets of railroad passes and membership cards, vaccination certificates and list, and medical invoices and receipts. These records are found in Boxes 5-7. One visitation record book in Box 5 also has an account book of a Mississippi saw mill. A book of school notes in Box 6 also contains a record of household expenses kept by Oscar's mother, Emily Ayres Stansbury.
Boxes 8-12 contain financial records of the Stansbury family and span the years 1863-1976. Personal expense books, cash ledgers, bank books, checkbooks, cancelled checks, promissory notes, family bills and receipts, tax receipts and deeds are included. The records of the Warfield Ranch are in Box 12 and include account books, receipts, deeds, lease agreements, inventories, mortgages and tax receipts. Records of the Gilder Hospital for 1900-1901 are found in one of these account books. Boxes 8 and 9 are mostly ledgers; boxes 9-12 have a subject arrangement for folders, with chronological arrangement within each folder.
Box 13 contains Stansbury family documents and certificates, ranging from 1663-1926. Medical and professional certificates are in folder 1; State Board of Health certificates in folder 2; miscellaneous baptismal certificates and other family documents are in folder 3. Arrangement is in chronological order.
Box 14 contains a scrapbook that originally was a store ledger from Greensboro, Maryland. Pages of the ledger have been pasted over with newsclippings from the 1860's and 1870's.
Box 15 contains invitations; greeting, business and calling cards; genealogical notes about the Stansbury family; and several student essays about John Bidwell and the Northgrave House. The invitations in folder 1 are chronologically arranged. The business and calling cards in folder 2 are alphabetically arranged. The greeting cards in folder 3 are chronologically arranged. The genealogical notes do not have any special arrangement. This box spans 1856-1976. Boxes 16 and 17 are printed material, mainly pamphlets. Box 11 has material dealing with the Society of the Cincinnati, material on the Stansbury House, religious pamphlets and tourist booklets.
Box 18 contains photocopies of newsclippings and obituaries. Newsclippings are organized by subject; obituaries are alphabetically arranged. Time span for the box: 1868-1976. Subjects of the clippings include the Stansbury's, the Stansbury House, the Bidwell's, the Bidwell Mansion and Park, Fiesta Rancho Chico, and the Llano Seco Rancho.
The architectural drawings have been encapsulated and placed in Map Case 1, Drawer 5. Included are front elevations for three houses, one of which was selected by the Stansbury's for their home. Also included are floor plans for the house, a bungalow, a hospital, additions to a house, and a map of the Warfield Ranch.

Name and Subject Indices

Name Index to Oscar Stansbury Papers

Ayres, Isaac 13:3; 18:6
Bader, Mathias 1:6
Ball, C.A. 7:3
Bank of Butte County 9; 12:4
Bank of Italy 9; 10:1
Barber, Hugh 18:4
Barber and Stirling City Hospital Association 1:6; 7:2
Bartlett Drug Co. 15:3
Bassett, W.D. 1:6
Bean Spray Pump Co. 1:10
Beaven, Rev. George F. 2:9; 13:3; 18:6
Belding, C.F. 1:6; 13:3
Bellas, Henry Hobart 1:8; 4:5; 13:3; 16:3
Bennett, Ivin 1:6
Berg, M. 1:1
Bibers, Ethel Marshall 4:6; 4:8
Bicknell, Thomas 13:1, 13:3
Bidwell, Annie 2:2; 18:1, 18:3, 18:5
Bidwell, Daniel 18:3
Bidwell, John 2:8; 11:2; 15:5; 18:1, 18:3, 18:5
Bidwell Mansion State Historical Park 18:3
Bleyhl, Dr. Norris A. 18:3, 18:5
Bond and Deirup 10:1
Bradford, Esther 18:1
Brakebill, J.H. 12:1
Breese Home 18:1
Briggs, Dr. Wm. Ellery 1:6; 2:9
Brooks, Joseph T. 1:10
Brown, Rev. Charles 17:2
Brown, Eliza Ann Hardcastle 2:9; 18:6
Brown, William Hardcastle 17:2; 18:2
Bryan, A.J. 18:1
Bureau of the Hygienic Laboratory 1:7
Burke, Miss 1:6
Burt, Grinnell 1:10
Bushey, Arthur C. 4:6
Butte County Historical Society 11:1; 18:1, 18:3, 18:5
Butte County Medical Society 7
Butte County National Bank 1:8; 9:4-7; 10:1
Butte County Savings Bank 10:1, 10:3
California Department of Parks and Recreation 18:1, 18:3
California Peach Growers Association 1:10; 12:1
California Prune and Apricot Growers Association 1:10
California State Automobile Association 10:3
California State Board of Health 1:7, 4:6; 13:2
Canfield 2:2; 12:1; 18:1
Carah, A.M. 1:10; 12:2
Carlin, H.C. 1:1
Cass, W.S. 11:2
Castle Hall 3:1, 3:3, 3:4; 4:6, 4:7; 15:4; 17:2; 18:2
Century Magazine 4:5, 4:7
Chase, Ray E. 1:6
Cheney, Dr. Wm. Fitch 1:6
Chico Businessmens Association 10:3
Chico Cemetery Association 10:3
Chico City Council 11:1; 18:1
Chico Commercial Oil Co. 13:3
Chico Electric Railway Co. 15:3
Chico High School 18:1
Chico Normal School 1:7; 3:3, 3:6; 18:5
Chico Water Supply Co. 10:6
Chico Women's Club 18:3, 18:5
Church of St. John the Evangelist 2:9; 10:3; 18:1
Clark's Hardware 12:1, 12:5
Clough, Bonney Ellen 3:3; 6:61; 7:6
Clough, Ellen Gilder Stansbury 1:5; 3:3, 3:5; 4:1, 4:6; 13:3; 18:1
Clough, Francis Albert 3:5; 10:1; 12:2; 13:3; 18:1
Clough, Frederick M. 1:6; 4:7; 18:1
Clough, Frederick Stansbury (Bob) 3:3; 4:6; 15:4; 18:1
Collins, A.B. 18:1, 18:4
Commercial Debenture Finance Co. 7:1
Costar, W.J. 12:3; 17:1
Culbreth, Dr. David Marvel Reynolds 1:8
Culbreth, Sarah Gilder Reynolds 2:9; 18:6
Davis, Dr. George Wm. 2:2
Delaware State Society of the Cincinnati 1:8; 13:3; 13:16
Delgado, Carl 18:5
Duel, Charles 4:7
Duel, Margaret 4:7
Diamond Match Co. 1:1; 4:9; 12:1, 12:2, 12:5; 18:1, 18:5
Donnels, H.C. 1:1
Dorn, Win 4:4
Douglas, J.H. 12:1, 12:2
Dulles, Heatley 2:9
Dulles, Nataline Brown 2:9
E.H. Erickson Artificial Limb Co. 13:1
Earll 12:2
Earll, Mrs. W. 2:2
Eastman, McDowell Venable 4:7
Eddy, Agnes Spratt 2:2
Evans, Barbara 11:1
Everyday Art 3:6
Farwell, Edward A. 18:4
Fashion Shoeing Shop 12:5
Faulkner, Charles 18:1
Fetters, Charles 1:6
Finte, Henry 18:1
First National Bank of Chico 10:1
Fletcher, Arthur 1:1
Ford, Tiny L. 1:1
Froehlich, Hugo B. 3:6
Gage, Helen Sommer 18:3, 18:5
Gage, Syble Somers 7:3
Geiser, J.C. 1:7
George, W.C. 1:11
Gerke, Henry 18:4, 18:5
Geurhart, A.M. 1:10
Gibbons, Henry 1:12; 4:4
Gilder, Richard Watson 1:8; 2:9; 4:5, 4:7
Gilder, Dr. Reuben 1:8, 11; 2:9; 3:4; 4:5, 4:7, 4:9; 12:17; 13:3
Gilder Hospital 12:1
Gillette, Governor J.N. 17:1
Goldsborough, Angeline Hardcastle 1:5; 2:7; 3:5; 4:4; 18:2, 18:6
Goldsborough, Dr. Griffin W. 18:6
Gorcus, Col. W.C. 1:7
Graham, Dr. Harrington B. 1:6
Graves, Mrs. 2:8; 4:6
Graves Drug Store 4:6; 18:1
Green, Bishop W.M. 13:3
Gregg, M.S. 12
Griffith, Dr. George R. 1:5; 3:1; 4:2; 13:3; 18:1, 18:4
Griffith, Mary Ashbury Stansbury 18:6
Griswold Lumber Co. 12:5
Hardcastle, Dr. Alexander 18:2
Hardcastle, Alexander, Jr. 1:6, 1:11; 2:9; 3:5; 18:6
Hardcastle, Thomas
Hardcastle, William M. 17:2; 18:6
Harkness, Ed 1:9; 12:4
Harlan, O.A. 1:10
Harris, James 4:8; 17:3
Health Officers Association for the Sacramento Valley 1:7
Hendricks, Thomas P. 18:1
Hendricks, Winona 2:9
Hibbard 2:8
Hobart, Charles 18:1
Hobart, Emmy 2:2, 2:9; 15:3; 18:1
Hollensen, Isabel 18:1
Hollingsworth, Mrs. M.B. 2:9
Horne, Lelia Dorothy 3:5; 4:6
Horne, Lelia Stansbury 1:3; 13:3; 18:1
Horne, Richard Carter 1:8, 1:11; 10:2; 18:1
Horne, Richard Carter, Jr. 4:5
Hotele, F.W. 1:6
Houghton, Jr. 10:1
Hubbard, C.H. 12:2, 12:3
Hubbard and Earll Co. 12
Hutchinson, William H. 18:3
Hyatt, John Price 1:8
McFeely Hardware Co. 12:5
Stewart (J.B) Co. 12:5
Johnson, Edna 3:2
Johnson, H.H. 1:6
Johnson, James J. 1:8
Johnston, E.B. 18:1
Jones, George, Belle and George, Jr. 18:1
Kennedy, Rev. George W. 18:6
Kennedy, Guy R. 3:6; 10:1
Kennedy, Mrs. Joseph J. 18:1
Kifer, Emma Oferall 2:9
Knight, Charles R. 17:3; 18:2
Kunz, Christopher 18:1
Lay, Henry C. 13:3
Leffore, Greenwood 4:6; 15:4; 17:3
Leimen, John 1:7
Lellingham, J. 12:1
Lewis, Arenia, Jimmy, Johnny 18:5
Lusk, Franklin C. 4:6; 12:4; 18:3
McConnell, Mary 12:1
McCormell, Jenny 2:9
McIntosh, L.H. 18:1
MacKenzie, Isabel 3:6
Manlove, Amanda Hardcastle 2:1, 2:4; 4:4, 4:9
Manlove, Annie 2:1, 2:6; 3:5; 4:4; 15:3; 18:2
Manlove, John Pemberton 1:1, 1:5; 2:2, 2:3; 3:5; 4:4; 18:6
Manlove, William Pemberton 2:6; 3:5; 18:2
Mansfield, Mary Stansbury (Mrs. Walter) 4:5, 4:6, 4:7, 4:9
Marshall, W.B. 1:11
Maryland Historical Society 4:5, 4:6, 4:7
Medical Society of the State of California 1:6; 2:2
Meriam Theodore 4:6, 4:7; 11:1; 18:1, 18:3, 18:5
Meline, Edna Roohr (Mrs. Charles) 18:5
Montgomery, Sam 7:1
Morehead, J.J. 18:1, 18:4
Mott, William Pen, Jr. 18:3
Mow, J.W. 1:5
Muir, John 18:5
Muir, Wanda 3:6
Murphy, W.J. 1:8
Mutchler, Angeline Manlove 2:6; 3:5; 4:4; 18:2
New Clairvaux Monastery 18:5
New York Society of the Cincinnati 13:3
Nichols, Caro 18:1
Nichols, Eudora Somerville 1:5; 3:3; 8:2
Nichols' Hardware Co. 12:1, 12:5
Niehaus, Eileen 13:3
Noonan, D. 18:1
Nopel, John 18:5
Northern California Olive Corporation 1:10
Northern Electric Railway 4:9
Northgrave House 15:5
Nourse, S.B. 1:6
Oliver House 4:6
Ophuls, Dr. W. 1:6
Osborn, Rev. E.A. 2:9
Osborn, Maud 2:9
Oser, Morris 18:1
Pacific Bone Coal and Fertilizing Co. 1:10; 12:5
Pacific Gas and Electric 10:6
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph 10:6
Pardee, Gov. George C. 13:2
Parrott, Abby M. 18:4
Parrott, John 1:2; 4:2; 18:4, 18:5
Parrott, Louis 2:2
Patrick House 15:5
Peale, Charles Wilson 3:1; 4:6
Pease, L.S. 1:1; 2:2
Peiser, S. 1:10
Pencovic, Alexis 3:6; 4:6
Pennsylvania Society Sons of the Revolution 16:5
Perley, W.A. 18:1
Peters, Thomas 1:8
Picanco, Manuel 18:5
Pitner, May (Mrs. Sam) 4:6, 4:8
Platt, John O. 1:8
Plummer, Howard 18:1
Pratt, O.C. 18:4
Rasmussen, James 12:1
Reed, Harry Bidwell 18:3
Richardson, Larry 3:5; 4:6
Rixford, Dr. E. 1:6
Roberts, B.L. 1:10
Roberts, Tom 17:1
Robinson, Frank 15:1
Robinson, Georgia (Mrs. J.P.) 3:6
Robinson, John R. 18:1
Roe, Carrie Manlove 18:6
Roop, Elvina 13:1
Roper, Donald R. 7:3
Roper, Isabel 6: 61, 7, 6
Rothermell, Bess 3:6
Royce, C.C. 2:8
Safford, W.S. 11:2; 18:1
Salem School 18:5
Saulsbury, Annie Roe 2:9; 3:4, 3:5; 4:6, 4:9; 18:2
Sawyer, W.A. 1:7
Scheffel, Iva 4:7; 15:4
Schlal, Irvin D. 3:1; 18:5
Schoen, I.D. 1:8
Shelton, Lee 18:3
Shepard, Vida 18:1, 18:3
Sherwood, William H. 18:1
Sierra Lumber Co. 4:6
Simmons, William D. 4:6
Smithsonian Institution 3:4; 18:1
Snow, William F. 1:7
Society of Applied Psychology 13:1
Society of the Cincinnati 1:8; 2:9; 3:4; 4:5, 4:7; 13:3; 16
Somerville, Emily Ayres Stansbury 4:4, 4:8; 18:6
Somerville, Percy R. 1:12
Somerville, Thomas H. 1:8
Squires, E. 12:1
Standard Oil Company 12:5
Stanford, Gov. Leland 18:5
Stanhope 4:6, 4:7, 4:8; 17:3
Stansbury, Abraham 3:3; 4:5, 4:6, 4:7; 13:3
Stansbury, Angeline Hardcastle 2:8; 3:1; 4:4, 4:6, 4:9; 12:2; 13:3; 15:4; 18:1, 18:4, 18:6
Stansbury, Ellen Kent Gilder 2:9; 4:5, 4:6, 4:7
Stansbury, Emily Ayres 1:1, 1:2, 1:8; 2:5; 3:5; 4:3, 4:4, 4:7, 4:8; 6:1; 10:2; 13:3; 17:3; 18:6
Stansbury, Ethel Dunbar 2:9
Stansbury, Eugenia Daniel 4:3
Stansbury, Lelia 4:6, 4:7, 4:8
Stansbury, Libbie Manlove 2; 3:1; 10:1; 13:3; 18:1, 18:6
Stansbury, Middleton Pemberton 1:4; 2:8; 4:1; 13:3; 16:23, 16:24; 18:1
Stansbury, Middleton Pemberton, Jr. 1:4; 2:8; 3:4; 4:5, 4:7; 12:item 3; 18:1
Stansbury, Dr. Oscar 1; 2:2; 3:2; 8:5; 9:3; 12; 13:3; 15:4; 17; 18:1, 18:6
Stansbury, Reuben Gilder 4:3, 4:5, 4:6, 4:7, 4:8
Stansbury, Dr. Washington Middleton 1:2; 4:2, 4:3, 4:5, 4:6, 4:7, 4:8; 10:2; 13:3; 17:3; 18:6
Stansbury, William Frisby 1:5, 12; 4:3, 4:5, 4:6, 4:7; 18:6
Stansury, Dr. William M. 4:2, 4:5, 4:6, 4:7; 18
Stansbury House 3:3, 3:4; 4:6; 11:1, 11:2, 11:3; 15:1, 15:4; 18:1
Stansbury House Advisory Committee; 11:1
Stapp, James 1:6
Starkey, J.H. 7:1
State Commission on Lunacy 1:6
Steele, Mrs. C.O. 18:1
Sternberge, Detmorns 4:5, 4:6, 4:7; 13:3; 15:4
Stirling City Hospital 1:6; 7:2
Stoker, I.J. 11:2
Stoker, Charles L. 12:1, 12:2
Strain, Victor 3:3
Sunderland, Al 1:10
Swartzlow, Ruby 18:5
Taylor, Gilbert H. 1:7
Terada, Takeo 3:6
Tickner, Mrs. Walter A. 2:2, 2:4
Tilden, Helen 2:9; 18:1
de Tristan, Count Marc 18:4
Truxell, E.F. 12:1
Trimble, James 18:1
Van Liew, Charles C. 3:6
Wagoner, W.H. 12:1
Warfield Ranch 1:10; 3:1, 3:6; 8:5; 12
Watts, Dr. Nathan 18:1
Welschke, Sada 18:1
West, Mary 18:3
Wilson, C.W. 1:6
Wilson, F.P. 1:10
Wilson, Thelma 18:3, 18:5
Winsor, W. 1:10
Witherbee, Mary Satterfield 2:9; 3:6
Woodin & Little 1:10
Woods, D.K. 12:1
Worthington, Elizabeth Clough (Betty) 4:6, 4:9

Subject Index

Agricultural suppliers, companies 1:10; 12:1, 12:5
Art 3:1, 3:6; 4:6; 17:3; 18:1, 18:2
Associations 6; 13:1
Baltimore property 1:2, 1:3, 1:11; 3:5; 11:5; 15:4
Banks 1:8; 1:9; 10:1, 10:3; 12:4
Berkeley 4:9
Bidwell Park 18:3, 18:5
Blacks 3:3, 3:13
Butte County (history) 18:5
California (history) 18:5
California disease 1:6
Cana 18:4
Carrollton, Mississippi 3:3, 3:7
Carrollton property 1:5, 1:12; 2:2; 4:6, 4:8; 10:2; 11:4
Centerville, Butte Creek Canyon 18:5
Chapmantown 18:1
Chico 2:8; 15:4, 15:5; 17:1; 18:1, 18:3, 18:4, 18:5
Chinese 18:5
Churches 2:9; 4:7, 4:8; 18:1, 18:5
Coit Tower 3:6
Electro-Therapy Machine 18:1
Fair--Chico 2:2
Fiesta Rancho Chico 18:3
Financial Records 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12
Genealogy 1:2; 3:3, 3:4, 3:6; 05, 6, 7; 15:4
Historical Societies 4:5, 4:6, 4:7; 11:1; 18:3, 18:5
Honey Run Covered Bridge 18:5
Hooker Oak Tree 18:5
Hospitals 1:1, 1:6; 7:2; 12:1
Laboratories 1:7
Lake Oroville 18:5
Lassen Grant 18:4, 18:5
Ledgers 5; 6; 8; 14
Lumber Companies 1:1; 4:6, 4:9; 12:1, 12:2, 12:5; 18:1,5
Materia Medica 6:1
Medical cases 1:1, 1:4, 1:6; 2:2, 2:4, 2:8; 6; 7:2
Medical certificates 13:1
Medical equipment 1:7; 3:4; 7:1, 7:4; 18:1
Medical school notes 6
Medical Societies 1:6, 1:7; 2:2; 4:6; 7; 13:1, 13:2
Medical visitation records 5; 6
Mississippi plantations 1:2; 4:6, 4:7
Mother Orange Tree 18:5
Mt. Lassen 18:5
Nebulizer 18:1
Newsclippings 2:8; 3:3; 4:8; 14; 16; 18
Nord 18:4
Nursery and seed companies 12:5
Olives and olive oil 1:10; 3:3; 12:1, 12:2, 12:3
Oroville 4:9
Panama Canal Zone 1:7
Panama Pacific International Exposition 1:4
Parrott Grant 2:2; 3:1; 4:6; 18:1, 18:4
Peaches 1:10; 10:1; 12:2, 12:3
Pears 12:1, 12:2, 12:3
Pharmaceutical supplies 6; 10:2; 13:1
Phelan Ranch 1:8
Physiology 6:1
Prescriptions 6; 18:1
Prunes 1:10; 10:1; 12:2, 12:3
Railroad companies 4:9; 15:3
Railroads 1:6; 2:2, 2:8; 3:1; 4:9; 18:1
Ranches 18:5
Receipts 5; 7; 10; 11:3, 11:4; 12
Residences 1:8; 3:1, 3:3, 3:4; 4:5, 4:6, 4:7, 4:8; 11:1, 11:2, 11:3; 15:1, 15:4, 15:5; 17:2, 17:3; 18:1, 18:5
Richardson Springs 18:5
Sacramento River 18:1, 18:4, 18:5
St. Helena Sanitarium 2:9
San Francisco Earthquake 1:4; 3:6; 4:6, 4:7, 4:9
San Francisco War Memorial 3:6
Sanitation conditions 1:7
Secret societies 4:7; 13:3
Stansbury family Bible 1:5; 3:4; 4:7; 15:4
Stansbury family portraits 1:2, 1:3, 1:5, 1:8; 3:1, 3:4; 4:3, 4:7, 4:9
Stirling City 4:9
Taxation 1:11, 1:12; 2:3; 8:5; 9:3; 10:2, 10:3; 11:3, 11:4, 11:6; 12:2, 12:6
Tuberculosis 1:7
Urine analysis 7:4
Vaccination certificates 1:6; 7:3
Woodman Block, Chico 17:1
Yellow fever epidemic 1:2

Container List


Oscar Stansbury--Correspondence. 1878-1926

Additional Note

12 Fds.
Box Bx 1 , Folder Fd. 1

By Oscar Stansbury. 1883-1910.


To his father-in-law, John Manlove, announcing Angeline's birth.


Letters of introduction for Middleton.


To Arthur Fletcher, requesting plans of hospital in New York.


To W. H. Carlin about medical condition of a patient.


To Diamond Match Company about condition of M. Berg, injured in Stirling City.

Folder Fd. 2

From his parents, Emily Ayers and Washington Middleton Stansbury. 1878-1900.


Topics include the yellow fever epidemic in Mississippi, sales of Baltimore property and Mississippi plantation, family portraits, family finances, John Parrott.

Folder Fd. 3

From his sister, Lelia Stansbury Horne. 1901-1925.


Letters about financial and household problems, deaths in the family, health of family members. Discusses Baltimore property and value and possible sale of family portraits.

Folder Fd. 4

From his son, Middleton Pemberton Stansbury and his grandson, Middleton P. Stansbury, Jr. 1894-1926.


Letters from school, mentioning Oscar's mother's death, and from S.F. after 1906 earthquake.


Letters about Panama--Pacific International Exhibition, auto trip in Oregon.

Folder Fd. 5

From relatives and friends. 1880-1925.


Chinese cook writes from Canton after his return to China, Wm. F. Stansbury discusses claims against Wm. Stansbury estate and sale of factory in Carrollton, Mississippi.


Family portraits and Stansbury Bible mentioned.

Folder Fd. 6

Medical Matters. 1881-1922.


C. F. Belding concerning claim against estate of Matthias Bader; Dr. Wm. Ellery Briggs about eye condition of F. M. Clough; Dr. Wm. Fitch Cheney concerning death of Miss Burke; F. M. Clough re: Stirling City Hospital; F. W. Hotele, Superintendent of State Commission in lunacy, desiring conditions of commitment for lunacy; H. H. Johnson, secretary, Medical Society of California about insurance coverage and Indemnity Defense Fund; S. B. Nourse of Barber and Stirling City Hospital concerning compliment about nurse by C. L. Wilson; S. B. Nourse re: Ryan operation and funding same; Dr. W. Ophiils seeking cooperation in study of infection, photos attached; Dr. Emmet Rixford about Miss Burke's cause of death; Sweeney about train accident. Also letters from patients about their bills.

Folder Fd. 7

Oscar Stansbury and State Board of Health. 1903-1914.


Three letters from N. K. Foster, Secretary, State Board of Health: requesting information on TB, help in organizing Health Officers Association for Sacramento Valley, and discussing swab tests.


Oscar's report to Foster on sanitation conditions of State Normal School, Chico.


Letter of commendation from Gov. J. M. Gillette.


John F. Leimen, Assistant Secretary, concerning expenditures and regulations for Board members.


Two letters from W. A. Sawyer, Director, Bureau of the Hygienic Laboratory, California State Board of Health, concerning tests of water for bacteriological content. Includes report by G. Geiser to Gilbert H. Taylor about Chico test results.


Wm. F. Snow, Secretary, Board of Health, introducing Oscar to Col. Gorgus of the Canal Zone.

Folder Fd. 8

Society of the Cincinnati. 1897-1926.


Seven letters from Henry Hobart Bellas, Secretary, Delaware State Society of the Cincinnati discussing Oscar's membership in that society, the family portrait of Reuben Gilder, and the original certificate of Reuben Gilder in the society.


Two letters from Dr. David Culbreth, establishing his relation to Reuben Gilder and discussing Gilder and Stansbury family history.


Six letters from Richard Watson Gilder, editor, Century Magazine, telling how he came to own Reuben Gilder's certificate of the Society of the Cincinnati and discussing return of certificate to Oscar. Thomas Peters, nephew of Rebecca Peters, third wife of Wm. Stansbury, discussing ownership of Tuscarora, family disputes, Gilder papers and portraits.

Folder Fd. 9

Family finances. 1904-1919.


Ed Harkness, cashier, Butte County National Bank regarding stockholder's tax.


R. C. Horne concerning funeral expenses for Oscar's mother.


D. J. Murphy, Superintendent, Phelan Ranch, re: payment for wood.


Thomas H. Somerville writes several letters concerning Eudora and Emily Somerville's share of their grandmother's estate. (Oscar's nieces.)

Folder Fd. 10

Oscar and Angeline Stansbury about the Warfield Ranch. 1914-1929.


Letters from California Peach Growers, California Prune and Apricot Growers, Northern California Olive Corporation concerning crop contracts and payments, liquidation of Prune and Apricot Association, government olive oil embargo.


Two letters from pump companies listing prices.


Pacific Bone Coal and Fertilizing Company about railroad car of fertilizer.

Folder Fd. 11

Baltimore, Maryland, properties. 1882-1926.


Long series by E. Brady and Alexander Hardcastle concerning taxes on Baltimore property and possibilities of selling same.

Folder Fd. 12

Carrollton, Mississippi properties. 1885-1901.


Several items from W. C. George concerning sale of property in Leflore and Carroll counties.


R. C. Horne describing trip to Carrollton and the auction of Stansbury properties.


W. B. Marshall, plantation foreman, detailing accounts and noting repairs needed on various properties.


Percy Somerville describing state of property and advising sale.


Wm. Frisby Stansbury on plantation affairs.


Libbie Manlove Stansbury--Correspondence. 1856-1923

Additional Note

9 Fds.
Box Bx 2 , Folder Fd. 1

By Libbie Manlove Stansbury. 1857-[ca. 1880].


Two poems written by Libbie as a child and a letter written to her sister while traveling to California on her honeymoon.

Folder Fd. 2

Oscar Stansbury. [1881]-1917.


Letters written to Libbie while Oscar was attending medical society meetings in San Francisco and while she was writing friends in Santa Cruz and relatives in Maryland. Mentions confinement cases, Chico fair, offers for Mississippi factory. Also mentions telling Mrs. Bidwell about Libbie's father's death and helping woman on train who was in premature labor.

Folder Fd. 3

John P. Manlove. 1882-1888.


Several letters thanking Libbie for birthday presents.

Folder Fd. 4

From her mother, Amanda Hardcastle Manlove. 1880-1881.


Conveying family news, settling of old differences, death of Dr. Griffiths. Worried about Libbie and family after reading accounts of Sacramento Valley flooding.

Folder Fd. 5

Emily Ayers Stansbury. 1881-1901.


One letter written while babysitting in Chico mentions a problem with a Chinese cook. Other letters contain family news.

Folder Fd. 6

Anne Manlove, Wm. P. Manlove, Angeline Manlove Mutchler. 1856-1923.


Letters concerning family affairs--primarily Libbie's mother's death, and stroke and death of Libbie's sister, Carrie Manlove Roe.

Folder Fd. 7

Angeline Hardcastle Goldsborough. 1881-1923.


Libbie's favorite "Grandma Goldsborough" writes about family affairs: Dr. George Griffith's death, Libbie's pregnancy, Angeline's birth, Carrie's death.


Comments on severe weather of winter of 1918 and San Diego flooding of 1921. Also Thomas Hardcastle and the Revolutionary War.

Folder Fd. 8

Angeline H. Stansbury, Middleton P. Stansbury, and Middleton P. Stansbury, Jr. 1892-1923.


Several letters from her son, cautioning Libbie to follow her diet (she was diabetic), telling about some medical cases and about his memories of Chinese New Year celebrations in Chico.

Folder Fd. 9

Others. 1876-1923.


Friends and relations write about personal and family affairs, deaths, health, presents, trips, weather. Correspondence with a Chico connection: Emmy B. (Mrs. C. V. Hobart), Mrs. M. B. Hollingsworth, Rev. E. A. and Maud Osborn, Emma Offerall Kifer, Mary Satterfield Witherbee.


Angeline Hardcastle Stansbury--Correspondence. 1893-1974

Additional Note

6 Fds.
Box Bx 3 , Folder Fd. 1

Writings of Angeline Stansbury. 1944-1963.


Including sales history of Warfield ranch. Stansbury family portraits and history of Oscar and Libbie Stansbury

Folder Fd. 2

Oscar Stansbury. 1893-1894.


Several letters written to her when she was ten years old.

Folder Fd. 3

Frederick Stansbury Clough (Bob). 1943-1974.


Series of letters reminiscing about the Stansbury House, describing his trips to Maryland and Mississippi while researching Stansbury family history.

Folder Fd. 4

Middleton P. Stansbury, Jr. 1964-1969.


Letters discussing family portraits, executor for H. H. Stansbury's estate, Stansbury medical equipment in Smithsonian, Stansbury Bible, Society of the Cincinnati.

Folder Fd. 5

Family members. 1889-1973.


Letters of sympathy after deaths of Oscar and Libbie Stansbury.

Folder Fd. 6

Others. 1902-1972.


Hugo Froehlich concerning publication of magazine article; Guy Kennedy re: assessment of Warfield Ranch; Isabel MacKenzie about her travel and work in post-war Germany; Wanda Muir concerning sorority convention; Alexis Pencovri about plans to join Navy; Bess Rothermell re: San Francisco earthquake and fire; C. C. Van Liew recommending A. Stansbury as a teacher.


Takeo "Edward" Terada about his painting on S.F. War Memorial and Coit Tower.


Records of Family Members. 1793-1978

Additional Note

9 Fds.
Box Bx 4 , Folder Fd. 1

Writings of Ellen Stansbury Clough and Middleton P. Stansbury. 1884-[ca. 1896].


Items written by them as children.

Folder Fd. 2

To Washington M. Stansbury, Oscar's father. 1842-1858.


Several letters from his father, Wm. M. Stansbury, concerning reconciliation between them and expressing sorrow upon hearing of deaths of Ellen and Willie, Oscar's sister and brother.

Folder Fd. 3

To Emily Ayres Stansbury, Oscar's mother. 1846-1897.


Husband writes of trip back to Mississippi, a new servant, trips to Little Rock, Niagra Falls, and Baltimore.


Sister-in-law, Eugenia Daniels Stansbury writes of life in Tchula, Mississippi, and her husband's business.

Folder Fd. 4

To Middleton P. Stansbury. 1882-1903.


Letters from relatives written to him as a child, concerning gifts, playmates, health, school. Henry Gibbons of Cooper Medical College, S.F. refusing him admittance in mid-term. Perc Gardiner about student life in Boston.

Folder Fd. 5

By and to Middleton P. Stansbury, Jr. 1963-1969.


Letters between Stansbury and a relative, Richard C. Horne, Jr., concerning research into Stansbury family history and the society of the Cincinnati.

Folder Fd. 6

By and to F. S. Clough (Bob). [1882-1978].


Letters providing him with information about Stansbury family history.


Ellen Stansbury Clough's memories of early Chico.


Eugenia Calvert Holland about family portraits.


Wm. F. Stansbury to Oscar Stansbury resale of factory in Carrollton, Mississippi.


Anne Roe Saulsbury's memories of a visit to Chico in 1920.


Wm. D. Simmons concerning minutes of State Board of Health meetings.


Angeline H. Stansbury tells of her study of early American portrait painters, discusses Carrollton, Mississippi.


Elizabeth Clough Worthington (Betty) about disposition of Stansbury house.

Folder Fd. 7

To F. S. Clough (Bob) from Middleton P. Stansbury, Jr. 1963-1976.


Cousin writes about Stansbury family history, family portraits Society of the Cincinnati certificate, Civil War events near Carrollton, Mississippi, S.F. earthquake of 1906. Mention's other persons researching Stansbury history.

Folder Fd. 8

To F. S. Clough (Bob) from Ethel Marshall Bibus. [1916]-1975.


Information about the Stansbury family and about the property owned by the family.

Folder Fd. 9

Other family members. [1793]-1976.


Reuben Gilder to wife, Mary Gilder and daughter, Ellen Kent Gilder. 1793. Asks her to send him some money; his cure is taking longer than expected.


Angeline H. Stansbury to her aunt, Anne Manlove, concerning Stansbury family experiences of the S.F. earthquake. Also trip to Oroville on new electric railroad.


Medical account books. 1870-1925

Additional Note

6 bks.
Box Bx 5

Visitation record book. 1870-1875. Includes medical notes and account of Mississippi saw mill.


Cash ledgers: 1879-1882. 1882-1889. 1900-1905. 1906-1925.


Receipt book. 1911-1916.


Medical Records. 1871-1926

Additional Note

26 bks.
Box Bx 6

Medical School notebook. 1871. Includes expense accounts kept by Emily Ayres Stansbury in 1880.


Physicians call lists. 1898-1926.


Pocket notebooks (2) with medical notes and personal accounts. Day book. 1905-1908. Patients' names and illnesses. Billfold of business and membership cards. Birth certificate record book. 1908-1921.


Physician's record of prescriptions. 1921-1926.


Medical Records. 1888-1926

Additional Note

4 Fds.
Box Bx 7 , Folder Fd. 1

Medical invoices, receipts and promissory notes.

Folder Fd. 2

Report to Barber and Stirling City Hospital Association. 1909.

Folder Fd. 3

Vaccination certificates and list. 1912-1925.

Folder Fd. 4

Brochure: Instruments for the analysis of urine.


Family Financial Records. 1876-1929

Additional Note

6 bks.
Box Bx 8

O. Stansbury's personal expense book. 1876-1878.


Stansbury family cash ledger. 1894-1902.


Cash books. 1913-1918. 1921-1224. (Includes income from medical practice, 1922, 1923.) 1924-1930. (Continued by Angeline Stansbury, includes 1926 ranch accounts, details on stocks, distribution of estate, and inheritance taxes.)


O. Stansbury's account book. 1921.


Banking items. 1875-1929

Additional Note

6 bks. and 4 packets.
Box Bx 9

Bank books. 1875-1886. 1901-1907.


Angeline Stansbury's bank book giving information on taxes, stock holdings, dividends, amount of shares held by family members.


Checkbooks. 1909. 1913-1915. 1915-1916.


Cancelled checks. 1914-1918.


Family Personal Finances. 1879-1926

Additional Note

6 Fds.
Box Bx 10 , Folder Fd. 1

Promissory notes 1886-1926.

Folder Fd. 2

Estate of Emily Ayres Stansbury. 1879-1904.

Folder Fd. 3

Bills, receipts, accounts. 1880-1926.

Folder Fd. 4

Household bills, accounts, receipts. 1898-1923.

Folder Fd. 5

Automotive and transportation. 1911-1928.

Folder Fd. 6

Utility bills. 1910-1914.


Tax receipts and deeds. 1863-1976

Additional Note

6 Fds.
Box Bx 11 , Folder Fd. 1



Concerning purchase of Stansbury House by city of Chico. 1976.

Folder Fd. 2

Deeds and bills of Stansbury House. 1863-1912.


John Bidwell was original owner of lots bought by O. Stansbury.


Includes lists of construction costs of Stansbury House.

Folder Fd. 3

Tax bills and receipts. City of Chico and Butte County. 1913-1944.

Folder Fd. 4

Tax receipts and bills. Carrollton, Mississippi. 1882-1907.

Folder Fd. 5

Deeds. Baltimore, Maryland. 1914-1925.

Folder Fd. 6

Tax bills. Baltimore, Maryland. 1881-1924.


Warfield Ranch records. 1888-1929

Additional Note

3 bks. 6 Fds.
Box Bx 12

Ledger of Gilder Hospital, 1900-1901, and Warfield Ranch, 1906-1925.


Record book. 1925-1929. Kept by Angeline Stansbury, concerning finances of Warfield Ranch and information about estate of O. Stansbury.


"Handy Farm Account Book." 1926-1928. Kept by Middleton P. Stansbury, Jr. Includes map of the ranch.

Folder Fd. 1

Warfield ranch accounts. 1888-1929.


Includes receipts on the purchase of Warfield Ranch, labor and expense accounts.

Folder Fd. 2

Warfield ranch deeds and lease agreements. 1907-1918.


Stansbury buys Hubbard's and Earll's shares of Warfield Ranch.

Folder Fd. 3

Warfield Ranch inventories. 1915-1916.

Folder Fd. 4

Warfield Ranch mortgages. 1906-1907.

Folder Fd. 5

Warfield Ranch receipts for agricultural supplies and equipment. 1902-1915.

Folder Fd. 6

Warfield Ranch tax receipts. 1913-1926.


Legal documents and certificates. (1663)-1926

Additional Note

3 Fds.
Box Bx 13 , Folder Fd. 1

Certificates. Medical and professional. 1899-1919.

Folder Fd. 2

Certificates. California State Board of Health. 1903-1910.

Folder Fd. 3

Certificates, documents and family papers. 1663-1926.


Includes baptismal certificates for Oscar, Lelia, Middleton, Angeline and Ellen Stansbury. Also marriage certificate for Oscar and Libbie Stansbury and Oscar's membership certificate in the Society of the Cincinnati.


Scrapbook. 1854-1870

Box Bx 14

Store ledger from Greensboro, Maryland, with newsclipping from the 1860's and 1870's posted over the pages. (Possibly done by Libbie before her marriage.)


Invitations, cards, biographical and historical notes. 1856-1976

Additional Note

5 Fds.
Box Bx 15 , Folder Fd. 1

Invitations and announcements. 1870-1973.

Folder Fd. 2

Business and calling cards.

Folder Fd. 3

Greeting cards. 1856-1922.

Folder Fd. 4

Biographical and historical notes about the Stansbury family. 1966-1976. Gathered by F. S. Clough (Bob) in preparation for writing The House at Fifth and Salem.

Folder Fd. 6

Papers about John Bidwell and the Northgrave House. Essays by students.


Society of the Cincinnati. 1903-1968

Additional Note

Printed material. 30 items.
Box Bx 16

Includes membership rolls, lists of offices, rules of the Society, proceedings of meetings, by-laws, texts of speeches, newsclippings about the Society.


Miscellaneous printed material. 1853-1972

Additional Note

3 Fds.
Box Bx 17 , Folder Fd. 1

Chico and the Stansbury House. 1972.

Folder Fd. 2

To Libbie Manlove Stansbury. 1853-1922.


Catechism, wedding anniversary booklet, Sunday school lectures, synopsis of Passion Play of Ober-Ammergan, poem about Castle Hall, prayerbook.

Folder Fd. 3

Other printed material. 1910-1969.


Catalogue of Charles R. Knight exhibition, tourist booklets from Hawaii, Cuba and Carrol and Leflore Counties, Mississippi.


Newsclippings and obituaries. 1868-1976

Additional Note

6 Fds. Photocopies.
Box Bx 18 , Folder Fd. 1

Newsclippings mentioning Stansbury's and the Stansbury House. 1873-1976.

Folder Fd. 2

Newsclippings mentioning Greensboro, Maryland and Carrollton, Mississippi.

Folder Fd. 3

Newsclippings kept by Angeline Stansbury about John and Annie Bidwell, Bidwell Mansion, Bidwell Park, Fiesta Rancho Chico. 1968-1974.

Folder Fd. 4

Newsclippings about Llano Seco Rancho (Parrott Grant). 1961.

Folder Fd. 5

Newsclippings kept by Angeline Stansbury about Chico, Butte County and California. 1923-1974.

Folder Fd. 6

Obituary notices. 1868-1975.


Architectural drawings and map

Map-case Map Case 1, Drawer 5

1. Front elevation and section for Stansbury house. Architect: A. A. Cook of Sacramento.


2. Front elevation and section for house. Architect: George F. Barbor of Marysville.


3. Front elevation and section for house. Architect: AN. Bryan of Chico.


4. Floor plan for house. Architect: A. J. Bryan of Chico.


5. Floor plan of bungalow. Architect: [A. J. Bryan of Chico].


6. Floor plan, front elevation and section of farm bungalow. Blueprint. Architect: AN. Bryan of Chico.


7a. Floor plan of addition to house. 1st floor. Architect: [A. J. Bryan].


7b. Floor plan of addition to house. 2nd floor. Includes operating room. Architect: [A. J. Bryan].


8a. Floor plan of addition to house. 1st floor. Architect: [A. J. Bryan].


8b. Floor plan of addition to house. 2nd floor. Includes operating rout. Architect: [A. J. Bryan].


9. Floor plan of house with operating room. Architect: [A. J. Bryan].


10. Floor plan of first floor of hospital. Architect: [A. J. Bryan].


11. Map of Warfield Ranch. April, 1906. P. J. Simmen, draftsman.